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PREBLAST: F3 Gastonia SPEEDFORNEED Community Foundation Run


F3 Gastonia, many of you have seen my Tweets, Retweets, and more Tweets about SPEEDFORNEED!!  Now it’s your opportunity to be a part of this great organization.  Join your brothers from F3 Gastonia and F3 Nation for our 1st SPEEDFORNEED event of 2018.  If you’ve never heard of SPEEDFORNEED, watch this video from F3 Gastonia’s Inaugural SPEEDFORNEED event at the Christmastown 5k 2017 SPEED FOR NEED Race #19 – ChristmasTown 5K – YouTube  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


  • RACE EVENT: Community Foundation Run
  • DATE: April 14, 2018 @ 9am
  • WHO’S INVITED: F3 Nation PAX, their M’s and 2.0s (spectate & support or register to run)
  • REGISTRATION WEBSITE: Community Foundation Run
  • OTHER DETAILS: When registering please select organization *SpeedForNeed F3 Gastonia*
  • MEETING POINT: F3 Nation SPEEDFORNEED tent in the Rotary Pavilion (look for the racing chairs!)
  • HOST F3 REGION: F3 Gastonia

SpeedForNeed Christmastown 5k

It seemed like only yesterday YHC was sending JRR Tolkien a txt saying “This SpeedForNeed Thing, I have to be a part of it. I have to push a Chair do you Understand, I have to!” Fast forward 5 months and here we are at Gashouse’s inaugural SpeedForNeed Race! Something changed in YHC when I saw this thing that is SpeedForNeed; there was a deep down in your gut Heart response for YHC….this mattered.

Wow is it November 25th already? The day seemed to take FOREVER to get here….and then when it was upon YHC it seemed like there wasn’t enough time! YHC was a nervous wreck the day of! Would all the Track Commanders make it? Would their Families have parking? Would anyone get hurt and so many more things flooded YHC mind. Then what should’ve happened first Pray! God was in this YHC knew he was in this! And let me tell you for those of you reading this that were unable to make it HE showed up in a BIG MAGICAL way!

The Families arrived one by one and YHC talked with them as they arrived. YHC had the pleasure of meeting James’s, Amy’s and Austin’s families before the race. And I have the Pleasure of knowing T-Square as my F3 brother for about 2 1/2 years now! YHC didn’t know at the start of all this that meeting the families BEFORE the race would be such a blessing. Men that’s where the connection happens! You get to KNOW there stories and their stories matter! Edison, Dolph, and Pizza Man all went with YHC to meet there riders, and having met them there’s more of a bond on the track the day/night of a race! If YHC could recommend anything to a Q / Driver for future events it would be to meet the families before a race it makes all the difference.

Thank you everyone involved in this at Gashouse! All of you made a difference that night with these kids. They were smiling and you could see the joy in their eyes! Thank you JRR Tolkien for sharing your vision and making it come alive for the f3 Nation to serve some of the most overlooked members of society through SpeedForNeed! Men I just don’t know how to emphasize YHC heartfelt gratitude for you all jumping in head first with YHC in this adventure!

The Thang:

Here’s what YHC remembered …what a whirl wind…. We are gathered at the tent…17:30 time to get the Track commanders in the chariots….the Primary drivers of each Chariot load the commanders in! Gather in front of the YMCA in the street! BOM now while we have everyone! Pray!! Pray that we would be HIS light! That we would Be the difference….that the riders would experience JOY!!! And that we all would be protected from injury! Wow….prayers answered. Let’s go! We head to the starting line and lineup at the start 4 in a row with all the PAX right behind the chariots. At this point as YHC looks at all of YOU …YHC fighting back tears! You had to see it men! From YHC’s perspective  looking at ALL of you. What a group of men….doing this on a Saturday night holiday weekend….and you’re all there support these kids….humbled…almost brought YHC to his knees . The image of all of you at the start will FOREVER be etched in YHC mind!

Were off! 2mins prior to the race the course is ours!…YHC runs with Pizza Man and Amy ( she was SO excited ) to start so YHC could see her because YHC knew Pizza Man was going to tear it up and well…YHC just isn’t that fast! Drop back hang with Dolph and Austin! Man Austin was loving it smiling and laughing! Drop back run with Edison and James….the smile on James priceless! Drop back run with T-Square and Mason! Mason looking around….taking it all in chilled and relaxed as he’s on this ride! ….hey YHC  can still see Pizza Man….sprint (I know Defib doctors orders no sprinting) YHC only did it once! Only because I couldn’t catch him again! Rinse and repeat the drop back sequence….YHC continued to cut through drop back as much as possible to be able to spend as much time as possible with each Track Commander. As we were heading back YHC could no longer catch Dolph or Pizza Man so I ran through to the end with James and Edison! As YHC got back in line with them YHC notice a PAX about 30 yards or so ahead carrying a flag and yelling to the crowed…” this is James! Cheer for James” well done Norwood! Well done indeed! Run though the finish line!….YHC knew Mason was out there still….run back through the finish an d backwards on the course YHC heard his 2.1 yelling “ Dad your going the wrong way!”  As I see Mason coming with the “Girazelle” known as Sargento driving …grab a side ToolTime and we jail break it in through the finish! Gather again with the Pax avaible …and BOM …JRR Tolkien at YHC request prays for the group again.

Then back to the finish line!  And watch Mayor, Hushpuppy, Pockets, Roadie, Huckleberry and others finish their 5k’s (PROUD OF YOU MEN! AYE!)….then Bam just as quick as it started its over….some fellowship and stories shared of experiences on the course ….stories of the joy of the riders….wow…the joy of the riders…that’s what it’s all about men …that right their….sharing Joy by doing something for some one that can’t do it for themselves! That’s WHY we are here on this Earth! YHC asked each of the Primary drivers to write a little something….here are their recaps!



The Christmastown 5k was finally here and you could feel the excitement meeting all the Track Commanders at the SFN tent.  I had the honor to drive Amy along with some HIMS from F3 Gastonia.  There was nothing like the anticipation of having 4 chariots at the start line and wanting to give the Track Commanders the time of their lives through the lights.  As we hit the streets of McAdenville, the crowds were priceless.  Every supporter we passed cheered louder and louder!!  With every cheer and all the lights, we could hear Amy’s excitement in her voice.  Every time we heard her excitement we pushed harder.  Heading back to the finish line the supporters were chatting Amy, Amy, Amy.  With all the Christmas lights and the supporters along the course, my words can’t describe the excitement we saw in Amy as we crossed the finish line!!!  I would like to thank Quiche, Defib, and WeeWee for helping me give Amy the time of her life.  This was truly one of the most memorable days of my life.  Special thanks to Tolkien and ToolTime for giving me this opportunity.  I would like to give a shout out to the men of F3, their M’s, and 2.0’s for all the support.

Pizza Man



TClaps ToolTime for pushing this event. Great job brother, honored to be part of it.  Tool Time and I went to meet Austin and his parents last week, and yeah it was a little awkward but we had a good conversation and we were set and ready for the 25th. Austin is 6 and has cerebral palsy and can’t talk or walk but he has this little laugh that we heard a couple of times tonight that lets you know he is having fun. We were Team Green and we had a blast. Following a good distance behind Pizza Man we were rolling. The lights were bright and shining and the crowd cheering and shaking their cow bells as we ran by seemed to get Austin excited and he would kick his legs and let out that little laugh. Slaw kept pace with us and offered to push for a while, which I took him up on. As we ran through the neighborhood Austin got excited and somehow managed to throw out one of the side pads from his chair, I told Slaw to keep going as I went back to get it. Seeing Austin kick and laugh was awesome. Honored to be a part of it. It was a great time had by all for sure and look forward to the next one. Thanks to all the Pax for coming out as well. #ISI




ToolTime and I met James and his grandfather “Pop Pop” at Holy Angels about 2 weeks before race night. Pop Pop took us on a tour of the facilities and we had an opportunity to hang out with James for a little while. What an awesome little guy. Although he doesn’t communicate verbally, you can tell by his smile and his actions, he is following along. From the moment I met him, I knew race night was going to be special.
On race night, we got James strapped in to his chariot and met in the middle of the street for BOM.  Team blue met and made its way to the start line. Team blue consisted of Wheezy, Freight, Ash Pond, Madoff and 2.0s,  Norwood, WoJo, Blart, McEnroe,  ToolTime, JRR Tolkien and Graham who is my son’s and James’ best friend.
When the race started, team blue set out at a modest pace. As we watched Pizza Man’s and Dolph’s groups pull away, we heard James laughing out loud as the lights passed by. Team blue was amazing, at the beginning of every uphill climb, 2 guys would grab handles on the side of the chariot and help get up the hill. A short way into the race, Norwood, carrying the American flag, pulled about 30 yards in front of our group. Every group of spectators that he passed, he would yell, “This is James, cheer for James!” The whole course was filled with people cheering “GO JAMES!” as we passed. Team blue finished mostly together and met for prayer with the group at the finish line.
This was such an awesome experience.  Thank you JRR Tolkien for SpeedForNeed and everything you do. Thank you ToolTime for helping bring Speed For Need to Gaston County. Thank you Pop Pop for sharing James with us. Thank you team blue for sharing this experience with me. I look forward to more SpeedForNeed events in the future.




I feel honored to be a part of F3 and appreciate the opportunity to push Mason in this special event. We enjoyed meeting the other Speed For Need riders and their families, as well. This was definitely a memorable experience for my family!

F3 GasHouse has been there for me & my family through the good & bad. Thank you guys SO much!




1 Corinthians 16:13 (NLT)

13 Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous.[a] Be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13 (HCSB)

13 Be alert, stand firm in the faith, act like a man, be strong.

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


Great work today by all PAX. It was an honor to lead you men!

Tool Time


SPEEDFORNEED!!!! Gashouse men many of you have seen my Tweets and Retweets for SPEEDFORNEED!!!  TCLAPS to JRR Tolkien for bringing this opportunity to us! If you’ve Never heard of SPEEDFORNEED? Watch this cool YouTube Video “The Making of SPEEDFORNEED” which shows in ~4min what and why F3 Nation is doing this charitable initiative.


  • RACE EVENT: Christmastown 5K in McAdenville
  • DATE: November 25th(Saturday after Thanksgiving) ~ 6:00 PM Start time please arrive at least 1hr earlier ( we will be running through the Christmas Lights so streets will be closed at 5pm and traffic will be heavy allow extra drive time)
  • WHO’S INVITED: F3 Nation PAX, their M’s and 2.0s (spectate & support or register to run)
  • REGISTRATION WEBSITE:https://www.mcadenville-christmastown.com/ct5-K.htm
  • OTHER DETAILS:$30.00 Cost thru November 21st / / No race-day registration (RACE LIMITED TO FIRST 1,200 RUNNERS)
  • MEETING POINT: F3 Nation SPEEDFORNEED tent in front of the Pharr YMCA  (look for the racing chairs!)
  • HOST F3 REGION:F3 Gashouse
  • DRIVERS:T-Square, Dolph, Pizza Man , Edison
  • TRACK COMMANDER (TC):Amy, James, Mason , 4th TBD 



If your region wants to host a SPEEDFORNEED race, please let us know ASAP! We already have  races on the annual schedule and would do our best to enable you to provide the ride of a lifetime for kids with disabilities, while showcasing what F3 Nation is all about to your local community.

Contact: Twitter @F3SPEEDFORNEED or @JRRTolkienF3 or email SPEEDFORNEED@yahoo.com

SFN… HELP Kids; GROW F3 Nation ~ JRR Tolkien & Tool Time

Top Hat Didn’t See the Warning!

YHC sent out 3 separate warnings this week on the Twitter….That YHC needed to train for the Charlotte Marathon Relay next week with http://www.Speedforneed.org  …Top Hat didn’t see them….




The Thang:

We moseyed from the Yank toward the downtown Belmont Turned Left on Woodrow and then left on N Central …we continued to the New Harris Teeter on South point Rd.  this was 2.0 Miles.

When we arrived at the Teeter

Corewood by ToolTime was initiated (Show To Know about the Name)

In and Outs with arms up -25

Freddie Mercury’s forward with arms up in seated V position – 25 /Then Backwards for 25

Crunchy Frog – 25

Wide leg sit-ups – 25

Fifer Scissors- 25

Hip Rock and Raise – 25

Heels to Heaven- 25

V-Up/Roll-ups -25

Oblique V-ups Right Side -25 /Then Left side -25

American Hammers -50

When Corewood was completed we did a short count off and then headed back to the F’ing Yank another 2.0 Miles!!!

Once we arrived at the Yank…

On your 6

50 Flutter Kicks IC

25 Pretzel Crunches each side

Before YHC could say recover….Top Hat decided to stand up…..sooo

25 more Flutter Kicks IC.


Announcements: Advisory Board Meeting Nov 12th at Cavendish in Gastonia, Christmas Party Dec 1st See Freight and Preblast for Details, Christmastown 5k SpeedForNeed!!! November 25



Prayer Requests

Brownstreak’s Father fighting for his life, Quiche is in Pakistan prayer for his ministry to be IMPACTFUL for the Kingdom and for his safe return home.

YHC asked Top Hat to take us out in Prayer as he is a Mighty Prayer Warrior and YHC hasn’t had the pleasure of hearing a Top Hat prayer in far too long!

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


It was an honor to lead today men!

Tool Time

SPEED for NEED themed delivery…

After a nice family vacation and taking part in the inaugural SPEED for NEED event on July 4th, I reached out to Midoriyama site Q, Def Leppard, for an opportunity to Q.  Lucky for me and the PAX Tuesday was open.  After being a part of the SPEED for NEED event, my heart and mind has been thinking about this great cause.  I can’t explain the joy and emotion that I felt seeing Owen smiling and having such a good time in the 4miler.  I’m sure you are like myself and often take for granted being able to lace up my shoes and go for a run or even post at an F3 AO.  I thank the man above every day for giving me the ability and opportunity to do the things I love.  With that being said, F3 Gastonia is hosting the SPEED for NEED event at The third annual Christmas Town 5K will be held on Saturday November 25 @ 6pm.  Since I had Q, I felt like it would be a great time to let the PAX see what it is like to push a chariot. (Well, I don’t really have a SPEED for NEED quality chariot but my 2.0’s running stroller will work.)   Something in my head (well really the man above) told me to come up with 19 exercises plus the one HIM pushing the chariot.  Never at Midoriyama have we had 20 HIMS show for a workout but for some reason I felt and was told it was going to happen on this day.   I loaded my Ruck Bag with about 60 lbs. for the chariot and was super excited about this Q. I knew it was going to be a special day!!  I arrived a little early at Midoriyama to write the exercises in the parking spots.  WeeWee came to give me a hand and we could see the PAX coming in.  One after another they kept rolling in; I looked at WeeWee and said this might be the day!!  5:30pm rolls around so it was time to begin…a short disclaimer… Pizza Man’s an idiot!! Wait…3 more PAX rolling in hot so first exercise is Moroccan Nightclubs as we wait for them to get out of their cars.  As I looked around I wanted to do a quick count off to make sure I counted in my head correctly.  YES, I was amazed 20 HIMS posted for this SPEED for NEED themed workout!!!  As I mention all the time and in some of my past Back Blast, things happen for a reason and GOD IS GOOD!!!  Nobody knew what the Q had in store for them but something told them to post today!!  With that being said it went like this….


Seal jacks X 10 IC

Don Q’s (ToolTime’s) X 10 IC

Enough with the warm-up let’s roll……the PAX had a short mosey to the parking lot but not before 5 humpees. After a short explanation of SPEED for NEED and the Christmas town 5k each PAX picked a parking spot with an exercise wrote in it.  The exercises were….

  1. Merkins
  2. LBCs
  3. Squats
  4. Incline Merkins
  5. Flutters
  6. Calf raises
  7. Decline Merkins
  8. American Hammers
  9. Mountain climbers
  10. CDDs
  11. WW1s
  12. Lunges
  13. Mike Tysons
  14. Freddy Mercury’s
  15. Rocky Balboas
  16. Dips
  17. Plank shoulder taps
  18. Side Straddle Hop
  19. Burpees
  20. Stroller push around median

PAX are to complete AMRAP of exercise until the stroller run is done, then rotate to the next parking spot

Never underestimate the warriors at Midoriyama!! I thought that this work plus the cool 95 degrees temperature, that it might take up the whole 45 minutes but I was wrong. So another count off just to hear that great record number of 20 and now let’s mosey. We took the long route to the soccer field for a plank burpee bridge. (Our former Gastonia Natan, Whoopee, made this up.) This was definitely a crowd pleaser. With 45 minutes nearing, time to mosey back to the flag. One more set of 5 humpees and 22 for the Vets and this workout was complete.



The third annual Christmas Town 5K will be held on Saturday November 25, 2017 @ 6pm


Coach K and his family

Soldier’s that lost their lives in the plane crash and their families.

Other prayers not mentioned!!

T-Square’s wife

Philippians 4:4- Rejoice in the Lord always, again I will say, REJOICE.

Once again it is always a pleasure to get the opportunity to lead a great group of HIMS. I hope after this workout and reading this that you sign up for the The third annual Christmas Town 5K will be held on Saturday November 25, 2017 @6pm and other SPEED for NEED events. This is a great thing we have going!! Special thanks to JRR Tolkien!!!

Until the next delivery Pizza Man is OOOOUUUUUTTTT!!!




Speed for Need – American 4 Miler: We are what we repeatedly do…

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
I used to be amazed or surprised by the commitment of F3 Nation to rally and support a cause. I’m no longer surprised (that would suggest I did not expect much from this loosely organized group of men). But each and every time I am impressed and inspired by the force of will that F3 Nation brings to the community.
The Numbers
Over 50 people registered with the F3Nation team ahead of the race.
Another 10+ signed up day of the race. And estimate 10 more running with bibs not linked to the team.
Add in supporters on the sidelines, family members, pets and we likely had over 100 F3 Nation affiliated folks as part of the event.
And we are just getting started.
The Wake Up Call
What kind of 14 year old really wants to get out of bed at 6:30AM on a holiday? While he is truly a one of a kind, Owen Farr resembles your typical teenager when it comes to an early wake up call (not a fan). “Hey dad, I’ve got a great idea. Let’s go to Duck Donuts after the race.” (Another typical teenage boy request)
In the car he is finally awake and starts to ask questions – who is going to be there? How far are we running? Can Harry (the dog) run with us?
The Chariot
Owen checked out a couple of photos but the racing chariot is much more impressive in person. Once seated he realizes that the ride is a huge upgrade over his regular wheelchair. Comfortable seat, securely strapped in, no anxiety that Dad will flip the thing over coming around a corner or down a hill. And the SpeedForNeed decoration looks awesome. This machine ain’t no jogging stroller – it is the wheelchair equivalent of a high tech road bike. Smooth on the road, tracks straight, feels good.
The Low Five
The F3 pax embracing Owen stands out as the best moment of the morning. From men whom I’ve known for years to men that I never met before 7/4/2017 – everyone took time to speak to Owen, introduce themselves and encourage him while we ran together. Guys reaching out to shake his hand, offer a fist bump or a high 5. The kid can barely lift his arms up to reciprocate but he enjoys the attention. We are tremendously blessed to receive support from friends, church, school and family members. These communities embrace Owen for who he is. But it is also true that in some situations Owen feels excluded at times – his physical and social differences stand out, without question. On 7/4/2017 F3Nation lifted Owen up without regard to his ability to run fast, lead a workout, be loud, or funny or or crazy. The pax stepped up and said welcome brother, we are here to celebrate with you. Can’t reach over your head for a high five? Then I’ll come down to meet you.
The Race
I’ve run faster. But never before did I experience the kind of camaraderie that was out on that race course. At the beginning I was mostly nervous that I would trip, or crash into the curb, or possibly take out Material Girl’s achilles tendon with the chariot. Once we got going I mostly felt joy, love and celebration. I had the easy part – just follow Owen and hang on. Guys all around carrying shovel flags, leading the way, cheering Owen along. He had a great time. Loved hearing the support around him, love seeing the crowds (especially if they brought out their dogs). I think String Bean’s photo captured the moment better than anything that I will write here. Check out @nataliesfoy on Twitter.
The Road Ahead
I’ve notably avoided mentioning individuals – mostly because I worry about leaving someone out. But every single F3er there is a part of SpeedForNeed. Our progress in just a few short months is outstanding. The American 4 Miler provided a great opportunity to celebrate accomplishments to date. But as I noted in the BOM, 7/4/2017 was merely the first step. Let’s have everyone who stepped up to support SFN take the next step. Find a race and someone to push. Maybe it is a family member. Maybe it is a neighbor. Perhaps it is someone you have not met yet. The need is there. SFN is harnessing the power of F3Nation to reach across our communities and impact lives. In our prayers we often ask God to help those in need. How does God answer those prayers? By putting each of us in the world to make a difference every day.
The Video
Watch it. Share it.
What’s next? Let’s do it.


SPEEDFORNEED!!!! Gashouse men many of you have seen my Tweets and Retweets for SPEEDFORNEED!!!  TCLAPS to JRR Tolkein for bringing this opportunity to us! If you’ve Never heard of SPEEDFORNEED? Watch this cool Youtube Video “The Making of SPEEDFORNEED” which shows in ~4min what and why F3 Nation is doing this charitable initiative. Want more information? Read the SPEEDFORNEED Preblast  Like what we’re doing and want to support? Click for CrowdRise Donation Link  or  Click for F3Foundation Donation Paypal Link and make sure to put in comments “SPEEDFORNEED“. We’re still raising money for a few more racing chairs, Cool gear and a trailer, so please donate, every little bit counts! Below is the Race information (Gashouse PLEASE register early)


  • RACE EVENT: ChristmasTown 5K in McAdenville
  • DATE: November 25th(Saturday after Thanksgiving) ~ 6:00 PM Start time please arrive at least 30 mins earlier ( we will be running through the Christmas Lights so traffic will be heavy allow extra drive time)
  • WHO’S INVITED: F3 Nation PAX, their M’s and 2.0s (spectate & support or register to run)
  • REGISTRATION WEBSITE: https://www.mcadenville-christmastown.com/ct5-K.htm
  • OTHER DETAILS: $30.00 Cost thru November 21st / / No race-day registration (RACE LIMITED TO FIRST 1,200 RUNNERS)
  • MEETING POINT: F3 Nation SPEEDFORNEED tent (look for the racing chair!)
  • HOST F3 REGION: F3 Gashouse
  • DRIVERS: TBD ( should have 4 chairs)
  • SPEEDFORNEED DONATION SITE: Click for CrowdRise Donation Link

As the date gets closer and I have more information i will continue to update you please take the first step and get registered for the race



*If your region wants  to host a SPEEDFORNEED race, please let us know ASAP! We already have 35 races on the annual schedule and would do our best to enable you to provide the ride of a lifetime for kids with disabilities, while showcasing what F3 Nation is all about to your local community.*

Contact: Twitter @F3SPEEDFORNEED or @JRRTolkienF3 or email SPEEDFORNEED@yahoo.com

SFN… HELP Kids, GROW F3 Nation ~ JRR Tolkien & Tool Time

Preblast: SPEEDFORNEED Inaugural Race – RFYL American 4miler 7/4/17

SPEEDFORNEED Inaugural Race!!!

After months of planning, marketing, praying, fundraising, and blowing up everyone’s Slack chats & Twitter feeds, SPEEDFORNEED is ready to launch!  Fittingly, our first race will be the American 4miler on Independence Day, July 4th 2017 in Dilworth Charlotte, NC and will be hosted by F3 – Metro Region.  Metro’s very own SIB and Bandit AO workouts leader, and SPEEDFORNEED Co-Q, Nash, will be piloting his 2.0 son Owen (14yrs old), who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  You ALL (PAX, M’s, 2.0s) are invited to spectate, support (bring your posters & cowbells!), or register to run with us in this SPEEDFORNEED Inaugural Race!  Help is make this race experience EPIC for our rider-athlete Owen!

Never heard of SPEEDFORNEED? Watch this cool Youtube Video “The Making of SPEEDFORNEEDwhich shows in ~4min what and why F3 Nation is doing this charitable initiative. Want more information? Read the SPEEDFORNEED Preblast  Like what we’re doing and want to support? Click for CrowdRise Donation Link  or  Click for F3Foundation Donation Paypal Link and make sure to put in comments “SPEEDFORNEED“. We’re still raising money for a few more racing chairs, so please donate, every little bit counts!


  • RACE EVENT: RFYL American 4Miler & 1mi Kids Run
  • DATE: Independence Day, July 4th 2017 ~ 7:30am 4mi Start Time (arrive 7am or earlier)
  • WHO’S INVITED: F3 Nation PAX, their M’s and 2.0s (spectate & support or register to run)
  • REGISTRATION WEBSITE: http://runforyourlife.com/american4miler/
  • OTHER DETAILS: $33.25 Cost thru June 2nd / Team: “F3 Nation” / No race-day registration
  • MEETING POINT:  F3 Nation SPEEDFORNEED tent in event festival (look for the racing chair!)
  • HOST F3 REGION: F3 Metro
  • DRIVER: F3 – Nash (Metro)
  • TRACK COMMANDER (TC): Nash’s 2.0 Owen Farr (14yrs old)
  • CAUSE: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) Click to learn more about DMD
  • SPEEDFORNEED DONATION SITE: Click for CrowdRise Donation Link


***SPEEDFORNEED is on the move! The next race is Friday, 7/7/17 7:30PM, the Streetlight 5k (Concord, NC) hosted by F3 – MECA (Harrisburg).  Stay tuned for an upcoming preblast for that race and other upcoming races in or near your region.***

*If your region to host a SPEEDFORNEED race, please let us know ASAP! We already have 35 races on the annual schedule and would do our best to enable you to provide the ride of a lifetime for kids with disabilities, while showcasing what F3 Nation is all about to your local community.*

Contact: Twitter @F3SPEEDFORNEED or @JRRTolkienF3 or email SPEEDFORNEED@yahoo.com

SFN… HELP Kids, GROW F3 Nation ~ JRR Tolkien & Nash

Introducing: @F3SPEEDFORNEED / HELPING Kids & GROWING F3Nation

CALLING ALL MEN IN F3NATION:  PLEASE take just a few minutes to read about this new and exciting charitable initiative, watch the video link, consider making a donation to fund the charity, and seeing how your region can get involved and IMPACT our communities.

“When I became a part of F3, I gained so much more than just fitness. F3 gave a me community, a place to belong. It has been a tremendous honor to share in bringing others into F3Nation and support them on their journey. I love seeing people bring friends and family into our community – especially fathers bringing sons (and other way around!).
Most of you know my son has Muscular Dystrophy. His condition means he will never run hills, do burpees or participate in an F3 CSAUP event at 5:30AM. But I know that he and kids like him everywhere long to be part of something bigger than themselves. SPEED-FOR-NEED provides that opportunity. Pushing Owen (or anyone) during a race and letting them feel the support from fellow runners and cheering crowds is exactly what F3 is designed to promote – connecting people, having an IMPACT in our community.
My interest in this project is personal. But I know the men of F3 will step up and impact this community which needs our support.” – F3 Nation (Metro) “Nash”

No fancy marketing. Simply put, SPEED-FOR-NEED is about HELPING KIDS WITH DISABILITIES and GROWING F3NATION.  It’s about making our biggest fans, the sideline supporters who may have never set foot on the playing field, the STAR ATHLETE.  It’s about lifting up humankind’s single greatest Earthly asset, OUR CHILDREN, so they can be filled with DIGNITY and PRIDE.  It’s about changing the objective of our race from winning to helping someone else edge us out at the finish line, as we BOTH CELEBRATE VICTORY, every…Single…TIME.  It’s about the men of F3Nation commissioning our hearts into ACTION, and practicing the three words we speak of so often: FITNESS FELLOWSHIP FAITH, and seeing an infectious gravitation by other men to be part of the F3Nation brotherhood as the byproduct.  THIS is what SPEED-FOR-NEED is all about… Will you support us? CLICK TO DONATE

The MISSION of SPEED-FOR-NEED is to mobilize High Impact Men in F3Nation in responsibly pushing children with disabilities in specialized racing chairs to create an experience impossible by themselves due to their physical limitations. In doing so, SPEED-FOR-NEED exists for the enjoyment of the athlete-rider and their loved ones, to raise awareness and financial support for local charities and our partner Ainsley’s Angels of America, and to increase the visibility of F3Nation for the purpose of invigorating all men in the community, and sparking a call to action.

So, following in the footsteps of Team Hoyt and our partner Ainsley’s Angels of America , the men of F3Nation will be pushing kids with disabilities in racing chairs… really, really FAST ones, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Speaking of racing chairs, after months of planning and hard work, we’ve gone ahead and pre-ordered 2 chairs to get SPEED-FOR-NEED up and running and we hope to be pushing kids at our first race near the end of June.  These chairs are ridiculously cool looking, will be outfitted F3 style, and highly visible at racing events to thousands of people in the community and men who are waiting to be EH’d by YOU.  All of the finer details of SPEED-FOR-NEED, from signing liability waivers, to proper training, to race swag, to safety protocols have been considered and we will elaborate on those in a far more detailed post in the near future.


We need your prayers, marketing, help identifying riders, involvement, and FINANCIAL SUPPORT to accomplish the mission of SPEED-FOR-NEED !  Thanks to several early charitable donations, as well as a generous grant from The F3 Foundation, SPEED-FOR-NEED has got a solid start in fundraising, but we still need your financial support.  Each Team Hoyt Blade 2 Racing Chair (fully equipped and ‘souped up’ F3 style) will cost roughly $5,000 and we are aiming to buy several to serve as many kids as possible.  Be assured 100% of the money raised in this marketing campaign will be used solely by SPEED-FOR-NEED to purchase racing chairs and accessories, fund operations (i.e. rider race entry fees, finisher medals, Mudgear shirts, etc), support the charities SPEED-FOR-NEED supports at each race, and a portion will be going to our non-profit partner Ainsley’s Angels of America to help accomplish their mission.  All donations will flow through Ainsley’s Angels of America and the F3 Foundation and managed by a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and your donation is tax-deductible (you will receive a charitable contribution letter).

  1. We are encouraging F3Nation PAX to donate whatever amount they feel is appropriate, and that has the number “3” in it, symbolic of the three F’s in F3. And while we are trying to raise lots of money for SPEED-FOR-NEED and the many great causes it will support, we are hoping for broad based sponsorship across all of F3Nation, particularly F3 Charlotte and surrounding areas where SPEED-FOR-NEED will initially operate.  So no amount is too small: $10.03, $13, $23 $33, $3 million dollars (ok not that… we don’t want to manage that much money) .  Please make sure to put your F3 name and region in the comments.  The donation link is here: SPEED-FOR-NEED DONATION LINK
  2. Please spread the word for us! Copy this pre-blast link and/or the donation link in your backblasts, share it with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder….. (ok maybe not Tinder). Talk about SPEED-FOR-NEED in COT at every workout, and please T-Clap this preblast so all men of F3 can see the opportunity SPEED-FOR-NEED is presenting to serve kids with disabilities and increase the exposure for F3Nation to thousands of people at every race. https://www.crowdrise.com/f3-nation-speed-for-need-charitable-initiative
  3. If your F3 region is invested in a local race (reasonable driving distance from Charlotte) that you would like SPEED-FOR-NEED to be present at, we want to hear from you!  And we will do our best to put you on the race calendar.  Your region will have the opportunity to Q that event, identify, support, and push rider-athlete(s) in your chosen race, and fundraise for the cause of your choosing.

We hope that after reading this preblast, watching the video, and visualizing the tremendous opportunity SPEED-FOR-NEED presents for children with disabilities and the growth of F3Nation, you will choose to be a part of SPEED-FOR-NEED in some way, shape, or form, and and make a donation CROWDRISE DONATION LINK .  It takes a village to raise a child. Will each of us in F3Nation be that village and each of us donate something to get make the impossible possible for these children?

And if SPEED-FOR-NEED isn’t something you have a passion for, or stirs your heart like it has done to ours, we understand.  But we do hope that by reading this, you are inspired to seek out, support, and lead another worthy cause that accomplishes the mission of F3 ‘for the invigoration of male community leadership’.  Please reach out to us on Twitter: @JRRTolkienF3 or @F3Nash with any questions or if you would like to help in any other way.  Thank you very much for your consideration.

With Appreciation and God Bless,

The Future Athlete-Riders of SPEED-FOR-NEED, F3Nation, Ainsley’s Angels of America, JRR Tolkien and Nash

SPEED-FOR-NEED Sample Race Schedule (we want to be pushing EVERY RACE WEEKEND!)

JAN                      Joe Davis Run 5K / 10K for Addiction Recovery (Fort Mill, SC – F3 The Fort)

FEB                       <YOUR RACE, YOUR RIDER, YOUR CAUSE, YOUR F3 REGION!!!>      

MAR                      Run Jen Run 5k to end Breast Cancer (Charlotte, NC – A51 / SOB)

APR                      Community Foundation Run 5K (Gastonia, NC – F3 Gastonia)

APR                       Richard Sheltra Memorial 10K / 5K (Pineville, NC – F3 A51 / SOB)

MAY                      Cannoli Run 5K (Fort Mill, SC – The Fort)

MAY                      Lexington 3rdF 5K to end Leukemia (Lexington, SC – F3 Lexington)

JUNE                     King Tiger 5k for YMCA (University Area, Charlotte, NC – F3 MECA)


SEPT                      St Jude 5k to end Childhood Cancer (Charlotte, NC – F3 Metro)

SEPT                      Summer Sizzler 5k (Virginia Beach, VA – F3 VA Beach)

OCT                        <YOUR RACE, YOUR RIDER, YOUR CAUSE, YOUR F3 REGION!!!>

NOV                       Turkey Dash 4mi (South Charlotte, Charlotte NC – F3 SOB / A51)

NOV                        Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot 4mi (South Charlotte, NC – F3 Metro)

NOV                       Novant Charlotte Marathon (Charlotte, NC – F3 Metro)

DEC                        Run Run Rudolph 5k/10K (University Area, Charlotte, NC – F3 MECA)

DEC                        Huntersville Half Marathon & 5k (Huntersville, NC – F3 Isotope)


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