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Passing of the torch

Passing of the Torch

Looking back through Back Blasts I had seen the 1st Pain Lab was done on Saturday May 16th, 2017. After one year of a very successful campaign, Rudolph felt it was time to pass the torch. Rudolph and YHC seemed to have shared the same vision about Pain Lab since the first time I had attended. Given that, he had asked me if I would like to take over this wonderful AO and at the 1-year mark. YHC humbly and gratefully accepted his request. Rudolph, you have introduced a wonderful experience for all to enjoy and cannot thank you enough for the push to keep this going. I only hope I can be as successful as you have been during this time. I promise not to let you down and to keep this alive for years to come.

Here is an excerpt from the 1st  Pain Lab BB: “PAINLAB – you are here because your body hates you after high-impact work, or you are recovering from injury.  Either way, you will get a workout!  High-impact is when both feet leave the ground.  We don’t do that.  We bust @$$ keeping 1 or 2 legs on the ground.  It works!”  I’d like to think that this is the official Mission Statement for Pain Lab and I will keep that promise. All are welcome to join in the pain, but the ones on IR are the ones we definitely want to target. Why? Because this keeps those men involved, possibly rehabilitate faster, keeps their spirits high, and allows them to keep pushing the rock. Prime example here is Clavin. As many of you know, Clavin is fresh off knee surgery. He loves F3 and doesn’t want this injury to put him in that dark place. Clavin was out in full force Saturday, couldn’t even tell that man was on the IR!!!

While Pain Lab’s main home is Gashouse on Saturday’s, it will not be stationary. Once a month we will take Pain Lab on the road, delivering pain at Folsom, The Yank and regions beyond. YHC has been building up his private collection of weights and other goodies, and wants to share them with all. We have Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Slam balls, dumb bells and Picnic Tables?? (Keep reading J). If anyone wants to Q the Pain Lab and wishes to borrow this equipment for your workout, you are more than welcome to at any time. No security deposit required!

That said, let’s show you how we incorporate these items into a Pain Lab workout!!

The Thang:

Tabata/HIIT Style

30 second AMRAP: 10 second rest (Yes Mayor, it was 10 second rest) x 3 Sets each Round. Switch stations after 3 sets have been completed. Rinse & Repeat until all rounds at each station had been completed.

Stations: 6 HIM = 6 Stations:


Station 1 – Battle Rope (50ft 2” Battle Rope):

Round 1: 3 Sets – Double Arm Waves

Round 2: 3 Sets – Battle Rope Burpee (New Burpee!!)

Round 3: 3 Sets – Single Arm Waves


Station 2 – Slam Ball (20Lbs):

Round 1: 3 Sets – Overhead Slams

Round 2: 3 Sets – American Hammers with Slam Ball

Round 3: 3 Sets – Overhead Slams to Sprawl


Station 3 – Kettlebell (All sizes for all levels):

Round 1: 3 Sets – Plank Rows

Round 2: 3 Sets – Swings

Round 3: 3 Sets – Snatch


Station 4 – Body Weight:

Round 1 – 3 Sets – LBC’s

Round 2 – 3 Sets – Pseudo Planche Merkin

Round 3 – 3 Sets – Hand Release Burpees (New Burpee!!)


Station 5 – Ruck Sack (30Lbs):

Round 1 – 3 Sets – Bent Over Rows

Round 2 – 3 Sets – Shoulder Press

Round 3 – 3 Sets – Lying Chest Press


Station 6 – Picnic Tables

Round 1 – 3 Sets – Bench Dips

Round 2 – 3 Sets – Bench Derkins

Round 3 – 3 Sets – Picnic Table Presses


In the time allotted, we were able to finish all 6 stations except for 1 round at the last station before Madoff came back with his group. (Example: The only exercise I wasn’t able to get to do was Overhead Slams to Sprawl)

As you can see, Pain Lab is NOT to be taken lightly. There was not much mumblechatter from the group, well except Mayor constantly complaining about the alleged “10” second rest period. You should be lucky I even gave you one! Overall, I think everyone was so concentrated on busting out AMRAP, there wasn’t much time to talk. YHC totally forgot he had a fully charged GoPro in his car; I would’ve liked to have recorded the session. We will do this in the future for a promo video! Blart, I dont think you had any idea what you were getting yourself into today. Glad you stayed for the pain and hope you return to join us again, it looked like you enjoyed it!


Welcome back cotter, Warden! Warden hit up the F3 FB page Friday evening wanting to know if we still did Pain Lab on Saturday mornings. The reply was yes and reminded YHC to put up an AO schedule on FB. I was glad to see Gashouse have a large gathering of HIM today! Welcome 2.0 FNG Dijon! I know your Dad is proud of you!!

Announcements: Memorial day 5K (Speed For Need), Convergence, Murph all on 5/28. We need PAX to step up and fill open Q’s. Visit our Events page to check over the “Q Schedule for Gastonia, Folsom & Midoriyama:” calendar, it’s there for a reason!

Prayer requests for family, friends & fellow PAX in need of healing and mercy. Madoff took us out in prayer.

Men, as always it is an honor and privilege to lead a group of HIM. I encourage you to keep posting, do not let yourself fall into that dark hole. We are all here for each other, reach out to someone if you need help!




Sunday night we received a message on the F3 Gastonia Facebook page (yes, we have one) from a fellow interested in Storm and Goat information and locations. Responded back to him with all the proper information and let him know we looked forward to seeing him there. Our FNG, Michael King, showed up an endured a glorious first F3 experience beat down by YHC. Michael recently moved here from Georgia, is a Triathlete, worked at Fox5 and now joins the Fox46 family here in Charlotte. Tesla was quick to run down the crazy name path, again, and suggested “Rabies” because Fox’s carry them, SMH. Anchorman was thrown out, and because that is one of my favorite movies, it stuck. Please welcome Anchorman (Respect)!!

Monday night a random storm popped up in the area. I thought to myself how appropriate, a storm the night before I Q at the Storm. With the rain accumulating outside I decided to write a “rain-out” weinke just in case I had to keep the workout dry. It was so wonderfully drafted that I decided to use it as the WOD.

Disclaimer and F3 principles

The Thang:





See a car coming in hot, let’s do another warmup exercise while we wait

15 Flutter kicks IC

Well the car was not one of our own, oh well I guess that was some EC for us

Mosey to the Front Doors of the Storm

I announced to the group we are doing accumulating exercises. Meaning do exercise #1 run and return for round one. Do exercise #1, #2, run and return for round two. Rinse and repeat for a total 0f 10 rounds

Round 1: 10 Merkins IC run length of divider sidewalk and return (180 Yard loop)

Round 2: 10 Merkins IC, 10 LBC’s IC, run 180yd loop

Round 3: 10 Merkins IC, 10 LBC’s IC, 10 Pseudo Planche Merkins OYO, run 180yd loop

Round 4: 10 Merkins IC, 10 LBC’s IC, 10 Pseudo Planche Merkins OYO, 10 Bobby Hurley’s OYO, run 180yd loop

Round 5: 10 Merkins IC, 10 LBC’s IC, 10 Pseudo Planche Merkins OYO, 10 Bobby Hurley’s OYO, 10 Dips IC, run 180yd loop

Round 6: 10 Merkins IC, 10 LBC’s IC, 10 Pseudo Planche Merkins OYO, 10 Bobby Hurley’s OYO, 10 Dips IC, 10 SSH IC, run 180yd loop (90yds NUR, 90yds RUN)

Round 7: 10 Merkins IC, 10 LBC’s IC, 10 Pseudo Planche Merkins OYO, 10 Bobby Hurley’s OYO, 10 Dips IC, 10 SSH IC, 10 Flutter Kicks IC, run 180yd loop (90yds NUR, 90yds RUN)

Round 8: 10 Merkins IC, 10 LBC’s IC, 10 Pseudo Planche Merkins OYO, 10 Bobby Hurley’s OYO, 10 Dips IC, 10 SSH IC, 10 Flutter Kicks IC, 5 Burpees (Pressed for time so Omaha’d to 5 from 10), run 180yd loop (90yds NUR, 90yds RUN)

Round 9: 10 Merkins IC, 10 LBC’s IC, 10 Pseudo Planche Merkins OYO, 10 Bobby Hurley’s OYO, 10 Dips IC, 10 SSH IC, 10 Flutter Kicks IC, 5 Burpees, 10 CDD’s OYO, run 180yd loop (90yds NUR, 90yds RUN)

Round 10: 10 Merkins IC, 10 LBC’s IC, 10 Pseudo Planche Merkins OYO, 10 Bobby Hurley’s OYO, 10 Dips IC, 10 SSH IC, 10 Flutter Kicks IC, 5 Burpees, 10 CDD’s OYO, 10 slow & low squats IC, run 180yd loop (90yds NUR, 90yds RUN)

NUR (115 Yards) Back to Flag



I am going to be transparent here and state that I am not a spiritual leader. It is not that I am not a spiritual person, I just struggle. I have never read the bible, but I know there is a higher power telling me everyday that I need to open it and read. I’m trying to be better and must admit being surrounded by all of you encourage me to be better, spiritually. All I can say is keep ending your workout with prayer, keep having 3rd F events, keep posting spiritual articles daily on Twitter as you have no idea how much this helps someone like me.



5/28 – Memorial Day 5K, Convergence, Murph

Prayer requests: Def Leppard in his travels, The Children (school choices, summer break, etc.), Breaker Breaker’s Aunt and church friend mission trip, JK2’s Dad, YHC’s co-worker battling Chron’s and depression

Breaker Breaker took us out

Thank you again for letting me lead this group. It is truly an honor and privilege!


Pre-Blast: 5/28 F3 Memorial Day Convergence + Patriot 5K w/ SPEED FOR NEED

F3 Metro, F3 Area 51, and surrounding F3 Nation Regions !!! Coordinate your clowncars, bring your shovel flags, and lace up your shoes to remember our military veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Save the (modified) murph for another day!  This year F3 Nation has the special honor of escorting 8 WW2, Korean War, and other military veterans in the Patriot Family Festival 5K through SPEED FOR NEED, and they could not be more excited!  Don’t believe me? Well watch some of them in the Charlotte Marathon Relay and see what fun they had being honored.  Veterans Complete CLT26.2 Event Video

Here’s the deal… 0630-0715 Convergence followed by 0730 Patriot 5K followed by an additional “Extra Mile” for our military heroes.  Choose your own adventure for the race: Bring your family and run with them, run with one of the 8 racing chairs (many pace groups: fast, faster, fastest), or run your own race.  But whatever you do make sure to cheer these guys on, and all the other service veterans present, and thank them for their service, as they remember their fallen brothers and sisters with us.  The goal is to have all surrounding Charlotte regions represented, and just a great morning of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  Here is the Event Video from last year… which was a great event: 2017 Convergenge and Patriot 5K


RACE EVENT: F3 Nation Convergence & Patriot Festival Go the Extra Mile 5K

WHO:       F3 Metro, F3 Area51 & surrounding F3 Nation Regions (driving distance from Southpark)

WHAT:     F3 Nation Convergence, followed by Patriot Festival 5K, followed by Extra Mile for heroes

WHEN:   Monday, May 28th 2018 / 0630-0715 Convergence / 0730 Patriot 5K

WHERE: next to South Park Mall / 2101 Rexford Road, Charlotte NC 28211 (parking lot at The Esplanade Building)

WHY:      Memorial Day is a day where we remember our armed service veterans who died for our freedom.  And celebrate those who have served our great country.


TEAM:     F3 / SPEED FOR NEED (Disc Code: F32018) . Price is $30 before code and goes up on 4/30



Questions? Message me @ JRRTOLKIENF3

See You all out there Memorial Day!

JRR Tolkien

Community Foundation Pain Lab

Community Foundation Pain Lab

T-Square came up with a genius idea to move Pain Lab downtown Gastonia at the Speed for Need tent on Saturday morning. I saw the tweet late Friday night but threw it out there anyways letting the PAX know we would redirect to Rotary Pavilion at 7:15AM. This would allow me a few extra minutes to meet anyone that showed up at the Schiele and have them follow me downtown. That said T-Square rounded up the troops downtown and I met Moses and Billy Madison at the Scheile and automobile moseyed to the Rotary Pavilion. The scene was jumping early downtown. Everyone was getting their tents setup and Speed for Need were unloading the chariots. We decided to setup Pain Lab in the grass in front of center stage near the Speed for Need tent.

The thang:

Painopoly of course! I mean, why not? This is a great workout and does not require hours of planning a weinke. It is all on the game board. We did 45 minutes of it and we all finished stronger, sweatier and smellier by the end.

Pain Lab Downtown

There were 5 total PAX and about a quarter of the way through a young boy that had been looking on decided to join us for some kettlebell fun. He did all of the exercises we landed on and with vigor. Good kid with good spirits. Wish he could have stayed for the entirety but he had to go find his family so did not get a chance to name this wonderful 2.0.



Duh, Community Foundation Run in about 30 minutes

YHC took us out in prayer

The one thing I can say is F3 and Speed for Need got some wonderful exposure. We had a lot of curious on-lookers, some asked questions about F3 and Speed for Need in which we directed these folks to the tent. I hope that our Nantan did a good job explaining things. If there is one thing of purpose we fulfilled by doing Pain Lab downtown it was Plant. We planted the seed of what F3 is about.

Tube, good to see you out here brother!! Thank all of you men for taking a detour from the normal Pain Lab spot, it was greatly appreciated. You all pushed hard, even though it may have been uncomfortable doing these exercises in front of a bunch of complete strangers. However, know this, if there is one thing that has helped me since joining this group it is how to step out of your comfort zone and face challenges you may never have.

Until next time,




My Pleasure

Gastone made a call to the PAX Sunday evening to take over Q for The Black Knight Monday AM due to him being “sick”. I informed him it would be “My Pleasure” to take the Q. All honesty one of the main reasons I wanted to take the Q was to ensure that no one else would take it and do some crazy long, exhausting leg workout after running in the CSAUP on Saturday. My legs are literally still on fire from that, but IMHO well worth it. I immediately went to work on a quick weinke, and here is how it went:



15 – SSH – IC

100 – Moroccan Night Clubs – IC  (We did 100 IC because I called JK2 out when he said “I bet we won’t do 100!”)

Mosey to Martha’s parking lot

The Thang:

Before we started I told the guys a couple of things:

1) My legs were shot so we will focus on upper body (Pretty sure I got an Amen from JJ and Defib on that)

2) That we often neglect biceps in our workouts and that I wanted to throw some into the mix

Let’s begin:

We are working the length of the parking lot changing exercises at each island

  1. 15 Pseudo Planche Merkins – IC (Heard the grunts on these)
  2. 10 – Diamond Merkins – IC
  3. Crab walk about 20 feet
  4. 15 – Mini Dips – IC
  5. 15 – Mike Tysons – IC

Round 1 done so we circled up for a Circle Burp. Everyone planks while 1 does a burpee. When person ends burpee next person goes. We went around twice.

Rinse and repeat

Mosey to picnic shelter for some “Dippin’ & Dabbin'”

  1. 15 – Regular dips – IC
  2. 20 – Derkins – OYO
  3. 15 – Bench dips – IC

Mosey to pull-up bar. Again with trying to work some bicep exercises in we are going to do chin-ups. everyone lineup and plank while person 1 does 5 chin-ups. Next guy goes til all finished. That was fun so let’s do it again.

Mosey back to picnic shelter.

Everyone grab a pole for some bicep rows and do 50 OYO.

*DisclaimerI did not get this exercise from the Paper Doll Lounge, although Defib looked like he really, really enjoyed this. You know he be strippin’ in the evenings!

Mosey back to start for 1:42 of flutter kicks to the “My Pleasure” song by Jaron Myers.



  • Community Foundation Run 9AM 4/14
  • Operation Sweet Tooth Run 4/21 (Virtual Run Rankin Lake?)
  • T-Shirts – https://f3.mudgear.com/pages/regional-gear

Prayer Requests

JK2’s friend

Humboldt Broncos Junior Hockey team families and Saskatchewan community

JJ’s congregation member Linda Arnette recovering from cancer removal survey

Squirt took us out

Hard work by all of you this AM, way to push the rock!! Thank you gentleman for allowing me to serve you this morning, it was certainly “My Pleasure”! #Blessed





My goal in life is to come up with fun and creative ways to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.  Thankfully, F3 has let me use them as my canvas. Since I’ve joined I’ve seen my fair share of workout creativity from every Q, daily, therefore I was excited when I got the chance to Q the Pain Lab at the Gashouse. When I was a young boy I loved playing board games. It allowed my family to come together to enjoy each others company and put aside our busy lives outside the home, so I thought it would be interesting to incorporate that same idea into an F3 workout. Just hangout, chat and play a friendly game. That said, Painopoly was born. Which is A redesign of the classic board game Monopoly for those that couldn’t figure it out. Streets were renamed to match those in the Gaston county area, A Kettlebell workout instead of a property value, Railroad’s would appropriately have 5 Burpee’s, A 1Lb Kettlebell for the game piece and I even had some fun with the Chance and Community Chest cards. Only difference with my version is that no one wins, everyone loses.

Excitement was setting in during the week as I began promoting it. The interest and intrigue was there but no HC’s, so how many would show? On my way in early and I forgot the dice, side trip to Wal-Mart. As I arrived to the AO quite early, as did Stroganoff for his recon, I began wondering if the gloom would hinder reading the Painopoly board spaces. I began my recon of the parking lot in search of the brightest spot. Found a good spot under a set of parking lot lights. The nervous tinkles hit me so found a tree quickly. At this point it’s 6:50 and not much traffic coming in. Panic sets in. Did I scare people off? 7AM and we have a good showing of 13 collectively. After the warm-up and pledge 3 decide to stay back with me. Thank you T-Square, Mayor and Billy Madison. Billy Madison was definitely intrigued by it, so much that instead of totally skipping the Saturday workout he managed to squeeze in about 20 minutes until he had to leave for his sons baseball tournament.

The Thang:

We played Painopoly, listened to some loud metal and had great conversation.


  1. Roll the dice and move the appropriate amount of spaces
  2. Do the exercise on the space
    1. Chance or Community Chest – Draw a card from the correct pile. Could be an exercise, a rest, Go To Jail or even an Omaha for the next exercise of your choosing.
  3. While the next player rolls every other player needs to do a wall sit

Some how T-Square managed to land on every Railroad (5 Burpees each), we went to jail (15 Burpees) once and I think Mayor drew a Chance card with 5 Burpees. We also managed to land on Kettlebell cleans 4 times which = 4 sets of 10 reps. There was some grunting and groaning so I knew the reps I had labelled were a good number. Although we didn’t manage to hit every exercise on the board, we hit a good number that worked just about every muscle group with intensity.

The PAX seemed to really enjoy playing and cannot thank them enough for participating. There is talk this may make another appearance in the near future. Show to know. If anyone would like to use this for a workout or another Pain Lab, let me know and I’ll let you borrow it. While I legally cannot sell this (copyright infringement with Parker Bros/Hasbro), If you want your own I’ll gladly make you one if you want. Only thing in return is you must make a minimum $20 donation to a local charity. By charity I mean like Rolling Hornets, not Mayor.

Thank you again for letting me lead. It is truly an honor and privilege. I hope you enjoyed your time and got in a good weight workout. Until next time, Aye!!





40 Year Old Virgin…Q

14 HIM showed up at The Black Knight for YHC’s VQ beat down. I really do not think many expected this intense of a workout from a VQ. They probably thought this would be a light day, HAHAHA. I must admit I was completely stoked about it since the day I requested to do it. Was I Nervous? Indeed, but bet your butt I had the best support all around from the F3 Gastonia PAX that helped me build my confidence up. Creating the Weinke was really fun, I mixed a little of Stroganoff’s workout from the first time I ever posted at The Black Knight along with something that I’ve never done before.


All veterans present. No FNG’s so no disclaimer


SSH x 15 (IC) – So my lips were frozen and I was slightly tongue twisted. I had an issue pronouncing Side Straddle Hops.

Don Quixote x 10 (IC)

Moroccan Nightclubs x 50 (IC) – slight mumble chatter from Gastone. Previously he kept telling me the hardest part of Q’ng was keeping count. However I had no issue walking up to him on a few occasions, whilst doing MN IC, letting him know my count was on point.


The Thang:

Mosey to Martha Rivers and upper soccer field

Round #1 – Line up on the side of the field facing the short side and let us begin.

Sprint to other side followed by 10 CDD’s – 20 Bobby Hurleys – 30 LBC’s – Plank for the six

Rinse & Repeat 3 more times

Round #5 – I added a second set of reps

Sprint to other side followed by 10 CDD’s – 20 Bobby Hurley’s – 30 LBC’s – 10 CDD’s – 20 Bobby Hurleys – 30 LBC’s – Plank for the six

Repeat one more time for a total yield of:

80 – CDD’s

160 – Bobby Hurleys

240 – LBC’s

Mosey to the parking lot of Martha Rivers

Gave the PAX a brief backstory of YHC. Told them before I moved to NC that I lived in Albuquerque, NM for a few years. I then asked the PAX if they knew what famous highway ran through the land of enchantment. T-Square correctly identified it as Route 66. So yep, we are doing that exercise next!

Route 66 #1 – Burpees

HushPuppy reminded me of the time, which was 6:05. We got time!

Route 66 # 2 – Squats – Gastone, next time you say, “That’s something I can do”, trust me I’m going to Omaha to something you can’t.

Route 66 # 3 – Mike Tyson’s

Looked at my watch….6:15. Jailbreak back to Snoball’s

No time for MARY


Announcements: From Gastone –When posting your BB, remember to tag your workout AO on the right side of the web page.

Prayer requests: Easy Rider and Monk – Family health issues. Bandit – Kids applying to college. YHC took us out.

I apologize for running over on time. Trying to learn this time management thing. I promise to do better next time as I know you all have places you need to be. To all PAX (present and not present) thank you for your support leading up to this day, It was truly appreciated. Very proud of what this group accomplished this AM. Every PAX pushed themselves and never gave up! Look forward to doing many more with this group!

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