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The Bulldog 300 Challenge

2019 is here along with some new personal goals of mine. One goal is to be stronger, in more ways than one. I’ve always admired the Spartan “300” challenges. For those that don’t know what it is this is the intense 300 Spartan workout used by the cast of the movie that can really deliver results. While I’ve always admired the workouts, I’ve never done one nor did I ever have the motivation to do so. If this last year of F3 has taught me anything, its that anything is possible. Plus, I have many PAX around me to help motivate me. I figured I would start the new year out right and incorporate a 300-workout routine into my Bulldog weinke. This would be a 300 rep Kettlebell workout sure to bring a little strength to everyone that came out. The idea is also to keep doing this challenge yourself once a week (try for more if you can) for at least 6 weeks. Now, I’m not saying we are all going to look like those dudes from the movie after 6 weeks but if we can get a 1/16 of a way there and see some positive gains/results, then that’s a goal we have accomplished. Let’s get it!




15 IW IC


The Bulldog “300” Challenge:














Total = 300 REPS

Plenty of time to kill so let’s do some more lifting


KB Curls

KB Overhead Extensions

KB Chest Press

KB Bent Over Rows

New Year so something new

Pistol Squats x 10 – 5 each side (With or Without KB) – I knew this would be a difficult maneuver. Glad we have benches at Bulldog so we could modify as needed. If you’ve never seen this move, check it out here: https://www.onnit.com/academy/pistol-squat-bodyweight-exercise/


Announcements: Q-Source every Sunday after Coconut Horse or Crossroads – 0730 @ Starbucks. I need PainLab and Bulldog Q’s for January. The 15th and 22nd at Bulldog are already taken.

YHC took us out

Men, thank you for coming out this morning. I know it may not have been easy if you stayed up late to watch the ball drop, but you did come and started the new year out right! Hunk-A-Junk, thank you for stepping up to Q at Bulldog on the 15th! This is your VQ and promise you will enjoy Q’ng it! Let us know if you need any assistance creating your weinke or need any gear, we’re all here to help! Mayor, thanks for making the trip out here. I know its a little far to travel but your presence is always appreciated!

Until next time



Just wing it

YHC did indeed order a Mount Hollywood shirt so of course in order to earn the right to wear it, one must Q the site. I took Tiger up on his offer to Q an open slot in the cool month of December. Never posting before at this AO I wasn’t really sure what to do or where to go. All I’ve been hearing is “it’s dark”. This being said and me not doing any surveillance of the area prior to my Q, I decided to wing it for my first time ever. I did wear my wrist Q so I had plenty of items on there I could incorporate into the workout once I came upon the appropriate spots in town. Arrived at the site a little early. 1st one there. Slaw roles in then Sister Act who decides to blind me with his high beams. I guess he was letting me know he was there after I called him out on GroupMe the night before. He was complaining Sunday night about his Sandy V, I mean legs, due to running 12 miles at Crossroads that morning. So I challenged the new 1st F and he showed, now that’s leadership! Tesla let me know we’d have an FNG, he was present. Everyone else finally arrived and we began.

Disclaimer for the FNG. Core F3 principles announced




Mosey out of school parking lot and head down Central Ave.

Stopped at the first Decorative Street Lamp. 5 Burpees then Bear Crawl to next Street Lamp. Rinse and Repeato until you reach Main St. (6 Street lights total = 30 Brupees BC .07 Miles uphill). Asked Tiger for 10 count “1,2,10 lets go”, My Man!! Frogger across Hwy. 27 to the corner of 27 and Main. Wall sit March 9 IC, Wall Sit, Wall sit March with Air Presses 10 IC. Recover. Next on the list, Walls of Jericho. 7 Exercises called were: Diamond Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, CDD’s, Derkins, Hip Slappers, Plie Squats & LBC’s. Recover. Frogger back across Hwy 27 to Central Ave. Let’s NUR to the last decorative street light then Mosey back to home base. Circle up for Mary, PAX Choice. Orangeman calls 6 shooters (YHC liked this exercise), Tiger calls WWI’s. Sister Act let out a smelly flatulent and re-positioned himself in the rotation but we will skip over him. Tesla calls out Oblique crunches. Time!


Announcements: Yank being relocated Saturday 12/22 due to Marathon downtown Belmont. Starting location will be at Glenway Pub at 0700



FNG Naming

Prayer requests – Freon’s family dealing with loss, Def Leppards Daughter having surgery, Families around this time of year & others spoken and unspoken.

YHC took us out.

It was a pleasure leading this group of HIMs this AM. New faces for YHC to meet. Glad to see this AO growing. I encourage you all to continue to explore this AO. There is lots of area to cover and downtown is only .5 miles away. I’d like mention 2 things, 1) Freon, hard strong work this morning! I know you said you were not feeling well but I honestly could not tell! 2) Welcome FNG Guts (I guess we now have 2???)! USC Med Student home on break. He’s a 20 something year old cat and let us know at the end of the workout that we really get after it!



Camp Sertoma Christmas Party Pre-Blast



As most of you are aware F3 Gastonia and Speed For Need have teamed up with a local organization called Camp Sertoma (https://www.mycampsertoma.org/ / https://www.facebook.com/CampSertomaofGastonCounty/ ) . They are based out of Dallas, NC and serve those with special needs. We were very fortunate to have one of their kids be a Track Commander during the ChristmasTown 5K this year. The hope is we can continue to have someone from their organization participate in all SFN races in Gaston County next year (2019). Camp Sertoma Board Members are very excited about this partnership, so excited in fact that they have invited the F3 Gastonia PAX to their Christmas Party on 12/15 from 2-4PM. I know this is the same day as our Christmas party, but it would mean a lot if you could drop in for just a few minutes to introduce yourselves to the Camp Sertoma board, the families and most importantly kids. RSVP is not required per board members, Just show up if you can. Here is the flyer with location, times, etc. I believe we will have a few SFN chairs present to show to everyone as well.



City Boy

Apparently if you don’t live in Dallas you are considered “City Boy”, this is according to the Folsom GroupMe chat. Well this “City Boy” decided to take the Q, even though I have been hesitant to Q there again after very consistent slim showing of PAX when I Q there. The night before I guessed that about 4 PAX would show from the normal Folsom crowd.  Arrived at Folsom on the cool, brisk morning to actually find 5. Should’ve been 6 but I guess Sparky got stuck in his tree stand and couldn’t get out. In all fairness Sparky did let YHC know his Sandy V, I mean his Medicine Woman Leg, I mean his leg, was bothering him the night before. Although the PAX did let me know that they thought he said his leg was fine??? Its all good Sparky, you’re my family so I let it slide.



Next, grab a cinder block and head to the Tennis courts.

The Thang:

I’ve really missed seeing Mayor at workouts, I know his back has been bothering him so not calling him out for not posting. He’s a true HIM. That said I decided to take a page out of his book and brought the HUNDO to Folsom but with some added twists. The HUNDO is 100 reps of a given exercise. Here were the instructions given to the PAX from the City Boy:

Do 100 reps of the exercise. If you stop/pause during the reps it’s 1 burpee for each time you stop. Keep that number in your head and wait until you finish your 100 reps. When we are all done with our reps, we will collectively add up the number of stops amongst the PAX and multiply that number by 2. ALL PAX will perform said number of burpees.

1st set:

100 curls

Apparently Volt didn’t understand this City boy’s instructions. Maybe I talk funny?? All I know is when some PAX stopped the first time they did their burpee. I told them to wait.  Boy was Volt hot when we all finished and he had to burpees together! Yes, Volt, even you had to do them. I know you didnt stop during your set, but we did. And this was explained in the instructions.

4 stops = 8 burpees

After Volt complained we mixed up the HUNDO a little and went on a small mosey around the Tennis courts, in a very weird, HIPAA like fashion.

Arrived back at our blocks

100 Chest presses. Lets mix this up and start doing Flutter kicks when you hit 50 reps. If memory serves correctly, everyone finished their sets with no stopping

Mosey around tennis court again, but this time just around the outer edge, nothing fancy this time.

100 Overhead Presses

6 stops = 12 burpees

Mosey around tennis court again in that weird HIPAA way

100 Dips. Try and use the cinder block if you can. Bedpan disappered out of the tennis courts for these. We only can assume he actually did the exercise, but I doubt it.

5 stops = 10 burpees

Mosey around tennis court again in that weird HIPAA way

Volt had enough of my delivering of pain and decided it was best he hit the road. See ya man, Ill make sure you get in the Backblast!

100 Overhead Tricep Extensions but with a twist. I decided to call this a 50/50 split as i knew we’d be stopping a lot on this. So heres what we did. Break out the F3 workout deck. Do 50 reps. If you stop during the 50 reps, grab a card from the deck. After we all finish 50 1 PAX grabs a card from the deck to perform after we finish all 100 reps. Do your other 50 reps, again If you stop during the 50 reps, grab a card from the deck. Now that we finished the 100 reps grab another card.

10 stops = 20 Burpees

4 Cards were drawn in total. Bear Crawl (Q chooses distance), High Plank, Low Plank & Rosalittas. We bear crawled to the net and back then did our planks about 45 seconds each, then T-Ron led us on Rosalittas.

70 Burpees total today!

For the PAX trying to figure out what the hell YHC was doing when moseying, this was the end result. Little fun with Strava.



Announcements – Xmas parties F3 & Camp Sertoma (Pre-Blast coming soon) on the 15th. Convergence on the 15th. After Convergence Clavin leading a run to the “Santa of Dillards” house (1.5 miles?)

Prayer requests

YHC took us out

Gentleman, always a pleasure coming out to Folsom. Best mumblechatter around. It is a bit of a drive for me but always well worth it. I appreciate your hard work this morning. See you all soon.









I heard Stroganoff Moan

I heard Stroganoff Moan. Yup, sure did. It was during Painlab. He was doing tire pulls. Glorious day, but literally that’s all I remember. Lost weinke notes and I’m super late writing this BackBlast!


Tire pull and drag (Kettlebells inside tire for added weight) – Timer

Standing Rope forearm (7.5Lbs.)

Some other Kettlebell exercises

Maybe Slam Ball was there?


Time. Circle up with Bootcampers.



4 Bulldog Q’s

Enjoyed Q’ng Bulldog for the 4 Tuesdays in November. I kept my promise to the PAX in hopes to see the new AO grow, and boy did it! Here’s how #4 went down:

Kotter in our presence, welcome back Outhouse!!

The Thang:


PAINOPOLY – YHC’s favorite and easiest weinke in F3 history. Except this time i made a slight change. Instead of my usual Chance and Community Chest cards, YHC decided to break out the Beatdown deck of death.

PAX were horrible at rolling the dice. We combined for 85 Burpees and someone drew the Ace of Spades from the deck, 100 Flutter Kicks.




Prayer requests

YHC took us out


Thank you guys for another unforgettable workout. Thank you to all that have filled in December open Q spots. Looking forward to it.





We literally left our Sandy V behind

Finally after consecutive weeks at Bulldog we finally have a morning with no rain! YHC was excited to get out from under the awning and be able to spread out a little and utilize the parking lot a little. That said i loaded up the M’s minivan with some coupons, some new and some old. Finally invested in some of those fancy cinder blocks, not sure why I haven’t done this before. Literally almost 160Lbs for like 6 bucks!

Word on the street was we were going to have 4 FNG’s. Well we didn’t have that; However, we did have 2 cotters come out and join us. Welcome back Moped and Hunk-A-Junk!!

Total PAX in attendance for week # 2 at Bulldog: 9!







Tire pull (This was the timer) – pull 4 times
Curls – cinder blocks
Suitcase deadlift & shrug – buckets
Renegade rows – dumbells
Arnold press – dumbells
Shadow boxing – dumbells
Chest press – cinder blocks
Crushers – slam ball
Skull crushers – kettlebell
Goblet squat – kettlebell
Blockees – cinderblock
Rinse and Repeat

It was during the 2nd round of circuits that the 60Lb. sandbag on top of the tire decided it had enough getting drug around and busted open. Needless to say the 60Lb. bag quickly became about 20Lbs. That means the PAX dropped roughly 40Lbs. of sand outta their V during this strenuous beat down. Congrats!

Pseudo Planche Merkins

MARY – Round the horn style




Prayers requests

Madoff took us out, thank you sir!

Thanks men for coming out. Always a pleasure. Appreciate the help kicking the extra sandy V to the curb after the workout. Didn’t want anyone else showing up to Bess, accidentally picking it up and carrying it with them.





Flying Bells

11/13/2018 – Official launch of Gastonia’s newest AO – BULLDOG

Getting a new AO up and running took some energy, commitment and nerd data. Good thing I renewed my AWS subscription so I could increase the size of my data lakes to ensure I was utilizing Amazon Kinesis effectively. With the help of Amazon, I was able to hone in on the perfect AO spot where we could blast Heavy Metal music loud enough that Whoopee could be awoken with ease. I somehow imagine Whoopee acting like the Dad in the Twisted Sister video.

Any who, Day 1 of Bulldog is now official and was welcomed by 7 PAX. A very diverse crowd to come support the inaugural, commemorative beatdown they should be able to remember.  Here’s what went down…



Imperial Squat – 10 IC

Knee Pulls – 5 each side OYO

Nancy Kerrigans – 10 OYO

The Chinook – 10 OYO

Lt. Dans – (Squat, 4 lunges) – 5 OYO

SSH – 15 IC


Around the world for 10 seconds

*This is where things took a dangerous turn. YHC first lost grip of his Kettlebell and almost knocked out Clavin. Then Clavin lost grip on his dumbell and almost knocked out Madoff.  YHC quickly got things under control and applied tacky glue to our hands to ensure this would not happen again. 

Sumo Squat to High Pull – 15

Around the world for 10 seconds

2 hand swings – 15

Figure 8

Tricep press – 15

2 hand swings – 15

Lawnmower – 15 each arm

Squat – Hug bell – 15

Hammer curl – 15

One Arm Swing – 15 each arm

2 handed press (Look thru window!) – 15

Copperhead Squats with weight –   10 IC

Pseudo Planche Merkins – 15 IC

Single Arm Press Rack Reverse Lunge – 5 each side

Two handed Press Rack Half Squat Knee Knee – 10

5 Burpees OYO



Announcements were said at the time

Prayer Requests. The one that YHC always remembers is Nikki Bailey. This is close to Madoff’s heart and is spoken of highly. Continued prayers for Nikki.

YHC took us out.


Men, Thank you for committing to a new and exciting workout location. You could be off at another Bootcamp or running on your own somewhere else but you chose to come support us and maybe make yourself a little stronger. I look forward to having all of you here each and every week. There is scientific proof that lifting a minimum 2 days per week cures soccer arms. Truly an honor leading you men. Until next time.




Encouragement along the way

YHC awoke early this AM to the pitter patter of rain hitting the windows of his house. Being close to the holidays and my 2.0’s birthday, YHC couldn’t afford to get sick by running haphazardly in the torrential rains that had been in the area all week long. But, I knew I still had a job to do and the fact that a core principle of F3 is: “Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold”. Not knowing who or if anyone would show I took off enroute to the popular running AO. Arrived at the Pub right on schedule. JJ and Roscoe are there, rain gear on & ready to go. YHC informed them of his no running intentions. Time for pledge but no shovel flag. Improvise, OK Google : American Flag. Google images provides us with a flag. The pledge was said. YHC wished them well & told them to be safe. JJ informs me they will be on all sidewalks only for safety.

The Thang:

The PAX took off on the Martha’s loop.

YHC Decides to do a dry run of the Pub whilst they run. I take off and do the 5 mile Gardner Park loop. Made pretty good time, avg 2:05pace. Finished in 10:31.

With time to spare YHC had plans.

Im out here so do some burpees. Find shelter along the way and bust out a few at Publix gas station, Harris Teeter loading dock area and the old Rite-Aid. I managed to knock out 50 total in the 3 stops.

Check on the PAX. Met the PAX around the half way point (Rite-Aid) and offered some words of encouragement. If only I had a cowbell.

0600 – Starbucks run

0610 – I arrive back at the Pub and begin writing my Backblast in the parking lot. Really trying to beat these Folsom guys at this.

0620 – PAX arrive back at the Pub. Soaked, but with smiles on their faces. Surprised that YHC stuck around They must remember the F3 Credo is: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

YHC reminded these men what True HIM they really are. Coming out in these conditions and pushing themselves to be better. That said I rewarded them with some Starbucks gift cards to help them warm up after that cold, wet run. Only really good Q’s take care of their PAX 🤣!


40 Day prayer challenge, Proverbs & Ecclesiastes chapters.

YHC took us out

Men, remind yourself that even if you are unable to physically do something, you can always find other ways of accomplishing things. Yes I could’ve stayed in the fartsack this AM, but I had a job to do and people depending on me to be there. Accountability and commitment. This should hold true outside of our workouts and into our busy lives.

To the Weasel Shaker – I cannot in good conscience allow you to give me credit for this workout. Please remember to “-1” my totals for November.

JJ & Roscoe, I’ll catch you guys next run!




Parking Death

Never Q’d Downtown before. Vast area to perform multiple different exercises; however, YHC knew it was going to be cold and rainy so thought I’d use the parking deck. Visited the Ye ol Exicon database to get some inspiration for some new or rarely used exercises. Really wanted to bring out some coupons but I had gotten sidetracked with life during the week so wasn’t able to get them made, that said had to modify the weinke last minute

Warmup in the pavilion out of the rain:

SSH – 50 IC

Imperial Walker – 15 IC

MNC – 50 IC (Whoopee liked to pretend I was feeling him up during this exercise)

Mosey out of pavilion and stop in front of flag poles. Single file line for the Death March. Very slow, fellowshipish mosey while last guy in line does 5 burpees. After he finishes taps last guy in line to do burpees and sprints to the front. Rinse, repeat through line until we make it to the top of the parking deck.

Take stairs to lower level of Parking Deck

Jacobs Ladder
P1 – Merkins, Squats, LBC’s, CDD’s
P2 run up stairs, 2 Burpees run back down stairs & switch. Next time up 4 burpees, repeat until 8 burpees each PAX

Chilly Jacks – 15 IC
Crowd Pleaser – 1 Merkin 1 Groiner 1:1 to 5:5 to 1:1
Makhtar N’Diayes – 10 (Broke get’s bonus points for naming the UNC standout by only 1 clue given by YHC “UNC player from Senegal”)
French Fries – 25 each arm

Mumblechatter was at an all time high. Whoopee and I got into it on the French Fries as YHC was trying to steal them. He didnt care for that too much and ended up making a complete mockery of me. Made me laugh so hard it was a triple core workout for me. Pretty sure he tea bagged me a few times as well. Well played sir!

Mosey back to the pavilion and circle up for Barrell of Monkeys?? Squirt and YHC seem to recall thats what the exercise is called. Come to find out later the official term is called “Howling Monkeys”.  In a circle, everyone grabs their ankles in Monkey Humper fashion (or Gorilla Humper, for the fearless) . The first person does ten monkey humpers followed by the next person and so on as in other “ring of fire” exercises. Don’t let go of the ankles!

Next we did an Around the Horn style MARY. We heard a train so of course 5 burpess.


XMAS Party and other some other events that have already happened

Prayer requests spoken & unspoken

Squirt took us out.

Bed Pan,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to Q at your site. I know you will do great things with this Downtown AO. Makes me happy to think we started at the same time and we are already running our own AO’s. For the rest of you, thanks for resisting the fartsack and coming out to support me and make yourselves better at the same time. See you all again soon!!





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