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Love is in the Air

02/14/2019 Midoriyama
Nice, cool, gray afternoon at the JV workout. Freight and Sister Act coming in hot, let’s go!
SSH x 10 IC
Arm Circles Large/Small, Forward/Reverse
Low Slow Squats x 10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
5 Burpees OYO

Mosey and circle through right parking lot. Turn right onto the road and stop at each light pole.
HEART (Since it’s Valentine’s Day! Get it? Never mind.)
Hand Release Merkins x 10
E2K, on your six, right ankle over left knee, bring left elbow to your right knee for the oblique crunch 10 each side (needs work)
American Hammers x 10 IC
Rocky Balboas x 10 IC
Tempo Merkins x 10 IC
Mosey around top parking lot and back down to bottom.

Lap around entire soccer fields parking lot.
One legged Burpee, 5 right, 5 left
V Sandy V. Freight was asked to call these and of course there was a problem of understanding which as the Q I take full responsibility for. (The lesson here is Do Not Ask Freight To Lead An Exercise). Q Fail.
E2K, on your six, right ankle over left knee, bring left elbow to your right knee for the oblique crunch 10 each side.
Enough trying to spell words with exercises lets…
Mosey to Dog Park Hill

Triple Nickel, Up Hill, 5 Imperial Walker Squats (IW right, squat, IW left, squat. Thanks for the clarification SA). Down hill 5 CDD’s, 5 Times. The dogs in the dog park were not happy.
Mosey back to small soccer field for 80 D’s.

Dips x 20 IC, Dolly x 20 IC, Derkins x 20 IC (yes I said In Cadence Blart, you can call them for us), Dancing Bears x 20 IC (I am not coordinated enough do these so I won’t again)
Everyone on the side line at the small soccer field for …
Sprints. (Wojo’s fault.)
Sprint across AYG but do not get hurt. Sprint back. Sprint across, Sprint back.
Mosey back to flag.

Announcements: CSAUP on February 23rd, Rooster on March 2nd in Rock Hill. Q Source Sundays at 7:30 am.

Word – The disciples asked Jesus what the greatest commandments were and He said Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. We could all work on those two a little more. I know I could.

Prayer Requests: Arial for a job interview, Pizza Man’s M, Slaw’s Foot, Defib’s M, each F3 guy. All guys are encouraged to talk to someone if they need to. I have found that whatever I may be going through, there is usually an F3 guy that can help. Speak Up! Talk!


*Expecting a light crowd due to Valentine’s Day family activities so I was pleasantly surprised by 9 strong. Defib fresh off a full marathon. Tyson fresh off a half marathon. Freight watched people run a full marathon and a half marathon. Sister Act posting like 7 days in a row. Dr. Seuss always among the post leaders. Blart is always tough and with a word of “encouragement.” Termite is a newer guy to F3 but has been pushing towards the front of the pack. Great to see Arial back with us today. Ash Pond was not here.

Too Many Chiefs

Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians

Midoriyama 12FEB19
Q: Oompa Loompa
PAX: Def Leppard (R), Sister Act, Clavin (R), Chewy, Blart (R), Oompa Loompa (R)

After reading Hank’s BB, I wondered what does it take to be a Chief? Is it bravery? Integrity? Leadership? Dependability? Hmmm….getting there….I got it!!! It’s fart sacking and missing workouts! All you need to be a Chief is to call yourself one and rarely post. Right Montross?

With that in mind, I hopped in the ride and attempted to transit Gaston County’s Bermuda Triangle (Exits 23-26 on I-85). Southbound with only one car off in the ditch with its attending blue light special, it started to rain. Harder. Being a benevolent Q, I Omahed to my Rainy Day weinke in its weather protected sleeve and ordered the Pax to move cars and themselves to the picnic shelter closest to playground and pump track. After all, if I offered to keep them mostly dry, the old reliables would post. NOPE. Oompa pulls into the parking lot to a whole six vehicles counting my own.

No biggie, the hard chargers followed my instructions and with no FNGs, let’s get after it.

SSH x 10 IC
Abe Vigoda x 10 IC
Hillbillies X 10 IC
Toy Soldiers x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Monkey Humpers x 10 IC
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Burpees x 10 OYO
Count off- 20 count
On your six for LBCs 16 count, hold crunch for 4 breaths. Left leg up, repeat, back to LBCs, both feet on deck, repeat, back to LBCs, Right leg up. Each cycle took approximately 11 minutes.

Rinse and Repeat until time ran out. I believe we got 4 cycles. We pledged after the second. It was awful. No one had any wind left to say the pledge. YHC voice cracked on the third run of LBCs. Let PAX count the reps the third and fourth go around. Did stuff out of sequence at least once or twice. Q FAIL. Closed with another set of Burpees because Sister Act cracked on Def’s perfect form.

We had a massive overflow of Chiefs today with the low turnout at Midoriyama and Folsom. Not good. Let’s get back to our normal attendance guys.

Announcements & COT

CSAUP signups until Feb 16th with CSAUP 50 mile relay at 0400 Feb 23rd. 2nd F afterwards time & place TBD.
Rooster early March. Need more teams. P200 Mar 23rd. Spartan race April 7th. I know of two idiots involved.
Warrior Dash early June. Same two idiots with M’s involved.

Prayers for Gumby’s family in the loss of father-in-law, Slaw’s foot, sick kids, Hushpuppy & Shadrap surgeries, other various injuries and each other. I appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Romans 5:8 “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” I remember my daughter memorizing this as a 4 year old in Awanas. Each time I hear it, a shiver goes through me as I think about how this truth positively impacts our life.

YHC prayed us out.

State of the Union

10 men decided to show @midoriyama for Thursday afternoon special. I explained to pax that I had missed to State of the Union address so we would have our own.


Hillbillies 10 ic

Imperial walkers 10 ic

Toysoilders 10 ic

Lbc’s 10 ic

Let’s begin,  first think to remember about these events no matter who is giving the address is that there is an unnecessary amount of standing, sitting and clapping. Why can they not just wait till the end and then clap we don’t need to watch this. In my opinion this is one of the most unnecessary parts of an address but yet it take up at least 40% .

So we begin…

First was 11’s using Tiger squats and overhead claps

“Stand up clap sit down”

Next we made it back to start and grabbed a block for some 10 to1

Overhead press


Tricep press


Mosey to playground for 5 pullups 20 big boy situps x3 sets

Then to stairs for calf raises 10 on each step 20 ish steps

Next to turd shack for 1min wall sit then 1min overhead clap 3 sets

Back to start for 5 to 1 same exercises as before

Last was a few mins of Mary


Termite lead 22 for vets


Moleskin: I read 1 Corinthians 10-31 whether therefore  ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do do all to the glory of God…

I just started reading “Dont waste your life “by John Piper great book ,he makes mention of this verse and how we should glorify God and also Magnify him more like a telescope so that his glory is revealed brighter and more clear..

Announcments: CSUAP, Rooster, Q source ever Sunday at Crossroads and Coconut horse

Prayer requests, Huspuppy, Top Hat and family,  those sick and on IR

YHC took us out in PRAYER






The weather warmed up for what turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon at Gastonia’s finest JV AO. Almost time to get to work and a shiny new Dodge truck rolls in. Could it be a FNG? Good guess (and some might say a correct guess), but no, it’s none other than the infamous Allen Tate. Now that all is right with the world let’s get started.


Warm up with SSH”s, Moroccan nightclubs and Don Q’s then head out for the parking lot at the back of the park. Once there we did the following…


Perfom max reps of two different exercises then complete a lap around the lot.

Set #1 – Merkins and LBC’s

Set #2 – Mike Tyson’s and American Hammers

Set #3 – CDD’s and Big Boy sit ups

I finally had to call a stop on Set #3 as Freight and Gold Digger had decided that they could do Big Boys for a few hours.  Also, at some point during this portion of the workout there was a Sargento sighting. Thanks for stopping by, but next time come ready to workout.


Head back to the lot at the horseshoe pits and partner up for some Dora. 100 Little Gumby in the Woods, 200 Mountain Climbers and 300 Seal Jacks.


After Dora we did some rugby sprints with Rosalita’s, Monkey Humpers, Flutter Kicks, Plank Jacks and Freddie Mercury’s.


Headed back to the flag and finished up with LBFC’s and 22 for the Vets.



When I put together my weinke last night I had some words I wanted to share with the PAX, but after reading the devotion that Sparky posted today I changed my mind. If you aren’t doing it already, I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to read the devotion that Sparky puts on Slack each morning. We spent a few minutes talking about suffering, struggles and other issues we face daily.



CSAUP Feb. 23rd – sign up ASAP

Rooster March 2nd

There were others that I forgot – Q fail


Prayer Requests

Allen Tate’s M – kidney stones

Pizza Man’s M

Paysour family

Mull Family – passing of Tracy Mull

Gumby – continue to get better


YHC took us out.


Great group of guys today with plenty of mumble chatter. What else should you expect when Freight AND Allen Tate are around. Welcome to Barry McCraw, now known as Snooker.


Block Run

13 at Midoriyama for what was an up and down weather day. It started out at 60 degrees and rainy in the morning. Then we had clear blue skies. YHC thought it was going to be a perfect evening to workout….then the cold front started moving in and the temps were dropping rapidly. The wind really picked up just in time for 5:30. Oh well lets get it done.


SSH x 20ic

Don Q’s real slow for stretching x 10ic

Alternate High knees and butt kickers

5 Burpees OYO

The Thang:

Def Leppard was given a  choice of option 1 or 2. His leadership wavered and Broke had to make the choice. Opt 2. Let’s mosey. We went to the far end of the park and back.


Partner up and one partner get a block from the truck. We went to the top of the parking lot and lined up. P1 does 10 blockees then runs to the other end of the parking lot where P2 awaits, P2 at the other end of the parking lot does 10 merkins, 10 lbc’s, 10 squats-rinse and repeat until P1 gets to you.  P1 goes back to his end and starts the exercises while P2 does the blockees. We did this for about 10 minutes. Slaw was the site batfipper today, in the absence of Sister Act, and poor Broke was on the losing end of this.

Next we lined up on the curb for some 11’s. Tiger Squats on one side and…..Def Leppard was asked to provide a 2nd exercise but refused to take a leadership role so Wojo stepped up and said one leg dead lifts.  We got it done!

With a little more time to go we went back to the first exercise with the blockees for another 10 minutes.



Announcements-50 mile CSAUP get signed up, Rooster teams forming, Q Source Sunday about Leadership Development Process(LDP)


Prayer Request-Tooltime and our F3 brothers going to Peru, Def Leppard’s wife having knee surgery in February, each other

Moleskin-I spoke a bit about my word for this year-Prayer. We are influenced by who we hang around and the way we spend time with God is through reading his word and prayer. Spend some time doing both of these things and you will find you will start to act and be more Christ like.



Shoulder Burn

14 at Midoriyama for a GD special.

Quick warmorama (starting with burpees of course), then a circuitous mosey so YHC could warm up.

Circle up for count off and modified Dora. 3 man teams doing AMRAP merkins, LBCs, and squats at opposite ends of the parking lot. This sort of fell flat due to Midoriyama’s inability to count past 2 and YHC’s inability to explain things clearly (who gave this man a teaching license?)

Move to four corners w/25 chilly jacks, 50 jump lunges, 75 Moroccan night clubs, and 100 LBCFs.

Next up is an improvised shoulder burn: pick a parking space, 11s with Mike Tyson’s on the curb, bear crawl to end of the white line, crab cakes, and then crab walk back. Shoulders will remember this one for a while.

Mosey (with a twist) to flag for bookend burpees.

Announcements: 50 mile CSAUP Feb 23, Rooster CSAUP in Rock Hill March 2, Rice N Beans Jan 29 6:15 meet at the Pointe Church, Q Source every Sunday at 7:30 after Crossroads and Coconut Horse, 2nd F on Fridays at 5 in Belmont.

Prayer Requests: Leadership team from last year, especially Tool Time traveling to Peru, Anchorman’s Mother-in-Law, all PAX.

What’s in a name?

17 of The Gashouse’s finest and YHC showed to Midoriyama for some evening gloom.  The Twitter has something a while back that seemed interested and I decided to give it a try. 

Warmup – SSH x 3IC

Let’s mosey.  Head fake and back to the turd shack.

I had a list of exercises where every letter had an exercise that started with the corresponding letter.

The Pax would then spell their full legal name and their F3 name – while taking a lap after each name. This was met with much mumble chatter.

Once complete we moved to the official F3 deck.

Slow mosey back to the start for Mary.

Pledge, 22 for the vets.


Announcements: Q source, there may or not be a 2nd F event in Belmont every Friday.

Prayer requests: Easy Rider’s son, others.

BOM: YHC closed in prayer.

NMM: Blart also spoke about Tool Time and his upcoming mission trip.  What a wonderful opportunity he has to further the Kingdom of Christ. I know that he is known around here as the king of the mumble chatter, but he is also a remarkable human being.  He’s there for everyone, no matter how fast or slow, or whatever the difference may be.  I hope God blesses his trip as much as he has blessed the lives of so many in this region.  It’s an honor to call him a friend and brother.

Philippians 4:13


Return of The Blocks

15 men showed at Midoriyama tonight to put in some work.  To my knowledge, blocks haven’t been used in a good while at Midoriyama.  So I figured a good ole block beatdown  was long overdue for the PAX at Midoriyama.

Warm-Up:  SSH, Grass Pickers, Don Qs

The Thang:

Each PAX is instructed to grab a block from the back of Slaw’s truck and make there way to the parking lot just on the other side of the turd shack.  Here we would partner up for some partner block work.  5 exercises are given.  The exercises are:  50 Blockees, 75 Thrusters, 100 Tricep Ext., 125 Curls, and 150 Chest Press.  As P1 does exercise reps, P2 runs to end of parking lot and does 5 Hand Release Merkins, then returns to switch with partner.  Then P2 continues exercise as P1 runs, 5 HR Merkins, and run back.  Continue this until all reps are complete for all 5 exercises.  We did switch to 5 LBCs at other end of parking lot about halfway through this exercise routine.  Way to push this out men, and finish strong.

Next exercise called also required you to keep your partner.  We would do 11’s with your partner in the same area.  Exercises called were Goblet Squats w/ block and Booyah Merkins.   P1 on one side of parking lot, with P2  on the other.  Start with 1 Goblet Squat w/ block, then run to middle and 10 Booyah Merkins with partner.  Run back to side, 2 Goblet Squats, meet in middle for 9 Booyah Merkins.  Continue this until numbers are flipped and end with 10 Goblet Squats and 1 Booyah Merkin.  Not going to lie, this one sucked bad.  The Booyah Merkins right after the blocks had the upper body smoked.  There was some excessive mumble chatter on the correct counting of Booyah Merkins.  Just for the record, per F3 App, one rep of Booyah Merkins is when partners perform merkin in unison, and on move up reach out to tap right hands. Repeat merkin in unison, on move up reach out to tap  left hand completes 1 rep.

Next we still had time to do some Triple Nickel.  No partner needed for this routine.  Same parking lot, we would do 5 Mountain Climbers at top, run to other end to do 5 Burpees, then run back to top of parking lot.  Repeat this 5 times.  Once complete, head back to flag. Time!



Announcements: Q Source, Rice and Beans,  Lookout for upcoming CSAUP

Prayer Request


Honor to lead today men.  Appreciate the push.  Even though some of you say I talk excessively, I’m not one who usually has a lot to say when the workout is over.   This is an area I need to work on.  I only know one way, and that is to give you men your monies worth and push you to the max.  Appreciate everyone of you, and all that F3 has done for me.  SYITG

Sister Act

is that a football?

13 Pax pushed the rock and this cool evening.  QIC was tossing a football and got some of the PAX excited.  17:30 hits, time to roll.

SSH 41 in cadence, merkins, MNC, Squats…. Mosey around parking lot past turd shack.  plank for six.  Whilst we here lets do some synchronized planking on the QIC.

Next we do a modified individual DORA.  Step back lunge, Mike Tysons, Freddy Mercury run to other end of parking lot and repeat 5x.

As you finish run laps around the large island in the middle of the parking lot.  Plank.  Synchronized plank (something about a Freight moon) into some merkins in cadence, I believe we did whilst complaining.

Next is Circle up for Global warming by the odd ones and bear crawl the evens around the circle.  Lots of confusion here.  Mostly due to the QIC not being very clear and some of the pack do not know odd or even number.  Mary.  Finish with a gentle mosey to the flag.  The football was not used.  Sorry SA.


Q source 7:30 am Sundays at Crossroads and The Horse

Anchorman filling Rice and Beans – nice work men.  January 29th, Tuesday.


SA daughter, Monk wants prayers for WetStone

PAX that have not been posting lately or injured.


Until Next Time

3 wise HIMS @ Midoriyama

Rainy evening,YHC was ready for his first Q at Midoriyama. Thanks to freight I wrote a new weinke to keep us dry.
The thang:
AMRAP 6 minutes per round of exercises:
R1 10 squats 10merkins 10 leg lift crunches.
R2 12 plank jacks,12dips,12lunges
R3 15ssh 15bicep curls 15 overhead press
R4 15freddy Merck’s,12burpees, 10 alternates rows.
R5 10squats 10 morocon night clubs
30 mtn climbers.
Mosey back to flag pledge then
Hill billies,seal jacks, mtn climbers. 15 each then a lap. Did this until time.

Prayer request
Several friends and employees that just found out some bad news before Christmas and those in need. Also thankful for what we have.
An honor serve all.
The Bed Pan is full!

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