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Return of The Iron Pax

15 pax showed on a great morning to be at Folsom.  It had been a while since my last Q here, so I was excited and definitely wanted to bring something good for the Folsom crowd.  After several guys put in some EC runs this morning, it was time.  Good size crowd had gathered along with 2 FNGs.  I knew what was about to go down, so I knew these 2 would get broken into F3 properly.  A short disclaimer was given, time to start.


None needed, let’s mosey

The Thang:

Last year there was a challenge sent out to F3 Nation.  It was called the Iron Pax Challenge.  It was a 4 part challenge, with each workout being different.  Each was scored with either being timed to completion, or an accumulation of reps completed.  We completed the first challenge during my Q at Folsom about this time last year.  I remember it well, so why not bring it back for those that may have missed the opportunity last year.  Here is the breakdown of this challenge:

50  Squats

40 Big Boys

30 Merkins

20 Jump Lunges (count 1 leg)

10 Burpees

400 meter run

You do this for 4 rounds.  I knew this would definitely challenge us all.  So I informed the pax that we would move on from this to something else once the first pax completes this challenge.  Each pax pushed hard, with Dr. Seuss leading the charge and completing this first.  Good work men.  We finished this quicker than expected. With lots of time remaining, let’s mosey.

Short mosey to the tennis courts.  Time for some AMRAP.   5 different exercises are given to AMRAP for 2 minutes each. Do this for 10 minutes, with no rest in between exercises.  0:00-2:00  Start at baseline of first tennis court, 10 Burpees, sprint length of 2 courts, 10 Burpees.  then sprint.  Continue this cycle of Burpees and sprints for 2 minutes.  Next exercise is Plank Jacks. From  2:00-4:00 10 Plank Jacks, sprint, 10 Plank Jacks, sprint… Next from 4:00-6:00 is 10 SSH, sprint, 10 SSH, Sprint.  From 6:00-8:00 is 10 Hand Release Merkins, sprint,  10 HR Merkins.  Finally from 8:00-10:00 is 10 Smurf Jack, sprint, 10 Smurf jacks, continue this until the 10:00 minute mark.  Good work on this men.  Going from the Iron Pax Challenge straight into some AMRAP is tough.

Still with some time to spare, another exercise is called.  Route 66 on the tennis courts.  Exercise used for this is the Mike Tyson.  Use the entire length of 6 tennis courts for this exercise.  Run to out of bounds line of first court and back for 11 Mike Tysons.  Run to start of next court and back for 10 Mike Tysons.  Continue this cycle until you finish with a  run to far end of courts and back to complete 1 Mike Tyson, which totals 66 Mike Tysons.   As we waited on all the pax to finish, let’s do 50 Flutter Kicks (IC).  There were some complaints about this, but way to finish strong men.  Quick mosey to the flag.

Announcements:  Belmont Classic 5K SFN 5/25, Memorial Day Murph 5/27 7:00 Martha Rivers

Prayer request;  Each other



Honor to lead today.  Welcome to F3 Mary Kate(Easton Moore) and Ashley(Thomas Moore). Today was about each pax pushing themselves.  I try my best at each workout to not cheat myself, and give it everything I got.  I hope you guys were able to physically push yourselves today.  Make it a point to push until the finish, with no shortcuts.


Sister Act

Keep Moving

12 men made it out to enjoy this beautiful weather at Midoriyama.  Personally, this is one of my favorite AOs, and I encourage all to try it out.  It can get challenging with the heat of the summer, but the park is spread out and provides us with many beatdown options.


None needed. A quick explanation of how today’s workout would go, then let’s mosey

The Thang:

I enjoy a good workout that keeps everyone moving, with little downtime.  Our time is limited, so to get in a good variety of exercises I feel you must keep things moving.  With that in mind, today’s workout was geared towards that.  Basically I explained to the pax that we would mosey 1/4 mile , complete a set of 5 exercises, mosey 1/4 mile, 5  exercises,  and continue this cycle until I say stop.  I wanted to complete this with very little downtown, and push the pace.  My weinke consisted of these exercises.

1/4 Mile Run

5 Burpees, 5 One Leg Burpees, 5 One Leg Burpees, 5 Walmart Burpee, 5 Wolverine Burpees

1/4 Mile Run

10 Merkins, 10 Diamond Merkins, 10 Hand Release Merkins, 10 Werkins, 10 Mike Tyson

1/4 Mile Run

20 Squats, 20 Jump Lunges, 20 Bobby Hurley’s, 20 Monkey Humpers, 20 Smurf Jacks

1/4 Mile Run

30 CDD, 30 Mountain Climbers, 30 Shoulder Taps, 30 Plank Jacks, 30 Peter Parkers

1/4 Mile Run

40 LBCs, 40 Flutter Kicks, 40 American Hammers, 40 Dying Cockroaches, 40 Freddie Mercury

I had planned to continue this, and go back down the exercise list but decided to Omaha this.  It was taking longer than expected, and I wanted to get in some other things.  Here we took a short mosey to the playground area.  Triple Nickel is called with the exercises being 5 Pull-Ups, 5 Derkins, 5 Jump Squats.   Complete this 5 times.

Once that was complete, another short mosey to the bleachers at the horseshoe pits.  We would do the following exercises here:

15 Dips (IC), 15 Step-Ups (IC), 15 Incline Merkins (IC)

10 Dips (IC), 10 Step-Ups (IC), 10 Incline Merkins (IC)

5 Dips (IC), 5 Step-Ups (IC),  5 Incline Merkins (IC)

Still with a couple minutes to spare, short fellowship mosey to the flag area.  Circle up and do a little Burp & Merk. Start with a traditional Burpee with 1 Merkin at the bottom, then complete.  Drop back down for a second Burpee with 2 Merkins at the bottom, then complete.  We would have time to pyramid this up to 10.  Time up!!

Annoucements: Mt. Mitchell hike 5/19, Belmont Classic 5k 5/25, Memorial Day Murph 5/27

Prayer Request:  All pax, expecially those who have lost loved ones



Honor to lead today!  Always look forward to getting out here with my F3 brothers.  Stay disciplined men, and encourage someone to keep pushing that rock.


Sister Act

Prime Suspects?

7 men pushed the rock at Mt. Hollywood this morning.  Beautiful morning, time to put in some work!!  We were delayed for a few moments as an officer with the Mt. Holly police department pulled into the parking lot.  Apparently the alarm was going off at the middle school, and we were the prime suspects.  There was some discussion about an all out prison break run, just to see what would happen.  We better get the workout started, before the officer ask too many questions, especially with the  questionable character of some of the  pax in attendance.


10 Burpees, short disclaimer with something about me being an idiot, 10 more Burpees.

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot of the South State Bank on S. Main St.  If the alarm goes off at the bank, we may be in trouble.  Exercise called here is one of my favorites, BLIMPS!  We would do our best to stick together on this and push each other to the end.  This exercise went like this:

10 Burpees, Run a lap around the bank

10 Burpees, 15 LBCS, Run a lap

10 Burpees, 15 LBCs, 20 Imperial Walker Squats, Run a lap

10 Burpees, 15 LBCs, 20 IW Squats, 25 Merkins, Run a lap

10 Burpees, 15 LBCs, 20 IW Squats, 25 Merkins, 30 Plank Jacks, Run a lap

10 Burpees, 15 LBCs, 20 IW Squats, 25 Merkins, 30 Plank Jacks, 35 Smurf Jacks, Run a lap


Good work on that men, way to push it out.  Next we take a short mosey to the wall behind BB&T.  Our second stop at one of the local banks.   I promise we were not casing the joint for an after hours return trip.  We had some time to spare, so let’s get in some 11’s.  The exercises called were Hip Slappers and Bobby Hurley’s.  Start with 10 Hip Slappers, run to other side of parking lot for 1 Bobby Hurley.  9 Hip Slappers and 2 Bobby Hurley’s.  You know the drill, continue until we finish with 1 Hip Slapper and 10 Bobby Hurley’s.

Next with time running out, lets start our mosey back towards the flag.  We took the long route down W Central Ave and stopped at the wall in front of Ida Rankin.   Here we did 3 different exercises:

10 Dips (IC)

10 Derkins

10 Burpees

We would do 2 rounds of these 3 sets of exercises.  Good work men, way to push through until the end.  Mosey back to the flag.


Annoucements:  Belmont Classic 5k -SFN 5/25, Memorial Day Murph 5/27


Prayer request:  All pax in our area, Broke took us out


Honor to lead today men.

Sister Act



SOGA Run/Ruck Challenge #1

No need for Sammiches this morning, 11 HIMs got it done at The Pub! .   To start out the SOGA Run/Ruck Challenge, 11 men put in some miles running.  The route used was simple, out to Martha’s and back.  There was a sighting of the other band of misfits.  Good work by all today.

Announcements:    Mt. Mitchell Hike 5/5,  SFN Run in Belmont 5/25. Memorial Day Murph 5/27

Prayer Request


Appreciate the honor to lead today.


Sister Act

PREBLAST: Memorial Day Murph

Men of F3 Gastonia!!   Come out as we honor those who died while serving in the U.S. Military with a Memorial Day Murph.  The Murph workout has become a Memorial Day tradition that honors the life of U.S. Navy Seal Michael P. Murphy.  The Murph is a challenging workout that will push us all.  Push that rock men!!



Monday May 27th, 2019 at 7:00am



Martha Rivers


The Murph Challenge:

1 Mile Run

100 Pull-ups

200 Merkins

300 Squats

1 Mile Run


3rd F Event:

Please hang around right after the completion of The Murph Challenge for a short 3rd F event!


Sister Act

PREBLAST: F3 Gastonia SPEEDFORNEED Belmont Classic 5k



F3 Gastonia, many of you have seen the Tweets, Retweets, and more Tweets about SPEEDFORNEED!!  Now it’s your opportunity to be a part of this great organization.  Join your brothers from F3 Gastonia and F3 Nation for our 2nd SPEEDFORNEED event of 2019.  If you’ve never heard of SPEEDFORNEED, watch this video from F3 Gastonia’s Community Foundation Event last year.  2018 – Speed For Need – Gastonia Community Foundation Run .  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


  • RACE EVENT: Belmont Classic 5k
  • DATE: Saturday May 25, 2019 at 8am
  • WHO’S INVITED: F3 Nation PAX, their M’s and 2.0s (spectate & support or register to run)
  • REGISTRATION WEBSITE: https://localraces.com/events/belmont-nc/belmont-classic-5k
  • OTHER DETAILS: *When picking up packets please inform them that you are running with SFN*
  • MEETING POINT: F3 Nation SPEEDFORNEED tent and chairs
  • HOST F3 REGION: F3 Gastonia

Mission Accomplished!

17 men resisted the fartsack and put in some work at Goat Island.  Once again, this is another one of our regions AOs that I haven’t had the privilege to Q at before.  So I was excited when Dr. Seuss reached out to ask if I wanted one.  This is a solid AO, with lots of room to explore and you can always expect a good showing of pax.  After a late night of thinking of what I could bring to the table, a weinke was prepared,  now it was time to deliver.


10 SSH(IC)

For those that have been to one of my Qs  before, know that I’m not a big fan of the warm-up.  We are on a time limit, so no room for wasted time.  Let’s get to what we came here for!

The Thang:

Quick mosey to the corner of 9th St and 8th Ave.  Here we will do some 4 corner work, but with a little more area covered than normal.  10 Burpees at this first corner .  Next mosey up the street to the Baptist Church at 10th St. and 8th Ave.  10 Burpees, 20 Mike Tysons.  Short mosey to the next corner of 10th St. and Front St.  10 Burpees, 20 Mike Tysons, 30 Mountain Climbers.  Then mosey to the last corner of Front St. and 9th St. and do 10 Burpees, 20 Mike Tysons, 30 Mountain Climbers, 40 Little Man In The Woods.  I was going to run this back down, but I wanted to do some other things.  Plus this smoked the shoulders, and this is about the time Def Leppard questioned my originality.  He is correct though.  I’m definitely not known for having a very creative Q.  My goal is to bring something solid, that will push us all to the max!

Next we took a short mosey to the Gazebo at the heart of the AO.  5 exercises are called.  Do the 5 exercises and the associated reps, then complete a lap around this middle park area.  So you start with 5 Pull-ups, 10 Hand Release Merkins, 15 Imperial Walker Squats, 20 CDD, 25 Jump Lunges, then run a lap.  I had planned on doing this 5 times, but with time running short I called an Omaha after the 3rd set

Next mosey back up 8th Ave to the Baptist Church.  Here the church has a roadside brick retaining wall, which is perfect for a round of Lindsey’s.  This is when you pick 2 exercises and the sum of the reps equals 40.  Start with 30 Merkins, 10 Dips.  Then 25 Merkins, 15 Dips. 20 Merkins, 20 Dips.  15 Merkins, 25 Dips.  And finish with 10 Merkins, 30 Dips.  This wasn’t a crowd pleaser.  After knocking out 100 reps of each here, the upper body was toast.

Still time for one more exercise.  Fellowship mosey across the street to the parking lot for a round of Route 66.  Exercise called is the Bobby Hurley.  Start with 1 Bobby Hurley. Then Lunge walk 4 steps, 2 Bobby Hurley. Lunge walk 4 steps, 3 Bobby Hurley.  Continue this until you finish with 11 Bobby Hurley’s.  Mosey back to flag.

Announcements:  2nd F event 4/27 at Lewis Farm, Mt. Mitchell Hike 5/5


Prayer Request:  YHC took us out


I always appreciate the honor to lead a workout.  Even though I may lack creativity in the Q department, I felt like today was mission accomplished.  I believe a solid workout was delivered and all pax got their monies worth.  I really appreciate everyone that showed today and the work that was done.  The brotherhood at F3 is amazing.  SYITG

Sister Act


Return of Hamburger Hill

13 men showed at the premier evening AO Midoriyama.  I encourage all pax to venture over to Midoriyama if you’ve never been.  It has lots of different terrain options, and today we would visit some of the more challenging ones.  The forecast looked great, so I had no choice but to deliver a knockout punch of a workout.


10 Burpees OYO, anything else is pointless

The Thang:

Oompa was having some knee issues and took off with his pack for a Ruck.  Good work Oompa. The rest of us took off on a mosey from the flag to the back left of Midoriyama, down the paved hill path that leads to the fishing pier.  This is a good smooth steep hill, with plenty of beatdown options.  We stopped at the middle of the hill.  Here we partnered up , and would do a partner triple nickelish type workout.   Start with 10 Booyah Merkins in the middle.  Then each partner runs opposite directions, one to top of hill and one to the bottom at pier.  Each will then do 5 Burpees, and return to middle.  This completes one set.  Continue this for 5 sets, with the partners alternating which direction you run after each set.  This hill combined with the called exercises is pretty brutal.  Good work on this men. After the completion of this, time to mosey to our next destination.

Mosey down the gravel road, which leads to the dam at the backside of the pond. Here is where you find Hamburger Hill.  This hill on the backside of the dam  is very steep.  It’s been awhile since we’ve used it, and we might as well conquer both hills in one workout today.  Keep your same partner and next excercise is Dora 123 on the hill.  Three excercises called were 50 Jump Lunges, 75 Imperial Walker Squats, 100 Bobby Hurley.  While P1 does excercise, P2 runs to bottom of hill and back up.  Then P2 does excercise, and P1 runs to bottom of hill and back up.  Continue this until the reps are reached for the 3 excercises.  This was awful.  This one looked good on paper, but was absolutely brutal on the legs.  I did make the call, that once the first two pax finished we would recover and move on.

Trying to recover from Hamburger Hill, we made a short fellowship mosey over to the two short concrete walls on top of dam.  Here I called 4 different excercises.  10 Dips (IC), 10 Derkin N Diayes, 10 Donkey Kicks, 10 Diamond Merkins.  We did two sets of the 4 excercises.

Next we mosey back up gravel road stopping once we reached the parking lot.  Still trying to recover a little, we did some quick ab work.  We did 25 LBCs (IC), 25 Flutter Kicks (IC),  25 American Hammers (IC),  25 Big Boys oyo.  We did one set of this but with no rest in between exercises.

Next start our mosey back towards the flag.  However we stopped at 4 Iight poles along the way for 5 Burpees at each one for a total of 20 Burpees in our home stretch mosey.  Finish back up at the flag where Oompa called 22 Merkinsfor the Vets.  Time!!

Announcements: Convergence 3/30 Folsom 7:00, 2nd F ODB on 3/30, 3rd F Event 4/12, Community Foundation Run 4/13, Mt. Mitchell Hike 5/5

Prayer Request


Honor to lead today men.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day at Midoriyama.  Today I wanted to provide the pax with something to really push themselves.  Something that is hard, and makes us all push to be better.  Great job by all today.  You men are awesome, and II can’ wait for the next opportunity to bring it.

Sister Act

The Storm 3/19

11 men weathered the Storm this morning and put in some work.  First time being the Q at The Storm, so I appreciated the opportunity to lead today.  With it being my first Q here, I definitely felt like I needed to bring my A game, and not disappoint.  5:30 hits, time to go!


SSH, Hillbillies, Grass Pickers

The Thang:

Mosey to the front of the school where I believe is the school bus drop-off area. We started at the roundabout and used the driveway that circles up to school and back.  We would stay here for the first called exercise.  First exercise is the Zachary Tellier workout.  For those not familiar with this, it is a workout created to honor the life of Zachary Tellier. He is a local guy who paid the ultimate sacrifice serving in the line of duty.  Start out with 10 Burpees, then run the loop.  Then do 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, run the loop.  Next 10 Burpees,. 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, run the loop. Next is 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 LBCs, run the loop.  Finally do 10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 LBCs, 150 Squats, run the loop.  Good work by all.  Adding the running in with all the exercise reps,  definitely gets the blood a flowing.

We still have some time, so we mosey to the parking lot to the right of the school in between the tennis courts.  We used the entire parking lot to do some 4 corner work.  Start at 1st corner and do 10 Hand Release Merkins.  Mosey to 2nd corner and do 10 HR Merkins, 20 Jump Lunges.  Mosey to 3rd corner 10 HR Merkins, 20 Jump Lunges, 30 Mountain Climbers(count right side only).  Mosey to 4th corner for 10 HR Merkins, 20 Jump Lunges, 30 MC, 40 Little Man in the Woods(SSH in squat position).  Also referred to as Little Gumby in the Woods.  Blood is definitely flowing now, but we still have more time.  So why not run this back in reverse.  Start at corner we are at for 40 Little Gumby’s, 30 MC, 20 Jump Lunges, 10 HR Merkins. Mosey to next corner 30 MC, 20 Jump Lunges, 10 HR Merkins.  Next corner is 20 Jump Lunges, 10 HR Merkins.  Last corner for 10 HR Merkins.  Mosey back to flag. Good work men.

Announcements:    Convergence 3/30 @ 7:00 Folsom,  2nd F on 3/30 @ Ole Dallas Brewery 7:00, 3rd F event on Friday 3/12, Community Foundation Run on 3/13 @ downtown Gastonia, Mt. Mitchell hike on 5/5

Prayer Request:  Pray for all pax


Honor to lead today men.  Always excited about being the Q, especially at an AO where it’s your first time.  I encourage all pax to sign up to Q.  An awesome experience to lead your fellow F3 brothers.

Sister Act

The Pub Duet

2 showed for a nice mosey at The Pub this morning.  With the P200 starting tomorrow, a smaller than  normal crowd was expected.  With YHC not able to participate in the P200 because of dance obligations, I jumped at the chance to take the Q.  Having to Q was a fireproof way of me not falling for the fartsack trap, and getting my butt out here.  With time quickly approaching and being there solo, I was already talking myself into a shorter slower run.  Diva shows up right before time, so I quickly had to get my mind right.   Diva had just completed a Marathon this past Sunday, so he held back, and ran with me this morning.  We got in 5 miles, with the route to Snoballs and back.  Thanks for the push brother.

Annoucements:  Convergence 3/30 at 7:00, 2nd F that same night, 3rd F event 4/12, Community Foundation Run 4/13, Mt. Mitchell hike 5/5

Prayer Requests:  P200 PAX, each other



Appreciate the opportunity to Q.

Sister Act

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