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Hurricane Florence Pre-Party

13 showed up for a beatdown by the ol’ Slawbag. Mumble chatter was lively pertaining to the slowly approaching hurricane. Weather was beautiful and slightly breezy for the workout (which is odd due to the fact YHC is usually Qing in the rain). Broke, Gold Digger and Defib roll in from some EC. 5:30 hits and it’s time to get started.


  • SSH X 15 IC
  • DON Q X 10

(It should be noted that 2 PAX immediately began Burpees at the beginning of the warmup. YHC has these boys trained! In the future, he plans to have them sitting up, rolling over and fetching the paper!)



Mosey to large soccer field at the back rear of the AO.


  • LBC’ X 50 OYO


25 yard sprint then back to start, then perform 10 Perfect Form Merkins (Hand release Merkin w/ alternating shoulder taps at the top).

At this time, YHC must admit these were supposed to be suicide-type sprints, but the soccer field had not been painted yet (Q fail).

Modify for 100 yard Sprint, 10 Perfect Form Merkins.

R & R X 3 for 400 total yards and 40 Perfect Form Merkins

Partner up for some CORA 1,2,3. P1 Sprints (or Moseys) 40 yards and return will P2 performs:

  • 100 Leg Lifts
  • 200 Freddy Mercs (count right leg)
  • 300 Flutter Kicks (count right leg)

Mosey to large parking lot beside the playground for some 11’s with Mike Tysons and Tiger Squats.

At this time, one of the PAX questioned the correct form of his Tiger Squats. Until now, the Tiger Squat was sufficiently performed as long as the PAX’s backside touched the sidewalk/curb (which is EXACTLY what YHC was doing). Now it seems that this certain PAX believed that the backside should touch the sidewalk, then lift the feet off the ground to perform the Tiger Squat correctly. He then felt the need to “Phone a Friend” for a “correct” interpretation. He asked Tiger, of course. Caving under peer pressure, Tiger agreed with the pitiful protester. This made the protester feel vindicated. Good for him. YHC suspected his V was still sandy from the volleyball pit on Tuesday. After YHC Omaha’d back to the flag, he discovered a rather large amount of sand on the sidewalk where the protester had been performing his 11’s. This confirmed the Q’s suspicions.

Mosey back to the flag just in time.


Q vs. Q battle on 9/15. It’s looking like it going to be great! Folsom and the Fighting Yank cancelled on 9/15.

9/22/18- JJ5K trail run in Stanley, Stop Soldier Suicide 5K/ 10K in Belmont. SIGN UP!

Burpeethon 10/6/18 at Rankin Lake Park in Dallas.



Prayer requests

YHC took us out in Prayer


As this Hurricane comes ashore, it will bring record levels of rain with it. YHC encourages all of us to be a HIM and help or assist others any way that we can.

Until next time,







11 PAX posted at Midoriyama last Thursday. This is a little late but I’ve been busy with a little mosey in the hills. I had a brutal workout planned but on the eve of the BRR it was decided I would be filling in as a runner. So I left the fate of the workout in the PAX hands. You choose option 1 or 2? They chose 2 thank goodness! Def Leppard isn’t convinced there ever was any other option. He has trust issues.

Warmup: The usual

The Thang: option 1 will be saved for another day. Option 2 was let’s run around and I’ll make stuff up as we go. Usually these are the worst kind!


Announcements-JJ5k,SFN race, Burpeethon Oct 6


Prayer Request

Moleskin: YHC talked about training and always being able to step up when called upon. No matter if it is something physical or mental we shouldn’t need a reason to train. We should always be preparing for when something happens. Always Be Training! ABT! If you are you will be ready!

BackBlast 8/23

10 PAX showed on a really nice evening at Midoriyama.  Awesome to have temperatures in the low 80s in August.  I noticed we have 1 FNG with us today, so a short disclaimer was given.


Slaughter Starter-  which is 20 Burpees OYO

The Thang:

Mosey to the hill that leads down to the fishing pier.  For those that frequent Midoriyama, you know that this is a long tough hill.   With that said, time for some Triple Nickel.  This is where you perform 5 x called exercise at top, run to bottom and complete 5 x called exercise and then run back to top.  5 repetitions (5/5/5=Triple Nickel).  We started with Jump Lunges up top with right knee and left knee going down counting as 1 rep.  We ran to bottom and did 5 Burpees, then ran back to top.  We did this 5 times to complete the Triple Nickel.  While waiting on the six to finish, someone called I think 40 LBCs OYO.

Next mosey across the street to small parking lot.  Here we got a partner to do some 11s.  With partners on opposite sides of parking lot, we started with 10 Tiger Squats.  Then meet your partner in the middle for 1 Booyah Merkin.  Partners plank facing each other.  Perform merkin in unison and on up move reach out and tap right hand of partner.  Repeat merkin and on up move reach out and slap left hand of partner to complete 1 rep.  Continue doing this until you flip the numbers and end with 1 Tiger Squat on each side and 10 Booyah Merkins in the middle.  Way to push on this one fellas, the merkins are tough at the end.

With time running short, we started our mosey back to the flag.  We would do some route 66 with Plank Jacks stopping at 11 different light poles to perform the exercises.  First pole was 11 Plank Jacks, next pole 10, next 9, continue until performing 1 Plank Jack at the last light pole.  Finised up and mosey to flag.

With the upper body feeling good from the Booyah Merkins, might as well do some more.  Here I called a little Burp & Merk.  I modified this a little and changed the merkin to Hand Release Merkins.  Start with your traditional Burpee and do Hand Release Merkin at bottom then complete.  Drop back down for a second burpee with 2 Hand Release Merkins at bottom.   I think we continued this until 9 Hand Release Merkins were completed.  Upper body was smoked at this point.   A couple ab exercises were called until time was up.  Great push men.



Prayer Request


It was an honor to lead today men.  Welcome FNG Somebody (Doug Flemming).

Sister Act


14 PAX posted for another one of Pizza Man’s JV Q’s.  A baker dozen stayed for the beat down while one went for a solo bike ride.  Many of you know that I have a routine of doing a Monday Murph.  With this Q I wanted to honor another fallen VET so I searched and found a pretty good one called the “Zachary Tellier”.   After reading who the workout was named in honor of I realized this HIM was from Charlotte.  17:30 was approaching and the PAX kept arriving.  17:30 hits and it’s time to begin….


SSH x 15 IC

Don Q’s x 10 IC

Let’s mosey to the small soccer field…YHC read a short description of who Zachary Tellier was and that this workout was to honor HIM!! https://thefallen.militarytimes.com/army-sgt-zachary-d-tellier/3079787

The Thang:

10 Burpees

Jog across the field

10 Burpees

25 Merkins

Jog across the field

10 Burpees

25 Merkins

50 Lunges(25 each leg)

Jog across the field

10 Burpees

25 Merkins

50 Lunges(25 each leg)

100 Big Boy Sit-Ups

Jog across the field

10 Burpees

25 Merkins

50 Lunges(25 each leg)

100 Big Boy Sit-Ups

150 Air Squats

Throughout this workout mubblechatter was at a minimal but the PUSH was great!!  Great work by ALL!!

With time to spare we moseyed to the playground for 11’s.  The exercises were Pull-Ups and Merkins…this was definitely a crowd pleaser!!  I reminded the PAX that this is JV and in order to get to varsity you must PUSH THE ROCK!!



As always, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to lead the HIMs that posted at Midoriyama.  You are an amazing group of men and the brotherhood we have out there is indescribable.



Labor Day Murph – September 3rd @ 7am – Martha Rivers  (ALL OTHER AO’s WILL BE CLOSED)

SFN Stop Solider Suicide 5/10k – September 22nd @ 7:30am https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stop-soldier-suicide-10k5k-tickets-41389289479 Discount Code:HAPPY

JJ5K – September 22nd @ 9am https://runsignup.com/Race/Events/NC/Stanley/CPC5KTraining?remMeAttempt=

Special Olympics Burpee-thon – October 6th @ Rankin Lake


Until next time…Pizza Man is OOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!

River Dance

08/21/2018 On a warm breezy afternoon at Midoriyama YHC had promised to go where we haven’t been before so 10 strong HIM’s showed to find out. Slaw and Freight coming in hot and almost missed the …
5 burpees (stressed to watch the form on all exercises as there has been some less than perfect form going on lately)
Cotton Pickers x 15 IC
Hillbillies x 15 IC
Mosey (asked the guys to mosey a touch faster today than our normal mosey) to the entrance and across the road to the entrance to the asphalt track/trail (squats waiting on the 6). 15 Merkins IC (watch that form, yes my butt was down).
Mosey down to the steps and then the steep hill leading down to the South Fork River (squats for the 6). There on the muddy banks of the river we did Moroccan Night Clubs x 15 IC, Seal Jacks x 15 IC, Toy Soldiers x 15 IC. Sprint back up the steep hill and do 2 calf raises per step to the top. Rinse and repeat to the delight of everyone.
Mosey back to the track/trail entrance for LBC’s x 15 IC (squats for the 6).
Mosey back across the road to the lower picnic shelter near the lake. Dips x 15 IC.
Mosey up the hill to the larger picnic shelter (squats for the 6). Flutters x 15 IC, Derkins x 15 IC, Step Ups x 15 IC, Dips x 15 IC, Box Cutters x 15 IC.
Mosey through the woods back to the road. Get a count.
Mosey to the playground for a 6 Pack. 5 pullups, 1 CDDs, 4 pullups, 2 CDDs, 3 pullups, 3 CDDs, 2 pullups, 4 CDDs, 1 pullup, 5 CDDs. Whew!
Mosey to the far Turd Shack near the soccer fields. Wall Sit for a while with some Hallelujahs (single count and IC by request). The plan was 15 Hip Slappers but YHC was tired so I was going to change it to 5. This was when the mumblechatter, which I had largely ignored up until this point, became rather loud and had to be addressed. Hip Slappers IC until I say stop. I had Blart (the reigning F3 Hip Slapper champion) by my side for motivation so we start. 5, 10, 12, 15 (gotta stop soon) 17, 20 and stop! Not everybody completed the full reps! You know who you are!
Mosey back to the flag. Nameorama. I repeated the story Moses told us at Forge last Wednesday about when Gaston County was getting 911 service and it was being advertised. Moses worked in the jail and there was a street preacher that would preach and sing at the jail that told Moses all they needed was 333. Moses asked what that was and he said Jeremiah 33:3 says “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee
great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” Who are you going to call on when you need something?
Announcements: Forge on Wednesdays at 6:30 at Grits N Greens in Lowell. Huckleberry speaking this week on Joshua. Our local CSAUP this Saturday morning at 4 am (yeah that’s right) at the courthouse in Dallas as we run our region. 2nd F at Sargentos this Saturday after 5 (there may be a toilet paper problem, not sure). New AO in Mount Holly at the Middle School on Mondays at 5:30 am. SFN race on September 22nd in Belmont. JJ5k race the same day in Stanley.
Prayer Requests: Gumby’s father in Law, Mayor’s family in the loss of his uncle, Oompa dropping his 2.0 off at Clemson, Broke dropping his 2.0 off at UNC and others lifted up. Kids and teachers going back to school.
* It is always great to lead such a fine group. We got in 2 quick and hilly miles and lots of reps. Wojo’s back was acting up on him so we hope he is better soon. There was a discussion of Defib’s lovely smelling choice of laundry detergent. Slaw tried to EH a guy as we were going down the big hill to the river but either Slaw or the hill scared him off. According to Sister Act, Slaw scares off a lot of the new guys by being “overly” friendly. Swimmer, who is the King of F3 Gastonia Mountain Biking, has also become a runner as he passed me several times today after riding 3 miles before the workout. Great to see Lil Sweet back out pushing the rock. Freight’s hair never moved. Nice work by all!

Mixing it up

10 brave souls posted in the Midoriyama heat for a not-so-typical Q from YHC. In attempt to keep the PAX guessing about the workout, YHC consulted the exicon for some exercises he hadn’t performed in a long time (or at all for that matter). YHC could tell his Q’s were getting predictable when half the guys started burpees a minute before the workout began. They said they were “getting a head start on things”. Whatever. Unbeknownst to them, my weinke had 0 burpees. Good work on the EC, boys. No FNG’s, quick disclaimer given, let’s get going.


  • SSH X 10



Like YHC stated earlier, he wanted to mix things up a bit, so we started with 11’s Route 66 style. Start at first light pole and all PAX perform 1 Flying Squirrel, 10 Little Gumby In The Woods. The Folsom deficient PAX immediately asked for a demo. They are known as Smurf Jacks on the exicon, but they were sorta renamed Little Gumby In The Woods after watching Gumby knock them out at Folsom. It’s a SSH performed while in the squat position. It’s funny to watch tall guys like Blart perform this one. Anyway, 10/1 at first pole, mosey to next pole 9/2 and so on until 1/10 achieved. Legs were smoking already.

YHC then led the men to the shady part of one of the soccer fields for the next exercise. If anyone ever posts with Def Leppard and Karaoke is called, he wails out the most God-Awful rendition of George Strait you’ve ever heard. Even Whoopee would be crying and begging for some Rush. YHC picked out another country singer inspired exercise called Tammy Wynettes. She was famous for her song “Stand by Your Man”. Grab a partner. While standing beside your partner, P1 does 10 Merkins, P2 does 10 Squats in sync with P1. Flapjack and perform 5 rounds for a total of 50 Merkins and 50 Squats per PAX.

Next, Mosey to the small soccer field for a little Run D.M.C. Run one lap around the field, then 20 Diamond Merkins. Run another lap, then 20 Merkins. Run one more lap, then 20 CDD’s.

Mosey back to the shady part of the large soccer field for the Gross. 12 reps of 12 different exercises. They were: Merkins, Squats, Big Boy Situps, Werkins, CDD’s, Plank Jacks, Military Merkins, Side Squats (Right), Side Squats (Left), and Flying Squirrels. Yes, YHC realized that’s only 11. Diamond Merkins were missed. Q fail. But then again, it IS Midoriyama.

PAX were then instructed to partner up with their earlier partner and perform 5 more rounds of Tammy Wynettes (which would be 100 Merkins and 100 Squats total for each PAX).

Running low on time, the Q pushed hard to get 11’s Route 66 style done with Flying Squirrels and CDD’s. A bunch of negative mumble chatter was directed towards YHC on this decision. Defib pushed YHC to the 4/7 mark with just 2 minutes to go. Omaha was called and we Moseyed back to the flag just in time.


  • CSAUP on 8/25
  • 2.0 Workout at Folsom on 8/18
  • Women’s workout at Folsom 08:00 led by Blart’s M and Pizza Man’s M on 8/18
  • Clown car to the Fort on 8/18 for the CSPAN convergence. He’s moving to Philadelphia.
  • BRR coming up
  • Bourbon Race coming up
  • Sign up for Christmastown 5K
  • Another F3 tubing event will be happening on the 8/18. Freight will have more details out soon.

Prayer Requests:

Sly in Afghanistan, Freight’s M having procedure performed, Oompa Loompa’s M’s cousin’s family upon her passing.

YHC took us out in prayer.


Def Leppard led a great “Cliff’s Notes” study on the apostle Paul at the Forge Wednesday night. One point that stuck with me is Paul urging Christians to be imitators of Christ. If you are a Christian, people are watching you to see if you “practice what you preach”. The very next day, I had a moment where I wasn’t acting as Christlike as I should be. As soon as the moment passed, Def Leppard’s words from the night before came to mind. Screwed up again. Thank the Sky Q above that he is more than willing to forgive us if we are truly sorry for whatever we said or did.

Great work by all the guys for pushing through the Midoriyama heat and getting it done. Thanks to you men for coming out and supporting me and allowing me to Q. It was awesome.

Until the next time,


Bat Flippers

12 PAX posted on Thursday at Midoriyama. YHC is a little late on the BB due to going out of town the next morning. But hey at least it’s done before the next Midoriyama workout. I had a special workout planned for some of the bat flippers that come out but to my surprise they didn’t show. No offense to those that did I just had a few particular PAX in mind. That being said I decided to improvise and save my batflipper workout for another day. Here is what I remember.


Butt kickers, high knees, SSH, Morroccan nightclubs

The Thang:

NUR up and down the hill 5 times

Joe Hendricks x 3

10 Calf Raises on each step-in hindsight not a good idea before going to the mtn’s biking for three days!

Merkins and pullups

Victory march-lunge lunge Bobby Hurley

Wall sits

Step ups and tridips

Finished with 2 minutes of AMRAP burpees. How many can you do? A brother from Lake Norman did 50 in the middle of a Goruck tough after completing a Goruck heavy!!!!!


Good Job Everyone!

Twerking with Soccer Arms (Literally)

15 for Pain Lab, 2 for a tandem bicycle ride

Def Leppard reached out to me awhile back wondering if I would bring Pain Lab out to Midoriyama. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and obliged to his request. Midoriyama has a large space and also a few extra hidden toys YHC could not possibly fit in his “Prius”, like large Folsom truck tires. Knowing the amount of HIM that would post I knew the weinke had to be large enough to accommodate all that showed up. This was by far the largest Pain Lab group YHC has ever had and I believe it was enjoyed by all.

I pre-blasted on the Twitter that there would be no running as this is a low to no impact workout. As I arrived early to setup, I saw some PAX getting some EC running in. I laughed as they ran by as these guys probably thought this would be an easy workout. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

As the PAX began to arrive, the amount of kettlebells grew. YHC had the battle rope present and decided to do something fun. Lined the kettlebells up and threaded the battle rope through them all. Mind you the rope is 50ft in length. Yes, we will be group carrying this for a hot minute.

No FNG’s, so quick disclaimer

Quick Warmup

Moroccan Night Clubs IC

Cherry Pickers IC


Alright, let’s grab the kettlebell rope and other misc toys (sledge hammer, slam ball, large speaker, block) and fellowship mosey to the small soccer field.

Wait, what’s this? We have a sudden walk up by a young Gentleman asking what we are doing. “Large group workout, wanna join us?” Young guy, “I would but I have a bum knee” (is this Medicine Woman’s cousin??). “Bum knee? Then you came to the right workout today! Low to No Impact so cmon!” FNG Erick Silva joined us. FYI, EH’ng on the fly is an awesome high. Disclaimer with FNG as we finished our mosey.

The Thang:

***This is Pain Lab so loud music was present. Today’s tracks: Drum and Bass playlist or “Twerking” music as most, if not all PAX, referred to it as.

Station work

17 Stations

45 seconds each station

15 second rest between stations

  1. KB Lat Pullover to chest press

  2. Flutter Kicks

  3. KB Deadlift

  4. LBC’s

  5. KB Shoulder Presses

  6. Wide Merkins

  7. KB Swings

  8. Dying Cockroaches

  9. KB Skull Crushers

  10. Diamond Merkins

  11. KB Halos

  12. Dips

  13. Tire Flips

  14. Slam Ball – Overhead slams

  15. American Hammers

  16. Sledge Hammer Tire – Overhead

  17. Battle Ropes – 2 arm wave

Looked at watch, 5:59. Yea, we got time.

Next phase:


Curls bottom of hill 10-1

Walk up hill with kettlebell or other weight

Weighted Squats top of hill 1-10


Head back to flag


Announcements and many prayer requests.

Tclaps to Shockers 2.0’s for getting baptized! This was something they wanted to do with no influence from anyone here on this earth. God is good!

Def Leppard took us out

By now you should realize that nothing in this life is easy. While something may appear easy from the outside, you often find it is not. The struggle is real! Thank you to everyone that came out this evening and pushed hard through it. The reward is much greater than the pain. Welcome again FNG Erick Silva “Soccer Arms”. It was a pleasure meeting you and hope to see you out here often!


Trail of tears

12 men showed tonight for a Midoriyama VQ.   We promptly clocked in at 17:30.

Warmups: Slawter starter,  grass pickers and SSH x 12IC.


Starting at the parking we lot set at destination for the far turd shack.  We got there with a combination of lunges, bear crawls, lunges and an indian run.

Once there we did some wall sits while marching our feet and hip slippers/flutter kicks and lbcs all x 20IC.

We then proceeded to the dog park hill with a combination of nur, lunges and a mosey.

Partner up at the hill.  P1 does merkins and P2 nurs the hill and sprints down.  100 merkins total.

Then partner 1 does WW1s while P2 bears crawls up and sprints down.  200 total.

Mosey the long way back to the parking lot by the big field.

Return back to the flag with a combination of lunges, burpees long jumps, indian run and a mosey.

Circle up for some Freddy Mercury and Sandy Vs.

Time is up.


Annoucements: CSAUP coming up.  Second F at Sargento’s the same night.

Prayer requests: Hush Puppy, Swimmer, all the people hurt.


Allen Tate closed us in prayer.

The Chief would like to thank midoriyama for allowing him to come gather and lead these pm rockpushers. It was an honor and a privilege to lead. Nice work tonight men. No jv guys here for sure. Keep pushing the rock!! Until next time!! Allen tate- Chief of folsom

In hindsight… some of this was stupid

11 men posted for the lastest edition of Midoriyama.  Relatively speaking the weather was nice.  At 17:30 we clocked in.  Tool Time and Wojo went running while the rest of us started the warmup.

Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Flutter Kicks all x 10IC.

Mosey to the parking lot by the far turd shack.

Four corner escalator  C1: 20 Scorpion dry docks.  C2: 20 Scorpion dry docks and 40 Peter Parkers.  C3: 20 Scorpion dry docks, 40 Peter Parkers and 60 LBCs.  C4: all the above plus 80 Squats.

Lunge from pole to pole and line up for Route 66.   Bearcrawl between lines with merkins.

Mosey to the far turd shack.  11s with Australian mountain climbers and regular mountain climbers.   I’m not certain, but I think I heard more complaining during this than any exercise I’ve ever called.

Mosey back to the parking lot.  Lunge, nur, lunge, nur. Circle up for some tabata.   One minute of the exercise with a brief break.   Exercises were monkey humpers, moroccan nightclubs, LBCs, SSH and something else.

Mosey back to the closest turd shack for 10 jackass merkins.   This brought more complaining.   From the plank do one merkin and immediately into a donkey kick.

Back to the launching point for 20 LBCs IC and 22 for the vets.




Announcements: Speed for need, JJ5k, CSAUP

Prayer requests: Def Leppard, Montross, Medicine Woman, each other.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

Men: I know when I have the Q it’s a little different than most.   I’m not the greatest runner and I know the amount of running that most of you get in.  I appreciate the opportunity to Q, and I hope you get something out of it.

Philippians 4:13



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