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Day: March 27, 2018

Feeling Inspired

As my beloved Duke Blue Devils were eliminated from the NCAA Tournament Sunday, I was browsing Twitter and I saw a post of the Q schedule this week. “Oh, I have the Q at Folsom Tuesday!” I had totally forgotten! So I started to put together some thoughts for the workout and had a flashback to January 11, 2018 – a day permanently etched into my memory! It was only my 2nd time posting and I was still sore from Medicine Woman’s Bobby Hurleys on the 9th (I didn’t workout before F3 – total Sad Clown!). Hank had the Q issued a BEAT-DOWN where we basically ran and did 5 burpees at every light pole in the park. Why? Allegedly, it was payback to those who talked trash about his Panthers losing in the playoffs a week or so earlier. I drew the parallel and, frankly, I appreciate that Hank’s workouts are typically tough. I now had some direction. I teased it on Twitter with the GIF of a guy b@&!h-slapping Hank…the real meaning was of course, I wanted to do my best impersonation of a Hank beat-down.


SSH – 10 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC (we were lookin’ all kinds of sexy out there)
Plank Jacks – 10 IC
I didn’t say get up! (I like that move Whoopee!)
Nolan Ryans
Makhtar Vincent N’Diayes
OK, now you can get up!


  • We will start off with a sample of that dreadful January day. Mosey to the flag pole with 5 burpees at each light. As we approach the first light pole – we spot a white GMC coming in hot! You know who that is! That new F3 license plate is going to be epic – it has been decided his plate must say LATE!

  • Morrocan Nightclubs (aka, Sparkys) until he catches up. Hank suggests we tell Sparky we’re doing 10 at each light. YHC loves this idea! Sparky begins his 10 LOL!

  • Train, that’ll be 5 OYO boys. Now, I let Sparky know it’s only 5 at each light. We finish the mission, pledge, and hit a few more light poles on our way to the horse arena. We ran past the entrance for an extra light pole, then YHC has trouble finding the gate but Site Q has my back.

  • Triple Nickels – quickly becoming one of YHC’s favorites. 5 Merkins, leap frog jump up the bleachers, 5 squats up top, rinse and repeat for a total of 5 sets. Hank took us on a similar adventure a few weeks ago so that’s track 2 on the Hank mixtape.

  • Mosey! The mumble chatter has picked up so I hear a Train. 5 more OYO – there is a ongoing dispute whether I heard an actual train or not. It was hard to tell over the mumble chatter though, maybe it was a piece-of-junk car 🙂 Anyway, more mosey. We travel down and around the backside of the pond because we need to stretch those legs and we move to the tennis courts. Lots of mosey – Hank would approve, for sure.

  • Partner up, 100 each LBCs, Flutter Kicks (each leg), Big Boys – 1 HIM runs down and back while the 2nd HIM does reps and we switch after each trip down and back. Medicine Woman caught me slippin’! Man, he got me. #gag-reflexes #showtoknow #suretobediscussedongrouptext

  • We stay on our 6s for 20 Freddie Mercuries IC and 20 American Hammers IC (Roadie’s request)

  • On the line, lunge across a tennis court, 2 Bobby Hurleys, lunge across the next, 4 Hurleys, continue increasing to 12. Mosey to the shovel Flag.


Announcements and COT:

The Forge on Wednesday nights at Grits & Greens, Community Run and CSAUP relay. YHC took us out in prayer.


This was mentioned in our announcements today and it really got me excited. Sparky announced a 3rd F event at Parkwood Baptist on April 13th. This message will be for MEN ONLY and won’t be 2.0 or M friendly. I originally thought Sparky was speaking, but it will actually be Def Leppard and Blart. I originally said all kinds of nice things in this post about Sparky and, while those still ring true, I’m quite sure Leppard and Blart have something great in store as well. It’s a cool event to have men sharing with men. Iron sharpening iron!

Elite Eight

Minus 2, makes it the magical 6.

What may seemingly have lacked in numbers, definitely did not lack in effort, brawn, determination, and fortitude. We scoured downtown to find a suitable location, person, place or thing to challenge the fire that burned in each one of us.  We tried with a mighty zest to find a formidable foe, but conquer them all, we did.

WARM UP – Didn’t need one.

THANG – Destroyed, but remember with fondness as recounted below.

Side Straddle Hops – IC x 15
Imperial Walkers – IC x 10
Merkins – IC x 10
LBCs – IC x 15
Flutterkicks – IC x 15
Squats – IC x 10

The big adventure continues with a mosey several blocks south, down to the empty parking lot with 2 steeply sloped entrances. We slayed them.

Partner up.
200 Merkins (50 max at a time) – Other partner bear crawls up one entrance, runs to the other, bear crawls down. TAG – 2 rounds

Partner up.
200 Squats (50 max at a time) – Other partner crab walks up one entrance, runs to the other, bear crawls down. TAG – 2 rounds

We did something else, it was fun, not fun enough to remember an write about it.

MOSEY – to the street.

10 Merkins on the right side of the road, run to the other side and hit 10 squats. – Repeat x 4 rounds.

Next block, the great Lunge Walk, Monkey Humper stroll.  10 Lungers per leg, 10 Monkey Humper – and repeat until we make it to the traffic light.

Imperial Squats – 10

Dips – 15 IC

Mosey to the Pavillion for 4 minutes of MARY.


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