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You can have an effective workout without running

7 men showed for my Painlab VQ.  It was 10 minutes until launch time and there were only three men in the parking.  It started looking it would be a light crowd.  By launch time 14 men (7 and the boot camp and 7 at the lab) had circled up.

Stroganoff lead the group through the warmup and then he lead his men out of the parking lot.  The rest of us gathered at the back of the parking lot by the benches.

The thang

Partnered up and started with lazy Dora, but many more reps.  The exercises were 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 monkey humpers, 400 flutter kicks, 500 calf raises and 600 LBC.  Each partner would do five rounds with the number increasing on each exercise.  Each partner did five rounds of 10 merkins, 20 squats… up to 60 LBCs each round.  This was fun.

Next was a personal favorite of mine – deconstructed burpees.

Over to the benches for 11s. Dips and Incline merkins.

Back to the parking lot for 11s.  CDDs (in honor of Def Leppard. We miss you, brother) and mountain climbers.

We did a round of Mary tabata style.  1 minute of each exercise.  We had plank jacks, low plank, prom nights, moroccan nightclubs, something I’m forgetting and finishing with LBCs and the boot campers returned.

That’s time.


Announcements: JJ5k, Speed for Need race

Prayer requests: Monk’s friend, guys on the IR

BOM: Stroganoff closed us in prayer.

It was an honor to VQ the painlab today, men.  It’s great to see Bandit again. It’s been too long, sir.  Glad you’re back.  Thank you all for the push and the opportunity.

Philippians 4:13


In hindsight… some of this was stupid

11 men posted for the lastest edition of Midoriyama.  Relatively speaking the weather was nice.  At 17:30 we clocked in.  Tool Time and Wojo went running while the rest of us started the warmup.

Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Flutter Kicks all x 10IC.

Mosey to the parking lot by the far turd shack.

Four corner escalator  C1: 20 Scorpion dry docks.  C2: 20 Scorpion dry docks and 40 Peter Parkers.  C3: 20 Scorpion dry docks, 40 Peter Parkers and 60 LBCs.  C4: all the above plus 80 Squats.

Lunge from pole to pole and line up for Route 66.   Bearcrawl between lines with merkins.

Mosey to the far turd shack.  11s with Australian mountain climbers and regular mountain climbers.   I’m not certain, but I think I heard more complaining during this than any exercise I’ve ever called.

Mosey back to the parking lot.  Lunge, nur, lunge, nur. Circle up for some tabata.   One minute of the exercise with a brief break.   Exercises were monkey humpers, moroccan nightclubs, LBCs, SSH and something else.

Mosey back to the closest turd shack for 10 jackass merkins.   This brought more complaining.   From the plank do one merkin and immediately into a donkey kick.

Back to the launching point for 20 LBCs IC and 22 for the vets.




Announcements: Speed for need, JJ5k, CSAUP

Prayer requests: Def Leppard, Montross, Medicine Woman, each other.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

Men: I know when I have the Q it’s a little different than most.   I’m not the greatest runner and I know the amount of running that most of you get in.  I appreciate the opportunity to Q, and I hope you get something out of it.

Philippians 4:13



Fartsackamania is running wild, brothers.

Five men posted at Folsom this morning the day after the inaugural Tronmoss Legacy 5k.  That’s it… just 5.  In preparation for my painlab VQ this Saturday, I wanted to try and only do low impact work.  This was difficult because if you know me… you know how much I love to run.  Once 05:30 hit it was time to clock in.

Temperature: 72. Humidity: 400%.

Warmup: SSH, Toy Soldiers, LBC all x 15IC.

Mosey a bit. (only mosey of the morning)

Deconstructed burpees

11s with incline and decline merkins.

Deck of death.  Gave out 5 cards to each person.  After the round the winning poker hand got to pick an exercise.   DOD exercises were merkins, scorpion dry docks, squats and flutter kicks.  With the flutter kicks we added ten to each number.

After that round Sister Act had the winning hand.  He picked 10 contra burpees.

Dealt again and YHC won.  10 Eight count body builders.   Omaha after 7 and leave because someone crapped their pants.

Lunge and fellowship mosey back to the launching point.

Pledge and 22 for the vets.


Announcements: JJ5k, Speed for Need race coming up.

Prayer requests: Def Leppard, Montross, Medicine Woman.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.


Philippians 4:13


Pre-Blast: Tronmoss Legacy 5k

Wednesday, July 18th will be the Tronmoss Legacy 5k. For those of you that don’t know, our brother is on crutches for a minimum of 8 weeks.   Despite the bad news, Montross has been in good spirits.  In typical F3 fashion, we will rally around our brother this coming Wednesday for a 5k. Montross will join us at the COT.

Montross began his F3 journey in January of this year.  Since that time he has been a model of consistency.  He has been in skillet contention every month.  While not in terrible shape when he started, he has pushed himself daily.  Not only has he been as consistent as anyone since he started, he’s also a natural motivator.  While unconventional, he has his own way to offer encouragement.  He’s as dedicated as he is tall.   He is a true HIM.

Folsom hopes you can make time this Wednesday to lift up our wounded brother.

Nordic Contra Burpees

15 of the Gashouse’s finest took their #DRP and posted to Folsom.  Sister Act and YHC with the co-Q… YHC would start us off.   As 0630 hit a short disclaimer was given and it was time to clock in.

Warmup: SSH x 2IC

Mosey the tennis courts for instructions.  YHC has a modified Nordic challenge waiting.  After each exercise we would run a lap arpuns the courts.   YHC did knock off two of the laps. (if you can’t do it don’t q it)

Exercises were: 10 Burpees, 22 Merkins, 30 Australian mountain climbers,  40 Lunges, 50 Overhead claps, 60 Monkey humpers, 70 Squats, 80 Flutter kicks, 90 LBC, 100 Moroccan nightclubs.

Circle up a wave of merkins (5) and a wave of LBCs (30).

Handed over to Sister Act

On one of the tennis courts were 10 Contra burpees, run back to the other end for 10 little gumby in the woods.  Repeat x 5.

On one end do 5 Captain Thors, on the other side do 5 4x4s.

Route 66 with Bobby Hurleys.

Mosey back to the launching point for the pledge.


Annoucements: Speed for Need race, JJ5k, Tronmoss legacy 5k

Prayer requests: Gumby’s father in law, people battling addiction, Montross, others I can’t remember.  Sorry men.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

It’s an honor to not only Q, but to be able to know each man that was present this morning.  Rudolph noted on twitter that our nameorama looked like a family reunion.  He’s absolutely correct.  One thing I can say about Folsom, it’s a family.  I have one brother by blood, but I’ve been blessed with many by choice.  Individually we are weak, but collectively we are unstoppable.  Iron sharpens iron is not just a cliche.  If you allow it, F3 will absolutely change your life in more ways than just fitness.  Where else in the world could you take one day off and have no fewer than 5 people call you out (in a somewhat loving way) about it?  The accountability is off the charts.

T-Claps to all the men that posted today.  Not only at Folsom, but all AOs.

T-claps to Sister Act for his work in July… well, and all months.  At this rate the Iron Skillet is his

Montross – heal up, brother.  We tiss (sic) you and hope to see you oost (sic) soon.

Allen Tate: congratulations on your re-election.

Philippians 4:13


Apache’s Back Blast

Apache came, Apache had the Q.  He lead some exercises, he said some motivational things.

Apache lead the announcements and prayer requests During the BOM Apache closed us in prayer.

Pow Pow Pow

Apache was out.

Nordic Challenge-ish

4 men put in some sweat equity at Folsom this morning.  It was a light day  due to people on vacation, fartsackers and Sister Act running at the Pub.  A while back our brother from Asheville had posted the Nordic Challenge.  It seemed like a simple workout to Q, but not an easy workout.  Two modifications were made due to an injury.  The workout calls for 10 San Antonio Shuffles and 20 burpees, but you know… if you can’t do it don’t Q it.  At 0530 it was time to clock it.

Warmup: it’s hot enough and it’s already warm.

Mosey to the tennis courts.  The Nordic Challenge goes like this.  Do an exercise then run.  The exercises were 10 V-ups, 20 Toy Soldiers, 30 Merkins, 40 Overhead claps, 50 Monkey humpers,  60 Lunges, 70 Squats, 80 Lbcs, 90 Flutter kicks and 100 Morracan night clubs.

This went a little faster than I was expecting.  Followed up with a few laps, and some Mary.

Mosey back to the launching pad for the Pledge.


Annoucements: C-Span has the Q at Folsom this Saturday.  Bedpan makes his Pain Lab VQ next Saturday.

Prayer requests: Bedpan’s job, each other.

BOM: Bedpan took us out in prayer.

NNM: I figured it would be a light day.  Many with prior commitments, work and even some in the bed.  Either way, whether it’s four or forty, it’s good to be amongst my brothers.  Folsom has made great strides in 2018 and I’m honored to be a part of it.  On top of the fitness, just the fellowship is second to none.  It’s a good feeling knowing that if you don’t show up, you’ll have a lot of people calling you out.  Accountability is something, speaking for myself, is very much needed.  I couldn’t do this alone.

Philippians 4:13


No witty title needed

8 men posted to Prison Break.

3 rucked, 5 ran.


Announcements: 2.0 workout at Folsom on Saturday, GoRuck Light on July 22nd.

Prayer requests: each other, people we know, the Self Family.

BOM: Sparky closed us in prayer.

Tribal Q

6 men entered the gloom for an old school beat down courtesy of the Chief.

Warmup: Gravel Pickers and SSH x 10IC. 10 burpees on your own. 22 for the vets.


Mosey to the tennis courts and partner up.  While P1 nurs the length of the tennis courts and sprints back: P2 does the exercise.  Exercises were: 500 flutter kicks, 400 squats, 300 lbcs, 200 WW1 and 100 merkins.


Prayer requests: Montross for his sister and his hip, the Self family, the kids at Venture, Allen Tate’s mother-in-law.  Pastor Cleever and Pale Rider on their mission trip in Puerto Rico.

BOM: Allen Tate closed us in prayer.

White man come from the south and with them brought medicine and weapons much more modernized than my people. We taught them to hunt and fish and gather and later on took our land and put us on reservations to sell bead necklaces. Now once again we are with the white man and teaching them how to post and sweat like our ancestors. Good work white men from south. Chief is well pleased. We too welcome all fartsackers from north and south and east and west to gather and grow and sweat.

Chief Tate

Hank’s return party

9 of the baddest dudes on the planet came out this morning. We knew Hank had the Q, so we knew it would not be easy.  After several minutes of chatter, Sister Act runs by.   He’s getting in five miles in preparation of the Crossroads launch this Sunday.  At 0530 it was time to clock in.

Mosey to the tennis courts for what Hank described as “a little warmup”.  Four corners.  Corner 1: 5burpees.  Corner 2: 10 burpees. Corner 3: 15 burpees. Corner 4: 20 burpees.

Mosey to the Flag.   50 lbcs OYO, 25 merkins OYO, 5 burpees.


Mosey the long way back to the tennis courts and partners up.  Partner 1: does suicides on all tennis courts while Partner 2 does SSH until completion.  Flapjack.

Mosey forever around the park and circle back up st the launching pad for… you guessed it – 10 burpees.  With about 1/4 mile left Roadie comes rolling in to provide Oompa and YHC with some motivation to finish.   In full disclosure, Roadie did do the final 10 burpees in work boots


Annoucements: Crossroads launches this Sunday.

Prayer Requests: Self family, Oompa’s family, each other.

BOM: Slaw took us out in prayer.

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