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Day: January 27, 2018

Painlab – Functional Flush

Another Saturday, another Painlab.  But this time different.  We circled up and there were so many guys I hadn’t posted with before, pretty dang cool.  Then as we circled up we had a guy I put the EH on last night in Mr. Wayne Finley, and it was on.  We warmed up with JJ and his magic number 8, they took off and Bandit, Woody, FNG, Flush and I went to the circle.

The lesson of the day was “slow and steady wins the race”.  The idea that we are going to grind through our first functional workout was fun to me, and you gotta put in the work, each gruesome step, to be a winner.  Knowing Flush was there, and likely had a good Yoga routine, I decided on one cycle of total body exercises, would do the trick.  But another trick in that we would only get a 10 count between sets.  So one set, 10-15 reps depending on the exercise, and everyone had a kettlebell, which was awesome.

It should be noted Billy Madison walked in right at the first exercise.  With a big ol’ dirty rock.  Here’s what we did:

Lunge – trunk rotation

Squat to overhead press

Renegade Rows


Kettlebell chops

Bridge rotations

Kettlebell Swings

High kick bridges

Burpees (slow)



Yoga Squats

and a few others.  I’m doing this from memory, cut me some slack.

Then with 20 minutes left I threw it to Flush.  This was a mistake.  He gathered us up, taught us some basics on alignment and breathing.  Then the pain started.  A great routine consisting a proper flow through moves:  Mountain, monkey, chimichanga, up-dawgs, downward facing dogs, plank, more dog stuff. warrior poses, tree, airplane, half-moons (NEVER AGAIN…I MEAN YES), and just a very tough routine.  But rewarding.

The rest of the PAX got there, JJ hit some dance music from the night before at the W.A. Bess dance (props to our FNG – The Duke, Timeframe, Gastone and JJ for toughing it out with me) and we traded some abs.  After a damn eon long name-o-rama we got our FNG named.  He had a dose of pain and liked it.

Thanks for the chance to lead, using Functional Excercises, coupled with the real Yoga made for a great routine, and something that anyone is injured, or wants a change of pace, can integrate.


Short And Sweet, not the Q

7 HIMs show up in the Folsom gloom for a little fun.


SSH, Hillbillies, gravel pickers all X15 IC, Morocan Night Clubs til Sparky joins the circle.


long mosey around and up to the park entrance for……..


line up on the curb for some 11 work. Mike Tysons then side steps across to the other curb for little baby dips. side steps back and continue to finish 11’s. Mosey back down to the tennis courts for some Dora. Partner up, PAX 1 AMRAPS while OAX 2 runs the length of the tennis courts and back. Flapjack. 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs. with a little time left, YHC calls for some good old Suicides using the widths of each court, total of 7. Mosey back to start. Hit 22 for the Vets. Not a bad day ending with a total of 2.2 miles!

COT, prayer requests for Def Leppard, my brother n law, Easy Riders family, our country and all F3 PAX.

YHC took us out in prayer

Always an honor to Q and thanks for all the encouragement, friendships, and accountability you men put out there.  Nice work men.

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