4 #HIMs showed up for yet another chilly workout.  YHC had a workout put together from last week that should keep everyone warm, Maybe.

Warm Up;

SSH x 15 IC, Mericans x 15 IC, Squats x 15 IC, Toy Soldiers x 15 IC, Frog Kicks x 15 IC, 1 min elbow plank.


Mosey to the concrete stairs behind the 100 year old brick building.  Run up stairs and around the building 3 times.  Meet back at the top of the stairs and mosey over to the bridge.  Pax find a piece of wall and perform 20 Donkey Kicks and 20 Hip Slappers both IC.  Mosey to the BBall Court.  Baseline 5 burpees, crab walk forward to foul line, bear crawl to half court, crab walk to next foul line, bear crawl to baseline for 5 more burpees.  Now Reverse it.  5 Burpees, backwards crab walk to foul line, backwards bear crawl to half court, B crab walk to foul line, B bear crawl to baseline for 5 more burpees.  Next was 5 burpees and Inch worm to foul line, alligator push up to half court, then YHC called Omaha.  Lunges from half court to baseline with 5 burpees.  Reverse lunge to half court and Inch worm and alligator push up to base line for 5 burpees.  Partner up, P1 wheel barrow to half court and switch, P2 goes to the baseline.  YHC tried the empty wheelbarrow, which is inverted form of the wheel barrow.  Very tough.  Had to Omaha this as well.  Mosey to the gazebo, stopping at bridge for 10 Donkey Kicks and 10 Hip Slappers both IC.  Plank up at the gazebo for Pax alternating pull ups.  Pax is planking while 1 pax gets 5 pull ups and falls back into plank line.  3 rounds and 1 round of ToetoBar.  Next was Dora at the bottom of the Hill.  20, 30, 40;  2 rounds of 10 mericans, 15 squats, 20 LBC’s.  This dora was completed an individual with a Hill Sprint after each set of 10, 15; we didn’t make it to 20.  Time

COT; Pledge, Announcements, Prayer Requests

BOM; Thanks Dr. Suess for taking us out.

Moleskin; Always a pleasure to lead you men.  Nice work coming out in the COLD and getting better.  TClaps to Dr. Suess for pushing the Q today.  Not much mumble chatter because we were all trying to stay warm.  Didn’t take to long and I appreciate you men that were out there with me.