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F3 Gastonia Convergence

We are getting close to the end of the year and what better way to announce the 2019 leadership team in Gastonia then with a convergence. 47 PAX posted at Gashouse for a little different workout.  In our last leadership meeting we discussed having all of the 2018 Leadership team Q this convergence.  It went like this…Hippa Qed the Pain Lab…Linus(Gashouse Site Q) lead off with the warm-up then Pizza Man(1st F Q), Sargento (2nd F Q), Freight(3rd F Q),  Short Sale(Weasel Shaker), Tool Time(Nantan).  Each of us had 10 minutes to do whatever.  I definitely think that nobody was disappointed with the outcome.  A lot of rocks were pushed and mumble chatter was at its finest.

After the work was done we discussed the 2019 Leadership team:

1st F- Sister Act

2nd F- Roadie

3rd F- Def Leppard

Weasel Shaker- Huckleberry

Nantan- Stroganoff



Christmas Party- TONIGHT Dec. 15th at 6pm Lewis Farms

2019 Leadership team- see above

QSource Launch January 2019


First off, thanks to each of you for helping not only me, but the rest of the 2018 Leadership team throughout the year.  It is amazing the amount of growth that is seen in F3 Gastonia.  We started 5 new AOs and had 97 FNGs this year.  We also witnessed PAX push the rock everyday and accomplish goals that they didn’t see as being reachable.  It is proof that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind and heart too.  Always trust in the lord and be there for your F3 brothers no matter what!!!  Thanks again for the opportunity and I look forward to see what goes on in the region in the years to come.

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOUUUTTTT!!


Huckleberry finally visits The Pub

Ten men covered various distances at my first post at The Pub.  Not a Pub, but THE Pub. The opportunities for routes are endless, but today, YHC selected the Snoballs route.  Nine PAX probably made it to Snoballs… and one did not.  Several rucked beforehand and at least one ran.


Announcements: OST toy drive, Convergence at Gashouse on Saturday followed by the CHRISTmas party that evening.

Prayer requests: Stroganoff’s friend, local PAX, Sly

BOM: YHC closed in prayer.

It was an honor to be amongst you men today.

Philippians 4:13


12/12 Prison Break

4 men ran various distances


Missed Opportunities

Sadly, it’s been a while since YHC had Q at a boot camp workout. With his creativity a little rusty, YHC figured he’d build a weinke based on his new found love (or strong like) at The Pub. That would be running…

SSH x 15
LBC x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Merkins x 15


Pain Lab stuck around for the beatdown from Montross. The rest of us went on a mosey to the Grier track

Run half lap and do 10 single count LBC
Run half lap and do 10 single count American Hammers (count left side only)
Rinse and repeat with 20 single count LBC / 20 single count American Hammers
Rinse and repeat with 30 single count LBC / 30 single count American Hammers
Rinse and repeat with only 20 LBC but in cadence / 20 American Hammers also in cadence (At least we didn’t do 40 of each exercise, that would be cruel.)

Mosey to the Grier parking lot
Line up at the first speed bump
Lunge to the next speed bump where the PAX would stop and do 10 Merkins
Think that YHC called for LBCs when we got there, but the PAX stayed with the Merkins originally called (Missed opportunity)
During this time, the mumble chatter was strong so YHC may have been distracted.
Lunge to the next speed bump where the PAX would stop and do 10 Merkins

Mosey to Sherwood track with a detour up the steps at FPC and down the hill.

With Christmas around the corner, it seems like a good time to insert a 12 Days of Christmas theme.

Partner up
One partner mosey one direction on the track; the other partner mosey in the other direction
Meet on the other side of the track; 2 Partner Merkins
Mosey back to the other side of the track for 4 Partner Merkins.
Rinse and repeat for 6, 8, 10, and 12 Merkins
12, 12 Days of Christmas, makes sense, right?
Although that got us to 12, we skipped one of the most important numbers in the song
So one more trip and back on the track with 5 BUR-UR-PEES (you just sang that in your head) on each side

Mosey back to FPC, up the hill, past The Pad, and stop at the benches.

Step Ups x 20
Dips x 15
Step Ups x 20
Dips x 20
Flutter Kicks x 50

Mosey back past the pad, down the hill, and around the back of FPC.

Zig-zag through the parking lot and stop at the back of the building for 10 Merkins.

Mosey back to the Schiele

We returned a few minutes before 0800 where it looked like the Pain Lab PAX were getting a head start on Coffeerama

As a combined group, quick round of Mary

Bandit – Monkey Humpers
Moses – Cotton Pickers
Roscoe – Dying Cockroaches
Hipaa – Burpees (5 of them, so sing that in your head again; 5 BUR-UR-PEES)

Operation Sweet Tooth
Convergence at Gashouse 12/15
1 mile EC after Convergence
F3 Gastonia Christmas Party 12/15

Prayer Requests
Those with mental health issues
Families dealing with loss of a loved one during the holidays

Close in Prayer

During the mumble chatter as we lunged through the parking lot at Grier, platitudes from coaches were somehow brought up. One that was brought up was Ron Rivera’s use of “missed opportunities” (even more apparent a day later after a fifth straight loss). Mayor’s prayer request during the COT made YHC think deeper about what missed opportunities really are. Don’t miss out on opportunities to show love and encouragement to those who are struggling. It could be mental illness, the loss of a loved one, or a host of problems. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to call your family to check on them or talk to your 2.0’s while they’re still young enough to listen.

That night after the workout, YHC and the family watched “Miracle.” I don’t know whether or not Herb Brooks said this, but I know that Kurt Russell did. That is good enough. “Great moments are born from great opportunities.” Every member of F3 Gastonia has been given great opportunities to make a difference, and YHC prays that we seize every chance to be a true HIM. And to God be the glory when we do.

Until next time…

F3 Dads at Martha’s House part 3

Little Caesar and I showed up before the allotted time and were ready to go.  Before I lit the charcoal I wanted to make sure that someone else would show up for F3 Dad’s at Marthas part 3.  I look into the parking lot full of cars and see an American flag being pulled out of a trunk.  I know that F3 has arrived so I light the charcoal and get the flames burning for the cocoa bar after the beatdown.

Voodoo and his FNG Daughter now known as “Teddy Bear” and Hipaa and his 2.0 son “Hoverboard” show.  Hoverboard was wearing a Speed for Need kids shirt and Hipaa was wearing a bad ass black F3 shirt with his evil skull half-face covered thing.  (It wasn’t that cold out but he looked cool.  In South Central)

We waited for a while and YHC entertained the kids with frisbee throwing for a while.  When we realized YHC failed to promote the event enough and no one else was going to show, we got ready for a kid friendly beatdown.

Disclaimer and explanation of F3 to Teddy Bear.  SSH x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, LBC’s x 10, Toy Soldiers x 10. Squats x 5,  Squats with 2.0’s in the human torture rack x 5

Mosey to an adjacent field.  Frisbee toss/sprint/exercise:  One Pax slings the frisbee…sprint to where it lands, 5 merkins or 5 squats x 10 or so.  The kids were hard to beat to the frisbee as they were willing to go all out Pete Rose style to get it.  Advantage:  2.0’s

Next up was the Leap Frog:  Dad’s versus kids

The kids didn’t want to get down.  They lacked a sense of urgency.  They didn’t work together as a team.  The dad’s rested and re-organized the kids during the event and wouldn’t let them quit when they wanted to go get water.  Advantage:  Dad’s

Next up:  Dora 25-50-90?  Squats, LBC’s, Hipaa was stuck doing the exercise for a while.  Hoverboard was picking daisies or something.  YHC had to herd him back to his dad before his dad stroked out.  Little Caesar claimed some outrageous number of LBC’s, but Teddy Bear got to 90 in one set.  #Impressivekids

The breakdown of leadership and discipline was evident so YHC declared the event over.  We went straight to announcements after a quick water break and so Teddy Bear could go get her toboggan. ???

What are the 2.0’s thankful for?   Food, Basketball, and Basketball

Prayer requests:  My dad’s trip back from Florida on his Motorcycle

YHC prayed us out and we raced to the hot chocolate bar.  I think it was the first time in months Hipaa had chocolate and he savored it.  The kids ate marsh mellows with their cocoa.  A lot of marsh mellows.

We cleaned up quickly.  T-Claps for Hipaa to put out the fire and collect the gear and for Voodoo helping clean up.

A beautiful afternoon to spend with the kids and F3 brothers.  Good to see Voodoo coming out a bunch in a short time!   Thanks for Hipaa being a great leader and taking action on behalf of F3.  #allin

Until next time,


Sweet, Sweet Lulu

Starting back in June, I began my journey at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. We were about to finish our first trimester and with 2 weeks before we left to come home, I decided I wanted to lead a workout and bring a little Merchant Marine Academy workout back to the Gashouse.  I got in contact with Bandit (aka Dad) and he got it lined up with Linus for me to lead the Pax.

Warm Up

We started with some SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, Mericans, and LBC’s.

The Thang

Then we took a little mosey over to the football field with a little C-130 cadence. We did a light jog from the goal line to midfield, then 15 yards of Butt Kickers, then returned to the original spot. Rinse and repeated with High Knees and Karaoke. Following that we split into four groups. Group 1 was assigned Clericans, group 2 was assigned Bobby Hurley’s, group 3 had Mountain Climbers, and group 4 had Freddie Mercury’s. Each group did their exercise for 60 seconds, took a 20 second break, exercised for another minute, then rotated to the next station. Rinsed and repeated until all exercises were done.

Then the PAX all met at midfield and attempted the “perfect Merican”. The person in front gets in a normal Merican position except that his feet go on the back of the person behind. Then when everyone is set the only things touching the ground are the hands of the PAX and the feet of the last person. Everyone went down and the same time and tried to come up in sync as well. This didn’t last long but we did manage one synchronized Merican.

Then we took a mosey to the dreaded stairs by the church with a little help from a cadence of a bald headed plebe. We climbed the stairs and began a wall sit. We sat until we finished singing a cadence about Sweet, Sweet Lulu. After Lulu left, started at the top of the stairs and did 10 Mericans, then ran down the stairs and did 1 Bobby Hurley. Rinse and repeat until you do 1 Merican and 10 Bobby Hurley’s.

Finally, we moseyed back to the Schiele parking lot (while singing about Capt. Jack and his railroad track) where The Pain Lab joined for a little ten minutes of Mary. There were some more Mericans and some Burpees, some Flutter Kicks and Dying Cockroaches, and to finish it off… a prolonged Superman (Lulu decided to come back for a finale).



I just wanted to thank everyone for their continued support throughout my journey so far.  It’s been awesome to know I have another family back home that I can not only workout with, but be able to relax and talk to, and continue in my faith journey. I can’t wait to come back soon and head up another workout!


Plebe William L. Todd (aka Goose)
US Merrchant Marine Academy
300 Steamboat Road
Box 1176
Kings Point, NY 11024-1699

10/02/18 Folsom

Work was done.


Yo Mama…

Today, the last Saturday in October is a unique milestone for me. Not only is it the first Q of the month, it is my first official post as well, at least on Gastonia soil. I did pick up one credit for the Bourbon Chase a few weeks ago but that is the reason for my lack of posts. I got hurt training for the BC and had to take time off. I aggravated not only my calf but got a new injury to my left leg on my final 6.7 mile run. It sucks getting old. Then Roadie throws out a new 40 day challenge. So today makes my 6th workout of the week (Hey Roadie – how many Bud Lights can I drink as a cheat meal??). A few weeks back, Linus asked for a Q as he would be out of town – I volunteered. I had designed a run intensive workout that was pushed to the side as I’ve not recovered well enough to lead that (“don’t do it if you can’t Q it” right?). So stay tuned for that one down the road (literally). Instead I pulled a few things from various workouts to have an upper body focused cardio beatdown.

HIPAA was scheduled for Pain Lab and Hush Puppy was quickly coaxed to join the Bootcamp crew. Good to have those guys among us. Nice to see Stroganoff back as he had been on the IR for an undesired extended stay. The others were a veteran crew but a disclaimer was shared: “I’ll offer some suggestions and feel free to follow them, or modify as needed – your choice.” Heyzus and Toto came in hot and joined us during the warm-up. Lets get to it:


  • Side to side lunge IC x 10
  • Toy Soldier IC x 10
  • Imperial Squats IC x 10
  • 4×4 OYO x 5
  • SSH – Ring of Fire; PAX individually drop for 5 merkins – thanks to Whoopee for taking his sweet time to apply perfect form (who says he hates long warm-ups?)
  • Mosey to the entrance for The Pledge

Mosey across the street to Akers Pharmacy – I led the long way taking a lap around the building – Q Power to elicit mumble chatter. I’m not sure this spot has ever been used but keep it in mind for the future. It offers significant elevation change with equal slope on either side of the building. Line up against the back wall.

  • Hip slappers x 10 (5/side)
  • Bear crawl the parking lot (~20 yards)
  • Merkins x 10
  • Run a lap around the building, plank for the six
  • Repeat 1x


  • Dirty Hookup x 10
  • Joe Hendricks across the parking lot
  • Dips x 10
  • Run a lap around the building, plank for the six
  • Repeat 1x

Next up was Partner 11’s. At the back of the building, begin with 1 WWI, smack hands w/ your partner, run opposite direction around the building, meet at the front for Boo-yah Merkins starting with 10. Repeat that until reversing reps. This seemed to be a crowd pleaser. Whoopee and Defib got after it pretty good. There was competition for the couple of dry spots in the parking lot. Fortunately the rain had moved on but the cool air was present. Hopefully we’ll enjoy a bit of Fall before we have to break out the winter gear. So, where was I? Oh Partner 11’s took quite a bit more clock than I had anticipated. That wasn’t supposed to be the main event. My group was the last to finish and the first finishers were doing flutters or lbc’s waiting for us – having an deep conversation about something. “Hey – 2nd F is for after we done – follow me…”

We headed to the First Presbyterian Church youth building where some coupons had been deposited. The PAX groaned which always makes a Q smile. With only 20 minutes left, adjustments were required. Five stations were as follows:

  • Block curls
  • Lateral raise w/ bricks
  • Burpee side hop (put a post down the middle to force the higher jump)
  • Squat Press w/ half block
  • American Hammer w/ brick

PAX paired for the stations except for Roscoe that went lone wolf. “How many reps?” the PAX inquired. The final station had the PAX pick up a sandbag in each hand and first lunge walk across the parking lot, then farmers carry on the return. Some were faster than others. The good news was the shoulders and arms got some attention with the coupons. I didn’t bring music today so the mumble chatter began. Toto was the first to remove his shirt. Whoopee couldn’t let him go solo so he removed his as well (unlike QvQ, he didn’t tear this one off…). Whoopee commented that he forgot to shave his back. The diving board was open for business and here we went into the deep end. “How do you shave the middle part?” was the open ended question Hushpuppy asked.

“Ask your Mama…” Whoopee returned quickly…then it was on. Nothing like “Yo Mama” jokes to illicit juvenile humor. Without a title in mind for the backblast, this was easy fodder.

  • Yo mama’s so fat…If she was a Star Wars character, her name would be Admiral Snackbar.
  • Yo mama’s so stupid…When I said, “Drinks on the house,” she got a ladder.
  • Yo mama’s so fat…She brought a spoon to the Super Bowl.
  • Yo mama’s so stupid…It takes her two hours to watch 60 Minutes.

A train was heard in the distance, so we threw down 5 burpees. To Clavin’s displeasure, this was EC to the Burpee side hop station. Time was running short so we hustled back to the base and with four minutes remaining a little Mary was in order:

  • Sandy V Chops (unlike Midoriyama’s Sandy V’s – keep legs stationary but split into a “V”; clasp hands together overhead and raise forward to chop between legs. I didn’t even count – just had the PAX join for an extended period of time until the Q went to failure. Along the way several began the Atlanta Brave/FSU war chant.
  • Leg Raises x 10
  • Flutter Kicks x 10
  • Crunchy Frog x 10
  • Dying Cockroach until the bells

COT: Announcements for Christmastown 5k – support however you can; Nov 10 Convergence at the Yank (Roscoe and YHC are “tag-teaming” the Q); Nov 11 F3 Dads at Martha Rivers 1500 under Picnic Shelter #1. No prayer requests made verbally so I took us out in prayer.

Moleskin: As much as we’re trying to use F3 to keep our fitness and improve ourselves, nicks and injuries will occur. Unfortunately time, rest, ice, drugs (legal otc or prescribed) are about all we can do. Patience is the toughest pill to swallow. Listen to your body and take the time to get healthy but don’t get too comfortable on the couch. Until the next one (which hopefully won’t be too long).

Short Sale

F3 Dad’s workout and Coat Drive

One year ago we met at Martha’s House picnic shelter #1 and encountered a cold snap and rain, making for a memorable F3 Dad’s event.  What was supposed to be a kid friendly beat down and then an ice cream social turned out to be a frozen workout and hot chocolate fest.  It was awesome.

And now we are set to do it again.  There may need to be game time adjustments but here is what you can count on.

WHO:  F3 Gastonia and their 2.0’s (This is also a great time to EH that guy whose kid plays on your kids team)

What?  F3 Dad’s beadown for you AND your 2.0’s, followed by fun and fellowship and some sort of reward for the beatdown  (ice cream?  Cocoa?  Carrots? (40 day challenge is going on now people))

Where?  Picnic Shelter #1 at Martha Rivers Park (the first one beside the sand volleyball court)

When?  Sunday, November 11th 1500-until….(3PM-)

Bring volleyballs, frisbees, footballs, soccer balls, boomerangs.  Hipaa….Kid friendly pain lab option?

If you want to Q 10 minutes or so let me know.  If your 2.0 wants to Q part of the workout, let me know.  If you want to Q the games let me know.  If you want to Q the ice cream,  hot chocolate bar, or Smores let me know.  YHC and ShortSale are Q’ing the Convergeance at the Yank the day before so we may do a kid friendly tag team beatdown.  Who knows?!

I will send out an update based on weather in the near future.  I will ask for items at that time.

There may be one additional F3 Dad’s event at the Chutes at Crowders Ridge again this year.  Unfortunately, they aren’t doing Sunday nights.  We could do Friday or Saturday nights.  As busy as December seems to be on the weekends I may plan this for January.  Check my twitter for a survey and weigh in.


***If you have an extra coat that you don’t use or your 2.0 has outgrown and wish to donate it to a needy child or adult, please bring them to the workout or drop them off to the site Q at any workout.  We have identified 40 kids living in just one hotel and we will be collecting coats for them in the next few weeks. Thank you in advance.

I look forward to seeing your 2.0’s smiling faces.




Mt. Hollywood 10/15/18

Six men this morning at Mt. Hollywood.

Warmups: SSH, low slow squats and toy soldier all x 10IC

Mosey to the front of the school.

11s: Australian mountain climbers and donkey kicks.

Mosey back to where we started.

Partner up: four corners.  Both partners must do at least 50 of the exercise, one partner must do 100.  Exercises were: lunges, flutter kicks, lbcs and merkins.

Mosey back to the front of the school for lazy dora.  100 plank jacks, 200 cdds and 300 monkey humpers.

Quick mosey to the side of the school.  11s: decline merkins and dips.

Mosey back to the launching point for Mary.  Exercises included: corkscrews, dying cockroaches, burpees, squats, WW2, toy soldiers and others.

22 for the vets and the pledge.


Announcements: Christmastown 5k, convergence at the Yank.

Prayer requests: Oompa’s family, those dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane.

BOM: YHC took us out.

Always an honor, men.

Philippians 4:13


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