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Welcome to the Storm

Dirt and Breaker Breaker with some EC

Let the Music Begin. Started out with some outlaw country.  Johnny Cash, Merle, Chris, Waylon, Willie, and the Boys.

SSH in Cadence, MNC in Cadence, Imperial Walker in Cadence.  Lets Mosey.

3 Rounds

3 exercises – Tiger Squat x 10, Merkin x 15, Crunchy Frog x 20

Sprint to end of row in parking lot, karaoke step to the first brick and back to row, nur to parking island, bear crawl to end of island and back, sprint to beginning.

plank between each set with shoulder taps and various planking positions for the 6

Mosey to next spot

3 Rounds

3 exercises – Mike Tysons x 10, American Hammer 20 each side, 30 squats

Sprint to end of row, karaoke step to first brick and back to row, nur to parking island, bear crawl around island, run to start, side shuffle to brick and back

flutter kicks between,  shady had a ten count in there, TopHat did not enjoy the music so we switched to The Black Keys Radio

Very short mosey.  next round – exercise followed by sprint.

Big Boys then sprint, single leg dead lift then sprint, oblique crunch then sprint, finally protractor called by moses then sprint.

Easy mosey back to the start.

Grabbed the pledge.

Change music to my daughters music channel for some stretching – lucky for us the perfect song for 5 minutes of stretching – Circle of Life – Lion King Sound Track.


CSAUP – sign up by 2-16, event is 2-23 with Stinky 2nd F immediately following at Buffalo Wild Wings

QSource on Sundays at 7:30 am

Prayer Requests

Breaker Breakers Family, the pax, special prayer for f3LKN lost a member recently.  TopHat father passed away Sunday.

Dr. Seuss Took us OUT in the COT aka BOM


Pushing the rock and finding the line

8 men of impact showed to the Storm this am looking to push the rock and better themselves.  We were lucky enough to get one last post in before the yucky weather arrives.

During the disclaimer this am it was discussed the difference in feeling the burn and getting stronger and feeling pain and hurting yourself.  We also discussed finding the line between the two and how close we can get but not crossing it.


SSH x 20

Mountain climbers x 20

Slow merkins x 5


Mosey long way to circle.:

Ring of fire…

Heels to heaven until everyone one by one high knees around circle.

Mosey to front of school where 5 circular rocks await the pushing they will surely receive…..

Pair up.

3 sets amrap.

P1 runs roughly 150′ and back while P2 does called exercise.  Switch x 3.


Step ups…at this point it was asked by YHC how everyone is feeling?  Anchorman replied the we have found the line previously discussed.  This was good news.

Yoga break..down dog, cobra, plank, lower back stretches.


Incline merkins…literally pushing the rock.

Yoga break.  Same as above.


American hammers x 20

V ups x 20

Merkins x 20

Rinse and repeat x 15

Meander to wall for calf raises x 20 feet together and x 20 spread apart.

Most back and time!


HIMs for Rice and Beans meet tonight at the Point Church in Belmont across 74 from Walmart at 6:15pm.

Please is you have and questions about the Mt Mitchell hike see Gastone.  This sounds quite cool.

Prayers for us, families, health, and community.

Big fat Q fail.  I forgot to do the namarama.  Oops.

It was my honor and privilege to lead such a great group of HIMs this am.  You guys make me better and I am grateful.





STORM 1/15/19

10 Pax showed up to workout at the Storm on a rather cool Tuesday morning.  Dr. Seuss and Roscoe ran while the rest of us enjoyed the boot camp workout.  Welcome to Pit Boss from Charlotte.  I hope you come back often to work out with us.



Warm up

Seal Jack x 25 (IC)

Peter Parker x 20 (IC)

Copperhead Squat x 26 (IC)


Mosey to the school

Run around the practice field stopping at:

1st corner             Burpee x 5

2nd corner            Dips x 20

3rd corner            Jump Squat x 20

4th corner             Flutter Kick x 20 each leg

Rinse and repeat x 5


4 Corner Merkins

1st corner             12 Merkins

2nd corner            11 Merkins

3rd corner            10 Merkins

4th corner             9 Merkins

Continue until finished


Partner up for AB Lab

Partner 1 runs to the garbage can and back while partner 2 AMRAP’s the following then flap jack:


Flutter Kicks



Freddie Mercury’s


Lunge to the garbage can

Mosey to the Flag

Mary – Any Exercise

JoBoo    Imperial Walkers x 15 (IC)

Gilligan 4×4 Burper x 3 OYO


Q took us out with prayer

Thanks for pushing today gentlemen.  It was a pleasure to lead you.

Dirt is OUT!

The Deck

9 HIMs posted on this Tuesday at the Storm for the first Q by YHC in a long, long time. So long that there was only one workout I felt would be a crowd pleaser.


Basic due to no FNGs.

Warm Up:

Moroccan Night Clubs x20 IC

The Thang:

We did the Deck of Death. The straight forward approach we would take was to do the exercise. We made it all the way through with a few minutes to spare. We did some mary to wrap it up.

Thanks for letting me lead again men. It’s bee too long. My apologies for the late backblast. I’ll be back!


Respect and Discipline

12/11/2018 The Storm
9 strong at the icy Storm this morning. Breaker Breaker called for Q’s a while back so I signed up for one not knowing “The Storm” would be icy but we made it work.
Disclaimer: Be careful because it is slippery.
Warm Up: SSH x 15 IC, Cotton Pickers x 15 IC, Low Slow Squats (Tesla told me they are also called Copperhead Squats) x 15 IC, 5 Burpees OYO (I hate those)
I usually will have a topic or a verse that I will talk about during my Q and today it was a repeat of a favorite and appropriate for the morning. I couldn’t help but notice 7 of our 9 HIM’s were “Respects”. I know everyone has a lot going on this time of year, including you younger guys, but don’t forget to make time to post as much as possible during this holiday and winter season. It is much easier to stay in shape than to try to get it back in January or the Spring. One reason I try to Q is to push myself to stay after it and sometimes I will use my age as an excuse to not push myself. It was great to see so many guys “our age” and older getting after it, and on that note, I read a word from Jocko Willink about Darkness…
“The sun doesn’t shine every day. The storms will come. There are times when the nights
will be long and dark and you will be alone. There will be times when The Darkness
seems to consume everything. But don’t let it consume you.
Don’t let it consume you. Even in the darkest times. Even in the strongest storms. Even
when the sun is blotted out and the world is falling apart.
The Darkness cannot extinguish your light.
You. Your WILL. Your determination. No matter what is happening—no matter how hard
the fight is. As long as you keep fighting—you win.
Only surrender is defeat. Only quitting is the end. Because The Darkness only wins if you let it.
Do not let The Darkness win.
Fight. Fight On. To fight against The Darkness is to win. Fight On.”

Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Imperial Walkers x 15 (Oops, I was doing Hillbillies), Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Merkins x 20, Imperial Walkers x 15, Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Plank Jacks x 25, Merkins x 20, Imperial Walkers x 15, Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, run to the school and back.
Squats x 30, Plank Jacks x 25, Merkins x 20, Imperial Walkers x 15, Lunges x 10, Burpees x 5, follow me, slipping and a sliding to a well-lit lower parking lot where coupons awaited.

I went by my boy Slaw’s mancave last night to borrow his well-used half blocks. He did say there would be a 20 burpee penalty if anyone broke another of his blocks as I believe the Folsom boys broke a few the last time they were used. I am happy to report no broken blocks.
Curls x 30 Single Count, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30 Single Count, Shrugs x 30 Single Count (my form was questioned by a certain Canoe but I persevered).
Repeat. Curls x 30 Single Count, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30 Single Count, Shrugs x 30 Single Count.
30 more Curls “for the girls” I believe Buckeye said and then mosey back to the school building sidewalk which was the least icy place I could find for everybody’s favorite.

Timer set up for 11 seconds with 8 second rest for 3 reps, then 10 seconds with 8 second rest, then 9, etc. We all pretty much made it about the same amount but Buckeye and Sister Act (the young’uns) were leading the way. Back to the flag.
End Up with 10 Burpees OYO. Nameorama.
More From Jocko Willink…Excerpts from Discipline Equals Freedom
“Don’t worry about motivation. Motivation is fickle. It comes and goes. It is unreliable and when
you are counting on motivation to get your goals accomplished—you will likely fall short.
So. Don’t expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You
won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on Discipline.
You know what you have to do.
So: MAKE YOURSELF DO IT. You do that with Discipline.
It happens in the darkness of the early morning. In solitude. Where I try. And I try.
And I try again. With everything I have, to be the best that I can possibly be.
Better than I was yesterday. Better than people thought I could be. Better than I
thought I could be. Faster and stronger and smarter.
And claim one victory that no one can ever take away from me. Ever. A victory that is earned
every single day. A victory of determination and will and discipline.
A victory achieved because: I will not stop.”

Announcements – Convergence Saturday 7 am at the Gashouse (Schiele Museum), Quichemas Party Saturday night. Sign up to Q. Site Q’s need your help. Everybody in F3 should be able to Q. If you enjoy F3, pay it forward by Qing a workout.

Prayer Requests – Family friend of Breaker’s, Friend of Virus, Friend of mine’s mother passed away.


Storm for the Crippled

17 PAX assembled for an unusual GD Q. YHC having injured his leg in training for a recent marathon necessitated a near moseyless weinke.

The typical 10 burpee warmup called, then mosey to side of the school to park for a while. 40 exercises done AMRAP, 50-10 seconds for the first 20, then 45-15 for the second half. Exercises broken into 5 categories to mix things up: arms, legs, wall, misc, and abs. Almost all exercises were the usual suspects excepting one or two anomalies such as chicken peckers and ascending testicles. At the end of 40, mosey back to the shovel flag for bookend burpees and call it at 6:14.

At this juncture, YHC struggled to keep down a poorly cooked piece of meat from the night previous and missed the announcements. These may include, but are not limited to: Christmastown 5K this Saturday, Christmas party Dec 15 @ the Quiche’s, Operation Sweet Tooth, etc.

Prayer Requests: Tiny Tim’s wife, all those traveling this week for the Holiday.

Until next time,


His yolk is easy but this Q wasn’t

We had 19 PAX including 1 FNG (courtesy of Boudin) circle up at 5:30 sharp on this comfortably cool morning.

We did some stuff to warm up including:

10 plankjacks I.C.
10 big arm circles each direction to warm up the shoulders

Mosey around the pond to the front of the school where the following happened:
Line up at the top of the parking lot;
Long jump 10 spaces to the island
25 American hammers
Plank walkouts the next 10 spaces to the bottom of the lot
5 4x4s
Acummulating Mercans (1 mercans @ 1st space then bear crawl to next space; 2 mercans…bear crawl…etc.)
50 Morocan night clubs (shoulders burning)
Side lunges alternating legs over last 10 spaces
4 4x4s

PAX broke into 2 groups (9 in grp 1 & 10 in grp 2) to wall sit while each member ran to middle island and back

Fellowship mosey to baseball field while HC spoke briefly about Christ helping each of us bear the weight of our yolk. Reminded PAX that only He can bear the weight of our sin.

Each man grabbed a coupon (CMU) and circled up for this:
10 truck drivers
10 overhead shakes
15 Big boy situps
10 ball busters (kettle bell swings)
10 Dercans
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to school entrance for:
40 monkey humpers
30 Rocky Balboas
20 LBCs
10 CDDs…10 more
20 LBCs
30 Rocky Balboas
40 monkey humpers

10 hipslappers
Boudin called 10 seconds
5 hip slappers

Mosey to flag for 8 minutes of corewood (mary style

And DONE! WHEW that seemed to never end. Thanks for helping me push the rock.

Matt. 11:28-30

Death in a Box

YHC still hasn’t been posting much while training for the Bourbon Chase relay next week. Still, it’s important to keep up with that full body fitness that we all need. As such, YHC signed up for the Q on this day. A snag came up Saturday on a run when that stupid old hamstring started giving me some problems. What to do? Gotta Q. As everything seems to have a way of working out sometimes, the week before YHC finally received his very own officially licensed and produced Deck of Death from F3 that he’d ordered back in 2014 it felt like! Perfect non mosey type of stuff.

Here’s what I remember…

Warm Up:

Goof Balls x20 IC

Morrocan Night Clubs I think x20 IC

Dying Cockroaches I think x20 IC

The Thang:

Break out the deck, preshuffled of course. These cards are slippery. Our goal is to make it through the whole deck before time’s up.

The mission this time is to do whatever exercise is listed on the card, there was a lot of variety. Lots of different kinds of merkins, I know that much.

Number cards would be 10 reps.

Face Cards are 25 reps.

Aces were 100 reps of that one.

We made it through 44 of the cards, 8 left over. We’ll have to do better next time. Maybe we’ll skip the warmup next time.

Moleskin: Still love the deck of deck. The new version has several different kinds of workouts baked into it. We’ll explore more next time. Best thing about it is that it keeps us close together and almost helps create mumble chatter. Love it!

Prayer Requests: Breaker Breaker’s family, Orangeman’s daughter, Boudin’s brother in law

Announcements: Burpeethon was today at 9. Were you there? Christmastown 5k, Gilligan has VQ next week!


Nine Eleven

On this day 17 years ago, 19 terrorist highjacked 4 fuel loaded commercial planes bound for the west coast.  A total of 2977 people were killed in New York City, Washington, DC, and Shanksville, PA from the terrorist attacks committed on that day.  Of the 2977 killed 403 were 1st responders. 343 were Firefighters and 60 were Police officers/Port Authority Officers.  Of the 2977 killed, 2606 were killed at the World Trade Center, 125 at the Pentagon, and 246 were on the planes.  The ages of those killed ranged from 2 years to 85 years of age.  Everyone of us probably can remember where we were when we saw the footage or heard the news of these attacks.  I was at Gaston Memorial Hospital and watched the 2nd plane hit the World Trade Center on live TV.  My oldest son Beau (F3 Gumbo) was born on September 9th.  I can remember my wife wanted to get home as fast as we could, so we were not in a public place.

I realized last week that the day I volunteered to Q was 9/11.  I did not know what I was going to do for workout, but I knew I wanted it to suck.

I started workout by reading information from first paragraph above.  It has been 17 years, so I wanted to bring those numbers back to the front our minds.   We sometime take things(Family, Friends, Jobs, What we have) for granted,but they can be taken from us in a blink of an eye.




Moroccan Night Clubs 20 IC

The Thang:

Run 744 Meters

3 Rounds

11 Burpees

11 LBC

11 Merkins

11 Squats

Run 744 Meters

11 Burpees

11 LBC

11 Merkins

11 Squats

Run 744 Meters

11 Burpees

11 LBC

11 Merkins

11 Squats

7 Merkins

Run 745 Meters


We ran 2977 Meters for the total number of souls lost on that day.  We then did 403 exercise movements to represent the number of First Responders that sacrificed their lives to save others.


9/22 JJ5k in Stanley

9/22 Stop Soldier Suicide 5/10k Belmont

10/6 Burpeethon, sign up by 9/18 to guarantee a shirt.  2 person teams.  100% of proceeds go to Special Olympics of NC.

Prayer Request



Way to push this morning men.   It was an honor and privilege to workout side by side with you men this morning.  I am thankful for the sacrifices that those have made, so that we have our freedoms.



Humidity Storm

Warm Up:


Morrocan Night Clubs 20 IC

Merkins 15 IC

Grass Pickers 15 IC


The Thang:

Mosey around the practice field back to the tennis courts.

Run to the end complete excersise the run back and plank for the 6.

100 Squats

90 LBCs

80  Alternating lunges

70 Merkins

60 second plank

50 Mountain Climbers (count each leg)

40 Jump Squats

30 WWI

5 Burpees for train

20 Burpees

10 Hand release push up

Time for some tabata.  20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.  We completed 2 rounds of each of the following exercises.


Monkey humpers


Mountain climbers

Mosey around parking lot near school and return to starting point

Enough Time for another round of Tabata


Monkey Humpers


Mountain Climbers

Second round Omaha to Merkins to LBC and Mountain Climbers to Flutter Kicks

Announcements: JJ 5k September 22nd, Stop Suicide 5k, BRR needs a runner.  Q vs Q on September 14th.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead men.  Great push by all.  Boudin with the Q next Tuesday.


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