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South St Run

The Forest Gump Tweet from the night before didn’t scare all the Hims away

Warm up: SSH x 20 , Moroccan  nightclubs x 15, Merkins x 10, & 5 burpees


Mosey down South St all the way to Garrison Blvd.

On the way down we stopped at every Stop sign or Stop light -1st light 5 burpees (every other light after), 2nd light 10 merkins (every other light)

On the way back we stopped in the same fashion but changed the exercise to LBCs and Jump sqauts

Stop and McQuitter wall for 2 rounds of 10 dips in cadence follow by 5 burpees

Mosey on over to the parking deck and partner up for some Dora (one runs to top by way of stairs and back down while other does the exercise)

Flutter kicks x 400

LBCs x 300

Micheal Phelps x 200

Slow mosey to top but bear crawl up the first half of inclines and lunge walk the second half of inclines.

Faster mosey back down and exit the second level exit and head to the wall for some wall sit and air presses x 10

Mosey back to start for some Mary – Flutters, Big boys, American hammers, and Dying cockroachs


Announcements: haven’t changed

Prayer concerns were many

Prayer and call it a morning

Thanks everyone that came out and i really enjoyed it especially the mumble chatter (Sargento & JK2)


Isaiah 41:10

Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am you God, i will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand


EZ out!!


DryRub is 50

I had heard on Monday that DryRub would be turning 50 this week, so without thinking i yelled out Friday maybe a Respect Themed workout in Dry Rub honor.

I looked on the F3 site to come up with an exercise that started with each letter of his name.  Each round of the listed exercise will add up to 50.

Warm up

SSH x 8

Merkins x 8

LBC x 8

Flutter kicks x 8

Peter parkers x 8

Burpee x 10

Mosey to the parking lot of the old court house

D-Deck of Death  x 8 of pulled card

R-Rockette Dips x 8

Y- Yves Poll (backward run/nur) x 8 back and forth across parking lot

R-Rockie Balboa x 8 in cadence

U-Up/downs x 8  (butt kickers while up)

B- Always Burpees x 10

Mosey down South St to 4th Ave –

Every 5 poles (lights or not lights) on the left and right we stop for 10 reps of the exercise pulled from the deck of death – rinse and repeat to the top.

We did merkins, heels to heaven, fluttter kicks, Rosalitas, and i lost count but  that was many poles – i do remember on the last set we did Yves Poll (nur) across Franklin.

Cut through the alley to the parking deck – up to about the 3rd level for some more Deck of Death.  10 reps of each exercised pulled – each pax pull a card breaking at 5 for a 10 count-

we got about 3 rounds in before we headed back to start –  we did Merkins, Jane Fondas, Monkey humpers, and a variety of others i can’t remember but it was fun.

Ok it is 6:10 so time to head back – but first we did continue our run to the top of the parking deck and back down before heading back to base – some said are we taking the stairs back down -NO- somewhere behind me I heard someone say he (EZ Rider) is in training  so we run.

Arrive back at base with 10 secs to spare!

Announcements:  Convergence Sat March 21 at Martha Rivers, Shooting event at Allen Tate’s place on the 21 as well, AX throwing event at some point

Prayer request- Everyone effected by the recent storms and also from the potential flooding over the next week.

The Bible teaches that God values our physical bodies.  he considers our bodies to be temples, the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19)

Paul mentions that physical training has value (1 Timothy 4:8)


It was an honor to lead!

EZ Rider



Can you count to 5 and back down

Arrived a little early for a short run up and down Main Street to count the light poles from 321 North to UMC.  20 light poles  but we only will use 18  – talk about them later.

Any questions on the title just ask the PAX that was there…….




Welcome Caption Obvious from Greenville, NC

Warm up: told the Pax  no Slaw this morning so we would start with 25 SS, I didn’t start with Burpees but now time for 10 burpees,, finish up with 15 flutter kicks,

Mosey toward North 321 and stop at the corner of Main.

At each light pole on the right stop and do the called exercise

1st 9 poles – 1st pole 1 burpee jack, 2nd 2 burpee jacks, 3rd 3 burpee jacks, 4th 4 burpee jacks,  5th  10 burpee jacks, 6th 4 burpee jacks, 7th 3 burpee jacks, 8th 2 burpee jacks, 9th 1 burpee jack – plank for the 6 (felt i needed to clarify for some on how this was to be done)

2nd 9 poles – the same as above but with jump squats

Take a seat on the UMC building wall on Main – count to 20, left on right, right over left, and air press while marching in cadence. Recover

Mosey across to the bus station and partner up – partner 1 exercise while partner 2 runs a lap around bus pull through.

200 LBCs

300 Apollo Creeds (Thanks Udders)

400 Flutter kicks

Starting at the light pole near the bus station back toward N 321 – same format as listed above but with Merkins. – plank for the 6

Line up on the steps to the court yard between Main and the parking deck for 25 calf raises – recover (a voice from the back – is that all?)

Yep, partner back up again for some frogger bear crawl: partner 1 brawl crawls across main st and back while partner 2 does the listed exercise

100 LBCs

200 Flutter kicks -( modified to lunge walk at some point in place of the bear crawl)

100 LBCs

Indian run back to the Pavilion (Attempted to but i heard Jail break as we rounded the building – WHOPPEE)

A few minutes is left for some merry – Freight took us out with Little baby flutter kicks

Announcements:Convergence tomorrow, Christmas party Jan 4

Prayer request: Dryrub’s M, Whoppee’s daughter facing surgery, the new F3 leadership, and my son Peyton


Thanks to all the Pax that came out this morning!  was an honor to lead!


EZ out!! See you all same time next Friday…….





I need rain gear……

Pulled into the parking lot at 5:15 all alone. Finally at 5:25 i see some head lights-Whoopee, and then some others.  Finally 5:31 Sargento gets to the Pavilion stage around the Christmas and we are ready.


Quick mosey/run to the parking deck for some dry space to start the warm up

Slaughter Starter  20 burpees (Asked Slaw if he wanted to call it but he said no your are the Q)

Merkin jack x 10

LBC x 10

Flutter kicks x 10

Mosey to the last covered level, running both side before advancing to the next level

Circle up for Burpee Jacks (thanks Clavin) Merkin jack x 10 , and Flutter kicks x 10

Mosey back to the bottom

Circle up for Burpee jacks x 10, Merkin jack x 10 , LBC x 10 and Flutter kicks x 10

Quick 10 count in between some of these (some counted faster than others)

Partner up: partner one does listed exercise while partner two runs to the last covered level and back down the stairs

100 Squats

200 LBCs

400 flutter kicks

Another quick 10 count the rinse and repeat with the following:

100 Merkin jacks (modified down to 50)

200 flutter kicks

400 LBCs

Quick 10 count

Mosey back to the last covered level and back down stop at each level for the following

sprint from wall to wall  – levels 4 & 2

Nur from wall to wall -levels 3 & 1

Mosey back to the Pavilion and gather at the Christmas Tree

2 minutes left to finish with a 1/2 Slaughter starter (10 burpees)


Announcements: Christmas Party (after Christmas), up coming CSAUP, convergence 12/28  Gashouse, EC rucking/shopping , i most likely forgot a few

Prayers – Roscoe-has a friend with two kids fight against a tumor and Leukemia,  DryRub’s M, Tiger’s dad, Sargento-a kid he know has been passing out, EZ Rider’s son


Thanks for allowing me to lead!!


Until next time

EZ out!!


Downtown – No Burpees


Warm up: SSH x 30 LBCx 20 & Flutter x 15

Mosey down  N 321 to Franklin and over to McQuiters wall: 20 step ups each leg, repeat with 10 per leg

Mosey down Franklin toward UMC stopping 3 times in between: 20 monkey humpers, 40 & 60

Cross over Franklin heading back toward the parking deck stopping 3 times for 25 squats each stop

Mosey to lower level of parking deck – partner up (one partner runs stairs while  the other performs said exercise-continue to count is meet)

400 flutters , 300 LBC, 200 American hammers, & 100 sandy Vs

Mosey to the top level of parking deck and than back down to level 2-circle up for some core (no burpees allow, so i thought)

Peter parkers,  Flutters, LBCs, Nolan Ryans,  Peter Parker merkins, American Hammers, Micheal Phelps, Freddie Mercury,  Ankle Crutches, Top hat special (not sure what that was-lot of noise), and yes someone called Burpees(rebel)

Mosey back to start to call it (6:15)

Announcements: up coming ruck, Freight will be at Gashouse Saturday, running events, Christmas party (not in July) – sure if miss a few

Prayer request: family members of Pax,, other spoken and unspoken





The Downtown Beatdown


Warm up:

Slaughter starter (20 burpees)   Slaw walking up confirmed this – wasn’t sure until that time

15  SSH

15 LBC

Mosey to bridge

Lunge Lunge burpee  across the bridge

Mosey back to the wall

wall sit 20 count (couldn’t understand slaw but we got there)

left leg over right 20 count

right leg over left 20 count

march 10 in cadence

Mosey down to the corner of S Marietta St and 2nd street

partner up -one runs up to the light at Franklin and the other to the stop sign at W 3rd street -meet back at 2nd St and do 5 partner merkins -repeat 2 times

Mosey to the Charter School ball field/playground – 4 corners 10 merkins, 20 LBC’s, 30 plank jacks, & 40 squats

Wall work -( bit tall for step ups) 10 hip slapper merkins OYO

Somebody said stairs – brawl crawl up and down 2 times

Mosey on around and down to the corner of 3rd and South St.

Nur to the first stop light – meander across 2nd st and then nur up to the parking lot on the right (corner of Franklin and South)

Circle up in the elbow plank position- hold position until all PAX ran around the circle (jumping each him as you went was optional)

Mosey over to McQuiter wall for some dips

both legs down x 20

left leg up x 20

right let up x 20

Mosey /flogger across Franklin  heading up South St.

shop at every light  pole on the left and right for merkins (1 at first light, 2 at second, up to 10)

Mosey around,the  never ending hotel remodel, to the Pavilion

End with the Jr. Slaughter Starter (10 Burpees)

I am tired again from typing this….

Announcements: running events coming up all the way  out to the 2020  P200

Many Prayer request: Family members of different pax, Clavin’s M and family, Passing of Bandits friend


Thanks for the push and allowing me to lead!


Until next Friday at  THE DOWNTOWN….


EZ out

Make it up as we go

10 him’s made it this nice cool Monday morning workout (unscripted)

No FNG’s -quick disclaimer (kinda)


Warm up in cadence:

Merkin x 10

Flutter kicks x 10

SSH x 10

Mosey down street as we where heading to Gastone’s hill (coming in this morning i counted 14 street lights between Union Rd and Pelicans )

I will make use of those 14 street lights as we run – stop at each light and do some exercises:

the first few we did 1 burpee, 5 squats, and 10 LBC

the next few we did 2 burpees , 10 squats, and 15 LBC

the  next few we did 3 burpees, 20 squats, and 30 LBC

OK we finally arrive at Gastone’s Hill but wouldn’t stay long – quick Nur up to the cross road and mosey back down to continue our trip

the last few we did 4 burpees, 30 squats, and 40 LBC

Mosey over to the dry cleaners beside Food lion and sit on the wall while doing some marching and hand presses – only did 10 in cadence

Mosey across the Foodlion parking lot the long way – we ran each row of spaces to almost the end  (we omitted the last two rows)

I thought about going into the construction zone of the new Planet Fitness but the yellow tape stopped me – did want anyone to fall in a hole

Took a quick left to go behind the building , lunged walked a short distance before stopping for some 11’s

11’s – mekins and plank jacks – from wall to buidling

Mosey back toward the start to finish up with a little Merry:

1 minute of flutter kicks

1 minute of LBC

1 minute (reduced to 30 secs) of Michael Phelps

1 minute (some ended with less) baby makers.


End with COT:

Announcements:   Convergence at the Yank – Oct 10,  Christmas Town 5 K sign up,

Prayers request: Watt up’s son, Time Frame’s son, and EZ Rider”s son.

Out with Prayer

2 Chronicles 7:14

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then i will hear from heaven, and i will forgive their sin and will heal their land. ”


Thanks for the honor of leading today!

Until next time EZ Rider out


Pre Climb


Warm up:

burpees x 5 (train)

SSH x 10

Merkin x 10

Mosey the long way to the parking deck, stop and plank for the six about half way there.

I think I hear another train 5 more burbees – continue on to the parking deck


Now for a few trips up the stairs and back down:

9 of the called exercise at the bottom, run the stairs for 11 at the top -stairs  back down to the bottom (plank, LBC, or squats until six arrives back at the bottom)



Sumo Squats

Oblique  crunches (right side bottom & left side at top)


Mtn Climbers

Bobby Hurleys


Flutter kicks

Change it up a little – run each level to the top and back down the stairs

Change it up yet again (boy time went by slow this morning) – run stairs to top touching every step, lunge walk the top level to second set of stairs and back to the bottom -Bernie Sanders the bottom level to start

rinse and repeat

rinse and repeat

Let’s take one more trip to make is an even 14 -run stairs to the top, touching every step, walk to the second set of stairs and Bernie Sanders back down to the bottom.

Start mosey (the long way)back to start, stopping at the benches for some dips x 10 and squats x 10 – continue mosey, stopping at the wall near bridge for some wall sitting (right leg on left for 30 seconds and left over right for 30 seconds)

OK 6:14 -mosey turned into a jail break ( I believe i was in the lead until i had to stop at my car to get my phone) before Stinky bird, Gump, and Buckeye blew by



BRR ruck is going on as we speak

9/11 Mem. Stair Climb on 9/14


Stop Soldier Suicide 5K


Prayer request: spoken and unspoken

Out with Prayer


Thanks for allowing me to lead you all this morning!  Much needed…….


EZ Rider






Plan “B”

Few weeks back I was at Snowballs for one of Gold Diggers 7 Q’s.  He gave us a choice of plan A or B.  We got the A but he did mention B was 6 trips on Gastone’s Hill.  Let’s give it a try…..


Warm up: 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, 20 SSH

Mosey to Gastone’s Hill stopping at every other street light for burpees, merkins, and Squats

Gastone’s Hill:

Trip 1: run to top of hill stopping at each mailbox for 1 burpee – LBC’s at top while waiting on 6 – 25 more LBC’s once everyone arrives.

Mosey back to bottom – 10 count – repeat

Trip 2: partner up(just to have that him beside you for motivation) – Nur up the hill stopping at each mail box for 1 squat – at top Merkins while waiting on 6 – 25 Merkins once everyone arrives.

Mosey back to bottom – 10 count – repeat

Trip 3: Run up the hill – flutter kicks until the 6 arrives – 25 flutter kicks once everyone arrives.

Mosey back to bottom – 10 count – As a group we decided to count the mosey down as a trip, so there is our 6 trips (HaHa)

Mosey to the Dollar general parking lot for some core:  Freddie Mercury’s x15 , Dying cockroach x 15, LBC x15, Micheal Phelps x 15

Mosey to old Harris Teeter for some wall sitting: both feet on ground for a 20 count, cross right over left for a 20 count, and cross left on right for a 20 count.

Recover and head out to the parking lot for 1 round of 4 corner light poles: first corner light pole 5 burbees, 2nd 10 squats, 3rd 15 flutter kick, and 4th 20 LBC’s

Mosey back to Snow balls and time.

Announcements: The Climb Sept 14, and F3 dads event in July

Prayer request: Clavin’s family members, Drone request related to his business, and my family

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!!


Until next time

EZ RIder out

27 of 52

9 at Downtown this morning for some card work.


Warm up:

SSHx15, Mtn Climber x 15, Merkin x 10, Flutter Kicks x 15, and 5 burpees

Mosey, the long way, to the parking deck and up to the second floor to reveal a crisp new F3 workout deck.  Each Pax pulls a card and the group completes the exercise listed

Round 1: 20 Alternating squats, 20 smurf jack, 100 calf raise, 20 shoulder taps, 17 LIL Baby Crunch, sprint 300 M, 18 Lunge, 90 sec High Plank, 20 Freddie Mercury

Run to top of parking deck (up ramps) and back down the stairs to 2nd level

Round 2: 15 Lunge, 20 merkins, 20 American Hammer, 18 Merkin, 17 Derkin, 19 Ranger Merkin, 100 Flutter Kick, 20 Incline Merkin, 12 WWII situp,

Run the stairs twice

Round 3: 20 Monkey Humper, 20 squat, 16 Jumping Lunge, 13 High slow flutter kick, 14 heels to Heaven, 20 Dips, 20 Diamond Merkin, Lunge walk 100M,19 low slow squat

Hear a train 5 burpees

Mosey the long way back to the start but about half way i hear a train (may have been the same one who knows) 5 more burpees.  Arrive at start at 6:15

Announcements: Convergence tomorrow at Folsom-7 am , Community Foundation Run – April 13, Mt. Mitchell – May 5

Prayer request: Bedpan, Big Pappy & Family, Gastone’s father, and my son Peyton

Guys please realize the Impact you have on the men around you at each AO.  You never know what the guy next to you is going through and the help he receives from the men around him during a workout-speaking from experience over the last 6 months with the trails i have faced with in my family.  Thanks for all the prayers that have been sent up for me and my family, especially my son Peyton!

Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning!  See you ALL tomorrow at Folsom

Until next time,

Easy Rider


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