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Pain Lab: No Ordinary Hunkajunk

Of all the AO’s in our wonderful region, the Pain Lab is the hidden gem. If you’ve not tried it, well, you’re missing an opportunity. Created by Rudolph and now carried forward by HIPAA, the Pain Lab is a chance to do something different than you normally would do. No running, no jumping (well not much) but a focused workout that will provide your body a good test. With Folsom hosting the 2.0 friendly workout on 6/16, HIPAA was looking for a volunteer Q so he could be with his son on Father’s Day weekend.  My older girls were uninterested to join me at 0700 for a workout, so I took my sophomore Q for the Pain Lab. Earlier in the week Qheeshe sent me a text that he had hopeful candidate for the Pain Lab he was sending over. Unlike the most handsome cardiologist in Gastonia, Dr. Qweesh did not violate any HIPAA laws (that I know of). I planned my Weinke accordingly.

Saturday morning at 0600, I awoke to the dog standing over top of me – a bathroom excursion appeared to be the unspoken demand. I hooked the leash and went for a quick circle of our neighborhood. I arrived back home to gather my things and learned my 12 year old had splashed merlot during the night and not feeling well. Neither she nor my M had slept much. It was a decision point some of us had faced – do I run out and leave my M to deal with this or stay for moral support? I opted for option 1 feeling the Father’s Day weekend would buy me some reprieve of guilt or penance. So I left arriving later than intended, still needing to set-up the circuit of stations for the Pain Lab. Whoopee made sure to call me out for being late to the warm-up. I joined before Linus finished the first set of SSH’s among the other standard exercises before the pledge and then the division of bootcamp and Pain Lab. Qish and his FNG were present, Sargento followed behind, all were Pain Lab pledges at my disposal. Fortunately I brought along extra ‘quipment to be used. Unlike the normal bootcamp the Pain Lab, or at least my Q of it, would and always will begin with stretching. My only qualm with F3 is the stretching is OYO which at our ages, at least the +35 year olds can appreciate a little bit of stretching ahead of the beat-down. So our session began with another warm-up:

  • Seal Jacks IC x 10
  • Cotton Pickets IC x 10
  • Toy Soldiers IC x 10
  • Side to Side Lunge IC x 10
  • Inchworm Merkins – pyramid to 5 and back down
  • High Plank Lunge – Hip flexor/groin stretch (right, then left)
  • MNC’s IC x 10

Then it was time for the Thang which would be my favored tabata with 5 timed circuits of 40 seconds with a 20 second rest between; Three timed rounds with 30 seconds between each one.

Round I

  • Goblet Squat
  • Plank jack w/ Shoulder taps
  • Single Arm Swing (dumbbell wt of choice, 20 seconds R, then L)
  • Alt Lunge w/ twist using a dumbbell
  • Merkin w/ alternating rows

Round II

  • Mountain Climbers
  • French Curls
  • Low to High Plank (Sargento informed me these are called Mahktar N’ Diayes in the exercises lexicon – and he should know as master of the ABC workout)
  • Squat w/ Shoulder Press
  • Merkins

Of course I had music to play as no official Pain Lab is complete without some heavy metal to drive the backbeat and push the PAX. Rudolph and HIPAA would be disappointed to hear if anything less were attempted. I thought my playlist was worthy but of all people Sargento begins to poke holes in the selection. Then our FNG, Matt Stroupe says I picked the pop Metallica song, when they sold out (Hero of the Day). Fast forward…Dokken’s Paris is Burning played – they didn’t like that…Rush’s One Little Victory…not heavy enough…Q is failing big time. Finally Godsmack’s I Stand Alone blared and my PAX were happy. Before going any further, I should note that Qweesh made only two rounds of Circuit 1 before declaring he had to leave for work. Now this is the perfect opportunity to take a shot, maybe on his lack of upper body physique or his soccer arms. But it’s hard to throw a jab when someone was up earlier than me to run 10 miles prior to the workout and that he posted to provide a warm-hand off of FNG Matt. So the good doctor did his part and left his patient to mine and Sargento’s care. Good EH Dr. Squiche!

I had a third circuit waiting but we ran out of time, opting to head back to the starting point to initiate Mary for Linus’ bootcamp to return. We got in a few rounds of flutter kicks, American hammers, and Penguin Crunches before the bells rang to end the workout. We joined the others for the COT, naming Matt Stroupe “Hunkajunk” as he affectionately referenced his personal vehicle. Take notice of the spelling as the Weasel Shaker (me) has to clean up all your attempts to identify the PAX. (FYI – it’s Dr. Seuss with an “e” before the “u” – y’all suck at spelling Arial too – which you officially entered as the font when you intended it to be the Disney Princess (that is Ariel)). Okay – I’m down from my soap box.

COT – make note of this Friday’s 3rd F event beginning at 7 pm at First Presbyterian Church – the PAD which is at the top of the steps where we perform DORA. Pockets and YHC are the speakers. Guy’s only – coffee and water available. We offered several prayer requests which Linus will note in his BB.

Moleskin – I began this diatribe offering perspective of the Pain Lab as a hidden gem. It certainly is for several reasons. All those sad clowns we speak of are not former D-1 athletes that strayed from the training tables and gyms. At best, we are former high school participants or recreational players looking to stoke our competitive fires. The point of beginning this journey of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith can be the biggest step. Posting at a workout can quickly realize the lengthy distance between our minds of what we could once do with relative ease can deteriorate when out of the game. The Pain Lab is a nice way to re-engage the body to the foray. There is no six to pick up in the Pain Lab, we’re all in one big mosh pit of sweat, encouraging each other. I’m certainly a fan of timed tabata’s as there is no particular count to achieve – you verses you can be a rep of 1 or 100 or any amount between. Whether we want to admit it or not, there is peer pressure among the PAX. We’re guys and we’re wired to compete. But the Pain Lab washes away some of that machismo, where it seems a bit like pre-season training and we’re all on the same team. So if you’ve not yet experienced the Pain Lab, step out of your comfort zone one Saturday to try this workout on for size. Hopefully like our newest FNG, you’ll realize it’s no Hunkajunk either, but a great way to get back in the game and join this great group of guys that are all pursuing similar efforts to push their rocks just a little further each day. Until the next one – thanks for the opportunity to lead.


It was a great to post at Folsom for the summertime monthly 2.0 friendly workout. With 50+ PAX in May how many would show today? The number was 30 with most 2.0’s under that age of 10. Gumby’s 2.0 was sporting an F3 shirt. #Legit
Roscoe was passed in traffic (again) on the way to Folsom by lead foot Tool Time. He truly leads the way. After a late night at the F3 Dad’s event last night at the Grizzlies game, I had to wake up Little Caesar this morning to go post but he was excited and ready to get after it. That enthusiasm unfortunately didn’t last the entire workout as several encouraging PAX (Swimmer, Dolph) tried to prod him along. He wasn’t alone among the 2.0’s in taking some time to do “you versus you” and losing the battle!
The Nantan Tool Time opened up the workout by warming us up after proclaiming that he was the craziest PAX in the Gashouse and subjecting us to SSH, Don Quiotes, Moroccan Nightclubs, and he also tried to break Dolph with jump squats. That is a theme lately with HIPAA devoting the weeks Q at the Goat to try to “break Dolph”. Here is a hint guys, trying to break Dolph is like pushing the Rock. It won’t move but you shouldn’t stop trying.
Tool Time turned it over to YHC (Roscoe) and we headed to the tennis courts. We moseyed to the far side where there was actually some shade. We started out by continuing our war up with some dad squats while carrying our 2.0’s on our backs. Next, we did a little Karaoke across the courts and then back. Then we hit each court and alternated SSH and Mountain Climbers then ran back, followed by squats and Flutter kicks and back. For those that haven’t posted to Folsom, they basically have 95 fenced in tennis courts. I hear the locals call it hell in a cell.
We got back on the end line for some Dora 1,2,3. 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, and 300 LBC’s. Instead of running across all the courts we ran to the second light pole and back. My partner made a habit of walking back to “give me more time”. It was awesome.
YHC then turned it over to Dolph.

I asked for a count off and we had 28. I then asked the Pax to form 2 lines of 14 and Indian Run from the tennis courts to the small parking lot at the baseball fields. Dijion and I stopped at the parking lot early to write some exercises in 10 of the 22 spaces. Once all the pax arrived at the parking lot the instructions were given. 2-3 pax per space and perform indicated exercise that was in that space. Once complete with exercise run a lap around lot to the right and advance to next space and repeat. The exercises were
LBC’s x 10
SSH x 10
Mericans x 5
Flutterkicks x 10
Squats x 10
CDD x 5
Mountain x 10
Lunges x 10
French Fries x 10
Burpees x 5
Once the pax returned to the space where they had started, we did a slow mosey to the amphitheater. All pax were instructed to grab some wall for 7 Dips IC. Next was the plank and run. All pax plank up at the base of the stage in a line. Pax at each end of the line run 25 yrds up hill and back and return to plank. Next pax goes and so on. Time. Nice work by all 2.0’s and Dads. Thanks Sparky for opportunity to lead. Mosey back to the flag for the pledge. Thanks to BedPan for bringing the flag so we didn’t have to mosey to the front of the park.  COT; Namorama, Welcome FNG, Pizza The Hut!!

Announcements: HAPPY FATHERS DAY WEEKEND! Next Friday at First Presbyterian 3rd F event. Saturday Grandfather Mountain Hike.
Monk is doing a great job leading the Whetstone effort. This is a mentoring program designed to place blades (mentees) with Stones (Mentors). This is an exciting thing for our region. If you haven’t filled out the form to be part of the WHETSTONE, click below:
Prayers for Fathers, Families, and Sly, serving our country in Afghanistan.
Kudos to Sparky for the idea to host a monthly 2.0 friendly workout at Folsom. Next week there is F3 Royalty and Gashouse forefather CSpan coming to guest Q. #HIM
Always a pleasure to lead especially with a #HIM like Dolph. His 2.0 is a chip off the old block!

Moleskin; ToolTime got things started with the warmup and threw in 45 MNC’s, those hurt! Roscoe brought the pain in cage of courts for sure. It is good to see the 2.0’s push themselves, they definitely got the oppurtunity today. #DRP!!! 2.0’s are quick to say I can’t, but with a little push and encouragement or challenge they see that really can finish strong. Aflac was ahead of me on the tennis courts and I told him I was going to catch him and he was not going to let happen. Hersey was walking to the COT from the amphitheater and with a little encouragement, she picked up the cadence and finished strong.

BOM; Roscoe took is out! #TClaps to all!!!


South Street Challenge

I’ve had this beat down on the drafting table for a while, waiting for an opening on what has become a popular Q spot of late. The idea spawned from Tiger’s Q a while back at the Yank. An uphill run with pain stations at the bottom. It was a strong test, one that needed to be shared with others. So I noodled on the idea and had a general plan of what to do. But then something else shocked my brain Thursday night so I decided to pull a slick switch and have 10 minutes of Mary to kick off the festivities. It went like this:

Pledge, mild disclaimer: “get in plank” where we did each exercise for 25 seconds:

  • plank jacks
  • burps
  • jingle balls
  • mtn climbers
  • merkins
  • imperial walkers
  • high knees
  • touch left toe, raise right knee
  • touch right toe, raise left knee
  • lbcs
  • chop sticks
  • reverse crunch
  • fifer scissors with punch
  • plank rolls
  • am hammer
  • flutter kicks
  • leg raises
  • ww1
  • freddie mercury
  • ski abs

When the idea came to begin with Mary, I added a playlist with the theme of summer. Summer Nights by Van Halen was on their first album with Sammy Hagar in 1986, which we learened Island, Round-up, and obviously Madmen had not been born (#imold).  Song #2 was Summertime Girls by Y&T followed by Joe Satriani’s Summer Song. Whoopee – you missed another great set.

The PAX looked relieved that was over but the main event was waiting. I did a demo tour posting printed signs of each exercise that had a 10 count. We began the loop with 10 burpees and progressed down the three blocks to reach Second St doing merkins and monkey humpers before making the return to the top. The route was 0.48 miles round trip broken up at various intervals of:

  • burpees x 10
  • ssh x 10
  • dips x 10
  • box jumps x 10
  • merkins x 10
  • monkey humpers x 10
  • mike Tyson’s x 10
  • plank jacks x 10
  • squats x 10

The PAX pushed through with Round-up leading the charge followed closely by Dr.  Seuss.  Others that completed 4 full rounds were: Island, Turtleman, and Roscoe. Nice job men getting in over 2 miles. The rest of us were close to that mark but had to u-turn at Main St to get back on time. Which at that point I realized Spider-Man snuck out early for work. I guess fighting crime does pay.  Or maybe he went to Comic-con in Charlotte going on this weekend.


We heard and lifted prayers for Lynn Ham, Breaker Breakers uncle and sister in law’s husband; Def Leppard’s son going to the hospital Monday and Timeframe asked for the Clark family that lost their little girl too soon. The announcements which are still current as of this B.B. are 3rd F event Friday 6/22 at 7 pm at First Presbyterian Pockets and YHC are sharing.

This was a good workout that if I had arrived early enough to post the signs, it could have moved much faster.  I’ll keep that in mind for the future.  Thanks for the chance to Q.

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Goat Keeper

If you are thinking about Q’ng at the Goat, it’s a good idea to have an overview of basic goat care. I know when I first started researching goats it was quite overwhelming. They seemed much more complicated than the chickens of Folsom and I was afraid I would be doing things wrong in preparing for them.  I was overwhelmed so therefore I procrastinated creating my weinke. Of course it’s usually worse to do nothing at all then to give it your best try. So if you are gonna try Q’ng at the Goat, here are some basic tips to help you get started planning your weinke and taking care of the goats at The Goat:

  1. Try and break Dolph
  2. Try and break Dolph
  3. Try and break Dolph & Dr. Seuss

When I arrived at the Goat…wait, wait, I need to say this first: Hey Mayor, I was actually early today!!! So back to it, when I arrived at the Goat I was very much surprised to see that our Nantan decided to grace us with his presence. Surely he didn’t think the Goat was a running AO??? Well, he picked a bad day for sure. Any who, rest of the PAX arrived and we began on time.

Quick disclaimer





Perfect timing for a train as soon as we finished MNC sooooooo, 5 burpees OYO.

Mosey to side of Doffer’s Canteen for some Walls of Jericho

7 Exercises of 7 reps followed by a lap around the business block of downtown Cramerton. Do this 7 times.


  1. Burpees
  2. Bobby Hurley’s
  3. CDD’s
  4. Derkins
  5. Hip Slappers
  6. Squats
  7. LBC’s

Now it was time for the Triple Nickel. Mosey to the bottom of 9th St. and begin:

Nur up hill up 9th St.

5 WW1’s at the top

Run back down hill and do 5 Diamond merkins at bottom.

Rinse and repeat for a total of 5 Sets.

Mosey back to flag for some around the horn Mary.



Folsom 2.0 Workout 6/16

Grandfather Mtn. hike 6/23

F3 Dads Baseball game 6/15

2nd F – Kayak Cramerton 6/16 (See Sargento for kayak reservations)

Prayer requests from PAX

Nantan took us out


I cant break Dolph, I’ve tried. To be completely honest I give a lot of respect to Dr. Seuss because I can’t break him either. He is always right there with Dolph on every exercise and leading the PAX. Thanks to everyone that showed up this morning, even though it wasn’t raining, we all left extremely soaked. Thanks for pushing through hard and not giving up. Radar was back out for a 2nd round this week, glad to see you brother! Orangeman, like always, runs 2.5 miles to the workout and then back when done, way to stay green! See you next time men!





Partner Up

My one year anniversary with F3 has arrived and I asked for a Q to commemorate the event. I had the perfect Weinke in mind, run back the same thing we did at my first post…The Deck of Death. Only one problem with that, Tiger has the same idea and uses it for his Q on Tuesday. No worries, YHC just had to put in a little more effort into making a Weinke that would deliver an equally effective beatdown.


Here’s how it went:



Don Q’s x6IC


Morrocan Nightclubs x17IC

(6-17-17 in the anniversary of my first post, might be used at various points of the workout)




Partner up and mosey (stay with your Partner for the mosey)


We get to the first stop and realize that Tiger and his cubs are giving chase, Morrocan Nightclubs until they catch up.


Stop #1 at the small soccer field

Partner #1 runs while Partner #2 does AMRAP of 3 exercises (Flapjack)


Set #1

Run across field and NUR back

Exercises – Burpees, LBC’s, Squats


Set #2

Karaoke across and back

Exercises – Merkins, American Hammers, Bobby Hurleys


Set #3

Bear crawl halfway and run back

Exercises – CDD’s, Dying Cockroaches, Mtn Climbers


Grab a new partner and off on another mosey (Stay with your partner)


Stop #2 at the corner field

Start in middle of the field and perform 6 partner hand slap Merkins. Partners perform 17 reps of called exercises then meet back in the middle for 6 hand slap Merkins.

Exercises – WWI’s, In and Outs, Flutter Kicks (IC)

When we got to this stop we noticed a potential FNG working out alone. Slaw and Blart immediately started EH’ing and before we left the field they had him hooked. Way to reach out guys!


Change partners again and mosey (Stay with your partner)


Stop #3 in the big parking lot

Time for a little Dora 123. One partner lunge walks across the lot and runs back while the other works to complete the cumulative amount of 100 little baby dips, 200 Rocky Balboa’s and 300 Seal Jacks.


After a few minutes of Mary (Wolverine Burpees, Mike Tysons) it’s time to mosey back to the flag.




The purpose of all the partner work, staying with your partner and changing up at various points was to make the point that we all have something to offer one another. Whetstone gives us the opportunity to take our life experiences and pour them into someone else and to also take our struggles and lay them out to someone who can help. I strongly encourage every PAX to sign up to be a part of this program and ask that you go into it with an open mind with a willingness to give it your best effort.


1 Thessalonians 5:11

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”


We do a great job of encouraging and building one another up physically at the workouts and Whetstone will give us the opportunity to do this in all other aspects of life.


Announcements: F3 Dads at Grizzlies game 6/15, Folsom 2.0 workout 6/16, 2nd F event at Goat Island 6/16, 3rd F event at 1st Presbyterian 6/22


Prayer Requests: Def Leppard’s son going into hospital for testing, absent PAX, Slaw’s and his M (congrats on 20+ years of marriage)


Welcome to FNG Pancake (Joe Martin), way to jump in and push the rock right off the bat!

Shout out to Quiche for getting me involved in F3!


YHC took us out in prayer and as always it was a pleasure to lead such a fine group of men.



Plan A or Plan B was the Question

Another glorious morning in the gloom for a special ordered beat down.  Not sure about some of the previous night’s Twittersphere comments (petroleum jelly or not), anyway thought may have some special attendees.   Had a few ideas in mind.

***editor’s note:  writers block alert, writers block alert. ****

To be continue

The Folsom Open

I showed up to early since this was my first weekday post at Folsom.  I left home a little early because YHC did not know how long it would take to get there from Belmont.  I showed up  around 5:10 a.m. with a grayish looking SUV already in the parking lot. YHC was on alert since it was not a white pick up truck.  Come to find out it was Huckleberry.  Myth #1 busted “All the guys that post at Folsom have a white pickup truck with large tires”.  Roadie shows up and jumps out of his truck with American Flag shorts for flag day.  I knew there would be at least one.   The PAX began to show up as Roadie, Huck, and I visited.  They were letting me know that it is hard to know just how many would show up, but they were sure Medicine Women would not show since he was not there already.  The clock struck 5:30 a.m., so it was time to serve up a beat down.

There were no FNGs, Huck thought he may have one, but not today.  I gave the disclaimer then got started.

Warm Up:


10 Merkins IC  As we are recovering Sparky is coming in hot.  Myth #2 confirmed Sparky’s workout starts at 5:35 a.m.  Moroccan Night Clubs until he gets out of the truck. The PAX also let me know that he lives the closes to Folsom then the other PAX.  SMH

5 Burpees OYO for the train.  I had these programmed in the workout, so we stuck to just 5.  (Roadie does not like burpees) Plus I knew we had not seen the last of the burpees in this workout.

15 Squats IC

The Thang

Mosey to the lower parking lot near the pond for BLIMPS

Burpees  10

Lunges     25 each leg  At this point we see massive head lights coming down the road.  YHC thought is was Peterbuilt truck, but I was wrong is was Medicine Women coming in on fire.

Imperial Walkers  25 each side

Merkins    25

Plank Jacks   25

Squats     25

In between each set we ran down to the light and back.  Once completed 50 LBC for the 6.

Mosey back up the hill, once out of the parking lot we ran backwards up the hill until we were closer to the tennis courts.  Mosey on to the tennis court where we did the Turtle run (Bear Crawl Indian run) down to the far side of the tennis court.

Next up Triple Nickle

5 dive bombers run down to second light on tennis court then 5 burpees  rinse and repeat 5 times.  YHC reminded everyone that it is you versus you since dive bombers can be tough on shoulders. With time running down there was just enough time for 2 rounds of Tabata.

Tabata: 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest of the following exercises

Set 1

Jump Squats




Jump Squats




Once complete mosey around all of the tennis courts.  Set 2 of Tabata was the same, but Omaha Burpees for American Hammers. During the second set Huck shoulder gave out on him.  He insisted the PAX finish the workout, even through he was in severe pain.  He even finished the last mosey around the tennis court.  Way to push through Huck.  You are a bad man.

Mosey back to the start where YHC called time.  Medicine Women ran to his truck to get American Flag.


Announcements: F3 Dads at Grizzlies game tomorrow at 7pm, Folsom 2.0 workout on Saturday morning, GoRuck Light event July 22nd

Prayer request: Bed Pan’s M, Huck’s shoulder, and others lifted up the YHC cannot remember.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead men. The mumble chatter was strong just like other backblast I have read.   I plan to make it out again.  I already feel right I home with my white pickup truck.  I can now purchase a Folsom shirt the next time we put in an order.  Thanks for the push.  Until next time. Keep pushing the rock.




No Merkins and Mosey

I had the honor to Q at The Black Knight on Monday, and the pain was  dealt through a heavy dose of Merkins.  However, this was The Pub so that meant there would be no Merkins on the menu.

I showed up a few minutes before 0530 to find Defib stretching.  A minute or so later Diva walked up.  It was 0530 and time to go.

I didn’t get too creative with the route so we took the journey down Hoffman, through Gardner Park, and back down Armstrong Park Rd.  Diva was wearing some sort of lighted vest that made him look part Avenger / part Power Ranger.  Once we hit Armstrong Park Rd, I started to think that vest was a jet pack or contained some sort of energy boost.  Diva took off like he was shot out of a cannon.  We’d finally catch him once he stopped back at the Publix parking lot.

Thanks to both men for the push and conversation to make the time go by.  It had been too long since I posted at The Pub so thanks to Monk for the encouragement to Q.

Until next time.


4 men at Grits and Greens last night for The Forge. We’ve been focusing on “Men of the Bible”.

Last night, we studied about Barnabas. He was nicknamed “Son of Encouragement”. Although he was a leader, Barnabas was more known for the support he gave to the church, to other believers, and to the sharing of the gospel.

This study made me think of Whetstone, a mentor/mentee program which was presented at the convergence on Saturday. If you have not heard of Whetstone, look into it on the June 8 Preblast: F3 Gastonia Whetstone Launch. Please sign up if you haven’t.

Good fellowship and some great American history stories from Freight ended the evening.

If you’ve not attended Forge, come join us at Grits and Greens in Lowell on Wednesday’s at 6:30.



Weather gave us a break at Midoryama, prob for last time for a while.  17 pax gathered for a good time.  Pledge.  Tool time takes off for a run, for the rest of us it went like this.

Merkins, LBC, Squat, Burpee 4 each to start.  Mosey to soccer field.  QIC had separated a deck of cards in three stacks including jokers (how many jokers in a deck?)  One stack was placed at one sideline, one in middle, the other at far sideline.  Spade=burpee, heart=merkin, club=squat, heart=LBC, Ace 15, king, 14, queen 13, jack 12, joker = run across front of neighboring field up the hill in the corner and back.  We started by drawing one card at near sideline performing task and then moving to the middle, and then far sideline.  Take two cards at each sideline to draw down stacks evenly.  Pax swore I replaced some cards with spades for extra burpees, truth never be told.  Somehow jokers kept appearing, again never know the truth.

Took a while to get through the deck, but we had a few minutes to spare, so we moseyed to near turd shack, for some wall planks.  Feet on the wall no more than 18 inches high and in plank position.  We started from the middle with two pax running around turd shack in opposite directions. Hold plank until your turn.  Chatter at all time high during this after the card beatdown.  Holding this plank is really tough.  Mosey back to the flag.

This was a really tough workout, everybody pushed it hard, great work gentlemen


Back at the flag we spoke briefly about decisions in our lives, and about how once we begin to feed our spirit with the good stuff, the evil one works that much harder to turn us from the good.  It is so important to feed our spirit daily and do our best to live well disciplined life.  We mentioned Galatians 5:22 Fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,s gentleness, and self control.

Announcements: Whetstone , The Forge 6:30 Wednesday at Grits n Greens, 2.0 workout at Folsom this Saturday, Grizzlies game this Friday (family friendly), kayaking Saturday in cramerton (Pax only), event at First Pres Gastonia June 22

Pray for Def Leopard son undergoing medical procedure within next week, Clark family who lost young son last week unexpectedly, brothers injured or maybe haven’t seen in a while.

Thank you all for the opportunity to  lead for a day


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