Fear is a powerful motivator. A few weeks ago, Spiderman told the Downtown PAX that if he didn’t get some men to step up and Q, the following workouts would become “more painful”. For some reason, the 45 minutes YHC spends under the oppressive boot of Spiderman is long and painful enough. When he asked for a Q after last  Friday’s workout, YHC gladly stepped up.

YHC followed Sargento’s lead and consulted the F3 exicon for help. YHC decided on simple routines with coupons, so B.O.M.B.S. and the “Gross” made the Weinke complete. YHC is a Midoriyama Homie, so the simpler, the better.

As YHC rolled in, he observed the usual suspects getting in some EC before the workout began. Roscoe, Pizza Man, Monk and Whoopee were getting it done as YHC parked the truck. As it got closer to 5:30, more and more PAX kept showing up. It was awesome to see a total of 20 men (YHC not included) post. F3 Udders from Greensboro posted since he was in town visiting the in-laws for Christmas! Great to have you with us, Sir! With 5:30 on the clock and everyone circled up, time to get started.

Warm Up:

  • Seal Jacks x 15 IC
  • Low, Slow Squats x 15 IC
  • Toy Soldiers x 15 IC
  • Don Quixotes x 15 IC at Warp Speed (Good to see Tool Time finally warming up to these)
  • Dying Cockroaches x 15 IC


The Thang:

Mosey around the West parking lot real quick then partner up for some B.O.M.B.S.

Partner #1 performs said exercise while partner #2 runs length of parking lot and back. Reps are in aggregate.

Burpees – 50

Overhead Claps – 100

Merkins- 150

Big Boy Situps – 200 (YHC will ensure these are performed on grass next time- QFail #1)

Squats – 250

After all PAX are complete 5 Burpees OYO due to train traffic

Next, all PAX grab a coupon out of YHC’s truck. Correct pronunciation of the word coupon was quickly discussed. Depends on which side of Macon (Georgia)- Dixie line you’re from, apparently.

Set up for the Gross. 12 exercises x 12 reps per exercise = 144 (1 gross). Exercises were:

  1. Block Webbs (one of the PAX voiced his displeasure of performing these on asphalt due to his soft, supple knees). YHC called BS and exercise was performed anyway. Going forward, these will performed on grass as well- QFail #2
  2. Curl to Overhead Press
  3. Kettleblock Swings
  4. CDD’s (IC)
  5. Standing Block Push (F3 Canteen’s chest and shoulder builder)
  6. Upright Rows
  7. Block Flutter Kicks (IC)
  8. Thrusters
  9. Mike Tysons
  10. Shrugs
  11. Merkins (IC) Whoopee wanted to add some added difficulty to these by literally locking up with YHC while performing these. YHC enjoyed the challenge. YHC also wonders which scent of AXE body spray Whoopee uses. Smelled good!
  12. Freddie Mercury (IC)

It must also be noted the QFail #3 occurred multiple times during this evolution. YHC completely forgot the proper protocol before beginning exercise (In position, ready, move). Thank you, Freight and Tool Time for keeping YHC honest.

With just a few minutes left YHC called for some Mary.

  • Pattycakes x 15 IC (show to know)
  • Hip Rock and Raise x 15 led by Tool Time.
  • Slaughter Stopper(20 Burpees OYO, but only got to 15 when time was called)


  • Joe Davis Run 1/6/18
  • Rooster 1/20/18
  • Krispy Kreme challenge 2/3/18 (See Sargento for details)

Prayer Requests:

  • The McNulty family
  • PAX who have lost loved ones recently
  • Remember the True Reason for the season
  • Also, YHC forgot the military and their families (QFail#4)

YHC took us out in Prayer.


YHC would like to just let everyone know how much F3 has been such a positive change in his life. He has met so many High Impact Men and is honored to call all of them brothers. He finds himself EHing every man he crosses paths with just to get them out and see what they don’t know they are missing. He finds himself (with help from the SKY Q) being a better husband, dad, brother, uncle and servant. Thank You, Men. It was truly an honor to lead!

Great work by everyone today (as usual).

It was great to have Udders from Greensboro with us today! Will definitely post up your way when in the neighborhood!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!