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Day: June 2, 2018

Roy’s Day at The Yank

16 warriors ventured out into the humid Saturday morning rain forest that south Gaston County has become of late. There was a beatdown awaiting and it went like this as Quiche and Sargento rolled in late from a run to join us.

Mosey up the street to a secluded parking lot to see if Sargento and Quiche could find us for a COP and other activities;

SSH X 20

IW X20

Cherry Pickers X 20

Merkins X15

Peter Parker X 20

Mountain Climbers X 20

Burpee suicides in parking lot to end (run two spaces, back one, do a burpee)

Squat suicides in parking lot to end (run two spaces, back one, 5 squats)

Mosey on up to the first corner where Sargento and Quiche found us. YHC had an over/under on how long it would take them.

At corner:

Wall squats, jump squats, Mike Tysons, 3 sets 10X, 15X, 20X

Mosey on to the Middle School.

Partner up

P1 – Run one way to the end of the school walk, 10 hand release merkins

P2 – Run the opposite way to the Corner of knowledge, 20 American hammers.

10 handslap merkins each partner when they meet back at the start. Flapjack and repeat

Steups, inclined merkins, dips X 10 each

Burpee broad jumps to the first set of steps. Frog hop to the next. This was hard.

Return to where this started, the Corner of Knowledge

Line up for our signature event – Bear Crawl slalom. YHC decided with large number of pax to do this in the front of the middle school. Gave everybody one crawl which was a long crawl, then we did an agility run. then we did a simple hop over the rest of the planked pax.

10 SSH

10 regular squats

Mosey back to the Corner. Then mosey down to Heart Break Hill to finish off!

Set 1:

10 SSH

Run the hill

10 hand release merkins

Set 2:

10 SSH

Run the Hill

10 merkins

Set 3:

10 SSH

Run the hill

20 LBTC (LBCs with a twist)

Done, mosey to the Yank.


This was a pretty sold beat down. Everybody got their money’s worth for sure! YHC wanted it like that today. Dedicated the workout to my uncle Roy Fortner over in Huntersville who at 94 appears headed for a nursing home and I expect the end of his life on Earth, Just his WW II exploits alone are incredible. As a P-38 pilot he flew @ 20 escort missions with the 15th Air Force including the high level Ploesti missions in late summer 1944. Was promoted into an elite squadron doing Recon/BDA/OSS missions under direct command of the Operational Officer of the 15th (General Born). Flew a lot up the Danube and got shot at by the Russians as much as the Germans. Shot down three times, was MIA for about a week hiding out in Italian barns before a US I&R platoon rescued him. Led the 15th Air Force mission over Berlin March 24, 1945. Went on to an even bigger life from there. We’ll talk about that next week and we’ll do it because it is all about impact. He had it. We need to see what that really looks like to know what the words mean.

I hope he doesn’t linger in that damn home. If he can thrive OK. But his life is complete. We still have a lot to do. He is the standard for that in my world.


Folsom Vern

Warm Up

20ic SSH IC
15ic Don Q’s IC
100 Moroccan Night Clubs IC

Mosey to the Flag for the Pledge


The Thang:
this is one of my favorite Brownstreak workouts.  The Vern It’s easy to follow and steady pace…Modified a little to help with YHC injury.

30 CDD’s IC
Mosey 1 Lap
20 dips IC
Mosey 1 Lap
25 Merkins
30LBC’s IC

With our Mosey’s we had almost 4 miles total for the day! While waiting on the six after each lap we would plank or some other exercise ….all Pax pushed except maybe Sister Act….he was upset that YHC had us running through wet grass…so YHC decided during a couple of the laps we would do some LBC’s and well…let’s just say stop drop and rolls…in the wet grass…after each lap we did various exercises as we waiting on the six to return…TClaps to Volt for pushing through all the running! And Tclaps to Gold Digger for grabbing the six throughout the beat down.

Announcements: 2.0 Friendly workout at Folsom June 16th, Convergence June 9th at Midoriyama 7:am start…Q school will be provided throughout the workout …




YHC spoke about our Heart according to the Biblical meaning. ( our true self ). And the fact that if you know Him as Lord and Savior your heart is good. That we should Always be treating the unseen world as more important than the seen. Let the reflected Glory of God shine in you men ….this will cause people to pause and ask you why you are so joyful. Stay connected to the Sky Q for without him you will wither and dry quickly..


Prayer Requests: the Self Family, Pax dealing with loss of family, IR PAX,


Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


1 Corinthians 16:13 (NLT)

13 Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous.[a] Be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13 (HCSB)

13 Be alert, stand firm in the faith, act like a man, be strong.


It was an honor to lead today men!


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