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Skeleton Crew on the Mount.

So with the P 200 upon us 4 warriors showed up in Mt. Holly for Tesla lead beat down at Mt. Hollywood. Looked a little dicey for awhile with YHC and Freon were in the dark on our own until Tiger rolled in and then Doodles came in hot and a minute or so late for COP.  Went something like this:


SSH X 1 minute

IW X 1 minute

Copperhead Squats X 1 minite

Merkins X 1 minute

Mountain climbers X 1 minute

LBCs X 1 minute

mosey down to the elementary school wall (known now as Hadrian’s Wall for the roman who conquered the British Isles 2000 plus years ago.).

Dips, stepups, Dirkins, 3 repeats, 10X, 15X, 20X

Mosey down the street to “town square” for more repeats

HR Merkins, Big boy situps, jump squats, 10X, 15X, 20X

mosey down to vet park and the bottom of the hill.

Run up to the first intersection – 5 burpees, regroup

Run way up the hill to the second intersection, 5 burpees, 10 SSH

Run up to the 3rd intersection, 5 burpees, 10 SSH, 15 LBCs

Run up to the 4th intersection, 5 burpees, 10 SSH, 15 lBCs, 20 merkins

at the top of the hill, mosey on over to the field opposite the AO parking lot for some triple nickel in the bank (which is very steep)

Bottom: Plank jacks

Top: Squats

Repeat 5X

Mosey on over to the AO lot for tree minutes of stretching and the pledge.


Great work by the small crew today. Felt like January again. The P 200 is taking a little air out of the Gaston and Lake Wylie workouts this week. We still got with it and hated everybody else missed us! We talked about YOU! Because the Fartsack was closed.

See you in the gloom.




Tesla’s torture chamber

So about last fall YHC got the famous (or infamous depending on your perspective) Rev Flo Rida to come over and guest Q at the Yank one day last fall. It was requested he bring the plates for the dreaded hair burners which are truly the greatest atrocity visited on a pax for a F# workout. Since it had been awhile Tesla decided was time to poke that bear again and bring out the heavy armor to make it happen all over again. So, Friday morning at Atilla YHC gathered up the implements of destruction and brought them to Belmont whereupon he told the guys at Happy Hour what fate awaited then the next morning.

Up at 5 am and off to belmont YHC placed the plates from 45 lbs to 20 lbs up on Hill Street behind the Field of Dreams and waited for crowd to gather in the gloom and fog of early March. Went like this from there on:

COP on the pad:

1 minute rolls here:





Mountain Climbers

Mosey up to the torture chamber, Pockets wisely left to run.

Hairburner set 1

Count off by 3s (we had an even 9)

1s – 1st push (about 50 yards)

2s – Stay behind and do called exercise

3s – Other end , called exercise there as well.

1st round @ 5 pushes per pax

1s -SSH

2s -Jump squats

2nd round

1s – Mountain climbers

2s – Big boy situps.

Break for a recovery run around the field of Dreams and a 10 count. Resume torture.

3rd Round

Same 1, 2, 3.

1s – merkins

2s – IWs

4th Round

1s – lunges

2s – LBCs

Break for another recovery run. By now Orangeman had taken the Lord’s name in vain, Termite had dropped a few well placed expletives, and Virus and Anchorman looked like Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon running each other off the pavement racing to the end lines.

Recovery run was followed by a short trip to the Corner of Knowledge for some work on the benches.

Rinse and repeat 10X, 15X, 20X

Dips, Step ups, Dirkins.

10 count then mosey back to the insanity where it was promised the beatings would cease when morale improved.

Round 5 –

1s do CCDDs

2s – Back to SSH

Did 6 rounds per pax and decided we needed a little time for the best way to end an F3 workout on a miserably wet, cold and muddy Field of Dreams – Bear Crawl Slalom! Nobody was happy. But everybody worked and got it done all the way to the end. 3 times per pax it seemed.



NMM: Hairburners always bring out the beast! HIPPA needs to incorporate these into PainLab. We may see that at the Convergance at Folsom? Could be! Will see this act back in town in the spring for sure. Too good to pass up! Always good to test the metal for sure! Head down, butt up, pushing the rock. Humility, it’s a good thing!

Great work on a nasty day by all pax.  Honor and pleasure to lead.



Snake and Mongoose

6 pax showed to partake of a new move promised by YHC making it’s first appearance in The Nation. Snake and Mongoose came from an innovation YHC saw down at The Fort and inspiration from my grandfather’s old tales of growing up at the turn of the last century in India as the son of an English nurse and American Missionary in the time of Victorian England and British dominance of the world. He often described to me “battles” that would draw crowds to bet on a cobra and a mongoose that would square off, the snake striking and jumping at his blood enemy and predator, the mongoose dancing and making himself small until the right moment came to strike and take his prey.

Here’s what we did:


SSH X 1 minute

IW X 1 minute

Merkins X 1 minute

Mountain Climbers X 1 minute

Mosey under the bridge for people’s chair as a train rumbled over us and we did 5 burpees in it’s honor.

Muhammad Alis X 20

Air presses X 20

Inverted Mtn. Climbers X 20

Mosey down to the courts, aka The Death Chamber.

Do the called exercise X times on the end line, move to midcourt and repeat, move to the endline and repeat.

Round 1

Snake and Mongoose X 5

Bear crawl to midcourt

Snake and Mongoose X 5

Bear Crawl to the other endline

Snake and Mongoose X 5

Nur back to the other endline

Round 2

Big boy sit ups with a twist X 10 (5 each side)

Crab walk to the midcourt

Big boys as above X 10

Crab walk to the endline

Big boys as above 10X

Another train, another 5 burpees!

Nur back

Round 3

Jump Squats x 5

Burpee Broad jump to mid court

Jump squats X 5

Burpee Broad jumps to the endline

Jump Squats X 5

Nur back to opposite endline

Mosey all the way to the Gazebo for some fun stuff!

Gazebo: 5 leg lifts from pull up position, 5 snake and mongoose run to the top of the hill and do 5 plank jacks (This is all an expanded triple nickel).

Rinse and repeat X 5

Mosey over to the bridge (The Remagen Bridge, named for the bridge elements of the 1st US Army crossed in March , 1945 to get across the Rhine and effectively end the war in Europe)

We honored those men with a Tesla special, and extended bear Crawl Slalom over the bridge. Since we had a light crew and a long way to go it took about four rounds. YHC did a fifth just to make sure we were across.

SSH X 10 on the other side. Mosey back across the bridge.

Finish up with stretching for @ 3 minutes.

Pledge, COT.


So what is a snake and mongoose? A wide arm merkin with a “jump’ at the end (emblematic of the Snake and his strike) and then a diamond merkin (representing the mongoose and his small target but powerful, quick attack) all in one package. 5 is the optimum number. Especially if they are to be repeated.

Good but small group today. Everybody worked hard. First time I have worked out with Get a Grip. Great to have Spiderman out with his also. Feel free to take snake and mongoose with you to the rest of Gaston F3!

Prayers for all our pax and families and those guys who are on IR or just have not shown up lately. The Fartsack is closed just so you know.






Break ‘Em Down in Belmont!

So YHC looked at the weather on Friday afternoon and figured that we would do two things at The Yank on Saturday:

Thing one: Get under the shelter ( a pro F3 Q move form an old hand at this biz)

Thing two: Get wet. A necessary part of getting better is to minimize the effects of external factors to the extent that we can. So we did

Talked about it with prospective pax Friday evening at The Station so there was forwarning of the impending doom in the gloom for the next day. Spirits were high as we discussed the possibilities!

It went like this:

SSH X 1 minute

Merkins X 1 minute

IWs X 1 minute

American Hammers X 1 minute

WW II situps X 1 minute

Mtn Climbers X 1 minute

Elbow plank X 1 minuteback to the shelter

10 Merkins, 20 LBCs, 30 squats

Run the park loop and 10 Merkins, 20 LBCs, 30 squats

Ladder time as follows:

5 burpees

10 step ups each leg

15 cross legged dirkins

20 jump squats

25 LBCs

After the 5 burpees we ran the park loop and did the 10, 20 ,30 “thang” as above. Then build to the burpees, step ups and repeat. Do this all the way to the 25 mark (LBCs)

Now it was time for a Tesla Standard. The Bear Crawl Slalom! In the rain no doubt. So out from under the comfy shelter to the mercy of the elements. A little character building time to be had so we all got three times to crawl. Yes it was wet.But we got through it.

Time enough for a triple nickel. Ran the path from the fountain to the top near the shelter

Bottom of the hill: Plank jacks


Top of the hill: 5 hand release merkins

this pretty well got us to the end. A few minutes for stretching to finish up (@ 3 minutes). Finished with another 1 minute elbow plank.

Naked Man Moleskin:

Wet and a little chilly but overall not a bad day to do a beat down. Everybody worked hard. Nobody complained. Good for us! pockets volunteered for the lead next week, Tiger the week after. CSAUP up next week along with a to be announced 2nd F later in the day. Stay tuned.

Yank is a great place to lead because of a great pax. Announcement coming soon on Core coming over in the spring from Metro. be ready! I hear Eminem is going to lead and rev is bringing the hair burners. Be afraid, be VERY afraid!


Until next time,




Daddy’s back Home at The Yank!

As many of you may know YHC from mid November to the end of January is fairly well occupied with duck season which usually cuts back on his F3 Saturday activities. Including showing up and leading at The Yank, the best Saturday AO in the Gaston region. We have had outstanding leadership in that time and some killer workouts. But it was time for the old man to come home and make sure everybody understood what a real beat down in Belmont REALLY looked like! Just need reminders from time to time.  Went like this:


Mosey down to the pad in the park for the following:

Stretch -O-Rama! Something we need to do for a minute or so to start with and to end workouts with.

SSH X 1 minute

Merkins X 1 minute

Mountain climbers X 1 minute

Copperhead squats X 1 minute

LBCs X 1 minute


Mosey to the tennis courts, Tiger picks up the six.

1s and 2s

Suicide pairs. 1s run to halfcourt, do exercise, run back to endline and then run to the other endline, do excecise. 2s do a called exercise. Flapjack

Round 1 – 1s, 5 hand release merkins, 2s SSH

Round 2 – 1s, 5 jump squats, 2s, lBCs

Round 3 – 1s,  diamond merkins, 2s merkins

Round 4-  1s, CDDs, 2s big boy situps

Mosey back to the Corner of Knowledge, well over half done by now.

At the corner:

10 step ups (total)

10 inclined merkins

10 dips

Sprint to other end of the school, 10 copperhead squats, sprint back

15 step ups (total)

15 inclined merkins

15 dips

Sprint back to the other end. 15 copperhead squats.

Burpee broad jumps back to 1/2 way.

Frog hop the next half (this was hard!)

Mosey down to the field of dreams with @ 9 minutes left for Bear Crawl Slalom!

Three rolls for each pax.

SSH X 10

IW X 10

All you got back to the start point!

Mosey down to the pad fro 3 minutes of stretching.

Pledge and done.


Great to be back at The Yank this morning. Perfect morning, clear @ 32 degrees, great pax to have present for a little “Kotter” for Tesla as it was. We worked hard and that was the intent. Nobody shows to take it off.

Prayers for Top Hat whose dad appears to be facing his death very soon. Family has some real decisions to make as of tomorrow. Reach out to him if you can and let him know we are here for him.

Tiger has it next week, so I would be thinking this could be pretty hard. Show to know!

Tesla, out.



A Morning at The Storm

So YHC had been challenged by some of the boys about possibly being a little over the hill. So it was time to put those rumors to rest. Went something like this.

COP with a 2+ burpee ladder between exercises.

SSH X 20, 2 burpees

IW X 20, 4 burpees

Squats X 20, 6 burpees

Merkins X 10, 8 burpees

Mtn climbers X 20, 10 burpees

Mosey to the center of the parking lot for 4 corners action.

Count off by 4s for two rounds of action. Start off with 5 burpees, go to a corner, return to the center and 5 burpees.

Corner 1 , 10 merkins

Corner 2, 10 WW II situps

Corner 3, 10 hand release merkins

Corner 4, 10 jump squats

Finish two rounds and mosey for partner work at the loading dock

Round 1

P1 – CDDs, P2 run to the dock and jump up, 5 burpees, return and flapjack

Round 2

P1, American hammers, P2 run to the dock and climb up, 5 burpees and return. Flapjack.

Round 3

P1, Squats, P2 run to the dock and climb and 5 burpees. Flapjack.

Round 4

P1, WWII situps, P2 same as above.

Mosey over to the front of the school.

15 dirkins

10 stepups each leg

15 dips

Line up for bear crawl between the concrete steps aka bear crawl slalom!

Rinse and repeat above except this time, we do crab walk slalom!

Time about up now, so mosey back to the flag as the ruckers and runners return.


Great effort by the pax today. Welcomed two FNGs in Liberace and Hat’s Off. Keep up the good work men! Special shout out to Top Hat who keeps pushing it. You are the man brother! Been hurt many times before and know what it is like. You are showing us all that it is all about getting out there. Love you brother!

Great to have Librace and Hat’s Off in he fold. Quality men who will accelerate. Looking forward ot your VQs this summer!

Always great to lead at The Storm. Breaker doing a great job with it.


The day after the Day After

So as it was December 27 and possibly the most disrespected day of the year 9 pax gathered for a beatdown on the banks of the South Fork before it flooded again tomorrow it would so appear. No, we did not build an ark. But we did do this:


Some initial stretching (Tesla’s new workout leadership discipline for 2019) that included but was not limited to hand to foot stretch and down/up dog.

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Slow, low squats (Copperhead style) X 20

Morrocan Night clubs X 20

Mosey to the single lane bridge into Cramerton for initial wall work.

People’s Chair

Air presses X 20

Air punches X 20

Balls to the wall and hip slaps X 20

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to the basketball court for some Merkin madness

Round 1:

Bear crawl to midcourt, 10 merkins

Bear Crawl to end line, 20 merkins

Broad jump back to the endline

Crabwalk to midcourt, 5 hand release merkins

Crabwalk to endline, 10 hand release merkins

Lunge walk back to endline

Bear Crawl to midcourt, 10 diamond merkins

Bear Crawl to end, 20 diamond merkins

Lunge walk back

Crabwalk to midcourt, 10 ranger merkins

Crabwalk to endline, 20 ranger merkins

Broadjump back

Bear crawl to centercourt, 10 wide arm merkins

Bear Crawl to endline, 20 wide arm merkins

Mosey back to the tunnel for more wall and rail work.

Rail squats X 10

Inverted incline merkins X 10

Balls to the wall w/ 10 inverted mountain climbers

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey down to the Gazebo for a three peat as follows:

Pull ups X 10

Step ups 10 total

Dirkins X 10

This got us to about 5 minutes left, so the pax was spared the triple nickel YHC had planned and we went back to the flag for some Mary instead. Just as well, the pax had put in a great day’s work by this time. Mary was pax lead and included Heels to Heaven, flutter kicks, WW II situps and then YHC came back with some stretches as seen at the top to wind it all up.

NMM: Great work by everybody today. Was great to be out before the rains come again! Hopefully not as bad as predicted. Last Goat of the year was a quality one with a beatdown and great pax to do it with. Thanks to Breaker and Virus for showing up down at the Abyss yesterday for YHC’s lead at that venue. Love to see us do some more with those guys next year in Lake Wylie. Happy New Year to all and let’s keep pushing the rock!

Smokefest at The Yank Tesla’s Way.

So YHC got a note that nobody was up at The Yank on Saturday from The Nantan which was a REAL head scratcher! If nobody is in that always defaults to the oldest pax in the region – Tesla! Having just turned 59 Monday it became incumbent on YHC to have a true beatdown ready to roll in the gloom of a Saturday in December. Especially with the dreaded winter storm approaching we simply could not make this a walk through. So it went like this:

COP by The Yank

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Right foot right hand stretch, Left foot left hand flapjack.

Mosey to the Hawthorne Hill. We have not been there for quite sometime so it was time for a little hill work.

Partner up. P1 runs to the top and returns and picks up P2 on the teamwork called moves as follows:

Merkins X 100

CDDS X 200

Squats X 300

LBCs X 400

By my count everybody got at least 4 trips up and down the hill which is always a challenge. Not much mumble chatter. This got us to @ 7:30 real easy!

Mosey back to the AO and hit the Field of Dreams for the signature Tesla call: Bear Crawl Slalom. Everybody got two rounds to the end of the field.

SSH X 10

Turkish Getups X 5

Return via agility drill.

Orangeman cam up with the TGs here! All credit to him! As I have said the art of great leadership is in the delegation of tasks and the faith to accept the results of the outcome! The pax did not appreciate this. But YHC did.

Mosey down to Wonderland (the playground) for some activity as such:

10 diamond merkins

10 step ups each leg

10 dirkins

Time for a gut check to finish up with, Triple Nickel on Heartbreak Hill!

Bottom: Bupees X 5

Top: Jump Squats X 5

This pretty well got us to the end with a little short Mary on the pad. Pax was pretty well spent as planned!


Great work by everyone especially Top Hat! We need to find you some quality PT brother and get that hamstring/calf better first quarter of next year. I am going to suggest my old buddy Scott Greenapple in Charlotte. We’ll talk soon about that. And Freon found his way down from Mt. Holly! Welcome to The Yank Brother!

Was a great day out there. Little overcast and @ 43 degrees. Great “push it” weather. Don’t think any AO worked harder than we did and that was the intent. This was Tesla’s last lead at The Yank this year. 2.0 in and duck hunts every Saturday until January. Convergence next week at Gas House. Christmas party at Quiche’s Saturday night. May need some help setting up Friday. Dirt up the 22nd and Orangeman the 29th.

Been a Great Year at The Yank! Looking back at what we did is really fulfilling. The July 4th special session was awesome and will be continued as a tradition in Belmont of reading the Declaration and having local clergy say a few words was the best in my mind. We had real impact in real time that day which is what we are ultimately all about. Let’s keep pushing the rock and expand our fold!



Tesla back at The Yank

So it had been awhile since YHC had led a Yank workout, duck season, convergences, and just other pax stepping up! That is all good! So with that being the case as the gathering crowd grew restless in the chill of 34 degrees, low humidity and actual sunshine (perfect weather) as opposed to biblical floods, chill and wind of the past week it was easy to go back to basics today at The Yank and some Four Corners.


20X mix of SSH, squats, IWs and Mtn Climbers.

Mosey off to the first corner:

Rail squats (Trumpers), merkins, LBCs X 10, 15, 20

On to the third corner (the corner of knowledge), did not stop at corner 2.

step ups, Dips, dirkins, 10X15X20

Burpee broad jumps : 10X

Frog hops: 10X

Do this to halfway across the middle school front yard.

Repeat going back.

Mosey down to the 4th corner:

Jump squats, inclined merkins, SSH X 10, 15, 20

Mosey up to the Field of Dreams for some fun, fun, fun!

Bear Crawl IM X 2 each, one agility run.

SSH X 10, merkins X 10 all 2X

Go back the same way we came. Bear crawls and agility runs.

Triple nickel time.

Note: We started on Heatbreak Hill but it was WAY too muddy and slick. We could have torn the place up and decided against that so we went back up to the Field of Dreams and ran it for the nickel.

Lower end: WWI situps.

Upper End: Hand release merkins


By now we were done. Good work by all pax, get catch a pledge at The Yank.


Was a great day to be out here, and everybody got better. Did recognize Dirt for his outstanding VQ at Goat Island under very tough conditions Thursday. VQs are never easy and that one was very complicated given the very bad conditions we had to deal with. He did great! Look forward to more Qs with our brother very soon!

We probably will be moving the site for the December 1 workout. The Girls on the Run 5k is right at The Yank so it looks like on the 1st we will be over in the parking lot across from Glenway Pub it appears that moring. Will let you know as those plans solidify.

Always a pleasure to lead this group! Orangeman up next. I hear he is getting meaner as his beard grows so I would be VERY AFRAID!



Respect only need apply at The Storm

So as the weather takes a turn for the colder temps and the incessant rain continues west of the Catawba 5 mostly respect warriors defeated the urge to say in the warm and dry environs they were sequestered in to push the boundaries and get better. Fortunately they had veteran leadership that knows that the power is in the pax, not the one. It went like this:

Gather in the cold drizzle in the school parking lot and make a bee line to the school house and some sembleance of shelter.


SSH X 20

IW X 30

Merkins X 10

mosey over to the area to the right and the benches for a ladder as follows:

5X – Burpees

10X – Jump Squats

15X – dips

20X – WWI situps

25X – Hand release merkins

30X – Jump Squats

Game here is after you do the first 5 you run the parking lot and come back to the start. Then with the group you go the 5X and the 10X, run again. And on and on until you reach the 30X. Then we go back down the ladder. so we essentially did plenty of burpees and hand release merkins (75 of those to be exact). And it also git us out in the rain a little with the run. Nobody melted.

Mosey back to the all for some people’s chair and balls to the wall to finish up.

Lalannes 20X

Hip slappers 20X

Air presses X 20

Air punches 20X

Mosey back to the flag for pledge and COT.


Great work by the pax, everybody was rolling today. It really means something to the respect guys who are the REAL badasses in F3. It just means more? Could be! What is the more? The pax! And that is what made this worth doing today – being there for each other. That’s how you get big things done.

Let’s keep making it happen!



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