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What’s in the bag?

  • This morning as usual I wanted to challenge myself and set many goals ahead of me. As is usually the case I wound up getting a terrible night sleep anticipating what would happen…..and  further than that I had a son talking in his sleep , cats being rowdy and my M staying up well past midnight doing what? I don’t know! I was truly excited to see great number of pax already arrived but I don’t believe I’d ever Qd before with Gastone  present. And Bandit was even present…. The last time he was present was the last time I Q’d…. perhaps I should Q more often( thoughts Bandit?)
  • As I come up I’m wearing an extremely small pack on my back…. to which Roadie asks”What’s in the bag?” My casual response is “ what bag? I don’t see any bag”
  • 5:30 pledge disclaimer …..brief message on how warm up will be conducted …. something I’ve wanted to try for some time… moving from one exercise morphing into another maintaining cadence count …. changing to another exercise ssh became goofballs to hillbillies and lastly imperial walkers… now that we survive that lets Mosey into park taking long path over to the play area.
  • talked briefly about one of our main tenets …. FAITH …. even in the dark I have my faith in God and faith that I remember mostly where all play equipment is so that I won’t fall and hurt myself …that being said when swings become open 2 rounds of Derkins with feet in swing alternate with plank. Next we did 20 squats to be followed by lower  plank ( on elbows and lower arm ) Q fail as I was supposed to pass on the knowledge that we as men must cope with and endure pain ( arms in the mulch …. there was also to be another exercise the french fry! Seeing as most of the pax moved over to the softer bouncing material this was left out!   It was either Bandit or Roadie Who said that if God made that softer material he must use it!)
  • now we move on some real meat and potatoes! It was a true crowd pleaser a one minute dead hang!! There was a brief explanation about how I will be trying to accomplish the Bone Frog obstacle course next month and turtle man will be doing third part of the Spartan trifecta next month and that we both need these exercises . 20 more squats followed by 2 rounds of 5 pull-ups , 10 merkins and 20 more squats . I then amble around until I locate the monkey swing and we all make way across one time . Amazing job by all!
  • Mosey to the turd shack where we partner up and I luckily get Island for my partner ( it was only last week that I told him I looked forward to partnering with him …. it’s another challenge of mine to partner with as many different pax as possible ).  We did two rounds of hip slappers x10 and lbcs at walkway . Told everyone to plank in the grass …. oddly I was only one in grass …. repeated instructions with the warning that the next exercise was Jack Webb’s and anyone not wanting scored / scratched knees should relocate…. amazing how quickly everyone wanted to be in the wet grass !!! Did these up to 10 . As we all were catching our breath I further explained how I am often reminded of Pastor Ronnie Bowers of Flint Groves Baptist Church and how we men are not only the leaders of the family but the spiritual leaders as well and that we should not take that for granted ! I also further explained how the first sets of exercises made us each stronger then by partnering up we pushed each other Then I spoke of how my M wanted to begin running but not alone and then she found s diet that really has worked for her so I had to support/ help her by adding more running each night and due to this diet our food has become very health conscious and that my weight is down where it’s not been in s long time ( as Whoopee says ,” you cannot exercise away a bad diet” it is also notable that Turtleman has performed his Spartan races with his M and Oompa Loompa has added running with his M as well ….so now it’s time to take all this to the next level !Mosey to well lit area and time to discover what is in the bag….., a jump rope ! Yet another thing I’ve been trying to incorporate ….. and I’m so glad I did I sought for us to challenge each other by jumping rope ( another option never used but available was the SSH…. great job by all!! ) Thd pax circled wide and performed lbcs while person in center did as many as they could ( or wanted ) , Qfail as I forgot to point out to halt whenever hand off occurred Gastone mentioned having done somewhere north of 1000 ( maybe so ).  But it was truly inspirational to see Island do some amazing tricks Gastone took a moment to remember how…  and he amazed all …. Dr Feelgood made it look easy to skip rope! Turtleman asked for hula hoops next time …. hmmm do we still have that?????? Oh back tothe  program …. now we mosey back to start where some unnamed individuals attempted to poke the Q for 8 minutes on the table …… that only means one thing…….
  • Mary …and 6 healthy minutes of it too !! I started us with ski abs of 10 we also had pax call on American hammers , flutters( Gastone … did you have to ask !!) dying cockroaches, big boy sit ups and I believe Freddie mercuries to which I kept hearing “ Galileo, Galileo “ TIME! …. it should also be mentioned that there was s train at end of jump rope where we did our 5.
  • announcements that Thursday night please come out and support Toto at Hickory Tavern 7 until as he struggles with civilian life ( life with children and not much adult conversation ) and depression issues . All this he opened up on Monday at end of boot camp .

Prayers for Bandits friend Mark , continued prayers for Stuart Payne middle school youth pastor at Bethlehem and unspoken

my final thoughts are how amazed I was at everyone in today’s challenges, strong group of men and I was also very moved by all the mumble chatter even from Gastone ! This was hands down my favorite Q , it was a true honor !!

Mayor mayor …. where are you?

  •  this week I accepted Gastone’s offer of a Q for next Wednesday … then I saw Tweet for a Gashouse opening and decided I needed to challenge self and do Two new and different workouts .  This pain lab workout was put together with Mayor in mind. Hence, where are you Mayor ? Hope you are well …. many moons ago Mayor was surprised at my love and interest of things Metal and progressive … music selection today was chosen for upcoming Metallica concert which will be my 2.0 s first BIG concert. He has enjoyed Metallica for some time perhaps because his  old  man loves them .? His previous concerts were Heart/Cheap Trick/Joan Jett , Tesla/JoanJett/Styx, and most recently Tom Bailey/ B-52s/ Culture Club …. so as you see much different! Also for Mayor was last exercise , which we shall divulge later.
  • Arrived early to see Whoopsie running solo but no other signs of life …..
  • Chose location for Pain Lab where plenty of light to see by since there was not much daylight yet and there was an abundance of leaves on ground.
  • Thought I had enough chalk having chosen small pieces so as to use up some of large bucket that has remained in garage from when our 2.0 used to use them . Luckily I had enough for most of what I needed . Created circle with workouts meant to be 12 stations as in a clock ( wound up with 10 ) but had choice of plank jacks or sit ups ( was hoping for larger turnout and was going to use this station for partner up with person in plank jack position holding partners ankles while other does sit-ups and both perform their  exercise and then rotate halfway through … but another time). Other choices were Colt 45s ( for you Hipaa), lbcs, triceps extension, Freddy Mercury’s, curls , overhead press, American Hammers , overhead press while laying on ground , goblet squat and overhead press most with coupons as needed. There were smaller choices of coupon but I was the only one to exercise option for smaller coupon …. great work by Time Frame and Moses! All this was set to Tabata timer using a British accent … time for exercises was perhaps too ambitious at 2:15 ,,,, must remember to shorten that time in future .
  • Once we completed task we now went on s nature walk with coupon of choice whenever possible held high over head last man to speed walk to front . This was a Mayor special from few months back that I thoroughly enjoyed enough to bring back which Time Frame was glad for since he is not ready to run yet and wished for workout without running but looking to come back .
  • Return to start , cleaned up and returned all blocks to truck , circled up for 9 minutes of Mary ( no signs of Boot camp returning …. in fact they returned approximately 30 seconds to finish bells .
  • During Mary I led most exercises challenging self once again to use cadence count which I have struggled with in the past . Led off with ski abs, merkins box cutters, heels to heaven with crossed legs( for Toto), lbcsFreddy Mercury’s . Moses chose flutter kicks Time Frame chose exercise ( brain fart .., can’t remember ) then ended with Rocky B’s … and here comes our compatriots fresh from running!
  • always an honor … I always hope for larger crowds to challenge me but welcome these opportunities just the same . During circle of trust I mentioned that it is great to have Time Frame back from IR but we must remember that there are also many other F 3 brothers MIA such as T-square and Stroganoff and it was suggested by Whoopee that we all should reach out to them.
  • Lastly I want to take a moment to speak about something that has come up several times in previous workouts including this one. There are some pax who’ve not q’d before … Moses spoke of such that Linus has him lined up to Q next week but was bumped due to Linus brother coming to Gashouse workout. Moses has s great idea for his workout and I say that we the pax should offer support and/ of assistance to any and all that have not stepped forward to Q . I am very certain that there are many great and varied ideas amongst all our pax and greatly look forward to these .       d


I’ve had this workout rattling around in my head for some weeks now…. in fact ….last week I intended to step up and Q for Wednesday’s opening , but Toto beat me to it!

So much happened, where to begin? Well, let’s start that there were Tweets for this opening but no one stepping into role. My M doesn’t like nor  trust social media … so …. had to hope for best that no one wanted the position ! Arrived to see only a few vehicles there’s Easy Rider here comes Pedal ….. and RPO …. now there’s some girls? Is this an impromptu FIA workout? No …. apparently Forestview is doing some cross country EARLY training and I noticed that RPO didn’t look back when He joined the girls ( smart kid!).  Wait ??!?! Who’s this ?  The Bandit is still alive ??? ( he was apparently not aware of Burt Reynolds demise until somewhere before end of workout when he laughed at this ) Many questioned who was Q, I told all present I was ready and prepared to go…. so…..


Warm up

Moroccan night club ic

Toy soldiers ic

imperial walkers ic

5 burpees ( for the train that never came… actually there were 2 late cars that actually had late arrivals for cross country runners… so no more takers and away we go ….

mosey to far soccer field … line up at nearest goal line for complete set of rules …..

run to 25 yd line for 25 merkins and return

now on to 50 yd line for 50 monkey humpers …. but wait …. must first pick up 25 more merkins before moving onto the 50 ! And return to start ….. and once again collect 25 more merkins!

now onto the 75 yd line and 75 lbcs ….. but wait!!!! Don’t forget the 25 merkins , 50 monkey humpers down and back!!!! Lastly … go to other side if field to pick up 100 squats ….. and can you guess what’s next ? Yes … collect 25 merkins, 50 m h and 75 lbcs down and back !! Oddly after explanation , Toto asked if bathrooms were open and I said if not there was the woods …..

i had not timed this event so was curious about how long it would take and remarked about this to Easy rider who was finishing up with me and I mentioned “ rinse and repeat “ … I never caught his response but could swear that It sounded like he was not very interested in that idea …. Hey …. just noticed Toto is back !!! He then proceeded to explain why we have underwear and socks and how disposable they can be! TMI

now let’s mosey to picnic benches for a new activity I found …. the Abyss merkin!!! Straddle 2 picnic benches ( left arm and left leg on one side … right side other ) now do merkins x 10 or at least 1 looking into the abyss .. we found that some picnic benches spaced too far apart ( for extra challenge)

next 3  rounds of 12. -15 in cadence dips , 20 Derkins oyo and 20 step ups ( 10 each leg

fellowship mosey and then pick up pace to last set of lights …. ring of fire time …. more merkins  ( since we haven’t done much upper body) 10 each clock wise …. oops I indicated counter clockwise …. seems my record is still only one workout with no Qfail … oh well   Bandit then mentioned that it was Q test and that I passed…  completed task and added addl wide arm merkin …. some grumbling to which I told all present to push through as this was it!! Mosey to start and …. TIME!

prayers for Bandits friend with triple bypass and some unmentioneds … course we should add Turtleman to come off the IR

It is always a pleasure …. it’s been a little too long since I’ve Q d , but glad to have  grabbed this opening …. I have a couple more ideas such as going Merkin   Crazy ….. you see there’s this interesting merkin exercise called the …..  oh you dirty devil ! You almost had me spill the beans …. let me stuff that back in my bag for another time ! Hehe!!

Other thoughts are that I’ve challenged. Myself to not use the Omaha no matter what … and I succeeded! Also shout out to my pal Spider-Man … notice there were no side hops straddled ….. something I always wanted to achieve ( you must check out his workout from last year where no side straddle hops were harmed !!)

Now, as a final note , you wonder the significance of title?  Just a workout.  Many times I and many of the Pax utilize the workout or the pattern of workout to express a story or message …and yes I have done so with most of mine ( bday, death day etc) ….. I am not discounting these at all … I only wished to achieve a workout only routine with no other message…

until next time….. Clavin

What do you want on your tombstone?

Anytime I Q   I wind up not sleeping too deeply or well …. pondering how many will post … is weinke too ambitious or too weak ….etc …. today no exception. Arrive 6:30 and observe I’ve missed EC crew and decide to visit nature trail for 15 minutes.

Pax begin to roll in great to see T square , Toto, Hunkajunk and then even Brownstreak and Mayor!

7:00 strikes , I announce that I am one of today’s tour guides … pardon me if I miss on cadence counts as I tend to do so … but I amaze myself and actually complete the course!

warm up

Imp walkers, toy soldiers, goofballs and side straddle hops all times 15


Linus posted tweet about the …” what do you want on your tombstone “ and comment for addl disclaimer….

it was after the pledge that I came clean about the odd number used in warmup and the tweet… my disclaimer was that today is s special day in my life and that I make no claims to apologize for my views on the subject …. today is my 15th  death day! At approx the time of start of work out 15 years ago I had a myocardial infarction …. sorry that was for Whoopee and Defib!!!! I had a heart attack even though I had quit smoking 7 months prior … but this is a time when body is cleansing and blockage occurred . 2 stents later … To me I embrace and chose long ago to own This !

So having  said all this I then chose to announce that my boot camp would consist primarily of cardio ( of which I later told Pax was my form of a stress test which heart patients need to have periodically and mine is coming in a few months ) … several pax had been on EC run and knew they looked winded… Roscoe pondered but I was glad to have him join!

En route to Grier track we stopped three times along way to perform 15 mountain climbers each

behind school we ran up and down stairs back to end of building to perform 1 burpee intending to continue all the way to 15 …. Omaha’d at 10 …. too humid and we still had 35 minutes to go!!!

Move to benches for dips 4 times to the count of 16…. because I intend to be here next year ( at this time pax was planning my demise … or curious disappearance )!!!

on to the track 50 lbcs ( why ??? Check my age and you will see)

moseyed halfway on track performed 16 squats and then sprinted to beginning ( picked this up from Breaker Breaker in his discussion with Whoopee on improving speed …. found this to be too exhausting for time remaining so instead did 11s  beginning with 1 SSH halfway point 10 squats and so on ….time began to be an issue …so Omaha’d with about 3 to go …. return to Schiele …ask Stoganoff for flutters which he obliges and we perform 30… Hushpuppy calls 5 burpees thinking we did none at boot camp ( little did he know)…Top Hat calls MNC and finally get 13 more box cutters courtesy of Hushpuppy!

announcements were for volunteers for both boot camp and pain labs on Saturdays ( from now until next year!!

Finally before COT I ask Pax if any have prepared s will for their families to know wishes …for which almost half raise hands . I then also point out to the pax present that having lost my father 3 years ago and very soon to be losing mom ( hospice yesterday recognized significant decline) that another thing to consider would be a video message to the suvivors after you pass ….my final thought expressed was …. what do I want on my tombstone ??? Currently nothing as I choose to keep it blank for as long as possible !!

God bless

Going postal

Arrive early

only Stroganoffs car and shovel flag thankfully planted


Set up Pain lab …. how many will show? Dont care … I’ m here and raring to go!!


6 minutes to go …wait here’s Moses, Linus …. theres Stroganoff were doing alright …. two more Hunchback and FNG ….Stroganoff gets us rolling … after  warmup and pledge one taker for  pain lab! Alright ! Have my new shirt on … ready to rock it out !

Hipaa tweeted great promo using a pic from Cheers and plenty o postal words of encouragement which gave me ideas …

set up stations using small postal boxes filled with weights for Bricks… had a tub  unmarked so Wont need to pay a penalty filled with mags…. two boxes ( one marked fragile ( pronounced fra gee. Lay) !! And another labeled bulk rate loaded with a cinder block in one and small block in other …. 2 minute routine set by tabata timer using great tunes  like Epic   Black Betty Immigrant Song and awesome remake of Cranberries hit Zombie by Bad Wolves we also had station for derkins and dips and arm stretch bands…. complete 12 total ….. now the clean up!!! Easy peasy… pick up… take 1/2 to truck … return and ruck the two block boxes around parking lot twice… return these to truck …. return to flag … no one here? Thats fine …. “circle”(of 2) up begin 50 lbcs … 6 mins …. no one still ? Box cutters x 20 …. begi…. oh wait … here they come … reset …. receive orders for correct count … reset … lets go! Stroganoff calls dyin cockraoches Linus Mtn climbers i modify …. lastly hunchback brings us homw eith Nolan Ryans….


announcements next week there may be a special visitor next week at Schiele from Gazette to check us out maybe get free press ? Show to know

name FNG …. Stagecoach …. welcome brother !



as many know earlier this year amped up workouts … running … running dome more … attempted 10 miler attempting to achieve goals of 1/2 and maybe even full marathon…. had bakers clot … layed off .. still present …. had MRI showed meniscal tears …. get surgery this week and I’ll be back soon! I was so upset st first that this happened … had idea of showing at AO for workout but do my own Pain LAb … not to encourage Q to redo Weinke but just in order to be present and receivecfellowship . While we have equipment at home that Ive used during my IR …. these dont talk to me or COT …. in short its not the same.  To those on IR , i would like to encourage you to come , modify …. but mostly be present ! Its a very special thanks to Hipaa for staying back with me when I’ ve come and we put together our own beat down … low or no impact utilizing coupons …. plus dont discount the comraderie!



Located Whoopee early ….seen rucking it.
Arrived early ….excited …. so excited had G fail #1 …. cadence count on Don Q …. Whoopee unfortunately witnessed in strange “yoga”? Position…. cannot unsee tried to redo …
Corrected cadence count with 20 cotton pickers followed by side straddle hops 20 in cadence.
Next brief explanation of focus of work out hallelujah jump squat for five count . Imagine a Burpee without the plank but reaching for the sky on your jump up arms raised getting Penecostal and shouting Hallelujah!!!

No we Mosie to the flag from there we mosey to the steps at first Presbyterian.

Time for a little Dora 123

Partner up …pax one goes up the steps one hallelujah at the top and returns to tag out other pax  100 Merkens at the bottom 200 monkey Humpers lastly 300 LB c’s

Cap’n Crunch mentions idea of all the packs heading up the stairs one hallelujah at the top Q agrees !

And we go for an Indian run around the church lot for which Whoopee stayed back with RFNG Kenyon( at this point he appeared to be mostly gassed) I believe we did five more hallelujahs… then walls Sit with arms raised then marching .

Next we slowly moseyed up to the traffic light across and over to Greir inner track ….  A long way Whoopee continue to play in the trees knocking water everywhere and splashing in puddles !

We now performed a plank line cross the field bear crawl to the front shout hallelujah … Kenyon performed squats …  this was Omahad after all pax performed one rep.

Hallelujah times five

Got on six for some Mary thankfully Whoopee  Hushpuppy and Roscoe and Madoff help  we perform American hammers flutter kicks something else  and I have my q fail number two  unfortunately called for flutters and meant Freddy mercs  did a restart and got it right

I’m for some fun …. had everyone recover to a standing position waited …..and called for LBCs!!!50 x

Now a ring of fire for Merkins … five each.   Thankfully Roscoe was in slow motion …..  Kenyon  and Cap’n Crunch laid out until  Q asked Capn to give us 5 great job!!! And only asked 1 of Kenyon who wound up giving 5 attempts ! Way to push it !!!

Before we mosey to the flag this morning it was asked that we return seven minutes prior  end of exercise although I believe we only did five  join the Pain  lab for a little yoga !

Then were circled up to To name our  FNG ……Kenyon

Didn’t believe it would take long to name him as he has a deep love of all things hot and spicy  and he wS Sporting some Deadpool stuff ….. moments before the naming Whiopee had learned that Mr. K had gone through some serious heart surgery early in his life …. packs wasn’t interested …..

We must now fear ….


For his love of peppers

Announcements for the cleanup at the Ymca over the next two Saturdays would prefer no 2.0s  as squatter material left in the woods potential hazard in danger …. see Short Sale or Whoopee …..  Roscoe announced about the bowling Friday and on Sunday the snow less  tubing

Moleskin :

Wednesday morning at the end of the work out Gastone offered up the next few workouts and there were many sign-ups …Stroganoff offered and there were none including myself .  AsI’m leaving with time frame I agreed with him about what Gastone had told him about embracing your weaker points which prayed on me over the next two hours !!! I knew I was probably bringing my 2.0 s best friend who is so much like a brother that we actually call him Nicks older (shorter) brother ( must see him to understand ) without going into too much detail ( M would not like me to) Kenyon has had a tough early life with multiple heart surgeries from collapsed veins as well as accepting being raised by grandparents. 2 years ago he was finally released by docs at Levine to perform in sports programs at Bethlehem where we now attend . These 2 became damn near inseparable to where last year we took him on vacation to Florida inc Universal studios . Our son always wanted brother ……. until then . Now has better acceptance for being an only …. but still loves Kenyon .

Thankfully I was able to reach Stroganoff and no one by divine providence had taken the Q …..it would be irresponsible of me to have allowed someone else to ti handle the q today.

Being a leader can be difficult and challenging….I am always uneasy stepping in front of a crowd …. but after accepting our Lords conviction on me I felt an inner peace and knew in 2-3 minutes the entire routine even though I wasn’t sure of the jump squat Hallelujah being an exercise … but I willingly embraced it !

And I must not forget slaw’s Twitter announcement ….thank you for that ….. interesting fact about sweat ….”

And today’s special number is …

Pledge            At one point late in workout A member of pax guestioned difficulty in remembering entire workout …, then  another pointed out the simplicity of the work out that we ran for a moment and then did something else ….rinse and repeat .           This is the simplistic form …  The truth of the matter is I used a Tabata timer ( idea stolen/ borrowed from Short Sale).  It gave me an easy framework for the entire work out …..50 second timer with 10 second rest intervals.  The plan was for us to do a mosey most of time or two or more lunge walks alternate with upper or ab exercises…  these were called at random utilizing as many different exercises as could be remembered …. such as lbcs , Freddie Mercs, merkins, derkins, dips wall rest, cdds, Don Quixote’s , and Moroccan nite clubs. Most were AMrap .   This is not the full list …. but best I could do . The method to this madness  was that approximately eight hours earlier I crossed the threshold into the age of 50 .  Timeframe was aware but held to secrecy and that we were waiting for someone to recognize the time (50). Upon Rearrival at start line   There was still another four minutes during which I dropped a secret or two which eventually was picked up by stroganoff who then received a paper “gift”  to be read for the next exercise of Burpee‘s Amrap for a 50 second count  ….  and since there was still another minute and a half or so to go I  I followed the directions of another pax who complained that stroganoff should’ve called something else and he called for flutter kicks to the number 50 !!  It too was a crowdpleaser!!  It should also be noted that Spiderman arrived very late and I suspect he expected a warm-up routine as did many others I’m sure…  but there was none!       This was something I’ve been looking forward to doing for quite some time but I struggled with trying to figure out the routine and how to make it happen until defib worked a Tabata timer into A work out and then later short sale used it for much greater time in a routine.  It was an honor to have you guys celebrate my day with me !




4 Corners

I fully appreciate the chance to lead today. It helped me to focus on something other than aging parents and Hospice care. It also helped me to step out of my normal comfort zone of being in the background.  However all that being said I Overthought  a lot in preparation (I’m very analytical… or so I’ve been told!!)  and had to continue to modify ….. sometime in the future I will challenge myself  and do everything spontaneously that way I won’t drop my Weinke again.Warm up.    SSH-20 in cadence( for Spider-Man …. ref “No Hops….”.).             Merkins -20.               Goofballs -20 in cadence.             Circle Pelicans.       Makhtar N’ DI -10.       Iron Mike-10.      The thang:                Mosie to Martha’s house explained since on playground let’s play four corners  except these four corners really were far away  …..unintentional  . Began with 10 burps in first corner next 20 Merckins followed by 30 seal jacks lastly 40 LB C’s .  Then we reversed direction ran in reverse returned to start  redoing all exercises .  Tried lunge walk stopped after the second station return to run between stations  and this time only performing 10 of each exercise at each corner reverse to start   Once more .  Flutter kicks sumo squats 10 each ….ran track….  lean on bathroom wall for one or two minutes ….. return to Pelicans  for final call of 50 Lbcs. Continue reading

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