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Day: January 20, 2018

Pain Lab_No weights or Brains

Being my first Q, I figured it needed to match the intensity of previous Pain Labs from Rudolph and his previous posts. So here goes…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…no wait.

Call me Ishmael…hold on.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…

It was cool and icy in Ralph’s house. 3 Pax and 1 Q showed for Pain-lab. The goal for the day was KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid. Not hard for me, so that’s what I did. We broke it down to 14 basic exercises using the Tabata method: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest between. Here’s the breakdown (sorry that the Lexicon for all exercises are not accurate)

Merkins 20 seconds-rest

LBC’s 20 seconds-rest

Wax On (shoulder rotations) 20 seconds-rest

Sumo Squats 20 seconds-rest

Tricep Dips 20 seconds-rest

Stair Step Ups 20 seconds-rest

Peter Parker 20 seconds-rest

Front lunges 20 seconds-rest

Hi Plank 20 seconds (brought in some yoga poses)-rest

Warrior pose 20 seconds-rest

Up Dog 20 seconds-rest

Down Dog 20 seconds-rest

Low Plank 20 seconds-rest

Warrior Pose Side Stretch 20 seconds-rest

Breaking those 14 moves down with 2 different times really put a beat down on the shoulders and hammys, so we decided to up the ante by running through all 14 exercises (+ another set of Merkins and LBC’s at the end) for a total of 8 minutes of solid workout….TWICE. While we didn’t run, cardio did play a factor in the training for the day. We kept it simple…No brains. We kept it body resistance…no weights. KISS.

Thanks for the encouragement from Rudolph and his confidence in letting me lead his Lab. Thanks for Short Sale, HIPPA, and Tube for following my lead. Hopefully they feel the pain from the lab. I also got to play my theme song for the workout. How many PAX get to do that!!

Peace, HFT

Mystery suv

Come into the park a few min early to see Slaw and Sister Act doing some EC running. Roadie setting in his truck absorbing the last few min of heat. A black SUV that I didn’t recognize . (Thought Sister Act got a new ride.). Once the EC guys showed back up they let me know it didn’t belong to any of us f3 guys. Now I’m thinking FNG. Maybe? So volt and Gumby show up and it’s time to start. No one comes out of the SUV?

Warmup with
15 don Qs

We start running towards the park entrance for the pledge. I hear Sparky say the truck just started and turned his lights on!!
Guess he didn’t want to workout. Maybe next time. We just call it the mystery truck

Mosey to Walmart hill

Mike Tyson’s and ww2 /11s

Mosey back to lower parking lot on the left and we run into Montross who couldn’t find us. Good to see him show up!

We split into two groups.
Each group goes to separate corners. perform Merkins x 20 IC. Plank Jacks x 20 IC. 20 LBC’s IC, 20 SSH IC. After each corner run back to the center with your group for 5 burpees then run to the next corner until everyone completed each corner.

Mosey to the picnic shelter for 80 D’s. 20 Derkins, 20 (Hello) Dolly’s, 20 Dips, 20 Diamond Merkins. Repeated x2 and then 20ic step ups on the bench

Mosey to the tennis courts for suicides and merkins. Each time back to the line while adding one merkin. We did 5

At this point we had 3 min to go so I ask the pax for a exercise. Roadie called out ring of fire with LBCs. We each did 20 single count while the group held theirs till everyone was complete .

It was again a honor to lead this great group of guys . I just want to say thanks for keeping me accountable.

I apologize for not hearing all the messages and prayer request . I was in my truck getting ready to go to work.
Sparky ask to keep his son in our prayers. He has a suspicious knot on his neck.

Dora and Forrest Gump are friends

It’s still cold in the gloom.  Who knew how many would show as some of the Saturday regulars were working or participating in The Rooster.  Having not done my ‘Forrest Gump’ workout in a while, I decided a pre-Ruck was in order for some EC and recon to make sure ice would not be a problem.  Turns out the normal Lineberger Park sections for parts of the ‘Forrest Gump’ were icy and probably a little unsafe so we would have to improvise.

11 Total were ready to roll by 7:00 am including an FNG that showed on his own accord…..that’s strong, welcome Padre.  Quick warm-up before splitting off for the Pain Lab and Boot Camp with some IC work as follows:

SSH X 10

Imperial Walkers X 10


Split off:  7 for the modified Forrest Gump & 4 for the Pain Lab led by Hot for Teacher

The Thang

The Forrest Gump is so called because it includes a little more running than some of our normal workouts and goes like this:

Mosey west along Garrison Blvd for the first stop at East Garrison Baptist Church for some IC work:

Merkins X 10

Squats X 20

LBC’s X 20

Mosey further west to second stop at Hillbilly’s:

Hillbilly’s X 20 (Appalachian Americans for T-Square)

Merkins X 10

Squats X 20

LBC’s X 20

Mosey to Lineberger Park.  However, the route to the flag area was covered significantly with ice so we stayed on the Garrison sidewalk up toward the upper field with the train track.  Time for some Dora 1-2-3

Partner up:  Partner 1 runs the path and circles around the fountain/water play area and back while partner 2 is performing the following exercises for cumulative totals as follows:

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 Flutter Kicks

After the first round, we switched paths as the original path to the circle was iced over slightly.

After completION, we moseyed to one of the covered picnic shelters near the pool parking lot.  The normal location would be the picnic area inside the train track but the wooden walkway to that area was completely covered in ice so we improvised with some IC work:

Dips X 20

Step ups X 20

Derkins X 10

Dips X 15

Step ups X 20

Derkins X 10

Meander back to the Garrison sidewalk….is that a train?  Yes/no?  Not sure……how about 3 burpees since we weren’t sure.

Mosey back to Hillbilly’s for another round of IC work as follows:

Merkins X 10

Low-Slow Squats  X 20

LBC’s X 20

Mosey with one more stop at East Baptist Church (yes Freight, the Methodist stopped twice in a Baptist parking lot).  The tradition has always been to finish the ‘Forrest Gump’ workout with a set of Monkey Humpers toward the road….Monkey Humpers IC X 15……this was the glorious portion of the workout.

Final mosey back to the Schiele to complete the workout.  Great timing as the First Pres bells were ringing as we entered the parking lot.  My apologies to the Pain Lab for not getting back in time for any Mary.

Good work men and especially nice to have an FNG show on a Saturday.

Announcements – several prayer requests – Name-O-Rama

FNG naming – Padre

The Moleskin

As always it was an honor to lead the group this morning.  Several good discussionS along the route including the 5 tenets of F3 along with a quick discussion about why we are here.  It’s not about beating the guy beside you.  It’s about lifting up the guy beside you and trying to be better today than you were yesterday and being better tomorrow than you were today.

Keep Moving Forward.

Until the next one.  Aye!


PS:  40 Days of Discipline starts today…….that Oatmeal at Panera was GOOOOOOOOOOOD!

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