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It was a BLAST

Light rain and moderate temps….perfect weather for the premier afternoon AO in the Gashouse. Turnout was a little light, but quite a few PAX let YHC know that they were having to push the rock at work and wouldn’t be able to attend. Not a problem, 6 HIM took the DRP and got after it. Short disclaimer, Pledge, warmup and off to the Thang:


BLAST – 5 rounds of the following exercises

Burpees x10

Lunges x10 each leg

American Hammers x10IC

Suicides x5 (this ended up being a LOT of running)

Twinkle Toes x10 (Al Gore with calf raise)


This took a little longer than YHC was expecting, but we still had time for a little more work:

Bear crawl to the same cones as the suicides and perform 10 Merkins at each cone

Repeat with lunge walk and 10 Jump Squats at each cone


Mary suicides until time is up

PAX calls exercise and then runs a suicide while the other PAX perform AMRAP of called exercise. Flutter kicks, LBFC’s, Plank, Nolan Ryan’s and LBC’s were performed.


Humble Yourselves

Proverbs 12:15 – “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but the wise man listens to advice.”

Learning the hard way works, but that’s also the hardest way to learn. There is strength in admitting your mistakes and listening to others. Don’t be prideful, humble yourself and listen to others. If you fail to humble yourself, God may have to do it for you.



2nd F Ax Throwing this Saturday – if you didn’t sign up, but want to go, reach out to Huck and see if he can add you

Rooster Feb. 29th – may need some replacement runners, reach out to Breaker Breaker if interested

Convergence March 21st at Martha Rivers 7am-9:30am


Prayer Request

Each other

Those battling addiction


YHC took us out



Thanks to the PAX for showing up in not so perfect weather and pushing through. Pythagoras has become a regular at Midoriyama and continues to push to get better. Pizza Man, Gold Digger and Slaw all did multiple workouts today and Blart decided to stretch out that stride on the suicides and leave everyone behind.


Great work guys, it was a pleasure!

I’m Broke

Sweating at Midoriyama

The forecast was for 95% chance of rain so the rain Weinke was ready. Around lunch, I noticed the weather was clear and warm so adjustments were made. 9 men gathered around the shovel flag. Termite back after crushing his half marathon. Tyson rolling in fast after running some EC. Slaw back after being down for a while. Swimmer with some rucking EC with a 30 pound vest. Here we go!
Warmup SSH x10, Toy Soldiers x 10, Arm Circles forward and backward and Seal Jacks x 10.
Mosey to the entrance and across the road to the parking lot for Dirty Mac Deuce. 3 exercises to 12 reps, arms, legs and core. 5 sets.
Set 1 – Werkins, Low Slow Squats, Flutter Kicks, all x 12 IC, run a lap down to the cul de sac and back to the entrance and back.
Set 2 – Burpees x 12 OYO, Monkey Humpers, Freddie Mercuries x 12 IC, run the lap.
Set 3 – Moroccan Night Clubs, Mountain Climbers, American Hammers, all x 12 IC, run the lap.
Set 4 – CDD’s, Calf Raises, Dying Cockroaches, all x 12 IC, run the lap.
Set 5 – Diamond Merkins, Lunges, Big Boys Sit Ups, all x 12, run the lap.

Mosey back across the road, right turn to the next parking lot on the left for Dora 123. 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBC’s. Partner 1 runs about halfway up the parking lot and back while partner 2 performs exercise, then switch.

Line up on the parking spot line for Route 66 with an exercise some call by a name that rhymes with Hobby Burleys but I refuse to use that name so I just told everyone to bend down to the ground and then pretend to shoot a free throw starting with one, then two at the next line, up to 11. There was an attempt by Freight to impersonate the state’s favorite college basketball team during this exercise. Not funny. Back to the flag.

“Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray,” Proverbs 10:17
A word about Discipline. Discipline is my Word for 2020 because I need it in all areas of my life. A disciplined life can lead to freedom in many ways. Most F3 guys are disciplined to make it through our workouts. That type of discipline can lead us to excel in others things as well. I heard Dredd talk about getting up at 2:50 am and writing for an hour, then reading and praying then going to a workout. He does this 6 days a week. He said he needs that discipline to be sure he writes as much as he needs to and he will not write that much at the end of his day so he does it early. Discipline is the key to achieving success in most areas of life.

Announcements: Wichita’s VQ at Folsom Saturday, February 15th. (I’m betting on lots of Merkins)
Axe Throwing Event on February 22nd, let Huckleberry know by Feb. 15th.
Convergence on March 21st at 7 am at Marthas. Everyone should try to attend.
Shoot ‘Em Up Fellowship at Allen Tate’s also on the afternoon of March 21st.
Look for the February Newsletter in your email. It is awesome.

Prayer Requests: Slaw’s daughter has the flu, Swimmer’s Father-in-law, Broke mentioned someone in a serious car accident, Freight’s wife grandfather.

COT Slaw took us out.

Midoriyama – 30-Jan

The afternoon DRP was taken.

Attendance from participant.

The long road

10 PAX got a little better or worse, depending on how you look at it, at Midoriyama Thursday night.


Seal Jacks, Don Q, Merkins, Morrocan Nightclubs, Arm Circles

The Thang:

At the first light pole out on the road I explained we needed to get to the far parking lot to do some of our workout. We could easily run there but that would be to simple. Instead we bear crawled, crawl beared, crab walked forward and backward, lunged, hopped, broad jumped, burpee broad jumped, and chilly broad jumped(look it up) our way down the road. This caused a lot of grumbling right out the gate!

At the parking lot we did Billy Madison(look it up) with various exercises I listed out. Some in cadence, some not. Burpees were for graduation. I really enjoyed the conversation about what life was like for each of us during those years. Well except for DL’s junior high days! Don’t ask him.

Next we circled up for some howling monkey’s.

Back at the flag we crunched in some Iron Hulk up to about 7 or 8 I think.



Announcements-Goruck training Saturday 0530 at Folsom, More rumors about a Nantan Impeachment


Substitute Slaw

Blart was scheduled for the Q at Midoriyama. He gave me a little notice saying he might not make it due to work. By lunchtime, it was confirmed that he couldn’t make it and he asked YHC to pick up the Q. I had a few hours to whip up my Weinke, so I headed to the F3 Exicon and the crossfit bodyweight WOD website. I rolled in, changed my clothes, and walked into the typical gauntlet of Midoriyama mumblechatter.  When Gold Digger realized I was subbing for Blart, he compared me to Josh McCown being subbed in for Carson Wentz in the Philadelphia/Seattle game this past weekend! One thing I love about the Midoriyama boys is they tell you how they feel!


20 Seal Jacks IC

15 Don Quixotes

20 Moroccan N/C’s

Stretch Right leg over Left 10 seconds

Stretch Left leg over Right 10 seconds


Mosey to long parking lot on the other side of the playground for The Longest Mile:

4 rounds of:

10 Burpees

100 Meter Run

10 Hand Release Merkins

100 Meter Run

10 Squats

100 Meter Run

10 Big Boy situps

100 Meter Run

Next, we headed to a small hill for some 11’s with Squats at the top of the hill, run down the hill, Mike Tysons at the bottom, then Joe Hendricks (reverse bear crawl up the hill). All PAX were doing great until the Q realized everyone had Omaha’d to Nurring up the hill instead of Joe Hendricks. Even Gold Digger modified after round 4!

Mosey back to the parking lot closest to the flag and do some Ascending Curb Crawls. Feet up on the curb, perform 1 Derkin. Bear Crawl across the parking lot, 2 Derkins, and so on to 5. The Exicon calls for 13 rounds of this, but time was getting short and the Grantan was giving me Eat $h!t looks.

Back to the flag for a Slawter stopper (20 Burpees) for the finish.



New AO at New Hope Elementary (a.k.a. The Ricky Bobby). Sargento is the site Q.

Freight is starting GoRuck training. This Saturday he will be at Folsom. They will start 2 hours before the end of the workout (which is 1 hour before the beginning of the workout if my math is correct). They will be starting at 5:30 at Folsom and finish up to join the bootcampers at the COT. He will be at Gashouse the next Saturday, then The Yank the Saturday after that. If you’re confused by now, just ask Freight.

Prayer Requests:

Swimmer’s Father-in-Law, Timeframe’s M, Tiger’s Dad, Gumby’s upcoming surgery this Friday, Lil’ Sweet (possible surgery), the situation in the Middle East with Iran.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Love ya, mean it!



Christmas Memories

I’m trying to get in the Christmas spirit and it seems like everything is fighting against me this year. So since I had the Q at the regions premier JV afternoon workout, I decided to make a Christmas playlist, hook up the Bluetooth speaker and celebrate the Christmas season.
SSH x 10 IC, Toy Soldiers x 10 IC, Hillbillies x 10 IC, Squats x 10 IC

Mosey to the small soccer field for the 12 Days of Christmas while listening to some traditional Christmas music (Manheim Steamroller, Transiberian Orchestra, Charlie Brown Christmas and Porky Pig). Some claimed the music was too loud but most enjoyed the sounds of the season.
On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me “A lap around the soccer field”, etc., etc., etc.
2 Decline Merkins in cadence on bleachers called by Freight
3 Dips in cadence on bleachers called by Sister Act who is new to Midoriyama (great to have him)
4 Step Ups each leg on bleachers
5 Burpess OYO
6 Low Slow Squats called by Blart
7 Merkins in cadence called by Tater Hole
8 Dying Cockroaches in cadence called by Swimmer
8 Little Baby Flutter Crunches in cadence called by Tiger
10 Big Boy Sit Ups called by Dr. Seuss
11 Mountain Climbers in cadence
12 CDD’s in cadence
After each lap around the field I asked each guy to tell a Christmas memory from their past and we had some great ones. My Mamaw Wells after dinner would always say, “Get the Elvis album, It’s time to dance.” Here are a few from the guys: One of Freight’s family members always brought another family member an unwrapped six pack of Schlitz beer. The recent Slaw Christmas tree incident at Sister Act’s house where somehow the tree limbs gave Slaw a wedgie as SA’s M and girls were driving by was a fun one. Tater Hole wasn’t allowed out of his room on Christmas Eve so a bucket was necessary for “bodily functions”. Seuss had to help clean up his grandparents house and this sometimes required scaffolding. Tiger and Swimmer had some mischievous activities going on with some cousins and of course Blart and Ash Pond fighting over Casio watches.
Back to the flag

Announcements: Not So CSAUP December 21st 5 am at Folsom, 5:30 at Yank and Gashouse
Convergence December 28th 7:00 at Gashouse
After Christmas Party at Lewis Farms on January 4th

COT Remember Tiger’s dad, Stroganoff’s MIL, Broke’s wife, My son Logan had Mono but is feeling a little better. Oompa Loompa took us out.

** It was great to be out with the guys today. For some reason, I seemed to be laughing most of the workout. The mumblechatter seemed extra funny today, even the CDD jokes! Guys telling funny Christmas stories about friends and families. Guys saying the wrong ages in Nameorama. Guys calling me and Oompa old. Guys making fun of exercise form. It was a fun time!

No Burpees

15 showed at Midoriyama on this beautiful evening

Warm up SSH 10 IC


Merkins 10 IC

Lbc’s 10 IC



Mosey to hill for 11’s squats at bottom lbc’s at top


Back to playground for a little  Dora

50 pullups

100 perkins

200 dips


Mosey to parking lot for some descalating Mike Tysons on one side bear crawl to other side and Rockie Balboas untill six arrives for 10 to1. You are welcome Tesla.

Back to start for a little mary..




Announcements  :

Roadie and Roundup collecting for Dallas Christian Social Ministry for there angel tree to provide toys and such for kids..

Montross collecting p200 money…

Christmas party Jan. 4th Preblast coming??



Prayer request given ,several with family members needed prayer, also those dealing with illness .


Out with prayer


I’m a nice guy!

8 PAX total at Midoriyama Tuesday night. Some regulars weren’t there and they were missed dearly. You had to be there to get the title.


Some stuff I made up on the spot. This was noticed and I was criticized for it.


The Thang:

Mosey and AMRAP.

Mosey to the picnic shelter at the lake.

AMRAP for 5 minutes. 5 different exercises with a 20 second break in between.

Mosey to the playground

AMRAP for 5 minutes. 5 different exercises with a 20 second break in between.

Mosey to the end parking lot

AMRAP for 5 minutes. 5 different exercises with a 20 second break in between.

Mosey back near the playground

That’s time


Announcements-Christmas party questions?, Convergence 12/28 at Gashouse

Prayer Request-Broke’s wife, Tiger’s dad, YHC Grandfather(family) as he nears the end of his life, Tater Holes family.


As always it was a pleasure to lead you fine gentlemen. T-claps to Herme? who came out for his 2nd post at 67 young years of age. He came after Linus’s rotary breakfast presentation.


Burpees at Dusk

Big crowd at Lowell’s finest AO, so YHC had to step up his game. Quick warmorama, then off to the soccer fields for escalators and de-escalators with burpees, LBCs, squats, merkins, and then another round later with more burpees, flutters, lunges, and hand release merkins. In between, there was a triple nickel, a Route 66, and some more fun to be had. Warmorama in reverse brings the total burpee count for the workout to 180. Not bad for 45 minutes.

Now you might be thinking this is a lot of stuff to cram into a bootcamp, and you would be correct. You might also know the pace GD tries to keep up, which would keep everyone’s heat rate pretty high on a cool evening, and you would also be correct. But if you thought this would keep Freight from sustaining 45 minutes of straight mumblechatter, you would be incorrect. YHC believes the only thing stronger than Slaw’s neck is Freight’s jaw.

Announcements: Christmastown 5K on Nov 30 @6:30PM, Christmas party on Jan 4.

Prayer Requests: Anchorman’s diagnosis, people battling addiction, and those who have recently lost loved ones going into the Holidays.

Always a pleasure. Until next time,



12 posted at Midoriyama on Thursday. Good crowd for a Thursday. Thursdays have been down a little lately. I was really excited to see Huckleberry post since he lost a bet to Pockets.  Oh wait….nevermind.

The Warmup:

Mosey to the soccer field. While SA lead the warmup exercises Slaw and I dug two tires out of the woods.

The Thang:

Partner up. P1 does burpee box jumps on the bleachers while P2 NURs up the hill. Do 5 rounds.

Split into 2 teams. 1 person starts flipping the tire around the field while everyone else runs a lap. When someone gets around they take over flipping. Keep doing this until you get the tire back to the starting position. It was noted upon completion that one tire was a little heavier than the other.

Time for some ab work.

We got back in our teams for tire flip sprints. Same as before except down the field and back. Some concept. We swapped tires to make a it fair.

Time for some more ab work.

Tire flip sprints again and we swapped tires again.

That’s about time so we put up the tires and moseyed back to the flag.

6:15 done right on time…..you know who I’m talking too.


Announcements-Christmas town SFN race,  F3 dads Frisbee golf see Mayor, Some more stuff I probably should have recorded but if your getting your news from me your in bad shape!


Prayer Request


It was duly noted the push I saw out there today. Everyone was pushing to get around the field to flip those tires! One of the batflippers seemed to be off his game a little but I think it’s due to malnourishment.

I talked a little about sharing the gospel and how we should all just pick one person and share it with them. Think about the impact that could make. Don’t wait! tomorrow could be too late

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