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Day: December 26, 2017

Mary Christmas Charlie Brown!

13 HIMs all suffering some cabin fever showed up for a beat down in Cramerton  the day after.  Went a little like this as Tesla and Short sale combined in a wicked co Q to deal in some pain.

Tesla up first as dawn broke and temps fell to a comfortable 29 degrees, almost perfect workout weather on Dec. 26.  Whoopee came in hot!


SSH X 20

2 burpees OYO

IW X 20

4 burpees OYO

Copperhead squats X 20

6 burpees OYO

Sharon Towers X 20

8 burpees OYO

LBCs X 20

10 burpees OYO

Partner work for BLIMPS

P1 – run to the school and back (@ 150 yards)

P2 – do the called exercise.


Round 1 – Burpees

Round 2 – Lunges

Round 3 – IW

Round 4 – Merkins

Round 5 – Plank jacks

Round 5 – Squats

Move over to Tennis courts for a round of Bear Crawl Slalom, a Tesla staple as promised. And delivered!

Everybody gets two opportunities.

Back across the courts – Tunnel of love. @ ops each pax.

Hand over to Short Sale for his version of core work as follows:

We conveniently remained on the tennis courts for 30 minutes of Core Cardio. We began with CORA, keeping the same partners with P2 running the four court length and returning to relieve P1 for an aggregate count of exercises:

  • 100 Leg Lifts
  • 200 Freddy Mercury (count right side only)
  • 300 Flutter Kicks (count right side only)

There was a slight bit of chatter, but not too much as the PAX were focused. It would have been different if the anticipated return of Mayor had come true but unlike the Christmas Story, The Storm’s “savior” must have got lost on his long journey from Stanley to Stuart Cramer (note the intentional little “s” – Mayor is a leader but like all of us, not to the level of the real Savior with the big “S”).


Back to individual work but keeping with the CORA theme. Each PAX were instructed to perform:

  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 LBC’s
  • 30 Mountain Climbers (count each leg)
  • Run a full lap around the four courts then plank for the six. The go-getters earn the reward to plank and then go directly into merkins so they get a good shoulder burn.

Shout out to our guests as it was evident why the Louisiana Northshore AO slapped Turbo to our speedy guest. Lynchpin got after it as well but again, he’s from Metro so, that was somewhat expected. Several of our very own took turns to push their pace during the four rounds of this segment. We took a moment to catch our breath and allowed each man to share their favorite moment from their Christmas Day. A common theme was sharing a gift or joy from a gift given or shared among family. It is worth mentioning Pockets inviting a young family member into their home that has been in a group home, brightening that young man’s day to allow him to be among loved ones. Thanks for sharing Pockets.


Back to work for the 4×4 which should be as clear of instructions as it sounds but our PAX don’t always follow directions. A quick demo to hold some hands through this fun:

  • Ski Abs (my favorite) x 4
  • Jack Merkins x 4
  • Burps x 4
  • Peter Parker x 4
  • Run the length of four tennis courts and return
  • Rinse/Repeat, Rinse/Repeat


Back at the circle we had 5 minutes and it was time to salute Mary, not the Virgin Mother but that cranky ole bag that reminds us to suck in our guts. We went quickly through: Flutter Kicks, Box Cutter, Leg Lifts, Mountain Climbers, Jingle Balls, Crunchy Frogs, and Leg Claps, all with an in cadence count to 10 reps.


Announcements: Sargento’s 2nd F tonight: 7 pm Wild Wing Cafe then 9:15 Star Wars movie (come for one, the other, or ideally both); Convergence 1/1/18 0700 at the Dark Knight. Gastone will be your Q.  Prayers for each other, family, and loved ones. Short Sale took us out. Tesla was glad to hear from Turbo that F3 Baton Rouge is up and running. Look forward to posting there soon!


Coffee-rama at Floyd and Blackies had 7.

Dead lifts

I rolled into Folsom about 0620 to see Gumby ready, and Slaw and Sister Act where getting a little EC in. Shortly after Swimmer, then Oompa role in, circle up and get started!

SSH 15 ic

Toy Soldiers 15 ic

Mosey to the top of the park to the flag for the pledge, then mosey back to the start!

Its been a while since I had broke out the bars for some deadlifts!

Partner up! Deadlifts/ merkins- 25/20/15/10/5 a little mumble chatter at this point! When all pax finish, make one lap around the tennis counts! Return to the blocks!

Everybody grab a block and circle up!     Once we pick up the block, can’t set it down until completion!

Alternating overheard press and curls, 20 press, 20 curls, 19,19, we worked our way down to 1! Good stuff, everybody nailed it!

Mosey around the bottom parking lot, back to blocks! Pax started to put up blocks, hold up! One more exercise!

Squats/ triceps 10,10,9,9 down to one!

Announcements- next Monday convergence at the dark knight? I think! Joe Davis 5/10k on Jan 6th

Prayer request- Defs hip! Oompas Mom

Thanks men for allowing me to lead this morning!


Oh yeah, saw some old lady running, she looked like the pizza man from a distance? Hold up it was the pizza man! Good to see you this morning brother!



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