This is the second week of F3 Gastonia’s newest AO, “Crossroads”.  It is really incredible to see the way the PAX continues to push the rock and run/ruck each week.  With that said, 7 HIMS posted this am. (4 rucked and 3 ran)  This AO has all kinds of options from 5 miles or you can modify the route to whatever your body allows you to do.  Great work was done by all!!!


F3 Gastonia Whetstone

Folsom 2.0 friendly workout- June 16th

3rd F event- June 22nd

Prayer Request:

Self family

Def Leppard’s son

Mayor’s co-workers

Montross’s sister

Once again, thanks for the opportunity to lead a great group of me!! Until next time Pizza Man is ouuuuuttt!!!