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Swimmer’s Q

18 PAX posted for another Tuesday afternoon boot camp at the ultimate F3 Nation afternoon  AO “Midoriyama”.  For some reason I thought that I was Q this day instead of Thursday.  With that being said, thanks to Swimmer for switching and taking my Thursday.  17:30 is here so let’s begin…disclaimer for FNG “Saban”(he’s a huge UGA fan)….it went like this



Don Q’s

10 Burpees OYO

Let’s mosey to soccer field for Dora 1-2-3…the exercises were:




Let’s mosey to my favorite hill(near the dog park)…we did triple nickle with X and O’s(thanks to GD for this) at the bottom, then American Get-ups at the top…strong work by all!!  That hill is NO joke…lol

Let’s keep it moving…we stopped at a parking lot for Route 66…hmmmm let me think…BURPEES…definitely not a crowd pleaser but the PAX pushed through and got them done

Now back to the flag for 22 for the VETS



P200 – March 22nd and 23rd

Convergence at Folsom – March 30th at 7am

2nd F Event – March 30th at Olde Dallas Brewery (Time to be announced)

3rd F Event – April 12th at 7pm New Covenant Church Gastonia

SpeedForNeed Event – Community Foundation Run April 13th at 9am  SIGN UP—> https://racesonline.com/events/community-foundation-run-2019

Hike at Mt. Mitchell – May 5th (Get with Gastone)


Thanks again to Swimmer for switching Q’s with me…as always it’s a pleasure to get to post with my Midoriyama brothers!!!  Thanks for the opportunity to lead!!

Until next time…..Pizza Man is OOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!!

Long time coming…

Here it is another Tuesday but this time I was back at Midoriyama.  Most know that I have been training for the New Orleans Marathon for the past couple months so I limited my Bootcamp posts to try to stay healthy.  I can’t describe how much I missed  the Bootcamps and my Midoriyama F3 brothers.  With that being said…it was a nasty evening but one of the main F3 core principles is that it’s always held outside(rain or shine/heat or cold).  17:30 rolled upon us…Blart and Slaw were ready…it went like this…let’s mosey to the shelter, then we proceeded to do 3 exercises, run down the hill to the lake or make a loop, then rinse and repeat.  The exercises were:

Merkins x 25

LBCs x 50

Squats x 25

Incline Merkins x 25

Flutters x 50

Box Jumps or step-ups x 15

Decline Merkins x 25

WWIs x 15

Calf Raises x 25

We performed these exercises 3 times and headed back to the flag…we ended up logging 2.5 miles….great work by all!!



CSAUP, Rooster, Mt. Mitchell Ruck, etc.


Big Pappy’s family on their loss

My M with her biopsy

All people battling the Flu or any other sickness


Once again I’m thankful for the opportunity to get back out and Q!!  I want to thank each of you for the continued prayers for my M.  I’m writing this BB in the waiting room and know that each of you are with my M and I.  I always said F3 is more than a workout!!!

Thanks again and until next time Pizza Man is OOUUUUUTTTT!!


F3 Gastonia QSource Launch

Here it is F3 Gastonia…the launch of QSource for our region will be Sunday January 6th. We will have QSource at Crossroads (Ingles-715 W Trade St. Dallas, NC) and Coconut Horse (Harris Teeter-3350 Robinwood Rd. Gastonia, NC) every Sunday after both running/rucking AOs. If you can’t make it out to run or ruck, please post at 7:30am for QSource. We will discuss a different topic each week. Use the resource link below to review QSource and the materials for each week. I will post the topic we will discuss on Twitter each week. If you have any questions please let me know.


F3 Gastonia Convergence

We are getting close to the end of the year and what better way to announce the 2019 leadership team in Gastonia then with a convergence. 47 PAX posted at Gashouse for a little different workout.  In our last leadership meeting we discussed having all of the 2018 Leadership team Q this convergence.  It went like this…Hippa Qed the Pain Lab…Linus(Gashouse Site Q) lead off with the warm-up then Pizza Man(1st F Q), Sargento (2nd F Q), Freight(3rd F Q),  Short Sale(Weasel Shaker), Tool Time(Nantan).  Each of us had 10 minutes to do whatever.  I definitely think that nobody was disappointed with the outcome.  A lot of rocks were pushed and mumble chatter was at its finest.

After the work was done we discussed the 2019 Leadership team:

1st F- Sister Act

2nd F- Roadie

3rd F- Def Leppard

Weasel Shaker- Huckleberry

Nantan- Stroganoff



Christmas Party- TONIGHT Dec. 15th at 6pm Lewis Farms

2019 Leadership team- see above

QSource Launch January 2019


First off, thanks to each of you for helping not only me, but the rest of the 2018 Leadership team throughout the year.  It is amazing the amount of growth that is seen in F3 Gastonia.  We started 5 new AOs and had 97 FNGs this year.  We also witnessed PAX push the rock everyday and accomplish goals that they didn’t see as being reachable.  It is proof that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind and heart too.  Always trust in the lord and be there for your F3 brothers no matter what!!!  Thanks again for the opportunity and I look forward to see what goes on in the region in the years to come.

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOUUUTTTT!!


Baker’s Dozen

A baker’s dozen showed at Folsom for another Pizza Man delivery.  During the workout we covered over 2.5 miles and did Route 66, 11’s, killed our arms on the picnic tables, more 11’s, and finally 4 corners.  Great work by all that posted this morning.  As always, thanks for the opportunity to lead and it’s always a pleasure teaching leadership to the younger PAX that posted.

Always remember Philippians 4:13…I can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me.

Until next time….Pizza Man is OOOUUUUTTTTTT!!


Dec. 15th Convergence at Gashouse 7am

Dec. 15th Christmas Party at the Quiche’s 6pm until ??


Veterans Day Zachary Tellier

12 posted at Mt Hollywood on this Veterans Day.  Every since I was on the Q schedule for this day I knew what would be done.  I was going to introduce the PAX to Zachary Tellier.  Please take time to click on the link to find out what we did and read about this HIM.  https://wodwell.com/wod/zachary-tellier/

We welcomed one FNG(Hot Air) today and I’m sure this guy will prove that he is not full of Hot Air. (I have known this man my whole life)  Great work by all that posted this morning!!!

Always remember the service members that have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and thank the past and present members!!  Thanks again and it’s always a honor to lead a great group of men!!

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOUUUUTTTTT!!!


SFN Christmastown 5k- November 24th at 6pm…please come out and support!!!

Christmas party- December 15th from 6pm til 4am…The Quiche’s(more information coming)

40 day Spritual Challenge- read 31 Chapters of Proverbs and 12 Chapters of Ecclesiasties

Keep on keeping on…

15 HIMs posted for a Pizza Man breakfast delivery.  I wasn’t sure how many would come out due to the highly anticipated VQ from Gold Digger at the Yank.  For those that posted I hope that you got your money worth even though it was JV.  Some PAX got in some EC and some rolled up right on time or maybe a little tardy.  With that being said it went like this:



Don Q’s

Moroccan nightclubs and more Moroccan nightclubs until everyone is ready.

Now 10 burpees OYO, then 9, then 8, and so on until the PAX got to 1 but nope not 1, 10 burpees OYO.  Now with our hearts pumping let’s mosey.  We ran to the furthest parking lot for 11’s with Mike Tyson’s and WW1’s.  Good work men!!  Now let’s mosey to the entrance for Route 66 with Bobby Hurley’s.  Now with that complete YHC wanted to bring something my man Broke introduced to Midoriyama on Tuesday.  We moseyed to the tennis courts for Swiper.  It consists of partnering up…20 burpees, partner wheelbarrow, 100 merkins, and then the other partner wheelbarrow back.  Rinse and repeat with 200 LBCs and then 300 squats (All exercises were cumulative totals).  Time!!


Nov. 10th Convergence at the Yank and 3rd F event following.

Nov. 24th SFN Christmastown 5k…please come and support

Dec. 15th Christmas party at Quiche’s Casa


Great work by all this morning!! Congratulations to Montross for taking over Site Q at Folsom.

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOOOUUUTTTTT!!

What to do?

Another Tuesday evening at Midoriyama and like always some PAX got in some EC before the delivery.  My man Def was asking for someone to step up to Q or else it was going to be another Def Leppard beatdown, so I did.  Not sure what I was going to do but over the years doing this you always come up with something.  If you want to know what we did maybe you should’ve  showed to know.  With the weather nice again there is nothing to be scared of.  I promise you that QIC did not let the HIMs that posted down!!!  It’s always a pleasure to get the opportunity to lead a group of men like yourselves.

Until the next time Pizza Man is OUUUUTTTTT!!


Nov. 10th Convergence at the Yank – Roscoe and Short Sale w/ Q (All other AOs will be closed)

Nov. 24th at 6pm – SFN Christmastown 5k – Registration is closed but please come out to support SFN and the 8 Track Commanders

Deja vu

Well it’s Tuesday at Midoriyama and 16 HIMS posted for a Pizza Man Q.  I wanted to bring back an old Q I did a year or so ago.  17:30 approaches…short disclaimer and mentioned that if you don’t get your money worth then I will give you credit.  With that said…



Don Q’s X 10 IC

The Thang:

Let’s mosey…the PAX ran the roads through Midoriyama and we did exercises at every opening, at the playground, under the shed, and at every speed bump.  The exercises were:

  • Merkins X 25
  • LBC’s X 25 IC
  • Incline Merkins X 25
  • Flutters X 25 IC
  • Slow Squat X 25 IC
  • Decline Merkins X 25
  • WWI X 25
  • Wide Merkins X 25
  • American Hammers X 25 (count right-side)
  • 25 Pull-ups
  • Diamond Merkins X 25
  • LBFC’s X 25 (count crunch)
  • Hand Release Merkins X 25
  • Dying Cockroaches X 25 (count right foot)
  • Dips X 25 IC
  • Freddy Mercury’s X 25 IC
  • At every speed bump along the route the PAX did 5 burpees and one train (total of 35 burpees)

Mosey back to the flag for 22 for the VETS….TIME!!


Great work by all that posted!!  As always it is an honor to be a small piece of this group.  Thanks to each of you for helping me become a better husband, father, and man!!

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOUUUUUTTTTT!!!


Prayer Request



Burpees by the Lake (Burpeethon) – Oct. 6th at 9am –>BE THERE!!!

SFN Christmastown 5k – November 24th at 6pm –>SIGN UP NOW!!!  https://www.gastonymca.org/2018/05/christmastown-5k/


PREBLAST: F3 Gastonia SPEEDFORNEED Christmastown 5k


F3 Gastonia, Join your brothers from F3 Gastonia and F3 Nation for our 3rd SPEEDFORNEED event of 2018. This event is one of the most unique events on the calendar and if you haven’t heard of McAdenville (Christmastown USA) then google it. McAdenville is known for their Christmas lights throughout the town. With that being said, imagine helping push one of eight chairs through the Christmas lights and bringing joy to each Track Commander. Even if you’re not planning on participating please consider coming out for the festivities and lights. We will need all the help and support during this SPEEDFORNEED event. If you’ve never heard of SPEEDFORNEED or Christmastown then watch this video from F3 Gastonia’s SPEEDFORNEED event last year at the Christmastown 5k 2017 SPEED FOR NEED Race #19 – ChristmasTown 5K – YouTube If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    • RACE EVENT: Christmastown 5k
    • DATE: November 24, 2018 @ 6:00pm
    • WHO’S INVITED: F3 Nation PAX, their M’s and 2.0s (spectate & support or register to run)
    • REGISTRATION WEBSITE: ChristmasTown 5K | Gaston County Family YMCA
    • OTHER DETAILS: *More to come*
    • MEETING POINT: F3 Nation SPEEDFORNEED tent in front of the YMCA (look for the racing chairs!)
    • HOST F3 REGION: F3 Gastonia
    • DRIVERS: 8 drivers TBD
    • TRACK COMMANDER (TC): 8 Track Commanders TBD



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