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Back by Popular Demand

12 pax plus 3 ruckers pushed some rocks, some carried them 2+ miles. Great energy on this the first day of 2019. Back by popular demand were some partner wheel barrels, the stupid shuffle, some ab work and a few bits of this new thing referred to as jogging (pronounced Yogging).

Prayer Requests – For all pax to start strong 2019, Zoe & Family battling another illness, Wanderer’s Uncle in Arizona battling recent Cancer Diagnosis.

Welcome FNG Klinger – entering 5th year and last year in the service, considering medical school after that. He is fast at running.

HIPAA and all AOs need Qs. sign up.

Until Thursday at the Goat.

Pre Halloween Party

It was a crisp fall morning at the storm as I arrived.  The stars were out and the moon was shining in all its glory.  I could feel it.  Yep! This is going to be a good morning once again with my 15 F3 brothers at the Storm.

5:30…lets get busy.



Appalachian Americans x 10

SSH x 20

mosey to traffic circle on campus beside field for Jack Webbs up to 10.

mosey to parking lot in front of school for main event.

Main Event

Instruction is to do exercise written in parking space and run to light pole approximately 150 feet away and on to the next work station.

  1.  Mountain Climbers x 30
  2. Merkins x 30
  3. Plank 30 count
  4. American Hammers x 20
  5. Curls x 10
  6. Derkins x 20
  7. V ups x 20
  8. CDD’s x 20
  9. Squats x 20
  10. Burpees x 10

I think everyone made it through roughly 2.5 times before time to go.

According to my watch we did just over 2 miles.

There was some great fellowship and decent music.

All pushed hard and got stronger.  Very nice work gentlemen!

I like to send a shout out to my man Hydrant.  Nice work brother.  Way to push that darn rock!


November 10- Convergence at the Yank.  Rosco and Shortsale co-Q beatown

November 29- Christmastown 5K

Dec 15- Christmas Party at Quiche’s-

It is always my honor to join you guys and start my day in such a positive way.  I thank God for you.






Less than a week from some pretty rough stuff at the GOAT, it was time for redemption. I reworked the timer and made sure it was legit and ready to go. Phone and speaker were charged up and the night before the Q, Breaker Breaker reached out and gave a little more grief, but did give me his favorite music genre is old school rock. Just so happens, Spotify has a playlist for just such a thing.

No FNGs so the normal disclaimer.
Warm Up – SSH x10IC, Moroccan Night Clubs x 25IC and Grass Pickers x10IC (we were able to count).

Grab some extra coupons because I remember there only being 14 blocks, but Dr. Seuss, Orangeman and Slim Shady manned up and carried the Slam ball, kettle bell and Sand Bag.

Mosey to the blocks and circle up for some 3, 2, 1….Three minutes of strength split b/w two exercises, two minutes of cardio split between two exercises, one minute of abs and then run to keep us moving.
Set1: 3) Squat Press & Merkins, 2) Burpees & high knees, 1) crunchy frogs.
Set2: 3) kettlebell/block swings & curls, 2) plank jacks and fast feet, 1) American hammer.
Set3: 3) squats & dips, 2) side straddle hop & mountain climbers, 1) flutter kicks.
Set4: 3) overhead press & Tricep extensions, 2) squat or lunge jumps & seal jacks, 1) Freddy mercury.

We Omahaed the running on the third set to make sure we finished the sets. Put the blocks up and mosey to the start. The music selection and timer operation for the sets were flawless. Still some mumble chatter.

Announcements: This was a Tiny Tank special Q. It’s been a year since I took over and I am looking to pass the reigns. Ruck this weekend so get with Boudin to park at Roadies work or Freights house.

Prayers: Clavins mother in Hospice, Boudins sons shoulder and concern for his senior year.

COT – Tophat took us out.

The Birthday Theme

YHC had the Q and with my birthday just the day prior, I decided to come up with a theme for the new number. 38 is the key.

I got there a little early to plant the flag and shoot the breeze with Orangeman, who is just into anything fitness, whether biking, running (to and from the workouts), etc.

Pax roll in and we circle up for the pledge and disclaimer. I am not a big fan of a warmup, although I need to be, but we mosey to the courts to receive instruction. Count off by twos and partner up. There is an even number so it worked out.
P1 moseys to other end of court to do said number of exercise while P2 stays back and does LBCs. Switch so both partners do the exercise.

Round 1: Squats, CDDs, Flutter Kicks, SSH, Merkins x38
Round 2: Lunges (each leg counts), Moroccan Night Clubs, Heel Touches, High Knees, dum dum dum BURPEES!!!!! X38.

We set a record today for the number of LBCs done in a workout.

Mosey back to the start and circle up for some Mary. Boudin and Dolph called five burpees, Breaker Breaker called five more and then some more Moroccan night clubs. Finish with the wave of merkins from five down.

Announcements, Name-o-Rama, COT.

Announcements: Friday night F3Dads at the Grizzlies (get in touch with Roscoe), 2.0 workout at Folsom on Saturday, 2nd F kayaking from Floyd and Blackies in Cramerton on Saturday at 10:00 (Sargento), Ruck event leaving Saturday 6/23 to Grandfather Mountain (Hot for Teacher or Whoopee),

Prayer requests: Lynn Hamm, BBs Uncle, Teslas Uncle, Clark Family, Coworkers, High School grads at beach and good decisions, Kotters (reach out). Dr. Seuss took us out.

Thanks for being out there and celebrating the birthday with me gents. Truly an honor to be around you all. I am humbled.

Q…Bueller, Bueller

Well, this has happened to me twice. A Pax had the Q and while talking with another Pax on Saturday, it was confirmed. However, when time was close, they were a no-show. A few people started asking and all I had up my sleeve for a backup was the blockbuster. Sargento manned up and said how about the ABC where you do an exercise based on the letter as long as I would do the backblast. It was set and away we went. Apparently when put on chopping block, you cant think of an exercise beginning with that letter. Of course, B was for burpees, but thinking three ahead, when L popped up, YHC said lunges. That was to some shagrin because LBCs were right there. X came around and an extra lap was noted. It was a fun disaster.

Lessons to learn:
1. Always have a spare Q should this happen.
2. If you are on the list and know, SHOW UP. People depend on you. If not, let someone know ahead of time.
3. Follow up with your Qs, regardless if you have heard they are good. I didn’t learn the first time, but I have the second. It wont happen again men and I apologize for the lack of leadership on the part of the Site Q.
4. Its getting hot…..Wear deodorant you smelly rascals!!!! This is not amusing.

Announcements: Convergences this Saturday at Midoriyama at 0700, hike up Grandfather on June 23 (get with hot for teacher), 2nd F next weekend.

Prayers: Coworker losing his mother, Abbas shoulder, Flush’s knee, Lynn Hamm, BBs uncle aneurism and stroke, Graduates

Oh no!! It’s me??

I set Abba up to Q a while back and he showed up without remembering he had it. Fortunately Timeframe was eager and ready so they were swapped. Early this week, Abba asked for another reprieve as he was starting a cleanse with his wife and was not to stray too far from a toilet. That I understand so I asked Brownstreak to double up and he agreed. Unfortunately, I still had my do not disturb on so I didn’t get the text of him being sick and not making it out until I pulled in with eith minutes to go. I asked my good friend Dolph if he had any dice or what and he said the 99 so here we go.

Mosey to covered shelter and figure out what exercises we need to do. Remembering them in order was a pax event and I caught a lot of abuse for the lack of memory.

Exercises: Mericans, squats, high knees, LBCs, wall sit and then a pax choice exercise. Either do 9 reps, 99 reps or 99 seconds and reduce by 10 each round. We added some SSH. Pax choice exercises were goofbals, Don Quixote, Jump burpees over partner, pseudo plank mericans, Imperial walkers, oblique crunch, archer push ups, regular burpees.

I had my phone and like to jam out some but the music choice was not right for everyone. Breaker Breaker didn’t like System of a Down, but liked Eminem, Sargento did not like the Billy Idol. Bieber was requested but not found. I was asked why I didn’t have my speaker, replied I didn’t know I had the Q and short explanation and was told that was no excuse.

Mosey back to start and some brave chaps took off and got ahead so I just veered off and kept going a different direction.

Pledge, Prayers, nameorama

Prayers: Lynn Hamm (BB friend), Aunt Judy (BB Aunt) moving to rehab, Missionary Brunson, Guatemala Missionaries,


Moleskin: It is good to take a beating like I did today as it humbles you. When Hippa showed up late during the wall sit station he was witty to reply he had been holding 90 degrees for a few miles. Sargento will be nominated as the Storm site Q as he was very critical of me today and that just tells me he misses the power and control. Thanks for bearing with an impromptu tire fire men. Shoutout to Hippa for his Iron skillet. I don’t think I have seen anyone hit that many in a month. Same goes for Boudin and his EC work.

AM Court (Shoutout to Nightcourt)

It was good to be back this AM. It’s been a minute since I have surfaced. It was a struggle but what isn’t….right?!
As I pull up and park I see Mayor trying to pull over the light poll (what a beast). I saw Dolph wearing more clothes than he intended. I heard Boudin vow not to dress warm again this winterspringsummer we are having. And Hippa wrapped up like a ninja. As others filtered in, it was time. Here’s  what I recall………….


S= ssh 15ic
T= toy soldier 15ic
O= overhead squats 10ic
R= rocky Bolboa 15ic
M= moroccan night club 25ic

Mosey to tennis courts

Court House:

Bear crawl across court
Squat walk aka Duck Walk across court
Mt. Climbersx10
Lunge across court
Sprint back to first court
Repeato 5x

Mosey to top of parking lot.

Triple Nickel:

Mericans top
Mosey down hill to stop sign
Squats bottom

Mosey to start for Mary:

8 pax for 8 different ab exercises

5 minutes left……

Mary Speed Round: (there was some nut busters)




Be on the look out for Burpeethon info and Hippa needs anyone with photos from community run to post on slack. He is creating a video.

Loved ones for sickness and new adventures. Co-workers for strength to over come.

Brownstreak wiped out!

What can Brown do for you??

It was a rainy day in the gloom.  I had the wienke put together and it was noted anyone with a wienke that big, must be the Q.  With the rain coming down, we had two options.  We took plan B and ran for cover.

With time up, disclaimer and pledge, we mosey to the cover at the school entrance.

The Thang:  the old 99er.

99LBCs, 90 second wall sit, 9 burpees, 99 high knees, 9 Mericans
Repeat down to 77 and then switch the LBCs to SSH and high knees to lunges
Repeat down to  55 and switch back.

Get down to the end and then a minute plank and 30 second side plank.

A little chatter on counting and bikes, but a great workout.  Turns out it didn’t rain at all so we would have done option A.  I have the Q again in April so it will be making an appearance.

Prayers:  Whoopie coworker with cancer, Mayor and his eye stint removal.

Announcements:  Bourbon race team meeting in march.  2nd F in March (I think the 22nd).  Look for this from Sargento.  Wings and cold beveragaes and basketball.

BOOM Docks


S- ssh 25ic

T- tomahawk 15ic

O- overhead squats 10sc

R- rocky balboas 15ic

M- Moroccan Night Clubs 25ic


The Thang 1:

Dora 123 at the loading docks

100 merkins

200 lbc

300 squats

The Thang 2:

Crossroads: 4 way crossroad in front of school aka round about.

Road one: 10 merkins

Road two: 20 squats

Road three: 20 lbc

Road four: 20 mt. climbers

At the center before taking other road 5 burpees


All 11 pax named an ab workout for a 10 oyo or 10 ic count.


AMRAP Baby!!!

Well gents, we meet again.  After having some awesome dudes step up and lead, it was my turn to get back in the mix again and I always try to put a good one on.  I even put an event in my phone to remind me to look it up.  Its no surprise, I am a weightlifter and not a runner, but I need both so I got to work.  After putting the weinke together and writing it out, I put some cones in the truck so I would be ready.  I pulled up and Boudin was coming back after some EC rucking.  I put some cones out by just opening the door and dropping them and when I got back to the start, I got out of the truck and didn’t like the feel in the air.

Time comes and we had a good showing so lets get after it.

Warmup:  None…what are we ?

Thang:  Run to the school, circle up for instruction and go (to music).  Set the timer for 10 minutes and complete four sets of four exercises and run a lap around said cones as many times as possible in the time limit.
Set 1 SHOULDERS – CDDs x10, Wall Walks x5, Hip Slappers x10 (SC/single count), Shoulder taps x10 (SC).
Set 2 LEGS – Squats x15, Lunges x10 each leg, Calf Raises x20, 90 degree wall sit for 30 seconds.
Set 3 CHEST – Diamond Merks x8, Werkins x8, Regular x8, Archers x8 or to failure.  If failure, go to next exercise.
Set 4 CORE – Supreme Crunch x10, Reverse Crunch x10, Situps x10, Scissor crunch x10.

Mosey back to start for pledge, name-o-rama, announcement and BOM.

During the 1st round, I realized I never started my watch, which made governing time a little more challenging, however, I did have my phone and CAT Bluetooth speaker cranking and awesome blend.  There were a few comments about skipping over some songs and leaving others, one said it was my graduation playlist, but third eye blind is legit.  There was lots of good chatter.  YHC ended up commenting on someones form only to be the victim minutes later.  We covered right at two miles and got some serious work in.  I got chastised for getting the six when I asked everyone to go back for them.  Come to think of it, Sargento did seem to critique me a lot today, but I know its his way of trying to make me better because of the greatness he sees in me; plus hes jealous of the playlist.  By the way, after the mosey back to Metallica’s Master of Puppets, I skipped a few more and here were the songs that followed:  Kiss (Prince), Stepping Away (Stereomud), Welcome to the Jungle (GNR), Dancing with Myself (Billy Idol).  The lesson is sometimes workouts just aren’t long enough.

Prayers:  Teslas Sister, M’s Co-workers and many more unnamed.

Announcements:  2nd F for the whole family on 2/16 at the lanes in Belmont; Flag football in Metro oon Sunday 2/4/18 at 3:00 )get with Tesla on clown car info-Needs 10); Roscoe and F3 Dads at Crowders Ridge snow-less tubing (check his preblast for all information).

Moleskin:  It was awesome to be out there just pushing it today.  It was good to see from friends out there and have a laying on of hands for a PAX in need.  It was an honor and pleasure fellows and I will see you in the gloom.

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