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Day: March 4, 2018

Ringers at The Yank

Since YHC moved over from Charlotte Metro he has been please to have dual citizenship in both the Gastonia and Metro regions. F3 works because of the relationships we build and the workouts are just a reflection of that success. So with that in mind having been to a Mancave Sunday workout a couple of weeks ago I told Ditka and Carrier to come on  over to The Yank next time I was leading and get to know Belmont and Gastonia F3. They heartily accepted so when YHC came up in rotation I got word to them and they showed up! Knowing they were coming YHC decided to rollout the red carpet and show the metro brothers just why coming over to Gaston for a workout or anything else is ALWAYS a good call! So with that in mind a Tesla tour began. Went like this:


SSH X 20

2 burpees

IW X20

4 burpees

Cooperhead squats X 15

6 burpees

Merkins X 10

8 burpees

LBCs X 20

10 burpees.

Now for the tour. Could not have picked a better day for it! Bright sunshine and 35 degrees. off to the first corner, the Stowe house.

1st Corner

Wall squats, Mike Tysons, Jump squats X 10, 15, 20 repeats.

2nd corner

American Hammers, IW, WW II situps X 10, 15, 20

3rd corner aka the Corner of Knowledge

Dips, stepups. dirkins X 10, 15, 20

Now on to the Field of Dreams for the reason we all came for!

warm up: SSH X10, merkins X 10, WWI situps X10

line up in plank position for Bear Crawl Slalom! (Its what’s for breakfast)

warm down, same as warm up!

Line up in plank, agility run back.

Down ot Heartbreak hill for some triple nickel work as follows:

Bottom of the hill: 5 sqats

run to the top.

Top of the hill: 5 plank jacks.

Repeat 5X.

On over to the new and improved playground for three rounds of:

Pullups X 10

Velociraptors X 10

Merkins X 10

Mosey to the (dry) fountain for pax called Mary to finish up.

Dollies, Rosalita, dying cockroaches, monkey humpers, and Freddy Mercury all on the playlist. Finished up strong and up to the Yank for the pledge.


Great to have our metro brothers over for a morning at The Yank. Gives YHC pause to appreciate the gift of F3 which is the relationships we build that power us through the tough times and make the good times even better. I have seen F3 change entire lives all for the better and that was never the intent. But it is a great result of what we do! Makes us better men and in turn builds a better community. Which we embark upon next week as the Revolution workout begins. They need it, we need it, Let’s give it away.

YHC will tweet out the meeting place and time fro those who want to go over next Saturday for the launch. Gastonia F3 nomads will visit on March 31.

We will bill the Belmont Chamber for our intro to Belmont and Gaston County later! Our brothers will return for a Friday night out on the town in April. Keep you posted about that. Until then, keep pushing!



Touchdown Beatdown

Warmup 20 ssh ic

Let’s mosey


As we mosey to the lower parking lot the mumble chatter is starting to pickup about all these cones. Something about the DOT must have it shutdown.  No sir it is time to begin the beat down.

Start in the end zone and bear crawl to the 10 yard line for 10 CDD run to the 20 for 20 lunges run to the 30 for 30 merkins run to the 40 for 40 squats run to mid field for 50 lbc.  Time for the decent run to the 40 for 40 squats then to the 30 for 30 merkins to the 20 for 20 lunges run to the 10 for 10 CDD run threw the end zone sprint to the start line and rinse and repeat for 45 min straight .

Then for a little fellowship mosey back to the parking lot while carrying cones.  Well we havnt said the pledge of allegiance and you know we are Americans so let’s mosey to the big flag say the pledge and mosey back for time.

We circled up for announcements and pray request.  YHC took us out in prayer.

Great work men it was an honor to lead

P.S. Gumby won the folsom cup way to push you are a beast

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