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Good ole Volt had the Q this morning! And guess what… I was late! I rolled into Folsom at about 538, the pax were saying the pledge when I was rolling in, a good site to see! Little did I know what I was getting into!

warmup- so I’m told! Ssh, Hillbilly’s, Gravel pickers, 15ic

they moseyed to the flag at the entrance of Folsom, pledge, mosey the long way back to the playground! After running around looking for the pax, this is where I found them! Some were doing merkins, some were doing squats, and some were doing pull-ups, that’s when I was thinking “ if I just keep on running, I wonder if they will notice me?” I join up with the pax, yep a “Murph”! We finished the 20 sets of 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats, then run that last mile! I should have known when I saw Volt had the Q , it wouldn’t be easy!

Announcements- snowbird men’s retreat March 16-18

Prayer request- our families, the families and people in Florida!

Good work men! Good to see Bed pan out at Folsom this morning!

Volt took us out!

1000 Wolfpack Grinders leads to Manly Men

Dark.  Colder than the last few days.  Chance of rain.  Just another F3 Workout at Gashouse.  As the week went along, no one stepped up to Q the workout so I put together what I hoped would be a respectable beat down.

As I have done for the last few Saturday’s I’ve been in town, I showed up a little before 0600 to get a ruck in……the parking lot was full.  Must be an overnighter inside the Schiele but no one waiting…..however, Woody’s and Boudin’s vehicles were already parked and vacant…..they started early.  Looks like another Saturday morning of ruckerbation.  It was fun.

As I strolled back in there was a good crowd waiting to join my bootcamp or Billy Madison’s appropriately named Painlab for the morning.  Tooltime was here…..at least I knew it wouldn’t be a quiet workout.  Kotter JK2 also made an appearance.  Let’s get after it.

Quick warm up in cadence:

SSH X 10

Appalachian Americans X 12


Time to split the groups up – 14 for the boot camp…..but wait……we’re taking the flag with us today.  YHC grabbed it for the mosey to the main parking lot at Grier Middle School.  I believe 8 total (including the two FNG’s) stayed for the Painlab.

The Thang

The Stroganoff 5

Start on one side of the parking lot – Bear Crawl to opposite side – 10 Merkins – Lunge Back (That’s one)

Rinse & Repeat for a total of 5 and plank for the six.

Somebody grab the flag, it’s mosey time to our favorite steps behind First Presbyterian.

The Rally to 1000

Partner Up:  Partner 1 performs exercise while Partner 2 runs to top of steps and performs 5 Merkins and runs back and switches to the exercise reps.  Cumulative reps of 200 for each of 5 exercises:

Flutter Kicks  (Yes……that’s 200 per leg)

Mountain Climbers  (Yes…….that’s 200 per leg)

Freddy Mercury’s  (Yes……that’s 200 per leg)

Plank Jacks  (Yes….that’s..wait)


If I counted correctly, we knocked out 7,000 reps at the bottom and a load of Merkins at the top.  Good work men.

Mosey time to the track at Grier Middle School.  During this mosey, Belding (a true gentlemen) ran with me and informed me that in Florence, they typically do not run ahead of the Q out of respect.  Apparently, we hold no such respect here at Gashouse.  At least someone grabbed the flag.

Time for a round of the Wolfpack Grinder

Let’s start with some…..some…….squats……..however, the Q was practically assaulted during the attempt but it went something like this:

10 Squats IC (assault # 1) – Run 1/2 lap – 25 Merkins OYO – Plank for the 6

10 Squats IC (assault #2) – Run 1/2 lap – 20 Mountain Climbers OYO – Plank for the 6

10 Low/Slow Squats IC (assault #3) – Run 1/2 lap – 20 Merkins OYO – Plank for the 6  (I believe it was during this 1/2 lap mosey that I asked JJ if we had any personal injury lawyers in the PAX…..no luck)

10 Low/Slow Squats IC (assault #4) – Run 1/2 lap – 30 Mountain Climbers OYO – Plank for the 6

For the record, the assaults were orchestrated by Roscoe, Tooltime and Dolph……YHC is luck to have survived.  I just wanted to get home and shower.

However, we had plenty of time to mosey to the picnic tables for some IC work as follows:

Dips X 15

Step Ups X 20

Derkins X 15  (There was much rejoicing during these reps)

Dips X 10

Step Ups X 20

Derkins X 10

Time to mosey back to the start.  Grab the flag.

Painlab was winding down and we joined in for some calf raises before finishing with some Mary:

Monk called out some crazy side ab work….something…..something……

Last was 30 reps of Flutter Kicks IC.

Well done men.

Announcements & Prayer Requests




It’s always an honor to lead this group but especially when we have a Kotter (JK2) getting  back after it and two FNG’s from the Pain Lab (T-Mobile & Kodiak).  They had spent the night at the Schiele and joined the Painlab as they were leaving.  That Dad is on the Path with his son.  Well done.

One of my most recent books that I have finished is Stephen Mansfield’s “Book of Manly Men”.  I would highly recommend it.  It’s a relatively simple read but has some strong messages about what it means to be a real man.  Here’s an excerpt:

“……a real man is willing to subordinate his own desires and aspirations to greater causes:  his God, his nation, and his family.  He puts the welfare and security of others before his own.  He knows he is blessed by a sovereign and loving God to be an American, and he believes his family is a gift from God for which he is responsible.”  The author goes on to explain there are four Manly Maxims:

  1.  Manly men do manly things (Take action)
  2.  Manly men tend their fields (Take care of their own, their territory, guard it)
  3.  Manly men build manly men (Iron sharpens iron)
  4.  Manly men live to the glory of God

This hit home for me and one reason I stay involved with F3.  To me, you men exemplify the statements above.  We are responsible and have the opportunity to go out each day into our community and show our families and those around us what it means to be a man.  You may experience push back in our society that no longer want us to be that “biblical” man.  Stay the course.  Our children, our wives, our friends, our coworkers, our community are watching and hoping for men like us to carry on and lead the way.

Until the next one.  Aye!


Crazy Eights with 2 Jokers

Folsom 2-17-18 Disclaimer, warm up with SSH IC, and Abe Vigodas. Team Timberlake received a D6 die apiece, so they could pay a penalty of die roll number of eight count body builders to pass “real men” during the workout. Penalty goes both ways (suspect sort of like Team Timberlake members) if you got passed, you paid the price. Yes, Huck, the Q paid the penalty four times.


Mosey to picnic shed bottom of the parking lot. Lots of dice rolling. Eight merkins OYO.

Mosey to top of hill at park entrance. Plank for the six. Eight LBCs in cadence.

Back down the hill. Plank for the six.

PAX complained about soccer arms after second set of merkins.

Mosey to top of hill. Plank for the six.

Eight LBCs IC.

Back down the hill. Plank for the six.

More merkins.

Mosey to top of hill. Q had to pay. PAX did flutters for the six. Wasn’t the Q.

PAX collectively decided to be disobedient on counting 8 LBCs so Omahed to 88 OYO

Back down the hill. Q had to pay.

More merkins.

Mosey to top of hill. Q had to pay.

88 LBC’s.

Pledge at entrance flagpole.

Mosey to flag. Q had to pay. 22 Double shoulder taps IC for the vets. 88 LBC’s. 8 Merkins Ring of Fire. Announcements. Prayer requests. COT. YHC took them out.

Fight through the sore

No, I’m not a doctor, and I don’t recommend this if your have an dangling participle.

I had to start slow on this day as I was really sore from digging trenched the previous day.  But enough complaining, we need side straddle hops and burpies.

Merkins 10 IC + Planjacks 10 IC + Mountain Climbers 10 IC.
Side Staddle Hops 20 IC, Squats 20 IC, Bobby Hurleys 30 IC
Dying Cockroaches 30 IC, Flutterkicks 30 IC,
10 Burpies



Mosey around the block, grab a spot on the wall
Mike Tysons on the wall 10 IC
Hip slappers 10 IC
Wall Sits
Mike Tysons on the wall 10 IC
Hip slappers 10 IC
Wall Sits

5 burpies


Let’s run over the FUMC big parking lot.

Pair up:
100 Merkins – 25 max per round
200 Sumo Squats
300 LBCs

Other Pax runs to the end of the parking lot – Switch

5 Train burpies

7 minutes of MARY.

Good group of guys this morning, really pushing the rock.

F3 Dad’s at the Chutes BB

Dr. Feelgood made the connect with Crowder’s Ridge in 2016 when he worked out a deal for us to stay at the cabins at Crowder’s Ridge for a #CSAUP event called the “Climb”.  It was Veteran’s Day, Friday, November 16th and F3 Royalty and veterans Dredd and CSPAN came to the mountain for a Friday night talk.  Saturday morning we were awakened at 0530 to the Miley Cyrus song “The Climb”, followed immediately by Iron Maiden’s The Trooper.  Then a huge beat down with two climbs up the mountain and back and 8 memorable pain stations throughout the Camp which included Dolph’s World.  This was a memorable event and there was some shared nostalgia as we entered the property and some clamoring for a repeat of the “Climb” in future months.

In any event, I inquired as to whether we could do an F3 Dad’s event at the Chutes.  The Chutes are on a steep hill with four tubing lanes surrounded by fencing and football field AstroTurf.  You slide down on a tube and walk back up the side on the turf.  Employees have spray bottles of WD-40 or liquid graphite or H2O to help keep things fast.  Crowder’s allowed F3 Gastonia its own slot for an hour of tubing.  In typical manly fashion, not one person had purchased a ticket one week out from the event and my contact at the camp was concerned.  However the hard commits starting coming in and when I arrived with my two 2.0’s the PAX and families kept coming.


After a safety video we made our way to the tubing section.  We had a combination of PAX, M’s, 2.0’s, and friends.  One lane was smooth, one had a small jump, one had a bigger jump, and one had a ridiculously steep jump that required lots of speed to get over.  The teenagers and Squirt were the first to try that and got some big air.  Little kids required a big push at the top to carry the speed down the hill.  Everyone got the hang of it in short order and it was nonstop action for the full hour.  The men of F3 were very much like the teenagers.  Papa John ran downhill from outside the tube park to his tire to try to get more speed.  Boudin’s 2.0’s and friends raced and actually had a pass on one run.  Rubbing is racing!

There were a few mishaps at the bottom as kids were getting off their tubes and others were barreling down unable to stop.  The Mayor came in hot and wiped out his 2.0’s for the spare!  Other than a few bumps and bruises we managed to stay healthy.

When out time was up we posed for the F3 Dad’s team photo and some PAX left for the day.  The rest went to the Gaga ball ring and it was on!  For close to another hour we saw women and children and boys and girls of all ages playing a game with intensity and cunning to see who could be the last person in the circle.  Who knew that Squirt, Billy Madison, Hipaa, and Billy Madison’s M would be such competitors!?  YHC left 2.1 at Gaga ball while the 2.0 and I had two games of HORSE on the basketball court.  Soon night descended and everyone went their separate ways.  It was a successful and fun outing for F3 families.

I want to thank Crowder’s Ridge for giving F3 our own time slot.  While we were still on the chutes there were several church buses coming in and the next time slot had a gazillion kids that would have made for some crowded tube lanes.  We were able to tube as much as you wanted with no delays.  It was awesome.  Thank you Crowder’s Ridge!

Moleskin:  If we are honest we know that F3 takes up our time away from our families when we are gone Saturday mornings or other times for various F3 events.  When we put on events like F3 Dads the 2.0’s get to experience the same level of camaraderie, bonding, sharing, and fun that we have at our workouts.  I know this was a great success when my teenager had as much fun as my younger one.  It was great seeing the M’s sliding down and carrying their little ones back up the slopes!

The next F3 Dad’s (Gashouse) event will most likely be a spring workout, summer baseball game, and another fall workout.  The greater Charlotte area F3 Dad’s camp will be at Camp Thunderbird sometime in August.  Blackjack is the F3Dad’s Q for F3Nation.  They are supposed to launch the registration for the Camp Thunderbird camp in March.  I will do my best to get the dates and communicate that with you if you are interested.

Always a pleasure to lead!



Forty Days of Discipline Update #4

Today marks day 30 of the forty days of discipline. There are ten days left in the challenge.  It is time to refocus on these last days and push through by perhaps considering being even more disciplined.  I know many guys have been pushing to make workouts or hitting workouts at home at a greater rate than is normal for them.  I am seeing some reports of some really impressive weight loss.  That is no accident!

However, maybe you haven’t been as strict on your diet or made some “little” choices that weren’t full cheat meals.  Maybe you had a Twinkie without claiming it.  Jocko calls these “sugar coated lies!”  It is the Jester playing with your cravings.  You know what to do.   Discipline is delaying what you desire now for what you want in the future.

Keep the protein handy.  I have tried drinking a protein shake prior to eating dinner when I felt “starving”.  This has helped me alleviate the craving to eat multiple plates of food at dinner.

I have one cheat meal left.  If you get to 30 workouts you can have another one if you have to have it.    There will be lots of extra cheat meals earned however.  I know the extra credit runs and rucks prior to workouts are adding up!

Keep on keeping on and stay on the path!

Getting Stronger

15 men showed up on a Sunday morning to get stronger! And 15 men finished up either a mosey or a ruck STONGER!


Pledge – because there was a shovel flag planted!!!!!!




The Thang:

Mosey or Ruck for – 3 or 5 miles

Some went faster than others however ALL men pushed themselves!  Shout out to Madoff for going back for the six!!!….Great to see this AO starting to get more and more traction! The only way we can continue to grow in anything is to continue to push ourselves. YHC highly encourages PAX to come on out and join us on our Sunday morning run or Ruck. There are pace levels for everyone out here!


Prayers for Sly and his deployment to Afghanistan

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


As always it was an honor men!


Tool Time


Cadence or OYO?

It was a warm morning for mid February at Goat Island. 8 showed for a Sargento special. This is how it went I think.



Good Balls x20 IC

Don Quixote x15 IC

Monkey Humpers x10 IC

The Thang

Mosey around the back of the downtown buildings up the stairs to the secret parking lot.

Happy Jacks x20 IC. This was the first time trying this exercise and after a disastrous attempt at cadence we Omaha’d and finished up at 10 reps.

Mosey under the train tracks down to the basketball court.

Monkey Drill the length of the court. At the end perform 10 Monkey Jumpers and Monkey Drill back to the start. Repeato for three rounds.

Mosey back to the secret parking lot.

Happy Jacks x10 OYO! This one went much better.

Mosey down to the base of the bridge.

Mountain Goats x10 IC. This too was a disaster to try and call in cadence. Abort! Abort!

Bear Crawl the wooden span of the bridge. Once across the PAX was to Skip to the next bridge. That was fun!

Fellowship mosey down to the back parking lot for…

Elevens – On one end perform Scorpion Dry Docks, on the other it’s squats. Strong effort was given by all.

Mosey back onto the island to one of the picnic shelters for a rousing round of everyone’s favorite…

27 or 40?!? This was in honor of it being the 27th day of our 40 day challenge which everyone loves. When called upon, the PAX would call the number they want and YHC would name the exercise. Suffice it to say that I can’t remember who or what was called but here’s my best recollection.

Merkins, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s, Dips, Flutter Kicks, Nolan Ryans

Mosey back to the start for the Pledge.

Prayer Requests

Announcements – F3 Dads tubing at Crowder’s Ridge Sunday

It was a pleasure to lead today men!

Push It!!! The sled I mean

Twelve brave souls posted at the Yank for some Saturday morning activity.  I heard Sargento learned that Tiger had the Q and decided that recovering from surgery could be a little easier.  Get well soon my friend!!

0700 hits with a train passing through, five burpees.  Move up the hill to the Presbyterian church parking lot.  Eight parking spaces labeled with an exercise and number of reps, after each execise take a lap around the island in the parking lot. Reps progressed by 5 from 25 to 55 for a total of 280 reps.  Jump squats, American hammer, WWI, merkin, , LBC, squat, SSH and one more I can’t remember.

Cross main street to the corner and find a place on the wall.  Time for planks.  But not your ordinary plank.  Feet on the wall, but not too high, too high makes it easier.  12 inches up is plenty.  Get in plank on change call release right hand and left leg.  Then opposite.  This was a crowd pleaser, may become a regular.

Move down the wall a little further for step ups, 25 each leg.  Move on to the field of dreams to push the sled.  The middle school leaves the football team blocking sled out year round, so naturally we need to get to know it a little better.  Each PAX pushes the sled until he says enough.  Other PAX do burpees until the sled stops and then run to that spot.  Nice work men!

Head to parking lot behind middle school for 11’s with everybody’s favorite, curb squats and mike Tysons.  No one likes curb squats.

Go back to the park for lunges to the bottom of the steps and five diamond merkins, lunge back to start.  Finish with ring of fire at the fountain.

To the Yank for pledge. and circle of trust.

  • Westside AO trying to get started March 17. Teaming up with Charlotte to get this going.  Tesla heading this up.  Will take several Gaston PAX to charlotte on the 17th

Remember the families impacted in Florida earlier in the week, and people with similar thoughts in their minds.  Remember those on IR.

Season of Lent began earlier this week.  It is a time to meditate and consider that we all have one main purpose on this Earth, and that is to serve God above all else.  We do this one thing, then everything else in life will fall in place.  Maybe not easily, and not without effort, but the path we are led down will never lead us astray.

Pleasure was mine

Roadie special

17 HIMS showed for this 75 degree “spring run” 1730 lets mosey 3 mile run. Stop at top of Lake hill. Roadie tweeted lastnight prove you can do more than run haha…1 merkins at top of hill 1 burpee at bottom climb until you get to 5 1.5 mile hill run 4.5 miles for the day great work men..hope we broke those new shoes is roadie.


  • Bowling Saturday – Contact Sargento
  • F3 Dads Sunday – Snow tubing without snow?  Contact Roscoe
  • SPEEDFORNEED – April 14th SIGN UP NOW!!!!!  
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