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Csaup 2/23

First off thank each of you that participated in this event. A total of 31 Hims trained and participated in this Csaup that pushed your bodies  all across gaston county to all of the AO’s with their F3 brothers. First we met at the starting point ingles in Dallas or crossroads I received a call from a former nantan (tooltime) about 3am complaining about the rain haha…so everyone shows up pledge quick prayer and were off. 50 mile journey all through beautiful gaston it was rainy but that dont stop us from getting stronger and pushing ourselves it was fun lots of mumble chatter and lots of hard work but we finished it great time around 11am. Great training for the p200 guys as well can’t wait until the next one again thank you guys this isnt possible without all of you.         Mayor also road his bike to guide us thank you.                                                                                                                                 Tyson

PRE-Blast F3 Gastonia 50 mile CSAUP

http://f3gastonia.com/event-signups/ F3 Gastonia…We all know that we are ALWAYS willing to push yourself in whatever we do, but now are you ready to push your body through those MILES??  If so sign up by February 16th for the first CSAUP event in 2019 for F3 Gastonia. This CSAUP is not only going to give you the chance to see every AO in our region but also be a part of a relay team.  This relay will consist of a four-man relay team (we will create teams after you sign up) that will venture 50 miles through the beautiful land of Gaston County.  Even though this is a four-man relay team, there is a reason this is a CSAUP!!!  Each of you can do this….push yourself……Click on the link above to sign up and goodluck 

EVENT: F3 Gastonia CSAUP.                         DATE: February 23, 2019 @ 4amMEETING POINT: Park at the ingles in Dallas for the starting and finishing point 715 west trade street Dallas nc 28034

CSAUP 50 miles relay

CSAUP!!!! Leading up to this event everyone i hear a lot of mumble chatter about how nervous guys are about running and excited and pumped at the same time…looking at the weather this week should be a good week for running clear and in the 70’s should be nice. I get a text from tool time on thursday (looks like rain in the forecast) bring your rain gear :). wake up saturday morning to a little drizzle and 55 perfect weather. i roll in with arial and bubble around 350am everyone is waiting chatting ready to go (stone cold rolls in with an RV) awesome lol.

0400 circle up we get a few words from pizza man and tyson a little prayer and we are off Roadie bed pan arial bubbles medicine women oompa are the first to kick it off.  pizza man is looking around for sparky come to find out he took off as well. we all load up in the cars and take to the next location little more mumble chatter and her comes some headlights med women rolling in hot 9 something pace for this “non runner”  can’t fool us anymore haha. here come the rest roadie killing it at a 10 30 pace non stop great work with bed pan his first ever 5k great work. group 2 is off we take off to the next location around 0510 here they come rolling in hot great work guys blart wojo hushpuppie pockets all killing it.

0510 next group out we take off in the cars trying to beat gold digger to the next location….did i mention dude can fly lol running like 6 min paces. everyone in group 3 kill it finishing off at the gas house AO group 4 takes off Defib and boudin run off and leave me a tool time pizza man and vuvuzela almost catch me and tool time but they’re just slow :). thanks again vuvuzela for committing from rock hill brother great work you killed it. group 4s run ended at snowballs (did i mention we ran through all gaston A0s) 50 total miles.

Everyone pushed really hard through the rain,sweat,hills,pain everything some ran extra legs. I (tyson picked up an extra leg to run and finish off bedpans final leg with him had some great mumble chatter (did i mention he’s never ran a 5k) oh yea he ran 3 of them, today awesome work brother you gave  everything you had on that last one brother.

tool time you were right leg 11 (all down hill) is terrible lol kudos to everyone who killed that one.

group 4 leg 12 brings it home to the new running AO folsom to finish it off to donuts coffee and guys cheering and probably happy its over 50 miles complete. TIME TO GO TO WILD WINGS FOR A LITTLE 2ND F!!!!!

I can’t write everything in this back blast that went on but i want just want to let everyone know i appreciate them committing to this event we hope to do this twice a year everyone who couldn’t make it this time hope to see you next time and thanks to pizza man for all the help on this CSAUP couldn’t have done it without you brother and thanks to all of F3 you have changed my life for the better i couldn’t ask for a better group of guys so thank you.




ps. Roadie is running a half marothan next year….make him keep his word..keep up the hard work bro

Roadie special

17 HIMS showed for this 75 degree “spring run” 1730 lets mosey 3 mile run. Stop at top of Lake hill. Roadie tweeted lastnight prove you can do more than run haha…1 merkins at top of hill 1 burpee at bottom climb until you get to 5 1.5 mile hill run 4.5 miles for the day great work men..hope we broke those new shoes is roadie.


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