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Back to the Track

15 on a chilly morning for some Painlab and Bootcamp.


SSH x 10ic

Don Q x10ic

Leg Swings x 5 ea leg

9 for PainLab and 5 ran up to the Grier Track with me.

The Thang:

Butt Kicks

High Knees

High Skips



Side Lunge Walk


1 Mile In and Outs (run the curves walk the straights to recover, on last lap run 200m back to finish)

Walk 200m to recover, slow mosey back to finish line.



Fire Hydrant Circles

Plank, Cobra, Downward Dog, Inch worms for about 10 yards or so.


Cant remember the exact order, but we did more running drills.

Form Running

Stride-Accelerate thru zone, Stride

Butt Kicks

Mosey back to Parking lot to meet up w/ Painlab


Did some Mary




I took us out in Prayer


Thanks for letting me Q guys. Our Gashouse crew kept the mumble chatter going and had a great time.



Hips Never Lie!

Pockets asked if anyone could pick up the Q for him so I did. I’ve been battling some Hip and Back problems for what seems like forever now, and one of my goals for the start of the year is to really concentrate on getting it fixed. For this Q I incorporated some of the exercises Ive been doing, because I know some of the other Pax can probably use them too. Of course I couldnt leave out a Fan Favorite at Midoriyama FORM RUNS!


  1. SSH x 10
  2. Don Q x 10
  3. Hip Strengthening Leg Lifts on Bleachers

Mosey to big parking lot

The Thang:

  1. Butt Kicks
  2. High Knees
  3. Leg Swings
  4. Lunge Walk with 2 step Hamstring Stretch
  5. Goose Steps
  6. Side Lunge Walk
  7. Form Runs 3 mins
  8. 20 Yard Sprint x 4
  9. Plantar Flexor Stretch x 10 ea Leg
  10. Hip Flexor stretch w/ side bend (on knee)
  11. Push Up Butt Kicks X 10
  12. Frog Walks w/ Twist x 5 ea. side
  13. Fire Hydrant Circles 3 Sets x 5 circles ea. direction ea. side
  14. Page Turns
  15. Leg Crossovers
  16. Plank- Cobra-D Dog-Inch Worm from Curb to Curb
  17. Form Runs 2 mins

Mosey to Flag


Blart asked for Q’s so…

Blart asked for some Q’s to be filled tuesday, so I stepped up and grabbed the Q for Thursday 11/29. I’ve still been working on getting the hip and back healed up so it was a good chance to test them out with some sprints.

It was a pretty typical Wojo beatdown. SHOW TO KNOW!


Some People Have to Train

The tuesday before at Midoriyama, Def Leppard mentioned he did not have any Q’s on the schedule. So I stepped up and took this one on 9/27. I had been showing up to the workouts but running by myself. Partly to train for the Bourbon, and because I do not want to tweak the already very tight back. Taking this Q gave me the power to have some company for my run!!!


SSH x 5ic

Merkins x 5ic

LBC x 5ic



Mosey around the park for a tad over 2 miles.

Circled up on the field for some YOGA! ( plank,downward dog, 3pt, cheetah, mountain climber, pigeon, warrior 1, warrior 2, etc)

Countdowns from 5 (SSH IC, Squat thrusts, merkins, LBC)

Mosey back to Flag

22 for the VETS



Since there were no Q’s scheduled it gave me a perfect opportunity to do the type of workout I needed to do and also fellowship with these HIMS. Thanks for following me around the park and looking like a fool doing yoga. It was a great time.


18 (1 FNG, Welcome Cool Hand Luke) and 2 MTB Riders came out on a hot Tuesday at Midoriyama for some Agility work.

Quick Disclaimer (no FNG at the time)


SSH x 10ic

MNC x 10ic

IW x 10ic

Couple of Stretches

Mosey to Field


The Thang:

Form Runs Across Field x 2

Butt Kicks

High Knees

High Skips




Cone Drills:

  • Shuttle
  • 3 Cone
  • W (Nur to cone sprint to next)
  • W shuffle
  • 90 Cuts

Merkins x 15ic

LBC x 15ic


Ladder Drills:

  • High Knees
  • Lateral High Knees (both directions)
  • Side to Side (both feet in each space)
  • Plank Hops w/ Knee Ups
  • Polymetric Merkins
  • Hand over Hand
  • Alternating Lunge Squat
  • Fast thru break 90 and sprint to cone

Back to Cones for shuttles and then a shuttle Relay

Mosey back to Flag


Thanks for letting me lead and have a little fun while doing it!

One Year Stronger

June 6th was my 1yr. Anniversary of F3! I decided a couple months back that I wanted to Q at Midoriyama on or near my anniversary and chose 6/7. Here is how it went.

Quick word about my F3 anniversary and how thankful I am for everyone and everything it has brought into my life. Also, mentioned that I may break the rule of “dont Q it if you cant do it” because of a recent hamstring strain.


SSH x 10ic


Mosey to large soccer field.

The Thang:

We grouped up in the shade to get out of that infamous Midoriyama heat. I talked about my first post was a Q by Freight where he brought a ball named WILSON. The entire workout was exercises beginning with each letter in Wilson. I came up with my own WILSON exercises to pay tribute to my first post.

W – Werkins x 10ic

I – Imperial Walkers x 15ic

L – LBFC’s x 15ic

S- San Antonio Shuffle (Lunge, Lunge, Burpee, Plank Jack) across the field, LBC’s waiting on the 6 then jog back. REAL CROWD PLEASER!

O- Outlaws x 10ic ea. direction

N – Newton’s Cradle x 20ic

After this is was definitely time for some running drills!

Cant remember them all but I know these were included:

Butt Kicks, High Knees, Bounds, Form Run, Carioca, NUR, Bear Crawls

Of course we had to end the day with a Wojo Relay, and since I couldn’t sprint I changed it up a bit.

Split into 2 teams of 7, all start on same side of field, Run the field long ways then a San Antonio Shuffle at other end, Synchronized Burpee with next guy as the “tag”.

Everyone pushed hard on this.  It was pretty tough. With about 6-7- minutes left we decided to do it again because Slaw loved it so much. No San Antonio Shuffle this time though.

Mosey back to flag. LBC’s for the 6.


Mentioned again how thankful i am for F3 and all you guys.



Prayer requests

YHC lead us out in Prayer

Wojo Sprint Special

16 Showed up at Midoriyama

No FNG’s so a quick disclaimer was given.




Don Q’s x 5 IC

Then we did some leg stretches


Mosey to the small soccer field

Butt kicks to 1/4 field then High Knees to Half Field

Carioca Half Field repeat Opposite Direction

Skips to Half Field

Goose Steps

Lunge Walks to Half Field

Butt Kicks Back

YHC called upon a few Pax for some exercises. (forgive me I do not remember exactly what they were)


The Thang:

Before the workout YHC measured off a 400m stretch for some sprint work.

We began at the Turd Shack near the soccer fields.

200m sprint to Playground

Walk 200m to Recover

Flutter Kicks 10 IC and some stretching

200m sprint from the speed bump at beginning of parking lots to playground

Walk 200m to recover


200m Sprint to Playground

Walk 200m


Sprint 100m +/- , Walk 100m, Sprint 100m, Walk 100m

Circle up YHC called pac for a few more exercises

Mosey back to the flag



Had a quick word about coming up on my 1 yr. anniversary of F3 and how it and all of you guys have positively affected my life in every aspect. Thankful for yall everyday.


Prayer Requests

YHC took us out in Prayer




Track Season

I’ve wanted to Q at the Gashouse for quite sometime. Now that my back is doing better and with track season coming up I couldn’t resist finally signing up for it. Some of you guys know that back in my hayday I was a pretty good track athlete, and have a passion for it still to this day. One of my goals for this year is to compete in some Masters track and field meets. What better way to get one of my first track workouts in than dragging 12 other guys around with me. I’ll have to say I was a little nervous before this Q. Not knowing some of the Gashouse guys real well, I didn’t know how a workout like this would be accepted. In the end everyone was supportive, as they (all of F3 Gastonia) always are.


  1. SSH x 15 IC
  2. Don Q’s x 15 IC
  3. Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  4. Burpees x 5 OYO


The Painlab guys then split off and we Mosey to the track at Grier. Some of the guys were a little surprised by the pace I set for the Mosey, but little did they know I was just trying to get them warmed up for what was to come.


Once at the track we did some Dynamic Stretches across the field.

  1. Butt Kicks
  2. High Knees
  3. Goose Steps
  4. Skips

The Thang:

We gathered at the Start/Finish Line and I explained our next exercise.

  •  1 Mile (4 laps) In and Outs: 80% Sprint thru the curves then walk the straights. Last Lap, sprint the last 200m.


  • Next we circled up on the field for some Countdowns! Complete a round then drop 1 rep until you get to 1. We started at 7 (bad idea). I totally underestimated how much the sprints would take out of us. Omaha after 5 count.
  1. SSH IC
  2. Burpees
  3. Merkins IC
  4. Mountain Climbers IC
  5. LBC’s IC


  • 400m at your own pace.
  • 4 x 40 yd sprints (walk back to recover)
  • 4×100 Relay – We then counted off into relay teams. I messed this up of course but it was quickly fixed. 13 HIMS so 3 teams and I stepped out but ran with the last legs. I like ending with something competitive. Line 2 men up beside each other on a track and see what happens… They will push so hard they may even spill a little Merlot!!!! Everyone pushed themselves so hard during the race. GREAT WORK MEN.  Great work throughout the entire workout!

After we caught our breath, Mosey back to meet up with Painlab.


Short Sale  took over with some crazy sandbag/block work then some Mary (see his BB).


Moleskin : I really want to thank everyone for their support, prayers, and encouragement that you have given to me since I started F3.  Especially now with what my family has been going thru. Great Job by all during the workout. It was about the effort not the speed, and everyone gave 100%. Hope you aren’t too sore.  I’ll be on that track a couple days a week from here on out if anyone wants to join me! Thanks to Pac-Man and Sakrete for coming up from Rock Hill, and welcome FNG Eastbound and FNG Sparrow.





Rain, Jane, & Pain

8 Hims came out on a cold rainy day to better themselves, and it went a little something like this!




Mosey to the Shelter near the Pond.


The Thang:

I figured since it was raining pretty good we could do some picnic table work until it slowed down a bit. We performed each exercise for 30sec. No rest in between

  1. Incline Push Ups
  2. Oblique Crunches
  3. Tricep Dips (about this point Billy Madison Comes in HOT)
  4. Box Squats
  5. Jack Knives (In & Outs)
  6. Bulgarian Split Squats (30 sec ea. Leg)
  7. Step Ups Knees High
  8. Box Jumps
  9. Leg Raises (Jane Fonda’s) (30 Sec ea. Leg)
  10. Toe Taps
  11. Side Step Ups (30 Sec ea. Leg)
  12. Plank Hops

We performed about 5-6 of the exercises for a second round, but time was getting short and I had to get some sprints in of course. Mosey across the road and down the hill.


4x  80m- 100m Hill sprints walk back to recover.

These were a real crowd pleaser. Spilling Merlot became the top topic of the mumble chatter at this point. I think Billy Madison shed about 5-6 layers of clothing during the sprints.

Fellowship Mosey back to the flag. Most of us had to walk a majority of the way back. Those hills were a killer.

I ran us over a couple mins, but no one seemed to mind. Sorry guys, but we had to get that last hill in!




Speed for Need coming up

CSAUP 50 mile relay

Operation Sweet Tooth 8k



Freights hairy ankle


Thanks to all who came out on such a gloomy day. Everyone pushed hard the entire time. Hippa running hills with his weighted vest on, crazy! Tool Time doing those Leg Raises…yeh!  The twins racing up the hill was great to watch, great push guys. Roadie looking like a different person out there running like a pro. Slaw pushed like well, Slaw. Billy Madison, I’m not sure how you had so many clothes on, but you really pushed those sprints out hard. I’m the Q this Saturday 3/10 at Gashouse. Come on out for a Wojo beatdown!



Midoriyama Loves to Skip

Since the running drills from my VQ were such a hit, I decided to bring some of the favorites back out this go around. We did mix it up with some small block work. Here is what we came up with.


  1. Disclaimer
  2. Pledge
  3. Mosey to Small Soccer Field
  4. Countdowns from 5
    1. Side Straddle Hops (cadence)
    2. Burpees
    3. Merkins
    4. Mountain Climbers (cadence)
    5. LBC’s
  5. Block Exercise then Run Drill
    1. Curls -High Knees – Butt Kick
    2. Shoulder Press – Carioca – Switch Sides
    3. Shrugs- Nur – Sprint
    4. Shoulders (Running Motion) – High Skip –Jog
    5. Lunges Blocks above Head – 1 Leg Run – Switch Leg
    6. Single Dead Lift – Goose Steps – Jog
    7. Squeeze Squat (Hold Blocks Together in Front of Chest) – Skips – Jog
  6. Form Run x2
  7. Form Run Build Ups X2
  8. Mary (dont remember all of the exercises but I do know that the Q had to pull rank and move on a few times)
  9. Mosey Back
  10. Announcements, Prayer Requests, Prayer
  11. Q had to be reminded to do Nameorama
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