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Day: January 25, 2018

“Sorry Train, We’re Done”


Warm up:


Don Quixote ×15


Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Mosey over the bridge to far parking lot.

BLIMPS:  oyo four corners

5 Burpees, sprint between four corners

10 Lunges, mosey between four cornets

15 Imperial walkers, run backwards between four corners

20 Merkins,  sprint between four corners

25 Plank Jacks, mosey between four corners

30 Squats, run backwards between four corners

Mosey back across bridge..be careful of those stray boards, men.

Took a wall for 20 Dips, 10 Step ups each leg.

Mosey to upper lot for ATM’s..(loud train behind us) so I’ll repeat..ATM’s:

15 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC

10 Tempo Merkins IC

10 Fast Merkins IC

Rinse and repeat

Mosey back to starting point for some Mary.


One more train tried to interfere with us, but we were done doing our “thang”.

Prayer Requests: those experiencing physical illness (we missed you, Dolph) and mental illness issues.

Mayor’s request for wife’s colleagues.

Announcements: None, just a reminder to join us at Grits and Greens on Wednesday’s 6:30 pm for physical and spiritual nourishment. This week’s discussion was lead by Sparky on forgiveness.

Just a word also that Christ forgives us for our sins past, present, and future. Also, He takes our sin, we get His righteousness. Remember who we are in Christ as we go forward in this day.

I am truly thankful every day that God has put me together with this group of men. Thanks for your support; it was a pleasure Queing today. You are in my prayers constantly.



Let’s Mosey 3 X 3 & 3 X 5

Welcome to The Pub Oompa Loompa.

It was cold………again.

We moseyed.  3 for 3 miles & 3 for 5 miles.

Good mumblechatter makes the time go by.

Nice work for a Thursday morning.

Go Wolfpack!


Until the next one.


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