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Midoriyama is the Heat!


  1. SSH x 10
  2. Don Q x 10
  3. Leg Swings x 15 ea Leg

Mosey to Soccer Field

The Thang:

  1. Butt Kicks
  2. High Knees
  3. Leg Swings x 10 ea Leg
  4. Caricoa
  5. Goose Steps
  6. Circle Up
  7. Fire Hydrant Circles x 10 ea leg ea way
  8. Plank Walkout x10
  9. Push Up to Side Plank Kick Through x10 ea side
  10. Single Leg Dead Lift w/ Jump Knee Tuck x 5 ea side 2 sets
  11. Squat Pulse (5 count) to Squat Jump x 20
  12. Reverse Lung w/ Windmill
  13. Triple Nickel on Hill (Werkins, Nur Up, Jump Squats, Jog Down) We found a friendly black snake on the hill!!!
  14. Walking High Knees
  15. Nur Butt Kicks
  16. Lunge ea leg, Side lunge ea. Leg, Bound across 1/2 field
  17. Mosey to Flag
  18. Stretches


Thanks to all who came out in the heat and let me lead.

My first Folsom Q!

Montross asked me a while back to take a Folsom Q, and I jumped on it. For whatever reason I had never Q’d Folsom. I knew we would probably have a pretty good crowd, and that many of the guys probably havent been to a Wojo Q so I tried to even out the exercises a bit. Having been sick all week it helped me get a little break in between the running drills too! The Q power and mumble chatter kept me going but I was beyond spent after this.


Warm up:

Don Q x 10ic

Mosey to Tennis Courts

The Thang:

SSH x 15ic

Squat Thrusts x 15ic

Merkins x 15sc

Side Lunges x 15ic

Flutter Kicks x 15ic

Werkins x 15sc

Reverse Lunges x 15ic

Freddy Mercury x 15ic

Diamond Merkins x 15sc

Squats x 15ic

LBC x 15ic


Line up on the line and do these running drills the entire distance of the tennis courts

High Knees

Butt Kicks



High Skips

Walking High Knees

Form Runs


Circled back up and did 10 reps of the exercises above, and then went thru the running drills again with a couple added.

We did some stretches, my Yoga Inch Worm Walks, and finished w/ 21 Burpees in honor of Riley Howell (the young man who saved lives at UNCC)


Welcome FNG Car Fox

Thanks to all who made it out, and to Montross for asking me to Q. Sorry you couldnt make it. We had lots of mumble chatter during the workout.  All you guys kept me on my toes with all the “constructive criticism”.  Had it not been for you guys I probably would not of made it through my own Q. It was a great time! Although I am still sore.




Running and Stuff

I’ve been thinking about putting together a F3 themed track and field meet this summer, so when Linus needed a Q at Gashouse it gave me the perfect opportunity to try out a few events I have been thinking of.  The workout was a little less organized and structured than I usually lead, but we had some fun and got a good beatdown in.



Don Q x 10ic

Werkins x 10 ic

MN x 10ic


Split up for Bootcamp and Painlab. 22 men total and 11 for each.


Mosey to track

The Thang:

Leg Swings on Fence x 10 ea leg. Side and Straight

Our 1st “event” 1600m! I didnt really need to test this one out but felt like it was a good way to get everyone really warmed up.

Walk 1 lap recovery

Standing Long Jumps for about 1/2 length of the field

Bear Crawl Race for about 40 yds

Not sure what to call this one, but we sprinted to 1/2 field 5 burpees, sprint to end of field, 10 merkins, sprint to 1/2 field, 5 Mike Tysons, Sprint to end.

Sprinkled in some core work and stretching for some recovery.

4 x 100m Relay

Mosey to Parking lot at Grier, 5 burpees

Mosey to Flag for about 10 mins of Marry with Painlab


Clavin took us out in Prayer

Great to see such a nice crowd at Gashouse. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.



Speed Work (Kinda)

7 showed at Midoriyama on a very nice Thursday.



SSH x 5 ic

Don Q x 5 ic

Moroccan Night Clubs x 5ic

The Thang:

Mosey to Big Field

I had cones laying out a lap around the field making about a 300 meter track.

Start at first cone and run a pace about 30sec/mile faster than your 5k pace for 200m. Slow down to a pace that lets you recover for 400m. repeat this 6 times

circled up for some LBC’s  then ran 3x 100m First at 5k pace with 2nd and 3rd each faster.

Mosey to Flag


Thanks to those that showed for running around with me.


One of Two

10 showed up on a stormy Tuesday. Luckily the storm missed us at Midoriyama, and we got a full workout in. I’ve been wanting to Q a weeks worth of Midoriyama (Tuesday and Thursday) for some odd reason. After hearing that I wanted to do this Freight gave me his Thursday Q to go along with this Tuesday. I’m sure the guys were thrilled to hear this news!

For my Tuesday Q I really wanted to work the legs, and it went a lil something like this…


Warm up:

SSH x 5ic

Don Q x 5ic

Squats x 5ic

Straight and Side Leg swings on the fence x 10 ea leg

The Thang:

Mosey to Middle Parking lot


Lunge Matrix (side lunge ea leg, reverse lunge ea leg, jump squat is 1) x 25

Single leg dead lifts x 50 (count right leg only)

Leg Swings x 100 (count right leg only)


Had to wait on Oompa for a bit (pulled a Sparky) so we did some Iron Crosses, LBC’s, and High Knee Walks.


Mosey to Hill at the Lake

Run from bottom all the way to the top at 5k pace

walk down to volleyball court

Run from there to top at 1 mile pace

walk down about 1/3 of the way

Sprint to top


Fellowship Mosey for a bit


Lunge walk, Jog, Lunge walk, Jog, Lunge Walk, Jog

Finished up with Dora and 25 x Lunge Matrix


Good Work by everyone. My legs are already sore.


Leppard took us out in prayer.




The Flu

We did some running drills. I got the Flu. Sorry this took so long.

Back to the Track

15 on a chilly morning for some Painlab and Bootcamp.


SSH x 10ic

Don Q x10ic

Leg Swings x 5 ea leg

9 for PainLab and 5 ran up to the Grier Track with me.

The Thang:

Butt Kicks

High Knees

High Skips



Side Lunge Walk


1 Mile In and Outs (run the curves walk the straights to recover, on last lap run 200m back to finish)

Walk 200m to recover, slow mosey back to finish line.



Fire Hydrant Circles

Plank, Cobra, Downward Dog, Inch worms for about 10 yards or so.


Cant remember the exact order, but we did more running drills.

Form Running

Stride-Accelerate thru zone, Stride

Butt Kicks

Mosey back to Parking lot to meet up w/ Painlab


Did some Mary




I took us out in Prayer


Thanks for letting me Q guys. Our Gashouse crew kept the mumble chatter going and had a great time.



Hips Never Lie!

Pockets asked if anyone could pick up the Q for him so I did. I’ve been battling some Hip and Back problems for what seems like forever now, and one of my goals for the start of the year is to really concentrate on getting it fixed. For this Q I incorporated some of the exercises Ive been doing, because I know some of the other Pax can probably use them too. Of course I couldnt leave out a Fan Favorite at Midoriyama FORM RUNS!


  1. SSH x 10
  2. Don Q x 10
  3. Hip Strengthening Leg Lifts on Bleachers

Mosey to big parking lot

The Thang:

  1. Butt Kicks
  2. High Knees
  3. Leg Swings
  4. Lunge Walk with 2 step Hamstring Stretch
  5. Goose Steps
  6. Side Lunge Walk
  7. Form Runs 3 mins
  8. 20 Yard Sprint x 4
  9. Plantar Flexor Stretch x 10 ea Leg
  10. Hip Flexor stretch w/ side bend (on knee)
  11. Push Up Butt Kicks X 10
  12. Frog Walks w/ Twist x 5 ea. side
  13. Fire Hydrant Circles 3 Sets x 5 circles ea. direction ea. side
  14. Page Turns
  15. Leg Crossovers
  16. Plank- Cobra-D Dog-Inch Worm from Curb to Curb
  17. Form Runs 2 mins

Mosey to Flag


Blart asked for Q’s so…

Blart asked for some Q’s to be filled tuesday, so I stepped up and grabbed the Q for Thursday 11/29. I’ve still been working on getting the hip and back healed up so it was a good chance to test them out with some sprints.

It was a pretty typical Wojo beatdown. SHOW TO KNOW!


Some People Have to Train

The tuesday before at Midoriyama, Def Leppard mentioned he did not have any Q’s on the schedule. So I stepped up and took this one on 9/27. I had been showing up to the workouts but running by myself. Partly to train for the Bourbon, and because I do not want to tweak the already very tight back. Taking this Q gave me the power to have some company for my run!!!


SSH x 5ic

Merkins x 5ic

LBC x 5ic



Mosey around the park for a tad over 2 miles.

Circled up on the field for some YOGA! ( plank,downward dog, 3pt, cheetah, mountain climber, pigeon, warrior 1, warrior 2, etc)

Countdowns from 5 (SSH IC, Squat thrusts, merkins, LBC)

Mosey back to Flag

22 for the VETS



Since there were no Q’s scheduled it gave me a perfect opportunity to do the type of workout I needed to do and also fellowship with these HIMS. Thanks for following me around the park and looking like a fool doing yoga. It was a great time.

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