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Good Round 2

JJ, Island, Time Frame, Gastone, Captain Stubby, Clavin, Tombstone, Spider-Man, Turtle Man, Watts-up, Woppee, JK2

The pax graciously waited and even cheered as I can sliding in a couple minutes late. I had texted an excuse for my tardiness which apparently was mistaken by the pax as reason to celebrate. I let them know that I was delayed due to an early morning round two, and although my round two did feel complete and was met with a satisfying release, they thought my round two was an intimate exchange between me and the “M,” I can assure you the “M” had no part nor wanted anything to do with my round two, it just the man and his throne.

Everything you read below either, happened, was going to happen, or didn’t happen at all.

Before heading out and in an attempt to keep YHC on track I asked Woppee to watch the 6, which he kinda did sort of part of the time when he was reminded.

Warm Up
SSH IC – (Unknown)
Arm Circles
Merkins IC
Short Story 5 Burpees
Don Quixotes
Moroccan Night Clubs

The Thang
Mosey to the Rock Pile
Get Rocks
Partner Up and head back to Stonehenge, too wet so we walked through the mud to the parking lot.

Round 1
100ish Thruster / Walking Lunges with rock (Mosey Back)

Round 2
3 Rounds Each (Colt 45s) On this day in 1836 Samual Cult Patented his Revolver
– 1st Round Partner 1 does AMRAP Bottom 1/2 Curls, while partner Mosey With Right Hand Holding Rock High, Mosey Back with Left Hand Holding Rock High
– 2nd Round Partner 1 does AMRAP Top 1/2 Curls, while partner Mosey With Right Hand Holding Rock High, Mosey Back with Left Hand Holding Rock High
– 3rd Round Partner 1 does AMRAP Full Curl, while partner Mosey With Right Hand Holding Rock High, Mosey Back with Left Hand Holding Rock High

10 Burpees because that didn’t seem hard enough(that’s what she said)

Tell the “Pushing the rock story” on the way back to rock pile.

Mosey back to parking lot where we stopped every other light for a PAX choice of favorite exercise, 1st 3 were Burpees, until JJ changed it to American Hammers. Then in front of the gate we all got in low plank position for a countdown to jail break back

Mary Pax’s choice

Announcements – May 5th Mt Mitchell



How do you reach JK2?

Place holder – stay tuned.  Pending  backblast from 2 weeks back at the Black Knight.   I don’t remember details, however, recall that JK2 had a great Q.   Shared some words on leadership that was impactful.


Editorial note:  Not that Rudolph – as in the one who was jamming on the karaoke machine Saturday.  But the Rudolph with the red nose.   Funny thinking about 9 older men jogging at 5:30 in the am singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.   More on that momentarily.

As I write this watching the Panther’s Monday night game, I must say, I hope Tepper blows that whole team up.  Coaching staff, front office, trade away Cam and cut the guys who have lost a few steps.  Did see Roscoe in the stands celebrating a TD.  This team is like watching the Wolfpack, gives you something to get you excited, only to break your heart.   Anyway, I digress…

The Pledge



  • SSH x 30 IC
  • MNC x 100 IC (Original plan was 30, mumble chatter (Hush Puppy – I think) said bet you can’t get to 100.   Nice way to loosen up
  • LBC x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey towards Park, head fake and circle around Snoballs to the bank, stop by the teller line for WWI Sit ups x 20 IC

Frogger across Neil Hawkins to the coupon stack.  YHC encouraged everyone to get a heavier rock.  (Some found rocks heavier than others).

Cusak mosey towards old HT (arms above head with the coupons)

Run to  loading dock,  jump up, Crab Walk down the ramp, run to the parking lot, complete 2000 American Hammers with coupon – Rinse and repeat x 3

Line up and take off on a Reindeer Run (pretty much an Indian run).  Head towards the ATM, we started singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  Can’t say that it was 9 PAX strong, however, heard some tenor and bass.  Ran around the HT and back to starting position where we had ditched the coupons.

Next exercise – Run to loading dock, jump up, Bear Walk down the ramp, run to the parking lot, complete 20 Mike Tyson’s.  Rinse and repeat x 3.

WWII sit ups x 20 IC

Next exercise – Run backwards to the first lighted pole, complete 5 worst merkins ever (1 wide armed merkin, 1 normal, 1 diamond), run back to the start complete 10 curls per arm (omaha’d to 30 due to coupons being so big).  Rinse and repeat x 3.

At this point, our arms were starting to feel pretty good.   Figured we needed a meander, so did the Cusak again to the far wall by the old HT.

Wall sits with overhead coupon press x 10 IC followed by 10 donkey kicks IC.  Rinse and repeat x 3.

  • There was some mumble chatter during the 1st set.   Next thing YHC knows, Hushpuppy was exchanging coupons with me.   The dude had picked up an iron ore core that must of weighed 100 pounds.   Wasn’t that large, however, was quite heavy.   Believe Gastone grabbed for the 3rd set.

Time was running short and still have a number of exercises left on my weinke.

Chest presses x10 IC with coupon rinse and repeat with a count of flutter kicks

Mosey back to coupon stack

Jail break to SnoBalls

Made it back on time.  Way to push men.   It was a great morning with temps above 32.


Prayers for Toto and family.  Stonecold’s Dad

Hush Puppy with the Q next Monday

Stay tuned in for details about Christmas morning workout schedules

Merry Christmas  all



A good week to give thanks

10 strong to start Thanksgiving week at the Black Knight

The Pledge


Warm up

SSH x 50 (or so) IC.  The PAX stopped counting

MNC x 20 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Don Quixote x 10 IC


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, YHC asked Dirt what exercise he was most thankful for.   He responded that he appreciated core exercises and said “flutter kicks”.   Ok, let’s mosey.

Heading down Riverwood Parkway

Stop at the first light, complete 20 flutter kicks OYO, mosey to the next light complete 20 more flutter kicks, on to the next light rinse and repeat.  We stopped after the 5th light for a total of 100 flutter kicks

Hippa appears.  What exercise are you most thankful for?  Of course the kettle-ball hero says burpees.   Ok, next light 10 burpees.   Rinse and repeat at the next two lights – total of 30 burpees

Another question, this time to Easy Rider – what exercise are you most thankful for?  Squats he retorts.

Up Gastone’s hill stopping at each light on the left, completing 20 squats until to the top

Plank it up waiting on the six, turn it into Mountain Climbers x 30 OYO

Mosey down the hill

Bernie Sanders back up Gastone’s hill, believe it was Clavin claiming diamond merkins to be his most thankful.  Stop at each light on the right x 10 OYO

Plank it up at the top waiting on the six.

Monk shared his most thankful exercise was WWI’s.  On the way down, stopped at each light on the right.   At the steep incline, had to do with feet at top of the decline.  This may have been the winner.  Every time you performed one, you slide a few inches down the hill.  We were inch worming down the hill.  Mumble chatter was that someone was losing lower body hair.

The crowd pleaser at the end, bear crawl up the hill stopping at the lights on the left to perform Island’s most thankful exercise of Merkins x 10.   The PAX was questioning the plan and YAC was adamant about first 4 lights.   After about the first light, it was laying a pretty good beat down.  Ended up omaha’ing to complete to the first 4 mail boxes.   Mosey back down the hill headed towards Snoballs.

Believe it was Toto who mentioned his most thankful was in and outs, complete at each light 10 OYO and then to the next light.

At some point, YHC called a jail break.  In the lower parking lot, 10 wolverine burpees (courtesy of Gastone) and called time.  Everyone was pushing the rock.  Good work across the board.   Will make it more enjoyable eating on Thursday.


Christmas town 5k Saturday evening show or support

Wet Stone  – See Monk if interested, have continued to add new stones

Christmas party in Dec

Prayers to those traveling

So much to be thankful for this time of year.  Regardless of the ups and down of daily life, this week is about taking time to pause and reflect, give thanks to the blessings that we have and spending time with family and friends.  It’s easy to focus on the pain or struggles.   It’s all about perspective and balance.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.   Heard a rumor that Rudolph shared that it’s a free cheat day if you are on the 40 day challenge.

Always an honor to Q.   Cheers – Turtleman




Happy Veterans Day

7 Hims showed for the Veterans Day Murph at Black Knight.

The Thang:

We did the Murph!

The Moleskin:

Great morning and a strong crowd.

Aleays an honor, Gastone


Sleeping Turtle

12 for a Turtleman Q but he overslept. Gastone, took the Q and all were pumped.

The Thang:

20 SSH (For me these were actually hard, my legs were so tight)

10 Imperial Walker

15 Merkins

Mosey to playground.

Partner up, top of the hill on the sidewalk do 1 partner Derkin, jog opposite directions around and meet at the other side and do 10 hand slap Merkins. Rinse and repeat until you switch the numbers. 11’s. (Turtleman Joined us from the Fastsack)

LBC’s until they finish.

50 Squats one corner.

50 Monkey Humpers next corner.

Lunge walk up the hill, 50 yards.

50 Sumo Squat Jumps. (Mumble Chatter but that led to a HIM pushing and completing the 50 instead of sitting on the sideline, Nice work)

Backwards run all the way back to the start. 1/2 a mile.

The Moleskin:

Effort leads to results! If you run with faster men you will also run faster. Form is important.

As always thanks for the opportunity, it is a privilege to lead that will not last forever.


Gastone Out.


I heard you Turtleman.



Took Too Long

I lead a workout. I smoked from the crackpipe of manana and did not post the backblast.  wanted to get it on the books to give the pax the credit.

It was before burpeethod.  We did a warmup. I read from the Q source, we did some planks and shoulder taps and stuff, then we moseyed and got some rocks from the rock farm.  We went to the parking lot and did some curls with the rocks.  We did some Dora 123

100 dying cockroaches

200 flutters

300 LBC’s

Partner ran around the light post.

Went back to the snoballs parking lot and did a Circle Burp and got to 64 (I think).  I Omaha’d and we did about 4 minutes of mary.

We prayed.

That is all.  Sorry for the delay in posting Huckleberry.

Diamonds are forever.

8 showed up for the after storm party. The weather was good this morning and Diamonds are forever.

The Thang:

30 Seal Jacks

15 Merkins

20 Plank Jacks

5 Diamonds

Mosey towards Hawks Nest

Arrived at Hawks Nest for Plank and right arm and leg then left.

Mosey around to Robinson

25 Dips 3 count

20 Squats

25 Derkins

20 Lunges count the right leg

25 Incline Merkins

30 Wall Jumps

5 Diamonds

20 Dips 3 count

20 Squats

20 Derkins

20 Lunges count the right leg

20 Incline Merkins

20 Wall Jumps

10 Diamonds

15 Dips 3 count

20 Squats

15 Derkins

20 Lunges count the right leg

15 Incline Merkins

15 Wall Jumps

15 Diamonds

Mosey to the other side of school.

20 Wide Arm Merkins OYO

Mosey to bottom of Gastone’s hill

Backwards up the hill.

Mosey back to the start.

Times up, before Mary get it on your own.

The Moleskin:

Turtleman is recovering from injury and coming along. We should see him around Friday. Weather was good this morning and the rain had stopped. Not a lot of mumble chatter but Whoopee told a story about the Goruck. Just like a Monday should be as we showed up and got the job done to start off the week better than anybody else.

Prayer request, 3 month old that lost life in dallas and prayers for the family. Prayers for all the people affected by the storm.

Gastone Out!




What’s in a name?

When I heard my Friend Bambi may be posting on Wed Morning I knew I could not fartsack.  My running has been hampered of late by a nagging injury which has led me to skip a few workouts for fear of the 3 mile sprint.  I asked on the twitterer who had the Q for Wed morning and Gastone said it was open if I wanted it.  Not sure which day was Snoballs and Which day was the Black Knight, I blasted out that “Hushpuppy has the Q for Marha’s Black Knights Snoballs on Wed”.  Needless to say, Gastone was not impressed and pointed out (again) that each workout has it’s own name and promptly loaded my name into the Q list on google drive as Hushpoopy.  Welcome to the kitchen, there’s the heat.

Bambi was already present when I arrived, Several runners came in from EC as the clock wound down so we began.  Disclaimer: I’m an idiot, you’re an idiot for being here, i’m not a professional.  Modify as needed, there’s no one to sue because if you do something to get hurt then you’re a big idiot. Everyting I say is a suggestion and my biggest suggestion is that you go back home and go to bed.

No takers, so we honored the stars and stripes.


Imperial walkers IC x 15, Merkins IC x 10, Flutter Kicks X 15 IC,  and the runners training for the BRR took off.

Introduced the Split Jack, which is like a Merkin only with feet kicking out front, one at a time like a dancing girl.  15 IC.

Mosey to the Martha’s parking lot.  Circle up, count off for effect, then the next exercise, Aiken Legs:

Frankly, I didn’t get past the A’s in the Exicon as I searched for something for my Weinke.  Aiken legs looked cool and seemed to fill some time, so I called it.

20 Box jumps (on the curb), 20 Squats, 20 lunges, 20 Split Jacks: OYO.  Wash, rinse, repeat for a total of 3 times.

After a 10 count it was time for some Dora 123.  100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBC’s.  (I originally called LBFC’s but realized that would take a really long time so Omaha’d).

after another 10 count, time for 4 corners on a short parking lot around some islands.  Started at 12 and worked downward at each corner, Merkins OYO.

After another 10 count, the time was 10 til finish so we mosey’d back to Snoballs Black Knight’s Parking lot.

6 minutes of Mary, with some LBFC’s (really wanted to do these), Flutter kicks, Dying Cockroaches, and I think crunches.

Runners arrived just in time.  6:15

Announcements: BRR, a driver is needed, Support for the Ladies getting after it on Saturday morning launching a women’s morning workout weekly at Dallas park 8am on Saturdays.  Encourage your M to be a part.  Convergence this Saturday for CSPAN sendoff from Fort Mill, Clown cars leave the Roses parking lot Belmont at 5:30am.  Whetstone project is in effect.  More than mentorship, Whetstone is designed to sharpen a man for life.  The Stone gives up something when he is applied, The blade gives up something when he is sharpened, but both gain wisdom and purpose through the relationship. See Monk if you’d like to be involved as a Stone or a blade.

Prayers for Monks coworker, who’s child passed from cancer.  Madoff prayers for Nikki Bailey fighting cancer, Sargento’s wife with knee injury, and some others.

Moleskin: It’s easy to get whiny and make excuses to quit.  For as long as I can remember I’ve always hurt.  But the fact is, I hurt more when I sit still.  I hurt less when I move and when I move with you.  See you in the Gloom.





Com’in Back from Cali…

My family vacation this summer was a trip to the west coast, starting in LA and finishing in San Diego, checking out the left coast for a change of scenery. It was beautiful, well parts were at least. LA is a zoo and you can keep the traffic. Imagine Franklin Street during Christmas, 8 lanes wide all going at least 60 to 90 miles an hour. Then throw in a few Evil Knievals weaving in and out and splitting the lanes when they have to. I enjoyed seeing Mike Love’s current tour of the Beach Boys live, some good food, and a few other things, but it is good to be home. Where I thankfully checked the Q schedule as I was doing my month end Weasel Shaker duties to learn Turtle Man had me listed as Q of The Black Knight this morning. Actually it didn’t bother me – kind of got me excited to design a new workout.

I decided to use my sandbags and bricks for a portion so that required me to get up early. That wasn’t a problem as my body clock is all to heck at the moment. I woke up about 0200 for some reason and doubt I slept much until the alarm at 0500. Good news is I arrived early to the AO for a change; second one in the parking lot behind the freshly shaved Island. If he didn’t have the purple Hornets shirt on, I’d have thought we had an 20 year old FNG. Don’t worry, Island said “the beard” will return one day. Whoopee and Stone Cold declare they were going to run instead of attend my boot camp. I was a little hurt because Whoopee and I already traded barbs via twitter – not over our musical interest but over the workout. But he’s got the BRR upcoming that requires dedicated miles. Now – my man Gastone – he got up early for EC to log his miles and then posted for the extra pain. He had the sweaty knuckles to prove it. Others began to roll in and it was time to clock in. Veterans abound so only the brief disclaimer was stated: “modify as necessary.”


  • 4×4 (4 merkins, 4 mtn climbers) x 5
  • Butt Kickers IC x 10
  • Squat Jack Twits IC x 10
  • Burpees 5 OYO


Mosey via the gravel road to the first picnic shelter at Martha Rivers, careful to avoid the large dumpster truck. Upon arrival I explained Round 1: mini Insanity. The circuit had 4 exercises at 30 seconds each with no rest until after all had been completed. We did 3 rounds of AMRAP during each 30 set:

  • Knee crunches (rest back of calves on picnic bench)
  • Dips
  • Box Jumps
  • Decline Peter Parkers

This was a grueling set that immediately brought the sweat, except for Gastone – he was already moist. Odd word “moist:” but guys find it funny while women seem to hate it unless it is mentioned in baking – is it time to digress? On the knee crunches I reiterated to give yourself some headroom between the picnic benches and quickly referenced the fabled Michael Scott joke “that’s what she said…” It took a second before the chuckles occurred. It was dark and I think it was Pedal that nearly broke the table on one of the moves – he said he was fine. Gastone tried to bring the mumble chatter but he seemed to be the only one. A peanut gallery of one is tough; time to mosey to Phase II – along the upper track and through the back entrance to Riverwood we ran until reaching the entrance. We dropped for LBC’s for a period of time until the 6 arrived and all had done at least 30 seconds of crunches. Let’s get to the office building for 11’s. I’ve not done these in a while but recalled Island doing an entire workout of this exercise and it being tough. My version was to begin with 10 merkins on the south end, run to the opposite side near the wall for 1 flying squirrel. You know the drill from there. All the guys pushed hard through that one. Other than the huffs for breath, it was quiet.

The final Thang only required a fellowship mosey to the front of the old HT. I did this a Midoriyama a few weeks ago and it was a crowd pleaser. Learning from that lesson we divided into groups of 3. P1 would remain at the parking line and perform Moroccan Night Clubs with bricks in each hand. P2 would lunge walk to the next parking line with sand bags in each hand or over their shoulder. P3 was waiting while performing flutter kicks. P2 set the timer for the exchange meaning P1 and P3 had +/- a minute of the exercises. Most of the time MNC’s are docile but do them for a minute with resistance and the shoulders will burn. More time was needed as we only made it two rounds before a sprint was required back to the AO.

COT: The announcements have been posted in other BB’s so take  a look. Throw some school supplies in your car as Hush Puppy and Squirt are collecting for Least of These kids. We lifted prayers for the newest AO Mt. Hollywood, all the guys traveling, and all the thoughts in our hearts and minds.

Today was a grinder but one that everyone pushed through. We really could have used two more really strong men to make the teams of three work, oh that’s right, they were running. I’ll still count them since they did break a sweat during their 5 mile mosey. To the others, it was good to see TimeFrame back along with many of the regulars. Thanks to our fearless leader Turtle Man that put me as the Q. Even though he was spooning this morning and missed his ride to the workout, he made sure his PAX were taken care of – you’re welcome. Until the next one, thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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