• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 07/16/2022
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Ball Joint, GearWrench, Wichita, Sister Act
  • FNG's: Jazzy Jeff, BFF, Genius, Helmet, Swisher Sweet, Chin Strap
  • PAX: Purple Haze(R), Tesla(R), WattsUP(R), Nutria, Tiger(R), Def Lepord (R), Wojo, Pilgrams Progress, Ompaa Lumpaa(R), Doodles(R), Gavel, Freight, RoundUP, Wirenut, PallBearer, Tube(R), Wonder(R), Bondo(R), Stogie, Camila(R), Dr. Suess(R), Gumby, ShortSale(R), Striper, Sargento, Double Stack, Sparky, Gator, Termite(R), Big Pappy, Tonka, Mayor, Volt, Sarlacc(R), Slaw, Spakle, Capt. Stubbin

Once in a lifetime are you given a opportunity to showcase your AO as the site Q for a convergence.Ā  Sargento being the mighty leader that he is gave me about 8 days’ notice that “Hey Convergence is at Folsom, can you get some guys to Q it?” yeah man I got this…hold my Beer…actually never mind ill just carry it!

As I Roll into Folsom around 6 to get stuff set up and do a little EC , I find cones blocking the bottom parking lot and a bunch of no fishing signs. good thing we aren’t here to Fish…so threw the cones in the grass and carried on. Little did I know Gaston County Park & Rec was hosting a kid’s fishing tournament at 8am.šŸ¤¦ā€ā™‚ļø

7Am Time to get to work! Sargento welcomes everyone, list the core principle, and disclaimer. (we had 6 FNGs!) Sargento hands me the controls…quick pledge and I hand it off to 1st of the Folsom Hammers GearWrench. This Dude has more post them Alen Tate does and he has only been with us for 8 months.. Rookie of the Year in the bag..IMO.

GearWrench warm up:
Gravel Pickers- 20
Bruce Lee Abs: 20 of each : Hammers, Leg rasies, Lbc, Penguins, Crunchy Frogs, Flutters
then 30 of each…all the while we are dodgeing cars trying to park for the fishing tournament…we even had two ladys from Park &Rec come see what “a bunch of kids” were doing in the middle of the parking lot…we are workin thats what! Lets get out of here..hand off to Wichita and he takes us to the tennis courts…less traffic there.

Wichita 1st Hammer station:
5 burpees in a minute..if you get done before the minute is up plank until minute is up then rinse and repeat for 4 minutes. well this didn’t go as planned…there was a verbal exchange between Freight and Wichita and it was decided to make it 10 burpees a minute after the first round. After 4 mins of that nonsense, the exercise switched to 20 merkins a min for 4 minutes, then 20 Mike Tysons a minute for 4 minutes. come to think of it that whole thing was nonsense….well just wait to see what Sister Act has for us.

Sister Ast 2nd Hammer station:
Have yall ever heard of the HighTower? 9 reps 5 rounds of burpees:
9 regular burpees
9 Eight count Body Builders(plank jack Burpee)
9 Krackin Burpees (3 hand release merkins Burpee)
9 Triple Jump Squat Burpees (3 jump squats after burpee)
9 Bodybuilder/Krackin/Triple Jump Squat Burpee
Thank you SA that was Dumb

BallJoint 3rd Hammer station:
Mosey down to Soccer field…Grab a Partner and a Block! P1 does the work P2 runs the width of the field and up the hill to the tennis court fence and back.
100 reps of Curls, Trisepts, Squats, Block Swings, Rows, and Chest Press.
After all that, cool down with a rifle carrys block down and back while the other relaxs with some SSH. Time!

We named 6 FNGs! Welcome Jazzy Jeff, BFF, Genius, Helmet, Swisher Sweet, and Chin Strap!!

Announcements: Tubing on the 30th

Tiger SIL
Nutria Family
People Traveling
Termites Brother
Purple Haze SIL/Family
Goudelock Family

We had Country Kitchen Breakfast after! it was awesome…lots of carbs Wichitas favorite.

Thanks for coming to Folsom.