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The Storm 6/30

14 at The Storm this morning!


25 Hand Release Merkins

25 Plank Jack’s

25 Hand Release Merkins

25 Mountain Climbers


Mosey the long way to the roundabout up on the main road with the sculpture.  Next exercise called here;

10 Rounds

5 Burpees

10 Hand Release Merkins or curb dips

15 Squats/Bobby Hurley’s/Tiger Squats(pax choice)

5th and 9th round bear Crawl to middle of roundabout and back out.

Mosey to roundabout down the hill in front of school.  Here perform 50 LBCs.  Then NUR to loading dock on other side of school.  Partner up.  Got in 1 1/2 rounds of Partner 1 AMRAP Hand Release Merkins, Partner 2 jumps up and down on loading dock 5 times.  Then switch

Mosey to wall on side of school.  Wall sit with 25 air presses.  25 Calf Raises. 10 Vertical Wall Jumps.  Mosey to flag!  Time.



Prayer Request



Wet Nutz

Fastest Workout and Backblast Ever

So Buckeye, Seuss and YHC got in a few miles EC before the beatdown to warm up. It worked.

Last night the PAX of Gashouse were informed that Sargentogeddon would occur today. What that means is a workout to end all workouts. No more Storm. It’s been fun!


Warm Up:
Goodballs x15 IC

Dox Quixote x10 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs x5 IC

Mosey to the tennis courts. Oh no, they’re locked! Mosey to the small circle in front of the school and do a countoff.


After counting off, the PAX would:

Round 1 – Sprint to from road hump to road hump and do 20 merkins at each one. Wait for the 6 at the stop sign. Mosey to the artwork, try to do a countoff then bear crawl around the artwork. Our hands got good and brick colored doing this. Mosey back to the start.

Round 2 – Karaoke to each hump and do 25 squats. After the 2nd on skip to the rest and the stop sign. Mosey to the artwork, wait for the 6, try to do another countoff then mosey home.

Round 3 – Nur to each hump, do 33.3 LBCs and wait at the stop sign. Mosey to the artwork, try not to get hit by the traffic then all the way back to the shovel flag.

Countoff one last time when the 6 arrives. Good work men, especially those who kept up with the 6, there were plenty.

Announcements – Annihilation Saturday

Prayer Requests – SA’s family, our law enforcement

Sargento out!



Storm 5/26/20

Better late than never, right?


Warm up:

Peter Parker x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Copperhead Squats x 20 IC


Mosey to the back of the school

11’s Mountain Climbers and Merkins

Mosey to the tables

Dips, Step Ups and LBC’s

x 10

x 20


Calf Raises

Mosey to the front of the school

Four Corners Forward

Corner 1 – 5 Burpees

Corner 2 – 10 Merkins

Corner 3 – 20 Squats

Corner 4 – 40 Flutter Kicks

Four Corners Backwards

Escalator Four Corners




The Storm 6/2

13 men at The Storm on 6/2.  Went like this:


10 Burpees


The Thang:

Mosey to the roundabout in front of school.  Exercise called here is a WOD called DEE!!

4 Rounds

40 Squats

30 Hand Release Merkins

20 Burpees

400 meter run

Perform the 3 exercises, then run up the hill to the roundabout on main road.  That is one round.  Perform the exercises again, run down the hill to school to complete round two.  Do the exercises and the up and back down to complete the 4 rounds.  This wasn’t easy, especially with that dang hill.  Good work men.

Next mosey to school.  Here we did 2 rounds of:

10 Hip Slappers (IC)

10 Dips (IC)

10 Derkins (IC)

With some time remaining line up facing the parking lot for some Dirty 11’s.  Start out with 10 Big Boys, run to other side of parking lot for 1 Imperial Walker Squats.  Run back to start for 9 Big Boys then 2 IW Squats and so on.  Only catch is stopping each time you pass the halfway mark and do 2 Burpees.  We got about half of this workout complete before we ran out of time.  Mosey back to the flag!  Time!!!!


Prayer reqo



Appreciate the chance to lead today!!


Sister Act



K.I.S.S @ The Storm

YHC was having trouble for some reason designing a routine for the gloom of this morning.

It wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t pretty, but everyone got there money’s worth…. maybe.

0530 arrives with 9 joining YHC.

No FNGs, so a brief disclaimer, which lead to The Pledge of Allegiance.


10 Merkins OYO

Main Dish:

To start, we did a lap around the edge of the main parking lots.  This lap included moseying, nurring, karaoking, skipping, side steps and 5 burpees for a train, with the destination being the lower parking lot near the stadium.

At the parking lot, partner up for some Dora.

P1 does the exercise, P2 mosey around the loop. Flapjack.

100 HRMs
200 Squats
300 Flutters (Count 1 Right Leg only)
400 Air Presses.

From here a meander turned into a mosey to the school for some 11’s.

Dips at one end, Calf Raises at the other.  The catch being, each direction, a different form of locomotion had to be used. (meander, nur, mosey, bear crawl, skip, karaoke, high knee, toy soldier, etc)

This had to be cut short for time.

Prayer Requests were voiced and Top Hat took us out.

Termite has next week…


Watts Up Powering Down

ABCs or What a Nice Breeze!

No storm at the Storm this morning as 9 Pax  came out ready to work. YHC had a plan for rain or no rain. It didn’t rain..an answer to prayer.

Warm-Up: Cotton Pickers, SSH

Mosey to front of school for ALARM (Arm, Leg, Ab, R, M):

From the Exicon: An exercise group of movements performed in successive fashion without rest; generally these are performed in multiples (e.g. ALARM 1 = Shoulder Press, Lunge, LBC, Run, Merkin). Notice the A, L, A exercises don’t have to begin with the letters A,L,A..just to clarify to pax who thought otherwise. Better I provide the clarification; you don’t want Freight on ya about it. He knows his Exicon front and back. Believe me, I know..yikes!


A-5 Burpees

L-10 Lunge

A-15 LBC

R-20 Rocky Balboas

M-25 Merkins




L-10 Monkey Humpers

A-15 Big Boys

R-20 Russian Twists

M-25 Mt Climbers



A-5 Derkins

L-10 Step ups

A-15 Crunchy Frogs

R-20 Reverse Crunch

M-25 Monkey Crunches  


Mosey to parking lot for:


 At each pole:

10 CDD

10,20 Squats

10,20,30 LBC

10,20,30,40 Plank Jacks

10,20,30,40,50 Flutters

50,40,30,20,10 Flutters

40,30,20,10 Plank Jacks

30,20,10 LBC

20,10 Squats

10 CDD


Doras around lot beside bleachers:

 One Pax runs, then switch until 100 Merkins

 One Pax runs, then switch until 200 LBCs

 One Pax runs, then switch until Calf Raises until 300 Calf Raises 



Mike Tyson’s/Star Jacks


Mary: Sargento called an “A” exercise: Alternating Shoulder Taps

SA sneaked in some Burpees


Word: Tozer.. Knowledge of the Holy “God never changes moods or cools off in His affections or loses enthusiasm “..”no unsuspected weakness in our characters can come to light to turn God away from us, since He knew us utterly before we knew Him and called us to Himself in the full knowledge of everything that was against us.”



Ville to Ville

Breaker’s son’s wedding



Sister Act’s family

Clavin’s wife




Dirt took us out.

So ends my three-day Q streak. No talk of hair today, but the welcome breeze was duly noted, as was an alleged Q fail;)

Thankful for you guys!


The Storm 5/12/20

Stone Cold brought an FNG to the Storm on 5/12/20.  Way to go Stone Cold!  Welcome Jeremy Russel who has been dubbed Cinderella!

Disclaimer and social distance PSA

Warm Up

Seal Jacks x 30 IC

Abe Vigoda x 10 IC

Imperial Squat Walker x 11 IC


It was Deja Vu with Individual Dora at the Storm this week.  Mosey in a figure eight pattern stopping at 10 locations for the called exercise.  Then mosey around the soccer field back to the start.  The exercises were:

Merkins x 10

Lunges x 20 (10 ea leg) or Squats x 20

LBC’s x 30.

5 Burpees (at four locations)

Total of 100 merkins, 200 Lunges/Squats, 300 LBC’s, and 20 Burpees for each PAX!

Had about two minutes left for some Mary.

Thanks to Watts Up for keeping time for me and Breaker Breaker for remembering the pledge.



49er for the Last Time

YHC wasn’t sure how many would show given the state of the weather and the world.  But was encouraged when Doodles mentioned on Slack bringing two Kotters (due to school).  That meant at least 4…

YHC arrived Dirt doing EC.  Dry Rub and Headcase were cocooned in their vehicles.

0530 hits to find 6 assembled with YHC,

We knocked out The Pledge before beginning warmup.


It would take far too long to describe what we did for the first part of warmup.  It was something YHC found on the internet, described as a way to stretch/warm all muscle groups.  Whether it did or not, you will have to ask the attendees.  After that we did MNC IC x 10.

After a circuitous route around the parking lot, we ended up at the side of the school.

The Thang:

49’s (just like 11’s, but you total 49 and count by 7’s) with Mountain Climbers on one end and Crab Hip Thrusters aka Peter Pushers on the other.

A slow meander/10 count to the front of the school.

Now its time to get some PT work in:

  • 25 SSH, Run the Circle
  • 25 LBC Run the Circle
  • 25 Merkins, Run the Circle
  • 25 Squats,  Run the Circle
  • 25 Dips, Run the Circle.

But this is 49er day, so…

  • 24 SSH, Run the Circle
  • 24 LBC Run the Circle
  • 24 Merkins, Run the Circle
  • 24 Squats,  Run the Circle
  • 24 Dips, Run the Circle.

With a few minutes to spare, YHC throws out a trivia question…

Given today is St. Patrick’s Day and you are supposed to wear Green, what color was St. Patrick’s Day originally associated with?  Dirt and Doodles thew out Red and Dry Rub said Blue.  The group ultimately decided on Red.  9 Burpees for getting it wrong (4 if they had gotten it right).  The answer is Blue.  (BTW, there is no explanation as to why it was originally Blue.)

And that is Time!

We meandered back to the Flag.

  • Convergence at Martha Rivers this Saturday is postponed.  Normal Saturday AOs are open at normal times.
  • Community Foundation Run is cancelled.
Prayer Requests:
  • Everyone dealing with COVID-19 virus.
  • All those that are struggling as a result of the virus, whether that be mentally, emotionally, physically or fiscally.
  • PAX

Dirt took us out in prayer


Today is my 18262 day in this world or 1 day short of 50 years.  Thus the theme of today’s workout – my last day as a 49er,  You can join me tomorrow at The Labyrinth (aka Snoballs aka The Black Knight aka Martha’s House) for a “Respect”able Q.  EC begins at 0500.

Thanks to all the men of F3.  You continue to push, pull and inspire.

In these dark times, look to the Lord.  This trial we are going through is meant to draw us close to Him and teach us to rely on Him.  From The Sword this week:

Isaiah 26:4

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting ROCK.

Until tomorrow

Watts Up powering down.

Sitting on a Wall

Planned for a downpour of rain and the sky parted during the work out time. But we stayed under the overhang most of the time. Started with a mosey then did some imperial walkers, side shuttle hoppin, Don Qs, and Moroccan night clubs.

Workout: Deck of cards – Pax calls out the exercise based on category. We took a lap around the parking lot after 2 rounds.

Spades –  Wall Sits

Heart- Arms

Diamonds- Abs

Clubs- Legs

Announcements: Be on the look out for an announcement regard the 5 year anniversary convergence

Prayer Requests: Students at Stuart Cramer, Allen Tate, guys not seen in awhile

COT and the rain starts back.

Rainy morning at the storm

11 men came for a rainy morning at The Storm. Since I got them all wet last time I lead, I decided to give in and let them stay dry under the cat walk. I went with the 45 exercises in 45 minutes. inspired by our friend Ashepond. Here is the list of our workout. we did modify one time and ran down the parking lot and back when the rain had quit.






Big Boys

Toy Soldiers

Nolan Ryans

American Hammers


Wide Arm Merkins

Dying Cockroaches



Pretzel Crunch

Imperial walkers

Low Plank

Crunchy Frogs

Rocky Balboas


OverHead Claps

Freddie Mercury’s

Skater Squats

Don Q

V-up Roll-ups

Tiger Squats

Dips on the curb

Oblique sit ups

Grass Pokers

Mnt Climbers

Flutter Kicks

Butt Kickers

Peter Parker’s

Hold feet up 6 inches

High Knees

Parker Peters

Bobby Hurleys

Calf Raises

High Plank


Moroccan Night Clubs

1 Leg Deadlifts

Wall sit

Incline Merkins

Decline Merkins




Convergence coming up.


Prayer request for those struggling with mental health. Breaker Breakers in laws.

Prayer works men!! keep in the word and build your faith!!!!

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