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Day: March 9, 2018

Running this way and that

We came, we ran, we conquered.

The 5 milers took off down Hoffman toward Snoballs and then came back.

The 3 milers ran the other way on Hoffman, left on New Hope, left on Armstrong Park, home.

Announcements: 2nd F at wing joint for march madness next Thursday (right Sargento?); Extra Mile 4/7

Prayer requests: Sparky’s family, Monk’s sister & brother in law





2nd Anniversary

16 PAX posted at Midoriyama on Thursday night to celebrate beating away sadclown syndrome and the 2nd anniversary of the Midoriyama AO. It was a party enjoyed by all. Except maybe Tooltime when Def Leppard dropped the mic on him(show to know). YHC reached out to the other founding members, as some insist on referring to us, Pizza Man and Floppy Disk to help lead this workout. All was good to go until Floppy’s wife informed him the day before that he had other plans. No respect for the Party!

Pizza Man started us off


SSH, Don Q’s, crap I don’t remember this was his part of the workout. Let’s mosey!

The Thang:

Unfortunately we went down to the lake hill everyone seems so insistent on using these days. Time for some triple nickel. 5 of those dreadful V-up things that are the monthly exercise at the top and 5 burpees at the bottom. Do it 5 times.  Everyone including the FNG, now named Massey, pushed hard. T-claps to the limpy Def Leppard for pushing through! Mucho Respecto Sir.

Well that sucked so let’s move on to the shelter.

Back in the day we used to do circuits here a lot so I pulled out one of my oldest wienke’s. You can tell because the exercises are written in non-f3 terms.

45 seconds of exercise then a 15 sec break. Do this three times with three exercises then mosey to the end of the parking lot and return to do it all over again with different exercises. After the first exercise YHC realized he forgot to add in the breaks on his timer. Oh well get to work!

Exercises done:

Merkins, Flutters, Squat Jump-Mosey

Pointer, Freddy Mercury, Box Jump or step up-mosey

Ski burps, LBFC’s, Calf Raises-mosey

We squeezed in as much as time would allow and headed back to the flag. The best part about this is we were all together in close quarters which allowed for some epic smack talk. To my surprise Def Leppard was on the giving end of most of this. All that time away he has really been building up.

Back at the flag PM led us in 22 for the vets and the pledge.


Announcements-Sign up for the Community run and the CSAUP run. You want regret doing it but you will regret it if you don’t. The Forge next week is on Friendship. See what friendships you see in the good book. You might be surprised.

Namarama- Welcome to our FNG Massey. As in Massey Ferguson the tractor brand.

Prayer Request-World Wide and Def Leppard’s Sons. Sly in his deployment. Maddens classmate who lost his home in a fire(Sparky is collecting money for this family). Guy’s! Madden started a prayer circle in class for this kid and got some of his classmates to donate their lunches for him to take home to help out. If this kid can be so bold in his faith we have to follow his lead here!


In a few more months I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary of finding F3. When I first started I looked forward to Saturday all week. Then two HIMS stepped up and said they would meet me in the evenings to workout. Those two guys were always there. Even if we all three couldn’t make it at least two did. We hardly ever had a Tuesday or Thursday pass were at least two of us weren’t there for each other. I owe so much to Floppy Disk and Pizza Man. Without that push through the week I would have likely slid back into a sadclown. Sometimes we get hung on numbers at our workouts but all you need is one HIM to be there for you and push you along. If you keep pushing good things will come! Midoriyama during the winter averaged 17 PAX. That is amazing! I thank everyone of you that come out for inspiring me and each other every week. Keep up the good work men!


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