Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

F3 Gastonia Christmas Party is Saturday, 12/3 @ 6:00 PM at Lewis Farm in Ranlo (330 Lewis Rd, Gastonia, NC 28054).  Catering is Ray Nathans with PAX bringing a donation AND a dish/supplies for sides, deserts, and drinks.

Be there.  And fill out the form below.

2022 F3 Gastonia Christmas Party & Awards

  • Christmas Party Invitation

    6 PM @ Lewis Farm (330 Lewis Rd, Gastonia, NC 28054). Ray Nathan's BBQ is on the menu. We will need a contribution from those attending to cover costs. Please let us know if you'll be attending. Once you finish the invitation, see the next section for awards.
    If we have to many of one thing (i.e. utensils, plates) we may reach out to you to bring something else
  • PAX Awards Voting