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Deja vu

Well it’s Tuesday at Midoriyama and 16 HIMS posted for a Pizza Man Q.  I wanted to bring back an old Q I did a year or so ago.  17:30 approaches…short disclaimer and mentioned that if you don’t get your money worth then I will give you credit.  With that said…



Don Q’s X 10 IC

The Thang:

Let’s mosey…the PAX ran the roads through Midoriyama and we did exercises at every opening, at the playground, under the shed, and at every speed bump.  The exercises were:

  • Merkins X 25
  • LBC’s X 25 IC
  • Incline Merkins X 25
  • Flutters X 25 IC
  • Slow Squat X 25 IC
  • Decline Merkins X 25
  • WWI X 25
  • Wide Merkins X 25
  • American Hammers X 25 (count right-side)
  • 25 Pull-ups
  • Diamond Merkins X 25
  • LBFC’s X 25 (count crunch)
  • Hand Release Merkins X 25
  • Dying Cockroaches X 25 (count right foot)
  • Dips X 25 IC
  • Freddy Mercury’s X 25 IC
  • At every speed bump along the route the PAX did 5 burpees and one train (total of 35 burpees)

Mosey back to the flag for 22 for the VETS….TIME!!


Great work by all that posted!!  As always it is an honor to be a small piece of this group.  Thanks to each of you for helping me become a better husband, father, and man!!

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOUUUUUTTTTT!!!


Prayer Request



Burpees by the Lake (Burpeethon) – Oct. 6th at 9am –>BE THERE!!!

SFN Christmastown 5k – November 24th at 6pm –>SIGN UP NOW!!!  https://www.gastonymca.org/2018/05/christmastown-5k/


PREBLAST: F3 Gastonia SPEEDFORNEED Christmastown 5k


F3 Gastonia, Join your brothers from F3 Gastonia and F3 Nation for our 3rd SPEEDFORNEED event of 2018. This event is one of the most unique events on the calendar and if you haven’t heard of McAdenville (Christmastown USA) then google it. McAdenville is known for their Christmas lights throughout the town. With that being said, imagine helping push one of eight chairs through the Christmas lights and bringing joy to each Track Commander. Even if you’re not planning on participating please consider coming out for the festivities and lights. We will need all the help and support during this SPEEDFORNEED event. If you’ve never heard of SPEEDFORNEED or Christmastown then watch this video from F3 Gastonia’s SPEEDFORNEED event last year at the Christmastown 5k 2017 SPEED FOR NEED Race #19 – ChristmasTown 5K – YouTube If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    • RACE EVENT: Christmastown 5k
    • DATE: November 24, 2018 @ 6:00pm
    • WHO’S INVITED: F3 Nation PAX, their M’s and 2.0s (spectate & support or register to run)
    • REGISTRATION WEBSITE: ChristmasTown 5K | Gaston County Family YMCA
    • OTHER DETAILS: *More to come*
    • MEETING POINT: F3 Nation SPEEDFORNEED tent in front of the YMCA (look for the racing chairs!)
    • HOST F3 REGION: F3 Gastonia
    • DRIVERS: 8 drivers TBD
    • TRACK COMMANDER (TC): 8 Track Commanders TBD




14 PAX posted for another one of Pizza Man’s JV Q’s.  A baker dozen stayed for the beat down while one went for a solo bike ride.  Many of you know that I have a routine of doing a Monday Murph.  With this Q I wanted to honor another fallen VET so I searched and found a pretty good one called the “Zachary Tellier”.   After reading who the workout was named in honor of I realized this HIM was from Charlotte.  17:30 was approaching and the PAX kept arriving.  17:30 hits and it’s time to begin….


SSH x 15 IC

Don Q’s x 10 IC

Let’s mosey to the small soccer field…YHC read a short description of who Zachary Tellier was and that this workout was to honor HIM!! https://thefallen.militarytimes.com/army-sgt-zachary-d-tellier/3079787

The Thang:

10 Burpees

Jog across the field

10 Burpees

25 Merkins

Jog across the field

10 Burpees

25 Merkins

50 Lunges(25 each leg)

Jog across the field

10 Burpees

25 Merkins

50 Lunges(25 each leg)

100 Big Boy Sit-Ups

Jog across the field

10 Burpees

25 Merkins

50 Lunges(25 each leg)

100 Big Boy Sit-Ups

150 Air Squats

Throughout this workout mubblechatter was at a minimal but the PUSH was great!!  Great work by ALL!!

With time to spare we moseyed to the playground for 11’s.  The exercises were Pull-Ups and Merkins…this was definitely a crowd pleaser!!  I reminded the PAX that this is JV and in order to get to varsity you must PUSH THE ROCK!!



As always, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to lead the HIMs that posted at Midoriyama.  You are an amazing group of men and the brotherhood we have out there is indescribable.



Labor Day Murph – September 3rd @ 7am – Martha Rivers  (ALL OTHER AO’s WILL BE CLOSED)

SFN Stop Solider Suicide 5/10k – September 22nd @ 7:30am https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stop-soldier-suicide-10k5k-tickets-41389289479 Discount Code:HAPPY

JJ5K – September 22nd @ 9am https://runsignup.com/Race/Events/NC/Stanley/CPC5KTraining?remMeAttempt=

Special Olympics Burpee-thon – October 6th @ Rankin Lake


Until next time…Pizza Man is OOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!

BRR/Bourbon Chase Relay CSAUP

Where do I begin?  First off, thanks to each of you that participated in this event.  The CSAUP could not have been done without you!!  A total of 32 HIMS decided to take the adventure across Gaston County to better themselves, train for a relay, push themselves to see what their body could do, be with their F3 brothers, or everything mentioned.  With that said, we left out of Dallas Courthouse at 4am on our 50 mile journey to not only see the great views of Gaston County but also to hit up each AO within the F3 Gastonia region.  Along the way there were a lot of PAX pushing their bodies to do things they didn’t think they could do.  There is no better feeling than to hear PAX say that they just accomplished something they thought they couldn’t do.   Hearing that along with the camaraderie with your F3 brothers make this CSAUP a success!!  Thanks again and if you missed out on this CSAUP be ready cause it will happen again in the future!!


Until next time Pizza Man is OOOUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT!!!


Insert Name Here

12 PAX posted for another Pizza Man Q.  I had to wait a while for this one but I was finally able to get a Q again at Midoriyama which is a good problem to have.  It’s always great to see leadership within the PAX.  With that said, I went with a little different approach to the  wienke for this Q.  Most of you all know that I may like to run a little so usually there is some mosey during the workout but not tonight.  I pulled into Midoriyama and saw two HIMs (Sister Act and Blart) getting in some EC and some others having locker-room talk. (Which was great I might add)  17:30 rolls around and its time to begin…No FNGs and a short disclaimer emphasizing to modify as needed and to push yourselves.  I know this is a JV AO but do what you can.  At this point Tool Time takes off on his 5 mile solo run…great work brother!!!  Let’s Roll….



Don Q’s X 10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to playground for some Angie…for those that do not know it is:

100 Pull-ups

100 Merkins

100 Big Boy Sit-ups

100 Squats

Way to push men…Now with that complete…we moseyed to the small soccer field for some more work.  It went like this:

5 Burpees

10 Bleacher Box Jumps

15 Merkins

20 Squats

25 Lunges

Rinse and Repeat 5 times

Once again…way to push men…with ending time approaching the PAX headed back to the flag for 22 for the VETS




August Monthly Challenge of 20 Contra Burpees per day

The Forge – Wednesday’s @ 6:30pm (Green and Grit’s in Lowell)

August 6th @ 5:30am – Official Mt. Hollywood AO Launch (Mt. Holly Middle School – 124 S Hawthorne St, Mt Holly, NC 28120)

August 11th – F3 Gastonia M’s workout @ Folsom @ 8am

August 12th – Crossroads Convergence (Coconut Horse will be CLOSED)

August 25th – BRR/Bourbon Chase Relay CSAUP @ 4am….sign up here – http://f3gastonia.com/2018/07/11/pre-brr-and-bourbon-chase-csaup/

August 25th – 2nd F event at Sargento’s Casa (PAX and M’s ONLY)

Sept. 22nd – Stop Solider Suicide 5k/10k Speed For Need event in Belmont….sign up here – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stop-soldier-suicide-10k5k-tickets Discount Code: HAPPY

Sept. 22nd – JJ5K at Common Grounds in Stanley…sign up here – https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Stanley/CPC5KTraining

Oct. 6th – Special Olympics Burpee-thon – More information to come


Prayer Request:

Sly, People battling Addiction, Gumby’s father-in-law, and many unspoken


Great work by all the HIMs that posted today…it’s always great to see each of you and I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead.  Hope each of you got your moneys worth and if not I’ll take it off your monthly fees.

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!

Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men

Mt. Hollywood Recon

3 men posted at the future Monday morning AO “Mt. Hollywood” for some recon work.  We logged 4 miles and explored most all areas of downtown  Mt. Holly.  We now have some great ideas and opportunities for the AO.  Official launch date for “Mt. Hollywood” is Monday August 6th @ 5:30am.  This AO will meet at 124 South Hawthorne Street Mount Holly, NC 28120.

Thanks to Tiger and Broke for joining me to scope out the area.

Recon Q for Mt. Hollywood AO

We will be posting at F3 Gastonia’s future Monday morning AO on Tuesday July 24th @ 17:30.  We will be meeting at Mt. Holly Middle School main parking lot(124 S Hawthorne St
Mount Holly, NC 28120
United States). This will be a recon workout in prep for the official launch of Mt. Hollywood on Aug 6th @ 5:30am.  We would love to have a good crowd so join if you can.

Just another JV Q

With the 2.0 friendly workout at Folsom on Saturday morning, I reached out to Sparky to see who had the regular Q.  The answer was nobody…say what?  Well Pizza Man will take it now.  With that said,  I wanted to Q a workout that really pushed the HIMS that posted.  As I pull into Folsom I noticed my brother Whoopee waiting patiently, then it was just he and I waiting, and then here comes our brother Slaw rolling in.  6:30 is approaching and mentioned that this workout wasn’t going to be easy and it would push each of us.  Not sure how much they believed but it went like this….



Don Q’s- 10 IC

Slow squat- 10 IC

Let’s mosey to the flag at the entrance to say the pledge.  Now let’s mosey to the track around the small pond for some arm work.  We posted on the new dock and did 3 exercises (incline merkin, decline merkin, dips).  Each of these exercises were done with MAX reps as possible and then run a lap.  Enough of that, mosey to the hill for Triple Nickle.  Turkish get-ups were done at the top and Big Boy sit-ups at the bottom with a little NUR back up the hill.  Good work men!!  On to the next, we stopped at the lower parking lot for 11’s.  Merkins and flutterkicks were performed.  With about 13 minutes to go, I knew this was going to be perfect!! Mosey to the tennis courts for Burpeethon training.  It went like this…8,9,10,11,12,12,11,10,9,8 burpees were done on each minute.  For those not great at math, that’s 100 burpees in 10 minutes!!!  Time!!!  During this JV Q we logged 3.75 miles and did the exercises mentioned.

I really hope the HIMS that posted this morning got their money’s worth.  If not, come to my next JV Q.  I really appreciate the opportunity to lead and can’t wait for the next time.  Thanks for the push and for pushing your bodies through this Q.


Mt Hollywood Recon Q- Tuesday July 24th 17:30 @ Mt. Holly Middle School

Mt. Hollywood Official Launch- Aug 6th @ 5:30am @ Mt Holly Middle School

Aug 11th- Female workout at Folsom @7:45/8am (after Folsom) “More information to come”

BRR and Bourbon Chase CSAUP- Aug 25th @ 4am

SpeedForNeed- Stop Solider Suicide 5k/10k in Belmont on Sept 22nd

JJ5k- Stanley Commongrounds Sept 22nd

Many prayers were lifted!!


Once again, thanks for the opportunity to lead and way to push!!!

Until next time…Pizza Man is ooooouuuutttt!!

Pre BRR and Bourbon Chase CSAUP

F3 Gastonia and other regions…Here’s the PreBlast for the Gaston County 50 mile relay CSAUP that will take place on August 25th @ 4am.  With the relay races quickly approaching, here is your training opportunity for a multiple runs within a short period while getting in quality 1st and 2nd F with your brothers.  This is a 50 mile relay around Gaston County that hits all the F3 Gastonia AO’s.  Even if you aren’t running the BRR or Bourbon Chase and just want to push yourself(like you should)sign up now.  There are a total of 12 legs (4 runners per team) so each runner takes 3 legs that total from 10-15 miles(or whatever you push yourself to do) for the CSAUP.   To sign up, please fill out form attached and more details for the event will follow.  If you have any questions please reach out to Pizza Man.


F3 Gastonia Convergence @ Midoriyama

42 PAX posted for our F3 Gastonia Convergence at the one and only “Midoriyama.”  There was a lot of talk about hosting a Q School with all the growth within F3 Gastonia and just for a refresher for everyone.  YHC showed up early to get in some EC and was not surprised to see other HIMs there already pushing the ROCK.  I can’t say enough how proud I am to see the way the PAX push themselves day in and day out.  With that being said 7am hit and it was time to get this show rolling.  Below is YHC’s wienke(Feel free to use) LOL

It went like this:

F3 Gastonia Convergence/QSchool

Welcome everyone to Midoriyama

Mission of F3: to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration

of male community leadership.

3 F’s: Fitness (Magnet) Fellowship (Glue) Faith (Dynamite)

FNG’s: Friendly New Guy newest sad clown to join the PAX and should be welcomed

and given extra attention


  • I’m not a professional
  • Participate at your own risk
  • You are responsible for your own well-being
  • Voluntarily here
  • Know your limits and do the best you can
  • Modify as needed
  • By being here, you accept the risk associated the workout today
  • Does anyone have any objections?



  • Next Exercise ___ (Pause)
  • Starting Position, move (Pause)
  • Exercise
  • Change voice when finishing
  • Recover when complete

Mosey to soccer field


The 6: Leave NO man behind/we start together and finish together

DORA 1-2-3: Merkins, LBC’s, Squats

Mosey to Hill

5 Core Principles:

  • Free of Charge
  • Open to ALL men
  • Held outdoors (rain or shine, heat or cold)
  • Peer lead in rotating fashion, with no certification needed
  • End with COT

Triple Nickle: CDD’s, NUR up, WWI’s, RUN down

Mosey to parking lot on RS before playground

Backblast: Q is responsible for doing the BB, BB’s are helpful, Aim for 48 hrs.

11’s: Tiger get-ups & Mike Tyson’s

Moseying back to the flag we practiced some counting at each light pole


Namearoma: All FNG’s receive a name after 1st workout

Order: Birth name, Age, F3 name



First of all I would like to thank each of the PAX that posted today.  It means so much to not only me but your brother beside you that you posted.  This was the first time that I have Q’ed a crowd this sized and I LOVED IT!!!  I’m ready for the next one.  I always enjoy getting to see faces that I normally don’t get to see and workout in the gloom with.  I hope everyone enjoyed what Midoriyama had to offer and hope that we see you out for a summertime afternoon workout.  Once again, thanks for the opportunity to lead a great group and look forward to seeing each one of you in the near future.



F3 Gastonia Whetstone – Special thanks to Stinger for posting and launching this during our convergence.   Sign up  http://f3gastonia.com/2018/06/08/pre-blast-f3-gastonia-whetstone-launch/

2.0 friendly workout at Folsom – Saturday June 16th

2nd F event – Kayaking from Floyd & Blackie’s Camerton June 16th @10am PAX ONLY (Reach out to Sargento for information)

3rd F event – First Presbyterian on Garrison June 22nd @ 7pm (Short Sale and Pockets will be speaking)

Prayer Request:

A lot of prayers were lifted



Once again, always a pleasure and until next time Pizza Man is OOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT!!!


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