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Add a little Bedazzler to your Day

Like Burpies, Monkey Humpers and sweat sandwiches?  Never had one, ask any of the 13 PAX that leapt out of bed this morning and started it more powerful, more accomplished, more better than if they hadn’t.  Awesome stuff, with a special welcome to FNG not so much, Bedazzler. And away we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WARM UP: Side Straddle Hops 20 IC, 10 Merkins IC SLOW, 10 Squats IC SLOW, 10 Monkey Humpers IC SLOW , 10 Dying Cockroaches IC SLOW, 10 Peter Parkers IC SLOW


Deep Sea Divers – 5 Steps

Let’s Mosey – 5 Burpies at the corner. > Mosey to the next corner – 5 Burpies at the corner. > Mosey to the next corner – 5
Burpies at the corner

At 2nd and South we head north. Lunges 10 per leg, 15 Monkey Humpers Repeat until we get to the light. 5 minutes later, RECOVER!

Mosey – 5 Burpies at the corner.

Mosey to the park across from Piedmont elementary:
20 LBCs, 15 Freddie Mercuries, 10 Crunchy Frogs

Run up Piedmont steps, hit 20 Flutterkicks run down, 15 Dips. REPEAT.

Let’s mosey

Mosey – 5 Burpies at the corner.

Mosey to the FUMC parking lot.
Burpie Broad Jumps – 10 Lines.
Partner up.
From one end of the parking lot, one partner sprints to the other end and mosey back. Other PAX is doing Mountain Climbers.
when they switch hit 10 Booyah Merkins.
2 Rounds

Quickly mosey back to the pavilion for announcements, COT, name-o-rama.


18 (1 FNG, Welcome Cool Hand Luke) and 2 MTB Riders came out on a hot Tuesday at Midoriyama for some Agility work.

Quick Disclaimer (no FNG at the time)


SSH x 10ic

MNC x 10ic

IW x 10ic

Couple of Stretches

Mosey to Field


The Thang:

Form Runs Across Field x 2

Butt Kicks

High Knees

High Skips




Cone Drills:

  • Shuttle
  • 3 Cone
  • W (Nur to cone sprint to next)
  • W shuffle
  • 90 Cuts

Merkins x 15ic

LBC x 15ic


Ladder Drills:

  • High Knees
  • Lateral High Knees (both directions)
  • Side to Side (both feet in each space)
  • Plank Hops w/ Knee Ups
  • Polymetric Merkins
  • Hand over Hand
  • Alternating Lunge Squat
  • Fast thru break 90 and sprint to cone

Back to Cones for shuttles and then a shuttle Relay

Mosey back to Flag


Thanks for letting me lead and have a little fun while doing it!

Mission Impossible

OK. That title was just click bait. My son just went to see the new MI movie, and that was the first catchy title that came to my mind. The mission was difficult, but 8 PAX posted at the The Pub to prove it was possible.

YHC showed up a few minutes before 0530 to find some PAX waiting. YHC also had to dodge Gastone and Madoff as they were getting in some EC. Good work men.

0530 hit and we took off for “The Pub Route”. Right on Hoffman from The Pub down Red Bud. Left on Pamela St. Left on Gardner Park Dr. Left on Armstrong Park Rd and back to The Pub.

YHC and Stone Cold returned to find Oompa Loompa. He was there so he gets credit for the full 5 miles. He could have run 8. He also could have saved some orphans from a burning building or saved a cat from a tree. Not sure exactly what work he got in , but the key was he beat the fartsack and posted.


CSAUP Run and 2nd F on 8/25
Christmastown 5k registration open

Prayer Requests
Nicky Bailey
Stroganoff dad’s test results
Gastone’s in-laws


Until next week…

Paul at Forge

8-8-18 Wednesday evening at the Forge at Grits N Greens in Lowell to discuss Paul. Paul is such an important biblical figure that it is difficult to speak about him in such a short time but I promised a “cliff notes” version (that’s kinda like Wikipedia for you youngsters) so we just hit some highlights. I tried to point out several main themes of his writings and ministries as well as some facts about Paul the man. We summed up with this verse. 1 Corinthians 11:1 “Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ.” The point is to live a life worthy of imitation because many are watching! Thanks to those who attended. Moses will be speaking next week and he always has a great word to share.

Lessons Learned

After one week as site Q, YHC is quickly learning from mistakes and some of those lessons learned are;

  1. Send out reminders to the upcoming Qs so that they remember they are scheduled to lead the workout, and you don’t have to wing a wienke

  2. Always keep a prepared wienke available so that you can quickly adapt when a Q is a no show

  3. Don’t call on Dolph for an exercise during round of Mary’s unless you are ready for 10 burpees. This applies to all Qs.

So, I thought Whoopee had the Q this morning and on my way to the Storm, I started thinking, what if he forgot, I am now site Q and responsible. So I started thinking of a few exercises we could do. As I pulled into the parking lot, several cars were already there, but I didn’t see Whoope’s truck. It was about 5:25am when I arrived, so he still has time. 5:30 came, time to go to work. PAX, you have YHC as Q today so let’s get started

Warm up:

SSH x 25 I/C

Mountian Climbers x 20 I/C

Merkins x 10 oyo

Train whistle, 5 burpees oyo



Mosey to the school building and then called exercise..Mosey around the soccer field and at each corner do the following;

corner 1 – 5x burpees

corner 2 – 15x dips

corner 3 – 25 squats

corner 4 – 35 lbc

Rinse and repeat 5x

Now for the triple nickel;  5 flutter kicks, bear crawl across sidewalk for 5 American Hammers, rinse and repeat 5x

Next, back against the wall, but below knees and hold for 20 seconds, release and then balls against wall for 30 seconds, recover, rinse and repeat 2x…thanks Gastone for this exercise, it was a real crowd pleaser.

Zombie  walkers and then Mosey back to flag. Finish up with a few called exercises from PAX.. of course Dolph leads off with 10 burpees. It is 6:14 and another train whistle blows, 5 burpees oyo to complete workout.


The Forge – Wednesday’s @ 6:30pm (Green and Grits)

Official Mt. Hollywood AO Launch (Mt. Holly Middle School – 124 S Hawthorne St, Mt Holly, NC 28120), Monday’s at 5:30am

August 11th – F3 Gastonia M’s workout @ Folsom @ 8am

August 12th – Crossroads Convergence (Coconut Horse will be CLOSED)

August 25th – BRR/Bourbon Chase Relay CSAUP @ 4am….sign up here – http://f3gastonia.com/2018/07/11/pre-brr-and-bourbon-chase-csaup/

August 25th – 2nd F event at Sargento’s Casa (PAX and M’s ONLY)

Sept. 22nd – Stop Solider Suicide 5k/10k Speed For Need event in Belmont….sign up here – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stop-soldier-suicide-10k5k-tickets Discount Code: HAPPY

Sept. 22nd – JJ5K at Common Grounds in Stanley…sign up here – https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Stanley/CPC5KTraining

Oct. 6th – Special Olympics Burpee-thon – More information to come


Prayer Request and Close with prayer.


Whoopee, there was a lot of smack talk about you not showing up, No worries, wanted to give you a hard time knowing you can take it, and definitely dish it out.

Men, it was an honor to lead you this morning. Great work by all!

Breaker Breaker

No Ruckers

it was a rather humid morning rolling up into Folsom for some PrisonBreak shenanigans. There wasn’t much mumblechatter on our GroupMe conversation last night which left me not so optimistic on the turnout. I roll in and Sister Act is right there with me. He takes off as I wait for other PAX and clock in time. Here they come and just in time.

In case you didn’t know, PrisonBreak is actually a Run/Ruck AO which also uses the Folsom facilities. There are a couple routes to venture on depending on whether you Ruck or run. Both however, incorporate the Gaston College campus.

There were no Rucker’s this morning so all took off on their own pace and route. Once 6:10 hit, all but Oompa Loompa we’re accounted for. After a minute of looking, we see his bright red shirt in the distance. Come to find out, he had a Sparky moment down around he lower pond. ShowToKnow for explanations. Anyway, all are back safe so time to clock out.



YHC took us out in prayer

Your Welcome….And Thank You

10 HIM’s showed for a Moana inspired Q that quickly failed because the speaker was not loud enough. But, I mad up for it another way.

The Thang:

Music Fail

Seal Jacks until I call end to them.

20, 3 Count Merkins

19, 3 Count Imperial Walkers

15, 3 Count Carolina Dry Dock

19, 3 Count Moroccan Night Clubs

15, 3 Count Wide Arm Merkins

Mosey down to the middle of Soccer fields.

Plank, Raise Right arm then leg, Hold for 20 seconds. Flips the sides and repeat for a second round.

Lunge walk from one light post to another.

Mosey to bottom of hill at the back of soccer fields.

11’s, 10 Merkins at the top, 1 Squat at the bottom. Every trip to the top ran backwards. Keep going until 1 Merkin and 10 Squats.

Mosey around the soccer field to the next hill.

20 Flutter

15 American Hammer

20 Flutter

15 American Hammer

Triple Nickel, 3 Runs to the Little Library Stand. Each time your reach the Library do 5 Merkins.

At bottom of the hill run backwards to the top.

On the way back we stopped at every tree for 5 Merkins. I counted 20 Tree’s.

Then we stopped at 2 Light Poles, Since they were different we did 40 Sumo Squat Jumps at the first and 40 Squats at the next.

At the bottom of the grass hill with time running out.

Backwards Bear crawl up the grass hill.

Mosey back to the start.

The Moleskin:

We did some arm work this morning but did not leave the legs or core unattended. Thanks to all that attended and it is always an honor to Q these workouts. I hope to find some more men that are ready to start Qing. It does not matter how good your Q is just that you do Q.

T-Bone, your showed up and have been kicking butt.

Pledge was at the start.

We ended in prayer with prayer for those requested.

Gastone Out!


The Lone Rucker

9 men showed at Crossroads this morning!  8 PAX ran 3-5 miles, and we had 1 Lone Rucker.   The Mayor was the first to show, and went to work and pushed the rock today rucking solo.  Good job sir!  Great work from the other PAX as well.  Awesome that we continue to have steady numbers at this AO and guys making time on Sunday mornings to push the rock.


Prayer Request: YHC took us out



Honor to lead today!

Sister Act

Shed of sorrows

10 showed at Folsom for a muggy morning beat down, delivered by the chief himself!


prayer request- each other, medicine woman’s leg, oompa ‘s family!

announcements- http://f3gastonia.com/2018/07/11/pre-brr-and-bourbon-chase-csaup/


Jj5k https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Stanley/

The chief took us out!

Bat Flippers

12 PAX posted on Thursday at Midoriyama. YHC is a little late on the BB due to going out of town the next morning. But hey at least it’s done before the next Midoriyama workout. I had a special workout planned for some of the bat flippers that come out but to my surprise they didn’t show. No offense to those that did I just had a few particular PAX in mind. That being said I decided to improvise and save my batflipper workout for another day. Here is what I remember.


Butt kickers, high knees, SSH, Morroccan nightclubs

The Thang:

NUR up and down the hill 5 times

Joe Hendricks x 3

10 Calf Raises on each step-in hindsight not a good idea before going to the mtn’s biking for three days!

Merkins and pullups

Victory march-lunge lunge Bobby Hurley

Wall sits

Step ups and tridips

Finished with 2 minutes of AMRAP burpees. How many can you do? A brother from Lake Norman did 50 in the middle of a Goruck tough after completing a Goruck heavy!!!!!


Good Job Everyone!

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