12 #Hims showed up for a slippery workout. YHC was worried that the CFB National Championship game and possible icy conditions would lead to low numbers, but the PAX proved me wrong.  As we stepped out of our cars into the gloom, the PAX quickly realized there was indeed a slight coat of ice on the parking lot.  Even though there was ice on the ground, it still felt better than the temperatures over the past week.  With No FNGs we went right into the Pledge.

Warm up:

SSH x 30 IC, LBC x 20 IC , Mericans x 10 IC, 5 Burpees OYO. There was some grumbling that Burpees should not be in the “Warmup”.  It reminded me a little of the Jim Mora rant about the NFL playoffs. “Playoffs”

In between each exercise mosey to get the blood flowing which led us to the starting point of the workout.


5 Rds

Mosey around around the SC practice field stop at 200 meter mark and do 30 Flutter Kicks and 20 Walking Lunges.

Mosey around the remainder of the practice field another 200 meters back to starting point and do 20 squats and 20 Merkins.

There was a train around the second round, so 5 Burpees.  After the PAX crushed this part of the workout we moved to phase two.

5 Rds OYO

3 Burpees

6 or 7 Dips

9 Derkins

12 LBC

Mosey back to starting point for a little core work.

2 rounds of side plank for 30 sec each side.

Mountain climbers 15 IC

With a few minutes left time for a round of Mary.

Frog Kicks 10 IC

Dying Cocka Roach 10 IC

Flutter Kicks 15 IC

V Ups 8 OYO

WW2  8 OYO

American Hammers 10 IC  Time


Announcements: T-Square is collecting items like cloths, supplies for family that lost home to fire.  Breaker Breaker has the Q next Tuesday.

Prayer Request


Moleskin: TClaps to Mayor, posting while being sick.  We hope you feel better. Thanks for the opportunity to lead men.  It was an honor.  Strong work coming out in icy conditions to support each other and get stronger.  Let’s keep pushing.