Pledge            At one point late in workout A member of pax guestioned difficulty in remembering entire workout …, then  another pointed out the simplicity of the work out that we ran for a moment and then did something else ….rinse and repeat .           This is the simplistic form …  The truth of the matter is I used a Tabata timer ( idea stolen/ borrowed from Short Sale).  It gave me an easy framework for the entire work out …..50 second timer with 10 second rest intervals.  The plan was for us to do a mosey most of time or two or more lunge walks alternate with upper or ab exercises…  these were called at random utilizing as many different exercises as could be remembered …. such as lbcs , Freddie Mercs, merkins, derkins, dips wall rest, cdds, Don Quixote’s , and Moroccan nite clubs. Most were AMrap .   This is not the full list …. but best I could do . The method to this madness  was that approximately eight hours earlier I crossed the threshold into the age of 50 .  Timeframe was aware but held to secrecy and that we were waiting for someone to recognize the time (50). Upon Rearrival at start line   There was still another four minutes during which I dropped a secret or two which eventually was picked up by stroganoff who then received a paper “gift”  to be read for the next exercise of Burpee‘s Amrap for a 50 second count  ….  and since there was still another minute and a half or so to go I  I followed the directions of another pax who complained that stroganoff should’ve called something else and he called for flutter kicks to the number 50 !!  It too was a crowdpleaser!!  It should also be noted that Spiderman arrived very late and I suspect he expected a warm-up routine as did many others I’m sure…  but there was none!       This was something I’ve been looking forward to doing for quite some time but I struggled with trying to figure out the routine and how to make it happen until defib worked a Tabata timer into A work out and then later short sale used it for much greater time in a routine.  It was an honor to have you guys celebrate my day with me !