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“ Weeeaasselllll!”

After a week and a half off from the gloom, YHC finally has his blood pressure under control and chest tightness to a minimum. For you younger folks out there, it sucks getting old. Ok, back to the real literature. I show up at Folsom all alone. My guess was that the regulars may be fartsack one due to how brutal my Q might just be. Negative, here come some headlights. Alright, 5:30 hits.


SSH, Toy Soldiers, Hillbillies all x10 IC



Mosey to the flag pole for a little core work. Thought I’d save the legs for what was about to come. On the 6. LBCs, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Sandy Vs all x10 IC. Recover…..mosey on across the road to Walmart. Not sure if a few PAX even looked both ways before crossing, but one driver passing seemed a little upset due to the pack lazily running across. We hit the parking lot entrance and here comes a freakin coyote…….wait, no it’s just a stray dog. It must not have been interested cause it kept on its path. Continue around the back to end up st “The Hill.” Yes, it’s been a while. Q calls Triple Nickel. Mike Tyson’s x5 on the curb, Nur up the hill, 5 burpees at the top. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Before finishing, we hear a voice in a distance, “Weasel!” We look up and see a fella with a flashlight yelling for his dog. Our guess was the dog we saw was the fugitive. We nicely holler, “we saw it on the other side of the lot!” Quickly and harshly, he yells back, “WHAT OTHER SIDE? “HELP ME OUT!” We not so politely responded. I mean damn, even an ole Lowell boy knew what that statement had meant. Ok, that dude continued looking for Weasel while we finished the nickel. Crap, here he comes again, “YOU SEEN HER?” We say no. He continues to walk forward. He quickly realizes that he’s walking up on some HIMS. He quickly changed tone. “My dog for 11 years, I gotta find her. Sorry for being so rude earlier. I just want to find her.” Ok, drama over, PAX get on the wall for a wave of hip slappers. All BTTW while each PAX perform 5. Recover, plank it up facing the wall for Dirty HangUps x10 IC. Fellowship mosey a little then head to cross the road again. We hear the poor guy yelling still for the dog so we run up towards him and again he asked if we’ve seen it. Again, we say no and continue our mosey back toward start. Stop at random street light for 10 Merkins IC. Mosey back to start and finishing up with Route 66 with Bobby Hurley’s back to the flag. 22 for the vets. Time is up.

ChristmasTown 5k(full now)

prayer requests lifted up.

Honor to Q and be a part of this AO and Region. I’ve visited other regions, but haven’t really witnessed the bonds that Gastonia seems to have. Of course, a couple posts may not be enough to observe. Anyway, I appreciate you Men and the trash talk helps keep me out there.

The Bell Sounds

11 Showed for the Coconut Horse.

5 showed for extra 8 miles at 5:20am.

1 Showed early for some rucking.

1 showed early for some running.

Gold Digger went a total of 20 and almost outran his age. Better luck next time.

Circle of Trust

Prayers for several

Forgot flag and no flag in sight. Oops

Headed in for coffee and recovery.

Gastone Out!

Clearly we can see your nuts!

If Insanity is defined by repeating the same mistake multiple times then clearly this set of pax was nuts! Eminem straight outa metro showed up to deliver a painful reminder of that at The Yank Saturday morning . Went like this:

Mosey to school back entrance.  Warmup by moving down entranceway with walking imperial walkers, lunges and bunny hops.

Circle up for burpee escalator.  10 SSH, 1 burpee, 10 SSH, 2 burpees, 10 SSH, 3 burpees …. 10 SSH, 10 burpees.

Short mosey to school wall.  Two rounds: BTW with 5 hip slaps, PC, 10 donkey kicks, PC with air press, decline Peter Parker, PC with set of LaLanne.

By this point it was apparent a pattern had been set and WE were going to follow it! So we did along with the Nantan, kicking and screaming along

Grab some curb.  10 Mike Tysons, bear crawl across to opposite curb, walk back.  8 Tyson’s, bear crawl, walk back …. 2 Tyson’s, bear crawl, walk back.

Jog to picnic benches.  Three rounds: 10 derkins, 10 step ups each leg, 10 1-leg dips each leg, 10 1-leg LaLanne’s each leg (IC), 10 reverse grip inclines.

Mosey to fountain.  Five laps: down sidewalk, make a left, up the steps to Main Street, down Main to statue, turn left, bear crawl down steps, back to fountain.  Pause for 20 LBC’s each lap.  Most did 5 laps, a few did more.  Gold Digger did somewhere between 40-50.

Short trip to concrete pad (got to be a name for this spot, I’m sure) for plank, merkin and ab work to finish up.  Planks included John Travoltas, reverse planks, and reverse plank Peter Parkers.  Merkins included 10 Superman’s, 10 double wides and 10 merkin plank jack combo.  Ab work included dieing cockroach, dolly, Russian twist, and rosalita.


Repeats and repeats added up to beatdown delivered by our metro brother this morning. Wonderful fall morning though! So it was not as bad as it could have been. But it was bad!


From Eminem:

Thanks Tesla for the invite to Q and thanks to The Yank pax for the welcome.  Much appreciated!  Lots of fun and I look forward to coming back soon.

Full Body Weinke Massage


Warm Up:

SSH – 20 in cadence, finish up just in time as Dr. Feelgood arrives on scene

Merkins – 15 in cadence

LBC’s – 20 (maybe?) in cadence

Squats – 10 in cadence


Off to mosey……

Grier, stop at bottom of sidewalk.  Back to the Basics, Dora 1-2-3’s….5 Pax with us, split into two groups.  100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 scissors.

Single Dora’s – Focus is on AB work

Homer/Marge – 200 (stopped around 120-150, did not want to wear out lower back’s)

Freddie Mercury – 200 (single counts)

Headed to Grier field –

Uh oh,……….let’s do this.

One partner (same partner) does Burpee’s while’st the other runs down beside the gymnasium, down the steps, back up and back to start.  Probably allows for 10-15 if you are Whoopee or Roscoe, and 2 or 3 for me but we got the job done.  2nd round was to be Homer/Marge but I was concerned for lower back’s so we modified and did another round of Burpee’s.

Curious at that point what ReRun (who has the Q this coming weekend) needed with a 1/2 wall and Whoopee knew so we moseyed to the side of the building for some partner wall merkins.  Partner 1 holds feet up in the air and squats or presses with partner 2 who is doing merkins with hands on the wall.  Unsafe for all involved, so we did a few more rounds.

Time moving fast but we must press on.  Came up with this idea while driving, wish I had not.  Partner 1 (same partners) planks while’st partner 2 runs around the track one time.  Again, a good 1.5 – 2 minute plank for Whoopee and Roscoe, 5-6 minute plank if you are waiting on me.  DDC and Dr. Feelgood both kept me to a respectable plank time hoofing it around the track.  Round’s two and three were going to be 25 each of merkin and squats and CDD and LBC but we did not get to that.  I was done with running, modified now exasperated weinke (due to the full body massaging technique it gave to Whoopee).

Mosey to table’s, got two round’s of Lindsey’s/Forties in, 5 burpees for the train (that was DDC’s idea, I was perfectly willing to let it go) . Time to go home, just like I love, finished the run while the sweet bells start chiming, boom…..8:00  Ended in a SCOT (semi circle of trust) due to the sun, which I was facing.


Bourbon relay in progress

Sign up for the Christmastown 5K, 200-300 spots +/- left

Upcoming Gashouse Schedule:

10/20 – ReRun (Linus’ brother coming across the river to Q bootcamp)

10/27 – ShortSale

11/3 – Goose returning from the Merchant Marines

11/10 – Veteran’s Day observance convergence, overwhelming thought is this will be at the Yank (Roscoe and Short Sale as Co-Q’s)


Anchorman – Torn calf muscle

F3 Brother’s who we have not heard from in awhile.  Bandit returning soon (he better if he wants to keep up with Goose), JK2, hoping they all return

Timeframe – Healing well from job injury

Beautiful morning, great time, honored to lead.




8 men avoided the fartsack this beautiful  morning, all runners!

Announcements- Christmastown 5k, sign up soon!

Prayer request- Oompas family, safe travels for pax returning from relay, each other!

Keeping Friday’s Honest

WARM UP: 25 SSH IC, 10 Squats IC, 10 Merkins IC, 10 LBCs (once I got the hang of it), 10 Peter Parker Peter’s IC



Mosey a few blocks away to McQuitter Wall

12 Dips IC, 12 Derkins IC
10 Dips IC, 10 Derkins IC
8 Dips IC, 8 Derkins IC

Mosey on dow to 2nd St.
Starting at the Traffic light.
10 Lunges, 10 Monkey Humpers. Repeat for the entire block.


10 Freddie Mercuries IC, 20 Flutterkicks IC, 10 American Hammers IC.
10 Merkins IC, 10 Peter Parkers IC
10 Freddie Mercuries IC, 20 Flutterkicks IC, 10 American Hammers IC.
10 Merkins IC, 10 Peter Parkers IC


Mosey to Piedmont Charter Steps.
10 Merkins at the bottom, run up the steps and hit 10 Squats
Repeat 10 Merkins at the bottom, run up the steps and hit 10 Squats

10 Derkins at the bottom, run up the steps and hit 10 Imperial Squats
Repeat 10 Derkins at the bottom, run up the steps and hit 10 Imperial Squats

Mosey to the Bus Station:
5 Burpies, 20 Flutterkicks IC, 10 American Hammers IC

Mosey back to the Pavilion

DEEP SEA DIVERS – 3 steps, 5 slappers per step.

Few More Flutterkicks to close out the Friday morning beatdown.


Roadie Shared a good story about listening to God. Don’t ignore the voice that prompts you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Looking for a new Site Q.  I’ve been at the Pavillion for a couple of years now and it’s time to share the goodness that is Friday Morning Beatdowns.  Speak up if you’re drawn to be the one.

Mt. Hollywood 10/15/18

Six men this morning at Mt. Hollywood.

Warmups: SSH, low slow squats and toy soldier all x 10IC

Mosey to the front of the school.

11s: Australian mountain climbers and donkey kicks.

Mosey back to where we started.

Partner up: four corners.  Both partners must do at least 50 of the exercise, one partner must do 100.  Exercises were: lunges, flutter kicks, lbcs and merkins.

Mosey back to the front of the school for lazy dora.  100 plank jacks, 200 cdds and 300 monkey humpers.

Quick mosey to the side of the school.  11s: decline merkins and dips.

Mosey back to the launching point for Mary.  Exercises included: corkscrews, dying cockroaches, burpees, squats, WW2, toy soldiers and others.

22 for the vets and the pledge.


Announcements: Christmastown 5k, convergence at the Yank.

Prayer requests: Oompa’s family, those dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane.

BOM: YHC took us out.

Always an honor, men.

Philippians 4:13


Wrath after Michael

Wind was still pretty heavy after Michael pushed through. A few HIMs showed to see what was in store. Started with SSH, Don Qs, and imperial walkers. Mosey

Went to parking lot in front of big soccer fields for some Route 66 with deconstructed burpees. This was terrible way to start. Chatter was heavy after round 5. Slow mosey to playground for 10 pull ups. Head across to side parking lot for 100 big boy sit up and a lap around the island. Another crowd pleaser.

Go to turd shack and plank at 15 degrees. Pax in a line. Started derkins and end man drops for lap around shack. Next man when first finishes his lap all the down line. Wall sit for minute. 10 hip slippers. Wall sit. 10 Australian mt climbers. Wall sit. Back to 15 degree plank and laps. No derkin. Wall sit. Finish

High wind tore flag from shovel. Thx to d fib for rescue. Mentioned christmastown 5k and Forge on Wednesday nights.

Remember in prayer hurricane victims and Oompa family

Always an honor to lead


Is my tractor sexy

13 showed up this morning for a Tractor show or maybe just a workout .

Well since the show doesn’t start till 9 I guess we’ll push the rock while we wait.







Mosey to top parking lot near entrance for first round of fun.  A few LBC’S while we wait on six. Then a couple rounds of Boat to canoe, a tough one  we all need some more  work with those.

First round tabata style .

10 exercises marked on pavement. I can’t believe I found some pavement that isn’t 20 years old and full of rock.


Exercises would include:


While PAX performs exercises , 1 man takes a lap around upper lot and then rotate to next exercise.


Next mosey down to pavilion.

Some abb work here as we wait on six.

First exercise here was partner shrugs.

Partner 1 planks on 3 foot wall while partner 2 holds feet of 1 and does shrugs. I think this could be a good one even modifying to some merkins while in plank thanks Roadie. 2 or 3 rounds of 10 IC of these.

Next on the wall for some…. yep you guessed it hip slappers  .”ABT  ” after giving up belt at Burpeethon I realized I should have trained better. After about 4 Ic the bees woke up and got a few of the pax so off that wall and down to lower turd shack to finish up the wall work.

10 hip slappers IC

10 miketysons IC

10 dirtyhookups IC

2 rounds of this

Back to tennis courts for 5 mins of ab work

22 Merkins for vets



Just about 300 or so spots left for Christmas town 5k sign up men or if you aren’t running come anyway to help.


All on IR  all running Bourbon chase  ,Oompa ‘s family

As always it is a pleasure to lead, and if you have not lead at folsom yet just try to grow a beard and you might get asked..




Uncle Roy’s flyover

For those of you who knew about the passing of my Uncle Roy a couple of weeks ago you probably were interested in the flyover that the US Air Force wanted to do for him. It was delayed because of bad weather on the day but we did it this morning over in Kannapolis over Bethpage Presbyterian Church where he grew up so many decades ago.

Wheels up Partner! IMG_1649

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