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15 PAX total for an afternoon beatdown at Midoriyama. FNG was present, so after a short disclaimer we got after it.



SSH, Hillbillies and Don Q’s all x 10IC

Knock out the Pledge and off for a short mosey to the small soccer field


The Thang:

Partner up and let’s do some BOMBS. While one partner runs across the soccer field and NUR’s back the other partner performs the following until the total cumulative reps are reached:


Burpee’s x 50

Overhead claps x 100

Merkins x 150

Big Boy sit ups x 200

Squats x 250


Time for a short mosey over to the big hill at the dog park for some ab and leg work.


Hill Sprint Countdown – start at the bottom of the hill and perform a set of LBC’s, American Hammers and Flutter kicks x 10 OYO then sprint to the top of the hill and back. Repeat sequence counting down by two’s (8..6..4, etc.) until we get to zero.


Time’s almost up so let’s head back to the flag with a quick stop on the way for 20 Mike Tyson’s IC called by Blart.




Announcements – Virtual run at Rankin Lake Saturday for Operation Sweet Tooth, see Pizza Man. Global 6k for Water May 19th, see Broke.


Prayer Request – Huckleberry, PAX who haven’t posted in a while.


Moleskin – Welcome to FNG Michael Sumner – Pink Panther, strong work on your first post. All PAX were pushing hard today and it’s a pleasure to be a part of such a strong group of HIM’s. All kind’s of EC going on before the workout; Blart and Pockets running, Wojo and Swimmer on the bikes, everyone pushing to get better.


Reach out to someone in this group  if there’s anything you need or are struggling with something. Life is tough enough as it is, you don’t have to go at it alone. On the flip side, if a brother reaches out to you, be there for him.


Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 says “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor; If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.”


YHC took us out in prayer. As always, it is an honor.




You Still Mad Bro

17 PAX showed up at Midoriyama. 3 went for a MTB ride. There was no sighting of the varsity captain. Someone said he was probably already in bed.


SSH x forever

Morrocan Nightclubs x when ever I say stop

Low Slow Squat x 10

Let’s Mosey to get the blocks and hit the hill at the soccer field

The Thang:

We did a workout from a few weeks ago. Partner up.

Dora 123- 100 burpees partner runs up the hill with the block, 200 squats with the block partner NURs up the hill and back, 300 IN/Out partner runs up the hill with the block.

Running low on time we modified the next round. 50 step ups partner bear crawls 10-15 yds and runs back, 100 overhead press bearcrawls continue, 150 curls and still bear crawling.

Mosey back to the flag for a little Mary.



Announcements-Tooltime is leading The Forge this week 6:30 Wednesday night at Grits n Greens, Virtual run at Rankin Lake Saturday for Operation Sweet Tooth see Pizza Man, I’ve already got our speakers for this quarters 3rdF event! Way to step up guys. Dates and times to come.

Prayer Request-Def Leppard will be gone to China the whole month of May, Several friends and Family battling cancer.

Moleskin-This one sucks! We will continue the beatings at Midoriyama because that’s what we do. Many of us are not runners but we run, we are weight lifters but we lift. We do these things to get better. Always work to improve. Always Be Training-ABT!


Pull Me Up

16 strong at warming Midoriyama on a beautiful day in a crowded park. Great to see a big crowd so let’s get after it. Tool Time and Pizza Man were running so off they went at their super quick pace while the rest of us hit the warmup.

SSH x 10 IC, Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, Hillbillies x 10 IC, Pledge

Longish mosey around the softball fields to the middle parking lot where Sidewalk Chalk of Pain listed an exercise in 5 parking spots. Pick a parking spot to start and after the exercise run to the end of the parking lot around the trash can and back, then to the next spot. 10 Burpees, 20 Flutters, 30 CDD’s, 40 Squats, 50 Seal Jacks. I started in the CDD’s parking spot, of course. Everyone completed a full round, several completed a couple of extra spots. Mosey back to the flag, just because YHC forgot some needed items #QFail1. After a quick count off, mosey back to the small soccer field where a nice layout of various coupons await.

This is the No Soccer Arms portion of the workout. The larger armed guys (Defib, Slaw, Canteen and maybe one other) selected the larger blocks and many selected the half blocks and a few of us the smallest blocks. Curls x 30, On Your Six Chest Presses x 30, Tricep Curls x 30, Shrugs x 30 and Yes, Repeat.

With some time left, we set up for Frisbee Rules Football and count off by 2’s to split the teams that somehow we messed up #QFail2. Lots of scoring, no defensive penalties since Freight wasn’t here. Our play was throw it high to Easy Rider and it worked several times. I’m quite sure my team won, as usual when I write the backblast.

Mosey back to the flag.

Announcements: 3rd F Event at the Porch at Parkwood Friday at 7 pm, Speed for Need at the Community Foundation Run 5K this Saturday at 9 am.

COT remembering the ones mentioned. Remember Canteen as he is getting married in a few weeks. My son Logan is still having seizure problems.

*We ran over 2 miles and over 400 reps performed. Great to see Slaw back from work. Great to see Short Sale, Easy Rider, Roadie and Hipaa in the afternoon. Great to see Lil Sweet and Sidecar back with us. Gomer is back and feeling better but with a cracked rib. I forgot to share a word with the guys #QFail3 at the end about a 30 second video. The video shows a group of military guys easily going over a 10 foot wall working together. I meant to say how a man by himself could never get over that wall but together they not only did it, but did it in less than 30 seconds. That’s what having a group of your guys can do. They can pull you up and over walls you never could manage by yourself. This morning on the F3 Q Source tweet a guy named Bill Nye was talking about being the Q while still being injured. His question was how do I push these guys when most of them could leave me behind very quickly? I was struggling through the same question but my guys pulled me up and over that wall with them today. This is a reminder to keep asking guys to post. Keep checking on guys that need to come back. Keep posting yourself to help lift that guy that needs it.


Trail Run

I’m posting this for Gomer. Many of our regular pax are gearing up for the Relay Saturday so attendance was light but young Gomer was ready to lead the 5 Pax.


He calls for a mosey and somehow, we wind up on a trail about a mile later. Gomer calls for an exercise and then we return to the trail run. Few more exercises and mosey back to the flag with 2 miles done.

Plenty of time for some Mary so we take turns with Merkins, LBC’s, American Hammers, 25 Shoulder Tap Merkins (for Pizza Man), Low Slow Squats, Lunged to the turd shack and back, 22 for the Vets and time.

Announcements: Regular Saturday AO’s are open while many are running the F3 Gastonia Relay CSAUP. 3rd F event on Friday, April 13th at 7 p.m. at the Porch on Parkwood’s campus. Speed for Need at the Community Foundation Run on Saturday, April 14th hopefully with a large F3 presence.

Prayer Requests: My son Logan dealing with seizures, Allen Tate’s mother in law, Billy Madison’s inlaws, Guys running the Relay, Gomer.


*Gomer wasn’t feeling well the last part of his Q and we hope he is better soon. Sparrow is new to F3 and really pushed hard on that 2 mile trail run! Blart always helps lead the way and pushes everyone to get better. Tool Time is on the IR from exercising but got in 5 miles without messing up his hair. Who did he learn that hair thing from? Its always nice to run through the trails in the Spring and see the creek, trees, rocks and hills, well maybe not the hills!


Army PFT

What I believe to have been 19 PAX posted at Midoriyama on Tuesday. My Q ran a little long so PAX started scattering before we could get in the COT. I’ve done my best to recall all that were there. If I missed you please fill out the paperwork and submit it to editorial.

I came in Hot and Pizza Man had things started. Tyson and Tooltime took off to run.

Let’s Mosey! Everyone get a block and go to the farthest soccer field.

The Thang:

I decided to share some of the first things we did at out Goruck event Friday night.

2 minutes Merkin AMRAP

2 minutes Situp AMRAP

partner counted and held the person doing the exercise accountable for good form.

2 mile run

Google the test and check your score.

Partner up. Carry partner 100 yds and leave him there. Run back to the other end and get both of your blocks. Carry them to the 25 and do 10 burpees, the same at the 50 and the other 25. Once you return to your partner body drag him to the 50 go get the blocks and run back to the start.


Welcome Buidin’s son Crawdad!

Announcement-CSAUP 4/7, SFN community run 4/14

Prayer Request-Lots of fathers and their children needed prayer, YHC as I have started furthering my education


16 PAX kept the average strong at F3 Gastonia’s JV workout Midoriyama. Tooltime had the Q but is having some muscle issues so he asked if I could help out. I always like Qing so fo sho I will! TT took a group for a 5 mile run and I lead a group for some bootcamp.

Pledge together


Runners off.

SSH x 10ic, Don Q’s x 10ic, Grasspickers x 10ic, Goofballs x 10ic.

Lets Mosey. We went to the top of the lake hill everyone has been using lately. We saluted it by turning our backs and doing 10 monkeyhumpers ic. Mosey to the shelter.

The Thang:

I explained to everyone I hadn’t planned much and wasn’t really looking to push too much since the Goruck tough is tonight. Let’s get on with it.

Arm squats x 15ic

Derkins x 10ic

Stepups x 15ic

Arm squats x 10ic

Derkins x 7ic

Stepups x 10ic

Arm squats x 5ic

Derkins x 5ic

Stepups x 5ic

Good Work let’s mosey. Along the way YHC had an idea. Lets cross the street and do deep sea divers on the split rail fence. 5 merkins on each rail. This worked much better than expected on the fence! Really look forward to doing this more.

Lets mosey to the stairs. WWI’s at the bottom and top while you wait and 10 calf raises on each step. 13 steps total.

Wall sit at the shack. Start at one end and do 5 jump squats each. That was fun lets do it again starting at the other end. At this point Swimmer had a great idea so we headed back to the flag for some Iron Hulk.

Iron Hulk is Jack Webbs at a 1/4 ratio. We had a few guys experience this for the first time and had the same response most of us do….Why the hell is it so hard to lift my arms!

We did a few abs before calling time


Announcements-CSAUP sign up before Saturday, Community Run, The Forge needs a Q next week, Convergeance on the 24th at Folsom at 7:00

Prayer Request-World Wide Son, Def Leppards son, Several friends and family battling cancer,

Moleskin-Tclaps to the men of the region for helping out Maddens friend and his family who lost everything in a fire. $700 raised to help. The family is VERY appreciative. As always it was a pleasure to spend time with you fellows. I finished up with a message about rewards and not waiting for them but going after them. If we seek God we will find him.

Back In The Saddle

17 Strong today at Midoriyama for an old man Q. I haven’t Q’d in a while so it was great to be back on a sunny but cool afternoon. An FNG (Anthony Guida) so disclaimer was given. Edison in the house! Great to see him. Swimmer got in some EC on the mountain bike before we started. Sister Act has fled the state. Slaw was not there. Someone said Sandy V but I told them it was work related.

Warm Up, SSH x10, Arm Circles Forward and Reverse, Don Q’s x 10, Around this point was the obligatory no shirt scene by Ash Pond (sometimes its Slaw). It always happens, we’ve just learned to deal with it. Squats x 10, attempts were made to disrupt the counts but YHC had laser focus and didn’t miss any. There seemed to be extra mumblechatter about age, walking canes, being senile and arthritis but YHC had to block all that out. Pledge.

The Thang: Mosey to Dog Park Hill. I decided to combine Hill Sprints with BLIMPS. Crowd favorite! Several unfavorable comments were hurled at YHC but we proceeded with the plan.

Burpees x 10, Sprint the hill, touch the fence, sprint back down.

LBC’s x 20, Hill.

Imperial Walkers x 30, Hill.

Merkins x 40, Hill. Started feeling it about here.

Plank Jacks x 50, Hill. YHC was gasping.

Squats x 60, Hill. No mumblechatter now I noticed.

Circle Up for a count to be sure all 17 survived. We did.

Mosey to the playground, Billy Madison led Flutter Kicks waiting on the six.

5 chinup/pullups, 15 Dips, 3 Sets. Ouch! This was the point where several passing vehicles (even a police car) and Tool Time seemed to be gawking at Canteen. He does have perfect form on those pullups as does Defib. It’s quite disgusting and motivating at the same time!

Mosey back to Turd Shack 2 near the soccer fields for some wall work. Huckleberry would approve! It went something like this, I think.

Hip Slappers x 7

Hip Slappers x 7, LBC’s x 7

Hip Slappers x 7, LBC’s x 7, Low, Slow Squats x 7

Hip Slappers x 7, LBC’s x 7, Low, Slow Squats x 7, Merkins x 7

Hip Slappers x 7, LBC’s x 7, Low, Slow Squats x 7, Merkins x 7, LBFC’s x 7.

AYG back to the flag.

AW Tozer said “The driver on the highway is safe, not when he reads the signs but when he obeys them.” It is not enough to know the right way to live but we must strive to live the right way.


3rd F Forge Wednesdays 6:30 pm Grits and Greens in Lowell. Come and eat and have a great Bible study.

2nd F at Growlers Thursday 7 pm, Check with Sargento for a headcount.

Saturday, March 24th, 7:00 am Convergence at Folsom for all Saturday workouts. Whoopee, Freight and Tool Time Q and Painlab will be there.

Sat. April 7th, F3 Gaston Relay, Everyone please sign up. There will be a group for you.

Sat. April 14th, Community Foundation 5K, F3 and Speed for Need will be representing.

Prayer Requests: Wojo’s sister got great news about her health, my son Logan who is going through a lot with his seizure disorder. Guys on the IR.


** Great to see so many guys out today. It was great to have an FNG, named by his friend Sparrow, “Finch” after Jenny Finch because he is a pretty good softball pitcher. He pushed hard all workout. We didn’t run as much as my usual Q but we worked the upper body pretty well (over 400 reps) and still managed 1.7 miles or so. Billy Madison talked about the 3rd F Faith being what drew him to F3 at a time when he really needed it and how everyone should try to put a little 3rd F into each workout. As most know, I agree 100% with that and always do when YHC Q’s. Great to see the guys I haven’t seen in a while. Thanks to Tool Time and Tyson for picking up the six. Thanks for the push!

2nd Anniversary

16 PAX posted at Midoriyama on Thursday night to celebrate beating away sadclown syndrome and the 2nd anniversary of the Midoriyama AO. It was a party enjoyed by all. Except maybe Tooltime when Def Leppard dropped the mic on him(show to know). YHC reached out to the other founding members, as some insist on referring to us, Pizza Man and Floppy Disk to help lead this workout. All was good to go until Floppy’s wife informed him the day before that he had other plans. No respect for the Party!

Pizza Man started us off


SSH, Don Q’s, crap I don’t remember this was his part of the workout. Let’s mosey!

The Thang:

Unfortunately we went down to the lake hill everyone seems so insistent on using these days. Time for some triple nickel. 5 of those dreadful V-up things that are the monthly exercise at the top and 5 burpees at the bottom. Do it 5 times.  Everyone including the FNG, now named Massey, pushed hard. T-claps to the limpy Def Leppard for pushing through! Mucho Respecto Sir.

Well that sucked so let’s move on to the shelter.

Back in the day we used to do circuits here a lot so I pulled out one of my oldest wienke’s. You can tell because the exercises are written in non-f3 terms.

45 seconds of exercise then a 15 sec break. Do this three times with three exercises then mosey to the end of the parking lot and return to do it all over again with different exercises. After the first exercise YHC realized he forgot to add in the breaks on his timer. Oh well get to work!

Exercises done:

Merkins, Flutters, Squat Jump-Mosey

Pointer, Freddy Mercury, Box Jump or step up-mosey

Ski burps, LBFC’s, Calf Raises-mosey

We squeezed in as much as time would allow and headed back to the flag. The best part about this is we were all together in close quarters which allowed for some epic smack talk. To my surprise Def Leppard was on the giving end of most of this. All that time away he has really been building up.

Back at the flag PM led us in 22 for the vets and the pledge.


Announcements-Sign up for the Community run and the CSAUP run. You want regret doing it but you will regret it if you don’t. The Forge next week is on Friendship. See what friendships you see in the good book. You might be surprised.

Namarama- Welcome to our FNG Massey. As in Massey Ferguson the tractor brand.

Prayer Request-World Wide and Def Leppard’s Sons. Sly in his deployment. Maddens classmate who lost his home in a fire(Sparky is collecting money for this family). Guy’s! Madden started a prayer circle in class for this kid and got some of his classmates to donate their lunches for him to take home to help out. If this kid can be so bold in his faith we have to follow his lead here!


In a few more months I will celebrate my 3 year anniversary of finding F3. When I first started I looked forward to Saturday all week. Then two HIMS stepped up and said they would meet me in the evenings to workout. Those two guys were always there. Even if we all three couldn’t make it at least two did. We hardly ever had a Tuesday or Thursday pass were at least two of us weren’t there for each other. I owe so much to Floppy Disk and Pizza Man. Without that push through the week I would have likely slid back into a sadclown. Sometimes we get hung on numbers at our workouts but all you need is one HIM to be there for you and push you along. If you keep pushing good things will come! Midoriyama during the winter averaged 17 PAX. That is amazing! I thank everyone of you that come out for inspiring me and each other every week. Keep up the good work men!


Rainy VERN

As YHC was planning the weinke for Midoriyama, he decided to back off on the Burpees and Block work and go with a workout that is truly a you vs. you type workout. YHC was able to post at the Goat last November and Dolph led the PAX with the VERN. It’s simple but very effective, and all PAX can push as hard (or not as hard)as they want to. 6 men posted at Midoriyama for a VERN in the rain and mud.


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
  • Abe Vigodas x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the playground for the VERN. It consists of:

  • 10 Pullups then Mosey around parking lot between Turd Shack and Field #4 back to playground
  • 20 Dips then Mosey the loop again
  • 25 Merkins then Mosey the loop again
  • 30 LBC’s the Mosey the loop again

Rinse and Repeat the whole circuit until time’s up (roughly 40 minutes)

PAX completed 5+ circuits before time was called.

Everyone pushed hard through the workout. Lil’ Sweet seems to insist on wearing his work clothes to the workouts. He swears they are comfortable. YHC is doubtful. Our Nantan was latched to Canteen’s hip for 95% of the workout. They pushed each other the whole duration. Wojo, great work sir. He pushed through the whole workout and never stopped. He also had enough in the tank for a jailbreak back to the flag at the end! Thanks to Broke for pushing YHC and never letting up. We also had plenty of 2nd F discussing the ups and downs of raising daughters (he has 2, YHC has 1).


4/7/18 Gashouse 50 mile AO run. 4 man teams. Will be great 1st and 2nd F opportunities.

4/14/18 Community Foundation 5K Downtown Gastonia.

4/21/18 Christina Latini 8k, Huntersville, NC

Numerous 2nd F events being set up by Sargento. T-Claps, sir!



Prayer requests: Sly is in Afghanistan. Prayers for him and his M (ToolTime’s 2.0) The separation is hard on a marriage. YHC knows, he’s been there. Worldwide’s 2.0 is being tested for neurological issues. Def Leppard’s 2.0 as well along the same lines as Worldwide’s 2.0.

YHC led us out in prayer.


YHC read Mark 4: 35-41 this morning. It’s the story of Jesus and the disciples encountering a storm while crossing the sea of Galilee. As they were crossing, a furious squall came up, and the boat was taking on water. Jesus was asleep in the back of the boat. The disciples woke him up and said “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” Jesus got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves “Quiet! Be still!” The wind died down and it was completely calm.

YHC admitted that in his past, he has been the one to accuse the Lord of “being asleep in the boat” while YHC was going through a storm in his life. Of course, the Lord brought YHC through the storm. When things head south in our lives and the storm rages, He is with you. He will take care of you. We have to trust Him and have the faith to remember He loves us. The storms in our lives are intended to strengthen our faith and mold us into who He wants us to be (which is more like His Son). He’s in the boat with us, and he will land us safely at His intended destination.

YHC has heard this story a hundred times, but something resonated in it this time like never before. YHC also noticed that the disciples were a tight knit group serving the Lord and others around them. Sounds a whole lot like a shield lock to YHC! AYE!

Keep the shield lock tight and keep EH’ing others in!

Until the next time,





Surprise Q…what?

I was given the opportunity to Q at Midoriyama and wanted to try something a little different.  So early in the day I reached out to a good friend of mine who you all may know, JRR Tolkien aka Fightin’ Mongol, for an opportunity to give the PAX at Midoriyama a beat down.  He definitely didn’t let down.  17:30 rolls around and it went like this……..



10 Burpees OYO

Let’s mosey to the soccer field but not before 5 burpees at the speed bump.

The Thang:

The PAX circled up for 6 inch LBC’s X 50…there was a lot of moaning and groaning with this.

The next crowd pleaser was Merkin set.  This is where the PAX perform different type of merkins in up/down cadence.  They were….

  • 5 Regular
  • 5 Wide
  • 5 Diamonds
  • 5 Right arm in front
  • 5 Left arm in front
  • 5 Right leg raised
  • 5 Left leg raised

Now with mubblechatter at the peak let’s head to the BIG hill at the dog park.  Each PAX was to NUR up the hill do 5 reverse burpees at the top and run down the hill and perform 5 burpees at the bottom.  Rinse and repeat three times.  This really got the quads burning.

Great work from everyone…let’s go…on to our normal soccer field for some rugby sprints.  Exercises were…

  • LBC’s
  • Flutters were called but some HIM complained about being injured so Sandy V’s were done for him instead
  • CDD’s for our brother Def Leppard (may or may not have just said go on one instance…lol)

Now let’s hit up the smaller hill for 11’s…merkins at the bottom and WW1’s at the top.

With 18:15 approaching we moseyed back to the flag.  On the mosey back we had a surprise visit from one of my favorite F3 Gastonia brothers…BROWN STREAK!!!  It is always good to see you!! We had just the right time for one last set of 6 inch LBC’s and Merkin sets. TIME!!!


April 7th – F3 Gastonia CSAUP event – Pre-Blast coming soon!!!

April 14th – F3 Gastonia SpeedForNeed Event – Sign up here—–>http://www.cfgaston.org/Learn/CommunityFoundationRun.aspx

April 21st – Christina Latini Memorial 8K—–>https://latinimemorial8k.racesonline.com/


Great push by ALL PAX!!!  Welcome FNG Top Flight!!!  As always a pleasure to lead a great group of HIMs.  I know that it’s easy to stay where you are comfortable but it is also great to get out meet new faces in F3 and see how different F3 Regions workout.  With that being said try experience the F3 Gastonia NOMADS when the next opportunity comes.  This traveling group not only allows you to meet new faces in F3 but see how it’s done in other regions.  Once again special thanks to Tolkien for the beat down!!!

Until the next time….Pizza Man is OOOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!



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