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Pre-Valentines Day Prison Break

Prison Break was the place to be this morning. Unfortunately, many of you slackers didn’t get the memo. Kotters like Medicine Woman, Roadie, Ratchet, Rockabilly, etc were nowhere to be found. However, the running continues! All 7 HIM ram today. Shoutout to Roundup putting in 12 miles this morning. 12 miles on a Wednesday.
That dude gets it done. Don’t believe me, you should have come to his Q with Hacksaw Saturday (it was incredible). Bedpan hit the route early as he prepares for the P200, but he was gone before YHC returned, so I assume he got about 3 miles in. Barrel Racer put in some miles as well as Broke. Sparky put in about 3 miles after arriving fashionably late, as usual. Montross and Allen Tate did #ChiefThangs and got in some P200 training.

Prayer requests: Gumby’s family, Pizza Wife, Slaw’s foot, Ratchet’s wife, guys dealing with personal issues. YHC took us out in prayer.

Q-ing 101 with Professor Montross and Dr. Huckleberry

Warning: This post is pretty lengthy and it may be hard to find all the exercises. As I put the backblast together, I decided this I’d add in a lot of discussion and notes from my weinke to serve not only as a backblast, but also a little source material for those getting ready to Q at other AOs.

Through December and January, we have several new guys who have quickly become regulars. These guys are pushing the rock nearly every day and it’s motivating to see. With all the new faces, there’s also new opportunities. When reading about the Leadership Development Process in Q source 2 weeks ago, I started thinking about finding a day to do some “Q School” for the new guys. I asked Huck to join me in as a co-Q today not only to have a second voice who may add things I forgot to say, but also to encourage guys to get a co-Q the first time they lead a workout. I used this page as a guide for this workout: https://f3nation.com/a-guide-to-your-first-q/

Other notes: Sparky got there late and Allen Tate fartsacked.


Disclaimer – each Q should be familiar with this. There is a copy for you to read and learn on the f3nation website. It’s good habit to give the disclaimer at each workout, but particularly important when there is a FNG. So, ‘I am not a professtional. These are suggestions, it’s you vs you, modify as needed. You should see a doctor if you have concerns about doing this type of activity’ (thanks Huck for not letting me forget the first item on the agenda!)

SSH – 15 IC
Toy Soldiers – 15 IC

Before we get moving too far, we need to discuss the 5 Core Principles of F3 – 1) All F3 workouts are free of charge 2) They are open to all men 3) Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold 4) Led by men in a rotating fashion without any certifications or training necessary 5) End in a Circle of Trust

Plank and Nolan Ryans (right arm up, left arm up). This is a great opportunity to talk about warm-ups. For all the PAX, this gets the blood flowing, gets the body moving, and gets the muscles loose. Muscles can be like taffy, the warmer they get, the smoother things work. This sets a tone for the workout.

5 Burpees OYO 🙂


YHC took the first portion of the workout. Let’s mosey, right out of the parking lot, up the hill to the 2nd light pole. Sparky leads a round of Mountain Climbers IC while YHC picks up the 6.

Pearls on a string – as you put pearls on a string and pull them together, they can be a become a beautiful necklace. As you let the string go, the pearls become separated and eventually can fall off the string, scattering in many directions. As the Q, it is your responsibility to help keep the pearls (PAX) on the string. You can accomplish this in several ways – 1) Pick up the 6…whether it is the Q, Site Q, or one of the PAX, someone needs to go pick up the ‘late arrivers’. 2) You can break up runs with intermittent exercises designed to keep front-runners active and working, but allowing others to catch up. 3) If you are going on a long run and you know there is a guy or two in the group that can’t make that run due to injury or otherwise, you could consider planning an alternate route and giving them a heads up before the workout ( i.e. – when we mosey from the parking lot, we’re going to end up at the picnic shelter. You can join us or take this alternate route instead). I’d also suggest getting someone to join them…we don’t want to leave that guy alone but I’ve also been the guy battling injury who didn’t want to slow everyone down.

That being said we took a long mosey around the park, behind the pond, and to the lower shelter. Huck took a few guys on an alternate route that was a little shorter. Hank reminded me it is skunk mating season. I could smell them as we rounded the pond, but none were spotted. Be careful out there fellas!

We meet up on the shelter for some circuit exercises and a guide to counting. We count In Cadence to help create rhythm, which can distract the mind from the task at hand. It also builds teamwork by synchronizing PAX and creating focus. Finally, not knowing the number or reps that are coming discourages budgeting effort. (I will often say how many reps I plan to do before starting an ‘In Cadence’ exercise, I’m working on it.)

I’ve heard several variations (including my own variation) of how to call an exercise, but here is the proper sequence according to f3nation.com

“The next exercise is…” [pause] “Side Straddle Hop!” (or name of other exercise)
“Starting Position…” [pause] “Move!”
“In Cadence…” [pause] “Exercise!” (begin count 1..2..3)

Now let’s practice.
Plank Jacks – 15 IC
Dips – 15 IC
Flutter Kicks – 15 IC
Mike Tysons – 15 IC

Rinse and repeat, but we threw in some silent cadence for good measure.

One more – sometimes the exercise lends itself to single count or other variations.

X-crunches (courtesy of Short Sale) – 10 reps. Huck asks for a “Demo”. Perfect, I had this on the list and hoped someone would ask! Always be willing to demo the exercise, particularly for new people or for new/rarely use exercises. Here’s the demo – start out on your back with the small of your back touching concrete, hands and feet touching each other directly above your body, extend your lets and arms out in to an X (keep ’em off the ground), back in. That’s one. Out-In-1, Out-In-2, Out-In-3…..10 reps, now I hand the reigns over to Huck.

Two more Q tips – the shelters are great workout locations when it’s raining and cold. No one wants to lay in puddles of water all morning. Also, Q to your strengths. Some guys are better ar running, some guys enjoy core work, and jayvee Midoriayama guys do it all! The great thing about this is it can bring great variety to the workouts.

Huck and I both offered some advice on having a ‘backpocket’ exercise…always have something you feel comfortable going to when things aren’t working out. It is going to happen…maybe it’s too muddy and wet, maybe cars are in the way, maybe it was just too hard to explain. For Huck, it’s 4 Corners or Dora 123.
For Montross, it’s 11’s or Triple Nickel. You do you. The key here is something that most PAX will know how to do and doesn’t require any special equipment to do.

Huck begins to explain the next exercise…nur 1/4 of the parking lot, karaokee 1/4, bear crawl 1/4, lunge 1/4. Then lunge walk to the speed bump (a long way!), then run back to the parking lot. Plank for the 6.

We didn’t really speak to this very much, but part of the idea here was to call something that could work us all, but also the exercise itself helps us makes our way back to the parking lot by the tennis courts. However it’s a ‘slow mover’ where everyone can stay together.

As we return to the parking lot, Huck has Montross do a 10 count. Montross struggles to follow directions, but figures it out eventually! Huck’s point here – sometimes you’re a little gassed, sometimes the PAX need a quick break…call on a fellow PAX for a 10 count…just have them count to 10 (at their desired pace) to give everyone a chance to catch their breath. Another option is a ‘Count Off’ where you have each pack count themselves. That probably works better early in a workout when you’re trying to confirm how many you have in the workout, but can also be a breath-catcher.

Practice makes perfect so Huck calls on the newer guys to lead some exercises. We tried to drive home the “proper sequence” above (Next exerciese is….starting position, move, in cadence, exercise), but to Sparky’s point, that doesn’t always have to be perfect. I have seen several different versions and they all work to me….but have a rhythm to what you do.

Rockabilly, Blue, Big Pappy, and Ratchet all called an exercise in cadence and led us.

Huck took us out with 22 for the Vets and talked about the importance of a backblast. That is how we know who made it and who we are missing. It doesn’t have to be a literary masterpiece. It really just needs to list what happened, who was there, and when it happened. Adding some story to it is nice but “get it done” is the main thing.

Sparky shared a little wisdom as well. Some guys will bring a theme to a workout, share personal info, possibly some wisdom along the way, or even scripture. Def Leppard is one who does this, whether it’s having a few scriptures to speak on or leading his “Be Thankful” workout just before Thanksgiving…you can use it as an opportunity to pour into others and develop relationships. I would personally say that probably isn’t something to try to do on your first Q, but I agree with Sparky whole-heartedly!

As a closing note…and this was mentioned throughout the workout today… it doesn’t have to be perfect. You will mess up, an exercise won’t go as planned, something will happen. Own it, move on, ask for another PAX to assist if needed, and keep getting better.

Huck finished with a few notes about Circle of Trust – This is a time for announcements, requests, etc. We typically end in prayer though that is not a F3 “requirement.” F3 is not a specifically associated with a particular religion. However, that being said, most of our PAX are Christian. If you don’t feel comfortable praying in front of others, ask someone to step in for you. I know that can be intimidating for many….it’s ok, there will be someone willing to step in. (PAX, if someone asks for someone to pray the group out, step up!).

    Circle of Trust

CSAUP coming February 23, sign up (Sparky!), 2nd F event to follow (details to come), Rooster, be thinking about BRR Ruck.

Prayer request: Hush Puppy, Shad Rap, Medicine Woman, and all the pax struggling with health or other issues. Be there to support a brother! YHC took us out in prayer.


I remember what it was like when Sparky first asked me to Q. I was NERVOUS! I didn’t want to do it! I didn’t think I was ready. However, he persisted and he paired me up with Slaw for my VQ and I couldn’t thank him more. Slaw helped me prepare, gave me good advice, and we executed one heck of a beatdown! I try to do the same as guys get lined up for their first Q to pay it forward. With that being said, it was an honor to lead this group today and prep several guys.

Sparky mentioned bringing a little something deeper to grow men during your workouts. I’ve personally pushed myself to try to offer some ‘wisdom’ during workouts and including some scripture into workouts…I don’t feel like I’m “good” at it yet like Leppard and some others, but I’m working on it and that’s what we’re all doing here.

Hacksaw, Hoooooooooooooooo!

Just like the legendary wrestler, when Hacksaw posts for an F3 workout, you know you’ll get max effort, tons of heart, and grit! Hacksaw has been a loved and cherished member of the Folsom gang for quite some time now. He has introduced several FNGs (a ton if you include the wrestlers he invited), he has shared his heart with the group, he has done it all except Q. As we started the new year, I have a few things in mind I’d like to help make happen at Folsom and having Hacksaw Q workouts was high on the list! With all that said, here’s the deal!

It was rainy and wet this morning but I knew there would be people who came out to support our friend Hacksaw. As 5:30 am approached, I saw a few guys who don’t normally post at Folsom during the week like Def Leppard and Broke make their way to the circle as we start. Thanks to all of you that came out and make the special effort to support this VQ. 10 men on a wet January day is solid! FWIW, yesterday I told Hacksaw 10 blocks would be enough.

As Hacksaw and I talked about this workout this week, it seemed like “You vs You” kept coming up and it really turned into a theme today.


Montross kicked it off with a little warmup
SSH, 15 IC
Don Quiox….Windmills 10 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
Hillbillies – 10 IC

I hand it over to Hacksaw who has a surprise waiting for us at the bottom of the parking lot. He leads the mosey to the bottom of the lot. Blocks! Wonderful! Each man grabs a block and heads for the shelter.

Dora…well, it wasn’t quite Dora so we’ll call this Hacksaw 1,2,3. He kept it simple, which is always good on a VQ. Simple but hard!
100 shoulder presses, 200 curls, 300 squats with the blocks. Most guys broke it up into chunks and rotated between exercises. It was “You vs You” at it’s best. I’m sure I wasn’t alone when I thought to myself “200 curls, good Lawd!” However, everyone kept working and picking away at it as best they could. We ate that elephant one bite at a time!

As everyone finished up, Hacksaw has another surprise. 25 burpees! Nice push by all the men knocking these out.

Hacksaw hands the reigns over to Montross with about 15 minutes to go. We run to all the shelters looking for a dry floor, but none were to be found. I wanted to crush everyone’s abs but I really didn’t want to lay down and swim this morning (Shelby scarred me fellas).

Quick thinking and an audible, let’s do 11’s…make that Dirty 11’s across the lower parking lot. Side Straddle Hops on the far end, Mike Tysons on the near side. As time wound down, I pulled all the guys together for a few quick words about “You vs You” and we all knocked out the final 10 Mike Tysons together.

Mosey back to the main parking lot and we have a minute left so 22 For The Vets, on my count. I handed it over to Hacksaw for a few final words. Time!

Announcements: CSAUP coming 2/23/19
Prayer Requests: Shad Rap, Asher (brain tumor), Roadie, Lois (Hacksaw’s Mother-in-law), and Rockabilly’s grandma. I hope I didn’t forget any here, but I feel like I”m missing one. The wise ol’ Leppard also asked us to also pray for all the F3 guys. He made the point we all have things going on that need prayer, sometimes we may not share them, sometimes we do, but we all have struggles. Agreed! YHC took us out in prayer. Just know we prayed for all you guys today!

Thanks to Hacksaw for stepping up. I know he was a little nervous going into it, as I suspect you all were the first time you Q’d a workout. When it comes down to it though, all you need to do is sign up and get with your F3 brothers for suggestions and support.
You make a plan, and you execute it. That’s all it is! It won’t always go as planned (as I turned ab work into 11’s today), but you’ll figure it out and the PAX will help you! I really like co-Qing with a verteran PAX your first time.

I told him about that little boost of adrenaline you get when you Q. It was cool to see Hacksaw look over and say ‘the Q-juice is real’! If you haven’t Q’d a workout, ask your Site Q to get on the schedule or ask me!

I’ve already asked Hacksaw and Roundup about a little father/son co-q on a Saturday in the future. That is going to be a beatdown.
They may even break out the wrestling mats so keep your eyes on the Folsom Twitter!

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It’s Our Anniversary

Today marked my 1 year anniversary of F3. I grabbed the Q from Medicine Woman at the last minute to celebrate. Nice crowd of runners and ruckers today. Every one po ht in between 2.5 and 5 miles. Nice to see Rockabilly back out again today! P200 training is in full swing.

Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement over the past year and thanks to Sparky for EHing me last January!

Prayer Requests: Montross’ aunt, Bedpan’s wife, Rockabilly’s mom, each other, and an unspoken request.

Pray, pledge, go home boys!


A Faster Backblast Than Sister Act

I know it normally takes 7 weeks to get a backblast out of Crossroads but have no fear, Montross is here with a timely backblast. I will keep it simple today.

14 men showed at Crossroads. Some like myself and Wojo were picking up our training, some were recovering after the Santa Hustle, a few walked, and a few rucked. Good to see such a crowd out there today. The P200 isn’t that far away so get started training guys (cough, Allen Tate, cough).

The Montross Christmas Spectacular

Sweat courtesy of Freight

YHC hung the shovel flag with care, with hopes that the PAX soon would be there. With the rain finally gone and a few guys out of town, Montross has the Q and is bringing a beatdown.

I knew we would be missing a few Saturday regulars so I arrived to Folsom unsure how many HIM would be there. All the best to those running the Santa Hustle today, hope it went well and all were safe!

Turns out we had 7 this morning for a Christmas-themed workout. Get some!

SSH – 10 in cadence
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
Monkey Humpers – 10 IC
5 Burpees
Let’s mosey!

Mosey to the flag at the entrance of Folsom for the pledge.

Short mosey over to the parking lot.

12’s – as in the 12 Days Of Christmas. Just like 11’s but with a bonus lap. We did Merkins and WW1s. The guys got this done a few minutes quicker than I expected!

Lets mosey down through the park. We head left at the fork to the lower parking lot by the softball fields. There is some mud to navigate right now. Fat Ricky noted that Tool Time could run through the mud and still have clean shoes. The outgoing Nantan is special, but I don’t know if he is that special!

Santa’s Sack – we did a variation of a Triple Nickel here – partner up, size matters. Partner 1 planks, partner 2 puts his feet on partner 1 and does 5 Merkins, then partner 2 jumps on partner 1’s pack for a piggyback rode across the lot. Flip positions, 5 Merkins and another piggyback ride across the lot. That was 1. 4 more times for 5 total.

Let’s mosey! We cruise down and around the pond and up the hill to the tennis courts.

Run Run Rudolph – I forgot to share the name of this, but it goes like this: run to the end of the first court, 10 burpees, run back, 2nd court 20 jump lunges, run back, 3rd court 30 tuck jumps, run back, 4th court 40 squats, run back, 5th court 50 merkins, run back, 6th court 60 LBCs.

We did a few rounds of Captain Thor, but it wasn’t flowing so I Omaha.

Mary – everyone called an exercise and led it.
Gumby – Heels to Heaven 10 OYO
Swimmer – Flutter Kicks 25 IC
Freight – In and Outs 20? IC
Mozart – Freddie Mercuries 20 IC
Volt – Sandy Vs – 15? IC
Hacksaw – 10 burpees and 10 Hillbillies each leg.

Time! As we got up and saw pools of sweat around the tennis courts, we noticed Freight’s silhouette left a little extra surpise…the Folsom logo!

Prayer Requests: families at Christmas, and Hacksaw’s dad and step-mom. You don’t have to fear death if you know where you are going!!!! YHC took us out in prayer.

Moleskin: I wanted to bring some scripture and beer to the workout this morning. I know, not a normal combination! Here me out though…My message to the guys this morning is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, first and foremost. As I looked at scripture related to Christmas, one thing thst caught my eye is how Joseph had just married Mary and she was pregnant before the consummated. Therefore, he had to be thinking ‘what will people say’, ‘is she lying’…many questions….but the angel of the Lord spoke to him and he leaned on his faith. He obeyed the Lord. Joseph was a real HIM. One of the OG HIMs!

In addition to Christ’s birth, let’s also celebrate friends and family. Enjoy the time with your wife and kids and soak it in. Let’s also enjoy time with our F3 brothers….that is where the beer(amd other beverages in my cooler) comes in LOL. With Roadie and Huck absent, there were no takers on the beer, however we enjoyed some water and Gatorade together.

I suppose I will have to bring the beer back.


Chief Came With His Weinke In His Hand

That’s what she said.

Chief isn’t really known for planning out his Qs. He is more of a problem solver who has the long-term vision in place, is always thinking on the fly, and adjusting as needed. He responds to the needs of his people, always looking for ways to challenge them and himself.

Haters will say he flys by the seat of his pants and pulls answers out of his ass, but he would disagree. See having all the answers before you start is easier and that just isn’t how he rolls. A Chief Rockpusher doesn’t take the easy way. For example, it would be easier to workout regularly and be in shape before you Q. However, spending most mornings “hunting”, not posting for a month, losing your cardio, then posting when you have the Q…that makes it harder and that is how Chief prefers it. It is a way of life!

Anyway, 8 real HIMs showed up for a pre-planned….well, probably pre-planned Chief Beatdown.

SSH 15 In Cadence
Cotton Pickers 15 IC
Imperial Walkers 15 IC


Mosey to the lower parking lot.

Trail Of Tears – do escalating burpees at every other line (1 at the first, then 2, then 3, then 4…all the way to 16, which was the length of the parking lot). You cant just walk between lines though. This is a Chief Q, we don’tdo easier. Instead, bear crawl between the first 5 lines, broad jump between the next 5, lunge walk the last 6. Brutal! Pastor Clever and Gumby finished first and got in some extra credit flutter kicks and such. This was for HIMs only, not for the HERs!

Now for a little corner work in the same parking lot. 25 Merkins in corner 1, nur to the next, 25 WW1 sit ups, nur to the 3rd, 50 LBCs, nur the the last corner for 100 squats.

Mosey up the hill and do a lap around the park. Time!

Workout at the Storm Christmas Day (Folsom closed), Mt Hollywood at 7am Monday. Christmas attire is encouraged for Saturday’s Folsom workout. There will be beer. We miss you Huck and Roadie.

Prayer Requests:
Unspoken, Montross’ aunt, families at Christmaz. Also, Def Leppard, Douche Canoe, and those running the half-marathon. Keep the 5k in your prayers too.

Just The Two of Us

It was just Volt and I this morning. He was already at it when I got there at 5:25 so we did a quick warmup and I scrapped the weinke, deciding to just run up and down the main road of Folsom since it was the safest part of the park. Volt got about 3.5 miles with his EC,YHC was just under 3.

We prayed for families with strain and loss at Christmas.

Folsom, you’re in a dark place right now. Trust me, I know,I have been there. We have all been there. The bed feels a little warmer. The eyes feel a little heavier. That V is a little more sandy. I am here for you! Come back friends!

Putting the Pain in Painlab

I love working out in the friendly confines of Folsom, but it is always fun to step across 74 from time to time. Painlab is a great way to mix it up for me. It gives my hip a break and also works on my soccer arms. We don’t have fancy kettlebells and equiqment at Folsom, we use good ol’ concrete blocks. So I loaded a few in the family truckster before an auto-mosey over to the Schiele.

After the warmup and disclaimer from JJ, 11..errrrr..13 PAX stroll over to the normal Painlab spot for a block party.

YHC kept it simple. 20 to 1 block work…overhead presses, curls (for the girls), overhead tricep extensions, and chest presses (on your back). As Mayor sat his block down, I let everyone know 5 burpees OYO everytime you set the block down, then rejoin the group. Got Eeeem! Several including YHC took advantage of this “opportunity” throughout the workout!

20 of each, 19 of each, 18 of each…set your blocks down for ab work.

20 LBCs in cadence
10 Rosalitas in cadence (these were a crowd pleaser!!!!)

Pick up the blocks, 17, 16, 15, 14 of each exercise. Set them down.

Repeat LBCs and Rosalitas in cadence.

Pick up the blocks, 13, 12, 11, and 10 of each exercise, put the blocks down.

I hand off to Rudolph for shadow boxing. Frankly, I was most excited about this!!! I took mental notes because I want to do this myself down the road. Nice cardio work!!!!! The Mike Tyson Punchout music was spot-on as well. Thanks Rudolph!!!

Time was running short. I omaha the blocks because I have a special surprise left. Ooooooohhhh yeah….

Captain Thor!
1 WW1, 2 American Hammers in cadence
2 WW1, 4 American Hammers in cadence
3 WW1, 6 American Hammers in cadence
4 WW1, 8 American Hammers in cadence
5 WW1, 10 American Hammers in cadence
6 WW1, 12 American Hammers in cadence
7 WW1, 14 American Hammers in cadence
8 WW1, …..Omaha, time! PAX were tapping out left and right amd YHC didnt think he had 16 hammers in cadence left!

Everyone grab a block and fellowship mosey to my car. We rejoined the bootcamp guys for COT.

Great job put there guys. Saw some newer guys out there, had a Kotter (Huck, LOL), and a many regulars. All guys were busting their ass out there. Much respect!!!!

Best thing I saw though was HIPAA helping a PAX with his block so he didnt have to put it on the ground. Guys were giving me hell and lifting each other….it was F3 at it’s finest!

Thanks for the opportunity. I q’d “over my head” today and you guys drove me to make it through!

BC Ruck Club Returns

Medicine Woman has some crud going on and asked me to grab the Q for today, which I gladly obliged. 3 runners and 3 mother-ruckers overcame the power of the fart-side and 22 degree temps for some 1st and 2nd F. Here’s the lowdown:

Hank, Volt, and Oompa put in some miles. They left before I returned so frankly, I don’t know how many, but I will assume about 3 each. It was good to see Hank back out there this morning. Volt and Oompa are steady Eddies…they show up when they can and continue to get it done.

Over the past few weeks, the demand for rucking has returned to the Prison Break/Folsom area. The BC Ruck Club first come together last Wednesday after months of EHing and fartsacking so I was pretty excited to take it into week 2 this week. I took the lead on the ruck workout. We rucked about a mile around a 16 minute pace and stopped at the flagpole. We then did Merkins IN CADENCE (with the packs on like MEN, BTW), Bag Pull Ups, Curls, Overhead Presses, and American Hammers (no bags on that last one). We rucked about 3/4 a mile to the lower parking lot (similar pace) and repeated all the exercises. I let Donuts borrow my manly sack for curls and overheads…those plates Sparky makes are no joke at a manly 34 lbs. 6:15…we quickly ruck back to the parking lot and we see tail lights fading into the distance. We understand, guys have to get to work.

YHC took the BC Ruck Club out with a prayer.

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