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It’s Our Day!!

12 HIMS showed for an awesome Father’s Day run/ruck at Crossroads.  With most of the pax present being fathers, what a great opportunity to get “Our Day” started by pushing the rock.

Great work by all men today.  3 rucked and 9 ran some miles.  Broke, Roadie, and Salinski blistered the ruck pace today.   I think Broke ran the last mile with his ruck sack on, Beast Mode!  Tool Time and Pizza Man smoked their 5 miles.  Slaw, Round-Up, Blart, Gumby, and Def Leppard consistently pushed the rock as always.  My boy Sparky, well, lets just say it was business as usual for him.  Mix in a couple pitstops, and he ran 4.6 miles at a sub 8 average.  For the record, the horse stalls were left fresh and unscathed.




Prayer request



Great seeing everyone out here pushing themselves and working to get better.  Good to see Salinski join us again.   Awesome to see our region continue to grow and to stay the course.  Keep pushing men!  As always, it was an honor to lead today.


Sister Act




9 HIMS showed for a beautiful Sunday morning run at our newest run/ruck AO, Crossroads.  The last couple of months or so our region has really seen an increase in the interest and participation in running or rucking.  We have all witnessed PAX push themselves to do things that they thought they couldn’t or  wouldn’t ever accomplish.   From PAX  doing EC during the week, to the explosion in numbers of those posting at the Coconut Horse.  With this sustained growth, the plan to start another run/ruck AO on Sunday, is one that our 1st F Q Pizza Man had talked about and started to plan for.  The mission of F3 is to, “Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership”.  Men, the need to plan for new sites is truly a good problem to have.   Another location equals another opportunity to reach out to a Sad Clown, which we all were at some point.   F3 has been a blessing to me, and I am honored to be a part of this group of men.


Now, to the workout.  Pretty basic.  2 men rucked and 7 men ran.  3,4, or 5 miles were completed, but we all pushed the rock.  Appreciate all that were able to make it out to todays launch of this AO.  The Lord blessed us with a beautiful morning.


Prayer request:  Self family, Roadie safe travels, each PAX

YHC took us out in prayer.



It was an honor to lead today.  Looking forward to the continued growth of F3 in our region.


Sister Act

Crossroads Pre-Launch Run

5 showed for a pre-launch run of the new running AO, Crossroads.  The official launch date is set for 6/3.

All men ran today with everyone getting around the 5 mile mark.  Good run on a humid Sunday morning!




Prayer requests:  Continue to pray for Self family and each other



As always, it was a pleasure.  Looking forward to seeing everyone out here at Crossroads starting 6/3!


Sister Act

Q School

9 men showed for a soggy rainy morning at Folsom.  I  was looking forward all week to being out here with my F3 brothers on this morning in particular.  I have been working out of town for the last 13 weeks, and Friday was my return back home.  I was fortunate to be able to return home on the weekends, but wasn’t able to hardly make any workouts throughout the week.  Fortunately, we have some of the best HIMS in all of F3 Nation right here in the Gastonia region.  Keeping in contact with my F3 brothers,  held me accountable,  so I was driven to continue to push the rock as much as possible while out of town.  But being away,  you realize the significance of having your fellow F3 brothers beside you,  pushing you,  step by step.  Thats why you’ll continually hear veteran guys expressing the importance of just posting, and being there for one another.   So with my out of town work now behind me,  I was excited to be back with my F3 brothers.    So I figured the best way to celebrate an end to my work assignment, is a good ole fashioned beatdown.  Started the morning off with a little EC run with Tyson and Slaw to get the blood flowing.  Huck and Roadie got in some rucking.  Sorry,  Huck rucked solo, as Roadie slept thru a half dozen alarms.   Roadie did manage to make it to the workout.   With PAX continuing to roll in,  good to see that Squirt has joined us. time is almost at hand, rain is in the air,  6:30 hits and its go time.  No FNG, short disclaimer.


Warm -UP:    SSH, Hillbillies, 1 Burpee,  Mosey to lower parking lot


The Thang:

First exercise called has become one of my favorites.  Im pretty sure, if you’ve attended a workout when I was the Q,  that I always include some form of 11’s.  Good way to include 2 exercises with a lot of reps.  With that said, lets do 11’s, with Burpees and Booyah Merkins.   Told PAX to partner up.  P1 and P2 will start together in middle of lower parking lot.  Start off with 1 Booyah Merkin, then partners run opposite directions to ends of parking lot and perform 10 Burpees.  Meet back in middle,  2 Booyah Merkins, then run opposite directions to ends of parking lot with 9 Burpees.  Continued this until 10 Booyah Merkins completed in middle, and 1 Burpee at the ends.  This was a real crowd pleaser, and the mumble chatter was starting to increase.  I must admit, YHC was definitely feeling it after this.  Booyah Merkins combined with Burpees are no joke.  The shoulders were feeling pretty smoked and some PAX(which will remained unnamed), actually started to question my Q ability.  I just ignored their comments, and continued on.


Next up!  Not much of a surprise here, but more 11’s are called.  This time we switched and started from the side of the parking lot.  11’s are called with Tiger squats on the one side, Tuck Jumps on the other.  If both of these exercises are completed with form in mind, they can be brutal.  With the mumble chatter (complaining) in full swing,  figured I might as well give them something worth complaining about.  Lets make these Dirty 11’s!  2 Burpees are to be performed in the middle on each trip across parking lot to next exercise.   Start off with 10 Tiger Squats, mosey to center with 2 Burpees, mosey to side for 1 Tuck Jump, mosey back to center  with 2 Burpees, then back to start.  Continue with 9 Tiger Squats, 2 Burpees, 2 Tuck Jumps, 2 Burpees.  Continue this until you do 1 Tiger Squat, 2 Burpees, 10 Tuck Jump, 2 Burpees.    This was a tough exercise to complete, and it being really muggy outside, the sweat was really rolling.  Then the Sky Q  blessed us with some much needed relief.  The skies opened up, and it poured heavily until completion of this exercise.   And yes, Slaw did take his shirt off!  Good work by all PAX on this one.


Next lets mosey to the small Pavilion.   The rain continued to fall, more shirts were off, and the mumble chatter was still present.  With shoulders and legs smoked, lets do some more shoulder exercises.  This is really where one of our “Respected” members of F3 started to question my Q ability.  Kept on talking about going to Q school.  YHC made an observation about the increased amount of Sand present today!  I can’t exactly remember the amount of reps and sets done here.  Lots of distractions here, from the mumble chatter, to Montross and Slaw doing water puddle angels, to Slaw’s questions about Just For Men(Show to Know).  YHC had to quickly attempt to regain control of this  situation.  Exercises called were as followed:

Hip Slappers,  Derkins, Big Boys, Arm Squats,  Mike Tysons

We completed at least 10-15 reps (IC)  of each exercise for at least 3 sets.  Shoulders were done at this point.

Next lets mosey to flag pole at entrance to Folsom for the Pledge.  We did stop and do 3 more Burpees at some point along the way.  With time running short, mosey back to parking lot with shovel flag.  TIME!




Prayer Request:  Self family, YHC grandmother, each other.



It was an honor to lead today.  I feel very blessed to be associated with F3 and all my F3 brothers.   Great push by all PAX today.  It really is an awesome experience to Q, I encourage everyone to get out there and sign up to Q a workout.


Sister Act

Block Party

17 Strong showed for a cool Saturday morning at Folsom.  It’s been a month or so since my last Q.  Last weekend at the Community Foundation Run, Sparky put it out there that he needed a Q for Saturday.  I gave him the all too common response of, “I might be able to Q, let me check and I’ll get back to you”.  A little later that day it was posted on the F3Folsom GroupMe that I was the Q next Saturday.  FYI, the F3Folsom GroupMe is highly entertaining and addictive, so be careful!  It was at this point that I realized I was the Q, so I needed to start planning.  I also made a mental note to watch how I say things, in the future, to the site Q.  This push to lead again is exactly what I needed.  Through the week, I am working out of state in Kentucky the last couple months.  So I could have easily turned down the opportunity and gave an excuse that I didn’t have the time.  Thanks for the push Sparky!  With YHC missing the weekday workouts because of work,  I really look forward to the weekend workouts.  Now being assigned the Q,  I knew that I needed to deliver.  There was talk of some long lost PAX showing up,  so I was anticipating a good turnout.  I was pumped about the workout and was able to get in some EC with Slaw befoehand.  With it getting closer to time, and the PAX starting to roll in, here comes Sparky.  At this point I thought we were late on the start time.  Everyone was impressed, Sparky is 5 minutes early, gonna be a good day.  6:30 hits, lets roll, No FNG.



Morrocan Nightclubs – which seem like forever, thanks Blart

SSH,  Hillbillies,  Grass Pickers  all x 15IC

Mosey to flag pole,  Pledge, mosey back to parking lot

The Thang:

Coupon time!  Each PAX are instructed to grab a coupon from Slaw or Sparkys truck, and head up to the tennis courts.  Quick count off and partner up.  4 coupon exercises were called:  100 Triceps extension, 150 LBCs w/ block extension, 200 curls, 250 Thrusters(squat to overhead press).  Each team of 2 PAX work together to reach the cumulative rep of each exercise.

  1.  P1 does Triceps, P2 runs width of 1 tennis court and back while carrying coupon. Flapjack until reps complete
  2. P1 does LBCs w/ coupon, P2 runs width of 2 tennis courts while carrying coupon. Flapjack until reps complete
  3. P1 does Curls, P2 runs width 3 tennis courts w/ coupon, Flapjack until reps complete
  4. P1 does Thrusters, P2 runs width 4 tennis courts w/ coupon, Flapjack until reps complete.

Obviously in the development of my weinke , the exercises and # of reps look great.  You want to give the PAX their $ worth.  Then reality set in.  It’s been a while since I’ve done Thrusters, and this one had to be modified drastically to 100 reps per team.  Mumble Chatter was pretty high at this point, questioning the sanity of the Q.

Next on the list is one of YHC favorites!  11s performed on the tennis courts.  Folsom has 6 tennis courts, so might as well take advantage of the space.  PAX were told to stay with their partner.  Exercises called are Burpees and Booyah Merkins(partner hand-slap merkin).  Slaw was pumped as this point.  Started with 10 Burpees at the start line and 1 Booyah Merkin on the far end.  P1 and P2 will alternate carrying a coupon on the mosey between exercises.  Carrying a coupon for that distance repeatedly is definitely a challenge.  So I instructed the PAX that on each return trip down to do the Booyah Merkins to shorten the mosey an out of bounds line each time.  We ended with 1 Burpee and 10 Booyah Merkins on the same side.

With time running low, lets get in some mary.  I think the exercises called were Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, LBCs, and Dying Cockroaches.   Time.



Prayer Request



It was an honor to lead today.  Sometimes we all just need that extra push.  Keep posting!!  You never know how much of an impact you may have on your fellow F3 brother.  I know personally that the consistency of other PAX is what motivates me to continue to push the Rock.  Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to lead, it was a pleasure!

Sister Act








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