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Time for pain

YHC was not expecting a large crowd due to the dual races in our region. After Linus lead the warmup we moseyed over to the picnic tables.

Started with deconstructed burpees.

Next we had one person doing presses with weights, one doing flutter kicks and one doing lbcs.  Two minute timer – switch until all three had a chance.

Then grabbed the bells and weights and did timed overhead presses and curls.  Several rounds of this.

We then brought out the official F3 exercise deck.  We did this until it was time to meet up with the boot campers.




I didn’t realize I had put myself on the Q schedule until lunch with Shortsale yesterday. It was settled and time for an oldie, but a goodie. The HUNDO…
Circle up and grab the weights. On the journey to 100 with said exercise, if you stop, you count the number of stops and multiply times two and that’s the number of burpees we do at the end of the set.

Exercises: Squats, Merkins, Crunches, Calf Raises, Curls.

Funny thing is Hushpuppy was late and when I announced I stopped five times during the Merkins, he said he stopped seven times and we did 14 burpees. No one ever spoke up after the first person said their number from then on.

Now we laid on our backs for a round of neckies, courtesy of BA. It was determined that the Pax had not worked out their necks since 9th grade. Then 10 Booyah Merkins. There was a group of three so Hushpuppy call that the booyah-a-trois. Next up was 25 straight leg deadlifts.

Grab your weights and go on an Indian Ruck down the trail and around the pond. This is where YHC had to stop the line and quietly discipline Sargento and Sledge-o-matic for their failure to move to the front as they were talking. To learn a lesson, they had to hold their weights over their heads and the rest of the pax had to alternate arms for farmers carry.

Meet up at the end with the boot camp boys for the end.

Moleskin: Great time today. I heard some words from a guy I work with that does CrossFit. Funny thing is if you know someone who does CrossFit or is a vegetarian, you will know it within five minutes. What he told me though, was that a famous CF trainer discusses the thoroughbred and the bumble bee. The thoroughbreds life is built to race. Eating, sleeping, every facet of their life is about racing. They also don’t show up and worry about the leg size of another horse, they run their race. The bumble bee by all rights, shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know that. Really thought provoking, or at least it was for me. We all learn so many different lessons from each other. It was my pleasure to be there. Ill leave the rest for Timeframe to finish.

5 Principles

Today was a great day at the Gashouse. Boudin asked if there was any extra credit the night before. Why not? When we got the Schiele there were already cars in the lot. Quiche and Sargento were already putting the miles in. Boudin, Stroganoff, and YHC went out at 0615 sharp for a little more than 3 mile run through Sherwood Forest before the workout. When we returned we found Linus and Rudolph doing some EC kettlebell work. Strong work!

Monk rolled in and said he had an FNG coming today. He was true to his word. We also had another FNG that rolled in with Tandem. At 0700 sharp I made sure to place extra stress on the disclaimer, especially the “U vs U” part and the “modify as needed”. We welcomed both and started with a pretty standard warmup. Apparently YHC doesn’t say “in cadence” and that deeply offended Quiche who was making strong mumblechatter about it. (He knew it was in cadence all along!)

Warm up: SSH, Squats, IW, LBC’s

Pain Lab PAX (8) split and went with Sargento and the boot camp PAX (12) went with Roscoe. We moseyed to the flag for the Pledge and set off to the back of the library.

Thing One: At the bottom do 5 burpees. Run towards the library up two sets of stairs for 10 squat jumps at the top. Run back down for 5 more burpees and then back up for 9, 8, 7, 6…1 jump squats. Kudo’s to Stroganoff for stressing the modify part with the 6. Boudin graciously followed orders and led some Mary and plank while the rest of us mortals finished up. Now for a word…We covered the 5 core principals of F3.

From 12 Rules for Life and Dr. Jordan B. Peterson…”Do one thing every day to improve yourself.” For the guys present this was probably accomplished already.

We then moseyed through the neighborhood to the Sherwood School track. The gate was closed. “Somebody is going to have to go back and get a sh*&load of dimes!” Quiche had to head out early so he moseyed back.

We opened the gate and continued our mosey to the playground for:

Thing Two: Murph Training

8 Pullups, 20 Merkins, 30 squats, run a lap x 3. Then…

Word #2 from Dr. Peterson…

“Treat Yourself As If You Were Someone You Were Responsible For Helping” “He whose life has a why can bear almost any how.”

You could help direct the world, on its careening trajectory, a bit more toward Heaven and a bit more away from Hell. Once having understood Hell,” particularly your own individual Hell” you could decide against going there or creating that. You could aim elsewhere. You could, in fact, devote your life to this. That would give you a Meaning, with a capital M. That would justify your miserable existence.

You could begin by treating yourself as if you were someone you were responsible for helping.

Thing #3. Five minutes of plank

Plank on elbows, arms, downward dog, while we discussed life.

During this time we learned that Monk is a counselor for teen girls and he was going to use the “He whose life has a why can bear almost any how.” Being the gracious guy I am I told him I would share my weinke with him after the workout. (I didn’t of course)

YHC asked for any news from the PAX while we were holding the plank and we learned that Yo Pauley is going on a mission trip and that Yo Adrian is driving. It is nice to see our younger PAX being true #HIM’s.

Mosey to church field. YHC asked Linus what he wanted to do out of respect for him being the new site Q. His choices were 50 burpees in 5 minutes or partner Dora. He wisely said partner Dora and the crowd of PAX went wild with adoration and praise.

Dora: Partner Up P1 runs up the hill to the other side of parking lot, P2 does…then switch

50 monkey humpers

100 seal jacks

150 Squats* *Somewhere around this time we had to jailbreak back to home due to time. We circled up at the Schiele and started the 200 Flutter Kicks to finish off the workout. The Pain Lab Pax rejoined the circle and joined in. YHC shared the theme of the day and concluded with “Hang around people who want what is best for you.” Again, I think the F3 guys have that covered.

Boudin showed his lack of decorum by questioning why we didn’t stop when his watch said 0800. All the regulars had to set him straight because they all knew the workout isn’t over until the First Presbyterian bells hadn’t rung yet!

Welcome FNG “Clear!” and “Friar”.

Nice to see the guys make a great effort today. There wasn’t a lot of mumble chatter. It is amazing how quickly an hour goes by when you are Q’ing a workout. We had so much more to do yet so little time!

We had 5 for Coffeerama at Panera. Mayor asked Yo Adrian what he does for a living. As he was explaining that he does instant replay for live sports, Yo Pauley said “He pushes colorful buttons”. #truth

YHC closed in prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead as always.


Painlab  by Sargento (completed on the same day!!!)

So after Roscoe’s group split the Painlab crew moseyed to YHC’s M’s brick carrier to grab the coupons for today’s workout. Unlike other more elaborate Q’s, YHC like things to be straightforward and to the point. We’re going to use bricks today and that’s it!

Once we grabbed our gear, we moved to Frank’s Fortress of Solitude, popped in some rockin’ tunes and threw down the Thang.

The Deck of Death!!!

Nothing is better for creating great mumble chatter than going round and round picking cards anticipating what pain will be dealt next. It almost seems like DoD was created specifically for Painlab because you don’t have to run or have impact if you don’t want to. Here’s how it went.

Spades = Merkins

Hearts = Shoulder Presses

Diamonds = Back Flys

Clubs = Step Ups (each leg)

It was a lot of fun going through the deck especially when we’d get stuck on one deck for a few draws in a row. Feel the burn! Because we had several newer PAX and an FNG today, YHC made sure to cover the 5 Principles of F3 many times (completely independent of Roscoe) to help the men have a deeper understanding of who we are. Pretty sure all in attendance can recite all 5 now.

Once the DoD was done, we move on to a new routine YHC came across in his studies the night before…

The Bruce Lee

Do these exercises consecutively in cadence to 20 reps each:

American Hammers, Leg Raises, LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, Crunchy Frogs and 100s

We did almost two rounds of this before time was up to join the others.

It was a pleasure to lead today men. I look forward to get back to the Painlab soon.


A different kind of painlab

I had the privilege of leading pain-lab on 7/7 this week.  Claven captured the names in his death anniversary backblast so I will not re-type them here, but I was honored to have so many stick around and carry bricks with me.  Glad Brown Streak is getting after it again, Glad Mayor survived Tonsillitis,  Glad Hunk o Junk Keeps getting after it and I hope he has his mind a year down the road.  You will see results.  All of us have.  Also Honored that Toto hung out with us and I knew I had to bring it when he circled up with us.

It rained Friday night so all my Q-pons were covered in Mud.  at 0600 I was outside hosing them off and loading them in the trunk of the pup wagon.  0700 Claven leads the warm up and reminds us of how precious life is.  Then the boot camp took off and it was time for Hushpuppy’s revenge.

Step into the circle:  I submitted this to the Exicon Saturday afternoon.  Performed to Thousand Foot Krutch’s song “move”, plank up and listen to the music.  Every time he says move, plank walk one step left, then when he says circle, spin in a circle, then when he says move, plank walk one step right.  3.5 minutes of this and sweat is dripping and the shoulders are burning.  Then DJ snake and”Get low”.  Start in the peoples chair, hold the squat as low as you can, when the beat drops, squat up and down in time with the music.  When the song comes round again, drop to a merkin and hold the low part of a merkin until the beat drops, then (if you can) do merkins in time with the music.  Brutal.

At this time I shared about how I have had a pars fracture in my L5 vertebrae for over 20 years and will be getting surgical consults in the coming weeks.  I try to model a workout that protects that part of my back.

Grab the Q-pons, down the nature trail.

Curls 20x in cadence, hold at the top for a 10 count, hold halfway for a 10 count, recover.  Down the hill to the bridge with the Q-pons.

Merkins on the bridge 10 ic.

Lunge walk around the trail to the other bridge, then more merkins.  Had Toto count cadence for that one as I was getting a little winded.

Lunge walk back to the Q-pons and more curls.  Hippa mentioned something about colt 45 curls and I offered to let him lead it.  That generated some mumble chatter and we decided against.

Walk backwards up the hill carefully with the Q-pon.  Got the quads burning good.  Mayor almost ended up in a tree and no one was spotting him.  I got you bro.

At the top, feet up for 10 dirkins IC and then 10 shoulder taps IC.  30 flutters ic and 15 crunches ic,

Carry the brick around the wall towards the road for some pushup bra’s.  Rocks to the chest, push em up and push em out.  10 ic.  then recover.  Attempted another set of 10 but got 5 and had to stop. 30 second breather, 5 more.  Out to the road for some squats and monkey humpers to show Gastonia our best side.

Almost forgot, wanted to get some hamstring and glute work in without bending at the waist.  Plank up with hands on the curb, Right leg up, kicking up and out right leg x 10 ic.  Switch legs, left leg ic x 10.  Squeezing the hammies and glutes kicking the leg up and out.  Feeling it today as I sit on said glute’s and type this bb.

Back to the pup wagon with the Q-pons.  Some more curls, then some chest presses overhead with the bricks, and stow them away in the trunk.

Return to Startex for some Mary with the boot camp. Stroganoff called 30 flutters ic, I called 5 burpees, (not a mary exercise but I wanted to do them), then I called box cutters and the bells saved us.


Tried to keep it more traditional but still low impact.  Not a yoga guy and don’t know much about ropes but Bricks I can do.

Pup out.

Mighty Sweet Little Pec’s

(Rudolph) I was gone too long, sick and exhausted from the beach. Time to Q some Painlab, despite the fact that my neighbor and new member Pedal bailed on me for Boot Camp!  We march on….

Tube and Short Sale took the PL pull, and we focused on 3 areas: cardio, strength and stretch.

Cardio Phase 1:  8 minute clock, AMRAP with 10 squats, 10 merkins, 10 ice skates, 10 shoulder taps.  No rest.

Cardio Phase 2:  4 Round HIIT:  20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of these 4 exercises, x 4 rounds: Squat, Shoulder Taps, AMERICAN Hammers, Mountain Climbers.

Strength Training:  grab a kettlebell and let’s get to work:

Russian Swing x 2 sets
Cleans x 2 sets
Presses x 2 sets
Snatch x 2 sets
Deadlift x 2 set
100 lb Farmer Walks

Short sale had to split (going to a devotional hike, this guy is strong with the force!), Tine and I did 5 minutes of stretch/yoga then the gang landed.  Some sweet Mary Time and the crew was saved by the bell from Burpees.

Great talk during PLab, the talk the night before from SS was inspirational, and great to catch up with with Tube, strong work!  A pleasure to lead and glad to be back!

***all F3 crew make sure to see who is on Twitter or Slack, I was surprised how many people Saturday do not have one of these communication tools. Make sure to stress this to our Pax everyone!!

Luke B.

(Linus) I arrived promptly late for EC this morning and found the Boone Bound crowd protecting the non permited 24/7 non-towing non-enforced parking lot.  I thought I was arriving late for my own Q!!!; nerves settled when I remembered they were heading for the hills, I set up the shovels and moseyed around Grier for a sluggish warm up which I un proudly posted to Strava.  Most of the PAX showed up at 7 and it was about then we decided we may want to push on a workout.  Disclaimer, warm up, (numbers in line this time), here we go:

SSH – Always start with this for Short Sale, 20 in cadence

Merkin – Stopped at 10 in cadence

LBC – 20 in cadence

Squats – 20 in cadence

Pledge, that’s it.  I took 1/2, Rudolph grabbed the rest.

Moseyed up to Grier, Rudolph chased us half way to Grier flagging down his EH trying to persuade him to come back to painlab.  Turns out he was helping by bringing him gloves but I’m sure Rudolph was pondering how I managed to steal his EH.  Made it to the track (in tears) and I decided this would be the day we did not start with 4 corners.  Lucky all.

Moseyed to the picnic tables, started with Lindsay’s/Forties.

30 Dips/10 Derkins = 40 – Reduce/Increase by 5 until 10 Dips / 30 Derkins – Plenty of gas in the cardio tank but arms are toast.  Little Sweet, who was Beach Bound this week was thrilled about his Picqued Thorax Breast Nipple Pecs and kept posing for a mirror that did not exist.  We would take moderate breaks but Lil’ Sweet kept wanting more when he would notice his newly acquired excess engorgement subsisting.

Time going fast already at this point, decided to spice it up a little, maybe too much.  Down the hill to baseball field.  One trip only, one……Backward Bear Crawl up Hill…….seemed simple enough, I think it took about 10 minutes.  Not sure if Jesus and Tube was struggling or trying to choke me out.  An absolute excellent shoulder burner.  Literally the rest of your body is pretty much dead weight you drag.

The next exercise was not much better, ‘Modified’ Burp Back Mountain.  Instead of running backwards up hill we moved forward.  Partner up, run up hill to tables, partner burpees, aggregate total of 50.  Modify to flying squirrels, no argument from the Pax.

Moseyed to the steps.  Partner up, Dora 1,2,3’s.  Merkins (100), Squats (200), Scissors (300).  This was like a 3rd grade exam, much relief.

Parking Lot:  Aiken Legs……20 of each…..Squats, Box jumps, Lunge (across parking lot), Split Jacks

Approaching way past 10 ’til and we are already late to join Rudolph’s Mary.  Always a good idea to not let Rudolph listen for the Angelic chimes of the bells, he’s usually busy listening to himself hand out pain, his favorite thing to do, and he laid 5 burpee’s on us pre-chime even though it was 7:59 and 59 seconds.  How in the world (I wondered) did I just Q a workout when Rudolph makes me feel like this is my first day.

Chime, Finish……..


Be sure to look up WhetStone and sign up online.  Turns out my application was denied (I could not name all the Castaways on Gilligans Island) but that should not stop you from signing up.  Great program, I am looking forward to it, get involved!!!!  Now, Yesterday…………Sign UP!!!!!!

Welcome Alec Wallace, FNG (Pedal) whom I took from Rudolph with or without gloves

Whoopee with the Bootcamp Q on 6/30, Clavin on 7/7

GoRuck Event 7/22 (Hippa heading this up)

Many Thanks to Pockets and Short Sale for leading the 3rd F event Friday night at FPC

Prayers continue for Brownstreak and his family and for Pockets for quick healing

Honored to lead the HIM’s where I am frequently the Six.




Gashouse PCMB’s

Pax:  Monk, Wet Nuts, Billy Madison, Sargento, Moses, Whoopee, Def Leppard, Sister Act, Step Down, Belding (sp? Sorry), Short Sale (Painlab Q), Matt Stroupe (FNG, Hunka Junk), Quicheeishe, Linus (Bootcamp Q)

Saturday 9/16 kicked off my first official Gashouse QIC weekend.  This is also my first official backblast as I have found that whatever shortcomings I may have as a site Q I am even further substandard on BB posts.  Maybe the experience this time will gain me the insight I need to continue these posts.  We had a good turnout this weekend and I was fully impressed when I took 9 pax with me to lead on the bootcamp.  I thought I lost one early until I realized I had not counted myself, not sure I was even there anyway.

We started with a thorough disclaimer that eventually did not even convince me to follow my lead.  I’m positive, but not sure that we started off with the following:

SSH:  Cadence, 15 or 16?

Merkins:  Cadence, 16??  Had to say, I should have stopped at 10 but man I felt good, that all ended about there, sigh….

LBC:  20 maybe in cadence

Squats:  20 in Cadence

Pledge at the small shovel flags

Break out to Bootcamp, Painlab on their own

The Thang:

Grier Track:

4 Corners:  Exercise, run to next corner on track repeat previous exercise and add the next.  Rinso and Repeato

10 Flying Squirrels, 20 merkins, 30 squats, 40 scissor kicks

Picnic Tables:


30 Dips / 10 Derkins = 40 total

Subtract / Add by 5 each side until you get to 10 Dips and 30 Derkins

(I was wiped out by this point and we had not reached 7:17 am)

Until I could get my math right nobody would start

Front of School:

5 PCMB’s (Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees)

Plank, merk, right leg Peter Parker, merk, left leg PP, merk, standing position = 1

5 total or until you puke, at #4 I’m nauseous

Mosey to FPC awning:

Monkified 11’s

Partner up, one up the hill the other down, 10 squats, back together for one Booyah merkin, rinse and repeat until 1 squat and 10 merkins.  It took longer for me to explain the exercise than for us to perform.


About 5 minutes of restful but impactful Mary, led by various members of the Pax.

Around to the front circle of the church where the landscaper’s had my claimed spot occupied.  I figured it was better to let them finish their work unobstructed as viewing Carolina DD’s the wrong way can be hazardous to health so I modified and used the full empty parking lot, 24/7 permit was still required.  Here we did a set of A.L.A.R.M.S, modified Bombs of some sort.  Arms, Legs, Abs, Run, Exercise, Exercise.

20 each:  Carolina Dry Dock, Lunge, LBC, Run (the rectangle), Merkin, think we left one off.

This left us with enough time to knock out 10 Mike Tyson’s.

Moseyed back to the Schiele where Short Sale had this look suggesting, “where have you been” even as I finished my last step at the Schiele with my phone proudly displaying 8:00 time as the sweet sound chimes of the FPC bell tower sang.

Finisho, right on time.

My first Q as Gashouse QIC.  Awkward coverage of announcements and concerns by YHC but we got through it.  Monk with the Gashouse Bootcamp Q on 6/23, Whoopee has 6/30, and Clavin has 7/7 (although I do want to confirm that is Bootcamp and not Painlab).

Much to report here:


Kayaking at Cramerton to have already taken place by the time this has posted

Hike next Saturday in Boone / Meet at Schiele at 6:30 a.m.


Billy Madison is moving to St. Augustine Florida this coming Thursday.  He may need some help moving and he will communicate this by Twitter.  You can catch a Billy Madison beatdown Tuesday at Midoriyama and Wednesday at Snoballs.  We wish you the best of luck Madison.

Qwishee/Stroganoff/Sargento running a ½ Marathon in Massachusetts in the coming week

Wet Nuts wife’s Aunt with Ovarian Cancer

Welcome Matt Stroupe aka Hunka Junk

Honored to lead a group of men where I am the six.

Thanks HIM’s, proud to be here

Passing of the torch

Passing of the Torch

Looking back through Back Blasts I had seen the 1st Pain Lab was done on Saturday May 16th, 2017. After one year of a very successful campaign, Rudolph felt it was time to pass the torch. Rudolph and YHC seemed to have shared the same vision about Pain Lab since the first time I had attended. Given that, he had asked me if I would like to take over this wonderful AO and at the 1-year mark. YHC humbly and gratefully accepted his request. Rudolph, you have introduced a wonderful experience for all to enjoy and cannot thank you enough for the push to keep this going. I only hope I can be as successful as you have been during this time. I promise not to let you down and to keep this alive for years to come.

Here is an excerpt from the 1st  Pain Lab BB: “PAINLAB – you are here because your body hates you after high-impact work, or you are recovering from injury.  Either way, you will get a workout!  High-impact is when both feet leave the ground.  We don’t do that.  We bust @$$ keeping 1 or 2 legs on the ground.  It works!”  I’d like to think that this is the official Mission Statement for Pain Lab and I will keep that promise. All are welcome to join in the pain, but the ones on IR are the ones we definitely want to target. Why? Because this keeps those men involved, possibly rehabilitate faster, keeps their spirits high, and allows them to keep pushing the rock. Prime example here is Clavin. As many of you know, Clavin is fresh off knee surgery. He loves F3 and doesn’t want this injury to put him in that dark place. Clavin was out in full force Saturday, couldn’t even tell that man was on the IR!!!

While Pain Lab’s main home is Gashouse on Saturday’s, it will not be stationary. Once a month we will take Pain Lab on the road, delivering pain at Folsom, The Yank and regions beyond. YHC has been building up his private collection of weights and other goodies, and wants to share them with all. We have Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Slam balls, dumb bells and Picnic Tables?? (Keep reading J). If anyone wants to Q the Pain Lab and wishes to borrow this equipment for your workout, you are more than welcome to at any time. No security deposit required!

That said, let’s show you how we incorporate these items into a Pain Lab workout!!

The Thang:

Tabata/HIIT Style

30 second AMRAP: 10 second rest (Yes Mayor, it was 10 second rest) x 3 Sets each Round. Switch stations after 3 sets have been completed. Rinse & Repeat until all rounds at each station had been completed.

Stations: 6 HIM = 6 Stations:


Station 1 – Battle Rope (50ft 2” Battle Rope):

Round 1: 3 Sets – Double Arm Waves

Round 2: 3 Sets – Battle Rope Burpee (New Burpee!!)

Round 3: 3 Sets – Single Arm Waves


Station 2 – Slam Ball (20Lbs):

Round 1: 3 Sets – Overhead Slams

Round 2: 3 Sets – American Hammers with Slam Ball

Round 3: 3 Sets – Overhead Slams to Sprawl


Station 3 – Kettlebell (All sizes for all levels):

Round 1: 3 Sets – Plank Rows

Round 2: 3 Sets – Swings

Round 3: 3 Sets – Snatch


Station 4 – Body Weight:

Round 1 – 3 Sets – LBC’s

Round 2 – 3 Sets – Pseudo Planche Merkin

Round 3 – 3 Sets – Hand Release Burpees (New Burpee!!)


Station 5 – Ruck Sack (30Lbs):

Round 1 – 3 Sets – Bent Over Rows

Round 2 – 3 Sets – Shoulder Press

Round 3 – 3 Sets – Lying Chest Press


Station 6 – Picnic Tables

Round 1 – 3 Sets – Bench Dips

Round 2 – 3 Sets – Bench Derkins

Round 3 – 3 Sets – Picnic Table Presses


In the time allotted, we were able to finish all 6 stations except for 1 round at the last station before Madoff came back with his group. (Example: The only exercise I wasn’t able to get to do was Overhead Slams to Sprawl)

As you can see, Pain Lab is NOT to be taken lightly. There was not much mumblechatter from the group, well except Mayor constantly complaining about the alleged “10” second rest period. You should be lucky I even gave you one! Overall, I think everyone was so concentrated on busting out AMRAP, there wasn’t much time to talk. YHC totally forgot he had a fully charged GoPro in his car; I would’ve liked to have recorded the session. We will do this in the future for a promo video! Blart, I dont think you had any idea what you were getting yourself into today. Glad you stayed for the pain and hope you return to join us again, it looked like you enjoyed it!


Welcome back cotter, Warden! Warden hit up the F3 FB page Friday evening wanting to know if we still did Pain Lab on Saturday mornings. The reply was yes and reminded YHC to put up an AO schedule on FB. I was glad to see Gashouse have a large gathering of HIM today! Welcome 2.0 FNG Dijon! I know your Dad is proud of you!!

Announcements: Memorial day 5K (Speed For Need), Convergence, Murph all on 5/28. We need PAX to step up and fill open Q’s. Visit our Events page to check over the “Q Schedule for Gastonia, Folsom & Midoriyama:” calendar, it’s there for a reason!

Prayer requests for family, friends & fellow PAX in need of healing and mercy. Madoff took us out in prayer.

Men, as always it is an honor and privilege to lead a group of HIM. I encourage you to keep posting, do not let yourself fall into that dark hole. We are all here for each other, reach out to someone if you need help!



My turn…Again

So, a while back, it was difficult to get regulars to post for the pain lab, however, I pushed Rudolph to keep this going because I believe in the need to get folks out there who cannot post due to high impact injuries, whether on the IR or if they do, they will be on the IR.  Is that any reason why a PAX should be dismissed into oblivion?  Absolutely not, so, since I nudged for this, I need to support Rudolph and this sub AO to make this thing happen….and happen it has.  Different Qs, tons of awesome workouts.

After some trash talking with Tooltime and us meeting up to do workout and warmup with the PAX, we split up.  After a few mishaps with me getting the stereo system up, it was apparent I left the wienke in the truck and I got chided for not getting this thing started.

The Thang:  first things first, one minute HIIT with the kettlebells.  Cleans (each arm), kettlebell push ups, ballistic or one arm row (each arm), bridge (shoulders on ground and butt in air) while doing KB presses.  After the heart rate is up for initial minutes, lets get into one of my all time favorite workouts…dum dum dum….the 99 with some mods.

99 SSH, 99 LBCs, 99 second squat hold, 99 flutter kicks, 9 pushups, 88, 77, 66, 55…you get the point.  At the end of each round I called a special exercise with the kettlebell.  There were OH tricep extensions, high pulls, American hammers, burpees and some others.  With time running low, I had planned to get these boys moving.  We said low impact, not stationary.  since I am a member of the Schiele Museum, I am familiar with the trails.  Grab your weight and follow me.  We take of on an Indian Ruck where the last man moves to the front and we keep going.  We did the whole trail system and pushed the pace (the garmin said the average moving pace was close to 5 MPH).  This was the longest farmers carry I have ever done and the forearms were burning.   We got back, dropped the weight and met up with everyone in time for the COT.

MOLESKIN:  The one thing that we are dismissing in the minds of others, is that this is any less of a workout. You will swing kettlebells, do burpees, absolutely everything…..except run or jump.  Get out here and post if you have a bad back, bad knees, bad feet or if you have posted twice in a week and are looking to work on conditioning.  We stay together and get it done.  Thanks a lot gents.  Oh, and I have a new speaker.

100s at the Painlab

After the HC to Rudolph to Q this thing, I wanted to make it as good as it could be, especially following Wojo’s Q last week.  Painlab has been one of the most awesome AO workouts.  If you’re on the IR and cant handle impact, its there.  If your knee is bothering with an ache and running hurts it, its there.  If you want to get some weight work in, its there.

Lets get to it.  Circle up with Clavin and company for the warmup (WU), disclaimer, etc. and then grab the kettlebells, dumbbells, whatever and circle up.  No rain so the plan remains to meet around Frank (native statue and entrance).  We do another small WU to loosen the shoulders, set the music up and get after it.

Thang:  Take whatever kettlebell you have and do 100 of each exercise called.  Every time you stop during that 100, multiply x2 and do that amount of burpees.  For instance, if you stop five times, you do ten burpees when you get to the 100th rep.

Exercises were curls, KB swings, goblet squats, crunches, tricep OH extension, straight leg dead-lifts. We didn’t get to the step-ups due to me wanting to make sure we got Flush in there.  Before we get to that, we lined up and put all the KBs on one end while we got side by side into American Hammer position (feet off the ground).  Woody started handing them down the line.  When we get done, go back the other way.  Rudolph called flutters in the middle which succeeded in baking YHCs abs.  Flush then took over and stretched us out using his torture method.  I have really enjoyed Yoga because it is so difficult to get into the positions you need to and then hold them for 30 seconds.  At this time, the rest of the pax join us with their jeers, but when they joined in the balance and core work, they were shaking like a dog passing a peach seed.  Times up and we turn it back over to Clavin to finish.

Moleskin:  The best thing about this is there was no mumble chatter.  With everyone counting to 100, no room to mess up and start over or stop and have burpees added.  It was talked about that if you take a lighter weight and do a lot of reps, its every bit as difficult and provides a burn like no other.  Woody pushed it today and Duke was honest with himself.  When we asked how many he had left, he could have been closer so we tell him grab 10 more and we all do burpees with him.  You can still pick up the six.  Great work Duke.  You’re never out until your six feet under.  A lot of men having been putting in work with the 40 days of discipline.  That’s been tough but worth it.  I have felt so much better cutting the crap out of my diet.  One last thing to leave you with is thinking about the impact you make on each other and those not in your daily circle.  Think about our group.  Managers, doctors, fabricators, police and the list goes on.  What a diverse group of HIM we have.  How would we ever hang out together in the normal world?  Now, think about how your life not only directly affects F3 men, but those you interact with day to day.  Listen to the song “Craig” by Walker Hayes.  You matter so keep pushing it and get better….hold yourself accountable and keep moving forward.  Whether an inch a day or a mile, forward progress is progress.

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