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We All Ran………Again

Well, I have to admit, I also can be slack with posting a back blast in a timely manner. That being said, the following is what took place during this past Wednesday’s Prison Break session.



looks like there are no ruck packs laying around, so this must mean all PAX are running. After quick watch adjustments by all, we take off to log in a few miles. Return to start to socialize until all PAX had returned.

announcements: JJ 5k, Soldier Suicide runs next Saturday


YHC took us out in Prayer

thanks for the opportunity to Q. Way to push men.


Why Run?

It was another humid morning to start out in the Folsom gloom. The PrisonBreak attendance has been pretty darn good since the AO started and today didn’t disappoint. I’m sure the reason behind this phenomenon is due to the HIMness of the site Q………….or……….his leg.  The Folsom AO started about 2.5 years ago and the amount of running per WO May have reached a total of .5-.75 miles. Which sucked then. For some odd damn reason all of a sudden Folsom decides .5 miles is not enough and it’s gotten carried away to where Folsom hosts 2 running AOs a week! Then, some started with the XmasTown 5k, then the first CSAUP relay, more 5ks, another CSAUP relay and now, some are talking about the P200!!!! What has happened to ole school Folsom? Anyway, cars are rolling in, yes, cars. The Folsom brand has made such a stamp out and about the Gastonia region that not just the stereotypical truck driver posts nowadays. Enough of the chit chat. It’s 5:30 and WomanLeg is not present.


All PAX ran, moseyed, mall walked, or jogged this AM for between 2-5 miles give or take. Some left early and some left late.

Announcements LaborDay Murph at Martha’s

YHC took us out in prayer

It’s an honor to Q and be the site Q for Prisonbreak even though I’m not a “runner.” I hate running, but for some dumb reason I continue to perform said dumbness.

MW Out

Lone Rucker

12 HIMS fought the sack and NES to hit Prison Break this AM. All were well rested and ready to log some miles. Look, Hacksaw brought in an FNG. After several weeks of running Wednesday’s, YHC switches it up to ruck. To my surprise, I was the only one who performed said work. 5:30 hits

brief disclaimer (Hacksaw has already filled the FNG in)



All but myself ran while I rucked. Nothing really out of the norm on this particular morning. After all were satisfied, we meet back at start.  Welcome Stripes(Kyle Haywood)



YHC took us out in prayer

We Ran

YHC was looking forward to PrisonBreak this AM. Running, or moseying for me, is one thing I can still do while the shoulder is injured. Shut-up Folsom. Anyway, moving along, 5 HIMS posted to run. Apparently the so-called “Chief”, Allen Tate, and his entourage were too comfy in the fartsack to attend. SMH. Sister Act arrives shortly after myself and takes off for EC about 5:15.  5:30 hits and the rest take off. No ruckers this morning. Good to see Blart out there. One day I’ll keep up with him the whole route. After about 1.5 miles, Sister Act breezed by as if floating on water. “If only I were 50 pounds lighter…..”. Anyway, all arrive back at start after putting in some miles.


Announcements; Snowbird registration(link is in a PreBlast), CSAUP relay coming soon, runs happening all the time, get involved

COT Prayers for our families, country, and those who didn’t make it out

YHC took us out in prayer

Always an honor to Q.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead PrisonBreak. I’m not a runner or true rucker per say, but the responsibility and obligation has pushed me to get better at it. I know the Folsom PAX will bust my balls later, but thanks to those fools, I’ve been pushing to post and do what I can do with the injuries I have. Without the trash talk and apparent love those guys have for me, I’d just be in “that dark place” ignoring the hand reached out to bring me to the light. (Little Folsom inside shenanigans) I keep hearing from other AO PAX how special the Folsom group is and the image of F3 it brings. I believe it’s not just happening at Folsom, but throughout the Gastonia region. I encourage our region to continue to grow in our fellowship and relationships among one another. The stronger the bonds within our AOs are, the stronger effect we will have in our communities to build more leaders!

MDub Out

PrisonBreak BB

11 HIMS post at the Folsom AO for some PrisonBreak work.



Miles were logged

Times up



Good  work men! Good to see more PAX out there working to get stronger in the run/ruck areas!

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