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The return of the Negan / Clavin

This weekend marks the return from the midseason hiatus for the show walking dead and I also used it as a return not only from the flu for myself coming back from the dead but also returned from taking a one month hiatus from Qing. Planned it but the flu through the monkey wrench in this weeks works and  have to wait till I was sufficiently recovered. I’ve been married a good number of years and could tell from my wife and her expressions during December that she probably felt like I had Q Ed little too much and I chose step back for the entire month of January as promised her.  This Also gave me a chance to regroup plan for future events and to watch as a great many others being inspirations and stepping up to queue for the first time…. and I got to witness the likes a Buckeye yesterday downtown working out to the smooth stylings of Lawrence Welk ! Who would’ve guessed that he loves Sinatra as well?
Whether or not you’ve watched any of the show The Walking Dead you undoubtedly notice it’s influence on television good or bad. It is been my favorite show for a great number of years primarily for it’s uncanny ability to shock repeatedly. One of the most diabolical characters ever to grace silver screen or the small screen is the character of Negan ….. either love to hate him or hate to love him! One of his favorite items to use as a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire called Lucille! Today I re-created my own with an aluminum bat instead of wood as noted by sledge o matic used razor wire from Halloween to wrap its ends. I also donned my “ this is my Walker killing shirt” complete with blood stains…… now on to the show!
At the end of the previous season of The Walking Dead all towns were decimated from a vicious war range between all the factions. Leader of the good side Rick Grimes finally bested Negan but he chose let him live which was NOT very well received by the rest of the groups! He remained in prison until the mid season finale and now tomorrow he is loose again!!!
To represent our rebuilding in the aftermath there was a tire pull as our timer … pulling it back-and-forth four times at least until Hipaa had to add weight to really add to the ‘drag’ …. This  simulated the group going after the covered wagon in the show during this season. Also present right there was Lucille for swinging!
Next up and had a variety of kettle bells for kettle bell swing followed by station with bricks that we were using to represent the rebuilding of the walls of Alexandria. Exercises here with a merkin single arm raise each side lateral raises the side and front.
Also this season there was a huge flood that wiped out the bridge all the communities and in a major rebuilding effort all factions got together to rebuild it …..we had two 4 x 4‘s one 4 foot the other 4 1/2 feet that we would squat with or while on our six we would press above…. some choose to use both for the extra challenge.
We must not forget the walls of Hilltop  so we had coupons and we were doing overhead presses as well as curls to rebuild those walls.
Let’s not forget the devastation that occurred in sanctuary……. so now we have the slam ball pretty obvious as well as a 10 pound ball with handles that we either passed from hand to hand clockwise rotation around the body also many used it to clean press above their head.
Lastly let’s not forget that we need to dig for some of these bodies so we have dumbbells simulating in a. shovel fashion. And some where during workout  my M decides to text me a Starbucks order thinking that I am at the Sunday run  out where the Starbucks is located in the Harris Teeter!!
Approximately the halfway point we broke away and shuffle zombie like fashion …..I’m sorry walker fashion across the parking lot and back doing launch walk squat. Today’s music selection had two of the songs used for the last two years of video footage promoting the show one from the band called future royalty the other Rival Sons…. song titles take what’s mine and the other was doing your worst… The rest of it put in Nirvana and Motley Crue and end it with the majority of Rob zombie/white zombie as he tends to epitomize the appearance of the apocalypse and it’s denizens! Approximately five minutes to spare Boot Camp crew arrived and I choose that time and I am one for an exercise using the slam ball where the crew gathered in a circle pass off the ball to the next person if in that passing the ball is dropped … five penalty Burpee‘s if you personally drop it you only have five penalty Burpee‘s. All went well until Hipaa intentionally dropped it Voodoo look like his puppy had been kicked Hipaa with a broad smile gladly fell down to is five Burpee’s…. and then it was “on” as the ball was being pitched across to others to see just how far this will go!!!!
Yo Adrian did announcements also warmup before all this and prayed us out !!!
Til the next zombie ….. errr walker apocalypse ……

The last Murph of 2018

Today’s goal was simple …. complete the Murph and along the way contemplate where you were one year ago …. what you achieved in one years time and where and what you want to complete in 2019!
Remember this well and compare to next years results! In these last few weeks of 2018 there’s been a lot of talk about key words , thoughts and aspirations for the coming year hopes and dreams …. so with that said let’s make those resolutions and set those goals in all 3 aspects of our lives remember God first family next and our fitness and fellowship.

There were 4 HIMs to show at 5:30 ( Spider-Man even swung in !!).. and there were 12 for a rainy  day Murph.

We began with the pledge a brief disclaimer and mention of   What we will perform in the Murph and then we went on to it!

Starting with our 1 mile circuit around the park assemble in the play area where I had brought chalk to keep track of numbers ( some like Gastone have a memory like a steel trap and don’t need no stinking chalk!!) … we next did our pull-ups pushups and squats. All waited while all completed tasks and we set out for another Mile run assembling undercover of the picnic area . Mumble chatter and some going after the six until all return and we end with a final 22 single count merkins for the vets .

i love this exercise because it really challenges you and there’s plenty of open opportunities for mumble chatter or for supporting and lifting up each other up.

Pizza man spoke of the new F3 Q source which will meet at Starbucks at Harris Teeter either after Coconut Horse and Starbucks at Ingles at Crossroads each Sunday to discuss F3 topics on leadership, etc … check more info on Twitter or in a preblast !

There was also a lot of open excellent discussion on importance of making sure that we all dont put too much emphasis on F3 leaving our family out  …. that would be a fail! Balance is best.

Whoopee also commented on the setting of goals speaking of how we an all keep track of what we accomplish either each workout or day to day , in our diet …. whatever our goals are . He also cited an excellent example would be Roscoe who keeps an accurate log on his phone which he can access anytime to compare as needed!

prayers were for Sister Act , the upcoming new year , our goals and family … Def Leppard prayed us out

Great work by all !! Thank you for the opportunity to lead men !!

Murph pre blast — New Years Eve

It’s time for another Murph to complete our year . Let’s all assemble this Monday December 31 at 7:00am at Martha’s Park at the entrance to the playground area nearest turd shacks. Bring all AO flags and let’s show Gaston County how we do it!
Those not familiar with the Murph it’s in honor of a fallen soldier in Afghanistan (Lt. Michael Patrick Murphy) whose daily routine was 1 mile run , 100 pull-ups , 200 push-ups , 300 squats and ending in one more mile run. Our usual routine during the pull-up / push-up and squat exercise portion is to do 10 pull-ups , 20 pushups and 30 squats ten times using hash mark techniques till completion.

This workout will also be a slightly longer and possibly run an hour in length.

Help us close out 2018 in style and close the books, put up the decorations and prepare for the new year that’s only hours away!!

“We _________ Kings”

How many Kings ( Mägi) went seeking the infant Jesus Christ at his birth? I presented this earlier today on Twitter as a brain teaser as it was asked of our church congregation some 24 years ago . Answer will be in the final paragraph …. although why not read along for a moment…

The main purpose I chose for this morns exercise was to be a challenge to our brains which Pedal learned very quickly as he had to reset when I called for seal jacks during warmarama ( I believe he was ready for SSH ( but I will probably never call for these again as we seem to have overused this and reached our goal for the rest of the decade!) I had also tweeted the Ickey Shuffle wanting to see if that would rouse pax . Not successful😢

Started with pledge morroccan night clubs  the aforementioned seal Jax plank Jax and rocky b’s All cadence to 10.

I was hopeful for more pax but had figured Roadie wouldn’t make it since he took Oompa Loompa to the football fiasco with the Panthers …… however

there was a set of buckets with sand to be used as timer farmer carry to end of covered area and back about 1 minute

i had a yoga ball for either crunches with back against ball or derkins ( feet up)

two light dumbbells for straight arm raises

two (new) kettlebells thank you Hipaa for telling me where to go and buy these ….. lighter one single arm clean …. heavier was for forward swing

slam ball  (new as well) for slamming or crush with squat

medecine ball (my m’s) for tricep extension

jump rope ( yes I brought it back)

and lastly I gridded our agility ladder with paper listing 11 exercises inin outout / lateral Carioca / single foot each square/5 hops and run / backwards and/ or forwards in and out / and the Ickey Shuffle

for music I had tweeted that we we’re sweating to the oldies ….

years ago my wife and I discussed whether or not there would be oldies stations when we got older playing Ministry , Skinny Puppy ,  White Zombie  etc… so with that in mind….

todays selections were Are You Gonna Go My Way, Back in Black , Immigrant Song, Black Betty , thunderstruck Bawitaba, Sabotage and Berzerk

At some point I heard a train called for 5

ran on program until time called thanks to Pedal

this program was to challenge each of us to utilize our brain power thinking and if and when possible increasing speed in each exercise ( wasn’t surprised to see Hipaa crushing it)

prayers for Pedals M and Toto

Announcements … Saturday  at Yank moved down street due to Santa Hussle 5k and next Tuesday no Bulldog but Storm May be open …. look for info …

now lastly … the answer is “more than one……..”

please, don’t simply believe what I say, grab your bible … the only mention is in Matthew chapter 2


Small things can be so impactful

As a child I remember several times going either to nursing homes or other settings to carol at this time of year . it’s been many years since I’ve done it but was very moved today not only to do something meaningful but for such a great man as Bedpan recalled “ has given so much to the community “. As the group was not too large we were all able to enjoy the warmth of Santa’s home even getting to see how he has all the latest gadgets ( only needing to call on “Alexa, turn on the lights !” For when we needed to see our music. My M and 2.0 , Cap’n Crunch along with Oompa Loompa’ s M arrived early to not only ready Bob for our arrival , but also to visit with him ( they stayed until 11:00!)
It was very moving listening to Time Frame tell Santa that his picture with his family is proudly displayed on his wall.
We all sang rather well and as Oompa Loompa remarked “ thankfully no one videoed the moment !” To which someone responded that that was Hipaa’s purview.
As our Nantan was present I asked him to pray us out.

And there was peace on earth , and good will towards men …. all for one moment.

Thank you and God bless all who showed

Convergence/ EC caroling pre-blast

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Smells like Teen Spirit


There is currently a vacancy in the downtown region for Gastonia. Any and all applicants must pass a yearly physical and drug screening. Applications available behind rotary pavilion.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-man

This was a couple of weeks back at one of the final sitings of  our beloved web slinger. The gloves were thrown down Turtleman nominated me , I considered but worried about the daunting task of such a monumental site with also such BIG shoes to fill … could I do it ? I had never even Q’ d there before . I put together a Weinke and have had it ready for some time …. just lacked an opening to use. All too often I arrive downtown just in time …. the last time Spidey ran the gauntlet on us I arrived just behind him to find Gastone already rallying the troops … then the baton was passed over to Bedpan! I believe he will do very well …. All that prep work aside …. on to the beat down !

Pledge        Disclaimer.      Warm up as follows

low slow squats ( mentioning to straighten backs ) x10

Seal Jacks x10

Plank Jack x10

finally the   Piece de resistance….

Howler monkeys ( I believe that is what they are called …. I thought I came up with a new activity only to see that last week Hipaa has found this , dusted it off and inserted into one of his routines !)

i had the pax to tighten ranks in the circle ( tension and mumbles began) turn 1/4 to left …. Monkey Humpers!!! That is the Howler Monkey …. it was at this time that we became aware that in order to “seem” to be looking elsewhere that Turtle man noticed and asked if Breaker Breaker has a family member that bought a rotary brick as one carried Stinett family name .

x10 ……. no scratch that !!! There was so much mumble chatter continued another 10 !

word of advice about me ……






I thrive and Love mumble chatter …. it keeps me going !!! 

All these done in cadence

short mosey to parking lot and at far end karaoke facing buildings at other end switch to facing rail road tracks

some duscussion of whether running was still off menu as I heard mention of my …what was it?…. 54 5ks in the last few days?

move to bridge … new activity alligator merkins …. advance to arm lengths merkin across bridge …. “ safely mosey” ( no crosswalk here) to other side of bridge … now crab walk….. several struggled but rather than push them too hard I had rest of pax save the rest for later … too much to do today !

onto another new place and exercise … dircectly across from parking lot most of us use look across street and you will see a long line of posts set in concrete …. it was here we slalomed down being mindful that the last few set in curbing creating tripping hazard.  Kudos to Island for showing all how slim he is even using the two set one inch apart from each other! Other end 20 squats … back through 2 more times … move behind these building to long low yellow rail beside tattoo parlor for 2 rounds of 10 dips and 10 derkins.

Now for the run over to DSS and back side of parking lot with an elevation for something I’ve wanted to use for a long time and have never seen / read of its use …. Burp back mountain … it was at this time that Stone Cold Offered private viewings of Broke back Mountain but I had to wrestle all back in line advising them of how close we were to the police station and to settle down!!! The activity requires partners … p1 does burpees while p2 nurs up hill and then returns running forward…. the usual count was called of 100 …. but as I and others were guickly getting gassed and we still had one more fun activity we completed 75 and moved on back to start .

I’ be been trying to incorporate more partner activity as that is another area I’ve been s little remiss in and love to work out with as many different pax as possible …. so…. choose new partner! P1 does sit-ups while p2 holds others ankles to perform 10 plank jacks …. switch off for 5 of each .

lastly we had more time left than I thought so we did Mary  ….Gastone picked …. I think you know …. and you probably know the count too ….other activities were am hammers squats lbcs Freddie Merck’s and I remember Stone Cold asking if time left …. I said 20 seconds …. he called 5 burpees and unfortunately Broke was left out as time was called .

dont forget Quichemas Dec 15

prayers for brothers such as Stroganoff on I R and others who havent posted in some time also prayers for Tool Time job interview

Just say, “NO!” ( to SSH)

Lately there’s been this bumper crop of never ending SSHs. Will the madness never end?
Last year I attended Midoriyama and cannot remember the Q but absolutely Loved how he began …. we we’re told that he was not a runner and didn’t have any running planned at all …. then he said “Oops , yes we will run …. to the turd shack …. “ possibly only 6 ft away ! While we did Not run much … the intent was to limit running due to my having run two 5 k events last week and a little more running Monday at Black Knight I also ( as mentioned in the title) chose to eliminate ALL SSH as I heard of Shelby’s workout using only 2 exercises in 4 feet of bowater and another abundance of them again on Monday ( thanks Gastone ).
All that fun aside …. disclaimer pledge …. begin
Cold morning …. let’s warm up quickly as I tell them 5 jump squats … then a real crowd pleaser (esp for warming up) the Moroccan night club X 25followed by merkins with the 5th and 10 th ones where we hold it low and move side to side ( going downtown benefit of Goose several Saturdays ago) . Lastly we go to squat , hold and now (this brilliant idea sprang into my mind last night when I could not/ would not sleep due to excitement of weather forecast/Q) and then move 10 steps to the left maintaining circle and then 10 steps left complete with rythymic clapping ( Gastone)!
Mosey…. only to gates to the park… 5 burpees…. karaoke right side halfway down 5 more burpees … karaoke other side to light before turd shack 5 burpees mosey 20 more feet to far side of the turd home … line up before curb … and 5 Rocky B’s, 5 Bobby Hurley’s , 5 Mikd Tyson’s meant to also have 5 box jumps onto curb but could not remember on first round but added on subsequent rounds and we ended with 5 donkey kicks against wall…. repeating two more times at 10 counts and ending at 5 …..
Move onto play ground hand walk parallel bar and mosey to swings two rounds of 10 derkins( feee in swing ) and 10 jump lunges. Now a dead hang for approx 30 seconds.
Two rounds of French fries X 10 and another crowd pleaser Kneetars compliments of Tesla’s buddy Iced T from Lake Wylie( I work with him) These are performed on a nice comfy surface like mulch ( hehe) standing drop to one knee , drop other knee , now stand up …X 10. Next we find a comfortable bar and hang again but pull knees up to chest …. approx 20 seconds this go round .
Now we do two rounds of Makhtar N ‘ Diayes ( plank …. move yo lower plank) … discussion on proper pronunciation …. adding squats X 10 on both ending with 5 pull-ups / chin ups your choice . Somewhere during all this there was wonderful mumble chatter about which exercises were made up / who made them up / whether or not there were imaginary beings floating in the ether ….
Mosey again to parking lot line up for dominoes pax to hold right arm up awaiting turn at 10 merkins plank for the six …. mumbles about left arm being too strong ( don’t they know that other direction coming …. so yes resume with left arms raised , wait for turn at merkins …. complete!
More mumble chatter about how back blast will mention how all we did was pointless hanging walking aimlessly in circles playing with balls … I acknowledged my reasoning on this workout is because my recent attempt at an obstacle race showed me that while I have come quite a long way in this past year , but I’m still well short of where I need to be in order to compete better because i intend to do probably 2 next year ( reach out to me Gilligan …. I’m interested in Spartan Sprint for one of these. Back to regular scheduled programming anddddd 5 burpees and nur to gate ( yes … all the way and watch Gastone work his magic handing out one Q after another filling all vacancies for I think the next 5 years … or 2 weeks …. plank for six … most back to start 25 lbcs cadence count yours truly and end with Gastone and 40? Flutter kicks …. objective complete!!!! Excellent job by all … notably Stone Cold fresh from wire removal from knee.
Announcements upcoming X mas party at Quifees
Any pax working out at Any/All sites next Tuesday wear all black …. pass this on please info on Twitter
Prayers for Nikki Bailey / family
Final thoughts …. beautiful morning even though cold

What’s in the bag?

  • This morning as usual I wanted to challenge myself and set many goals ahead of me. As is usually the case I wound up getting a terrible night sleep anticipating what would happen…..and  further than that I had a son talking in his sleep , cats being rowdy and my M staying up well past midnight doing what? I don’t know! I was truly excited to see great number of pax already arrived but I don’t believe I’d ever Qd before with Gastone  present. And Bandit was even present…. The last time he was present was the last time I Q’d…. perhaps I should Q more often( thoughts Bandit?)
  • As I come up I’m wearing an extremely small pack on my back…. to which Roadie asks”What’s in the bag?” My casual response is “ what bag? I don’t see any bag”
  • 5:30 pledge disclaimer …..brief message on how warm up will be conducted …. something I’ve wanted to try for some time… moving from one exercise morphing into another maintaining cadence count …. changing to another exercise ssh became goofballs to hillbillies and lastly imperial walkers… now that we survive that lets Mosey into park taking long path over to the play area.
  • talked briefly about one of our main tenets …. FAITH …. even in the dark I have my faith in God and faith that I remember mostly where all play equipment is so that I won’t fall and hurt myself …that being said when swings become open 2 rounds of Derkins with feet in swing alternate with plank. Next we did 20 squats to be followed by lower  plank ( on elbows and lower arm ) Q fail as I was supposed to pass on the knowledge that we as men must cope with and endure pain ( arms in the mulch …. there was also to be another exercise the french fry! Seeing as most of the pax moved over to the softer bouncing material this was left out!   It was either Bandit or Roadie Who said that if God made that softer material he must use it!)
  • now we move on some real meat and potatoes! It was a true crowd pleaser a one minute dead hang!! There was a brief explanation about how I will be trying to accomplish the Bone Frog obstacle course next month and turtle man will be doing third part of the Spartan trifecta next month and that we both need these exercises . 20 more squats followed by 2 rounds of 5 pull-ups , 10 merkins and 20 more squats . I then amble around until I locate the monkey swing and we all make way across one time . Amazing job by all!
  • Mosey to the turd shack where we partner up and I luckily get Island for my partner ( it was only last week that I told him I looked forward to partnering with him …. it’s another challenge of mine to partner with as many different pax as possible ).  We did two rounds of hip slappers x10 and lbcs at walkway . Told everyone to plank in the grass …. oddly I was only one in grass …. repeated instructions with the warning that the next exercise was Jack Webb’s and anyone not wanting scored / scratched knees should relocate…. amazing how quickly everyone wanted to be in the wet grass !!! Did these up to 10 . As we all were catching our breath I further explained how I am often reminded of Pastor Ronnie Bowers of Flint Groves Baptist Church and how we men are not only the leaders of the family but the spiritual leaders as well and that we should not take that for granted ! I also further explained how the first sets of exercises made us each stronger then by partnering up we pushed each other Then I spoke of how my M wanted to begin running but not alone and then she found s diet that really has worked for her so I had to support/ help her by adding more running each night and due to this diet our food has become very health conscious and that my weight is down where it’s not been in s long time ( as Whoopee says ,” you cannot exercise away a bad diet” it is also notable that Turtleman has performed his Spartan races with his M and Oompa Loompa has added running with his M as well ….so now it’s time to take all this to the next level !Mosey to well lit area and time to discover what is in the bag….., a jump rope ! Yet another thing I’ve been trying to incorporate ….. and I’m so glad I did I sought for us to challenge each other by jumping rope ( another option never used but available was the SSH…. great job by all!! ) Thd pax circled wide and performed lbcs while person in center did as many as they could ( or wanted ) , Qfail as I forgot to point out to halt whenever hand off occurred Gastone mentioned having done somewhere north of 1000 ( maybe so ).  But it was truly inspirational to see Island do some amazing tricks Gastone took a moment to remember how…  and he amazed all …. Dr Feelgood made it look easy to skip rope! Turtleman asked for hula hoops next time …. hmmm do we still have that?????? Oh back tothe  program …. now we mosey back to start where some unnamed individuals attempted to poke the Q for 8 minutes on the table …… that only means one thing…….
  • Mary …and 6 healthy minutes of it too !! I started us with ski abs of 10 we also had pax call on American hammers , flutters( Gastone … did you have to ask !!) dying cockroaches, big boy sit ups and I believe Freddie mercuries to which I kept hearing “ Galileo, Galileo “ TIME! …. it should also be mentioned that there was s train at end of jump rope where we did our 5.
  • announcements that Thursday night please come out and support Toto at Hickory Tavern 7 until as he struggles with civilian life ( life with children and not much adult conversation ) and depression issues . All this he opened up on Monday at end of boot camp .

Prayers for Bandits friend Mark , continued prayers for Stuart Payne middle school youth pastor at Bethlehem and unspoken

my final thoughts are how amazed I was at everyone in today’s challenges, strong group of men and I was also very moved by all the mumble chatter even from Gastone ! This was hands down my favorite Q , it was a true honor !!

Mayor mayor …. where are you?

  •  this week I accepted Gastone’s offer of a Q for next Wednesday … then I saw Tweet for a Gashouse opening and decided I needed to challenge self and do Two new and different workouts .  This pain lab workout was put together with Mayor in mind. Hence, where are you Mayor ? Hope you are well …. many moons ago Mayor was surprised at my love and interest of things Metal and progressive … music selection today was chosen for upcoming Metallica concert which will be my 2.0 s first BIG concert. He has enjoyed Metallica for some time perhaps because his  old  man loves them .? His previous concerts were Heart/Cheap Trick/Joan Jett , Tesla/JoanJett/Styx, and most recently Tom Bailey/ B-52s/ Culture Club …. so as you see much different! Also for Mayor was last exercise , which we shall divulge later.
  • Arrived early to see Whoopsie running solo but no other signs of life …..
  • Chose location for Pain Lab where plenty of light to see by since there was not much daylight yet and there was an abundance of leaves on ground.
  • Thought I had enough chalk having chosen small pieces so as to use up some of large bucket that has remained in garage from when our 2.0 used to use them . Luckily I had enough for most of what I needed . Created circle with workouts meant to be 12 stations as in a clock ( wound up with 10 ) but had choice of plank jacks or sit ups ( was hoping for larger turnout and was going to use this station for partner up with person in plank jack position holding partners ankles while other does sit-ups and both perform their  exercise and then rotate halfway through … but another time). Other choices were Colt 45s ( for you Hipaa), lbcs, triceps extension, Freddy Mercury’s, curls , overhead press, American Hammers , overhead press while laying on ground , goblet squat and overhead press most with coupons as needed. There were smaller choices of coupon but I was the only one to exercise option for smaller coupon …. great work by Time Frame and Moses! All this was set to Tabata timer using a British accent … time for exercises was perhaps too ambitious at 2:15 ,,,, must remember to shorten that time in future .
  • Once we completed task we now went on s nature walk with coupon of choice whenever possible held high over head last man to speed walk to front . This was a Mayor special from few months back that I thoroughly enjoyed enough to bring back which Time Frame was glad for since he is not ready to run yet and wished for workout without running but looking to come back .
  • Return to start , cleaned up and returned all blocks to truck , circled up for 9 minutes of Mary ( no signs of Boot camp returning …. in fact they returned approximately 30 seconds to finish bells .
  • During Mary I led most exercises challenging self once again to use cadence count which I have struggled with in the past . Led off with ski abs, merkins box cutters, heels to heaven with crossed legs( for Toto), lbcsFreddy Mercury’s . Moses chose flutter kicks Time Frame chose exercise ( brain fart .., can’t remember ) then ended with Rocky B’s … and here comes our compatriots fresh from running!
  • always an honor … I always hope for larger crowds to challenge me but welcome these opportunities just the same . During circle of trust I mentioned that it is great to have Time Frame back from IR but we must remember that there are also many other F 3 brothers MIA such as T-square and Stroganoff and it was suggested by Whoopee that we all should reach out to them.
  • Lastly I want to take a moment to speak about something that has come up several times in previous workouts including this one. There are some pax who’ve not q’d before … Moses spoke of such that Linus has him lined up to Q next week but was bumped due to Linus brother coming to Gashouse workout. Moses has s great idea for his workout and I say that we the pax should offer support and/ of assistance to any and all that have not stepped forward to Q . I am very certain that there are many great and varied ideas amongst all our pax and greatly look forward to these .       d
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