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My M is yelling at me while I type

And I can’t concentrate, which is creating a writer’s block.  Now mind you, she’s watching the AMA’s while talking on the phone with a friend, trying to unwind from a long, hectic day.   And of all things, I’m interrupting her while typing.   Not talking, but TYPING, very quietly.   Think the issue was that I turned the lamp on.   I would ask for the brotherhood to back me.  If you have a chance, text her a random message at 704-718-4464 about the importance of back blasts – let her know that Turtleman sent you.    She doesn’t understand the wrath of the weasel shaker.

Anyhow, the title was going to be a bucketful of jellybeans.   To Roadie’s point, they were sugar-free and pretty hard…. and heavy.   Had a good turnout of 12 men.

The Thang



SSH x 30 IC

LBC x 30 IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Mosey around Snowballs while each PAX bucket carried our jellybeans around 1x,.  Continue mosey until all 12 HIMS have completed one lap.  By my count, it was close to a half mile.

Mosey down to old HT shopping center, alternating jellybean carry.

From parking lot, mosey to loading dock, bear crawl down the ramp, run to parking lot and complete 20 squats

Rinse and repeat above x3; plank it up waiting on the six

Quick count off

Next up we formed in a horizontal line (that’s not vertical) and  crab walked to the first light pole, mosey back to the start

Rinse and repeat x3; plank it up waiting on the six

Next up form a line on your six, get close together.  Complete 1 chest press with the jellybean bucket and pass to the next HIM.  This is where it got interesting.  Think it was Roadie who shouted, one is too easy, let’s make it 3.  That sounded good, make it 3 YHC confirmed.  Then Huckleberry I believe,  wanted to demonstrate that he could bench press a car and did like 40.  At that point, Squirt yelled, I feel like I should be doing something else.  Ok, YHC  concurred.  Everyone does big boy sit ups while the bucket comes down the line.   There was some other mumble chatter and I heard in a serious tone that the Q needed to take control.   YHC quickly countered that this was a group activity, inspired to drive engagement and collaboration from the PAX.  Clearly, that was accomplished.   Shortly after, YHC Omaha’d from there.   Editors note:  this activity will make a return and will be dynamic.

Mosey up the parking lot for some Dora, pair up.  200 squats, 100 merkins total.  1 partner runs across the parking lot while the other performs the exercise.

Plank waiting on the six

Mosey towards Snowballs, don’t forget the jellybeans.

Stop at the wall; Dips x 20 IC, Step ups 10 per leg; Rinse and Repeat

Mosey back to Snowballs; TIME



Start getting ready for 2019 Burpeethon

Christmastown 5k is quickly filling up

Easy Rider has the Q next Monday and had a sly grin on his face while saying that he has something special.


Good work men.  Keeping pushing the rock.  If you haven’t posted in a while, get out there.  It does your body and mind some good.




A good showing by F3 PAX and 2.0s at the annual JJ5K trail run in Stanley. I look forward to this run every year.  It is  smaller 5k trail run, but one that is a lot of fun to run.  It is held each year in remembrance of a local girl that lost her battle with cancer and to fund a scholarship to an East Gaston dance student in her honor.  It is a good run, for a good cause.  Way to represent F3 well guys.

Sister Act

Crossroads 9/23

16 showed at Crossroads.  We all put in some miles, either rucking or running.  Good job fellas.  We had 5 FNGs this morning.  Welcome Cyclone(Matt Roth), Heels(Seth Carpenter), Bling(Justin Cottingham), Nittany (Chance Cottingham), and Hawkeye (Cadden Carpenter).  Hope you fellas will keep joining us.



Prayer Request


Thanks for the push guys!

Sister Act

Birthday Mosey

10 HIMS showed at Crossroads to put in some miles.  8 runners with 2 ruckers today.  The morning started out a little nasty, with an unexpected rain shower.  We did delay the run for several minutes to allow for the rain shower to pass.  Props to Mayor, Breaker Breaker, and Def Leppard for starting early and getting drenched from the rain, but never stopped.


Announcements:  9/22 JJ5K in Stanley, 9/22 Stop Soldier Suicide 5/10K Belmont, 10/6 Burpeethon

Prayer Request


Honor to lead today men.  Today I officially joined the 40 club.  No way I was going to fartsack on the first day of turning 40.  Appreciate the brotherhood F3 Gastonia brings and the motivation  to push the rock even when I don’t feel it at times.  Honored to be a part of F3.

Sister Act

Coupon Work

13 showed at Folsom on this fine Saturday morning ready to push the rock.  It’s 6:30, time to go to work!  No FNG, so no disclaimer really needed, most already know that I’m an idiot.

Warm-Up:  Toy Soldiers, Grass Pickers, Hillbillies



The Thang:

I always try to make sure that the PAX attending my Q get their moneys worth, so why not break out a coupon inspired workout.  Each PAX was told to grab a coupon from Slaw’s truck and head to the tennis courts.  Here we lined up facing the length of  all the courts with your block on the ground in front of you.  Realizing that we are at Folsom,  the first exercises were carefully explained in detail, hoping for minimal confusion.   We would do a Route 66 style workout with Burpee Block Jump Overs (BJO), with a twist.  First off, a Burpee BJO is when you perform a normal Burpee, then jump over the block and go straight into a second Burpee.  So we started with 11 Burpee BJO.  Then to confuse the heck out of everyone, I included 3 different exercises and a short run after each set of Burpees BJO.  It went like this;

11 Burpee BJO,   25 Hand Release Merkins,  Run 25yds and back (approximate distance of width of 2 tennis courts)

10 Burpee BJO,   25 Goblet Squat w/ Coupon,  Run 25yds and back

9 Burpee BJO,   25 Leg Lifts with Coupon extending above your chest,  Run 25yds and back

8  Burpee BJO, 25 HRM,  Run

7 Burpee BJO,  25 Goblet Squats, Run

6 Burpee BJO,   25 Leg Lifts, Run

And continue this until you did 1 Burpee BJO, 25 Goblet Squat, Run.  Mumble chatter was at a minimal this morning.  Pretty sure the presence of a couple 2.0s, saved me from some unkind words about my choice of workout.  Anyways, this one was a challenge, time to move on.


Thinking that we needed to continue with the block work , the  next group of exercises called would all involve the use of   blocks.  5 different exercises were called.  The exercises called were;  Kettle Bell Swings, Thrusters, Tricep Extension, Curls, and Chest Press.  Start with 25 reps of first exercise, and then increase the reps by 25 for each exercise there after. Also run 25yds and back after 25reps were performed.  Went like this:

25 Kettle Bell Swings w/ coupon, run 25yds and back

25 Thrusters, Run  –  25 Thrusters, Run

25 Tricep Ext, Run  –  25 Tricep Ext.  Run  –   25 Tricep Ext.,  Run

25 Curls, Run   –   25 Curls, Run  –  25 Curls, Run  –  25 Curls, Run

25 Chest Presses, Run  –  25 Chest Presses, Run  –  25 Chest Presses, Run  –  25 Chest Presses, Run  25 Chest Presses, Run

Most were able to follow instructions, but there were a few that didn’t listen and did their own thing.  With time running short, we still had several minutes to get in some work.   PAX were told to line back up on the sideline, this time holding your block.  Then PAX were told to do 2 lunge steps forward, then do a Blockee,  Another 2 lunge steps forward and a Blockee.  Continue this until we traveled the width of 1 tennis court.  Now time to go back to where we started.  Except this time increase the Blockee to 2 reps.  That would be 2 lunge steps forward, then 2 Blockees.  Continue this until the width of the 1 tennis court is traveled.

Time for one last exercise to be called.  I know this one is a favorite to a couple PAX attending today’s workout, so we might as well work it in.  PAX lined up in the plank position with about 3-4ft of space between each other.  A little Bear Crawl Slalom to close out Folsom.  First PAX is to start the Bear Crawl in and around the planking PAX. Then the next PAX to follow and continue this until each PAX had the chance to Bear Crawl the length of the line.  Time is up!


Announcements:  9/22 Stop Soldier Suicide 5/10k, 9/22  JJ5K , Burpeethon 10/6

Prayer Request


It was an honor to lead today.  Appreciate the opportunity!

Sister Act

The Pub is not Complicated

YHC arrived around 10 minutes before the start time to find a few getting EC in, some stretching and others yawning.  Let’s get it on.

We ran north, turned north-northwest, moseyed a while, turned a slow turn, turned back east, turned back south….we were done.

Sargento attempted to EH an existing Gashouse PAX along the way….nice work, he is the king of the EH while we’re running.

Some started early (Stone Cold), some got in some EC (Gastone, Madoff), some got in some EC by running to the AO from their house (Monk) and the rest of us followed the instructions.

Good work men.

Announcements:  Need a driver for BRR Van 1; Nomads headed to Fort Mill Saturday – meet and leave from Roses in Belmont at 0500; CSAUP on the 25th; 2nd F at Sargento’s on the 25th.  All is good.

Several prayer requests to keep in mind:  Sargento’s M – knee; Gastone’s mother-in-law; Nikki Bailey health

Thanks for the push men.

Until the next one.  Aye!


The Lone Rucker

9 men showed at Crossroads this morning!  8 PAX ran 3-5 miles, and we had 1 Lone Rucker.   The Mayor was the first to show, and went to work and pushed the rock today rucking solo.  Good job sir!  Great work from the other PAX as well.  Awesome that we continue to have steady numbers at this AO and guys making time on Sunday mornings to push the rock.


Prayer Request: YHC took us out



Honor to lead today!

Sister Act

Lead By Example

10 HIMS resisted the fartsack this morning and pushed the rock at Crossroads.  2 rucked and 8 ran today.  Awesome group of guys out here today, way to push.



Prayer – YHC took us out.



Awesome time out here this morning.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead you guys.  Some great discussions today about our roles as men.  We are to Lead By Example.  Whether it be as a coach, friend, brother, husband, or father, we should strive to be the example for someone else.   Continue to push that rock fellas.

Sister Act


Better at 48

I was up early and ready to go this morning as I had not Q’d a workout in a while due to being on/off the DL lately.  Add in the fact today was my 4th birthday since getting involved with F3, I was ready to get it on.

I was awake early as usual so why not head to the Schiele for some EC running, someone else might be there.  No, so what do I do………….do it anyway.  Got in a 5k (slow) before the main workout.

Arrived back to find Huckleberry and Canteen ready to go but no one else.  Huckleberry inquired if this was normal, I said no.  We’ll see if anyone shows.

Why yes, by the time we were ready to go, we had 14 including the Q’s.

No FNG’s so no real disclaimer though we did have some Kotters on hand.

We did discuss this was my 48th birthday and the bootcamp might have a 48 theme.

Warm-Up IC

SSH X 24

Imperial Walkers X 12

Moroccan Nigh Clubs X 12

Time to split up and mosey (6 braved the bootcamp with YHC)

Quick stop at the Flag for the Pledge

The Thang

Mosey around the back of First Presbyterian and on to the track at Sherwood Elementary for some track work:

Partner up;  Run half lap in opposite directions until you meet back up for 12 Booyah Merkins (no idea if that’s spelled correctly); run back to the start for 48 LBC’s OYO;  Rinse/repeat 3 more times with 48 Flutter Kicks, 48 Freddy Mercury’s & 48 American Hammers after each set of 12 of the Booyah Merkins.  It was fun and reps focused on the number 48.

48 lunge steps along the back of the track to finish off the work at Sherwood.

Mosey back toward First Pres up to the Scout Building and down the steps for some step work:

48 LBC’s – Run to the top of steps for 8 Merkins and back  down.

48 Flutter Kicks – Run to top of steps for 8 Merkins and back down.

Continue sets with 48 reps at bottom and 8 Merkins at top.

48 Freddy Mercurys – 8 Merkins

48 American Hammers – 8 Merkins

48 Moroccan Nightclubs – 8 Merkins

48 Squats – 8 Merkins

Another fun-filled exercise.

Mosey to the track at Grier middle School for more track work with a modified Wolfpack Grinder:

12 Squats IC – Run half lap – 24 Merkins OYO

12 Squats IC – Run half lap – 48 Mountain Climbers OYO

12 squats IC – Run half lap – 24 Merkins OYO

12 Squats IC – Run half lap – 48 Mountain Climbers OYO

Mosey to the picnic tables to finish off the work at Grier:

24 Dips IC – 24 Step-Ups IC – 12 Derkins IC

12 Dips IC – 12 Step-Ups IC – 12 Derkins IC (I should know better by now not to work right beside Dolph)

Mosey back to the Schiele to finish off with 22 Merkins for the Vets led by Canteen.

Good work men.

Announcements; Prayer Requests; Name-o-rama – The PAX even sang Happy Birthday to me.  Many thanks.

The Moleskin

As always, it’s terrific to Q a workout and at my advanced age, just being able to get out there and get some work in is a privilege.  I mentioned this during the workout but 3 1/2 years ago at age 44, I was almost 40 pounds heavier, had a few good friends and was a borderline sad clown.  Things have changed a little since.  Besides being in better shape at age 48 as compared to 44, I feel I have a group of men I can count on if needed.  F3 is the answer for some of the issues that men currently are having in our society.  Keep spreading the word, there are many others that  could benefit.  The PAX of F3 Gastonia are helping me to think the best is still yet to come for this old(er) man.  I couldn’t think of a better way to start off my birthday than in the gloom with a group of HIMs as I did this morning.  The 6 guys in the bootcamp pushed me today to work hard through my Q and I didn’t want to disappoint.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Until the next one.  Aye!


Could we pass the NCSU PE class with high honors??

That was the question weighing on my mind. The back story : met a young  guy at the gym doing various exercises similar to what we do at F3.  He was working very hard and was intense.  Tried to head lock him to get him out.  Long story short, he wanted to pass his PE class next semester at State.   I was curious, asked a few questions and pulled the course curriculum from State’s online registar.   Could this be a good winkie?

Knowing F3 Gastonia has a number of State fans (not sure how many actually graduated) or how many padded their gpa’s with PE, I figured we could have some fun with it.  So we get started and to his credit, T bone was the only one to claim having graduated there. I am pretty sure in his graduate work, he didn’t take PE.   So would be a new experience.  At this point, I am very interested to see if the pax could earn high honors.

The thang



Warm up

Moroccan night clubs x 20 IC

SSH x 20 IC.

Mosey down to the shopping center

1st PT test – 40 push ups in 2 minutes.  All pax passed on 1st attempt achieving a score of a B.   40 was the criteria

Run to the loading dock, bear crawl down to side walk, run to parking lot, complete 20 squats oyo.  Rinse and repeat x3

2nd PT test – 100 lbc’s within 2 minutes:  again all pax passed with a B based on current NCSU thresholds.

Mosey to other end of lot for some wall work

Hip slaps IC x 10 (complete Q fail, yhc screwed that one up with cadence)

Wall sits for 1 minute

Back to hip slaps this time oyo to 10

Wall sits for 1 minute

Mosey behind shopping center, jump the wall and wait for pax in back parking lot of doctors office.

Plank waiting on the six

Next PT test – 50 ww I sit ups in 2 minutes.  All pax passed with another B score.

Mosey around building, stop at road.  Squat jump up the hill to first light, run back, rinse and repeat x3.  Island was a beast, practically floating in the air.

Gastone honored us with a  quick count of flutter kicks x40 I think

Mosey through the neighborhood to cut thru to the park.  Plank while waiting on the six.  Yhc heard a train and called 5 burpees.   Monk whispers you didn’t hear a train.  Must of been a ghost train.

Mosey to back field for the price of admission.  The main event, the turtle run.  Like an Indian run except everyone bear crawls with last in line moving to the front.  Was a crowd pleaser.

Running short on time, mosey to picnic shelter.

20 dips oyo x2

20 step ups oyo x 2

Mosey back towards Snoballs.  Stop and plank at top of park waiting on six

Jail break back to Snoballs


  • Moleskin:   the Pax put in some good work.  It was a honor to lead.  Everyone earned their B.   Next time we will target the A thresholds.   Pretty amazing to think about a bunch of older men accomplishing what many young kids can’t achieve.   Mind over body.  Keep pushing the rock.  Till next time – Turtle Man



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