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10/02/18 Folsom

Work was done.


Mt. Hollywood 10/15/18

Six men this morning at Mt. Hollywood.

Warmups: SSH, low slow squats and toy soldier all x 10IC

Mosey to the front of the school.

11s: Australian mountain climbers and donkey kicks.

Mosey back to where we started.

Partner up: four corners.  Both partners must do at least 50 of the exercise, one partner must do 100.  Exercises were: lunges, flutter kicks, lbcs and merkins.

Mosey back to the front of the school for lazy dora.  100 plank jacks, 200 cdds and 300 monkey humpers.

Quick mosey to the side of the school.  11s: decline merkins and dips.

Mosey back to the launching point for Mary.  Exercises included: corkscrews, dying cockroaches, burpees, squats, WW2, toy soldiers and others.

22 for the vets and the pledge.


Announcements: Christmastown 5k, convergence at the Yank.

Prayer requests: Oompa’s family, those dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane.

BOM: YHC took us out.

Always an honor, men.

Philippians 4:13



Three men did work.


Announcement: Christmastown 5k, Convergence at the Yank

Prayer requests: Allen Tate’s M, People effected by the hurricane, a gentleman Pastor Clever knows.

BOM: Pastor Clever closed us in prayer.


6 ran, 1 ran/rucked and 1 rucked.

Good times


Annoucements: Christmastown 5k

Prayer requests: Allen Tate’s M, Oompa’s family, injured guys

BOM: Montross closed in prayer.


7 men fought off either the fart sack and/or sandy v.  We were greeted in the parking lot by a semi-fresh pile of crap.  Sister Act and Bedpan attempted to remove it, but ended up just making it worse.  After a little small talk and kotters to War Eagle, it was 05:30 and time to clock in.

Warmup: SSH x 15IC, low slow squats and toy soldiers x 10 IC

Mosey down to the lower turd shack and partner up.  Partner 1 will hold BTTW while partner 2 lunges around the shack.  Flapjack.

Up the stairs doing 20 calf raises per step.

Back in the parking lot we did 4 corners escalator style.  Corner 1: 25 merkins.  Corner 2: 25 merkins and 50 flutter kicks.  Corner 3: 25 merkins, 50 flutter kicks and 75 mountain climbers.  Corner 4: 25 merkins, 50 flutter kicks, 75 mountain climbers and 100 lbcs.  Once complete we de-escalated back around.  During the escalated part of the long run was a nur, bear crawl the short.

Mosey back to the launching point and circle up.  Pulled out the deck of death and went around for a few times.  Exercises were: 25 American hammers, 100 flutter kicks, 100 calf raises, 17 lbcs, 25 shoulder taps, 18 squat thrusts, 25 mountain climbers, 18 merkins, 19 ranger merkins and 25 plank jacks.


22 for the vets.



Annoucements: Christmastown 5k

Prayer requests:  Oompa Loompa’s family, those battling injuries, those battling the fart sack, family member off a coworker of Montross.

BOM: YHC closed in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


Bulldog returns

20 was the count at Folsom.  Our brother, Bulldog, put on the Twitter box that he’d be at Folsom today.  Unforeseen circumstances decided that YHC would take the Q today.  Upon this, there was no doubt Bulldog was going to be involved.  Some don’t know, but Bulldog was very instrumental in not only keeping Folsom going, but honestly, keeping Folsom alive.   Winter of 2016/2017 was a dark time for our beloved AO.  There were many days were only one person would show.  Having two was nice and if three people showed it was a miracle.  The easy thing for YHC would have been to fall in with the HIM at the Storm, The Goat and Martha’s house.  Bulldog doesn’t believe in easy.  He pushed me to keep showing up, even if it was just us two.  I’m glad I listened… look at Folsom today.   We spent some time this week putting together something fun, but challenging at the same time.   06:30 hits and we clock in.

Disclaimer for the new guys.

First exercise is… let’s mosey.   Mosey down to the amphitheater.   Australian mountain climbers x 50IC, Australian Mike Tysons x 10OYO, LBCs x 50IC

We heading to the tennis courts with a mixture of lunges, bear crawls, nur and mosey.

Next exercise: Tug-of-war.  Split up into four teams.  While two teams competed, the other two teams did curls with blocks.  Volt’s team won.  Not really surprising.  I think Volt won on his own and the others were just there.

Next was four corners.  Each team to a corner.  Each PAX must do 50 of each exercise, but one must do 100.  Exercises were LBCs, Merkins, American Hammers and Squats.

Next was a relay race.  P1 sprints to P2.  P1 and P2 wheelbarrel to P3. P1, P2 and P3 bear crawl to P4 and then all four burpee long jump back to the start.

We did two rounds of rugby sprints with burpees and toy soldiers.

Quick mosey back to the launching point.  Slaw led 22 for the vets and we said the pledge.



Annoucements: Burpees by the lake next Saturday.  Christmastown 5k.

Prayer request: The family of Maddox.  The Kanuppe family.

BOM: Bulldog closed us in prayer.

Good to see everyone this morning.  Glad Bulldog could join us.  Let’s all push in October to have more posts than ever.

Philippians 4:13


Time for pain

YHC was not expecting a large crowd due to the dual races in our region. After Linus lead the warmup we moseyed over to the picnic tables.

Started with deconstructed burpees.

Next we had one person doing presses with weights, one doing flutter kicks and one doing lbcs.  Two minute timer – switch until all three had a chance.

Then grabbed the bells and weights and did timed overhead presses and curls.  Several rounds of this.

We then brought out the official F3 exercise deck.  We did this until it was time to meet up with the boot campers.



We roll on

12 men posted and either ran, jogged, rucked or mall-walked.  Good to see Montross back out with us. Roadie was not there.

Annoucements: Stop Soldier Suicide 5k, JJ5k, Burpeethon

Prayer requests: someone Broke knows, Sly.

BOM: Blart took us out.

Never Forget

Seven men gathered at Folsom as we remember one of our Nation’s saddest days.  It seems like only yesterday our Nation was attacked. It’s one of those moments where YHC,  being of terrible memory, distinctly remembers.   I’m not one for great speeches or even creative workouts, but wanted to incorporate something.  05:30 hit and we clocked in.

Hank is rolling in late so Moroccan nightclubs until he joins us.

Warmup: SSH x 29IC, LBC x 77IC.  2,977. The number of lives lost on 9/11. Toy Soldiers x 5IC

Mosey out of the parking lot and take a right.  Swerve.  Head back to the flag and Pledge.

Short mosey to the tennis courts for lazy Dora.  100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 flutter kicks.  Five sets for each partner of 10, 20 and 30.  While partner one is doing the exercise: partner two is planking, holding a low squat and holding six inches respectively.  It’s clear that most at Folsom have no concept of six inches.

In the aftermath of 09/11 I’m sure we all wondered how our Nation would respond. YHC was correct in his thinking.  In the words of the great poet, Toby Keith,  “Soon as we could see clearly through our big black eye, man we lit up your world like the 4th of July” and “You’ll be sorry you messed with The U.S. of A,… cause we’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way.”

To YHC: the next exercise seemed only natural.  Partner up for B.O.M.B.S

Burpees, Overhead Claps, Merkins, Big Boy sit-ups and Squats: 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 respectively.


Announcements: Stop Soldier suicide 5/10k, JJ5K, Snowbird, Burpeethon

Prayer requests: Gumby’s father and mother in law, our Nation, the George family, each other

BOM: Allen Tate closed us in prayer.

Take some time today to remember what this day represents.

Philippians 4:13



This week started with Roadie scheduled to Q this morning.  He asked me on Monday to take his Q as he had previously scheduled plans.  He didn’t tell anyone about the change – just that he had big plans for Thursday.  He wasn’t wrong.  Big didn’t mean anything overly special, he meant big as in an elephant had the Q.   At 0529 YHC informed the PAX that Roadie was in fact not the Q, and it was time to clock in.

Warmup: SSH x 15IC, Toy soldiers x 10IC and Hillbilly x 10IC


Mosey to the lower parking lot for deconstructed burpees.

Move down to the turd shack and grab some wall.  11s with Australian mountain climbers and regular mountain climbers.

Take the steps back up by doing 15 calf raises per step.

Route 66 with squats, lunge walk the lines.

Bear crawl/lunge walk to the speed bump and then mosey to the tennis courts.

Circle up: 10 crab cakes and 20 LBCs.

Rugby sprints x 3

Circle up for Mary.  Flutter kicks, Sandy Vs, American Hammers, WW1, Burpees, shoulder taps and Mrs. Parkers.



Annoucements: JJ5K, Speed for Need 5/10k, burpeethon, Snowbird retreat.

Prayer requests: each other.  Gumby’s father in law.

Praise report: Gumby baptized his son last Sunday.

BOM: YHC closed us in prayer.

It was an honor.

Philippians 4:13


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