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Day: December 13, 2017

Frosty night for some newbies

VQ lead workout means no one knows exactly what your gonna get.  We had an evening full of adventure complete with some bubbles and even a princess (no I am not referring to Slaw running around with no shirt), more on that later.  The group is normally pretty vocal, but tonight there wasn’t much more than teeth chattering.  It went like this:

Warm up:

Side Straddle hop 15x IC, 20 toy soldiers 20X IC, Peter Parker 15X IC, then we all heard the dreaded whistle 5 burpees OYO


Mosey the long route to Hamburger Hill for a simple workout.  Simple but not easy.  Bottom of hill 5 merkins, 5 Mike Tysons, 5 stagger merkins with each hand extended, 5 lunges each leg.  Run to top of hill.  Rinse and repeat 5X.


This took most of our time, but not all.  Mosey back to the turd shack for a set of 11’s.  Started with 10 deep squats all the way to the curb of parking lot, run to other side for decline merkins.


22 for the vets

Announcements included meeting at Tequilla’s downtown this Sunday.

Prayer requests, Oompa has a friend that attempted suicide, Tooltime has a co-worker that passed away leaving a 9 year old daughter, Pizzaman says his grandmother is ready to kick ass again after hip surgery.  Seems like there was another, sorry my memory is failing.  Remember those that don’t see the holidays as joyous times, and those separated from family in public service and military service.


Welcome to Ariel (Brian Bridges )and Mr Bubbles (Dustin Bridges), enjoyed having you gentlemen with us.

Late Charge at The Storm!

YHC came rolling in hot just as the pax had begun COP which went like this:

SSH X 20

IW X20

Copperhead squats X 20

Merkins X 15

Mountain climbers X 20

Mosey to front of school for partner work

P1 – Run length of parking lot (@ 100-150 yards) and back

P2 – Do called exercise and then flapjack with P1

Round 1 – Merkins

Round 2 – Hand release merkins

Round 3 – wide arm merkins

Round 4 – Diamond merkins

Round 5 – WWI situps

Ladder time for the pax, up and back with 10 step ups in between for good measure

Ladder components:

Burpees X 5

SSH X 10

Squats X 15

American hammers X 20


Since Dr. Seuss missed The Yank on Saturday YHC could tell he was longing for a true signature event to make up for lost time. So we obliged!

Tesla special at The Yank comes to the storm: parking lot bear crawl slalom! Each pax gets two opportunities to crawl and plenty f time in contemplative plank.

Mosey down to the flag for Mary. Each pax member calls an exercise and runs around the circle while every other pax does the work. Included:



Heels to heaven

Monkey humpers



crunchy frogs


copperhead squats

flutter kicks


And a few others as well

Pledge and we are done!

NMM: Great to lead this group, mayor has done an awesome job of keeping it moving. Mayor is doing well with his recovery from eye surgery so keep his recovery in prayers! Getting a lot of good participation of late, let’s keep it moving. Prayers out to Slim Shady and his new daughter! Look forward to his return when things calm down with that situation. Be sure to be at The Fighting Yank Saturday for Breaker Breaker’s VQ! Also, it was decided we WOULD meet on the day after Christmas at 7 am! Prepare for an hour long beat down then led by a host that would include Tesla and probably Short Sale. Looking forward to that!Sargento has it next week. I’ll be there. So will you!








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