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A wall is not always needed

Cool, crisp morning.   Ground was a little wet.  It didn’t matter.   Six other men joined me and at 0530 (by my watch, Tater Hole) we clocked in.

Warmup: Toy Soldiers X something IC, Moroccan nightclubs x 3IC

Quick mosey up to the tennis court and grab a partner.

We did Dora… sort of.  100 Def Leppard merkins, 200 dying cockroaches, 300 Hillbillys and 400 LBCs.  Partner 1 runs until Partner 2 completes all 100 and then they switch.  Then 200…300 and 400.  No combined totals, we did them all.  Nice work by all.

Next we did BOMBS.

22 for the Vets

Quick mosey back to the launching point




Some races coming up.   Pappy and his M are heading out of the country the first of March.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


11/28 Midoriyama

10 made it out to Midoriyama on Thursday, November 28th.  We clocked in on time at 1730.

Warmup: Toy Soldiers, LBCs, Flutter Kicks and a burpee

Mosey across the street to the parking lot.

Deconstructed burpees.

To the turd shack for a wave of Australian Mountain Climbers.  This was not a crowd pleaser.

Back to the parking lot for the Marine 16

Wave of merkins and wave of squats

Slow mosey back to the launching point for Mary and the Pledge.


Announcements and prayer requests

BOM: YHC took us out.   Sorry this is incredibly late.


Blimps and Dora

Cool morning, crisp air.  Volt was early doing Volt thangs.  Very little chatter before 0530 hit.  It’s time to clock in.

Warmup: Toy Soldiers and Def Leppard merkins both x 10IC

Mosey to the lower lot.  We completed 4-5 rounds of blimps.

Mosey over to the amphitheater and partner up for Dora.  Exercises were Australian Mountain Climbers, Rocky Balboas, LBCs, Calf raises, Overhead Claps and Moroccan nightclubs.

Quick mention of Thanksgiving and we all shared things we are thankful for.

Fellowship mosey back to the flag for the Pledge, Mary and 22 for the Vets.


Announcements: Christmastown 5K, Christmas Party

Prayer requests: each other.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


Crossroads 11/10

It was cold.  Some dudes rucked, some dudes ran, one guy crawled, one guy showed up around 0700 and one guy showed up for Q Source only.  Good times.

COT – announcements and prayer requests

BOM – YHC closed us in prayer.


Volt brings the pain

9 men entered the gloom for Volt’s first solo Q – and he didn’t disappoint.   Some good chatter was had before the starting time.   Roadie sent a text at about 0400 saying his ankle is jacked up from Prison Break yesterday and he wasn’t going to make it.   YHC reminded him that wasn’t an option… and Roadie joined us.   Montross is having trouble with his lady parts and he didn’t make it.

0530 hit and it was time to clock in.

Warmup: Cherry Pickers and SSH both X 15IC.


Mosey.   Stopped for 15 LBC IC and burpees

Mosey some more up to the big flag near the entrance.

Squats, burpees and flutter kicks

Mosey again and stop for burpees

Mosey again.   11s in a really long parking lot.   WW1 and Squats

Mosey back to the launching point for some Mary.   WW1, Alphabet, Burpees, SSH, Hillbilly Squats and LBCs.


Christmastown 5k

Prayer requests: each other and our respective family.  Pappy is traveling this weekend to hopefully foster another child.  Best of luck.

Nice Q, Volt.

Views and thoughts from the Tuna 200 Van 2

Van two decided we would be meet at Freight’s house at 07:30 on Friday.  YHC arrives to find Broke already waiting.   Breaker Breaker rolls in, Doodles comes in with the Van, Tater Hole is dropped off by his M, Freight makes his way out.  At 07:30… I mean 07:50 Allen Tate decides to grace us with his presence.   We pack up the van, which was rollin’ on dubs.   After Doodles lead us in prayer – we’re on the road.

Traffic was much better than any of us expected.   We stopped and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.   When the waitress comes to take our drink order, Broke is sitting there with his pants down messing with some thangs.   Apparently impressed, the waitress returns with our drinks, but three other ladies had joined her.   We learned a lot of thinks during breakfast.   We learned that Freight has had a lot of interesting jobs.   We learned the best way to kill cockroaches in by baking them at 450 degrees in the oven.   We learned that Tater Hole loves to eat.   I’m pretty sure his bill was 39 dollars.  We pay and we are back on the road.

Good conversation was had on the ride down.   We arrive into Four Oaks and everyone is pumped.   Freight was the first to run out of Van 2.  As he departs on his 9 mile run, we notice it is WAY to hot to be late October.  But in typical Freight fashion, he pimp-slapped this run.   He finished his run and turned it over to Allen Tate.

Allen Tate takes off for about a 4 mile run.  It’s hot.  There is zero shade.   We catch up to him as he’s about a mile in.  He’s hurting and it shows.   He lumbers his way to the exchange zone and passes off to Broke.

Broke did what Broke does.   He donkey punched his leg.  Seriously – is there anyone more steady on his runs than this man?

Tater Hole was next.   This was his first relay and didn’t know what to expect.   This is a guy that was in good shape when he joined F3, but would admit his cardio was down.   He’s worked, and he’s worked hard.   It showed.   He blazed on down the road to pass off to another first-timer.

Doodles was next.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a cooler preacher.  He brought us a van with Moto Metal black wheels on it.  He even has an affinity for silver-back gorillas.  (More on this in a bit).

Breaker Breaker was our anchor.   He’s a rather quiet person and YHC made it his mission to get him to be louder on this trip.  You want to fire him up?   Act like you’re going to drink his drink.  (More on this later also).

Van 2 finished and handed back off to Van1.  We took off to Subway to eat and then try to get some rest.  We go in and we’re about the only people there.  Allen Tate apparently likes gubment cheese on his sub.   Tater Hole like EVERYTHING they have on his sub.  But instead of just saying to put everything on it, he made the poor guy go one by one.  We even saw the guy that passed Doodles.

Ok.  We ate and went ahead to the next exchange zone we’d run and tried to get a little rest.   I also learned this about Tater Hole – dude can sleep anywhere.  Pretty sure he and Allen Tate are the only ones to get any meaningful rest at this point.

We got up just before midnight ready to roll.   We went through our van again.   Freight was happier it was dark and not blistering hot.  Allen Tate got him a kill and made sure EVERYONE knew about it.  No seriously… everyone.  Even the guy he passed.  Broke once again did Broke thangs.  Tater Hole, Doodles and Breaker Breaker beasted theirs legs and again, we we’re on break.

The Van decided to forego breakfast and just roll ahead to where we’d kick off again.

Our third legs were a little different.  Freight took Quiche’s leg, Quiche ran Freight’s.   Allen Tate took off for his last run.   We catch up to him a little bit down the road.  We blow the horn, and while we did, he was killed.   The guy who killed him looked back at him and then waved to our van.   If Allen Tate could have caught him I’m sure he would have beat his eyes shut.  We’re at the exchange zone and Broke is getting ready.   We wait on Allen Tate to roll in.   And we wait.   And then we waited.   After we waited… we waited some more.  At this point YHC is starting to wonder if Allen Tate jumped off the bridge.  About that time he rounds the corner and Broke went to meet him.   While waiting Broke said he would dial it back a little on the last run.  Well… he didn’t.  He averaged pretty much the same time for this run as he did for the other two.   I’m telling you – consistent.

Broke is in and Tater Hole is out.   While not as pumped as he was after the second run, Tater has the look like a kid on Christmas.   He’s really enjoying himself.

While waiting on Tater, Doodles takes his long sleeve shirt and turns it into a tank-top turtleneck.  It’s also at this point Breaker drinks his special drink.

Doodles takes off and is letting it eat.  We pass him and according to Allen Tate tells us he’s fine.   We went ahead and stopped anyway just in case.   Doodles gets him a little H2O and continues on.

Doodles is in and Breaker Breaker is out for his glory leg.  The man did a great job of organizing this race and deserved to be the man to bring it home.  Powered by his special drink he’s out there killing it.   We wait and bit and Allen Tate and I return to the van to grab The Leg.   This race would not be complete without it.   We return with The Leg just in time to see Breaker approaching and we all cross the finish line together.

Some got one medal – some got two.  Some were incredibly proud of that second medal.

We all congregate, eat a little tuna and drink some cold beer.

We went to the hotel.  Some showered, some went to the pool.   We went to dinner.   Some went back to the hotel, some went to a brewery.

Random thoughts

Freight:  this guy always wants to act like he ain’t a runner, but his actions show otherwise.  He’s as sarcastic as the day is long, and that’s probably why he’s one of my favorite people.   Through his sarcasm, however, it’s clear that he just wants the best for those around him.

Allen Tate: so many things I could write here.   As a side note, y’all should have seen him get killed.  Anyway – this is his second relay and he has a total of 31 minutes of training.  He may not train, but he will not quit.  He has good intentions, but some injuries prohibited him from being at his best for the Tuna – but he gave it all he had.

Broke: I don’t have enough time to write all my thoughts about this man.   He’s like the Godfather.  The force that keeps all things balanced.  A steady runner and a better person.  Always encouraging.   The reaction he has watching other people do good things is infectious.

Tater Hole: probably one of my favorite memories of this relay is watching his reaction after his second run.  Dude was pumped.   Glad to see what he accomplished.

Doodles: first time I had spent any significant time around him, and goodness gracious, what a guy.  A small sample of his character.   He’s waiting to run when an older gentleman (shirtless and hairy), told him: “I’m going to hang with you for a while and then I’m going to pass you”.  Most laughed.   Well, that’s what he did.  He killed Doodles.   After his run and while we’re back in the van, the guy comes over and states in his thick accent: “You did good, son”.  Most people would have probably said something sarcastic…or nothing at all.   Not Doodles.  Without missing a beat he responded: “You did better, sir”.  More grace than YHC has for sure.

Breaker Breaker:  Oh man.   Captain Anchor.  Glory Leg runner.   Mystery drink chugger.  So on leg two I went to get Tater Hole a water from the cooler but it’s dark.  I can only tell that the drink I grabbed wasn’t water.   Didn’t think anything about and returned it for a water.   A few hours later in the daylight I could tell that this was no normal drink.  The only way I can describe it (at least safely for this back blast) is to say it looked like a bottle of phallus secretion.  And boy was he protective of this drink.  Anyway.  What a great dude.  Quiet, but I’m going to break him completely out of that shell one day.   He ran along and was the only one that I didn’t hear complain.

So many more memories can be written, but most will not read all of this anyway.  If you’ve never participated… you’re missing out.   Even if you can’t run, you can drive.  It’s an experience like no other.

Honored that the men mentioned above allowed me to join them this weekend.   Tater Hole – I finally have some bars.


Thank you, Blart.

Very light crowd this evening.  I’m glad Blart made it out or I would have been alone.  Blart thought the workout started at 18:15, so the first fifteen minutes it was just myself as he was off running.  YHC used the official F3 deck on the tennis courts until some people came and starting playing tennis.  This was about the time I met up with Blart.  We made our way down to the lower shelter and took turns leading an exercise.

Lunge walked/did squats back to the launching pad.  Time was up.

Prayer request: Def Leppard’s M.

Blart closed us in prayer.

Trying new things

7 men came out this morning for a Kotter-ish Q.  Every time I have the Q I hear the same thing: “Huck is going to a wall.”   Well, I threw a little curveball this morning…zero wall work.   Also threw in another new thang:  We actually went to the flag by the road.   Some good mumble chatter before we started and at 05:30 we clocked in.

Warmup: Toy Soldiers x something IC

Let’s mosey.

Pretty simple this morning.   We would stop at every light pole and do some thangs.  Started with 10, then went 10, 20 on up to 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80 and 90.  The exercises were:
10 merkins
20 CCDs
30 LBCs
40 calf raises
50 flutter kicks
60 Moroccan nightclubs
70 Freddy Mercury
80 dying cockroaches
90 squats

Slow mosey back to the flag that wasn’t there at the launching point…thanks Montross.

Mary included mountain climbers, Parker Peters and Burpees

22 for the Vets


Announcements: JJ5K, Stop Soldier Suicide run, stair climb some other things.

Prayer requests: those effected by the storms.

BOM: Big Pappy took us out.

Philippians 4:13


40 days

Ok men – it’s time for a new 40 day challenge.   I know what you’re thinking: “wouldn’t someone else be better suited to lead this?”  To that I would say…yes.  Almost anyone would be better suited.

There will be barely any rules because let’s face it… you’re all grown men.  As with all we do within F3, it’s you vs. you.  The rules will be simple, with a few extra challenges.  Just a few rules:

  1. you must complete at least 5 workouts per week.   A workout does not have to be a bootcamp/running/rucking AO.  It can be done on your own.
  2.  it must be at least 30 minutes in duration.   A Saturday workout does not count as two.
  3.  at least 30 minutes of EC does count.
  4.  I challenge you to take your M on a date at least 3 times during this challenge.
  5. I challenge you take your 2.0(s) somewhere they have never been.
  6.  I challenge you to spend at least 15 minutes per day in the Word.
  7.  I challenge you to reach out to any Kotters you know.
  8.  I challenge you to EH at least 5 men during this challenge.
  9.  I challenge you to abstain from all forms of alcohol during this time.

I realize that many of you already subscribe to this way of living, but there are some of us that need an extra nudge.  I think back to a previous edition and the progress that Roadie made.  If that doesn’t inspire you… I don’t know what to tell you.

Unlike previous challenges, there will be no earning cheat meals.  Like I said – you’re all grown men.  You know better than anyone what you want/need.   If you can have a cheat meal and it not mess you up… have at it.   If a cheat meal will bring you down, eliminate it.

This challenge will begin on Tuesday, September 3rd and run for 40 days.   There are no medals or skillets to be won, but, I pray that you will find a deeper gratification.  I’ve heard it said it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.  Therefore, 40 days should be plenty to hopefully be life changing.

Good luck to everyone who participates.   Reach out to those who are to hold them accountable.

Hopefully SYITG,


so… how’s your butt?

9 men stepped into the gloom for what was sure to be an epic beat down.  The return of the Huck was upon Folsom.  These men had many options, but they picked the only AO that matters.

Ok, everything above was a lie except there were 9 men and YHC did have the Q.

Mumble chatter was running rampant before the beat down started.  Allen Tate was even about 5 minutes early.

Montross shows up and immediately asks Blockbuster (FNG returning from Tuesday): “How’s your Butt?”  I was then pretty excited I was not at Folsom on Tuesday.  It was very evident that Medicine Woman had the Q for that occasion.

05:30 hits and it was time to clock in.

Disclaimer: (I’m obviously not a professional.  I will be giving suggestions, feel free to accept them or modify as needed.)

Warmup: Toy Soldiers x 10IC

Let’s mosey

So – YHC has not been to Folsom much lately.   The last time I was semi-regular, the path from the launching point to the amphitheater was messed up.  So, not knowing if it had been fixed, I decided to have Montross lead us to the desired destination.   Big mistake.   He found every mudhole at Folsom.   Not only was it muddy, the mud was slicker than owl crap.

We arrived at the amphitheater to be reminded that the wasps are still there… so we mosey on to the lower turd shack.

Most may know, but I am kind of a fan of wall work.   So… ascending testicles is the next exercise.   A little mumble chatter about the name of the exercise and then the men went to work.

Next was three rounds of donkey kicks and hip slappers.

We then went back to the packing lot.   Lunge half, nur the other half.

Mosey to the tennis courts.

I saw online where Jocko talked about a workout that consisted of 20 lunges (I changed this to squats), 15 merkins, 10 WW1 and 5 burpees.   The goal was to see how many rounds you can complete in 20 minutes.   We did 10 minutes of this.   I’m not sure of the number everyone completed, but I am certain Broke won this event.

Next we did 30 seconds of an exercise with a little rest in between.   Exercises were burpees, high/low plank, low squat hold, high plank and burpees.

Fellowship mosey back to the launching point for the pledge and 22 for the vets lead by Blockbuster.


COT: Remember and support Pizza Man’s event on Saturday, the upcoming 5Ks and races.  Prayers: each other, our children, Big Pappy.

BOM: YHC took us out in prayer.

Really enjoyed being out with you men today.   This is my first weekday post in far too long.   Big thanks to Broke for making the trek to Folsom for a weekday workout.

Philippians 4:13


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