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22 for the Vets

Being the day after the 17th anniversary of 9/11 I knew I wanted to recognize the vets and first responders  the mean so very much to us as Americans.  F3 has a taken hold of the “22 for the Vets” pushup challenge recognizing that 22 Vets a day commit suicide.  This number has become attached to honoring our servicemen.

As I show exactly at 5:30 to the Snowballs parking lot and approach the Pax I am greeted by Gastone and 8 more of the fellas waving hello to me via Monkey Humpers.   At that time of the morning, this is quite a stinky way to start that day butt we press on with our ass-perations of moving our rears.

I take over for the Warm Up:

SSH x 22

Moroccan Night Clubs x 22

Da Thang:

Mosey to the park for some 11’s (we were going to do 2 sets of 11’s making 22 but I messed up my knee at work and barely made it through the workout so the 2nd set was Omaha’d);

Squats this side and Merkins over there.

LBC’s x50

Mosey to the shelter for 2 rounds x 22;


LBC’s x50



Meander to parking lot for some Mary:

22 counts on the following;

Leg raises

Flutter kicks

American hammers

Freddy Mercury’s

Begin mosying back stopping at the light poles for;







Zombie walk to next pole

LBC’s x 100

Mosey to directly in front of waiting cars;

Monkey Humpers x 22

Mosey back to Snowballs. I need to recognize Gastone, D-Fib, Boudin, Island, and Turtleman for always greeting the Pax as we come in.  This is really inspirational to me.  I will be up front with you guys one day greeting too.  Thanks guys.

Still 3 minutes so more Mary;

At this point what looked to be a Forestview student having him morning workout joined us and with no surprise the Pax was super inviting and welcoming.  He said he would be back.  I hope that’s true.

Leg raises x 22

American hammers x22

Flutter kicks x22


Big shout out to Toto for serving with honor in our military.  Thank you brother for all you and all Vets do and have done.  Thank you also to the first responders and health care pros that do such an important job daily.  This ones for you guys.

Thank you guys for all the encouragement.  The honor is completely mine.  You are the best.



Saturday of the BRR–Gashouse

I know it’s a bit late but here goes.

Lately I’ve been wanting to incorporate stretching into the F3 workouts.  I think it is an important part of overall fitness and could do us all some good in the attempt to try and avoid pesky injuries.  With this being said I planned the workout accordingly.

We did the Warm Up:

SSH x20

Goofballs x20

Merkins x20

Squats x20

Mayor and the Painlab HIMs at this point went to do their thang and we went to the rear of the library to do ours.

The Thang:

Complete set of said exercise and mosey up both sets of steps and touch library and return;

3 sets x 20;


Yoga stretch…Downward Dog.

3 sets x20


Yoga stretch..Warrior 1 and 2

3 sets x20


Yoga stretch..Standing swan down to downward dog then up to cobra.

At this point there were multiple sets of 20 of each of the following;


Leg raises




Toe risers x 5 up each of both sets of steps.

2 laps around parking lot

Return to Gashouse for Mary with the pain lab HIMs.

There were some

Nolan Ryans

American hammers

Leg raises


It was a small group but the quality of HIMs was outstanding as always.

I promise that the honor is all mine.



Fellowship and Some Excercise

I’m sorry for the late BB.

16 High Impact Men showed to better themselves, their families, there communities, and the souls they will have a chance to impact this day.

The focus of this particular workout was fellowship.  It stemmed from an earlier workout Q’d by Whoopee.  I thought it was a very challenging and productive morning but when I read his BB he made a very good point. What he labeled as a Q fail was that there was very little opportunity for fellowship during the workout.  Lets face it, the fellowship is a HUGE motivation for overcoming the fart sack and posting.  With that said, the idea behind this was to keep the group grouped, moving at his own pace, giving and getting a push and some encouragement from a peer when needed, and some conversation….all the while getting in a good workout.

This was what that looked like.


SSH x 20

High Knees x 20

Mosey to short wall in front for bank for Dips x 20

The Thang:

Mosey to the Old Coconut Horse parking lot for this idea taken directly from the Dolph playbook.  Thanks Dolph.

10 parking placed were set up as stations marked in chalk.  The Pax was to complete said exercise and mosey, run, walk, limp. crawl, or whatever they can do two light poles down (approx 150′) and back then continue to the next station.

The stations were as follows;

  1. Burpees x 10
  2. American Hammers x 20
  3. Merkins x 20
  4. LBC’s x 50
  5. CDD’s x 20
  6. Curls with either 17lb or 30lb dumbells x 20
  7. Squats x 20
  8. Toe Risers x 20
  9. Bobby Hurleys x 10
  10. Leg Raises x 20

We did this until 6:14am then mosey back to start.  My fitness watch said we did roughly 2.5 miles all the while listening to some music, talking, and hanging out.  The time seemed to fly by.

It was really great to see Bandit.

Great fellowship and work by all.  You are all such and inspiration.

Please read HIPAA’s post for the announcements.  There are quite a few and all great stuff.  It’s so nice to be part of a group doing great thing for the community.




Scout Camp Post

As some of you know Dr Feelgood is the scoutmaster at the prestigious Troop 11 Boy Scout troop and Timeframe is ASM same troop.  The troop is always signed up for camp on the week of the 4th of July and this year is no exception.

So there we were at camp at 5:20am Thursday morning when Feelgood shakes my tent and in a firm whisper says “Timeframe! You want to post?”.  I am up and ready by 5:30 to turn beautiful Camp Bud Schiele into an AO.

No warm up, disclaimer, or pleage.  In our defense we say the pledge alot at camp.

The thang:

Mosey from the campsite the long road way to the lower parking lot where the cars are so Feelgood can grab a phone charger.

Mosey back to the shelter beside the Health Lodge for some sweating.

100 each-



SSH’s single count



Mosey back to camp and time for reveille.

Thank you Feelgood for your awesome attitude, service to the boys of troop 11, and waking me up for some F3 fun.  You are an inspiration.



June 28…Goat Island

It was a fine Thursday morning at the Goat as YHC arrived.  9 HIM’s + me showed in the soupy June air for the regular morning beatdown.  Here’s what this edition featured.

5:30 and lets go!



SSH x 20

Goofballs x 15

Mosey to bottom of stairs behind post office for Burpees x 10

Climb stairs toe risers x 5 each stair

Plank at top for 6

Mosey to gazebo for mary:

A little foggy as to what exactly we did here but it involved Captain Thors (picked this one up off of Billy Madison), LBC’s, Leg Raises, and Heel Touches.

Mosey across bridge to park..Omaha!  Park was full of ladies pushing the rock.  Didn’t want to interfere so back across bridge to field for some 11’s.

11’s were Merkins bottom sidewalk and Squats top sidewalk.  This hurt quite a bit (at least for me).  These awesome HIM’s made it look easy.

Back across bridge to empty park and to picnic tables.

3 sets of:

Step ups x 20, 15, 10

Derkins x 15, 10, 5

Dips x 20, 15, 10

Back to gazebo for more Mary:

Yet again a little foggy but this included:

More LBC’s, Captain Thors, LBC’S, Heels Touches, Box Cutters with reach up (picked this one up off of Short Sale who is always good for a new ab exercise), and Merkins.

My watch said we put in 3.28 miles.  Not bad!

And time!

Great group as always this am.  It is truly my honor to be whatever small part of such a great organization with such a valid mission.  The guys were inspirational and uplifting as always and I am humbled by all of you.

Prayers for a Dr. procedure for Tesla.

I just want to give a shout out to Billy Madison.  Thank you for being such a great HIM and an inspirational figure to me since my joining F3.  Our loss is truly Jacksonville’s gain.  Brother, we hope to see you when you are back around these parts in the gloom.  If and when we make it to Jacksonville we will give you a shout.  Peace, blessings, good health, and our love and prayers be with you and your family in your new endeavors.   Keep pushing the rock brother.

Until next time, humbled and honored,




Good Morn’ Gentlemen 5-21-18 05:30

It was a fine morning to conquer the fartsack and push on that rock.  Was thrilled to see 7 PAX show with the same thing in mind.  With warmer temps and 200% humidity we were ready to go at 05:30.



SSHx 20

Mosey to the lower end of the park for the Thang.

The Thang:

Partner up for 8 exercises.  P1 stays for AMRAP, P2 runs across parking lot and back (approx 100′)…. switch. x3 per station.

Excercises were;




Monkey Humprs



Toe Risers

Heels to Heaven

We made it through roughly 1.5 times.

Mosey back and 06:15.


Prayers for family in Bessemer City restaurant killing.

For us, our families, and the people we affect today.


Murph 07:00 Snowballs Memorial Day morning.


Great to see Clavin back out this am.  Welcome back brother. Way to push.

All PAX worked hard, pushed, were inspirational, and just as awesome as always.  I will never take that for granted.  It’s what keeps me coming back.

Thank you all for being exactly what I need to start the day in such a great way.  You are all such a blessing.





Snowballs. Wed, Apr 18. 5:30am.

12 + me of Gastonia’s strongest and finest #HIMs conquered the fartsack for some rock pushing on a beautiful Wednesday morning.  The stars were out in all their heavenly glory and it seemed to be a perfect morning to better ourselves and encourage the men around us.  Glad to see Clavin made it out this am.  He says that he missed the comradery of the HIMs.  I understand that for sure.  BIG shout out to HIPAA for the impromptu pain lab Q.  That is a him acting like a #HIM.  Great work gentlemen.

5:30 on the clock and time to do this.

SSHx20 (ic)

Imperial Walkersx20 (ic)

mosey the long way around to the lit area in the center of the ballfields

The Thang:

Partner up….P1 does as many reps as possible while P2 runs out to the parking lot, up the sidewalk, and back making a loop and switch…x3 for each called exercise.

Heels to Heaven


This was a good workout.




Mosey to the shelter

Arm squatsx15

Bad joke from Spiderman

Arm squatsx10

Another bad joke from Spiderman and other Pax

Arm squatsx5

Meander to parking lot for some Mary

Flutter kicksx25

Box cuttersx20 (changing direction every 5)

Mosey to snowballs


Almost went into OT but PAX had stuff to do so we dismissed.



Awesome work, encouragement, attitudes, and all around great start to the day.  You guys are WAAY better than coffee.  HIPAA and Clavin kind of hit on something that I thought was a good idea.  Maybe a Pain Lab through the week.  I personally know of several other PAX that would be interested and show more regular if this was an option.  Clavin, great to see you out.  HIPAA, nice work with the impromptu Q.  All the PAX was an inspiration.  True gentlemen in every aspect.  I have been blessed more than you know by all of you.




The number 7 is a very prominent figure in Bible.  This number, or multiples of it, show up in the scriptures somewhere in the range of 700 times and it always means the same thing, completeness.  The first Example of this is in Genesis 1 with the creation taking 7 days to complete giving us the 7 day week which is used world wide.  Another example of this can be found in Exodus with the command for Leprous Naaman to bathe in the Jordan River 7 times to complete cleansing. And still another in Revelation with the 7 churches that represent the completeness of the Body of Christ.  Again Joshua was instructed to march around the walls of Jericho 7 times to complete his mission and overcome their walls.  There and many more where those came from.

The Biblical number associated with man is 6 symbolizing our falling short of the completeness and holiness of God. Interestingly enough, man was created on the 6th day.   It is also appointed to man to work for 6 days a week and rest 1, Gods rest that Tool Time was talking about.  It is the number of imperfection that is man without God.  No matter how we try, we just can’t keep up all by ourselves.  Man is not God, just as 6 is not 7.

The gathering of 14 HIM’s in the gloom at The Storm this morning was an impressive showing.  Filled with real men who are making investments in themselves for the betterment of their families and communities.  Men of impact.  These are men that know that we are all 6’s without the One.  We all know that here in F3, we are forever trying to not be the 6.  Aye!

5:30….let’s invest!


Warm up:

High knees x 20 ==>

SSH x 20

Goofballs x 20==>

SSH x 20

Mosey around back side of parking lot to covered and lit area in turn 4 of the soccer field.

The thang= The Walls of Jericho;

Turn 1 = merkins x 15

Turn 2 = Squats x 15

Turn 3 = CCD’s x 15

Turn 4 = LBC’s x 50

All of the above x 7

Some went an 8th time due to unclear Q instruction.  Q fail.  I will put you down for EC.

Flutter kick x25 until 6 that was really not the 6 arrived.

Somewhere around the 4th lap was a train= 5 burpees.


LBC’s x 50

Oblique crunches x 20 each side

LBC’ x 50

Get your butt of the grounds with a twist. I’m not going to explain.  Show to know or feel free to ask. x 20

LBC’s x 50

Mosey one last lap around the soccer field.

Mosey back to start and time.

Big thank you to Mayor and the HIMs at the Storm for the opportunity to push the rock this am.  It’s a big honor to be part of, no matter how small, such an outstanding group of real men.  You have all in your own individual way helped me be a better husband, father, employee, and friend.  The honor is all mine.

See y’all in the gloom.



Slay’n Dragons

It all started on Monday morning when Hurricane Gastone came through snowballs with very little consideration that at some point in the day we may need to use our legs.  This workout caused me to whine a little more than I would like.  After the beat down of epic proportions had been administered the question of who is going to fill the open Q opportunities arose and several volunteered, mostly to avoid another beating like we had just received.

After the Cot I was chatting with the Hurricane himself and he was telling me that we should find what it is that gives up the most difficulty and do it until it gets easier.  This was a great piece of advise and got me to thinking about what in life is good and healthy that gives the most difficulty, or the dragons that we all need to slay.  We all have them.

As far as the workout goes and according to the regular mumble chatter during them it was evident that the PAX and myself had some common dragons to slay.

5:30, let the slaying begin:


20 SSH (IC, 4 count)

20 Goofballs (IC, 4 count)

5 Burpees (oyo)

Mosey to Gastone’s Hill.  This was the site of the brutal beat down from just days before.

5 burpees x 12 mailboxes = 60 burpees

At the top of the hill;

50 LBC’s

10 Merkins

Coming back down the hill and at the mailboxes;

20 Monkey Humpers

20 Squats

20 Monkey Humpers

20 Squats

30 Monkey Humpers

30 Squats

40 Monkey Humpers

40 Sqauats

30 Monkey Humpers

30 Squats

20 Monkey Humpers

6:00– Whoopee had to leave.

Mosey to the Doller General parking lot;

Bear crawl across side parking lot, 10 Squats, crab crawl back x 3.  (Clavin got some EC here and did a 4th round.)  We have some different dragons it would seem.

Mosey across Food Lion parking to stairs where we jumped 2 footed up the stairs.

Continue to curb in front of old Harris Teeter/Lowes Foods where we jumped 2 footed x 10.

Mosey back to Snowballs for a wall sit until the 6 arrived.

50 LBC’s

Gastome led Flutter Kicks til 30.

Times up, Dead dragons.  Whoopee said during the workout that they never stood a chance.



2nd F at Lake Wylie Bowl and Bounce for the families this coming Friday.  Please contact Sargento so he can reserve the lanes.

YMCA workday this coming Saturday morning at 9.

Sunday F3 Dads at the Chutes at Crowders Ridge.   Please sign up online.  Just google “chutes Crowders Ridge” at you will get there.

April 14 Speed for Need Community Foundation run.  Please sign up online.  It’s $20 plus a $2 fee.  Please select speedforneedf3 in the drop down for affiliations.

If you know someone who used to come to F3 and you haven’t seen them in a while, a Kotter, shoot them a call just to say hello.


Kiwi to return.

EZ Rider

Us, families, and communities to be protected from the adversary by the Armor of GOD.


The point of the workout for the day is that we all have our own unique set of dragons.  It may be big or small.  Some thing of activity that is difficult.  If we can meet that challenge with the vigor and enthusiasm that was shown by all of the awesome gentlemen known as the PAX, we can move that much closer to being the HIMS that out familys, communities, employers, and friends deserve for us to be and that GOD is calling us to be.

The pleasure and honor was all mine this workout guys.  You are all an inspiration to me.



2/2/18 — Day 14 — 5:30am

Upon arrival this am at 5:25 the PAX was gathering under the shelter of the Pavilion.  With the ground elsewhere still damp from the recent rain I took it as a suggestion that they prefer drier ground.  Me too gentlemen.  Whoopee wearing a 20lb weighted vest and Boudin wearing a ruck pack (it looked to me like it was full of books and not those delicious Louisiana boudin sausages), it looked to me that there may have been some early EC rucking.  The weather and the PAX was in good spirits this morning and ready to go.


No FNG’s or disclaimer


Warm up:

20 SSH

20 Goofballs

Mosey to the parking deck by way of the “circle of life” or as I called it “the art tree thing”, around it 2 times until the 6 arrived, and on to the 2nd floor of the parking deck.

The Thang Part 1

Last week Boudin Q’d at the Storm and introduced the San Antonio Shuffle.  This is a lunge with both legs, 2 merkins, and 4 plank jax.  I thought it was great so we did this the width of the parking deck.

50 LBC’s

5 Burpees for the train

San Antonio shuffle back across.

I feel like I’m leaving something out here..hey, Im going from memory here….word!?

Mosey to the top of the parking deck and back.

The Thang Part 2:

Partner up.  P1 stays and does said exercise.  P2 runs up the ramp and around to and down the stairs…and switch x 3.

LBC’s (Roadie good 10 count)

Merkins (Squirt good 10 count)

Squats (Slaw 10 count…we have some work to do here)

Mountain Climbers

Mary: (Someone asked me “why ya buggin?” 80’s reference which brought back images of Stroganoff in pink Daisy Duke shorts at the 80’s party in Oct.  Hmmmm?  Some things are hard to recover from but we shall prevail.)

25 Flutter Kicks

25 In and Outs

40 LBC’s

20 Freddie Mercury’s

The Thang Part 3:

Back to the aforementioned “tree of life”, aka “art tree thing”.

20 Dips (the PAX was relentless in letting me know I need to give the proper set of instructions before the move it there own short bus kind of way.)

20 SSH

20 Dips (Better count this time…somewhat)

5 Burpees for the Ambulance

5 Burpees for the passing Ford Taurus (Slaw seemed to really enjoy this part.  He’s an animal!)

Sargento wanted to do 5 more for the planted living tree but since it was not moving, blowing a horn, or hurt I vetoed the proposition.  I like the enthusiasm though.

Return to the Pavilion:

20 Derkins

20 more Derkins

50 LBC’s

Times Up!


2/18/18 — F3 Dads at the Chutes at Crowders Ridge.  $13 per person.  Please sign up beforehand on the website.

There is a bowling night coming up at Lake Wylie Bowl and Bounce coming up.  I apologize for not remembering the date but Sargento is heading this up.


Kiwi is showing improvement.  Is out of ICU and in a room now.  Not talking as of yet but making snide remarks on notes which means he has his sense of humor which is a good thing.

Bandit’s son if I get this correct has gotten into the Naval Academy and will be playing baseball there.  Please correct me if this is not totally accurate.  Please send congrats his way as this is awesome news.  So very blessed.


In a time in my life when I really needed to make some positive changes I was praying for something, some help, some inspiration, LORD please help! HE sent me F3 and it has been amazing to see the change in my family, marriage, children, and work life.  If you HIMS ever question the impact of yourselves in the community, please know. The honor is all mine that I can call you friend.

God bless you all,




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