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My Favorite Board Game

Growing up, my cousins and I played a lot of monopoly.  I wanted to incorporate my favorite game into a workout.  I was going to take a monopoly board and put some block exercises on the properties, but as I mentioned this on the world famous Folsom groupme chat, Hippa said there was already a “Painopoly.”  So. My job just  got easier.

The thang:

take the painopoly board place it in the middle of the circled up pax, roll the dice, do the exercise that’s on the property you land on.  We had deck of death cards for community chest and chance (thanks watts up).  We used blocks and kettle bells (pax preference).

Hippa deserves co-Q credit as I didn’t know some of the exercises that was on the board he brought and he had to demonstrate a good bit!

All pax got better! Thanks for coming out!!!


7 Pax got to Diablo and took off for some stairs. We started with the pledge then rucked to the school for the stairs and started up and downs. Before starting, we called out birthdays and roughly half of us did our exercises at the top and the other half at the bottom (not both unless you wanted some EC-get some Watts Up). The exercises were 5 merkins with ruck on-each trip up or down you did the exercises then kept moving. It was not that bad at first but got progressively tougher. Once the desired amount of time had passed, we started back for home after a quick word about tolerating others and loving them for who they are rather than finding something to argue about. You can apply this wherever you want-work, family, friends…

We got back to start after getting some Monkey Humpers at the lights on the way back-there were a bunch of them but we got back right on time, did our COT, then everyone took off. Once again we proved FOOD>>>>drink. Come try it out. You just might like it.

REMEMBER: BRR-Ruck meeting this Sunday at 3pm at McAllister’s.


Sunday Coconut

We met and we ran a 5 mile run. It was hot and humid.

We all survived.

That is all,



The Real bootcamp in Cramerton

11 mighty dudes showed up for a Thursday morning Goat.

The Thang:

25 SSH

15 Imperial Walkers

10 Diamond Merkins OYO

Mosey up the road to  a bigger parking lot.

11 Squat burpee’s on side A, then 10 on the other side. Until we get down to 1.

Mosey across the street to staircase.

In cadence. 15 calf raises feet together, feet apart, and then jump calf raises. Then we did 10 of each.

Mosey or stumble to the street.

First light pole on the way back.

15 Monkey Humpers.

Next pole, 15 Monkey Humpers, 15 Squats.

Next, we added Merkins to the above.

Next we did more of each. 40 Monkey Humpers, 40 Squats, 15 Merkins.

50 Yard Lunge walk down hill. Down hill was noted by the pax as nice.

Then we ended up at the bottom of the hill.

Bernie Sanders to the top and then Mosey back to the bottom. Rinse and Repeat.

Lunges back up the hill.

Ran out of time.

The Moleskin:

Great morning and a really great group of guys. It was my pleasure to Q the workout and look forward to the next time.

Gastone Out!

Gym Class

8 PAX joined YHC at Midoriyama on Thursday for my first post there in 2 months. Man these last 2 months have been tough. My daughter has had swim practice on those days and I’m the chauffer. I cannot explain how much I’ve missed these guys. Between that and summer vacations I’ve been limited on my post all summer. I had Blart put me down for the Q on the day I knew I could return not knowing I would severely injure my shoulder in a Mtn Bike crash. Well I guess there is always a good chance for that but this one was a little different. I’ve wrecked a lot of stuff. 2 wheels, 3 wheels, 4 wheels, homemade carts and what not. One even involved someone being transported in a helicopter and having some organ parts removed but this may have been as hard of an impact as any could be. So a week and a half later it still hurts to breath so instead of handing over the Q I decided I would lead it anyway all the while not performing any exercises. I know the whole don’t Q it if you can’t do it but I really just needed to be out there. This really seemed to bother a few PAX. Going into it I knew there would be a lot of mumblechatter and that is really what I was hoping for. I was a little surprised by the ones that took it and the ones that didn’t. Anyway you vs you so…..


1 burpee, 10 x SSH ic, 2 burpees, 10 x Don Q ic, 3 burpees, 10 x Merkins ic, 4 burpees, 10 x Freddy Mercury ic, 5 burpees

I must say having stood and watched everyone’s form and their ability to follow cadence this group was….well let’s just say not going to make it in bootcamp!

The Thang:

YHC came equipped with a spreadsheet, clipboard and a whistle. I needed to see what kind of shape these guys were in since I haven’t been around. Time for a little PT test I found in Men’s Health magazine.

3 min hand release merkins-as many as you can

2 min reverse lunge-as many as you can

1 min of wall sits

2:30 min of side plank hold each side

Each category had a point scale of 1-3 points depending on how much you did or how long you lasted. Most of these guys fell in the top category of go out and crush life. A couple were in the keep up the good work category but I think that was mostly due to there rebellion of my Q.

Moving on. That took a little longer than I wanted so we improvised the rest in a smaller area.

Run drill with cones, bear crawls with cones, Red light/green light with the whistle(if you didn’t get stopped in time there was a 5 merkin penalty), This was also done with a NUR. T-claps to SA who figured out if he didn’t run as fast he could get stopped easier thus not receiving the penalty. Broad jump burpees multiple times. The PAX had to get to me and Broke accused me of moving backwards away from them but I think he was just seeing things in the heat.


Announcements-Pizza Man nieces remembrance this Saturday at Rankin Lake, Stop soldier suicide 5k in September, JJ5k in September

Prayer Request

I’m a little rusty so I failed to do the pledge

Naked Moleskin:

YHC spoke about I am weak but he is strong. This has nothing to do with my current physical state. This is about the grace of God. 2 Corinthians 12:9-11 “my grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in you weakness”. God’s grace is all we need!


Down But Not Out

YHC believes he re-aggravated an old 5k injury from 5 years ago, perhaps its a bruised meniscus again. But what the hell do I know, I’m not a WebMD. This slight setback has kept me from participating in any type of bootcamp/run/ruck workout the latter part of this week. I knew I had the Q this Friday at Downtown, so it was time to have an alternate weinke made to accommodate myself. Haven’t done a complete Core only workout since HIPAAPALOOZA so thought I’d give it a go again.



Slaughter Starter

Mosey up the steps to the Rotary Pavillion

Set up the tunes. Wanted to play some Wu-Tang but I just couldn’t find a complete “clean version” playlist to play. Therefore I defaulted to the good ‘ol Metallica Radio via Spotify.

Let’s begin this thang!

Captain Thor – 1BBSU:4 American Hammers (count Right side) – 10:40

Dirty Hookup – 50 OYO

Deep Sea Divers – 20 each step

Australian Snow Angels – 20  IC

Hundreds – 100 OYO

Mtn Climbers 2 LBC – Descending sets – 25IC – 5 IC – No reset in between

Hurricane Hoedown – From 7 to 1

Australian Mountain Climbers – 20 IC

James Bonds – 3 sets

Freddie Mercury 25 IC

French Fries 25 IC

High Plank – Almost 2 minutes

2 Trains = 10 Burpees


All in all it was a great core work out. Nice being able to pass the time without running.  Need more of these.


Prayer Requests

Big Pappy took us out

Midoriyama 8/6 – It Sucked!!

12 men showed fought the heat and posted at Midoriyama this afternoon.  No FNGs, really no disclaimer since everyone knows I’m an idiot so let’s start.


5 Burpees

The Thang:

Very short mosey to the horse shoe pit area.  Not going far today, this is where the misery would take place.  Oompa Loompa did something similar last year that involved exercises and laps around the horseshoe pit area.  It was terrible, so I figured I would bring it back but modify it a little and add more exercises.  Basically we start out with 5 exercises.  We did 10 reps each of Burpees, Hip Slappers, Imperial Squats, Peter Parkers, and Hand Release Merkins.  Then you run a lap around the horseshoe pits.  Then repeat the 5 exercises with 10 reps each, and run a lap.  Do this as many times as you can in 12 minutes.  After 12 minutes has passed, move on to the next group of 5 exercises.  Then do 20 reps each of Jump Lunges, Dips, Plank Jacks, Mike Tysons and Tuck Jumps, then run a lap.  Repeat this and do as many times as possible in 12 minutes.  Once 12 minutes has passed on this second set of exercises, we moved on to the third and final set of exercises.  We did 30 reps  each of Mountain Climbers, Sumo Squats, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, and CDD, then run a lap around horseshoe pits.  Continue this as many times as possible for another 12 minutes.

We still had some time, so we took a very short fellowship mosey to the COT for some additional exercises. Everyone circled  up for a quick round of Iron Hulk.  This is where you start with 4 Air Presses to 1 Merkin.  We went up to 20 Air Presses and 5 Merkins, then went back down the ladder and finished with 4 Air Presses to 1 Merkins.

Still a little time to squeeze in some AB work.  Dying Cockroaches 15(ic), and American Hammers 15(ic).  Finish the workout with 5 Burpees.  Time!!!

Props to all the men on this one.  This was way harder than I anticipated.  It was extremely hot today, and this proved to be challenge for everyone.  I appreciate everyone working through the complaining and pushing as hard as you can.  This one kicked my butt for sure.


8/17 – Rankin Lake remembrance walk/run for Pizza Man’s niece

8/24 – 2.0 workout at The Yank

9/14 – 9/11 stairclimb

9/21 – Stop Soldier Suicide in Belmont

9/28 – JJ5K trail run in Stanley

Prayer Request



Honor to lead you men today.  Appreciate the push today!!

Sister Act

so… how’s your butt?

9 men stepped into the gloom for what was sure to be an epic beat down.  The return of the Huck was upon Folsom.  These men had many options, but they picked the only AO that matters.

Ok, everything above was a lie except there were 9 men and YHC did have the Q.

Mumble chatter was running rampant before the beat down started.  Allen Tate was even about 5 minutes early.

Montross shows up and immediately asks Blockbuster (FNG returning from Tuesday): “How’s your Butt?”  I was then pretty excited I was not at Folsom on Tuesday.  It was very evident that Medicine Woman had the Q for that occasion.

05:30 hits and it was time to clock in.

Disclaimer: (I’m obviously not a professional.  I will be giving suggestions, feel free to accept them or modify as needed.)

Warmup: Toy Soldiers x 10IC

Let’s mosey

So – YHC has not been to Folsom much lately.   The last time I was semi-regular, the path from the launching point to the amphitheater was messed up.  So, not knowing if it had been fixed, I decided to have Montross lead us to the desired destination.   Big mistake.   He found every mudhole at Folsom.   Not only was it muddy, the mud was slicker than owl crap.

We arrived at the amphitheater to be reminded that the wasps are still there… so we mosey on to the lower turd shack.

Most may know, but I am kind of a fan of wall work.   So… ascending testicles is the next exercise.   A little mumble chatter about the name of the exercise and then the men went to work.

Next was three rounds of donkey kicks and hip slappers.

We then went back to the packing lot.   Lunge half, nur the other half.

Mosey to the tennis courts.

I saw online where Jocko talked about a workout that consisted of 20 lunges (I changed this to squats), 15 merkins, 10 WW1 and 5 burpees.   The goal was to see how many rounds you can complete in 20 minutes.   We did 10 minutes of this.   I’m not sure of the number everyone completed, but I am certain Broke won this event.

Next we did 30 seconds of an exercise with a little rest in between.   Exercises were burpees, high/low plank, low squat hold, high plank and burpees.

Fellowship mosey back to the launching point for the pledge and 22 for the vets lead by Blockbuster.


COT: Remember and support Pizza Man’s event on Saturday, the upcoming 5Ks and races.  Prayers: each other, our children, Big Pappy.

BOM: YHC took us out in prayer.

Really enjoyed being out with you men today.   This is my first weekday post in far too long.   Big thanks to Broke for making the trek to Folsom for a weekday workout.

Philippians 4:13


VQ: You’re gonna hate it, but you’re gonna love it


Pledge: done

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, but I play on one TV

Warm Up: 10 Butt kicks (IC), 10 High Knees (IC), Lunge with a twist (down parking lot), Kareokas (down & back)

Mosey: Snoballs to Clavin’s Hill (that’s what I’m gonna call it from now on) Watch out for those walkers! At least they wore headlamps. (0.4 mi)

Something like 11s: Started with 11 modified Lt. Dans (with a Jiminiy Cricket) instead of a plain ole merken. Bear crawl up the hill, 10 modified Lt. Dans. Bear crawl down the hill (didn’t realize how hard that was going to be…) And so on. This killed all of us.

Mosey: Clavin’s Hill to the Playground. Dodge more night walkers. Surprise! There are climbing ropes next to the monkey bars! (0.3 mi)

Obstacle Fun: All Pax do step ups on benches while one by one each does the monkey bars and rope climb.

Mosey: Playground to this service road (0.4 mi)

More Obstacle Fun: Spear throw at road signs (is this considered vandalism?) All Pax in plank position while each Pax attempts a successful spear throw. For each miss +1 burpee. Proud to say that we only had to do 3 burpees.

Mosey: Service road back to Snoballs (0.2 mi) Indian run with spear (pass spear back to last Pax who runs it up to the front)

Mary: 10 LBCs (IC), 10 Starfish crunches (OYO), 10 Plank March (IC)

NOTE: Realized that I did NOT follow protocol in properly announcing exercises in cadence. I’ll get it right next time. If there is a next time…

Scripture: 1 Jn 3:18 … let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. (Thank you HIMs for your great example in this. And strive to keep it up!)

Announcements: Rankin Lake this Sat 10-2, Charlotte Stair Climb in Sept, Sign up for Christmastown and JJ 5K

Prayer Requests: Kids going back to school, Island’s foot, Outhouse’s sister-in-law delivered a baby but is in NICU

Name-O-Rama: video

CoT: Stinky Bird closed us out


three’s company


Warm Up:  

SSH – 20 IC

Merkins – 10 IC

Squats – 10 (I think) IC



Crosswalk between Grier and FPC, jaywalk to get to the stairs, guess we were excited.  FPC, building affectionately known as The Pad.  Borrowing a page from Gastone’s playbook we were stationed at the top asphalt parking area at The Pad.

Modified 11’s:

Run down to 3rd lightpole on the drive and do 20 squats, back up to station; drop and perform one merkin, back up and down the stairs with one merkin.  Set of 21’s I suppose you could say.  Did this for a certain amount of time, did not finish but occupied large amount of time.

All Flutters:

3 stations.  Station 1 is the mobile.  Pax 1 completes 100 flutterkicks.  Pax 2 at station 2 does amrap merkins.  Pax 3 at station 3 does amrap merkins.  Pax 1 relieves Pax 2.  Pax 2 relieves Pax 3.  Pax 3 goes to station 1 and completes 100 flutterkicks.  Continue on……………  The amrap part was supposed to be merkins, squats, SSH and just continue in that order.

Hushpuppy a bit woozy from headrush, back to Painlab………….then there was two.


Partner one holds plank while other runs up steps to the Pad while Partner two holds certain position.

Round 1:  Plank

Round 2:  6″

Round 3:  Al Gore


Approaching 7:45 ‘ish, off for a mosey run to the Garrison/New Hope stoplight, turn from there and head back to the Schiele.  Arrive Schiele at exactly 8:00.


Rankin Lake – Run, ruck, etc. event – 10:00 – 2:00 Sat. 8/17, Pizza Man for details

Painlab – May still need Q for 8/17, hit Watts Up up for details

Gaston Residential Services (GRS) – fundraiser (Casino style), Friday 8/23 – see Rudolph for details

Concerns and Prayers for: 

Pizza Man

Dry Rub and family (M in hospital for bronchitis)

Rudolph (friend with mass on kidney)


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