So the humidity and soup of the summer of ’18 continues unabated as we find ourselves in the middle of Dog Days. Just ask my lab Deke all about it! So as we gathered at The Yank and YHC took the lead it was another Holiday in Cambodia. Went like this:


SSH X 20

IW X 20

Copperhead squats X 20

Mountain Climbers X 20

Mosey to the backside and up the steps to the basketball courts.

Round 1:

Bear Crawl to from the baseline:

Stop 1 – Three point stripe, spider man merkins X 5

Stop2 – Centercourt, SPM X 5

Stop 3 – Three point stripe, SPM X 5

Stop 4 – baseline, SPM X 5

Lunge walk back

Round 2

Crabwalk to stops 1-4

Stop 1 – same as 1, 5 LBCTs each side

Stops 2 -4 , 5 LBCTs

Lunge walk back

Round 3

Broad jump to Stops 1-4

Each stop – CCDs X 5

Mosey back to the square down to the gazebo for a little something extra!

10 pull ups

10 Big Boy situps

10 plank jacks

Run to the top of the hill and repeat three more times.

Mosey over to the bridge for triple nickel

5 merkins

run the bridge

5 jump squats

Done and pledge!


Excellent push by the pax today. Another hot, humid morning. Just think about that when its January and 15 degrees guys! But everybody pushed it hard today and that was what it was all about! Great day to lead and be out there. We all got better.

Look forward to next time!