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Good Times

For today, I drew some inspiration from some previous backblasts, to come up with some new fun to add to the repertoire.  So here is how it went.




2 Min of stretching ( I know for some of yall this a foreign word lol)

Don Q  x 15 IC

MNC x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang: 10, 20, 30, 40 , 50, 60

We did BLIMPS to start:  10 Burpees, 20 Lunges (single count), Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank Jacks, and Squats… We then took a short Mosey (approx 100 yards).

Round 2:

10 Burpees, 20 Upright Rows, 30 Crunchy Frogs, 40 Curls, 50 Mountain Climbers (single count), 60 Calf Raises….We took another mosey…

Round 3:

10 Burpees, 20 Corkscrews, 30 Shoulder Taps, 40 Chest presses,  50 SSH, 60 Lateral Lunges

We had a little time left so we did some Renegade Rows, Overhead pulls, tricep extensions, Dry Angels, and we did DryRubs favorite Planks for the last minute.  Great Work Men!

Announcement:  Ruck Training Saturday at Folsom, Rooster 2/29

No Prayer requests today

YHC took us out.



Man Makers…



Imperial walkers x 15 IC

MNC x 20 IC

Shoulder and back stretches…Yes we stretched…its a pretty cool thing to do…you should try it.

5 Burpees OYO

Work-out:  Timer, one person bear crawls to the end of the parking lot (approx 20 yards) then does:

Rd 1: Man Makers x 5, Rd 2: clean and press x 10 each arm, Rd 3: Curls x 30, Rd 4: Chest Press, Rd 5…didnt get to Burpees.

While one person is performing these the other pax were non-stop performing these:

SSH, Plank Jacks, Dying Cockroaches, Mountain Climbers, and Squats…we rotated each of these as the one pax returned.  It was not very fun, but we got it done.  Thanks to all who came out.

Prayer Request: Our country, Timeframe’s M

YHC took us out.

Dang it’s Cold!

It was a really cold Tuesday and it would have been an excellent day to stay in that super warm cloud of a bed (Chiropractic Certified lol), butI knew someone would be out there so I needed to be there.  Side Note: I  got a message that The one and only Sister Act was going to be there with an FNG…he said 50/50, but unfortunately it didn’t happen…keep EHing SA.  I also knew  that whoever it was, we were all going to be better from being there!  Right after I pulled up, there was DryRub, followed by Outhouse and Tube soon after.  We got going with the Pledge and here is the rest of the story…


SSH x 15 IC

MNC x 20

Merkins x 15 IC

Thang: No rest between exercises, 30 seconds rest per round

Snatch swings 5 each arm

KB Thrusters 5 each arm

Goblet Squats 10

Single Arm Swings 5 each arm

3 Rounds…that sucked!

Intermission:  Lap around the parking lot

Halos 10 each direction

Curls (single or double: 10/20)

Pullovers with Big Boy 10

Rows 10 each arm

American Hammers 20

3 Rounds



Windshield wipers

Out of time:

Announcements: P200, Rooster Ruck

Prayer Requests: Time Frame and DryRub’s Ms

YHC with our prayer! Thanks for making me better fellas.  Makes getting out of the fart sack a lot easier!


Leisurely Stroll

My favorite day of the week…Thursday.  I believe that Diablo Sammich is my favorite AO because it combines the best of F3.  We workout,  but also have some time and breath for the second F so when Whoopee  needed a Q I was happy to take it.

Pledge…then we were off.  We tucked to Gastone’s hill and did merkins at the bottom. We then did some side lunges up the hill. Halfway through we realized how much that sucked and finished up rucking up the hill. At the top we did some more merkins, squats, upright rows and then continued on. We tucked some more and then it was time.   Great work men.

Post sniffle scrum!

The Tuesday before this particular one I had to call in a favor from HIPAA.  I had been battling a cold for some time and was almost over it , but not quite.  I just didn’t feel it…but I missed it!  So for this workout I wanted to get back to it!!



SSH x 15 IC

Burpees 3,5,7 

The Thang:

3 rounds max effort:

Merkins for 1 min (reg or durkins)

Step ups with squat at top for 1 min

Kettlebell swings for 1 min 

Big boy sit-ups for 1 min

15 minutes


100 flutter kicks

P1 farmer carry:  10 burpees (with plank jack)

P2:  Flutters 

200: squats

P1 farmer carry with 10 burpees

P2 Squats

300: curls

P1 farmer carry with 10 burpees

P2 curls

Hell Mary:

Crunchy frogs


Plank jacks

Donkey kicks



P200 sign ups, GORUCK Training

Prayer request:  DryRub and Timeframes’ M

YHC took us out…Great work guys

It’s Christmas Eve time in the Gashouse

It was a mild Christmas Eve morning and all through the Bulldog only Voodoo and Outhouse were stirring…reluctantly.  I arrived at 5:20 and around 5:28 outhouse rolled in. After a little mumblechatter we got after it.

we started like this 200 Merkins, 200 squats, 100 curls,  100 calf raises, and 100 burpees. We repeated this 4 times….nah I’m just joking…we went rucking.  That is all. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

It’s Tuesday, lets get it…

Today, there was a foggy start to this Tuesday morning, but it didn’t stop 6 HIMs from getting after it.  We started with the pledge to the Ghost flag and began the warm-up.  Here’s how it went…

20 SSH IC, 10 Merkins IC, 15 LBC IC, 25 Flutter kicks OYO, 15 Obliques each side, 15 Dirty Dogs each side, Plank position with variables or arm and leg holds… enough of that… Heres the workout:  Stations…One arm swings 10 each side, Curls, Pull-over presses, Squat presses, Cam Newtons, Side lunges with the bell, Renegade Rows 15 each side, SSH x 25.  We did a round of this and then took a lap around the parking lot.  We then repeated the circuit and did another lap around the parking lot.  Mayor and Whoopee had to head out so the rest of us did another round and ended with some pax choice Mary.  Get work by all this morning.  I appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Announcements:  Christmas Town 5K

Prayer requests:  HIPAA’s mother with some heart and kidney tests, WattsUp’s son, DryRub’s M’s recovery from surgery.

YHC took us out

I feel it in my plums!

It was a cold day here in the Gashouse and it was my first post since the nasty virus invaded my house.  As I was getting ready for this workout I tried to think of something different to work legs so I came up with the plum walk.  Essentially it is a lunge walk, but with your steps being turned about 45 degrees.  You can really feel it in the taint/plums area.  The only problem is that to finish this back blast I needed the workout that we did and myself with all my tech skills somehow erased it.  So we did a bunch of work with the plum walk in between and ended with some mary.

Announcements:  Christmas Town 5K

Prayer Requests:  WattsUp’s son

YHC took us out

The Unicorn…

I’m sure that something like this already exists, but the unicorn as I named it was simply because I wrote this beatdown down on some of my daughter’s unicorn paper.  Being a dad is awesome… I digress.  This thing kinda sucked.  Oh and someone, HIPAA, decided sleep is not important and put out a call for an EC ruck to leave at 4:30…I did not make that, but Watts Up and I did make the 5 o’clock loop with HIPAA.  We got in close to 2 miles (HIPAA 4).  The Unicorn:

Starting line:  (kettlebell was carried to each line with the jumps) 5 Broad jumps to line 2 where we did 20 Squats and 10 Burpees…5 Broad jumps to next line, 20 Squats, 20 Curls, 10 Burpees…5 Broad jumps to next line…20 Squats, 20 curls, 20 upright rows, 10 Burpees…5 Broad jumps to next line…20 Squats, 20 Curls, 20 Upright rows, 20 Cam Newtons, 10 Burpees…5 Broad jumps to next line…you guessed it…20 Squats, 20 Curls, 20 Upright rows, 20 Cam Newtons, 20 Chest press, and…10 Burpees…  We did an Outhouse inspired Indian (Kettlebell over your head carry) walk around the parking lot and then ended with PAX choice Mary.  Awesome job today men.

Announcements:  Chili cook off, Christmas town 5K,

Prayer Requests:  DryRub’s Step Dad and Son’s sinus surgery, WattsUp’s Son

YHC took us out…Honor to lead

Little wet workout…

Planning for this beatdown began a little later than I would have like for it to have begun, but the weather was a factor.  I had heard that it was going to be “pouring” this particular morning and those that know me, know that I really don’t like working out in the rain.  With that said, I tailored the beatdown under the awning, in the dry…  Here ‘s what we did not to get wet, but ened up getting wet anyway haha.


Disclaimer, No FNGs

Warm up:  20 SSH IC, 10 Grasspickers (I never pick this, but I did the day that Whoopee graces us with his presence I truly had this written down…he doesn’t believe in the grasshopper!!!, 15 Imperial Walkers IC, 20 Merkins OYO.

Station work:  DRY…AMRAP 1 minute (tabatas or something like that I’m informed)

Dips, One arm Kettlebell Swings, Curls with alternating grips through the rounds, Cam Newtons, Lateral Clean and Press, Incline Merkins or Durkins, Step-ups, Squat and Press…

We did a bunch of rounds of this and ended with some Mary, PAX choice

Great work men!!! Nice to see Bandit, Goose, and Hunk-a-junk out this morning

Prayer requests:  WattsUp’s son, Timeframes family

YHC took us out

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