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Day: June 28, 2018

Jonah at the Forge

I knew several of our regulars were vacationing but three showed for a quick word about Jonah. Recently at the Forge we have been studying different men in the Bible and I selected Jonah as I haven’t studied much about him in years and thought it would be interesting. I wasn’t really interested in the historical part of Jonah but more about what life lessons we could get from studying his story. We quickly covered the familiar story about how Jonah ran from God but was eventually used to achieve God’s purpose even though he didn’t want to. He even hated the people who would benefit from his actions. One author I read, said Jonah was a lot like the Grinch in that his heart was two sizes too small. A few points we can learn from Jonah’s story:

1) We tend to notice others’ sins much more than our own.
2) Do not take God’s grace and love for granted.
3) Believers should always remember that we were once non-believers.
4) God can use a reluctant, even defiant person for His purpose.
5) God’s plan is always for good.

I think Jonah and many of us could use this verse. In Ezekiel 36:26 God promises “I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.”

Ask yourself these questions:
Have you ever felt like God was pushing you to do something helpful that you really didn’t want to do?
Do you dislike anyone enough not to minister to them if they needed you?
Have you ever looked back and saw where you missed a chance to something God wanted you to do?

We had a great discussion about this and several other topics. Thanks for the chance to talk with these fine gentlemen!

June 28…Goat Island

It was a fine Thursday morning at the Goat as YHC arrived.  9 HIM’s + me showed in the soupy June air for the regular morning beatdown.  Here’s what this edition featured.

5:30 and lets go!



SSH x 20

Goofballs x 15

Mosey to bottom of stairs behind post office for Burpees x 10

Climb stairs toe risers x 5 each stair

Plank at top for 6

Mosey to gazebo for mary:

A little foggy as to what exactly we did here but it involved Captain Thors (picked this one up off of Billy Madison), LBC’s, Leg Raises, and Heel Touches.

Mosey across bridge to park..Omaha!  Park was full of ladies pushing the rock.  Didn’t want to interfere so back across bridge to field for some 11’s.

11’s were Merkins bottom sidewalk and Squats top sidewalk.  This hurt quite a bit (at least for me).  These awesome HIM’s made it look easy.

Back across bridge to empty park and to picnic tables.

3 sets of:

Step ups x 20, 15, 10

Derkins x 15, 10, 5

Dips x 20, 15, 10

Back to gazebo for more Mary:

Yet again a little foggy but this included:

More LBC’s, Captain Thors, LBC’S, Heels Touches, Box Cutters with reach up (picked this one up off of Short Sale who is always good for a new ab exercise), and Merkins.

My watch said we put in 3.28 miles.  Not bad!

And time!

Great group as always this am.  It is truly my honor to be whatever small part of such a great organization with such a valid mission.  The guys were inspirational and uplifting as always and I am humbled by all of you.

Prayers for a Dr. procedure for Tesla.

I just want to give a shout out to Billy Madison.  Thank you for being such a great HIM and an inspirational figure to me since my joining F3.  Our loss is truly Jacksonville’s gain.  Brother, we hope to see you when you are back around these parts in the gloom.  If and when we make it to Jacksonville we will give you a shout.  Peace, blessings, good health, and our love and prayers be with you and your family in your new endeavors.   Keep pushing the rock brother.

Until next time, humbled and honored,




6/25 @ The Black Knight

Gonna be a short one as I was unable to get the full write due to other obligations. As I write this I am about 15 mins from leaving with my youth to go to a conference but wanted to get everyone’s names in for credit in June.

We did 3 sets of 10 mins of as many rounds as possible of the exercises I called out…15 of each, sets of 4.  Then we sprinted for 2 mins before resting for a min; just to start all over.  Everyone worked hard, as usual Defib killed it but everyone gave it their all.

Have a great weekend; it was an honor men. Remember our group in your prayers as we head to Atlanta.


Peace Out Gnats

Today was a beautiful day for a workout at Folsom. The weather was cool, house alarms were blaring, Pastor Clever was helping me out as co-Q (his VQ, by the way), and the damn gnats were gone! It is the kind of day Ice Cube had in mind.


Pledge at the shovel flag

Toy Soldiers – 20 IC
Slow Squats – 9 IC …yeah, 9. It was weird.
SSH – 10 IC
Burpees – 5 OYO

Pastor Clever takes the PAX for a mosey to the Ampitheater as Huck and I mall walk across the grass.

Montross back in charge –

Hip Slappers – 20 IC
LBCs – 20 IC
Australian Mountain Climbers – 10 IC
Freddie Mercuries – 15 IC

Super Mike Tysons – what is that? Just a little something I made up amd did on vacation – 10 Mike Tysons in cadence, immediately followed by 10 burpees. About 45 seconds of recovery, repeat. We did 3 sets. I wanted 1-2 more but I was getting gassed and I needed to hand it back over to Clever.

Pastor Clever is back in charge – mosey to Sparky’s Lot (Huck and I mall walk across the grass).

11’s – Imperial Squats on one end (both knees up count as one), Bobby Hurleys on the other. Pastor Clever came out hard, srinting from end to end. In a great Q move, I noticed he slowed a little because no PAX could keep up. Nice pro-Q move from a guy on his VQ! I noticed!

Time was low so mosey back to the lot for Mary.

LBCs – 15 IC
22 for the Vets


Announcements and COT – clown car on July 4 to Ft Mill from Folsom, time TBD. 4 miler on 7/4, 2.0 Q the 3rd Saturday (not Thursday). Prayer requests for AT’s mother in law, marriages, and a particular family Pastor Clever knew who were really taking the pre-counseling seriously. Clever is a pro so he took us out!

Deep Thoughts –
Billy Madison’s bb earlier this week was so motivating and inspirational. We talked about it during workout and Huck pointed out you never know when your simple presence will brighten someomes day. Like Huck said, sometimes you see a fellow PAX out there and you just think ‘I am glad he is here today”. It is also reassuring you have a group of men you can count on to say a prayer for you when you need it. So, that being said, get out there and post! If you are injured, modify as needed but stay involved.

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