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Is my tractor sexy

13 showed up this morning for a Tractor show or maybe just a workout .

Well since the show doesn’t start till 9 I guess we’ll push the rock while we wait.







Mosey to top parking lot near entrance for first round of fun.  A few LBC’S while we wait on six. Then a couple rounds of Boat to canoe, a tough one  we all need some more  work with those.

First round tabata style .

10 exercises marked on pavement. I can’t believe I found some pavement that isn’t 20 years old and full of rock.


Exercises would include:


While PAX performs exercises , 1 man takes a lap around upper lot and then rotate to next exercise.


Next mosey down to pavilion.

Some abb work here as we wait on six.

First exercise here was partner shrugs.

Partner 1 planks on 3 foot wall while partner 2 holds feet of 1 and does shrugs. I think this could be a good one even modifying to some merkins while in plank thanks Roadie. 2 or 3 rounds of 10 IC of these.

Next on the wall for some…. yep you guessed it hip slappers  .”ABT  ” after giving up belt at Burpeethon I realized I should have trained better. After about 4 Ic the bees woke up and got a few of the pax so off that wall and down to lower turd shack to finish up the wall work.

10 hip slappers IC

10 miketysons IC

10 dirtyhookups IC

2 rounds of this

Back to tennis courts for 5 mins of ab work

22 Merkins for vets



Just about 300 or so spots left for Christmas town 5k sign up men or if you aren’t running come anyway to help.


All on IR  all running Bourbon chase  ,Oompa ‘s family

As always it is a pleasure to lead, and if you have not lead at folsom yet just try to grow a beard and you might get asked..




Uncle Roy’s flyover

For those of you who knew about the passing of my Uncle Roy a couple of weeks ago you probably were interested in the flyover that the US Air Force wanted to do for him. It was delayed because of bad weather on the day but we did it this morning over in Kannapolis over Bethpage Presbyterian Church where he grew up so many decades ago.

Wheels up Partner! IMG_1649

R E S P E C T!

When YHC showed up to brave the early rains of Michael at The Goat, Gilligan stepped out of his vehicle to tell me that his FNG thought we were idiots (isn’t that part of the disclaimer?), so he went to the gym. I told him to not worry as I am the Q next week too. When Dr. Seuss posted a few till 5:30, the thought of a running only morning crossed our minds. Then Virus and Dirt showed up, so I changed my mind, sort of. The rain was falling, weinke be damned, time to get things done. 

Warm up: 15 IC each SSH, IW, and goofballs

The thang:

Mosey a bit and turn into the sports complex parking lot. See a good area to get in some 11s: merkins and jump squats. 

The rain is falling harder, and puddles form for a round of Mary, all core: lbc twists, flutter kicks, six shooters, rosalitas, IC. I see the stairs and decide on single leg calf raises to the top. 

Mosey up the road a piece, ask Virus to check the time (only HIM wearing spectacles as I can’t see in the darkness). Time for some 4x4x4 burpees, thank you Gilligan. 

Turn around and mosey back towards downtown. Find a parking lot for a bit of lunge walk / burpees. Mosey to downtown, 5 burpees for the train, mosey to bridge, bear crawl to the far end and crab walk back. I’m gassed , so we head back to the start, but we still have time so we stop at the wall for hip slappers, 10 each side. 


Announcements: Xmastown 5k and I hear it is filling up. Belmont 1/2 marathon

Prayer requests: Virus’ coworker, Michael victims, bourbon chasers

Dr. Seuss took us out.

It was an honor to lead you this morning. 

Mayor mayor …. where are you?

  •  this week I accepted Gastone’s offer of a Q for next Wednesday … then I saw Tweet for a Gashouse opening and decided I needed to challenge self and do Two new and different workouts .  This pain lab workout was put together with Mayor in mind. Hence, where are you Mayor ? Hope you are well …. many moons ago Mayor was surprised at my love and interest of things Metal and progressive … music selection today was chosen for upcoming Metallica concert which will be my 2.0 s first BIG concert. He has enjoyed Metallica for some time perhaps because his  old  man loves them .? His previous concerts were Heart/Cheap Trick/Joan Jett , Tesla/JoanJett/Styx, and most recently Tom Bailey/ B-52s/ Culture Club …. so as you see much different! Also for Mayor was last exercise , which we shall divulge later.
  • Arrived early to see Whoopsie running solo but no other signs of life …..
  • Chose location for Pain Lab where plenty of light to see by since there was not much daylight yet and there was an abundance of leaves on ground.
  • Thought I had enough chalk having chosen small pieces so as to use up some of large bucket that has remained in garage from when our 2.0 used to use them . Luckily I had enough for most of what I needed . Created circle with workouts meant to be 12 stations as in a clock ( wound up with 10 ) but had choice of plank jacks or sit ups ( was hoping for larger turnout and was going to use this station for partner up with person in plank jack position holding partners ankles while other does sit-ups and both perform their  exercise and then rotate halfway through … but another time). Other choices were Colt 45s ( for you Hipaa), lbcs, triceps extension, Freddy Mercury’s, curls , overhead press, American Hammers , overhead press while laying on ground , goblet squat and overhead press most with coupons as needed. There were smaller choices of coupon but I was the only one to exercise option for smaller coupon …. great work by Time Frame and Moses! All this was set to Tabata timer using a British accent … time for exercises was perhaps too ambitious at 2:15 ,,,, must remember to shorten that time in future .
  • Once we completed task we now went on s nature walk with coupon of choice whenever possible held high over head last man to speed walk to front . This was a Mayor special from few months back that I thoroughly enjoyed enough to bring back which Time Frame was glad for since he is not ready to run yet and wished for workout without running but looking to come back .
  • Return to start , cleaned up and returned all blocks to truck , circled up for 9 minutes of Mary ( no signs of Boot camp returning …. in fact they returned approximately 30 seconds to finish bells .
  • During Mary I led most exercises challenging self once again to use cadence count which I have struggled with in the past . Led off with ski abs, merkins box cutters, heels to heaven with crossed legs( for Toto), lbcsFreddy Mercury’s . Moses chose flutter kicks Time Frame chose exercise ( brain fart .., can’t remember ) then ended with Rocky B’s … and here comes our compatriots fresh from running!
  • always an honor … I always hope for larger crowds to challenge me but welcome these opportunities just the same . During circle of trust I mentioned that it is great to have Time Frame back from IR but we must remember that there are also many other F 3 brothers MIA such as T-square and Stroganoff and it was suggested by Whoopee that we all should reach out to them.
  • Lastly I want to take a moment to speak about something that has come up several times in previous workouts including this one. There are some pax who’ve not q’d before … Moses spoke of such that Linus has him lined up to Q next week but was bumped due to Linus brother coming to Gashouse workout. Moses has s great idea for his workout and I say that we the pax should offer support and/ of assistance to any and all that have not stepped forward to Q . I am very certain that there are many great and varied ideas amongst all our pax and greatly look forward to these .       d


Three men did work.


Announcement: Christmastown 5k, Convergence at the Yank

Prayer requests: Allen Tate’s M, People effected by the hurricane, a gentleman Pastor Clever knows.

BOM: Pastor Clever closed us in prayer.

Hurricane Hustle

4 brave men showed for The Pub.

The Thang:

5 mike route to stay close to home in case of lightning storm. ( Just rained)

The Moleskin:

the weather was perfect for running. The comradarie was good..

”If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month” Theodore Roosevelt

Prayers for Anthrax’s family, Madoff’s friends battling cancer, and my own family.

Gastone Out!



6 ran, 1 ran/rucked and 1 rucked.

Good times


Annoucements: Christmastown 5k

Prayer requests: Allen Tate’s M, Oompa’s family, injured guys

BOM: Montross closed in prayer.

My M is yelling at me while I type

And I can’t concentrate, which is creating a writer’s block.  Now mind you, she’s watching the AMA’s while talking on the phone with a friend, trying to unwind from a long, hectic day.   And of all things, I’m interrupting her while typing.   Not talking, but TYPING, very quietly.   Think the issue was that I turned the lamp on.   I would ask for the brotherhood to back me.  If you have a chance, text her a random message at 704-718-4464 about the importance of back blasts – let her know that Turtleman sent you.    She doesn’t understand the wrath of the weasel shaker.

Anyhow, the title was going to be a bucketful of jellybeans.   To Roadie’s point, they were sugar-free and pretty hard…. and heavy.   Had a good turnout of 12 men.

The Thang



SSH x 30 IC

LBC x 30 IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Mosey around Snowballs while each PAX bucket carried our jellybeans around 1x,.  Continue mosey until all 12 HIMS have completed one lap.  By my count, it was close to a half mile.

Mosey down to old HT shopping center, alternating jellybean carry.

From parking lot, mosey to loading dock, bear crawl down the ramp, run to parking lot and complete 20 squats

Rinse and repeat above x3; plank it up waiting on the six

Quick count off

Next up we formed in a horizontal line (that’s not vertical) and  crab walked to the first light pole, mosey back to the start

Rinse and repeat x3; plank it up waiting on the six

Next up form a line on your six, get close together.  Complete 1 chest press with the jellybean bucket and pass to the next HIM.  This is where it got interesting.  Think it was Roadie who shouted, one is too easy, let’s make it 3.  That sounded good, make it 3 YHC confirmed.  Then Huckleberry I believe,  wanted to demonstrate that he could bench press a car and did like 40.  At that point, Squirt yelled, I feel like I should be doing something else.  Ok, YHC  concurred.  Everyone does big boy sit ups while the bucket comes down the line.   There was some other mumble chatter and I heard in a serious tone that the Q needed to take control.   YHC quickly countered that this was a group activity, inspired to drive engagement and collaboration from the PAX.  Clearly, that was accomplished.   Shortly after, YHC Omaha’d from there.   Editors note:  this activity will make a return and will be dynamic.

Mosey up the parking lot for some Dora, pair up.  200 squats, 100 merkins total.  1 partner runs across the parking lot while the other performs the exercise.

Plank waiting on the six

Mosey towards Snowballs, don’t forget the jellybeans.

Stop at the wall; Dips x 20 IC, Step ups 10 per leg; Rinse and Repeat

Mosey back to Snowballs; TIME



Start getting ready for 2019 Burpeethon

Christmastown 5k is quickly filling up

Easy Rider has the Q next Monday and had a sly grin on his face while saying that he has something special.


Good work men.  Keeping pushing the rock.  If you haven’t posted in a while, get out there.  It does your body and mind some good.



F3Gastonia Whetstone Update Oct 2018

F3Gastonia Whetstone has been up and running since July.  Many Stones and Blades are having conversations every few weeks or so; one pair almost weekly. The PAX into it have good things to say, so it must be moving them to advantage.

But remember that not every meeting brings immediate results; sometimes it takes a while for things to get moving. If that’s the case, try to continue for another few meetings. If it’s really not working, let’s talk. Sometimes the Stone & Blade just aren’t the right fit. There are PAX willing to serve as Stones who are currently unmatched, so we can reshuffle a pair.

New initiative: Have a good conversation and don’t mind posting some insight? Create a new post as if you are writing a backblast and give us a few sentences, a paragraph or two.  (HT: Roscoe for the idea)



7 men fought off either the fart sack and/or sandy v.  We were greeted in the parking lot by a semi-fresh pile of crap.  Sister Act and Bedpan attempted to remove it, but ended up just making it worse.  After a little small talk and kotters to War Eagle, it was 05:30 and time to clock in.

Warmup: SSH x 15IC, low slow squats and toy soldiers x 10 IC

Mosey down to the lower turd shack and partner up.  Partner 1 will hold BTTW while partner 2 lunges around the shack.  Flapjack.

Up the stairs doing 20 calf raises per step.

Back in the parking lot we did 4 corners escalator style.  Corner 1: 25 merkins.  Corner 2: 25 merkins and 50 flutter kicks.  Corner 3: 25 merkins, 50 flutter kicks and 75 mountain climbers.  Corner 4: 25 merkins, 50 flutter kicks, 75 mountain climbers and 100 lbcs.  Once complete we de-escalated back around.  During the escalated part of the long run was a nur, bear crawl the short.

Mosey back to the launching point and circle up.  Pulled out the deck of death and went around for a few times.  Exercises were: 25 American hammers, 100 flutter kicks, 100 calf raises, 17 lbcs, 25 shoulder taps, 18 squat thrusts, 25 mountain climbers, 18 merkins, 19 ranger merkins and 25 plank jacks.


22 for the vets.



Annoucements: Christmastown 5k

Prayer requests:  Oompa Loompa’s family, those battling injuries, those battling the fart sack, family member off a coworker of Montross.

BOM: YHC closed in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


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