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March Madness

Showed up to Folsom this morning and was met by 4 other HIMs looking for a challenge. I gotcha! With today being the “real” start of the NCAA Tourney, I figured it appropriate to keep a tourney theme.

Plankjacks – 10 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
Don Qs – 10 IC

Field of 68 – a Route 66 inspired exercise – Start with a mosey toward the flag with burpees at each light pole – ascend from 1 to 11 at each pole, we paused at the flag after 7 poles for the pledge and 2 extra burpees (the pledge after 7 was definitely in the weinke!) – 68 total burpees since there are 68 teams in the tournament.

Lots of mumble chatter early on but burpees have a way of shutting it down. Honestly, calling 68 burpees to start a workout is pushing YHCs limits at this point but I am pleased to say I got them all. Peer pressure!

Mosey around the back of the pond to the lower shelter. Lots of deep thoughts here…mostly people wondering why we now take the long way around now. There is a nice straight road directly to that shelter yet most every Q takes the senic route. Yep. My thoughts: no one ever said we were smart. Keep running.

Sweet 16 – 16 each Montross Merkins (I am calling them that because I do them slow), American Hammers, step-ups IC, and dips – take a lap around the parking lot and do it all again (Elite) 8 times, (Final) 4 times, then 2. You see the pattern here. We mixed in a few in-cadence counts on dips and Merkins late.

Unfortunately for one PAX (show to know), the turd shack was locked. These exercises were a little tougher for him with a praire dog popping in and out.

Mosey to courts – well, time is running short so I had to adjust the weinke a bit…I had a few basketball-themed exercises on my list but I really wanted to run some suicides so…

  • Suicides – just about like coach used to make us do – run to the freeethrow line and back, then halfcourt and back, then the other freethrow line and back, and finally full court and back. I decided to leave Roadie’s cones in the truck due to time limits and use the parking lot instead of the tennis courts. We identified a few landmarks in the parking lot and ran with a quick recorvery period between. We ran 2 or 3 suicides with a full sprint back to the shovel flag on tue last leg. YHC had these long legs cooking during these. Almost like I have done these before! I wanted a few more but it was 6:15.


COT: Prayer request for Snowbird this weekend. Aye! YHC took us out in prayer


I saw the latest Q source post about the whetstone this week and shared with the group. A great thing about F3 is we all get a chance to be both the blade and the stone, sharpening each other along this journey. Though the post talks a lot about old natrually teaching the young, it goes both ways, particularly here. Keep sharpening each other. I have been the stone a lot recently and I appreciate the opportunity, but I will enjoy going back to being a blade for a few weeks.

-Montross (Go Duke!)

Bringing Sexy Back

Sparky first asked me about taking a Q last month. I am up for a challenge so I agreed but was hesitant about doing a Saturday to start. I have been at this 2 months, was I ready? “Don’t Q it if ypu can’t do it” is going through my head.
Then Sparky suggested a co-Q with Slaw. How could I not do that?!? Slaw will have my back. Sold!!!

I pull in about 6:25 – Slaw and a few PAX are already there. Def Leppard is in the house! Much respect to him, the hip is still hurting but he says he could not miss this. Pressure is on! Slaw and I are ready to deliver!


First, we gotta have music so I brought an Ion boombox. Note: a playlist has been carefully curated over the past 2 weeks by YHC with lots of input from Slaw. First off, Justin Timberlake’s Bringing Sexy Back. Of freakin’ course!!!! Slaw and I report to the center and alternate calling exercises.

  • SSH -15 IC
  • Monkey Humpers 10 IC
  • Plankjacks – 10 IC

Sister Act (maybe it’s Maybeline) is assigned responsibility to make sure the boombox follows us. Others are allowed to help. Oompa steps up.


Montross takes the Q lead for a bit. Can’t Fight The Feeling by Justin Timberlake is cranking throughout Folsom!
– Mosey to the flag and pledge. Pause the music for the pledge.
– Mosey to back parking lot. YMCA is cranking. There was dancing and several PAX joined in.
– Partner up for team abs, 150 LBCs, 100 Flutter Kicks, 50 Big Boys – alternate while teammate runs around parking lot. A little Wham! To get us going but enough “pop” music. We slide into some Whitesnake. Takes us back to a simpler time, one when Sister Act was rocking a sweet mullet (Folsom group text is brutal yo!)

Slaw takes the lead
– Mosey to shelter
– dips, merkins, step ups, derkins – stepping down from 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. Lots of argument about counting but Slaw keeps talkers in check. Queens of the Stoneage, 311, and Chris Stapleton help push us through.

Brandon takes the lead
– Short mosey to shore beside the ampitheater
– Triple nickles on a steep hill – 5 merkins, run down, 5 Slaw squats, Joe Hendrix up (5 rotations). YHC quickly realizes the Hendrix are a BAD idea and announces nur, bear crawl, or run is allowed. YHC is gassed but he is not quitting now! 80s and 90s rock plays on the rest of the way.

Slaw takes the lead
– mosey to the tennis courts
– corner burpees from 12 to 1…a modified version of the beast Slaw dropped on Folsom 2 weeks ago. There was chatter! Oompa carries the boombox all around the courts on his head.

We have a few minutes left so Mary…YHC forgets how Mary works (probably due to exhaustion).
– Pockets steps up and calls 25 flutter kicks IC
– Montross has regained his senses and calls LBCs – 25 IC
– I think someone called more burpees.


Whew, this was a fast paced workout!

Announcements and COT
Lots of prayer requests, Leppard’s family, cancer all around us, Silas has had a fever for a few days now, the family from Costner who lost their home to fire. Sorry if I missed some here guys! Slaw prayed us out.

Slaw also talked about how though we cut up and pick on each other (daily, again, the group text is BRUTAL), we all know it is in fun and this is a great group. I agree!!!


I have been coming to F3 since January 9, 2018…basically just 2 months. I was a Sad Clown for 18 years. I tried to start working out on my own and failed over and over. I am excited to say I am now in full remission of Sad Clown Syndrome and in better shape than I have been since I was 22! Sparky invited me in January and I quickly found it is exactly the motivation and support I needed to get in shape. I am getting better every week and it is because of the support and push from F3. Thank you all for your support! It was an honor to lead with Slaw today. Keep headlocking because there are more out there like me who want this and don’t even know it exists! Share it!

Adapt and Move Forward

After a difficult battle with the fartsack this morning, I arrived at Folsom to be greeted by Volt and Bed Pan.  Wait, no Roadie?  This morning is different, for sure.  A 3 a.m. message on the group text let us know Sparky was sick and wouldn’t make it.  Wait, Sparky has the Q.  Well, no time like the present for my VQ.  No weinke, no problem, I can wing it with the best of them.  Adapt and move forward.  Let’s do this!


15 SSH, IC

10(?) Appalachian American, IC

15 Plankjacks, IC



Let’s mosey.  We head to the flag pole because we will pledge first…can’t forget that!  It is dry under the walkways so lets work on those abs.

  • 30 LBCs, IC

  • 20? Flutter kicks, IC

  • 20 Big Boys

  • Short mosey to the parking lot for 11s consisting of Merkins and Slaw Squats (because #TeamTimberlake).

Gloves are soaked now.  Volt let me know that on rainy days, we were supposed to stay off the ground.  Pretty sure he just made that up but noted!

Mosey around down to the lower parking lot, plank for the 6, 10 Plankjacks for good measure.

More mosey, around the pond to the next parking lot.  Volt and I grabbed a few burpees along the way for good measure.  Mosey back to the flag and then the parking lot.  Right at 2.25 miles.  Good job but we have enough time for one more exercise.

  • 10 high intensity Don Qs.




YHC took us out in prayer.  Prayed for Volt’s daughter and Bed Pan’s family member.



Slaw and I just spoke Tuesday night to plan for our upcoming co-Q.  Our talk really helped me out this morning!  Also, I have been paying attention to many of you as you Q at Folsom and downtown, taking bits and pieces I want to use when my time came.  I guess you could say a lot of people helped Q this morning!

Volt and BP, thanks for the opportunity and jumping right in alongside me.  It was an honor to lead this morning.

One last thing – 3/10 is the  first ever Team Timerlake Q, live and in full effect at Folsom. You do not want to miss that!  The mumble chatter may be at an all time peak for that one!

  • Montross

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