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Pickup trucks and flags

It was a cold but beautiful morning.  There were many options on the menu today but most involved running various distances.  Stroganoff took advantage of the Ruck option and left out at a good pace at 0600.  Gastone did some extra running early as did Defib.  Hipaa did his own thing that involved getting in some miles.  No one knows for sure what route he took.  The rest did the normal Coconut Horse loop for five miles.

YHC arrived at 0625 to see a sweaty Gastone and a cold Dr. Seuss waiting for the clock.  Boudin emerged from his truck and then Defib showed up, finishing his first eleven miles.  He asked who the Q was.  “I am”, I replied.

Defib responded, “which route are we taking?”

“The normal route”, I replied.

“Let’s go”, said Defib.

“Yes sir”, I replied, and off we went.

The pace was quick with a sub 8 first mile.  Then Sargento passed us, then Gastone and Boudin took off.

We saw Breaker Breaker getting in 9 miles.  Madoff was getting after it too.  Eventually we all ended up at the same place with at least 5 miles completed.  Stroganoff had rucked a really good pace.  He was already done.

Before we could hit coffeerama we were awaiting Hipaa.  YHC called him on the phone.  “Where are you?”

Hipaa, “a quarter mile out”.

Ten minutes later we see “Hipaa” running back to the group.  He was too late for the team photo but we made up for that with a solo glamour shot later.  Sargento remarked that Hipaa has a funny running stride.

We recited the Pledge of Allegiance in unison with the flag hung from the back of Gastone’s pickup truck with duct tape.  (“Redneck”, declared an unnamed PAX)

Prayer requests for Nicki Bailey who is fighting cancer.  Prayers for safe travels during the holiday and for those who have lost family members during the holidays.

It is true that the holiday’s can be a sad time for people.  Isolation, depression, and shorter days can be tough on people.  This should be the season of the emotional headlock.  Get those isolated guys out to the Gloom.  Invite them to join and post with them.  Gastone was putting a solid EH on a school teacher after coffeerama.  This should be a season of joy and gratitude.  Make it happen and bring others along.  Reach out to friends and family and check on them.  They will remember.

Speaking of coffeerama.  There was some gallows humor but the highlight was listening to Sargento and Boudin talk about their M’s fitness contest the day before.  Apparently these two took their shirts off in the parking lot of the fitness competition and were posing down with each other. (Not sure if they oiled each other up first).  However, Boudin was challenging the jacked male bodybuilders to a burpee contest.  No starved, dehydrated, and weak bodybuilder took him up on the offer.  Good work!  #HIM.

It was a great day to be a part of F3 Gastonia and run the #horse.  Until next time.


Ran we did…

11 met for a run at 6:30.

3 met at 5 for an extra 10.

2 met for an extra 5.

Couple guys left a little early.

Everyone finished.

Honor to Q,



Horse Plus Extra

11 Ran the Horse.

Some ran early and ran lots.

Gastone Out!


Groundhog Webb Kitchen

11 Showed for the Coconut Horse.

5 Rucked

1 came early for and extra credit.

Pockets took off early.

5 miles completed by all.

DDC made the entire run with not stops.

Great work by all.



Then we headed in to Starbucks for some Fellowship.

Gastone Out!

Sunday fun run

6 Men came out for a run. All accomplished.

The Thang:
5:30am Gastone and RPO ran extra 5.

Roscoe showed most likely around 5:45 or 6 and we passed him getting extra credit. Extra 4.75 I think.

Passed Pockets getting it early as well around 6:12am. He was over 5 miles.

Moses and Madoff were ready to go at 6:30.

The Moleskin:

Make sure that all men runners of Gaston County know of our running days. It is time for growth going into the fall. RPO is going to be the future champion of his track team, Great first 10 mile run.

Pocket’s way to push that rock, keep it up.

Going into this morning I was in need of a mental reset. The last week was hard with my Mother-in-law having a stroke the Sunday before. Both parents moved in with us a couple weeks before. She passed Friday morning after a 20 year battle with Parkinson’s. She was an amazing woman.


Gastone Out!


What storm?

I got up and heard the wind whipping on my house and it was poring. I thought no way this is happening so I will get ready and go down to see if anybody is thinking the same way. My wife awakened and tried to stop me but I shook her off my leg and got out the front door. I arrived, Roscoe in parking lot waiting but I could barely see him with his tinted windows. Looked like Pockets truck was at the location but never had seen him. Tooltime and another car in place so I decided while I am making up my mind to drive and look for the guys and look at conditions.  I drive down towards the armory and Roscoe calls me. Asked me what I am doing and I told him I am not running in this mess. He asked why not. I drove back to the start and passed DDC and then Tooltime running back to the start.

DDC came out for a ruck but ended up running with Tooltime. He did not stay for the regular but get’s lots of credit for running.

Roscoe, Gastone, and Tooltime proceeded to get the regular 5 mile coarse in. It really was not bad, even the greenway we did go through waste deep water but the floating debris helped us get to the other side and back on the trail. Roscoe is a good swimmer so that helped. Once back on the greenway we had to dodge falling trees and electrical lines but did not bug us as we were in conversation. We turned to run up Robinwood but the mudslides made it more difficult, but we made it.

Good run, with great guys. I probably would have tapped out if it was not for the leadership of the other 2 guys on this run.

Still really don’t know if Pockets was around but I am giving him credit because it looked like his truck in the lot.

Kudos guys,


The few

On the day after our BRR team finished up a strong performance in the mountains, just a few guys made it out to the Teeter this morning.

The Thang:

We ran. A couple rucked.

Roscoe, Short Sale and YHC casually EH’ed a couple guys after our run. Then I had to leave. We’ll see if they come out with us sometime.


Fun Run

6 Showed for Coconut Horse.

The Thang:

We ran 5 miles

The Moleskin:

I started at 5:30am for the first 5. Returned before start of the next 5. Found Whoopee who was missing anybody that would Ruck with him (Boudan). His windows were down and he was just going to say hello to everyone and leave. He said no more running. But, when Roscoe showed and Monk all of the sudden he was going to go a little and then turn back. Long story short he ran the entire run, what a monster a few of the guys are after such a run the day before.

Prayers go out to those in need.

We did the pledge

We went in for coffee

Gastone Out

What am I forgetting…?

Oh, yeah, the backblast…well over the Folsom 60 minute rule for posting and even some of the unwritten 24 to 48 hour “rule” to submit a backblast. Now it’s time to once again take the bull by the horns. It’s possible the Q has become delirious. Seriously, he’s running 100 miles per week, maybe logging more miles than sleep. So I suppose we’ll give the mighty Gastone a pass this time.

It all began over a week ago, early on a Sunday morning in the gloom. Gastone headed out from the parking lot at the Harris Teeter, affectionately known among F3 lore as The Coconut Horse. Maybe his mission was to run to CrossRoads and check with the other running AO. He ran and ran for miles with the soaked shirt to prove it. Others did some extra credit too, Stroganoff and Short Sale passed in the darkened morning. A few others would soon arrive into the parking lot at the standard start time of 0630. Short Sale was hustling into the lot to meet the pack that just started off on their journey. Roscoe had already ripped his shirt off and declared him to be late. Monk was now alongside and the quintet was set.

The standard loop was completed without any highlights or bloopers to speak of. The pledge was recited, announcements shared, and prayers lifted. Stroganoff had soccer dad duty and hustled home for his 2.0. The remaining four enjoyed Starbucks and conversation. What a great Q – I mean maybe one of the best ever. So glad it could finally be documented.

We trotted in that general direction

10 showed for the Coconut Run.

2 started at 5:30 for 5 extra and 1 overslept for that venture.

3 Started early for and extra 3 miles.

10 then ran 5 miles together.

Hushpuppy collected supplies for least of these. Honorable Mention

Tooltime went Full Starsky this morning. (Definition in Lexicon)

Made some announcements.


Nice, the guys sang Happy Birthday to me. All of you get extra points in my book for this. Thanks.

We broke in prayer.

Then went off to have some coffee,

Gastone Out!



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