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Day: December 19, 2017

Doing more Running

13 Pax and 1 FNG came out on a cool afternoon at Midoriyama. Since I am trying to become a better runner I am trying to increase the mileage at each workout. With that in mind we start.


Warm up all in cadence

10 x Don Quiotes

10 x SSH

10 x Cherry Pickers

With that we are off. Mosey to the trail across the road, stop at the entrance and do 5 Burpees. Mosey through the trail and do 5 more Burpees back at the start. Mosey back across the road. Start at the beginning of Tower road and mosey to the first light pole, do one squat. Mosey down Tower Rd adding one more squat at each light pole until we reach the big track. 14 light poles I think. 285 Squats.

For all the Carolina fans we started a Bobby Hurley Mile. 12 Bobby Hurleys and one lap around the half track (if you are a FIA member) Full track if you are a F3 Man. Rinse and repeat until time. Mosey back to the start doing descending Squats at each light pole starting with 20 at the first. 105 Squats. The mumble chatter was great as always. Thank you guys for pushing me.

22 for the VETS and BOM.


I want everyone to keep our new FNG Devin in your prayers. He came out through the efforts of Swimmer. He hasn’t worked out in a while. He used to run half marathons. His Asthma flared up and had to leave early.  Pray that he can come back and be a part of the awesome HIM’s of  Gaston County.

As we go through the day to day routines of life I would like you all to remember to keep your eye on God and his will. The Lord has a plan for you. Listen when he speaks, keep your eyes open and don’t turn your back when you know that the Lord is leading you. Thank you men for becoming a part of my life and Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Christ!!!!


Roadkill and Chili Beans

YHC picked up the Q after Roadie had to “work”  something in his text last night about laying pipe. Not YHC’s place to judge but #ifeelgoodafterlayingpipe. Anyway 5 Pax showed up for a Tuesday morning impromptu beatdown.


10 SSH, a little mumble chatter about the low number of SSH’s. Just wait there are more coming. 10 Gravel Pickers, and 10 Hillbillys.


Let’s mosey, we started up the hill toward the entrance and some more mumble chatter about the shovel flag being at the start and there was no reason to mosey to the entrance. YHC played dumb and wondered what Medicine Woman was talking about. Get to the flag and pledge and put our 22 merkins in for the Vets. Next on your 6 for 15 or 20 LBCs IC. YHC is having a brainfart, more on that later.  recover, lets mosey.

Mosey around the long way to the bottom parking lot for a Rush song themed workout according to the exicon.

Start at the bottom of parking lot run to the top for 100 SSH, run back to start then run back to top for 75 Mountain  Climbers.  This is when YHC crop dusted the pax and Blart with his keen sense of smell figured out whatYHC had for dinner last night, road kill and chili beans RK&CB. We all had a good time with that one as it lingered like the fog that was out this morning. Next exercise was 50 LBCs, then 25 merkins, and finally 10 Burpee’s.

Mosey to the amphitheater for 15 Arm Squats IC, Derkins X15 IC , American Hammers X20 IC and Flutter Kicks X20 IC.  Oh and some Rocky Balboa’s for good measure.

Mosey to the playground for 3 sets of 5 pull ups and 20 lunges each leg. Mosey to start for exercises called out by the pax, Blart with 10 Mike Tysons, Sparky with 5 burpees and with a minute to go we finish with Morrocan Night Clubs.


Joe Davis Run

Prayer Request: Many young lives lost to cancer, one unspoken, Sparky’s Mom, each other and those that have lost loved ones and are struggling during the Christmas season.

YHC took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning, it is a pleasure and an honor.

Good to see Blart at Folsom during the week.

Thursday’s Q the one and only Huckleberry!  Maybe we will have a spelling contest.

YHC out.


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