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Smokefest at The Yank Tesla’s Way.

So YHC got a note that nobody was up at The Yank on Saturday from The Nantan which was a REAL head scratcher! If nobody is in that always defaults to the oldest pax in the region – Tesla! Having just turned 59 Monday it became incumbent on YHC to have a true beatdown ready to roll in the gloom of a Saturday in December. Especially with the dreaded winter storm approaching we simply could not make this a walk through. So it went like this:

COP by The Yank

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Right foot right hand stretch, Left foot left hand flapjack.

Mosey to the Hawthorne Hill. We have not been there for quite sometime so it was time for a little hill work.

Partner up. P1 runs to the top and returns and picks up P2 on the teamwork called moves as follows:

Merkins X 100

CDDS X 200

Squats X 300

LBCs X 400

By my count everybody got at least 4 trips up and down the hill which is always a challenge. Not much mumble chatter. This got us to @ 7:30 real easy!

Mosey back to the AO and hit the Field of Dreams for the signature Tesla call: Bear Crawl Slalom. Everybody got two rounds to the end of the field.

SSH X 10

Turkish Getups X 5

Return via agility drill.

Orangeman cam up with the TGs here! All credit to him! As I have said the art of great leadership is in the delegation of tasks and the faith to accept the results of the outcome! The pax did not appreciate this. But YHC did.

Mosey down to Wonderland (the playground) for some activity as such:

10 diamond merkins

10 step ups each leg

10 dirkins

Time for a gut check to finish up with, Triple Nickel on Heartbreak Hill!

Bottom: Bupees X 5

Top: Jump Squats X 5

This pretty well got us to the end with a little short Mary on the pad. Pax was pretty well spent as planned!


Great work by everyone especially Top Hat! We need to find you some quality PT brother and get that hamstring/calf better first quarter of next year. I am going to suggest my old buddy Scott Greenapple in Charlotte. We’ll talk soon about that. And Freon found his way down from Mt. Holly! Welcome to The Yank Brother!

Was a great day out there. Little overcast and @ 43 degrees. Great “push it” weather. Don’t think any AO worked harder than we did and that was the intent. This was Tesla’s last lead at The Yank this year. 2.0 in and duck hunts every Saturday until January. Convergence next week at Gas House. Christmas party at Quiche’s Saturday night. May need some help setting up Friday. Dirt up the 22nd and Orangeman the 29th.

Been a Great Year at The Yank! Looking back at what we did is really fulfilling. The July 4th special session was awesome and will be continued as a tradition in Belmont of reading the Declaration and having local clergy say a few words was the best in my mind. We had real impact in real time that day which is what we are ultimately all about. Let’s keep pushing the rock and expand our fold!



Tesla back at The Yank

So it had been awhile since YHC had led a Yank workout, duck season, convergences, and just other pax stepping up! That is all good! So with that being the case as the gathering crowd grew restless in the chill of 34 degrees, low humidity and actual sunshine (perfect weather) as opposed to biblical floods, chill and wind of the past week it was easy to go back to basics today at The Yank and some Four Corners.


20X mix of SSH, squats, IWs and Mtn Climbers.

Mosey off to the first corner:

Rail squats (Trumpers), merkins, LBCs X 10, 15, 20

On to the third corner (the corner of knowledge), did not stop at corner 2.

step ups, Dips, dirkins, 10X15X20

Burpee broad jumps : 10X

Frog hops: 10X

Do this to halfway across the middle school front yard.

Repeat going back.

Mosey down to the 4th corner:

Jump squats, inclined merkins, SSH X 10, 15, 20

Mosey up to the Field of Dreams for some fun, fun, fun!

Bear Crawl IM X 2 each, one agility run.

SSH X 10, merkins X 10 all 2X

Go back the same way we came. Bear crawls and agility runs.

Triple nickel time.

Note: We started on Heatbreak Hill but it was WAY too muddy and slick. We could have torn the place up and decided against that so we went back up to the Field of Dreams and ran it for the nickel.

Lower end: WWI situps.

Upper End: Hand release merkins


By now we were done. Good work by all pax, get catch a pledge at The Yank.


Was a great day to be out here, and everybody got better. Did recognize Dirt for his outstanding VQ at Goat Island under very tough conditions Thursday. VQs are never easy and that one was very complicated given the very bad conditions we had to deal with. He did great! Look forward to more Qs with our brother very soon!

We probably will be moving the site for the December 1 workout. The Girls on the Run 5k is right at The Yank so it looks like on the 1st we will be over in the parking lot across from Glenway Pub it appears that moring. Will let you know as those plans solidify.

Always a pleasure to lead this group! Orangeman up next. I hear he is getting meaner as his beard grows so I would be VERY AFRAID!



Respect only need apply at The Storm

So as the weather takes a turn for the colder temps and the incessant rain continues west of the Catawba 5 mostly respect warriors defeated the urge to say in the warm and dry environs they were sequestered in to push the boundaries and get better. Fortunately they had veteran leadership that knows that the power is in the pax, not the one. It went like this:

Gather in the cold drizzle in the school parking lot and make a bee line to the school house and some sembleance of shelter.


SSH X 20

IW X 30

Merkins X 10

mosey over to the area to the right and the benches for a ladder as follows:

5X – Burpees

10X – Jump Squats

15X – dips

20X – WWI situps

25X – Hand release merkins

30X – Jump Squats

Game here is after you do the first 5 you run the parking lot and come back to the start. Then with the group you go the 5X and the 10X, run again. And on and on until you reach the 30X. Then we go back down the ladder. so we essentially did plenty of burpees and hand release merkins (75 of those to be exact). And it also git us out in the rain a little with the run. Nobody melted.

Mosey back to the all for some people’s chair and balls to the wall to finish up.

Lalannes 20X

Hip slappers 20X

Air presses X 20

Air punches 20X

Mosey back to the flag for pledge and COT.


Great work by the pax, everybody was rolling today. It really means something to the respect guys who are the REAL badasses in F3. It just means more? Could be! What is the more? The pax! And that is what made this worth doing today – being there for each other. That’s how you get big things done.

Let’s keep making it happen!



Still Summer at the Storm

So as THC got on site at @ 5:29 am it appeared to still be summer with all its humidity and at least some of its heat. Not complaining anymore because cold days and wind will come my brothers! But it does get a little old to be in constant jungle conditions. So we went about our work, Breaker curious if i was going to get there and get started. We started off hard:

SSH X 20

2 burpees

IW X 20

4 burpees

Squats X 20

6 burpees

Mtn Climbers X 20

8 burpees

Hand to foot stretch

10 burpees

Mosey up to the school for an escalator

Burpees X 5

Big boy sit ups X 10

CCDs X 15

American hammers X 20

Merkins X 25

Run half the lot and do 5 jump squats, all the way and do 10 jump squats. Do this after each repeat and keep adding, thus the escalator.

Time for some wall work.

20 step ups (10 each leg)

Bear Crawl between the concrete obstacles

Run to the wall and do 10 wall squats.

Run back and plank for the six.

Repeat 4 times.

Plenty of work done at this point. Mosey back to the flag for Mary.

Rosalitas X 20

Dolly x 20

Right hand to right foot , left hand to left foot stretch.


Geat work by all pax today. It was a pretty tough pull. We worked. We sweated. We stayed at it. And got it done!

Congrats to all the bourbon run pax, you showed up and showed well.

Welcome FNG Airhead! Keep coming put brother!

Always fun to lead at the Storm. Great guys, great AO.



Clearly we can see your nuts!

If Insanity is defined by repeating the same mistake multiple times then clearly this set of pax was nuts! Eminem straight outa metro showed up to deliver a painful reminder of that at The Yank Saturday morning . Went like this:

Mosey to school back entrance.  Warmup by moving down entranceway with walking imperial walkers, lunges and bunny hops.

Circle up for burpee escalator.  10 SSH, 1 burpee, 10 SSH, 2 burpees, 10 SSH, 3 burpees …. 10 SSH, 10 burpees.

Short mosey to school wall.  Two rounds: BTW with 5 hip slaps, PC, 10 donkey kicks, PC with air press, decline Peter Parker, PC with set of LaLanne.

By this point it was apparent a pattern had been set and WE were going to follow it! So we did along with the Nantan, kicking and screaming along

Grab some curb.  10 Mike Tysons, bear crawl across to opposite curb, walk back.  8 Tyson’s, bear crawl, walk back …. 2 Tyson’s, bear crawl, walk back.

Jog to picnic benches.  Three rounds: 10 derkins, 10 step ups each leg, 10 1-leg dips each leg, 10 1-leg LaLanne’s each leg (IC), 10 reverse grip inclines.

Mosey to fountain.  Five laps: down sidewalk, make a left, up the steps to Main Street, down Main to statue, turn left, bear crawl down steps, back to fountain.  Pause for 20 LBC’s each lap.  Most did 5 laps, a few did more.  Gold Digger did somewhere between 40-50.

Short trip to concrete pad (got to be a name for this spot, I’m sure) for plank, merkin and ab work to finish up.  Planks included John Travoltas, reverse planks, and reverse plank Peter Parkers.  Merkins included 10 Superman’s, 10 double wides and 10 merkin plank jack combo.  Ab work included dieing cockroach, dolly, Russian twist, and rosalita.


Repeats and repeats added up to beatdown delivered by our metro brother this morning. Wonderful fall morning though! So it was not as bad as it could have been. But it was bad!


From Eminem:

Thanks Tesla for the invite to Q and thanks to The Yank pax for the welcome.  Much appreciated!  Lots of fun and I look forward to coming back soon.

Uncle Roy’s flyover

For those of you who knew about the passing of my Uncle Roy a couple of weeks ago you probably were interested in the flyover that the US Air Force wanted to do for him. It was delayed because of bad weather on the day but we did it this morning over in Kannapolis over Bethpage Presbyterian Church where he grew up so many decades ago.

Wheels up Partner! IMG_1649

Another Tesla beat down in Belmont

So with all the races around and no hint of fall in the air Tesla takes the reins back at The Yank, this time with a few twists and turns as follows!


SSH X 20

IW X20

Copperhead Squats X 20

Merkins X 10

Mountain Climbers X 20

Mosey on over to the tennis court, took the pax by surprsise!

Jack Kevorkian time, aka partner assisted suicides.

Here’s the drill. Partner 1 runs suicides on the tennis court, baseline, midcourt, 3/4, baseline.

Partner 2: Called exercise until partner 1 finishes. Plank and wait for Q instructions.

Round 1: Diamond Merkins

Round 2: Jump squats

Round 3: CCDs

Round 4: LBCTs

Round 5: Hand release merkins

By now, pax was having some REAL fun! Especially on this crisp fall day (NOT!) which felt like mid August.

Return trip:

Mosey back to the corner of knowledge stopping at each street crossing.

Crossing 1 : SSH X 20

Crossing 2 : Squats X 20

Crossing 3: Regular merkins X 20

Crossing 4: Monkey humpers! (Note: This was on main street Belmont. You can only imagine!)

Corner of knowledge:

Inclined plank to hold six inches

Step ups X 10 each leg.

Rinse and repeat with step ups X 20

Mosey down to the playground.

Three sets:

10 pullups

10 merkins

10 squats.

Run to the top of he steps, 10 SSH.

Rinse and repeat

You knew it was coming!

Bear Crawl Slalom X 2 each to the pad.

4 minutes of Mary

Done and Pledge!


Great, great work today by everybody. Warm and humid. No hint of fall. Didn’t matter, we pushed on through. Great work by everybody. Welcome back Breaker, Breaker! Been awhile brother, always a pleasure to be with you! Figuring ot have a guest Q in Eminem late October from Metro. Be prepared!

Looking for Q spots from now to November. Step up!

Tesla out

Early Day at The Yank

So with the race for vets at 7:30 next to the AO YHC decided it was prudent to move The Yank up to 6:30 am start time and go for 45 minutes today since most of us were in the race. Worked out well! went something like this:


SSH X 20

2 burpees

IW X 20

4 burpees

Squats X 20

6 burpees

Moroccan Nightclubs X 20

8 burpees

Mountain Climbers X 20

10 Burpees

Mosey up to the Corner of Knowledge

Dips, step ups, and dirkins 3 -peat

10X, 15X, 20X

Move on down to the Field of Dreams,

Bear Crawl Slalom, 3X for everyone! Had a little lighter crowd so it took us three sets to get down the field. Which was good!

End of field “celebration”

SSH X 10

Merkins X 10

Rinse and repeat

Back down the field:

half way: 10 hand release merkins

End: 15 hand release merkins

Over to the playground  for some fun times and a “semi” Murph.

10 pullups

20 merkins

30 squats

run to the top of the stps and repeat


Adjourn to the pad for 5 minutes of Mary.

Run up to the race site.


Upbeat workout light on the run since we had a number of pax in the race. But still a pretty decent beatdown. Race went well , all Pax who were in finished and did well!  still a pretty warm day to do this. It might be fall one day!


Mt. Holly gets its first bear Crawl Slalom!

As the HIMs rolled in from various points throughout the Gaston region YHC was carefully scoping out the new AO for its suitability for various forms of punishment. As YHC tends to be bale to do a lot with a little this was a VERY useful time investment! The results were as follows:



SSH X 20

IW X 20

Copperhead squats X 20

Mountain climbers X 20

LBCs X 20

Burpee repeates between each exercise  2X4X6X10

Mosey down to the field for homage to the great Doctor Kevorkian and some partner assisted suicides.

Grab a partner and here we go.

Round 1:

P1 runs half the field drops and does 10 merkins. At the end does 20 merkins. Mosey back to P2.

P2 does merkins the whole time. Flapjack.

Round 2

Jump Squats X 10 X20 P1

Jump squats P2


Round 3

Hand release merkins X 5 X10 P1

Hand release merkins P2 Flapjack

Round 4

LBCs X10 X20 P1

LBCs P2. Flapjack

Triple nickel on the school hill.

Bottom: merkins X 5

Top: Dips X 5

Repeat 5 times.

Time for Bear Crawl slalom:

Round 1: Bear crawls

Round 2: Agility run.

2 sets at the end:

SSH X 10

Merkins X 10

Four corners time!

Mosey to corner 1 : 10 SSH

Mosey to corner 2 : 10 SSH, 10 merkins

Mosey to corner 3: 10 SSH, 10 merkins, 10 squats

Mosey to corner 4: 10 SSH, 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 lBCTs

Time for COT:


Great work by the pax today. Mt. Hollywood claims its first FNG, welcome CDL! Named for his recruiting efforts in the transportation industry. Great to have you onboard! YHC, Tiger and Virus EHed him in Belmont at Bicycles and Beer Friday afternoon. It worked!

Put Mt. Hollywood on your rotation. There is more where this came from! We are here in the gloom for YOU!



Cramerton in the summer gloom

So the humidity and soup of the summer of ’18 continues unabated as we find ourselves in the middle of Dog Days. Just ask my lab Deke all about it! So as we gathered at The Yank and YHC took the lead it was another Holiday in Cambodia. Went like this:


SSH X 20

IW X 20

Copperhead squats X 20

Mountain Climbers X 20

Mosey to the backside and up the steps to the basketball courts.

Round 1:

Bear Crawl to from the baseline:

Stop 1 – Three point stripe, spider man merkins X 5

Stop2 – Centercourt, SPM X 5

Stop 3 – Three point stripe, SPM X 5

Stop 4 – baseline, SPM X 5

Lunge walk back

Round 2

Crabwalk to stops 1-4

Stop 1 – same as 1, 5 LBCTs each side

Stops 2 -4 , 5 LBCTs

Lunge walk back

Round 3

Broad jump to Stops 1-4

Each stop – CCDs X 5

Mosey back to the square down to the gazebo for a little something extra!

10 pull ups

10 Big Boy situps

10 plank jacks

Run to the top of the hill and repeat three more times.

Mosey over to the bridge for triple nickel

5 merkins

run the bridge

5 jump squats

Done and pledge!


Excellent push by the pax today. Another hot, humid morning. Just think about that when its January and 15 degrees guys! But everybody pushed it hard today and that was what it was all about! Great day to lead and be out there. We all got better.

Look forward to next time!


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