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Day: April 10, 2015


The MECA region is honored to host the 2015 edition of The Bear, the preeminent NOCO #CSAUP event.

  •  Who can participate? F3 Nation
  •  What is it? A strenuous 10 mile course, with Pain Stations, winding through various MECA AOs
  • Where is it? This event will begin at Highland Creek Elementary (7242 Highland Creek Pkwy Charlotte, NC 28269) and end at the infamous “El Dorado” parking deck on the UNCC Campus.
  • When is it? June 6, 2015.  We will start at 6:00 AM and end at approximately 11:00 AM
  • Why do it? It’s FREE, because you are a man, and it is there.

Additional Information:

  • Hydration packs are recommended. Water stations will be available at various points along the course
  • You will need to bring your own fuel (i.e. Gu, Gels, etc…)
  • Carpooling is recommended.  Transportation (Buses)  will be available from the finish line back to your car.

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Questions? Direct questions to Chowder or to f3meca@gmail.com.

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  • Highland Creek Elementary School’s address is 7242 Highland Creek Parkway; Charlotte, NC 28269.
  • We will have two vans and a few cars leaving from the UNCC North Deck parking lot at 0530 to take Pax to Highland Creek Elementary School
  • Pax who are providing their own shuttle-service need to park in the lot next to El Dorado (North Deck) at the UNCC and leave by 0530 to go to Highland Creek Elementary School
  • If you plan to use the shuttle, please drop off your passengers at Highland Creek Elementary School, then drive to UNCC to park your car (e.g. we don’t need to shuttle the whole carload, just the driver)

GasHouse Islands of Adventure – Preblast 4/11/2015

It’s not Universal Studios!  But it still might be fun.

We will visit Flagpole Island, Long Island, Holy H Island and Spot Island while stopping in between to hang out on the sand bars.  There will be guest visits from Peter, Jack, and Mary.  We will act like kids again, running and jumping, and crawling around like toddlers.  Like a Caribbean cruise, we will jump from island to island, with some karaoke in between.  And later, we will gather for whatever favorite beverages you care to have.

Wear your favorites trunks and bring gloves so you can touch the native fauna and rock formations.

Your tour director has lots of activities planned so you don’t want to miss this trip to the Islands of Adventure.  We depart at 0700 sharp tomorrow morning from the back docks of the Shiele Museum.  Parking and admission are free.  Tipping is prohibited.

Oh, by the way, please be sure to read the F3 disclaimer before coming onboard.  No life preservers or life rafts are provided, and your captain is not trained; in fact, he has proven to be totally un-trainable.

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