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Day: August 10, 2018

Mixing it up

10 brave souls posted in the Midoriyama heat for a not-so-typical Q from YHC. In attempt to keep the PAX guessing about the workout, YHC consulted the exicon for some exercises he hadn’t performed in a long time (or at all for that matter). YHC could tell his Q’s were getting predictable when half the guys started burpees a minute before the workout began. They said they were “getting a head start on things”. Whatever. Unbeknownst to them, my weinke had 0 burpees. Good work on the EC, boys. No FNG’s, quick disclaimer given, let’s get going.


  • SSH X 10



Like YHC stated earlier, he wanted to mix things up a bit, so we started with 11’s Route 66 style. Start at first light pole and all PAX perform 1 Flying Squirrel, 10 Little Gumby In The Woods. The Folsom deficient PAX immediately asked for a demo. They are known as Smurf Jacks on the exicon, but they were sorta renamed Little Gumby In The Woods after watching Gumby knock them out at Folsom. It’s a SSH performed while in the squat position. It’s funny to watch tall guys like Blart perform this one. Anyway, 10/1 at first pole, mosey to next pole 9/2 and so on until 1/10 achieved. Legs were smoking already.

YHC then led the men to the shady part of one of the soccer fields for the next exercise. If anyone ever posts with Def Leppard and Karaoke is called, he wails out the most God-Awful rendition of George Strait you’ve ever heard. Even Whoopee would be crying and begging for some Rush. YHC picked out another country singer inspired exercise called Tammy Wynettes. She was famous for her song “Stand by Your Man”. Grab a partner. While standing beside your partner, P1 does 10 Merkins, P2 does 10 Squats in sync with P1. Flapjack and perform 5 rounds for a total of 50 Merkins and 50 Squats per PAX.

Next, Mosey to the small soccer field for a little Run D.M.C. Run one lap around the field, then 20 Diamond Merkins. Run another lap, then 20 Merkins. Run one more lap, then 20 CDD’s.

Mosey back to the shady part of the large soccer field for the Gross. 12 reps of 12 different exercises. They were: Merkins, Squats, Big Boy Situps, Werkins, CDD’s, Plank Jacks, Military Merkins, Side Squats (Right), Side Squats (Left), and Flying Squirrels. Yes, YHC realized that’s only 11. Diamond Merkins were missed. Q fail. But then again, it IS Midoriyama.

PAX were then instructed to partner up with their earlier partner and perform 5 more rounds of Tammy Wynettes (which would be 100 Merkins and 100 Squats total for each PAX).

Running low on time, the Q pushed hard to get 11’s Route 66 style done with Flying Squirrels and CDD’s. A bunch of negative mumble chatter was directed towards YHC on this decision. Defib pushed YHC to the 4/7 mark with just 2 minutes to go. Omaha was called and we Moseyed back to the flag just in time.


  • CSAUP on 8/25
  • 2.0 Workout at Folsom on 8/18
  • Women’s workout at Folsom 08:00 led by Blart’s M and Pizza Man’s M on 8/18
  • Clown car to the Fort on 8/18 for the CSPAN convergence. He’s moving to Philadelphia.
  • BRR coming up
  • Bourbon Race coming up
  • Sign up for Christmastown 5K
  • Another F3 tubing event will be happening on the 8/18. Freight will have more details out soon.

Prayer Requests:

Sly in Afghanistan, Freight’s M having procedure performed, Oompa Loompa’s M’s cousin’s family upon her passing.

YHC took us out in prayer.


Def Leppard led a great “Cliff’s Notes” study on the apostle Paul at the Forge Wednesday night. One point that stuck with me is Paul urging Christians to be imitators of Christ. If you are a Christian, people are watching you to see if you “practice what you preach”. The very next day, I had a moment where I wasn’t acting as Christlike as I should be. As soon as the moment passed, Def Leppard’s words from the night before came to mind. Screwed up again. Thank the Sky Q above that he is more than willing to forgive us if we are truly sorry for whatever we said or did.

Great work by all the guys for pushing through the Midoriyama heat and getting it done. Thanks to you men for coming out and supporting me and allowing me to Q. It was awesome.

Until the next time,


Why don’t we get in shape together?

The PAX has been pushing the rock strong all summer while YHC has withered away and gotten soft because of his self induced study restriction. Well that stuff has thankfully passed for now so it’s time! Time to get back to prime F3 shape.

17 other courageous HIM’s made it out this morning expecting something. Maybe what YHC delivered was enough to satisfy them for another day.

A ragged disclaimer was given but it’s ok, everyone here is a veteran.

Warm Up:

Bobby Hurley’s x20 OYO (and you thought it would be Goofballs)

Nolan Ryan’s x20 IC each side

Long mosey around the block with some pauses for planks and such until we gather at the bridge.

Bear crawl the wooden part of the bridge then karaoke left to the other bridge. 5 burpees OYO.

Crab walk the flat bridge and feel the burn! Mosey back across then karaoke right to the other bridge and across.

Bear crawl the wooden part of the bridge again then skip, yes skip, to the other bridge. Not so easy after all, was it Sister Act?!?

Mosey down the incline to the parking lot for the Thang.

Partner up for Dora 123.

100 Merkins, 200 Squats & 300 LBCs. Partner 1 exercises while #2 runs to the other end of the parking lot. Feel the sweat!

By this time, the time was growing short so we started the longish mosey back to where we started. Dolph led some flutterkicks while we waited on the 6. Also something else after that but I forget.

Time! Great work men, it was a pleasure to be back and you’ll be seeing a lot more of me, at least until solitary study confinement takes me away again.



Prayer Requests: Lynn Hamm, Pastor Brunson in Turkey

Announcements: F3 Pack? this Saturday at 6:30, Wanderer’s expected baby!,

CSAUP on the 25th, Cookout on the 25th at Sargento’s ( please DM me whether you’ll be there or not),

Tubing on the 18th

Mt. Hollywood AO on Mondays


Add a little Bedazzler to your Day

Like Burpies, Monkey Humpers and sweat sandwiches?  Never had one, ask any of the 13 PAX that leapt out of bed this morning and started it more powerful, more accomplished, more better than if they hadn’t.  Awesome stuff, with a special welcome to FNG not so much, Bedazzler. And away we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WARM UP: Side Straddle Hops 20 IC, 10 Merkins IC SLOW, 10 Squats IC SLOW, 10 Monkey Humpers IC SLOW , 10 Dying Cockroaches IC SLOW, 10 Peter Parkers IC SLOW


Deep Sea Divers – 5 Steps

Let’s Mosey – 5 Burpies at the corner. > Mosey to the next corner – 5 Burpies at the corner. > Mosey to the next corner – 5
Burpies at the corner

At 2nd and South we head north. Lunges 10 per leg, 15 Monkey Humpers Repeat until we get to the light. 5 minutes later, RECOVER!

Mosey – 5 Burpies at the corner.

Mosey to the park across from Piedmont elementary:
20 LBCs, 15 Freddie Mercuries, 10 Crunchy Frogs

Run up Piedmont steps, hit 20 Flutterkicks run down, 15 Dips. REPEAT.

Let’s mosey

Mosey – 5 Burpies at the corner.

Mosey to the FUMC parking lot.
Burpie Broad Jumps – 10 Lines.
Partner up.
From one end of the parking lot, one partner sprints to the other end and mosey back. Other PAX is doing Mountain Climbers.
when they switch hit 10 Booyah Merkins.
2 Rounds

Quickly mosey back to the pavilion for announcements, COT, name-o-rama.


18 (1 FNG, Welcome Cool Hand Luke) and 2 MTB Riders came out on a hot Tuesday at Midoriyama for some Agility work.

Quick Disclaimer (no FNG at the time)


SSH x 10ic

MNC x 10ic

IW x 10ic

Couple of Stretches

Mosey to Field


The Thang:

Form Runs Across Field x 2

Butt Kicks

High Knees

High Skips




Cone Drills:

  • Shuttle
  • 3 Cone
  • W (Nur to cone sprint to next)
  • W shuffle
  • 90 Cuts

Merkins x 15ic

LBC x 15ic


Ladder Drills:

  • High Knees
  • Lateral High Knees (both directions)
  • Side to Side (both feet in each space)
  • Plank Hops w/ Knee Ups
  • Polymetric Merkins
  • Hand over Hand
  • Alternating Lunge Squat
  • Fast thru break 90 and sprint to cone

Back to Cones for shuttles and then a shuttle Relay

Mosey back to Flag


Thanks for letting me lead and have a little fun while doing it!

Mission Impossible

OK. That title was just click bait. My son just went to see the new MI movie, and that was the first catchy title that came to my mind. The mission was difficult, but 8 PAX posted at the The Pub to prove it was possible.

YHC showed up a few minutes before 0530 to find some PAX waiting. YHC also had to dodge Gastone and Madoff as they were getting in some EC. Good work men.

0530 hit and we took off for “The Pub Route”. Right on Hoffman from The Pub down Red Bud. Left on Pamela St. Left on Gardner Park Dr. Left on Armstrong Park Rd and back to The Pub.

YHC and Stone Cold returned to find Oompa Loompa. He was there so he gets credit for the full 5 miles. He could have run 8. He also could have saved some orphans from a burning building or saved a cat from a tree. Not sure exactly what work he got in , but the key was he beat the fartsack and posted.


CSAUP Run and 2nd F on 8/25
Christmastown 5k registration open

Prayer Requests
Nicky Bailey
Stroganoff dad’s test results
Gastone’s in-laws


Until next week…

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