With the possibility of gale force winds and torrential rainfall, YHC wasn’t about to expect a huge turn out at Folsom this AM.  Along with the QIC, there were 2 HIMs willing to risk their lives and post in the gloom of Folsom. After discussing how bad it is that a Pax(Roadie) would call another(Hank) out directly the night before, then not post himself, we decided to clock in.


SSH, Hillbilles x12 IC

Mosey to the park entrance flag for the Pledge.

mosey back down to the lower shelter for some dry work. Since we were soaked, Hank insisted we dry off a little under the shelter. Dips, LBCs, knee in and outs all x15 IC


Route 66 has been popular lately and YHC enjoys the challenge, so line up in the parking lot. Lunge walk every other line stopping for 8 count body builders for, you guessed it, a total of 66. Recover, mosey around back to line up again for some 11s with merkins and SSH. Recover, 10 burpees OYO. fellowship mosey a distance then speed the pace a touch. Oh, speed bump. It’d be an injustice to Pizza Man if YHC hadn’t acknowledged the crossing of at least 1 speed bump with 5 burpees OYO. Continue mosey to start. Finish up with 22 merkins for the vets.

announcements; JJ5k, ChristmasTown 5k, Burpeethon, you know the dates.

prayer by QIC

Nice work and thanks men for braving the catastrophic weather to post. Always an honor to lead.