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Faithful to the Finish!

Wow! Who knew that when I posted on Facebook about needing to get in shape in early January that one of the comments by a high school classmate I now know as Roscoe would totally alter my lifestyle. F3 is my new addiction. I’ve managed to bring along 6 FNG’s so far and now I am leading the workout on a cool spring morning at Mt Hollywood!

The WarmUp

Grass Pickers x 11 IC

IW x 11 IC

SSH x 11 IC with a hitch … you had to be there!

The Thang

We took a WarmUp lap around the Parking Lot and moseyed to the Bus Lot at Ida Rankin for Dora 1-2-3 where we partnered up for; 100 Merkins … 200 LBC’s… and 300 Plank Jacks.

Time to Mosey … to the Mouthpiece Store for some Triple Nickels with Big Boys at the Bottom of the hill and Diamond Merkins at the top.

Feels like a good time to Mosey … to Veterans Park for the Pledge!

At this point … there is only way back to MHMS and it’s all uphill! I decided the best way to eat an elephant was one bite at a time … so we stopped at each plateau of the hill for an exercise or three.

11 Mountain Climbers at the intersection, 11 MCs and 11 Wide Arm Merkins at Crest Street; and 11 MCs, 11 Wide Arm Merkins and 11 Burpees at Burge Memorial.

Catch your breath and let’s mosey back to MHMS for a little bit of Mary … 11 American Hammers with Broke, 11 Flutter Kicks with Orangeman and 11 Dying Cockroaches with Anchorman.


2 Timothy 4:7, I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith!

Def Leppard challenged us last week at Mt Hollywood to take control of this quarter of the year. After the challenge, I decided that the word “FINISH” would drive me through the remainder of the calendar year.

Coming out of the Easter weekend, the greatest example of that word is Jesus Christ on the cross when he uttered the words, “It is Finished.” Fulfilling all He had come  from Heaven to Earth to accomplish.

I challenged the men today to be men who finish! I challenged them to remain faithful to the end!

Jesus hand picked 12 disciples and only 11 remained faithful to the end … let the 11 reps of the day remind us to be men who are “faithful to the finish!”


2nd F at Lewis Farm this Saturday … see Roadie for the 411

Rice & Beans opportunity … sign ups are available now

Cinco de Mitchell

Prayer Requests

Anchorman’s Mother-in-Law

Buckeye’s Cousins Family

Boudin’s Surgery

PAX of the week … see Tiger’s post on Twitter

Family, Friends and Students of the Middle School Pastor at Bethlehem who lost his battle with cancer.

YHC took us out in prayer!

What an honor to lead this morning. On January 7th of this year, I struggled through my first workout led by Buckeye where I was named “Doodles” … and now on my 45th workout, I’ve got the Q! I woke up at least 15 times last night just to make sure I did not oversleep and miss this opportunity. Thanks to f3gastonia for the push to be better always in all ways!




Folsom Field Day

Sometime last spring when I was about 3 months into my F3 journey, I had a thought for something a little different. I wanted to put together some type of Field Day where we could mix things up for the normal workout routine, have a little competition, and possibly pull other non-regulars out to Folsom. Long-term, I see this as something that could possibly be part of a convergence…..sort of an AO vs AO competition. Maybe one day, but let’s grow it in baby steps!

With this said, I was pretty excited to put this together. I reached out to HIPAA and Allen Tate for some ideas and thoughts. In the end, I had a few handouts with a list of events, a mediocre logo, and a clipboard because…well, it’s Field Day, you must have a clipboard! With it being the day before Easter and many people traveling, I was a bit nervous about the turnout. Those fears were quickly eased as HIMs were rolling in left and right…23 participated in the first annual Folsom Field Day.

Unfortunately, the usual Folsom parking lot was officially blocked off but everyone figured out pretty easily to meet in the lower parking lot. The flag was planted, which probably helped the visitors find us. Speaking of visitors, we had a lot of guys visiting from other AOs. It was great to meet guys like Doodles, Scribbles, Headcase, Pyle, Beetle Bailey, Yo Adrian and the others! Thanks for visiting!


20 Side Straddle Hops IC
10 Don Quixotes IC
10 Toy Soldiers IC
There were some negative comments about my warmup but I like to stretch a little during this time! I got ya chatter stopper though…

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the tennis courts. The horse track had standing water and the other field is about 20 feet below the road and sure to be waterlogged so I was forced to move this event to the tennis courts. No complaints about this move but I hope to do this in the grass next time.

I had a little race down and back across the tennis courts as a ‘qualifying heat”. I sent the guys who finished first to the left of the courts, the slower guys to the right and we counted off into 2 teams. I did this to try to balance team speed but it really didn’t work out that way. I swapped a guy as well, not realizing I was trading speed away from the much slower team 2. Q-fail. That being said, it didn’t really hurt the event that much, IMO. Instructions were pretty simple, all events were done in pairs. If you were the first pair back, write your name on the clipboard and if you were on team 1 or team 2. 2nd place does the same as does 3rd. My plan was to tally the finishes at the end for team scores. 3 points for a 1st place finish, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd place.

Wheel Barrel Race – Partner 1 (P1) does a wheel barrel to the cones (4 tennis courts) as partner 2 (P2) holds the legs. Switch and P2 does wheel barrel back to start. 2 laps each.

Run/Nur Relay – P1 runs to the end of the courts, nurs back. Switch when P1 returns to start. 4 laps each.

Flutter Kick Relay – P1 runs to the cones and does 10 Flutter Kicks In Cadence. Return to start, switch and P2 does the same thing. 4 sets each.

Hand Release Merkin Relay – P1 runs to the cones and does 10 Hand-Release Merkins, return to start. Switch, P2 does the same thing. 4 sets each. (I noted we did Hand-Release on this event because some guys move further on their Merkins….I wanted to make sure we had full range for all guys. No Cheating!!!)

Sackless Relay – P1 does a Bunny Hop to the cones and runs back to the start. Switch and P2 does the same thing. 4 laps each. (Some skipping was noted among the competitors. A few of y’all must be off to see the Wizard or something!)

Plank Off – High Plank only. Back straight(ish), butt down. You lose form, you’re out. Last man wins. Pretty simple. Cool battle between Tater Hole and Tater Tot on this one for 3rd place. It was pretty obvious neither was going to beat Yo Adrian and Gumby, who decided to make it a draw after about 4 minutes. Neither was going anywhere anytime soon.

Tug of War – Team 1 vs Team 2, as simple as it gets! Team 1 most definitely had the advantage on the courts when it came to speed and running, but there was fear in the eyes as they lined up against team 2 for Tug of War. We had to sort out a few last minute details on the rope and, after about 5 seconds, Team 2 was finished. We could have done best 2 out of 3, best 4 out of 5, or event best 100 out of 100…Team 2 would have won every time. Did I mention Team 2 dominated?

Burpee Contest – AMRAP for 1 minute. Honor system, Flying Squirrels are not Burpees! Pearl Jam took this one! Nice job!

I don’t have all the results in front of me so I didn’t list every winner of each event, but guys like Pizza Man, Freight, Doodles, Pearl Jam, Scribbles came up a lot. Gumby, Yo Adrian, Montross, and Allen Tate also made their way to the top 3 a few times as well. Check out @F3_Folsom on Twitter for a pic of the results. YHC did have final say on scoring and named Team 2 the overall winner, though some may disagree with that ruling. Def Leppard taught me well!!!!!

All in all, it went as well as I thought it could. This was just something I came up with and my main concern is that it wouldn’t be a tough workout. I was concerned about having partners rest as the other ran but that allowed for time to catch your breath and give extra effort. I can at least say for me I used those opportunities to run a little faster and sprint…well, something like a sprint…and that allowed all the guys to push as much as they could.


Announcements: 2nd F on the 27th @ 7pm at Lewis Farm (rain or shine, M and 2.0s welcome), No Brainer Nationals May 11 at Shadyside Dragway (being put on by Ratchet to raise money for cancer…his son is a survivor!), Mt Mitchell hike May 5, The Boars Nest kicks off 4/21 at 6:15 am from Ingles (Ruck AO). Prayer requests: Gumby’s mom, brother-in-law, Allen Tate’s mom, those battling addiction, guys traveling, a young man who plays baseball with Tater Tot, and all the lost souls. YHC took us out in prayer.

  • Montross aka Tronmoss aka T-ron aka Assistant Chief Rock Pusher of Folsom!

This workout is a S.O.B


S. O. B.

Sprints Other Burpees

YHC showed up at Midoriyama on an 80 degree Thursday afternoon for Gashouse’s only and best afternoon workout. Sister Act was running 4 miles EC as usual. Some mumblechatter and hellos as PAX rolled in.

1730 Let’s get it on!


SSH x 10 IC
Abe Vigoda x 10 IC
Monkey Humpers x 10 IC
LBCs X 10 IC
Back Extensions Dorsal Lifts x 10 IC
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Hand Release Merkins x 10 IC

YHC brought a 4″ diameter red painted 1/4″ thick metal plate disc, bummed a F3 sticker from Hipaa and affixed to one side to make it a challenge coin.

Simple rule each PAX flips the challenge coin in the air, call Sprints Or Burpee. F3 sticker meant burpee. If called it correctly, you could substitute another exercise or do exercise designated. If wrong do the other. For sprints pick a landmark 50-100 meters away and run there. If burpee do a burpee. Simple yet stupid.

And away we go. After two rounds of flipping coin, we must’ve done 50 flipping burpees and ran a 5K. Just a little hyperbole there.

To catch our breath, 20 LBC’s IC, 20 alternating leg LBCs and something else I forgot.

Back to two more rounds of flipping coin, another 100 burpees and another 5K ran.

Another stop to catch our breath, both legs on bleachers 25 crunches, hold crunch at top 30 secs. Back on feet 50 Moroccan nightclubs, hold arms out at 90 degrees, 50 more MCs, hold arms our straight in front of body, 50 more MC’s.

Mosey back to flag for COT & Announcements.

Words of Wisdom: We all make time to strengthen our physical bodies by posting multiple times a week. While listening to Kingdom Man was convicted of the need to make time to strengthen ourselves spiritually. Where would we be if we spent 45 minutes a day in prayer and the Word?

Easter AO’s schedule change for Q Source
Dirt’s friend bitten by copperhead and other prayer requests


Mount Mitchell 05MAY19 0530 GSM parking lot

2nd F Lewis Farms 27APR19 BYOB/BYO smores

Thanks for letting me lead.

He is Risen!

Another beautiful spring morning in Belmont for the Yank. YHC had the Q and I wanted to make it something unique. 14 PAX were present once DDC and Vuvuzela showed up after the warmup. Let’s get it on!


Goofballs (of course! The Goofball is the first cousin of the Side Straddle Hop, so it’s ok to start with. It was made even better because ToolTime hates them so)

Don Quixote (see above, sorry brother!)

Can’t recall the last warmup

The Thang

YHC brought back a weinke used 2 years ago on the same Easter weekend Saturday. It’s a tour of worship locations throughout Belmont.

Mosey up the street to our first stop, the Lutheran Church. Here we did the King of Hearts (that’s Jesus!) routine. Suicides from one end to the other doing Karaoke L, Karoake R, Skips and regular sprints. There was plenty of mumblechatter and general mouthiness about having to run. Don’t worry, it’s good for you. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey from there to the campus of Holy Angels which used to be Sacred Heart College. Plenty of worship and praising our Lord happens here. We gathered in the gazebo for the next routine, Six Minutes of Mary (she was the mother of Jesus). We did our first countoff to make sure everyone was present and accounted for, 14 total. YHC set a timer for 6 minutes and called various ab exercises that lasted between 45-60 seconds each. All exercises were called in cadence even if they’re not normally. This caused epic laughing from lots of PAX, especially the Nantan emeritus ToolTime who sounded like the guy from Revenge of the Nerds more than once. I think I’m a pretty funny guy but TT took it to the next level here. Good times!

Mosey up to the intersection where we had a view of our nations flag so we recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Keep moseying down the street, stopping a couple of times to let the 6 catch up until we reached the Belmont library. YHC’s idea here was to make up for the train that passed through earlier of which we didn’t pay respect to with burpees. 5 burpees OYO. It was at this time that Anchorman pulled a moving EH and what do you know, the young fella took him up on the offer. We had a mid workout unexpected FNG! BOOM!!! Nice job Anchorman!

Mosey to the First Baptist steps for Jacob’s Ladder. Increasing reps from 1 to 7. Burpees at the top, Bobby Hurley’s at the bottom.

Mosey to First Presbyterian parking lot for a quadruple smash up. Hail Mary’s (Q fail, didn’t remember what this exercise was on the first go round but thanks to the F3 app YHC figured it out), Prayer Squats x20, Superman’s for 1 minute, Hallelujah squats x20. Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Mosey back to the pad for one last exercise. Nolan Ryan’s x15 IC.

Time’s up. Welcome FNG Halftime! Way to push the rock everyone!

Jesus is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!!!

Pre-Blast *Rice N Beans* Spring

Our next opportunity to serve at Rice N Beans is here. Ms and 2.0 are welcome.

You must sign up directly on the Rice N Beans website Please do so as soon as you are a HC before it fills up.



May 14th.

Meet at Roses at 6:15pm, wheels down 6:30.

Roses – 605 Park St, Belmont, NC 28012

Rice N Beans – 700 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte NC 28202





The Boars Nest Is Official

I have been wanting to kick off a ruck AO since at least last November…maybe even longer! There are multiple reasons I wanted to lead this that I won’t dig into today, but the main reason is I saw a need and it lined up as something I enjoy. After 2 unofficial trial rucks, today was actual official kickoff. Now when I chose the start date, I did not realize it was Easter Sunday. That obviously had some impact on attendance.
Nevertheless, we had 4 High Impact Men this morning. I was very pleased with the turnout considering the day.

We departed with our sacks at 6:15 sharp…gotta be prompt on day 1! We move toward the courthouse, pausing along the route for 10 Merkins. We continue for something that has been brewing for 3 weeks…..

Stair Nightmare – ruckers go up the stairs of the courthouse and down the other side, do 5 Merkins with your pack on, go back across the stairs and 5 more reps. Repeat 5 times (like a Triple Nickel). Squats were given as an alternate exercise. Stair Nightmare was a TOUGH start to the workout!

Move out! We head toward Papas Pizza where we stopped for 10 dips in cadence. Continue rucking around Dallas.

We stopped off at BB&T for 3 sets each of 10 curls and 10 overhead presses.

We continue around town and make one last stop at the Ingles Car Wash for Peoples Chair Bag Pass. All 4 ruckers place their bags at the end of the line. We pass them all down the line one by one and then back again. Repeat 4 more times.


All in all, we got in some good coupon work and about 2.6 miles. We learned that Dentists can really come through for ya when times are tough, found a great spot for discount toilet paper, and jeard a story about the worst getaway car EVER!

We joined the Crossroads COT and Mayor took us out.

Thanks to the men who posted today. It was great to have Hunkajunk out with us for the first day! Both Swimmer and Freight have been with me every week as this kicks off. Thanks to both of you in particular for helping establish a core group of ruckers. Freight is taking the Q next week and I look forward to getting more guys involved soon!

As I told Freight today, I am still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I am not quite sure if I want to make this a punishing beatdown or focus on getting the pace up. I think the answer is somewhere in the middle.
Freight and I are kicking around ideas for a CSAUP, BRR training, and other ruck-related options. If you want to be part of this and contribute ideas, holla!

Solo Coconut

A glorious Easter morning saw one solo runner with no other PAX in attendance.  At 0630 with no one else in attendance I took off on the route I know so well.  I really enjoy my Sunday routines and although I missed my F3 brothers I know I wasn’t alone in the run.  I ran a little faster than normal but appreciated the sunrise and blessing that is Easter.

HE is risen.



At a crossroads on Easter

I showed up and there was only one car there. Montross cam right in and so did Gold Digger. I asked Gold Digger what he was driving now and he answered with the same car I thought and when asked where he parked, he said his house. The man had run there from Belmont. Def said that he lived in Dallas and was still driving to the the Crossroads.

Some ran and others rucked, but Montross will BB that part.

When I ran into Gold Digger coming up the hill I “took off” not wanting him to catch me. He did about 3/4 of the way up of course for a kill.

When standing in the COT, I misinterpreted a request by the Ruckers and pulled them out of the Name-o-Rama, but when called on it, we did it again. The first time for practice and the second time for speed.

It was at this time Blart took off and as we gathered in prayer, someone said we should pray for lost souls like Blart. He came back and politely advised he was touching cotton so the prayer was quick as most have been in that situation.

Q source followed with one HIM coming from the other side.


Announcements: 4/27 2nd F at Lewis Farms, BYO Drinks, 2.0s, Ms, s’more stuff (Rain or shine); 5/5 Mt. Mitchell hike from GSM @ 0530;

Prayers: Gumby’s Brother in law and Mom; 2.0 at Tater Tots school; Hunkajunks friends 10yo battling unknown issue.

Best Backblast Ever!!! Running right past the rock

Tuesday morning, a beautiful cool day to push the rock. YHC remembers the days when the Monday AO was known as Derecho. It was a running based workout where we did stuff other than just run a certain route. We did creative stuff like sprints, hill work and fartleks (actually we never did fartleks but we could’ve). Mayor and Top Hat gave an audible groan when I mentioned what we’d be doing today. Time to have a throwback Tuesday!

Warm Up

Goofballs (of course)

Monkey Humpers

Dying Cockroaches

Mosey from the starting area around the parking lot to the small roundabout.

The Thang

Sprint to the first road hump, do 15 merkins, sprint to the next, 15 more, sprint to the next, 15 more, mosey to the stop sign. Props to the Mayor, he’s a pretty good sprinter.

From the stop sign the PAX nurred up the hill to the artwork. Once there the PAX woudl bearcrawl the circle. A few of the elder PAX decided to take the outside circle for a little extra effort. Nice job showing the young whippersnappers what’s up.

Mosey from there back to the small circle where we started.

For this round of action instead of sprinting we skipped and karaoked from speed hump to speed hump. At each hump the PAX did 10 burpees.

Get to the stop sign then nur up to the top.

We were going to bearcrawl around the artwork but Mayor had a great idea to do it backward. Anchorman said we should take that up a notch and not only go in the opposite direction but switch to crab walks. Once again the elder rockpushers took the long route around.

Mosey back for one more round. Sprint to each road hump and then do 25 LBCs. We made it through the 3 roadhumps before it was time to head back.

Once at our original start we had time for a round of Nolan Ryans.


Prayer requests: Anchorman’s mother in law, others I forgot

Announcements: Mt. Mitchell hike May 5th

Thanks for the opportunity men. It was a pleasure as always.

get monkish

OK, so I am re-writing this as I have made errors on prior attempts-hopefully this will work. Apparently, I am no Monk….

I have been dreading writing this pre-blast. Monk will be leaving us to move to Washington, D.C this summer. He will be missed and we need to send him off with a good farewell. I don’t think this will be the last we will see or hear from him, but he has been a good friend to me and given me inspiration during both workouts and (especially) during runs. He knows I don’t really like to run-that is no secret. However, I do enjoy running with Monk. I have to really pay attention to what he is saying. I know there are pearls there just waiting to give me guidance if not now, definitely in the future. By focusing on him, I forget how much I hate running….almost.

We are going to have a Monkish CSAUP-meet at Station in Belmont on Friday, 5/31/19 from 5-7pm (or later if those guys from Folsom have anything to say about it). Come have a meal, a drink, or just stop by to wish him well. You will be better for it, and I know you know that is true.

Friday, May 31, 2019


4 N Main Street

Belmont, NC 28012


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