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Mandelbrot Set – The Story of Big Pappy

10 PAX showed up this morning to get some work in at Folsom. For my first Q, I struggled with coming up with something that would push all of us. I noticed sometimes at Folsom and as I visited other AO’s that Q’s would use music in the exercises.  It dawned on me that it would be better to push to a time over a quantity for my first Q. Hence “Mandelbrot Set – The Story of Big Pappy” was born.

Warm up – Some toy soldiers, daisy pickers, and  Moroccan Nightclubs

The Thang:

Act I  Pappy’s Childhood Years – Run to 4th tennis court and do  20 x XCrunches  then run back and do 20 x LBC’s .  Repeat until Act I is over.

    • Hunger Strike  – Temple of the Dog – I was poor.
    • Sabotage – Beastie Boys – Reason I was poor.
    • Peaches – Presidents of the United States – I moved from the north to the south.

Act II Pappy’s Young Adult Years – Run to 4th tennis court and do 10 merkins then run back and do 10 shoulder touches. Repeat until Act II is over.

    • Mandelbrot Set – Jonathan Coulton – Found that I had a god given gift of understanding advanced mathematics
    • Drunken Sailor – Blaggards – I liked to drink
    • The Gates – Da Vinci’s Notebook – Found that I could code and loved to write code
    • The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room – Flight of the Conchords – Met my M.

Act III Pappy’s Adult Years – Run to 3rd tennis court and do 3 burbees then run back and do 30 monkey humpers. Repeat until Act III is over.

    • RE: Brains – Jonathan Coulton – What it feels like working in a cube everyday.
    • The Backpack Song – Nerf Herder – People with multiple kids would understand.

Credits  – Run to 4th tennis court and do 20 squats then run back and do 20 hillbillies. Repeat until the credits is over.

    • God’s Gonna cut you down – Johnny Cash – For F3 Nothing.
    • Dust in the Wind – Kansas – Your my boy F3 Blue
    • Better Man – Pearl Jam – For F3 Pearl Jam

I overheard a PAX saying he was not sure if he was going to throw up from the music or the workout. Mission Accomplished.

Thanks to all that came out. It was a pleasure to lead a group of fine men that have lead me over the past several months to better health and a better lifestyle.


Convergence on the 30th at Folsom


The P200 guys, Family of Medicine Woman, and the needed unspoken prayers


Ratchet VQ w/huck co Q

V day for me and man what a turn out! 27 rock pushers showed  up, which is greatly appreciated!

Started with disclaimer and a lil stretchy warm up!

10 Don Qs.   10 daisy pickers  10 toy soldiers  all in cadence

Up to the tennis courts, partner up!

partner 1 on the line for merkins x20 and squats x20

partner 2 mosey to far end court #6 for 10 crunches bear crawl to next court for 20 American hammers bear crawl next court 30 big boy sit ups bear crawl next  40 flutter kick beat crawl next court 50 lbcs bear crawl last court 60 imperial walkers. Then partner 1 takes off to court six and follow same sets back

Next back on the line partner 1 ssh

partner 2 mosey to far court for 10 burpees mosey back to partner 1 and he goes to far court for 10 burpees. We keep that up every other court till everyone is back to the line. And I must say it got a lot quieter during that set!

Then circle up tight as we can for 27 men and we mtn climb to the song ghostbusters with a merkin every time they say “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” and a burpee everytime they say “ghostbusters”

Hand off to huck and we circle up for wave merkins

Then a lil overloaded version of frisbee rules football which I’m pretty sure nobody knew who’s team they were on!

Back to the flag for 10 minutes of Mary

Pledge followed by announcements and prayer requests

named a fng and finish with cot

P200 Training

I reached out to Linus a few weeks ago to secure the Q for this weekend. It was the Saturday following my half marathon and ahead of the P200. I’ve missed being with the guys for Saturday bootcamps as that was my long training run for the past 8 weeks so here was an opportunity. As the Q, I could control the workout – well, attempt to control is more like it. I was transparent on my pre-tweet via twitter and slack, even offering the white flag of “no burpees.” Well that seemed to get in the crawl of a few who should remain nameless. Maybe they were irked over the historic ACC Tournament Semi-Final game and their team’s performance – hard to say. But the bear was poked and I revised my weinke a bit. With a few minutes before 7 am, the circle began to form and Sister Act surprisingly was not present. Hmm, the one that questioned my workout failed to show. One can only assume he’s currently in a high school auditorium in a small city suffering through15 hours of dance competition with loud women screaming “you go Britini…” (and that is with an “i” on the end – just to be different). Let’s get back to the men actually brave enough to post and accept the challenge. We had an FNG among us – welcome to Jonathan Baines – forever known among F3 as “Wax On.” I gave a high level disclaimer, we recited the Pledge and got into the warm-up.

The script changed a bit with Sister Act but I still felt a bit punchy so…

  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • Squat Merkins – the groans indicated this was enjoyable, especially when I said to hold for a count on the down part
  • Side to Side Lunge – HIPAA jumps in with some drivel about cadence, so I went to a silent count – amazing most still followed

With the chatter beginning and Whoopee needing to leave for AAU basketball – I followed his often lead to be tired of my own warm-up. See you guys – we’re going to run – 7 men followed me out of the parking lot, up Garrison to Grier Track. Other than Gold Digger, I’d say most of us that run probably could use some stretching before getting started to really get loose. I’m not talking about the running nerds that go on a 2 mile warm-up jog, but enough to get loose. Most of us begin with the static stretching – the basic right over left, left over right, pull your leg back on both sides for your hamstring, maybe push against the wall and then take off. Static stretching is worth considering if you haven’t tried it. On the track we began

Walking Toy Soldiers, wide leg swings, walking lunges, high knee pulls, side leg swings, ground sweeps, high knees, butt kickers, karaoke right, then left, and we finished the lap with a 200 m NUR. Lap 2 was a light jog; Laps 3 & 4 were 30 second intervals – begin with speed (400m pace) then recover for 30 seconds with a light jog or walk (you vs. you – modify as needed). With the trip up, we were at 1.5 miles at this point. Fellowship mosey to the Grier Gym.

Next up was a little more than a 2 mile run. Because we had various paces I needed to challenge the faster guys so with that – anyone that gets ahead of the pack by a decent margin (~50 yards or more) must turn around and run to the back of the line – a reverse Indian Run. This kept us together for most of the run with good conversation and fellowship. With 22 minutes to go, I had one other thing planned and shortened it a bit. We arrived at Marilyn Ave, a short incline of 0.07. The GPS indicated the elevation was 15 or so feet but it looked more. We did the Triple Nickel with 5 merkins at the top and 5 lbc’s at the bottom. We then covered the final mile back to base.

COT – Rudolph covered announcements and prayer requests – see his BB for that info. I will highlight the upcoming Convergence at Folsom 3/30 at 0700. Dark Helmet will make a guest appearance. Rudolph challenged to bring an FNG or a Kotter to that workout.

Moleskin – I’ve been working on this one for a while and wanted to try it. Many times these ideas appear to be good but difficult to execute. This actually turned out close to what I’d hoped to achieve. I’d set a goal for 4 miles on the run and ended up at 5 which is a testament to the PAX that followed along and their willingness to accept the challenge. Quiche did his standard amount of complaining – not enough upper body work – meaning he has to do extra credit at home today. Surprisingly he didn’t have an emergency and stayed the entire workout. Monk was steady and strong. Moses has been training not only for the P200 but a Half Marathon he’s running in Charlotte on 3/30 – he’s ready to beast both. Time Frame had new HOKA’s on – I believe he’s caught the fever. Linus pushed his rock once again – all that EC running is paying off. Fresh off an 8 mile EC run Stroganoff and Roscoe accepted the challenge though they noted a few ibuprohen and Epsom salt bath to get ahead of the soreness. For the rest of the P200’er’s and other PAX – you missed on the fun. Hopefully another time soon.

Short Sale


Runner’s High

So the temps were low but the spirits were high as 9 men showed up for what was to be an epic morning run.

JJ placed the American Flag at about 0528 as the remaining PAX assembled beside the numerous Ford trucks in the lot.

At 0529 the Q took over and announced the route.  Gaston Day School Road, left on that road before New Hope (right after the row of Arborvitaes), right on Lee, left on New Hope, Right on Armstrong Park Drive, right on Armstrong Park Road which turns into Gaston Day School Road again.

We started at 0530 with a brisk pace.  YHC had the holeshot at the start but Diva, Gastone, Sister Act, and Monk put an end to that and started the breakaway.

Monk was being chased by YHC and Stroganoff.  At Armstrong Park Drive and New Hope there was someone waking and baking in their car and it took about 100 yards to get the putrid stench out of the air. (Where is Defib’s great smelling laundered clothes when you need them?)  Stroganoff was tired of running slow and passed YHC and Monk.

Clavin was pushing the rock and styling in his custom USPS running vest.

When we got back to start, Sister Act was already changed and ready for work.  When everyone returned we finished up with the Pledge, announcements, and prayer requests and the flock of men gave great praise to the Q for coming up with such an original route to run.

Announcements:  Gashouse Convergeance/4 year Anniversary at Folsom March 30th.
Mount Mitchell Hike in May (Gastone QIC)

Community Foundation Run April 13th

Prayer Requests:  Blades and Stones, each other (the PAX)

Always a pleasure.  Keep getting in that P200 training!


PreBlast: 4 Yr Gashouse Anniversary Convergence

Date:    Saturday March 30th

Time:    7:00am

Location:   Folsom

Coffeerama:   Country Kitchen


Please join us for our first convergence of 2019. GasHouse region will celebrate it’s 4th year on 3/22.  With many pax participating in the P200 that weekend, we will all converge on Saturday 3/30 at the Folsom AO to celebrate this milestone. Come out for a great time of fellowship, and workout with a lot of guys you may not normally see.  Pain-Lab will also travel and be available at Folsom.  Coffeerama to follow the workout at the Country Kitchen in Dallas.  Make plans to attend.


Sister Act

A stranger from a strange land of Princesses, Disney Princesses

Waylon Jennings and the country outlaws are playing as the Pax roll in.

no rain, we have an FNG Todd.  Disclaimer, Let the music begin.  Disney Princess Radio leads off, If you want to change the station please complete 5 blockee’s.

SSH in cadence, Imperial walkers in cadence, Moroccan Night Clubs in cadence.

Grab some blocks and move to the tennis courts.  Thank  you Sparky for bringing the coupons.  We have 14 pax this morning and only 13 blocks, luckily (remember what luck is) we had some extra 45 lb plates to use as well.

Thrusters x 15, bear crawl across tennis court, 15 American hammers each side, nur across tennis court, 15 mike tysons, bear crawl across tennis court, 15 freddy mercury’s each leg, nur across tennis court, 15 step back lunges each leg then run back to the beginning.

after first set we plank for the six.

This time, we take turns farmer carrying the 45 lb plates around the tennis courts whilst the pax continues with 2 more rounds of the above exercises. The pax seem to be enjoying the music even singing along with the Disney Princesses.  I thought these Folsom boys were tough guys, but apparently they have a soft spot for Princesses, or maybe they are Princesses.  Show to know.

As we plank for the six to finish the 3rd round some start to complain about the music.

As we circle up for some core time, Montross completes 5 blockees and request some more Waylon Jennnings.  We keep passing the 45s and work through various ab exercises including fan favorite reverse American Hammers, Straight Leg Freddys, Figure Eights, Extended Cross and Real Big Boys.  Time is running out.  5 minutes of Stretching, 22 for the vets, take the coupons back to Sparky’s Truck.



  • Convergence 30th of March (not February) at Folsom

–  Blart looking for people for the Rooster.  this Saturday March 2.

–  Medicine Woman with Q on Thursday

  • Swimmer with Q coming on Saturday

  • Remember to visit different AOs periodically.

Prayer Requests

  • Pax, Allent Tates Mom, RockaBilly Mom has Surgery, the community, Lawson Family.

FNG Todd Mayo.  From Dallas, NC.  Went to North Gaston.  Roundup EH’d our new member.  He owns his own landscape company Gaston Land Services and works also as a FireFighter.  Some Names got tossed around including Chief (met with strong opposition by one pax in-particular – no names but we all know whom).  We find out he enjoys to Listen to Lady Gaga.  Montross offers up Meat Suit.  No other suggestions.  Please welcome Meat Suit.

Sister Act and Broke were not present. No sighting of Huck either.

Sparky Takes us out in the BOM

good to be here

11 dudes (and a Gomer for some Mary) showed at Folsom on Saturday.  After the disclaimer it was time to clock in.

Warmup: SSH and Toy Soldiers.

Mosey to the amphitheater and partner up. Dora 12345.  100 Australian mountain climbers, 200 merkins with feet on the wall, 300 squats, 400 flutter kicks and 500 lbcs while the other partner ran.

Money to the parking lot for route 66/ lunges and squats.

Mosey back to the launching point with everyone leading a mary exercise.

22 for the vets and the pledge


Annoucements and prayer requests

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


Heres Backblast. Now shut up!!

11 men showed up in the gloom anxiously awaiting a chief like beatdown.  As i looked around i soon realized they were unsure of what the paterfamilias had in store. First thang we warmed up. I got the mens blood flowing with a lil chumbawamba. After a lil mumblechatter we moseyed to front of park for the pledge. Today was medicine womans Q but he had asked for a volunteer since he was still under the weather so i gladly accepted the challenge. I was originally gonna just run the whole time as me and some others are preparing for the upcoming P200 but changed it up at the last minute.  We moseyed to bottom shelter for some circuit training and some core time with chief.  Always a pleasure to lead u men and also a pleasure to be a part of this group with u men. I consider you guys as family. And trust me when i tell ya…. theres NO place like Folsom!!!

Allen Tate — aka CHIEF. Aka—black panther. Aka— paterfamilias!!  Etc. etc..

The Return

4 PAX posted for the bootcamp at Gashouse on Saturday. Several others were there for the painlab with Sargento. He included us all in his BB so I think we will get double credit after this BB….sweet! I had a lot of ideas but just couldn’t commit any to paper so I just went with it. It was threatening rain and did periodically during the workout so being the accommodating Q that I am I tried to keep us dry as much as possible.

Warmup: Whatever Sargento lead us in

Mosey to the big flag for the pledge

The Thang:

Mosey to the track. 400m run then do 20 merkins and 30 lbc’s

800m run then 20 merkins and 30 lbc’s

Mosey across the school to a U shaped breezeway/courtyard area. Under the cover of the breezeway we partnered up at one end. P1 runs to the other end(sweet there’s a set of stairs halfway) P2 does merkins and squats. Once P1 gets to the end he yells for P2. P2 starts running to P1 while he does the exercise. We flip flopped the several times. After a few rounds we switched the exercises to ab work. Flutters and thinking….thinking…well I don’t remember. This is the down side of winging it. Anyway let’s mosey up the road. As we ran between the Baptist and Presby church we discussed the fork in the road and which side we should run on. Def Leppard would have ran in front of a car to get to the Baptist side of the road! Solid! We made the big circle around the block stopping at power poles for 5 squat jumps and at each intersection for 5 burpees. Judging by the map there were about 45 burpees and about a million squat jumps. As we reentered the  parking lot we stopped for some wall sits. We met backup with the painlab for a little mary.


Read Sargento’s


Thanks to Linus for letting me lead. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Gashouse. It’s crazy to think this used to be the only workout option. Great job by all in attendance. We had some good 2ndF the whole way through the workout!

Jacked Up BLIMPS

15 pax decided to join in on the fun at the Gashouse today.  I was anxiously waiting all week for today, because this would be my first Q at the Gashouse AO.  I’ve been talking a lot about each one of us stepping out of our comfort zones and to make it a point to visit all the different AOs that our region has to offer.  First step is to lead by example, so I reached out to Linus about taking the Q this Saturday.  I appreciate him accommodating my request and allowing me to lead the men today at Gashouse.

Warm-Up:  We did 3 exercises, which was plenty.  There was some comments about that not being enough, but time was ticking and we needed to get to work.

Hipaa was finishing up Hipaapalooza with the Pain Lab Q.  He Q’d a workout for seven straight days.  That is very impressive.  7 men headed off to the Pain Lab.  The 8 of us would mosey and head towards the track at the school.  I’ve been thinking for a while about being the Q at the Gashouse and using the track.  I’ve been to several workouts here where the guys have utilized the track, so I knew this would be my focal point.  I may have under estimated the amount of time we would be here.  It seemed like forever.

So the first exercise called would be BLIMPS on the track.  Well, I didn’t want to spoil the fun. So we completed the exercises associated with each letter first, before I announced the next exercise.  First exercise called was the Burpee.   We would run an entire lap for each exercise called, but stopping at the corners to perform called exercise.  1st corner 10 Burpees, mosey to 2nd corner 10 Burpees, 3rd corner 10 Burpees, and 4th corner 10 Burpees.  Second exercise called was the LBFCs (LIttle Baby Flutter Crunch).  Run the lap and do 15 LBFCs at each corner.  Next exercise called is the Iron Mike, aka Jump Lunges.  Run the lap and do 20 at each corner.  Right about this time is where the ole wise one Def Leppard started with the mumblechatter.  He said I completely jacked up BLIMPS, and it would never be the same.  Like normal, I told the old buzzard to get to work and from that point on really had to watch his form.  Next exercise is the Merkin.  Run the lap and do 25 at each corner.  Next exercise is Plank Jack.  Run a lap, stopping at each corner to perform 30 of them.  The last exercise called was the Smurf Jack.  The sand was falling from in between Leppard’s legs at this point.   Run a lap, and do 35 Smurf Jacks at each corner.  Complete.  The legs were definitely smoked after this, and this took way more time that I was anticipating.

With not a lot of time left, we did a some what quick mosey to the back parking lot of the First Presbyterian Church.  Here is a set of stairs that I wanted to use.  Triple Nickel is called here.  Exercises used are, Wolverine Burpees at the bottom and Sumo Squats at the top.  Basically do 5 Wolverine Burpees, run up stairs to top and do 5 Sumo Squats, then run back down.  Do this 5 times.

Then we took a short mosey to front of church and did a quick round of ab work.  Here we did 25 of each: Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercuries, American Hammers, Big Boys.   Mosey back to flag.   With not much time to spare,  Hipaa calls 5 Burpees OYO, and YHC called for 5 Burpees OYO, Time

Announcements:  CSAUP on 2/23, Rooster in Rock Hill 3/2, Mt. Mitchell Hike 5/5

Prayer Request


Honored to lead today men.


Sister Act

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