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40 Days of Getting Better — Mon Feb 18 – Sat March 30

Hello Gentlemen.

  1. Here we are at Valentines Day and summer is rapidly approaching.  We are in the throes  of old man winter with the spring just around the corner.  With this being said, beginning this Monday 2/18/19 until 3/30/19 I for myself am going to start a 40 day health program focusing of course on physical health but also spiritual health as well.  I welcome and encourage whosoever will to join in.  This could be considered a pre summer slim down or lent or just making improvements.

The terms would be,


  1.  Eat as clean as possible that can be sustained realistically for the 40 day period.  You be the judge.  You know your habits.  For some this may mean giving up fried chicken and burgers.  For others this may mean going vegetarian.  Try to make at least 3 positive changes in your meal diet and sustain it for the 40 days.  Remember this is you against you.
  2. Try to make 3 non-meal positive changes in you diet.  For example, I’m giving up beer, potato chips, and sweets.  Again, you know your habits.  Pick 3 things and give them up for the 40 days.  For the few of you that do not have 3 things to give up (Roscoe and Defib), do what you can.
  3. I suggest that you journal what you eat.  I use the Samsung health app on my phone.  It works pretty well.  If you have something better please share.
  4. Work out at least 5 times a week.  Any F3 workout is good.  Workouts should be at least 30 mins in duration.  One 1hr workout does not count as 2 workouts, however one 45 min post and later going to the gym or climbing Crowders Mtn, ect. is 2 workouts.
  5. The are 4 cheat meals over the course of the 40 days with opportunity to earn more with >5 workouts per week.  I am not going to waste a cheat meal on snacks.  Wait for the good stuff.  You will find you enjoy meals more than you used to.
  6. >5 workouts per week is a (1) cheat meal per workout over 5.
  7. The week starts on Saturday.  If you post on Saturday that’s 1 already.
  8. Qing is a cheat meal.  Get out and Q fellas.
  9. Post at any F3 mission such as Rice N Beans, toy drives, or any outreach does count as a workout.


  1.  Pray at least once a day.  Even if its just to thank God for his blessings.
  2. Date nights with the M do not count as far as cheat meals of otherwise.
  3. Go on at least 2 dates with the M in this 40 days.  Thank God for her.  Pray over her and with her.  God will honor and bless it. You watch.
  4. Pray with your children at least 2 times a week for the 40 days.

For those wanting to participate, eat well this Valentines Day and weekend.  Monday is the start of a challanging yet very rewarding journey.  Push each other.  Encourage each other.

Good luck and God bless you all.

SYITG!  Aye!


Pushing the rock and finding the line

8 men of impact showed to the Storm this am looking to push the rock and better themselves.  We were lucky enough to get one last post in before the yucky weather arrives.

During the disclaimer this am it was discussed the difference in feeling the burn and getting stronger and feeling pain and hurting yourself.  We also discussed finding the line between the two and how close we can get but not crossing it.


SSH x 20

Mountain climbers x 20

Slow merkins x 5


Mosey long way to circle.:

Ring of fire…

Heels to heaven until everyone one by one high knees around circle.

Mosey to front of school where 5 circular rocks await the pushing they will surely receive…..

Pair up.

3 sets amrap.

P1 runs roughly 150′ and back while P2 does called exercise.  Switch x 3.


Step ups…at this point it was asked by YHC how everyone is feeling?  Anchorman replied the we have found the line previously discussed.  This was good news.

Yoga break..down dog, cobra, plank, lower back stretches.


Incline merkins…literally pushing the rock.

Yoga break.  Same as above.


American hammers x 20

V ups x 20

Merkins x 20

Rinse and repeat x 15

Meander to wall for calf raises x 20 feet together and x 20 spread apart.

Most back and time!


HIMs for Rice and Beans meet tonight at the Point Church in Belmont across 74 from Walmart at 6:15pm.

Please is you have and questions about the Mt Mitchell hike see Gastone.  This sounds quite cool.

Prayers for us, families, health, and community.

Big fat Q fail.  I forgot to do the namarama.  Oops.

It was my honor and privilege to lead such a great group of HIMs this am.  You guys make me better and I am grateful.





Jumble Khatter 2

Thank you to Cap’n Stubbing for swapping Wednesdays with me.  It was a big help bro.

This morning was a cold one with a forecast of ice fog.  A good showing of some great men showed in the gloom.  I did not see any of the forcasted ice fog but I did see lots of steam from guys who have been pushing the rock.

A shout out to JK2.  He was on fire this am with the mumble chatter.  Well done bro. It was inspirational.

A shout out to What’s Up.  Way to push.  Good work man.

A shout out to FNG Rio.  Welcome.  Way to push.  Nicely done.



The Thang:

We worked out and got stronger, pushed the rock, encouraged each other, a little friendly ribbing was in there, and there were a few moments of pure support.  Great stuff.

Named FNG Rio.  Welcome him when you see him.


Rice and Beans — get with Anchorman

Late March is a moving date for family — JK2

Gastone is working on putting together a hike up Mt Mitchell.


It was an absolutely perfect way to begin the day.  You guys as always make it such.



New Year’s Eve 0-5:30 Murph

Huckleberry (the new Weasle Shaker) at the end of Saturday’s Gashouse beatdown presented a good question. In the event of a holiday and the F3 tradition of moving the workout time to a later slot to allow for more sleep, what happens to the Pax that the new time does not work? Stroganoff (the new Nantan) replied that we can still get together if need be and have a workout. Obviously we would rather not have the need to have 2 separate times but it’s better than some not doing it at all.


Disclaimer. Rudolph I thought made an excellent point about the Q’s being more diligent about voicing the disclaimer even if there are no FNG’s. He said that in light of F3 Cheech and FIA Digits voicing the disclaimer is a good way to keep safe practices in the front of our minds during the beatdown. It simply takes one moment to change everything. Safety is definately a priority.

We did the Murph



In reading Clavin’s back last about the 7 o’clock Murph, he made a point to address the consideration of ‘where were you in your life at this time last year? Consider where you want to be at this time next year.’ He went into it better than I did but an excellent question. I know that there is no way that I would be anywhere close to where I am in health, family, and attitude if not for F3…you guys.

Excellent guys all. Everyone pushed hard and did solid work. Excellent conversation, encouragament, and attitudes all around.

It was awesome to see Spiderman in the gloom. Welcome back bro.

Happy New Year. May God bless you, keep you, shine His countenance upon you, and give you peace.

See you in the gloom.



Christmas Eve Impromptu

It all started when I was EHing a mutual friend of Oompa Loompa and myself.  The eh’d fella is a sad clown and really could use the awesomeness that is F3 in his life.  Before I realized the Christmas Eve workout had been moved to an earlier time, the aforementioned and clown had agreed to meet this am at 5:30.  Since today is a workday for me, 5:30 works fine.

Arriving to snowball’s at 05:30 I saw the 2 fng’s, Oompa Loompa, and an unfamiliar face which is JiggaWatt from the Greensboro area.  He is in town visiting family.  It was great to meet him as he is a very nice HIM.  Come back anytime.



We worked out and it was fun, exhilarating, and refreshing.



Until next time,



Google’s debut VQ

After carefully pondering what he wants to do for his VQ over the annual Thanksgiving family trip to FL Google woke up this morning ready to take the next step in his F3 adventure.

We arrived at the (I can’t remember if its Black Knight on Mondays, Snowballs, Martha’s House, or whatever…you get the place) AO to see first Toto then the rest of the 9 HIMs gathering for the ensuing epic Google VQ beatdown.  As I remember it went something kinda like this.




SSH x 30 (oyo)

Mosey to picnic shelter

Step Ups x 30 each leg (oyo)

Dips x 30 (oyo)

Derkins x 10 (oyo)

Mosey around baseball fields

The Thang:

11’s in Martha’s parking lot.  American Hammers over there and Lunges over here.

Upon completion circle up for PAX called exercises.  As I remember:

SSH x 200 (or 100 double count)

15 Crunchy Frogs

30 L BC’s

50 Flutter Kicks

30 American Hammers

5 Burpees

30 Merkins

20 Squats

20 Diamond Merkins

Return to shelter for:

30 Step ups each leg

30 Dips

Mosey back to snowballs

Time up.  Great work gentlemen.


Thank you to the guys for the support, encouragement, guidance, conversation, push, and overall greatness.  Its means more than you will ever know.



After last Wednesday’s post at Martha’s House Gastone announced that he was looking for a Q for the following week.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to expose my 2.0, Google, to being Q and all of the things this brings.  He with some reluctance accepted the opportunity and began to think of what he might do.

11 #HIM’s showed for the Wed edition of Snowballs and to sharpen each other.

5:30 and here we go.

Google started with the pledge.

SSH x 15

Mosey to the picnic shelter in the park.

Google calls 30 step ups each leg.

30 Dips

Timeframe takes over for the thang:

11’s in the parking lot.  Derkins this side and jump squats on that side.

Thank you HIPAA for the plank work waiting for the 6.

After all this fun we had its time to have more.

Start at lower end of Martha Rivers parking lot and mosey to top stopping at every Island (Clavin actually stopped at Island the HIM) for 5 burpees.  All total I think there were 8 Islands to total 40 burpees…Clavin gets 45 and still finished 1st.  What a beast.

Time for the ring of fire.  This was a mixture of mostly LBC’s with some flutter kicks and box cutters.  The object was that one at a time each HIM ran around the circle x2 until finished.  This guys were lots of fun with the chatter.

We then took a lap around the baseball fields and back to the parking lot for Mary.

Each PAX called out an exercise.

As I remember went something like:

American Hammers x 20

Michael Phelps x 47

Dying Cockroaches

Flutter Kicks

Merkins with a pause at bottom and around town.  Crowd pleaser for sure.

Big Boy situps

Crunchy Frogs

5 burpees oyo


Psudo merkins.  This is merkins with hands turned out.

Mosey back to snowballs….

and time.


HIPAA has started a pain lab on Tuesday mornings at Bess elementary to give us a pain lab option throughout the week.  Please get by and support this.  This is excellent work by HIPAA and I think is a much needed move.  Nice work brother.

Thank you to the HIM’s for pushing me as always and especially pushing Google.  I’m sure he gets tired of my voice and seems to respond a bit better to the other HIM’s.

You guys are awesome.  I truly feel that F3 is a direct answer to some of my prayers.


Google and Timeframe



Pre Halloween Party

It was a crisp fall morning at the storm as I arrived.  The stars were out and the moon was shining in all its glory.  I could feel it.  Yep! This is going to be a good morning once again with my 15 F3 brothers at the Storm.

5:30…lets get busy.



Appalachian Americans x 10

SSH x 20

mosey to traffic circle on campus beside field for Jack Webbs up to 10.

mosey to parking lot in front of school for main event.

Main Event

Instruction is to do exercise written in parking space and run to light pole approximately 150 feet away and on to the next work station.

  1.  Mountain Climbers x 30
  2. Merkins x 30
  3. Plank 30 count
  4. American Hammers x 20
  5. Curls x 10
  6. Derkins x 20
  7. V ups x 20
  8. CDD’s x 20
  9. Squats x 20
  10. Burpees x 10

I think everyone made it through roughly 2.5 times before time to go.

According to my watch we did just over 2 miles.

There was some great fellowship and decent music.

All pushed hard and got stronger.  Very nice work gentlemen!

I like to send a shout out to my man Hydrant.  Nice work brother.  Way to push that darn rock!


November 10- Convergence at the Yank.  Rosco and Shortsale co-Q beatown

November 29- Christmastown 5K

Dec 15- Christmas Party at Quiche’s-

It is always my honor to join you guys and start my day in such a positive way.  I thank God for you.





22 for the Vets

Being the day after the 17th anniversary of 9/11 I knew I wanted to recognize the vets and first responders  the mean so very much to us as Americans.  F3 has a taken hold of the “22 for the Vets” pushup challenge recognizing that 22 Vets a day commit suicide.  This number has become attached to honoring our servicemen.

As I show exactly at 5:30 to the Snowballs parking lot and approach the Pax I am greeted by Gastone and 8 more of the fellas waving hello to me via Monkey Humpers.   At that time of the morning, this is quite a stinky way to start that day butt we press on with our ass-perations of moving our rears.

I take over for the Warm Up:

SSH x 22

Moroccan Night Clubs x 22

Da Thang:

Mosey to the park for some 11’s (we were going to do 2 sets of 11’s making 22 but I messed up my knee at work and barely made it through the workout so the 2nd set was Omaha’d);

Squats this side and Merkins over there.

LBC’s x50

Mosey to the shelter for 2 rounds x 22;


LBC’s x50



Meander to parking lot for some Mary:

22 counts on the following;

Leg raises

Flutter kicks

American hammers

Freddy Mercury’s

Begin mosying back stopping at the light poles for;







Zombie walk to next pole

LBC’s x 100

Mosey to directly in front of waiting cars;

Monkey Humpers x 22

Mosey back to Snowballs. I need to recognize Gastone, D-Fib, Boudin, Island, and Turtleman for always greeting the Pax as we come in.  This is really inspirational to me.  I will be up front with you guys one day greeting too.  Thanks guys.

Still 3 minutes so more Mary;

At this point what looked to be a Forestview student having him morning workout joined us and with no surprise the Pax was super inviting and welcoming.  He said he would be back.  I hope that’s true.

Leg raises x 22

American hammers x22

Flutter kicks x22


Big shout out to Toto for serving with honor in our military.  Thank you brother for all you and all Vets do and have done.  Thank you also to the first responders and health care pros that do such an important job daily.  This ones for you guys.

Thank you guys for all the encouragement.  The honor is completely mine.  You are the best.



Saturday of the BRR–Gashouse

I know it’s a bit late but here goes.

Lately I’ve been wanting to incorporate stretching into the F3 workouts.  I think it is an important part of overall fitness and could do us all some good in the attempt to try and avoid pesky injuries.  With this being said I planned the workout accordingly.

We did the Warm Up:

SSH x20

Goofballs x20

Merkins x20

Squats x20

Mayor and the Painlab HIMs at this point went to do their thang and we went to the rear of the library to do ours.

The Thang:

Complete set of said exercise and mosey up both sets of steps and touch library and return;

3 sets x 20;


Yoga stretch…Downward Dog.

3 sets x20


Yoga stretch..Warrior 1 and 2

3 sets x20


Yoga stretch..Standing swan down to downward dog then up to cobra.

At this point there were multiple sets of 20 of each of the following;


Leg raises




Toe risers x 5 up each of both sets of steps.

2 laps around parking lot

Return to Gashouse for Mary with the pain lab HIMs.

There were some

Nolan Ryans

American hammers

Leg raises


It was a small group but the quality of HIMs was outstanding as always.

I promise that the honor is all mine.



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