Rolled out of bed this morning ready to go! Arrived at folsom around 525, Hank is in his truck waiting patiently, here comes Volt on my heels! As we get out of our trucks, here comes Gumby sliding in! We start to circle up,  and all we see are lights coming our way, Who is this? They pull in, we are giving them the stink eye, out jumps Gomer, long time no see!

Warm up!

ssh 15 ic

monkey humpers 15 ic

toy soldiers 15 ic

Then we mosey to the flag, as we head to the flag, Gomer informs us that he had worked all night, and that it was his 20th birthday, happy birthday Gomer! Say the pledge then head back to the trucks! Everybody grab a block! I’m thinking 20! That’s where we’ll start!

20 shoulder presses my count

20 curls my count

19,18, working out way down to one, without letting the block touch the ground! Lots of mumble chatter! Somewhere around 15 Gomer said he’s getting a call from the VFD, and he has to go! None of us heard the call? We finished with the blocks and mosey around the park to finish up! I think it came to 202 reps on the curls and presses, I’ll be filling that later!

The hole time we where there this morning we got to see God’s amazing light show, shooting star after shooting star, pretty awesome! Psalm 19:1 talks about how the heavens declare Gods glory! So true!

prayer request: all of us, that we would be the pastors of our homes, Medicine Woman is having a MRI of his leg today, and for the ones that weren’t there today we miss ya!

thanks for the chance to lead, and thank you Lord for the light show!