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1 word can sum it all up – EXHAUSTED

At this point in the festival we all just wanna go home and jump in the Fartsack. But we got 1 more show to do.

The Thang:

10 KB Swings  in 1 minute. If you finish your 10 KB swings before 1 minute is up do another exercise (Merkins, LBC’s, Dips, etc.)

We did this for 25 minutes. If you did the math that’s 250 KB Swings with some EC mixed in

We did 10 per minute as the focus was on form. You are also able to grab a heavier weight and get a solid 10 in.

We have plenty of time left so let’s start working on Turkish get-ups.

Because how do you get better at Turkish Get-Ups???

Jocko : Do Turkish Get-Ups!

Side note, if you do KB work the Swing and TGU are the only 2 exercises you need to get a painful workout in.

Rudolph led the PAX in a how-to session. Take off your shoe, balance the shoe on a closed fist, perform a TGU.


Repeat again

Repeat once more

Put your smelly shoe back on and grab a Kettlebell.

Do Turkish Get ups – 5 reps per side


BootCampers were back so lets mingle with them for some MARY





Thank you all for letting me lead you today during PainLab. Always get excited about Saturdays and this AO is why. Great way to push yourself with some added weight.




It was a little rainy this morning. YHC left the house knowing about a Q fail due to some miscommunication with the M. The bricks I packed for Pain Lab got hijacked so we were empty handed for the workout. Oh well, we’ll make the most of it. Thankfully Freight showed up with blocks in his bed so we used those instead. Boom!

YHC gave a disclaimer for the FNG that Voodoo brought. Keep EHing!


Moroccan Night Clubs x10 IC

Don Quixotes (exercise version) x11 IC

Imperial Walkers x10 IC

The groups split up for Pain Lab and Bootcamp. Pain Labbers grabbed Freight’s blocks and headed to the secluded area at the entrance to the museum. After a little fiddling with the music we settled on Godsmack radio to set the mood.

The Deck of Death!

Spades = Dips

Hearts = LBCs

Clubs = Squats

Diamonds = Curls

We worked through the whole deck with about 20 minutes left so we had a ruck/mosey intermission and came back for as much more as we could fit in but switched the script on the exercises.

Spades = Merkins

Hearts = Dying Cockroaches

Clubs = Monkey Humpers

Diamonds = Overhead Presses

We made it through a few more rounds of these before there were about 5 minutes to go so we gathered up the supplies and went back to the start for a little Mary.

Nolan Ryans, Hillbillies, Box Cutters, LBFCs were all done. And we’re done!

Prayer Requests: Pizza Man’s M, Slaw’s foot, Watts Up’s daughter,

Announcements: CSAUP next Saturday, Mt. Mitchell hike May 5th

It was a small but fun group this morning. Way to push the rock men! Take care until next time.


The Forgotten BB

8 PAX chose the red pill and stayed for some pain. We did 54 minutes of AMRAP stuff and it sucked. Many complaints of YHC, a music teacher, not having music. Too bad.

Until next time,


There was some pain

Seven today for the most recent version of THE Pain Lab. After Linus lead us all in the warmup: we headed to our corner of the parking lot. Partner up. Dora 1,2,3… 4 and 5.

100 squats / 200 merkins / 300 calf raises / 400 flutter kicks and 500 lbcs. Each partner did half of the above exercises each.

Route 66 Partner 1 does bear crawls and merkins while Partner 2 does crab walks and WW1. Switch

11s with dips and derkins. Omaha because, you know, if you can’t do it don’t Q it.

Circle up for PAX choice. Those selected were Alphabet, Imperial Walkers, Low slow squats, deconstructed burpees, overhead claps and two others that I can’t remember.

Rudolph leads us in 400 lbcs IC waiting on the boot campers.


Announcements and Prayer requests: Linus took notes.

BOM: Linus closed us in prayer.

The start of something new

There had been talks amongst some of the Pain Lab regulars lately about the possibility of starting a new AO during the week to get some extra weight training in. Let’s be honest, if you only lift weights 1 day a week, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Not saying its a complete waste of time as we do a very rigorous workout on Saturdays, but you should be doing it twice a week. Now for most of us we probably do our own weight training thing at home or attend a gym to get in that extra muscle pump. While that is great and all, I often miss the fellowship of my F3 brothers in the gloom when I’m by myself. YHC had approached the F3 Gastonia board with the mention of possibly starting a new AO. I got the green light to proceed and if we had a consistent turnout we could go live. That said I eagerly got to work. Going through the list of active PAX, Looking at regular Pain Lab attendees, Geo Mapping based on PAX zip code to find that perfect AO spot, finding a spot that has growth potential based on future land development and most importantly a site that is very ,very close to my house. Based on all of that analytical data, YHC decided on WA Bess Elementary. If this ends up going live as an official AO, there are a few more elements as to why this location was chosen that I will share later. 1 element I shared with the PAX this AM and its in the picture below. See if you can find it…


So YHC just got done setting up when i see the first car arrive. As WA Bess is an official election station I wasnt sure if it was an early voter or a PAX. I recognized the truck, VooDoo is the 1st on scene. Great to see him out here and marks Day 2 of his F3 journey! Clavin then rolls in followed by Rudolph then Pedal. 5:28 and here comes a big a$$ truck. This MUST be a Folsom guy. No one in South Gastonia owns a truck this large, although VooDoo is very close. It’s Roadie! Thanks brother for making the long trip, I promise you wont be disappointed! While I stated to to the PAX this was not an official F3 workout, YHC was going to treat is as such.

Quick rundown of the new site


Queue the music – Start off the AM right with some Baba O’Reiley!

Warm up #1

MNC IC x 15

Toy Soldiers IC x 15

Warmup #2 – Kettlebell light warmup

Wood Chopper x 10 Left
Figure Eight x 10
Push Press x 10 Right
Push Press x 10 Left
Side Lunge x 10 Right
Side Lunge x 10 Left
Halo x 10 Right
Halo x 10 Left

The Thang:

Kettlebell 11’s

30 KB Swings, 10 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 1 BBSU
30 Hammer Curls, 9 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 2 BBSU
30 Upright Rows, 8 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 3 BBSU
30 Tricep Extensions, 7 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 4 BBSU
30 Lawnmowers (15/15), 6 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 5 BBSU
30 Chest Presses, 5 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 6 BBSU
30 Renegade Rows (15/15) 4 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 7 BBSU
30 American Hammers, 3 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 8 BBSU
30 Goblet Squats, 2 Pseudo Planche  Merkins, 9 BBSU
30 Snatches (15/15), 1 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 10 BBSU

30 Pullovers

PAX Choice – Rudolph Called Curls

Curls – 2 sets 8-10 reps each arms

Rudolph is an outstanding trainer. PAX need to listen as he teaches great form. This is important to maximize pump, muscle growth and to reduce injury.

YHC back with the lead. I like the curl theme so lets continue it.

21’s are called – 7 full curls, 7 upper half curls, 7 bottom half curls – rest and repeat one more time.

By this time we had an early voter walk by to check us out. His name was Scott and works for Hendrick automotive, Or at least that’s what his shirt said. EH was in full effect. All 6 PAX were heavily engaged and paused the workout to HC to EH’ng this gentleman. But as Rudolph pointed out it gave the PAX a few extra minutes to catch their breath. YHC quickly saw what was happening and called 5 burpees OYO.




XMAS Party Dec. 15th. Look out for email blast for RSVP.

Convergence 11/10

3rd F Event 11/10 immediately after convergence

F3 Dad’s 11/11 – Martha’s House – Roscoe Q

Prayer requests:

Pedal’s parents. If anyone knows a good landscape company please let him know!

YHC took us out


Men, truly an honor and privilege to lead you this morning. I was very pleased to see the turnout. Some might say well that wasn’t a lot of PAX but this is a great average number of PAX for a Pain Lab type workout. Thanks for your commitment to help this site succeed and turn into a full time AO. As YHC stated in closing today, I plan to lead every one of these workouts this month. No need to worry about Q’ng or writing a weinke, I got you covered. Just show up! Keep spreading the word about this at your other regular AO’s. See you all next week!




Hard in the evening, Soft in the morning

It was awkward at first listening to Freight and Def Leppard talking about being hard in the evening and soft in the morning.  I had missed most of the conversation due to the high level of Metal playing directly behind be. Come to find out they were discussing how right after a workout how hard and tight their muscles are but in the AM they are quickly reminded how old they are when they go back to soft and flabby.


Simple Arm stretches

Not mosey 10ft off the grass to the parking lot.

Circle up & grab a kettlebell or something heavy.

Painopoly was broken out. We played. No one won. We did a lot of Burpees somehow, no thanks to DDC as we had a free pass on that exercise once. But, the best Burpees performed this day were the ones where the PAX had to yell my name after each Burpee. That one sure is a crowd pleaser.

Notes. I’ve been trying different dice out. First set was plain old small die. hard to pickup and roll when you have gloves on. I had elected on a large foam die. After this round of Painopoly i quicky realized that’s not a good option. The foam die bounces waaaaay to much costing us precious time that we could easily fit in another 10+ exercises. I will look to invest in some better dice before we play again.

Thanks to all who came to play.

Freight took us out


-HIPAA (1 P 2 A)

Back In Black

Back In Black

Linus lead the pledge and warmup before we broke out to Bootcamp and Pain Lab.

For YHC’s VQ, I chose the easy way out. A no cadence Pain Lab, no need to look at a clock, and an easily self-modifiable beatdown. Appropriately, all PAX wore black.

Music provided the soundtrack and the timer for the workout. The album chosen for my VQ was the #77 greatest album of all time as voted on by music critics: Back in Black by AC/DC (42 minutes 11 seconds).

The beatdown included 10 stations, and each station contained 2 exercises. The PAX were to do 15 reps of the first exercise, then 15 reps of the second exercise, then rinse and repeat these two exercises until the end of the song, unless otherwise instructed.   Printout sheets that showed the form of each exercise were provided, so if anyone wants to repeat this beatdown in the future, hit me up and I can provide the files.

All PAX were instructed to pick a station, and at the end of each song rotate clockwise to the next station (I explained gently that this was to their left).  Any coupons at a station were left behind. If any coupon was too heavy, soccer players had the option to replace any exercise with 15 burpees. Emphasis was placed on full range of motion, and slower pacing. The amount of rest taken between sets by each PAX dictated their personal difficulty level.

The Thang

Quick instruction was provided on how to use a macebell as some PAX seemed confused by this strange implement, which could completely destroy a Prius in two strokes if you put your back into it.

Station 1: HELLS BELLS – ONE 40 lb. Kettlebell
This is the station that created the most complaints and tested the manhood of the participants, but the PAX got it done much to the benefit of their overall health and wellbeing.

  1. Kettlebell Swings
  2. Behind the head tricep extensions 

Station 2: SHOOT TO THRILL – TWO 6.6 lb. Dumbbells
A couple PAX let it be known that these weights “were light”, a welcome respite from the brutality of Station #1, but as the repetitions increased and the shoulders started to burn, the mumble chatter heard from station #2 dissipated.

  1. Lateral Arm Raises
  2. Front Arm Raises

Worked in some core exercises, and gave the arms and shoulders a chance to rest.

  1. Flutter Kicks
  2. LBCs

Station 4: GIVEN THE DOG A BONE- ONE 20 lb. or 10 lb. Macebell
Two sizes of macebells were provided at station #4, a 20 pounder for football players, and a 10 pounder for runners. The exercise is just as it sounds, move the macebell from the ground to over your shoulder with a half-lunge movement, just like you’re digging a grave. At some point a PAX commented this exercise worked muscles that had been dormant for a couple decades. Mission accomplished.

  1. Gravediggers (LEFT)
  2. Gravediggers (RIGHT)

Comedy relief station. 

  1. Monkey Humpers
  2. Crab Humpers

Station 6: BACK IN BLACK – One 40 lb. Kettlebell
Foundational compound exercises that should never be avoided as they prevent chicken-leg-syndrome, but I feel the weight should be a bit higher for the next time, or increase the burn by utilizing more time under tension.

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Goblet Squats

Station 7: YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG – TWO 20 lb. Kettlebells
This station was easy, moderate or difficult based on where you started the workout. Also foundational compound exercises.

  1. Military Presses
  2. Bentover Upright Rows

Station 8: HAVE A DRINK ON ME 
Defib keep perfect form on his plank for the entire duration of the song. He won this station hands down, and also provided inspiration for the other PAX. YHC on the other hand, had to ruck around the circle for a bit. Not my best effort. I still feel shame.

  1. Plank until failure
  2. Plank until failure

Station 9: SHAKE A LEG
Blood to the chest. Blood to the legs. Blood to the chest. Blood to the legs. = Beatdown

  1. Merkins
  2. Mountain Climbers

Station 10: ROCK AND ROLL AIN’T NOISE POLLUTION – TWO 17 lb. Dumbbells 
This was a good weight for the Hammer Curls, but a bit light for Flys. YHC commented on Sargento’s pump after he completed this exercise. His bicep definition was coming through in 4k, although it may have been the lighting. Not quite sure.

  1. Hammer Curls
  2. Flys

PAX helped load all the coupons into the car, and we circled up for some Mary until the bootcamp crew returned victorious with Linus leading the way.



Linus lead prayer requests, announcements, & Nameorama.

Post beatdown selfie (hard pose):


Twerking with Soccer Arms (Literally)

15 for Pain Lab, 2 for a tandem bicycle ride

Def Leppard reached out to me awhile back wondering if I would bring Pain Lab out to Midoriyama. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and obliged to his request. Midoriyama has a large space and also a few extra hidden toys YHC could not possibly fit in his “Prius”, like large Folsom truck tires. Knowing the amount of HIM that would post I knew the weinke had to be large enough to accommodate all that showed up. This was by far the largest Pain Lab group YHC has ever had and I believe it was enjoyed by all.

I pre-blasted on the Twitter that there would be no running as this is a low to no impact workout. As I arrived early to setup, I saw some PAX getting some EC running in. I laughed as they ran by as these guys probably thought this would be an easy workout. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

As the PAX began to arrive, the amount of kettlebells grew. YHC had the battle rope present and decided to do something fun. Lined the kettlebells up and threaded the battle rope through them all. Mind you the rope is 50ft in length. Yes, we will be group carrying this for a hot minute.

No FNG’s, so quick disclaimer

Quick Warmup

Moroccan Night Clubs IC

Cherry Pickers IC


Alright, let’s grab the kettlebell rope and other misc toys (sledge hammer, slam ball, large speaker, block) and fellowship mosey to the small soccer field.

Wait, what’s this? We have a sudden walk up by a young Gentleman asking what we are doing. “Large group workout, wanna join us?” Young guy, “I would but I have a bum knee” (is this Medicine Woman’s cousin??). “Bum knee? Then you came to the right workout today! Low to No Impact so cmon!” FNG Erick Silva joined us. FYI, EH’ng on the fly is an awesome high. Disclaimer with FNG as we finished our mosey.

The Thang:

***This is Pain Lab so loud music was present. Today’s tracks: Drum and Bass playlist or “Twerking” music as most, if not all PAX, referred to it as.

Station work

17 Stations

45 seconds each station

15 second rest between stations

  1. KB Lat Pullover to chest press

  2. Flutter Kicks

  3. KB Deadlift

  4. LBC’s

  5. KB Shoulder Presses

  6. Wide Merkins

  7. KB Swings

  8. Dying Cockroaches

  9. KB Skull Crushers

  10. Diamond Merkins

  11. KB Halos

  12. Dips

  13. Tire Flips

  14. Slam Ball – Overhead slams

  15. American Hammers

  16. Sledge Hammer Tire – Overhead

  17. Battle Ropes – 2 arm wave

Looked at watch, 5:59. Yea, we got time.

Next phase:


Curls bottom of hill 10-1

Walk up hill with kettlebell or other weight

Weighted Squats top of hill 1-10


Head back to flag


Announcements and many prayer requests.

Tclaps to Shockers 2.0’s for getting baptized! This was something they wanted to do with no influence from anyone here on this earth. God is good!

Def Leppard took us out

By now you should realize that nothing in this life is easy. While something may appear easy from the outside, you often find it is not. The struggle is real! Thank you to everyone that came out this evening and pushed hard through it. The reward is much greater than the pain. Welcome again FNG Erick Silva “Soccer Arms”. It was a pleasure meeting you and hope to see you out here often!


You can have an effective workout without running

7 men showed for my Painlab VQ.  It was 10 minutes until launch time and there were only three men in the parking.  It started looking it would be a light crowd.  By launch time 14 men (7 and the boot camp and 7 at the lab) had circled up.

Stroganoff lead the group through the warmup and then he lead his men out of the parking lot.  The rest of us gathered at the back of the parking lot by the benches.

The thang

Partnered up and started with lazy Dora, but many more reps.  The exercises were 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 monkey humpers, 400 flutter kicks, 500 calf raises and 600 LBC.  Each partner would do five rounds with the number increasing on each exercise.  Each partner did five rounds of 10 merkins, 20 squats… up to 60 LBCs each round.  This was fun.

Next was a personal favorite of mine – deconstructed burpees.

Over to the benches for 11s. Dips and Incline merkins.

Back to the parking lot for 11s.  CDDs (in honor of Def Leppard. We miss you, brother) and mountain climbers.

We did a round of Mary tabata style.  1 minute of each exercise.  We had plank jacks, low plank, prom nights, moroccan nightclubs, something I’m forgetting and finishing with LBCs and the boot campers returned.

That’s time.


Announcements: JJ5k, Speed for Need race

Prayer requests: Monk’s friend, guys on the IR

BOM: Stroganoff closed us in prayer.

It was an honor to VQ the painlab today, men.  It’s great to see Bandit again. It’s been too long, sir.  Glad you’re back.  Thank you all for the push and the opportunity.

Philippians 4:13


99 Bottles of Beer…

Whoopee vacated his Q slot for this morning’s bootcamp. Either his M failed to tell him or he failed to remember they had a garage sale scheduled bright and early this morning. Plenty of George Strait cd’s are still available I here. So I gladly took control for the boot camp while Bedpan was to have his VQ with the Pain Lab. When I’m on a work call that looses my interest, I open my excel file with all of my Weinkes and get creative. This idea had been brewing for a while and I tempted the PAX of Gastonia via Twitter and Slack, hoping to entice a big crowd.

I arrived in the parking lot after an EC run and was pleasantly surprised at the eager group of PAX. I had a strong feeling Udders from Greensboro would post. I was happy to see the return of the “the Streak,” as well as Hushpuppy. I attempted to lure Brownstreak to the bootcamp providing as much insight as I could (he doesn’t like surprises if you didn’t know) but he was leaning toward the Pain Lab. I checked my watch and 0700 struck – time to get this train wreck mov’in.  No FNG’s but a disclaimer was stated as there were some newer men among us. “You verses you, modify as needed, do what you want to do.” Did I say you verses you? I did…let’s go:


  • SSH IC x 10
  • Squats (apparently I didn’t say “in cadence” though the PAX were following my lead quite nicely until HIPAA called me out) we finished 10 – in cadence
  • Rapid fire: LBC’s in rapid cadence x 8; Plank Jacks in rapid cadence x 8, and just for HIPAA: 5 Burpees OYO

Pledge – boot camp bid adieu to the Pain Lab

We moseyed to the Grier track for Part I. Once through the gate we circled and I was once again surprised that only 7 men followed me. I guess the temptation wasn’t strong enough or the PAX were skeered as they sometimes say. No matter – the PAX that faced me were ready for a beat down and I was ready to give it. The biggest form of flattery is to borrow from another man’s workout. The track work is a combination from Stroganoff’s world famous “Wolfpack Grinder” and one that Tiny Tank led in honor of his West Point classmate Dan Whitten. To perform the real Whitten – you need some equipment, so modifications were in order. However – if you have access to a dumbbell or kettle-bell and a medicine ball – look up this workout and do it when you can’t attend F3. You will be tested. So today’s version was originally slated for 4 rounds of 20 reps. After round 1, I modified unbeknownst to the PAX. Here’s what we did:

  • Steps-ups
  • Dips
  • Run 200 meters
  • Burpees
  • SSH
  • Run 200 meters to complete a full lap
  • Round 1 was 20 single count reps of the exercises; Round 2 was 15, and Round 3 was 10

I omaha’ed the fourth round because of time. Thanks to Roscoe for leading plank work waiting for the PAX to gather. Props to Roscoe for leading the charge with Udders closely following. This circuit was designed to elevate the heart rate. I’ve found that any occasion to run and throw in burpees will get your ticker pumping. A quick count off confirmed all eight men were still with us. Onto First Presbyterian Church’s PAD where the Main Event was waiting.

The set up took a minute to get the music going (thanks Rudolph for your speaker) and the cooler opened. Preparing for this Q was a bit unique and took me to three different stores to find the various coupons. I did fulfill a few requests but unfortunately those men were not among my PAX. Stroganoff titles many of his routines and this one deserved such distinction: 99 Bottles of Beer. Think all the way back to your elementary school days and those field trips. I feel certain that most if not all of us sang the song as the bus took off. I’m going to venture a guess that few field trips ever actually completed the countdown. I imagine in today’s PC world, young kids singing a song with “beer” in the lyric would be frowned upon. But today’s workout would bring smiles. So think of the “deck of death” workout but instead of cards, various bottles of beer were used. The time began with, yep you guessed it, a 99 second circuit, followed by a 30 second rest and then 98 seconds, and so on. I offered the PAX an asterisk that if they selected a bottle and didn’t like the exercises, they could “take one for the team” with a power chug of the ice cold beer. Some thought about it but none accepted the challenge, at least the drinking beer part. It went like this:

  • 99 seconds: Old English 40 – Single line suicides & V Ups
  • 98 seconds: Busch Light – Donkey Kicks & CDD’s
  • 97 seconds: PBR – Jingle Balls & Am Hammers
  • 96 seconds: Natural Light – Ski Abs & LBC’s
  • 95 seconds: Stella Artois – Step Ups & Derkins
  • 94 seconds: Ice House – SSH & Squats
  • 93 seconds: Mich Ultra – Hi/Low Wall Taps & Floyd Mayweathers
  • 92 seconds: Bud Light – Lt Dans & Flutter Kicks
  • 91 seconds: Miller High Life (Just for Medicine Woman – a no show) – Burpees & Dying Cockroach

You see two exercises – most tabatas are 30 to 45 seconds.  Doing any one exercise for 99 seconds; it’s not that easy. So the idea was to do the first exercise to failure and then start the second – keep the cardio and heart rate going as much as possible. The mumble chatter was pretty good. Roscoe announced each new round with “(name) get you a cold beer.” I also had a cooler of water for the PAX and we certainly enjoyed a few of those cold ones in the summer humidity. We completed 9 rounds before it was time to head home. Oh did I mention the play list? All songs about drinking cold beer or partying or just a cool groove, but mostly about drinking: Blooze (Junkyard), Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World (Steel Panther), Had Enough (Tesla), Toes (Zac Brown Band), Day Drinking (Little Big Town), Metalingus (Alter Bridge). I hear that some bumpkin midget named George Strait has a song called “Cold Beer Conversation” but after listening to 30 seconds I decided the slow moving twang would have a negative effect on our heart rate. Maybe the next Q can use that song while doing yoga or an hour’s worth of star gazers?


Shoulder press,lunge,lbc,merkin x20 three times.

Annie’s=planks one handed taking the other hand in the motion of cleaning the floor. Each side hold 20 seconds.

Bat wings x 20; 4 x each

Forwards, backwards circles; Seal claps, overhead claps x 20

WWII, Sandy V, Freddy Mercury’s, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Heel taps.

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 lunges
  • 15imperial walkers
  • 20 merkins

Sally up song w/ squats

15 super mike Tyson’s = mike Tyson then a burpee afterward.

15 minutes of battle rope alternating between planks

15 minutes of kettle bells

Rotated these two in groups.

COT: I ran with Madoff for some extra credit this morning. He was unable to post because his son had a swim meet but asked for a friend Nikki Bailey that is battling stomach cancer. We also lifted up prayers for Hushpuppy’s work friend Ashley that lost her battle with cancer leaving behind a family. Toto’s mother-in-law and his marriage. I believe Timeframe had a request that I cannot recall the specific name. We have a lot of PAX traveling home or to vacation destinations – we asked for their safe travels as well as safety and enjoyment as we look forward to celebrating July 4th.

Moleskin: Roadie was correct – the enticement of beer was a trap, well sort of. As noted, the PAX had the opportunity to drink one for the team. Of course splashing merlot would have come into play. I appreciate the 7 PAX that followed me out of the parking lot and allowed me to have some Q-fun with the workout. It was a grinder but the guys pushed through. Roscoe was on fire. Until you hear Moses say his age, you wouldn’t know by the way he pushes through the workout. Toto is drinking the F3 Kool-Aid like it was a free keg on the 4th of July. Nice to have Dr. Feelgood in the fold. Blart was quiet but had his typical dry witted comedic statement that got the guys laughing. JJ was steady as always, and Udders joined in as if he was one of us and not just visiting. Great work by the boot camp guys. Once the workout ended, we re-packed the cooler and I now have a collection of tall-boys, double-deuces, and an Ole E “fo-ty” that I doubt I’ll ever drink. High school and college was a long time ago and I have enough room in my budget for my standard Bud Light. So that means before this piss-water goes bad, I may need to bring the cooler to an AO near you. I’m scanning the Q schedule and you may very well find yourself participating in my version of 99 Beers on the Wall. That is unless Udders doesn’t snatch my Weinke and take this cooler to G-boro. It was a pleasure to Q.

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