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Day: January 12, 2018

Let’s Do Some Steps

It was a summer time gloom this morning Downtown at the Pavilion.  After the last few weeks, the 62 degrees this morning felt like July.  It was fantastic.  YHC arrived with a few minutes to spare without knowing for sure if I was Q’ing today or not.  I knew that EZ Rider was potentially injured and might not make it so mentally I had prepared myself but was totally unprepared with any details of a workout.

Let’s improvise.

Warm up IC

SSH’s X 20

Imperial Walkers X 20


Let’s go

The Thang

Mosey to the parking deck due to the threat of rain with a few juke moves along the way (my Wolfpack did win last night) to psych out the PAX.  I’m sure it confused them all.

Time for some 22’s utilizing the parking deck steps for the laps:

Do an exercise on the bottom floor, run the steps to the top deck, do another exercise, come down the other set of steps back to the bottom to rinse/repeat reps in descending/ascending numbers that add up to 22 per round counting up/down by 2:

Round 1:  20 Merkins – Run steps up to top deck – 2 Squats – Run down to bottom floor

Round 2:  18 Merkins – Run steps up to top deck – 4 squats – Run down to bottom floor

Round 3:  16 Merkins – Run steps up to top deck – 6 squats – Run down to bottom floor

I think you get the idea as this continues until the final round of 2 Merkins at the bottom and 20 squats on the top deck.  This was awesome.

Short rest before some partner work.

Partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 runs the same loop we just ran during 22’s, up one set of steps to the top deck and back down the other set of steps to switch off with Partner 1.  Cumulative reps as follows:

LBC’s X 300

Flutter Kicks X 300

Freddy Mercury’s X 300

This group was so pumped that we still had plenty of time for a quick mosey up the steps to the top deck for a set of 10 OYO Sumo Squats; run back down other set of steps to the bottom level for a set of 10 OYO Merkins followed quickly by 5 burpees (I had ignored an earlier train passing by)

Mosey to the courtyard area with benches for some final IC sets as follows:

Dips X 15

Low-Slow Squats X 15

Dips X 10

Low-Slow Squats X 15

Dips X 10

Low-Slow Squats X 15

Mosey back to the Rotary Pavilion for one quick set of Flutter Kicks X 35.

As I already stated…..it was fun.

Announcements:  T-square still collecting items for the displaced family; Roscoe leading 40 days of discipline starting January 20th

Several Prayer Requests sent out

New word discovered:  Monkish

Honored to lead the workout this morning.

Until the next one.  Aye!


You Mad Bro?

13 PAX ate well and I hope feel a little better about their issues with anger(if they have any….we all do don’t lie to yourself) at Forge Wednesday night. The best part of this so far is the guys opening up and sharing. As men we tend to hold this stuff in. By sitting down like this with one another it becomes clear that we all struggle through this same stuff. Once you know you are not the only one the load starts getting a little lighter. Picture yourself trying to carry that log in a ruck event all by yourself. That won’t work will it? Now picture it with all your brothers with you. Now the log is moving!

The Thang:

Psalm 7:11

Mark 3:5

Ephesians 4:26

James 1:19-20

1Corinthians 10:31

Ephesians 4:29

Romans 3:13-14

Proverbs 29:11

Proverbs 15:1

Ephesians 4:31-31

Next week the ol’ wise one Def Leppard leads us on forgiveness. You know you need help with that!

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