8 Hims came out on a cold rainy day to better themselves, and it went a little something like this!




Mosey to the Shelter near the Pond.


The Thang:

I figured since it was raining pretty good we could do some picnic table work until it slowed down a bit. We performed each exercise for 30sec. No rest in between

  1. Incline Push Ups
  2. Oblique Crunches
  3. Tricep Dips (about this point Billy Madison Comes in HOT)
  4. Box Squats
  5. Jack Knives (In & Outs)
  6. Bulgarian Split Squats (30 sec ea. Leg)
  7. Step Ups Knees High
  8. Box Jumps
  9. Leg Raises (Jane Fonda’s) (30 Sec ea. Leg)
  10. Toe Taps
  11. Side Step Ups (30 Sec ea. Leg)
  12. Plank Hops

We performed about 5-6 of the exercises for a second round, but time was getting short and I had to get some sprints in of course. Mosey across the road and down the hill.


4x  80m- 100m Hill sprints walk back to recover.

These were a real crowd pleaser. Spilling Merlot became the top topic of the mumble chatter at this point. I think Billy Madison shed about 5-6 layers of clothing during the sprints.

Fellowship Mosey back to the flag. Most of us had to walk a majority of the way back. Those hills were a killer.

I ran us over a couple mins, but no one seemed to mind. Sorry guys, but we had to get that last hill in!




Speed for Need coming up

CSAUP 50 mile relay

Operation Sweet Tooth 8k



Freights hairy ankle


Thanks to all who came out on such a gloomy day. Everyone pushed hard the entire time. Hippa running hills with his weighted vest on, crazy! Tool Time doing those Leg Raises…yeh!  The twins racing up the hill was great to watch, great push guys. Roadie looking like a different person out there running like a pro. Slaw pushed like well, Slaw. Billy Madison, I’m not sure how you had so many clothes on, but you really pushed those sprints out hard. I’m the Q this Saturday 3/10 at Gashouse. Come on out for a Wojo beatdown!